BTM165: Simple Yet Effective Virtual Wholesaling Tips For Busy Moms with Lauren Hardy


Vis Is Doray Eliya and you're listening to the before the millions podcast episode one six. You ready to be the master architect of your life. Are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that create the lifestyle you've always dreamt? Are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who achieved a certain level of success. Hey, this is Derek Location Independent Entrepreneur, and you're listening to the before the millions podcasts. I am Gina Lofton I am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast. Hey, there. My name is heather. Haven would marketing coach and Global Entrepreneur, and you are listening to the before the millions podcast. Hey, this is mark script with the host of. Of the seven minute Mental Podcast, Global Entrepreneur, all round Geek and you listen to the before the millions podcast I am MC. LOBSTER, the Cash Ninja and you're listening to before the million spot cost you're listening to the before the millions podcast a whether you're looking to invest where cash flow or built an online business that allows you to be location independent. You've come to the right place Mr Hollywood. Himself presents the before the million podcast. And now your host array. What is going on, people? Let me tell you who this episode is for. This episode is for those of you who have chosen to use real estate as your vehicle, the vehicle that's going to allow you to create passive wealth for yourself and your family, and although you don't have all the pieces straight. You don't know exactly what you're going to do in how you're going to do it. And how long it's GonNa take. You've made that decision. Sure there are still excuses that pop up every now and again like. Where's the money going to come from? Where's the experience GonNa? Come from I don't have the time. The list goes on, but again this is for those people who are starting to look past those excuses. Already to kind of stake their flag in the ground in really ultimately make a decision here at this time in this year. That's GONNA change the rest of your life. Today's episode of brought on what I consider to be one of the most powerful types of people when I think about all the excuses that I have for why I'm not yet where I wanna be all the excuses that we all have for why we're not yet where we wanna be whether it's the job, it's the boss. It's the kids. It's the spouse. It's ourselves determined Talapity. It's our knowledge. Resources the timing that's just off I mean there's so many things, but when I see a single busy mom and I think this kind of just brings me back to childhood and how I was raised, but when I see a single busy mom striving in achieving so much more than she ever thought possible raising two kids, it really puts things in perspective for me like man like if a single mom. Can find the time can find. The resources can find the energy. WHY CAN'T I. Watched do all my life. A single mom with two kids do it all my life business after business failure after failure success after success. So why not me? Why not you? Why not now my hope is that this episode? If you having started down your real estate investing journey, or if you're, you're just getting started, and you really don't have a foothold on what has come look like. Help us that this episode gives you the keys. Today's guests. Mrs Lauren, hardy she's again a single mother of two that does over fifty deals a year virtually. So. We're going to get into Lawrence story, guys. We're GONNA talk about her why? When talk about the divorce that changed everything in how she needed to start fending for herself and her kids. then. Of course, we're going to get into some strategy and we're going to help you. Assess your risk tolerance and your investor type. And if you're thinking about investing out of state, WE'RE GONNA. Show you exactly how to find boots on the ground, and then to make sure that you get started down your journey of the right way. The last thing that we're going to show us the four metrics, the only four metrics really when you're starting out that you need to track so again. It's an absolutely amazing episode we. We get into so many different things. Lauren is going to give guy so many different wholesaling tips, and then I want you to go out there and take massive action massive action. There's so much time left this year to be great. There's so much time left to go after your goals or so much time left this here to turn it around if you're going the wrong way. So before we get to all the good stuff. I want I applaud you guys being an amazing tribe, an amazing community mentioned about two episodes ago that the goal is to get to two hundred reviews make we're at like. One, forty, six, forty seven at the time. Since, we've had about five or six reviews. Come in and. It's been absolutely amazing the reviews and to know that. Hey, we're going to get to this goal at this pace. We'll get to go by the end of the year, but if you haven't yet left, they review for this podcast directory that you're listening to it and make sure that you do that. 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Be Releasing and you guys know only release my course twice a year for about one week, and we released it back in February and we're. We're getting ready to do another release here in the fall. So you guys stay tuned for that. If you're signed up for the five K challenge, you're actually going to be one of some of the first people to hear about a soon as the course releases so but again. What's cool about this five k challenges that you don't eat any experience? We don't need any credit. You don't need any banks. And you don't need any money. And, if the sounds too good to be sure again, all requires an email address, and you'll have access to the goods, and you could immediately see if it's too good to be true if this is something that real estate investors are doing every single day in fact, I'm in the middle of a few deals right now and I'm sharing all the details with you inside of the challenge, but we'll get to that. This challenge is actually it's second coming so again this. This is version two point Oh, so we've looked at all the things that went right and all the things that went wrong during the I highly inch and we've came out with a brand new challenge. So, what does this mean well in the first? How Lynch? A lot of people were getting held up by finding a perfect rotor in China work with a road and trying to send them deals in this challenge do no longer have to work with source ordeals. Ordeals ruin. Show you exactly how to source your deals had a do it yourself and how to get access to all of the information that you would normally rely on a realtor for another thing that we've done bonus number two is. We've added a few software. Walk through. Make the entire process automated and streamlined for you again to your go quicker, easier and more efficient and the last, but not least wanted. You guys to feel as if I was in with you. 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And this is going to be kind of fun, so I got this idea from Tim brats previous guests on the show he he earned a million dollars in new revenue in thirty days now by no means is that my goal, but I've kind of transforming what he did, and turned it into something that I'm kind of proud of and just a few days in I. think that this bonus alone can help so many people attained financial freedom just because of the revenue streams that I'm sharing this bonus, and how I've built these streams, and how often they come in and where they're coming from. I'M GONNA. Walk you through step by step the back end of my dashboard to show you exactly how I plan on reaching goals again. This is something I've never done before. And this is something that I've never seen any other investor really do. But I'm going to show you. The back end of everything that's going on as leads are coming in as we're converting them to contracts. Like to right. If you're given this much value in your challenge, I could just imagine what's going to be in your course later this fall. Guys, just you just going to have to wait and see but again to sign up for the challenge head over to before the millions dot com for slash five K, that's before the millions dot com slash five K and join the challenge today. And now your feature presentation. It started with me working in the corporate world I had a fulltime job, and I had a baby shit why? And I had a baby on the way. I. Definitely you know before kids I. Thaw like I'm going to be like baby some boss. In like going to be like I'm GonNa like be a CEO. One day I had like those kind of for rations then I had a baby and realize how hard that is to work like corporate life, especially like if you have a bad boss, or you know just annoying employees next to you and stop it just how draining that be so I like it quickly once. I became a mom relied to start my own thing like I gonNA. Lose my mind so. My daughter she was wine and I did not like at this point I didn't care what I was GonNa, do just I needed to find something that was entrepreneurial or were work from. In my brother having to be flipping houses at the time, so he was like you should try like what I do, you should flip houses. You maybe just flip a couple of years, and you make your salary and you know your. That's all you need to do so initially. It really was just like a way to basically make my salary. The daycare like I literally took my salary, minus how much I paid in daycare was like okay, if I could just stay home with my kid. I only have to make this much money which equals two houses in California flip so Lauren? What would? What was your biggest pain point? Was that was your biggest pain point that caused you to go to your brother. It was just exhaustion like my daughter was there I don't know if you have kids, but like they wake up all hours of the night. I mean even when they're one years old. I had to be at my office by a I left by five. I had an hour commute. I literally saw my daughter like two hours a day and then I had to put her to bed I. Mean there was one time she was five months old and come to pick her up from daycare, and she's clinging onto the daycare provider sobbing because she's actually closer to the daycare provider than she was her own mom and that was like a bad day. So. That really liked that was what pushed me to just look for anything that I can do. BEF- before this morning like did you consider yourself an organized person? A timely person were you. Were you like you know? Were you a Taipei personality? I am Yeah I. Look here's. Why here's why? I think that. You can test. There's so many people but I think that. There are so many people who believe who one hundred percent without a doubt believe. They do not have time. So many people. And You got to see your daughter an hour maybe two hours ago. Max and I know how how like hurtful that can be and not from a parent aspect, but as a child like you know I grew up with a single parent in a single parent families so i. know exactly what that is like my momma slaving right and I don't know if if this is a single parent situation I, wanted to dive into that as well. Maybe you can kind of expand on. That sounds like it is. It has to be super frustrating. and has that frustration is building up again? I've never been in your position, but I just kinda picture it like you can tell yourself everything that everybody else tells themselves. You can sell yourself all the other moms so themselves like how do I do something on the side when I already only haven't our? From my daughter like wh. How do I do that? There's no way so i. want you to kind of? Bus amidst kind of tell us how this happened. Because again there's so many people who who are going to push back right, and it may not be a daughter or a son, right? Maybe a second job may be taken care of grandma. I mean there's so many things that are going on in our lives, and we feel like we don't have the time. But some his first real quick. Well here's Hi bus that method. It's always it's A. It's a math equation so coming calculator out here. Area. Eric Twenty four hours in the day. Okay Osher if you know that. A typical like eight to five work workday that you know what nine hours with your line, so let's just say That's nine hours day. Minus. Lonzo minus nine hours so typically. You're supposed to be working during those nine hours for another company. Equi Equi. Okay. You've got now. You still got fifteen hours left. How many hours do you need asleep? For the sake of exercise. Seven hours obey. You'll get back to sleeping eight hours a day. Once you start Your Business, quit your full time job, but you know for now sucking up sleep seven hours. That's still enough. You saw eight hours. You know I, mean you still have you got a card amount? So that's what I did. I carved him out I. would in the morning. I would. When I'm in the car. I got educated, so I would listen to podcasts like a junkie. I would if I got a course on tape in real estate because I did buy a lot of those courses on similar to the coaching, is sal, and they're like I could stream him so I would listen to that in the car. So my hour commute back and forth I would listen to education. If I had to do any kind of callback, I would do my Bluetooth in the car My lunch break was a big one, so I used to make seller offers on my lunch break. I would go to a park near the office. Note like no one would see me and I would just hammer out offers out I had. This forums brings back so many memories. In my like yelling at a boulder, I did old school. I didn't even have a crm at the time. It was like I had this complicated folder system, and it was like like motivated sellers that I. Need a follow up every day once I needed to make offers to needed a follow up with, and I would just open up the. been called. And then if I couldn't get a hold of them, I would try to call them on my drive home while I'm driving is there was a lot of traffic so I pretty much sitting there on the freeway, anyway, if they called while I, happened to be at work at the time I wasn't like micromanaged at my job so I could step out if it was like super important like I could kindest about and get away with that. And then after work, I would stay up. There were like I. Need a cop out properties I would stay up till like eleven o'clock at night and caught those things out, so it was ready for the next day, so my lunch break. I can call make those offers weekends. So it sounds like to me. Lauren the. Mentality. If I. Don't sacrificed now I will continue spending an hour with my daughter for the rest of my life. Yes, once a day Yep of sacrifice in the short term. The little time I do have I can spend all day with her for the rest of my life for as much as I want Yep. Okay guy kind of. You know when you were talking I kind of. Went Back to corporate America myself and I was like man I remember though those days and what I do and. I used to. I used to live in Dallas and I remember. We had a parking garage in outside of my outside of my company, so I used to go to my parking garage every single day during lunch and getting my car call moment tour. Ask Him what I needed to do that day. Start doing, and it was literally repeat cycle I remember when when things really hit the fan, and when like I felt like I needed to make a certain amount of offers I needed to talk to a certain amount of investors like there were certain points in time I. Remember what the situations where I had to literally take my laptop my Mac book. Take it back inside to work, and now like my coworkers looking at me like. When we're doing and I would take it inside a work. I would go set up inside of an officer empty office that none of the you know. None of the VP's are in and I. would work in there on my lunch. Break and people would pass by on my coworkers pike like. What is he doing this? He worked for like the Secret Service. Because nobody really knew what was going on, but it was. It was intense. Right when you when you had that. Burning desire to to leave your job to completely change your life. You're going to do what it is. What it what what makes it possible? I bring. My audience knows this story so much. Because last summer I was a I was trained of students in. She was so bent on. She didn't have enough time right I remember. She had a fulltime job. She had a second job. She was babysitting. She was taking care of everybody around her her parents and her cousin. It was just so much, and she felt like it was draining, and ultimately she told me during the reason why I didn't make my calls this week or I didn't do this this week because I just don't have the time like I gotTa do this I got this I gotTa do this. If I had time, trust me, I would like tried to make up ten calls this month. And I'm like. How can you make ten calls and think that you're going to get a bill done like it's never going to happen. She was like well. Yeah, I'm trying to do a little bit now. So once I get deal then. I'll have more time like. Never going to work the not how it works, you gotTa. You GotTa I. It's a mental place you have to go to first before you get there in the physical world so I was just like our. Let's do this exercise where you know. The her goal was ten K. and I was like all right. Let me write this ten k check for you. But you can't cash it. You cannot cash it. Right and this is, this is where it gets tricky in the mind because she told me that she needed hours worth asleep. She told me she was like the right. You don't understand if I. Get seven. I will be cranky I'm one of those people. When you tell yourself that you'll see every evidence in the world that you are one of those people, so she had those types of beliefs. The minute I told her that I would write her the check as she could catch it at the end of the month as long as she made three hundred calls, or whatever the her her assignment was. Her her mentality from the month before completely changed. She learned in one second how she could sacrifice sleep for a month for two months or three months if she knew she was going to get the money. So it wasn't that she could, she didn't have the time it was at. She didn't believe that she could. Earn that money because if she believed it like when she knows that the tank as there at the end of the month. Everything changes. Our whole mindset flips when she doesn't have that certainty is just like. Do I. Really WanNa make these calls I. Can't I have all these other things because again it's all about your belief system so earlier on, or and you had the belief that this was something possible for you because you saw your brother doing it right. To Other people doing and and again because you have type personality. It was something that was immediately driven to do this. I'm GONNA do this. So what did what did the the very first deal? Look like? How did things come about wizard? Immediate that it takes three months six months at that I I one for you. Yeah, no, it. It did take a while so i. I I worked my corporate job alongside with starting this business for one year so I will say there was a sucky year where I didn't go out very much I did do very much, but again that was that one year of sacrifice. Okay, then I was able to quit my full time job in a had way work with balance, and it was amazing so. I took about four months to get the first contract. In the I flip property I started out as a house, flippers took four months of making offers and does not knowing what to say to sellers in practicing negotiation. Probably sounding horrible, and you know but I just kept going and making united made offers every single day, and followed up followed up after a while the pipeline. Kind of you know grew. The snowball grew, and I got like my first steal it. It was a flip deal, and it was like I was so like. Yeah, this is awesome and I went in on it with my brother. Our agreement was that if you know I found the deal, he would basically handle the rest in. He would teach me the rest as we go, so we found the deal. He funded it with private money It was a private money lender that he had worked with before and We fixed it up resold it in. It was the best time at that time, because the market started creeping up so just during her whole time, we had like ten percent like equity growth just when we held it so that deal net is like around sixty thousand dollars. So, it was very like a beginner's luck kind of thing. By the the. Pipeline your pipeline specifically building. Like what what what do you mean by that? How did that look so like you know when you first so I do direct to seller working. That's how I get my ideals in the way that typically that works is you're sending some kind of marketing out to a seller whether it's a text message, a cold call a direct mail piece. At that time. I was doing direct mail. And you are getting seller leads back and thing about dirt cellar. Marketing is usually the seller when I touch them. It's not like they're ready to say. Yes, right then and there. They usually need a couple months to season and then. Listen to this part. Right and they need some time. They're never gonNA just feel like. Yeah I'll take your mobile offer like now you know they're gonna like say no, and then you're going to like. Say Okay, we'll like. What would you take and maybe go back and forth a little bit, and then, or maybe you can't come up with the price of new. Just follow up with them a week later, and then maybe two weeks later, and then a month later depending on the situation so i. just kind of put you know. I just kept following up with the sellers I would make offers would follow up. Follow up, follow up, follow up in finally. Somebody said yes. Finally. Somebody was like actually. Yeah, I'm finally I'm ready to sign I'm ready to sell. Let's do this and. I think the in. Of course you know this phrase. Popularly coined the fortunate in the follow up and I see so many people. So many people. They don't. They don't follow up at all, and it's insane right just like you paid all this money for this list or for these leads, or for the signs of for these letters, and you try you. You work your hardest, and you know you market it to them and and. Cricket, so you go get another list and you start all over, and then you do the same thing. No, no, like that list that you were attacking six months ago, revisit ballasts at literature attacking three months. Revisit like you paid for that list. That's golden there in a lot of these people again. You need a few touch points before they're like you know. What now is the time, so so what? How did you? What is your follow up system? Look like. How do you know all right? I'M GONNA. Follow up at this person this week this person next week. Like are you using the crm? And how do you determine all of that? I actually am using a crm I use polio right now and a customized podium over the years to really match like my business, my sales philosophy, and just the way I trained my team. I have a team that does everything. I don't run I. don't work in my wholesale business at all. I, have acquisition manager despu manager leave injuries in. They do everything on very hands off in my business. Now but I do have a crm where I can oversee everybody I do have a. we have a pattern. We have A. it's a leaner system wants to sell her comes into our. Our CRM is. They've gotta go through the process so over would've laguardia. So the process is lead will come into our system. They get entered into a crm by a virtual assistant, so there is no like way that say one of my employees can just throw a lien away and it disappeared. The VA controls everything. She is my eyes in the sky of everybody. Because I've I've hired some acquisition managers at Cherry Picker leads and throw leads away, and that's the worst thing you can do. Every lead needs to have that motivation assumed you need to assume motivation for every single lead that you get I don't care if they don't sound motivated. You need assume they art. Go into my Sierra and it's a leaner system from that point forward. You're you're? A US VR now Philippines awesome. Okay, that's the one that's. Awesome so. Elite goes into our system and the first stage. We qualify them, so we have a qualifying call in that call. The goal is to get the seller to like you I don't really care so much about talking about price. I just want the seller to like me and to know what we do when we are from that point. If the seller is still wanting to receive an offer for the property, there are going to go to the acquisition manager to then get offer. At that point acquisition manager tries to reach them to get them on the phone and we make over the phone. Everything we do is over the phone because I'm virtual, so I actually work in out of state markets. I am not local to where I invest in. So my aquisition manager gets them on. The phone delivers in offer to them. And then there's a negotiation and we. I train them on a script and kind of the way I want I want them to say. Save the spare you those details. But. We determined that you know, say the seller I mean ninety percent of the time in the state know that price isn't were club. They never say. We say okay. We'll follow up with you. We put them in kind of like a maybe a one day today. Follow up to say hey, you slept on. Did you think you know? Did you think anymore about price price? Would you take? We try to see if we can come to agreement on price scares, follow typically via email or text message all song off on. Texas? Good Chew because like a lot of people don't want to where we are as such a text heavy society, so we do text a little bit too, but I never I always want that like the phone. The offer because you do by a text will just ignore you block. You never talked to again, whereas like. If you're on the phone, you can kind of hear them. Hear what they say like. Get the conversation going. Keep them liking you because liking. You is important like you just want the seller to like you. That is so important because they they'll reveal their price. If they like you enough, they'll tell you what other investors offered in. Give you a shot at first right of refusal, and that's my goal really is just to get at the first rider refusal level with that seller when they like me that much they're like. This other you know, investor offered this but I. Like you so you can match that I'd be happy. Know So. So you know, and if they are really kind of cold I put them in a more longer term. Follow up pattern. I have a bucket, and I caught follow cold. Everybody that is, we are too so often price any. They are like night and day, or there's a really not ready to sell their tyre kickers. Anybody basically ever expressed interest in selling for my marketing as long as they weren't hostile and told me to never call them again. They go into this bucket in than I. Every quarter we either cold call that bucket of leads we text it or will send direct mail. So that's a mass way to reach those people again in a really easy a book way. Again and believe it or not like every time we do a follow up cold. We always close a couple of deals out of that people chain. And the fortune is in the follow up. Lauren has just highlighted, so let's before we get into a little bit more strategy. Let's get back into your story so I mean before you came along, your brother didn't think about growing in such a way where he replaces himself in the business. Was that your idea? And what if that idea, spark from reading books that you get a mentor? Because again, you've completely removed yourself from. From the wholesaling portion of your business. So how did that cut walk me through the next part of the story and the some? How some of that started to come along for you? Well? You know I think it was like. I caught the bug like I. You know I. Did a deal saw the money there? You know I am pretty ambitious person I do like I. Don't I'm always a what's next, you know. At the time my first school was i. just envisioned myself at the park in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. Like. I disagree. That goal. I don't know why it's a lot of us. Have a very peculiar ball, and it sounds very similar to that as to why we want to leave, but all I want it. I just wanted I was like a wood Jr. literally just dream about that when I was working. My corporate job is that it's a beautiful day outside and I'm pushing my daughter on a swing, and it's like a Tuesday at lake ten in the morning. 'CAUSE I didn't even know what that look like what what even is. And in the morning. Aliens that walk around. Like It feels like it's the best will in the world like I remember when I used to skips glows like a fifth grader like my mom can I please not go to school today? She would say every year all-day day, but what would be this one time? Like see cars and people go on to work. Wow, so this is like what people do in the real world like this interest a again it's it's that I. Don't know what I. Guess Nostalgic Feeling but I get it i. get it. Yeah, so that was my first goal so then when I achieved that goal and I'm at the park and I'm pushing my daughter. You know then it was like. What's my next school? You know when I started really seeing bigger things for me. I was like you know like I. Kinda. See Myself like actually have a pretty profitable. Company and like closing lots of deals in like maybe like a house on the beach like a nicer home or like I don't know. What allowed you the dream that big I mean? Was it was, did you? Did you was any role models? This is something. It was the. Educators when I was because I I was buying into education programs because I was refining my skills. I wanted to get better at what I was doing. You know I. Remember like one in particular with Justin Williams. He was one of the first educators that I you know. I bought into a lot of his programs would watch him speak and got close with him and He even offered like a higher. Higher level mastermind that I was a part of and I did really aspire to have his life. You know he had like I think at four kids, and like he lived in San Clemente, and they had a nice house, and like he just had so much work life balance who would travel whenever he wanted with his family, and just kind of like wanted that life like a rich life. You know with my kids. Be The I turned into not just wanting my salary replaced, but it turned in. Okay. Now I WANNA make a little I. Mean I want to be a little bit more comfortable, and I want to set myself up for retirement so I just started. You know getting the bigger financial goals. You know so that helped and then. Then, that takes you to the next part of the journey, which was then I now became a single mom in so then that turned into the goals as well so you talk about the. Kurdish! You talk about how that how that transition happen to you. Yeah, so you know once like I think my business I got married really young and you know. I think that once we had the two kids I got. We both got really settled into our careers like he I think we were funny. We kinda grew up together. You know we got released settled into our careers in then it was like okay. The dust settled now it's like were were. Were we are where we are supposed to go now? What you know and we just kind of. We didn't really have what it took to make the marriage work and we. We separated very amicably. But now it was okay now. I'm a single mom and I don't have like like husband now to like rely on I. Don't have his insurance I don't have you know like the money that he brings in. If I'm having a rough monce like I am on my own in essentially like you know I. Don't make paycheck like I you know there's good Munson. There's bad months, and so now it turned into like my back is against the wall. And that's different. You I think now. I'm more motivated under pressure a little bit. It turned in from aspirations of picturing meet the park with kids and things like that, and not having a job to now like legit like pressure to to make it work, but I'll tell you what the pressure is. What took me next level? Like that was lake. Data's where it turned into like okay. I just WanNa make you know my salary or just kind of be comfortable at like now you know where I'm at now, so I don't make. The did you find that your brother wanted to grow with you, or did you find that you had to kind of go out into your? Because he just had a different vision? Oh, we'll dusted, and I actually only did two together shall. We did the first two. We never intended on being partners. He just want just want what's best for me. taught me the business that was like no, you. You do grated. Do you're on your own? So Yeah? He just taught me how to flip a couple of houses and he we still like you know all the time about the business and trade ideas. You know things like that so now we're just you know. I don't know colleagues in the business. Partners. Like friends, but he was my brother, right? Now we just do the business separately, but you know we kind of. Do we do it differently you know we. We have very different ideas on kind of what we wanted to do. And it's all kind of based on our tolerances and things we like and things. We don't like so interested. I'm interested in. Could you expand on that? Like what? What are your preferences as opposed to his? And how did you choose your supposed to each is system or his vehicle? You know we're very different, so I was the biggest thing difference as he did not really want to go out of state, he would like he still, doesn't he? Every time he thinks about going. Going out of state, you'll end up getting a deal. That backing California convinced that he doesn't want to go to state and then like he'll like. Start thinking about it again. You know and they'll get another deal California nevermind I. Don't want to go to state. You know whereas for me I didn't like the Feast or famine, mentality of California when you're a California investor, it is rough, not just California. Some of your listeners are in higher priced markets. You're looking at more feast or famine type of operation where you might go couple months and not get a deal, and then when you do get a deal, yeah, it's a five figure kind of paycheck. And you know, but you might have had to spend more money in marketing to get it so that to me is anxiety like that to me? Was living in constant state of anxiety because I would get a deal and then I'd be. Thinking will win I going to get my next one. You know there was never. There was never this pipeline of five deals. We're going to close in July. It was like. Okay, I'm working on this one. All I'm still marketing for other deals in hope I get one you know, but like it was. There was a lot of uncertainty. My brother has a better tolerance for that. He has more of a tolerance for that kind of stress than he has a tolerance for trying to make something out of state work, whereas for me, I challenged that belief because he of thinks in a lot of people do oh working out a state having an out of state there so much hassle. Hassle to that, and Oh, my gosh, for the amount of work it takes demanded a wholesale business out of state. You might as well to stay in your own state I mean that's so much ex to work and I challenged that I said Nope. I bet you. It's either the same or easier. Because out of state properties are less expensive, it's easier to convince a seller to take a discount on their homes, or you're GONNA. have an easier time. Let you have after work less leads to get deals. Probably spend less than marketing to get deals I had all these theories and I, I was right. there. Are So man I have so much cover on. I. It's one of those things where. I love how you guys have different philosophies and nobody's no no. What's what he's doing is working for him, and what's what you're doing is working for you right and I want to dive more of course since you're on the dive more into what you're doing and this virtual wholesaling concept and you drop so many different nuggets on us. Just Kinda WanNa pick those apart because I know a lot of listeners are interested. In possibly having a virtual real estate business, but When you think about the scariest thing, right? You're not actually busy in the property shot. Actually look at the properties. How do you go about the process of boots on the ground? So virtual sailing. Is it mean it took me a while to? Crack the code but I was like I'm going to do this, so I did for four years I invested in my backyard in La. I say in my backyard loosely. Because La Inland Empire, it would take me sometimes two hours to get there because of California traffic so but the out of state component came around two thousand sixteen I I can't live like this. I needed diversify marketing because I feel like California deals are drying up and I need to go somewhere else where they're not so I figured. I just had to figure it out. It took a while a lot of trial and error I. Do have boots on ground I. Don't go look at properties we make. We make our offers sight unseen. We actually locked the contract's up sight unseen. We don't do inspections until we have a contract on the hall. Come your reasoning behind that. I don't WanNa waste time. Love it absolutely love it so and then when you do the inspection, you're able to kind of go back and you know. Uncover whatever it is Kinda. Renegotiate from there right in. With our pricing a lot of times, you know we, we price kind of in a unique way. I feel like you don't hear. It talked about as much in. Other like courses in podcasts I look at property like they're a commodity so I look at a property the same way you would price out like nail Polish at CVs. Target or something i. look at what are other cash buyers buying these types of properties for and I just make an offer around that if you don't if I don't overcomplicate my. My offers with a RV minus repairs and stuff like that. I don't do any of that I. Make my offers just based off of what the cash sales are in the area in minus out my whole self Ian. If we're anywhere in the range with the seller, we lock it up and a lot of guys. That's another from Mrs Lauren Hardy. As beautiful. Game Changer when I when I started applying that game changer for me. It sounds like it, so that's beautiful. Guys again take to that and you've been talking about this pipeline, and this is the kind of the last subject. I WANNA touch on before we head to the final round, but you've been talking about this pipeline, and you know filling up your book in you know. A certain amount of views are coming through I. Want to talk about. KPI's really quick, and what things should be looking like in a business right, so you talked about? You Talk. You talked about the fact that you may. I think you said in in California like or or outside. Investing, not a state. You need less leads right to close on a deal. You also said that you need less marketing dollars to close on a deal, so I wanNA know from your point of view. What are the average is right for every twenty five Liza for every forty leads. Right were able to close on a dealer. You know we're spending X. amount of money in marketing to make sure that we deal in the deals on average are yoting this I. Want I want us to talk about KPI's and kind of see what KPI's are you paying? Attention to? So I have a lot of opinions on KPI. I the first, my first main opinion that will save before I get into my answers is I. Don't I do not over analyse or track too much with KPI's. Because then it becomes a bottle neck in you never do it. So I. I used to track every little thing right like like how many text messages does it take to get a one lead that then takes one the. Are you know or how? What is what's the cost per lead? Why do I care what the cost per lead? It's like I. Don't know why anyone cares about that I especially when you're running multiple marketing campaigns like I'm running multiple. I'm doing texting calling. Me Up I mean like it will. It's brain damage to figure out all these KPI's so after years and years and years of tracking different. KPI's in not doing it because it was such a bottleneck I realized. What are the easiest KPI's to track that I contract with a push of a button on a crm something that I can track very easily I get. My team can just push a button and then I know what my team's doing just by looking at my Sierra and. What can I just I just want to say I know that you've been doing this for a while like how you set that up. I love the but I'm interested what? More in the Sierra. The Sierra actually developing a crm for this reason because it's like hell, my dollars, one thing I noticed. Newer investors struggle with like processes so I I'm developing actually very like a streamline system that will, it's a crm that's going to help with your sales and your tracking and everything in its only the things that you need to track so like I'm telling I was like stop with all the crazy tracking stuff. You'RE GONNA. Make yourself crazy and you're going to do that more than you're. GonNa make. You're going to get an. I'm more concerned that you went out and made offers I. don't care if you mean him on scratch paper and you don't have a CIARA like I would rather know that you made ten offers day than tractor. KPI's so the has that I like to track. Our leads offers contracts in deals those their four things in. They're very easy to track with your crm. Your crm can practically do for you I'm also very particular about the definitions. You have to be very careful. It's like a science experiment. Stroll so like my definition of a lead could be different than your definition of elise. So then you're going to ask me already know that's nags was honing leases. It take to get deal and I'm going to say well. How do you define a lead? That's important so I have to so I. Tell my students like we need to make sure we are on the same page about how we define these things so that way I can diagnose your problems. You know so you tell me Gosh? I got a hundred leads anti I still haven't gotten a deal. It's like okay. That is a little bit of brand flag. That's like! Oh what are you in California? I, think, that's what's going on right there. But then it's like well. What did you think lead was and they're like? Oh, I sent one hundred text messages and. Lead. or it's like these like. These big for your Britches. People that are like. Oh, I mean it'll. It takes me. Five leads to get a deal. Will what do you defined lead? Ore while it's. I don't know like somebody who they have to have had someone die. Property already under contract. To like ambien bankruptcy at the same time like after like three qualifying events to be a leader, whatever and I'm like. Hey, that's a problem. Extremely all so I just say a lead to me is. They said yes. I'd like to sell yes within the next six months. That's it. That's elite to me. That person gets. My va puts up person in my database and we track, and it all starts from there, so then I know like okay, so we got forty five leads. You know we about half of those should have offers. With them in the reason, half is because half of them. Just drop off half of them. You can't get a multiple again, they they say. They like really yeah. I'd sell then like. Why did I say that like nothing? You could never get. Another fifty actually answers the call and I can see like they have a button that they have to push that. Whenever they make an offer, they have to push the offer set date in the crm. I know okay, so about fifty percent of the leads are getting offers. If that number starts looking to be twenty percent. That tells me there's a problem. and then you know, so we got, and then you got your contract senior deals. You know there's other things that you can let kind of look at like. If you count contracts as it to get one deal will, if it takes four contracts for you to finally close a deal that tells me you're locking everything under the sun, and you're really bad at pricing, and you need it better about it. If, you are if you are one to one like. If you are forever, contract, you close it unless you are like high level, and you really know what you're doing, and you know pricing in that area. That's actually an indication that you're not being. Taking enough risks you're you're only taking like the the most obvious deals, and you're not taking enough risk in locking up something. That's a little bit more. Maybe not. You're not super sure about, and I'm telling you. It's okay to lock that one up as you are you know you're doing it in an ethical way and you have. Your contract is protecting you in that scenario. So those are the ones that I care about that's it and then when it comes to dollars and cents when it comes to profitability of a company I run my company like I'd run a yogurt shop like I. Look at my margin, my profit margin at the end of the day. I'm like these expenses. This is the girl like gross profits. My net profit is acts a profit margin of like looks good to me. You know, and then I asked my other high level. Friends that do it the same way 'cause they that's how they are doing it. we just compare a profit margins than see if like right, keep it simple. Keep it simple in my. I have a bookkeeper that does that for me, so it's like it's like one less thing I have to. Do you know absolutely absolutely? Man Long this has been an amazing episode. I had one last question, but I, just remember that when we I wanted to run backup, so our prior conversation on boots on the ground and just make sure I. had all the bases covered? I know you call them Renner's. How many do you need? And what is? What is their function? basically like? If you you know if you're thinking all right, I wanNA wholesale in a brand new area. Right You know wherever I what whether you start to piece together in that area, so there is. There is a lot on this topic, but I is asking about runners I think that runners a great person to get, but there's other boots on ground. You know you definitely need. We can get into that for another day. Runner specifically is a call runner like an errand runner. That's where I got the term from Aaron runner, and they basically serve like you like pretend they're you in like it's like hey, I need you to go. Take photos of this property that I just got under contract so the runner go and meet the seller. Shake their hand. Hey, I'm Laurie I work with more in Tim Averill state My name is Ashley I'm here to take some photos. To present themselves well and you know just look professional and go do what I tell them to do. Sometimes runners will just put lock boxes on homes or meet sellers that don't have internet or like. They're not familiar, or they don't feel comfortable signing like via Docu. Sign like a runner will come with a contract and. The contract and get it signed, and then take it back and scan it to me. Stay almost exact acquisitions person, but they don't I. Keep my runners like they don't know too much about the business because I had some shadiness going on with you know. When I tried hiring acquisitions locally to those local markets that invited a lot of shady business so I was like no like I. Keep everything in house when it comes to my leads. When it comes to my database. That's all local here. a because it was married. There was a Lotta shady business when it's virtual, so my runners don't know too much now. The runner if there is a question to say like the seller asks the runner question like Hey, what am I so like What's next? The runner will be like Oh. We'll contact more. You know or if it's like a meat like she'll pick game more, and so and so's asking me this question you WanNa talk to really quick. So. So I have a two last followup questions for that. Give us one resource to find runners, and then give us a tip on vetting runners craigslist. That's where I find him all it's great. And you know you pay him somewhere around twenty bucks an hour. So in qualifying. You definitely want to zoom with them at one point. Make sure you see what they how they present themselves. Because like you don't want like some I. One funny story was someone not didn't happen to me, but someone runner that I guess had like a drinking problem. Like One of the sellers was like he was fake. Smell like alcohol came here. You don't want like someone that's. GonNa not represent very well. You want somebody that looks professional. Holds themselves well and? It's basic stuff. It's like it's like having a hiring a personal stay. You know of Lauren. What's this can be listen if it's going to be something that you've purchased. Let's make a one hundred dollars or less, but what's one of the most or the best worthwhile investments that you've ever made in yourself? This can be again investment of money. Let's keep it at one hundred dollars of less of it is, but maybe it's an investment of time or an investment of energy, but what's one of the most worthwhile investments that you've ever made in yourself personally? Okay I would are you GonNa ask you. Your book is next. That's coming up in the next round, so. You'RE GONNA. Hold on that, okay. This guy right here. Oh, the planner, so she's during on. What type of it's a bullet journal Bullet Journal. ME. Now, but I talk about bullet journaling a lot so I love the Bull Journal. This thing was like twenty bucks on Amazon. If, you like Google bullet journaling. It's like whole move. BET, I have a certain way that I. I do like my. If you can kinda like see I. put like in four different categories Navin Aaron Hardy. I follow Darren Hardy, so if you ever, it's free Darren daily he. If you sign up for it, you'll get a daily email of a video and he. Never never relations. he talks about like how to like put things in four categories and. Thing, but I think the bullet journal and. I looked up like bullet journaling like what to use it for, and like you can set little goals, and it's just this intentional habit I do every Monday. I set up my week in my bullet journal in like I. Don't like relieves anxiety like I like will set it up on eight. I just know like these are things I need to do this week. And maybe you know I am not a person. It's like I. WanNa see like okay. I checked it off. You know a twenty five. That is that is gold guys in here. Here's mine I I use the The ninety extra holding my journalists well, and it's It's absolutely essential for type A personality. So that's that's a great recommendation. Hey, guys, quick reminder before the last round probably sizzling from this episode and just it started down your real estate investing journey. Don't forget I have the road map for you. We have an entire challenge built around helping you create your real estate portfolio and. and start to create cash fast than the next thirty days, so head over to before the millions dot com for slash five K that to be for the millions dot com for slash five K to register for the free challenge today again this Sun's going to help you. Get your first wholesale deal done quick, build out your real estate system and continue to do deals every month after that the challenges that before the millions dot com for slash five K. Lifestyle designed acceleration eggs. What is your favorite before the millions book? what is the before the millions book so a book? That hoped you along your journey before the millions. Is it accredited by? I always use the same book Darren Hardee's contact movement but I love that this great recommendation. Tell me. Why tell me why? I think it's like the type. A the Seoul Taipei in knows anybody who's Taipei likes Darren Hardy Stop. It's because it shows you that the like the little habits. The little choices that you make that seem so insignificant at the moment they compound over time, and if you see how compound, it's like this, you know like it's like a steady slope then all the sudden. Boo like for me like I wasn't an overnight success. I was not trust me like it was just. That everyday I chipped away. In those follow up calls those little things. I made that choice to do that every day, and that's where I ended up. Getting to now. You know I've I've been doing a words fifty deals a year for a while now. It's because I made those little choices. Every single day and I learned that from that book that was one of the first books. I read when I started my journey into entrepreneurialism so I recommend it to everybody. What is your favorite lifestyle designed at? This can be a business APP for tool. Lifestyle design. Oh, I know a good one trello oh. Yeah, Love Trauma! Why do you? Why did well how do you? Okay I actually just did a demo on it. Which is funny? It's fresh in my head. I use it to organize my marketing lists and my vhs virtual sustained. That handles all my marketing, so I only have to really fuss with my marketing about once a quarter. It started like last year. My New Year's resolution. One of them was I am so tired of having listings -iety like I. Do not want to live list by list, and always like her out of the list. We gotta get a list in like I. Just I don't WanNa live that way anymore so I came up with a system of like playing all my list for the quarter one time uploading. uploading them to trello keeping, it's super organized and labelled so my virtual assistant no was like which lists to pool and put like in push through which marketing campaigns so I love Trello, absolutely amazing, answering I want, and it's free and I. Use Trello as well I. Want it to an on. There was another resource I wanted to ask you about. Some of the and you can, you can pick one or two, or you can just give me a sentence about each each of these. But how do you use call? Tools lead mining and bachelorettes. Okay, so those are all different things. I've used for different like a different times. So batch leads is like I would say the number one. I'm using that all the time. I use the bachelorette stack or to organize lists. You can use that stack her for like It's a very powerful tool whenever I call a list from say any other anything prop stream lift source whatever it goes into. That excel spreadsheet. The list goes into Bachelet's docker and it keeps track of every like every person in that list is like a record now so like Joe Smith property owner of one two three main street. That'll be now like a record in my bachelor. have tag of like. He came from vacant list, so then later say six months later I get a contract on a house from Joseph Smith Right. I will look back and I'll go where what listed he come from because I want to see what's working and what are profitable so then i. look him up on my Bachelorette's sacher and I'll see every list that he ever appeared on ever so like if e was if I also did like pulled an absentee owner, list he, it would stay like Vegas. Absentee under elect show every time. I ever uploaded a list with that record in it. makes. Super Cool so I. Love it for that. It also has a text platform now so I. Do my mass texting through there? It has they have now a list there two point. Oh, now has where you can pull the list from there, so they skip trace in A. It's a very good skip trace provider. Their data is like. It's everything so if you guys like my, I have a coupon code. It gets fifty percent off its virtual the. In a fifty percent off the first month if you use the code virtual. But anyways. That's like the big one I'm using like a lie. Lead mining was for if you wanted to outsource cold. Calling I'm not doing that right now currently, but if you feel like you want, outsource cold, calling something you WanNa do I had used them and I like the owner a lot. He's great the other one was cultural. Call tools is a if you for my in-house cold calling when we would do like a follow up coal round. It's an auto dialer on can call up to like ten people at the same time and I don't. That's too many, so we do like. Four. Hundred Ninety go crazy. Some? Tools for for that. That's awesome. We've just created like a mini episode off of that question, so like the tools and resources in our businesses I love that and again is something I've never heard of before, and I'm sure like the tools I use. You've heard of them, and it's one of those things where so many different people are using so many different things, and it's all kind of leading us to our goals, right? All right all right, so NOVA TANGENT WE'VE GONE OFF on the big ten ten bucks. Bit, backs are hack so. What do you enjoy most about the way your lifestyle was currently designed? FRIEDA How old is your daughter? Now on what your guys relationship like Oh. My Gosh I have a six zero nine year old. Your spend as much time with them as possible. Yeah I mean you know they didn't like they didn't have to go through what I had to go through. I had a working mom. I never saw my mom. You know they I'm very much in their life. know their friends parents. You know they. They know they're like they're in. It helps with being a single mom. Might Ex. Husband is still a key works the corporate world, so we know that like if kids are sick like they stay with me like I pick them up every day from school. That was a big goal of mine was just to be able to pick up my kids from school Relief Fund. The car pulls the other kids like I love like I'll do fun Friday and take them through starbucks sugar. Load 'em up and stuff. Now, it's fun stuff. It's awesome. It's awesome. What were the sacrifices that you had to make before the millions to get to where you are today? Uncertainty about how much money I'm making. You. Know just not knowing what you know every year like. If you know, I'm still going to have a business and in my still going to be able to make it. You. Know like not knowing that you're getting that paycheck. You Lot of W. Twos. You guys like knowing like you're going to get that. You know five thousand dollar paycheck every month right like I don't have that in that. Definitely I feel like maybe might have cut like ten years out of my life expectancy. I I'm with you on that. Racking over the last eight years, you know because it wasn't always just like I woke up and was successful. There were definitely years were I was like. Oh this is hard. You know one hundred percent. Why do you think a or I'm sorry before the last question who was essential to your growth before the millions and why? I can only pick one person. One person. That's hard. There's so many people. Okay I mean like be like cheesy like my dad. My Dad is He's the one that always the kind of encouraged me to be an entrepreneur. He knew a lot about real estate. He always said you know he were to do it again. He would have invested in real estate more and done more real estate, versus like he was a CPA and I called professor. So. He's the one that really liked I wouldn't be in real estate I. Don't think it was from it, add. Last but not least. Why do you think so? Many of us are stuck before the millions, even though we have every intention of getting to the millions. People give themselves too many options. Yet too many options. Let's like the example that girl that needs to sleep eight hours. She gave herself that option to sleeping hours. You know you had that option to. Spend three hours calling all the leads in your database and making offers for the next three hours, or you have the option to. Go hang out with your friends got. Binge game of thrones. Netflix and chill right? It's your choice there. It's all about options and for me. I think that this is a type thing. A lot of Taipei people they don't give themselves options so i. don't like failure wasn't an option. Going back to work is not an option for me like going getting if this isn't workout. Get A job, and that's not an option like you know, and I just make like. You know so for me like the to do list. It's not an option to not do. I. It's interesting because have you? Have you heard of the concept of a financial thermostat? Is it like I like The. Keating principle is like like The take one of billionaires. Bill Gates right and you just think about is inherently like there's no way bill gets could ever be a millionaire? Like, there's no way he could possibly ever be a millionaire. It just cannot happen. He's he's not wired that way like he would. It's not an option, right? His financial thermostat is set so high. Much value like if he ever lost it all because of what he knows and how we operate, he would like me. You've seen people. The people the greats, the people who are the the best entrepreneurs like they've I mean. They lost all so many times, but they know how to businesses. They know how to get right back there. Because that's where Financial Burma. Status set and we have to elevate our financial thermostats if we WANNA get to where we wanna go right so when you talk about choices. You left yourself no other choice you're like. Just, said it like I will not go back and get a job. I will not do that and if people could only like, and it's not something that is just like. Oh, I've decided this dumb. It's a mental game. You gotta practice at it right like in your mental palace to me like you said like you've already mentally told yourself that. There's no possible way where somebody else in your position could be like. Well I could see I I can happen, I they let that little seep of doubt creep in there, and it grows in. It festers right, but you've already told yourself. There's no possible way right, so that's where you're Ernestine said and there is truly no possible way, so I'll probably end this. Morning this has been amazing. Listen WanNA learn a little bit more about you. They WanNa get to know you a little bit. They WANNA say hi. Learn about some of the things that you have one on. Where can they find some of your information? Me On the social so instagram I'm the most active there by handle. Is this mom flips? and. It's more than hardy on facebook. Instagram is definitely where I'm the most active Ab. Absolutely amazing until next time we'll talk to you very very.

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