Mon. 03/23 - PS5 will play most PS4 games, GameStops are closing, and Nintendo doesn't like Dreams


Welcome to the gaming ride home podcast for Monday's March twenty third. I Kyle Hilliard. Here's a whole bunch of video game stuff that happened. Recently the playstation five will play more playstation four games than we thought. Game Stop is closing stores to fight and Cova nineteen spread. Intendo doesn't want dreams creators. Making Mario Gains. Twitch Streamers Casey Tron gets banned in a new halfpipe game is out today. Which is something. I never thought I would get to say out loud. The playstation five will play more playstation four games than we originally presumed when the playstation five was first revealed in wired's interview with Mark Cerny. It seemed the system was going to be fully backwards compatible with previous playstation generations that compatibility got scaled back as more was revealed about the system and then during what would have been Sony's playstation five G. D. C. Presentation last week. It said the playstation five would play the top one hundred playstation four games at launch and made no mention of playstation one two or three games on Friday. Sony updated its blog covering the playstation five tech details with some additional information. Here's what Sony wrote directly from the blog a quick update on backward compatibility with all the amazing games. Nps force catalogue. We've devoted significant efforts to enable our fans to play their favorites on PS five. We believe that the overwhelming majority of the four thousand plus. Ps Four titles will be playable on PS five. We're expecting backward compatible. Titles will run at a boosted frequency on. Ps Five so they can benefit from higher or more stable frame rates potentially higher resolutions were currently evaluating Games on a title by title basis to spot any issues that need adjustment from the original software developers in his presentation. Mark Cerny provided a snapshot into the top one hundred most played. Ps Four titles demonstrating. How well are backward? Compatibility efforts are going. We have already tested hundreds of titles and are preparing to test thousands more as we move toward launch. We will provide updates on backward compatibility along with much more. Ps Five News in the months ahead. Stay tuned so it seems the playstation five will be more backwards compatible than we thought after last week's presentation and it looks like it will also improve some playstation four games but that statement does seem to all but confirmed that the playstation five won't Games prior to the playstation for generation. At least not in the way where you can just pop the diskin. And you're all set like you'll be able to on xbox series x backwards. Compatibility is a tricky thing. I love when it exists and in the long term if you're a modest collector it's awesome to have something like the we you which means you don't have to hang onto a we the we you plays all we games without issue and it's great but I always do wonder how much time people spend playing backwards compatible games. It's a kind of thing that is nice to have initially when the console is brand new and there. Aren't that many games to play it. So you play previous JEN Games on your new console but in the long term how much our players really taking advantage of backwards compatibility it's a comforting feature. But is it a well used feature? I am definitely playing devil's advocate here and I want all systems to be backwards compatible to forever but from Sony Microsoft and even Nintendo's perspective is time and money better spent on features players will take more advantage of. I don't know the answer that question but I hope the playstation five plays all playstation four games and more in the same way the xbox series x will play all xbox one games and more game stop is closing its stores in response to the Kobe. Nineteen outbreak but will still process digital orders and offer curbside pickup. On Friday. I talked about how game stop was not closing. Its doors in the face of the cove in nineteen pandemic and referring to itself as essential retail. Gone so far as instructing its employees to give local authorities provided paperwork about how game stop is essential retail over the weekend. That game stop decided to make some changes in his closing down. Its storefronts while making an effort to compensate its employees on Friday night. I got a d. m. from at Mecca Rica on twitter. Who sent me a photo of their local game? Stop in California with a sign on the door that read. We are closing our stores in California. This closure will remain in effect until further notice as we obtain more information from the California governor's Office Jason Trier at Taco reported on the California closing writing to California Game Stop Employees told Taco that they've been told to use personal time or file for unemployment as they will not be paid while stores are shut down on Saturday. Game Stop issued a press release about its intention to close stores. The press release reads effective Sunday March. Twenty second twenty twenty for all locations not already closed in accordance with state and local orders. Game Stop will temporarily stop. Customer access to storefronts processing orders on digital only basis moving to curbside pickup at stores and e commerce delivery only this will allow the company to continue to serve customers who have purchased online at game. Stop Dot Com and the game stop APP and have requested a product. Pick up at their local store. There's also a quote in the press release from George Sherman the company's CEO that reads this is an unprecedented time. Each day brings new information about the covert nineteen pandemic our priority has been and continues to be on the well being of our employees customers and business partners we have been steadfast in our adherence to CDC guided safety and local government orders for retailers in each of our communities as millions of Americans looked at game stop to adjust to their new normal of increased time at home for work learning play. We have implemented practices to help ensure the safety and health of our employees customers and partners. We believe it is prudent to institute further safety protocols while meeting this increased demand through curbside pickup as such stores that remain in operation will provide only pick up at the door or delivered a home activities to further protect our employees and customers game. Stop also says it will quote pay. Employees hours have been eliminated for an additional two weeks and will reimburse one full month of employee benefit contributions. Closing the stores is the safe thing to do and paying the employees for two weeks is a good first step but I think it's safe to assume that this will all last longer than two weeks. It's a tough situation that all retailers are trying to figure out not just game stop. I happen to be focusing on game. Stop as this is a video game. Podcast it's just a difficult situation overall and I sympathize with a game stop. Employees were caught in the middle of it. I think higher up executives like. Hey George Sherman who was quoted as saying the well being of the employs or the top priority. Who makes at least one point one million dollars a year and received a one hundred and fifty thousand dollars signing bonus to join the company around this time last year according to SEC dot Gov should pay out of pocket to help his employees avoid unemployment. 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Creators are getting hit with cease and desist notices from Nintendo. It looks like the grace period. Where fans could create content in dreams based on trademark content like games and models based on? Mario characters for example is coming to a close. The license and trademark owners are reaching out to dreams traders and requesting that they cease creating content based on existing properties. Go Nintendo is reporting on one particular Creator who received a request to stop creating Mario content in dreams quoting from Goan intendo dreams. Content Creator at peace of craft has shared a note stating that a big video game company reached out about his projects and asked him to stop wondering what the company is and say message at peace of craft states that all of his Mario Projects and dreams are now on hold to get even more specific at peace of craft said. He received an email from the legal and business affairs division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe which stated that Nintendo had objected to the use of Mario in his dreams project. Expect the same to happen for any other nintendo related. Ip that fans try to recreate and dreams so that was from go. Nintendo this was inevitable unsurprising and I honestly I don't fault any company for trying to prevent their intellectual property from being used in ways that they can't control from the moment dreams was announced. I think everyone has been curious about how this was to be handled and where the line was going to be drawn and it looks like Nintendo as they usually are pulling out the big black sharpie and drunk I on the one hand. The content people are creating based on properties. They love has been really fun and silly and I really like it but on the other hand dreams should be a place where creators are making their own unique stuff and the more original amazing content people are creating the better dreams will be is definitely a bummer for the creators in particular though who've spent lots of time and energy creating the stuff. It's a bummer. That they have to stop twitch. Streamer Casey tron suspended indefinitely over offensive. Kovic nineteen comments twitch stream or KC tron was recently indefinitely suspended by which for saying during a group chat that she would kiss someone with Kovic nineteen and that they would quote leave quarantine and try to spread it as much as possible because the world would be a better place without old and poor people. She then tweeted with a screen shot of an email from twitch. Alerting her of the ban. I've been indefinitely suspended because of an insensitive comment I made last week. I don't condone hatred towards any person and it was a poor reaction of my character. I'm just trying to take this all in right now. I ask my audience. Please remain calm and rational. And then she followed up saying obviously it was a joke but that doesn't excuse it it was in poor taste and my fault. I imagine twitches indefinite ban will turn into a much more definite ban and only lasts for a short period of time. But I do appreciate it taking action here. I recognize that Casey Tron was just trying to say something outlandish for reaction and probably wasn't fully thinking through what she was actually saying in the moment but twitches history of banning its users where appropriate has been questionable twitch band Dr disrespect a streamer who literally committed a crime by live streaming from public restroom. But he was banned only temporarily and he recently extended his exclusivity contract with twitch to continue streaming on the platform. Dr Disrespect is no doubt an entertaining. Streamer he's a lot of fun to watch but I feel like which just sort of conveniently forgot that he'd literally committed a crime live on his streaming channel. It's very complicated and weird but like I said I appreciate the action taken here when something undeniably offensive as said by one of its popular users. Here's what released today half life. Alex is out today for fifty nine ninety nine but the time of writing this. It is ten percent off but that might just be priced at a change by now. It is very exciting because it has valves first. Big Narrative focused single player action game since portal to in two thousand eleven. But the big and most exciting thing about it is even though it is not called Half Life Three. It has really affected the half life three joke economy in a big impactful way. People have basically wholesale stopped making half life three jokes and that makes me very happy. I watched all of Valve's official trailers and I watched Aegean's commentary video with the developers but I really haven't gone down any story Rabbit Holes. Ernie thing like reading people's theories or anything like that. I really want to go in as narrative blind as possible. I spent some time this weekend preparing for the release. I have an Oculus quest so I spent time making sure my headset was up to date in a my controllers were fully charged and that my oculus quest could use its oculus link capabilities which basically lets you use your oculus quest as an oculus rift to play. Vr Games which you can do through steam. It seemed like it was working so hopefully by the time. You're listening to this. I will be playing the game and I will be able to have some impressions tomorrow. I will also have some impressions for a pre releasing tomorrow too. I don't like ambiguously teasing things like this but it will be this podcasts. I chance to talk in depth about something before it releases which is exciting. And I want you to check back tomorrow Tiller what. I'm talking about also reviewing subscribed. Thank you also today going head to head with half life. Alex is a small released but the legend of heroes trails of cold. Steel three is out today for PC. It originally released October of last year for playstation four and it came to switch Japan a few days ago with plans to come to switch in North America some time between April and June. We'll see if that stays consistent considering everything but today you can play through the third game on P. C. This is one of those Jr series. That isn't as well known as like a persona or a final fantasy but is generally well regarded my friend. Kimberly Wallace at game. Informer was always on a mission to make more people aware of the series and would talk often about how it was very good but undeniably slept on. That's it for gaming news today. My wife and child are all in on animal crossing new horizons so even though I am not actively playing the game myself I have been fully exposed to its charm. The one thing that actually made me interested in checking it out is seeing the nook miles mechanic that basically gives you specific goals to complete. That makes me think that this animal crossing might be a little more appealing for me. I've got half life Alex I am creeping up on the end of Ori- and the will of the wisps but I might try and make some time to at least start in an crossing. Save game to see if it makes an impression if I can get the cartridge away from my kid which is a big ask at Mass. Delon responded to my request last week for folks to tell me why they love animal crossing and tell me what I missing out on and they sent a tweet to the at gaming ride home twitter account that said animal crossing is amazing. Because it's real life but cute so there you go. I had a few folks send me a correction at Bolci in at Ben Trick on twitter last week I talked about Sonic Fox signing with evil geniuses and an intro of the show I referred to Sonic Fox as him but Sonic Fox identifies as non binary and uses day then pronouns. I am aware of this and in the actual segment. I referred to them properly but I did make the mistake in. The show's intro. So I just wanted to acknowledge that if you have any corrections or just feedback in general. Feel free to send me tweets or Gams to Kyle M Hilliard on twitter or at gaming ride home or you can send an email to kyle it. Ride Home Dot Info and please. I know I asked his everyday. Please consider leaving review for the podcast wherever you listen to it. Once you do that I'll stop asking. I promise you can also check out my twitter Account Kyle impersonator where I am playing through Black Mesa right now you can find me on the mend. Mac Show for more long form video game discussion. I will talk to you more about video games tomorrow. I am going to go play. Some half-life Alex Right now which I am super excited about.

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