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That's Corolla one zero to get ten percent off and thank you guys so much. We really appreciate it. <hes> your monthly nut sacks are going in the mail now. Lederhosen <music> News Gino breaks all those crazy trump's tweets G. grant trouble gene the news with Gina Grad so we've been talking about the Dominican Republic and their issues with some possibly tainted alcohol well now. It's in Costa Rica. They've issued a national alert about tainted alcohol. After nineteen people were confirmed to have died over the past few weeks from methanol chaining yes methanol. I believe that's kind of what we talked about. Basically antifreeze <hes> stuff that's added to the call to make it more potent and it's cheaper burn boosts potency and kill people. Sometimes the government says how to get to make them more potent or do you think they are more likely recycling the empty bottles and mixing. Whatever the ethanol question yeah well Rubik can't be just making it more yeah? They're making some evil cocktail in empty bottle to then renuzit and sell it a massive well. I ain't there's there's there's two ways you could do this. I guess if you're on the griff you could have a bottle aww book Cardi Rum you could go halfway into the bottle of Bacardi rum and then refill it with water and ethanol or something shake it up and give it some doubling you could get you know time in a half half us at your Bacardi rum or you could just go full ethanol and water and it's the same kind of ethanol that they make out of corn to put in the gas tanker trucks. I I know I know nothing about this but this is methanol aw is there a different methods so this is so this is yeah like antifreeze and found in things anti in according to C._B._S.. News it's probably TRAE. I'm not trace amounts of it earn antifreeze but mainly kills pats Bredon Jim mats of the same ingredient component what they must be using what is in like the main component of antifreeze I at some point people eh pass it off. People can't start vomiting the second-biggest. I'm guessing just goes to the names methanol ethanol probably the same family of you know yeah neutral so it's a it's a it's a clear alcohol and they're mixing it with water or color or whatever and they're passing it off because when people are drunk and as we found out most people who say they like kettle one and know the difference between Grey Goose Right Down Tequila taste test here apparently this week coming up yeah. The Ministry of Health said information on the deaths as preliminary investigation is going on. That's really all the details. They're willing to give out except that the age range of people have died is from thirty two to seventy two. I was <hes> getting back to the countries with the gripped. You know what I mean. The ones that just will never miss an opportunity to make over and also no thoughts about who's ingesting. This stuff makes me sad because I only been to Costa Rica once but it's so pleasant people are so nice and laid back. I don't think of Costa Rica this way. This sucks well listen. They only good news is now. I can introduce my traveling with your own booze acting Congress. We're down to the fuck and Vendome in the U._S.. AVAI AH I load up on Booze Laker and I get my steamer trunk now I bring it with me on vacation house. He can stay live playing. You all called me an alcoholic sad degenerate. WHO's laughing now? That's right breathing. You guys could see through this lamp shade. You'd see shit eating grain on this band space right now. Just say word for us right yes so it's been very very riding in the streets of Puerto Rico to some place but yeah where we have the Dominican Republic Costa Rica. We're talking because they want <hes> was it the mayor they want the mayor out because of some horribly males he sent everybody's pissed about it or emails off-color remembering horrible e mails thrown out of office. Wow it's too bad. We don't have historical horrible emails. I feel like I know Richard Nixon. There'd be some. I'm good surprises there Kennedy Martin Luther King we could find some really good stuff man with stuff. They call each other people from distant land airmen. It'd be awesome all right. Let me hit truecar. Every ray car has stories had he put a price on that story. Well you do it with truecar. That's right truecar. Find out what your car's worth. When it's time to buy sell or traded and just go to truecar enter your plate number number and your car's details pop on up then you answer a few quick and easy questions once you're finished you get a true cash offer sent to you and minutes which you can take your local certified dealer the cash out or you can trade it in so when you ready for better way to sell or by car you gotTa Truecar you want to drive your car into truecar an uber home with a check in your pocket then you go to Truecar if you WANNA drive your car in traded in on a new car you go to Truecar and if you want a new car and you want to trade your car and you go truecar true cash offer not available in all areas all right gene sir very very hot lately all across much of the country and so so hot the past few days that police in braintree Massachusetts are begging criminals to hold off on all their bad stuff and they're illegal activity for a couple days until the heat index comes down because right now? It's about one hundred fifteen heat index C._N._N.. Ed reports that the Braintree Police Department ask the community. Let me tell you about cops these days. I would say that if you took the average cop like when they were talking about patrol guys in the fifties in the sixties and you see any of those shows any movies and T._v.. Show policemen get out of the car whatever those guys are about one hundred fifty pounds so they were clean shaven at a little wait eight for palm aid in the hair short sleeves. You know those guys fully dressed like you know when you talk about cars. How much is the car way? Well fully dry or like with all the fluids and the driver burn everybody in it. How much does you know the driver? The fluids a gas. Everything cops all fluids driver way back back then. It's one hundred fifty seven pounds now eight. These guys are huge like when you see these cops ABC's guys are big dude dude as yoked. They got huge mustache sometimes beards they. They're wearing a flak jackets now. Yes you're flagged up. They're wearing then they're carrying all the answer. Larry Pepper sprays the non lethal options in the rubber bullets and stuff the big boots but the steel shanks up. These guys get out of their car that two hundred sixty seven pounds. I mean there's just a big mound of bulletproof. Cop Material Moving your way a young. It's got to be hot fifty pounds of non human and there's all the stuff right and they're all blacked out now too and it's gotta be hot out there. They are falling on your mercy right now. They said on the on their facebook post on Friday quote it is straight up hottest soccer balls out there and people really like that. They started over one hundred thousand times. The message is signed the POPO and they are asking for everyone to just kind of chill out until the heat wave breaks in fact the business as usual cool cups. The POPO COOL got. I don't either I don't like to. Let's make friends with the gang bangers. I don't like it is oh yeah <hes> I drop so the reports. The Oregon will now allow students to take mental health days just like they would take sick days. This is expanding the reasons for excuse school absences to include mental or behavioral health under a new law that experts say is one of the kind and the U._S.. The students behind. Do you guys you remember all the days you went to school or went your job after bad break up or after an argument or any curve now now you're living on my side transistor and you just sort of that feeling of just kind of white knuckling it like I gotta go in like I remember Brian Joe. Keep going. I remember like my girlfriend and dumping me and I was working and Seamy valley and some customhouse avocado origin. I just had to go there alone and do a bunch of garage of it and I was like I literally I wanted to cry like I just wanted to sit and cry but as I I had to go to work and it built a little character like you got some calluses you went like luck you have to compartmentalize. Yes you feel horrible about this that and the other personally situation on the other hand. Your boss doesn't give a shit and it's Monday day and you gotta go to war. You don't want to be there to go right and you got used to that feeling of like. I don't want to do this but I'm compelled to do it because I said I would do it and I shall do it well. I don't know so how much of this is part of it or just a coincidence but suicide is Oregon's second leading cause of death among <hes> ten year olds to thirty four year old so they might WanNa do something about it assisted suicide legal there no one according to data it from st how old you know we talk about school shootings and people go. Why are there more school shootings and I go because there's more school shooting understand you can do this? It was not not it. It was not on the menu <hes> when I was a kid was not a possibility now. There's a possibility I would say. Almost everything works that way from three sixty slam dunks in the N._B._A.. You see see somebody doing you go. Oh I could do that now and then then you see them that way with suicide I think I think almost anything I mean look look no further than people that are transitioning if you get five or six experiments in a room at a party now in L._A.. And they have thirteen year old nine year olds eleven year old one of those couples will say that their son or daughter is transitioning that is mathematically impossible to have had that conversation when I was a kid was no such thing as anybody there was nobody transitioning into Juvie. Where do they transition? That's right yeah boarding school right so there's a there's an element of because it is it is now you can say well. Maybe there was just a lot of people that wanted to transition and now it's okay to transition but then does that work with school school shootings or does that work with suicide or is that work with everything that there's now a bunch more of I think we're much more malleable than we think and kids and adults they just sort of see things and they go good and bad adding just go I could do that. I mean you see a commercial for pizza and you know I want pizza commercial about going on vacation in Maui you go. I like to start hearing about suicide. I could kill myself like we're kind kind of wired for that very susceptible so I would assume that place is that had the most suicide we'll have the most the next year to and to your point I mean like Brian will probably remember this movies like Heather's. Here's what does it late eighties early nineties there had to reflection of the time that was all about teen suicide and there was this epidemic of kids doing that. We'll guess what now it's active shooters. You know it just it was this angst tanks on many four right yeah. My feeling is telling him to stay home because they don't feel good. Emotionally is not a fix for their problem and I think everyone just needs a kick. In the ASS. unlooked Dr drew a Goddamn medical physician. He's a medical physician. He was having a full blown panic attack and I kicked him in the ass and I think that the fuck out of this dress room get up on stage. We're starting to show now and it snapped him out of it. He's not one of my mom's dumbo friends who has chronic fatigue or Epstein Barr you know after her Horse Kim by died. Several years goes never been the same. This is Dr Drew. Dr Drew was breathing into a bag having a panic attack and I jump started his ass. It works so you mean all the times we did. All those live shows when I first started. I should've told you I was having a panic in the ass Jesus. No I said go out there. Walk out on a state sit down. I'll do all the talking you don't have to do shit heavier paddock attack out on stage but I'm starting to show and soon as I started the show he just began the show. You know he began. He wasn't catatonic. He was involved right yeah well. Yes you guys on the cruise. I'm saying people there is a lot to kick and people in the ass telling them to keep marching redirect redirect and not to give in that sort of thing where it's like the the troupe is on a five mile march and you're falling behind and you're yelling at you know you're going. I'm cramping up. You need that drill sergeant urging just kick you in the ASS and go get up get it. It's pretty effective. People don't know what's in the tank look. I'll give you guys. Here's an example drew's in is in his dressing room having a panic attack because Jon favreau was mean to him right the best sentence ever. It's true story. He's having a panic attack. Okay what if during his panic attack there was a a terrorist attack what if somebody kicked in the front door to the studio and you heard gunshots and you had the producers run in Yell my God we're under seizures. A terrorist attack federal's go nuts forever rose blocked emergency agency accent. He's wedging Birdseye exit. We can't use a follow me to safety. I run this place. I can get us out the back through the commissary. Do you think Dr drew would say I can now. I'm having a panic attack or woody spring to his feet throws bag on the ground and run after Scott Stan Leear Scott Stone from stone saying they run to safety of course okay well. It's an extreme example but we know we can interrupt Hispanic attack doc right now for some external force we we will take any panic attack in undo it with a terrorist attack and if that same person the worst say the yellow pages same person was complaining about back pain and said I just I need to sit down because I can't be up on my feet. Well we don't do that with a terrorist attack when we hear what the person would hop up on their feet and they would run out that Baxter Kroll says more terrorist attacks solve Oliver problems albums that's right. Let's get to move in America. Whatever that attack is? You're having a Migraine or your back or you're not into it emotionally. You're down in the dumps or you're having a paddock undone with a terrorist I attack okay so we have established that. There's a scenario where you could get up on your feet and run for safety and forget all about what this is okay now that we know that let's see if we can bridge that now on T._v.. With erectile dysfunction that's all I'm saying answering questions about it. I was implying that DR choosing a can't remember would fabra said as or something there was a whole time you have aids you know how celebrities are Kinda narcissistic cystic and they would come in and then we'd go. I read an article and Spin magazine that said AIDS and H._I._V.. Were not connected and just literally tell L. These stupid stories about some stupid are because there was a lot of smoking hokum like a lot of like is it. This is it that and of people weren't scientists. They were barely journalist would then give their cockamamie theory on like how HIV wasn't connected aides or whatever the theory was and then they would tell Dr Drew's if they were short because they're actors right to their like now implying the actor of an ex part of an expert right. That's right for him. <hes> well speaking of an attack. The owner of a dog is desperately seeking it safe return after it was snatched from her garden by swooping seagull according to your news and it's just a little Chihuahua gizmo his mouth Chihuahua yeah was grabbed by the bird from garden in the U._K.. On Sunday his owner BECO- twenty four years old is hoping <hes> four year old Gizmo will be found alive. <hes> the six year old daughter is really upset. Missing dog fortunately did not witness gizmo hoping taken away by the Siegel but is looking for his safe return. If your dog is missing and you didn't witness it being snatched by seagull no little one didn't the daughter Okay so she won't be traumatized and half to flee terrorist attack McKenna like this stuff. I Hate Chihuahuas. I don't love seagulls but I'm always kind of cool with the nature on nature crime just don't kind of refreshing. I don't like the manufactured crime I don't mind earthquakes and the floods and the tornadoes and the Certif- doe that great white kill the Dolphin you know and people I love dolphins. I go yeah but that's just nature nature. Haiti key shot the guy for twenty dollars. You know what I mean that kind of that kind. The stuff always always bums me out. I'm I'm trying to think MAXA PATTA and get up and leave. Oh I was thinking of article. I don't know why find pictures guy but it's like they'd have articles in Penn House like Bob. Guccione Explains Means H._I._V.. Versus AIDS and then some douchebag actor would read it and then spit it back to Dr drew and it would send him into a Tailspin Bob Guccione man you find everyone talked a lot about Hafner bob up Guccione was like Hefner hefner didn't seem like the Guy who presided over Jack Rag and I guess that was kind of it but Bob Guccione shirt done to the naval gains Chris Looking find the right picture Bob Riccione Porn Mag dude guy published poor Max. I like when the guys where chains in stages Miguel in the middle choker up top medallion down down low horn at the bio confined pictures of Bob Guccione like from the sixties in the seventies pork chop sideburns. I those heels yeah they love Roman architectures glassy using regular right yeah. I'll look posing with dogs too good to Bob Guccione still alive. He can't be now ninety thousand ten miss the day that the Latch Wow so burger king is issuing a challenge locations around Sweden and I am dying to know what Christie thinks this semi we can ask her about it. At some point the Burger chain recently introduced the to plant based meatless sandwiches in its restaurants in Sweden ones the rebel Walker and one's the rebel chicken king and Brian and I both tried these so with these new menu items Burger King says they'll give customers either meet Bay Sandwich or plant based damage and they won't tell them which is which it's called the fifty fifty menu and you eventually get to know which one you got but you have to I scan your sandwich box with the APP and make guests and it's a whole big deal. has anyone tried like the ultimate Taco or whatever it'd be on her gone one day and maybe a year or so ago we hosted the show and we did a side by side Burger and the Real Burger very easy to tell that said they've done a good job but those impossible burgers. I do taste good nowhere confuse. It was right away. It was like Oh yeah well. Here's my there's good math in bad math for me like when I see the Taco Bell or del Taco commercial for the impossible Taco I go of course you can simulate del Taco beef because that's not beef yeah. It's it's easy for you to knock off. That's just a bunch of pits of flash and a bunch of sauce reduce down a thousand times made into a slum lipped ladle the into a taco shell so now you couldn't go to lawry's prime rib. You can't knock that went off so you're not yes. That's the same flavor because as the same Taco flavoring in the same additives in the same thickener in the same everything so I go that one I think I think you could do. I'm not I'm not sure about the Patty Patty though Dawson you had eight tacos from del Taco and one sitting last week eight yeah I could have gone ten eight hard tacos. Yeah the value hard tacos seventy nine cent one's a small ones beef. Yes Nice Sunny man study out a Taco off because that boy boy goes three days without eating and then he eats eight tacos from from Taco bell and also I don't know what's going on but when and I was a kid like sunny pound four tacos in the go I want more tacos and Lynette will do a shoulder role and jump out of them plate glass window and run to Taco Bell screaming when I was a kid if I three tacos and I said anybody I want more Taco Bell they go fuck off your lucky. You got this ago fucking Washer van get fifty cents. Go by another fucking Taco could make you give me those Tacos back you just eight I would nobody ever announced. I want more this and everyone oh I'm sorry your highness run out and go get your mortgage. Imagine doubling down on fast food going back hitting me and I do not mean to one up Dawson or your son but but tween late midnight midnight Friday night and midnight Sunday night when we were Minnesota Andy eight eighteen chilli cheese burritos from Taco Bell because you can only get them in Minnesota apparently eighteen who's funerals tomorrow. We've been counting chilli cheese does they must be a test this market there because we don't have those here. He longs for them. He loved Oh. God like your bill for I do miss nothing that gets stuck in your craw and he's he had eighteen and I don't know less than forty eight hours. Wow Yeah I kind of like that. It's impressive. He runs marathons. He eats like garbage disposal. Put things on I have found when I learned this lesson years ago when the Great. Laszlo Gourock my grandfather on the rare occasion that he would make a T._v.. Dinner which was rare because you'd always cook Goulash sometimes he just ranking T._v.. Dinner and he'd always do like the Mexican enchilada plate which had the beans gains in the rise and then he take enchila- any kind address it up he put a little extra cheese on dice up a tomato onion each over the top. I have found that if you do the Taco bell being Burrito and you add tomato NATO and you add some extra cheese and you add the onion you can fill it out. You can kind of address it out to be a little more than it than it was. Andy <hes> drafted up he says lots and lots of extra active L. Scorch oh sauce and get out of my way eight could've gone ten. I like that I would love for you. In India. Go have launched. I love that Dawson spiritually physically and financially can hop on a deal. You know what I mean. Oh Yeah like you I pass by the Burger King and they go get the foot long chicken sandwich and the foot long fish sandwich for buck ninety nine and I keep driving past it going. I wish I could do that but Dawson. You earn it yeah. I love the two for five always anytime you go to Jack in the box. You have to get to Tacos four yeah. <hes> <hes> <hes> hit a bag of cookies I do you do not put weight on Dawson. God bless you yeah and we had a lot of hot dish this weekend to because we're in Minnesota familiar with hot dish what what Midwest if your answer all right so much hot dish all right what well the Wyoming Valley West School district in Pennsylvania sent out hundreds of letters this week warning parents who had lunch debt that things get really bad really quickly if they don't square up those bills for their kids the letter which was reviewed by C._N._N.. Told parents that there have been quote multiple letters sent home with your child and that no payments have been made it also said failure to provide children with food could result in parents being sent to dependency court saying that quote you are taken to dependency court the result may be your children being removed from your home and placed in foster care about a thousand letters sent a parents. They're they're freaking out your parents your fucking kid yeah pieces shit and listen Tyler Perry. I know you're listening. Don't fucking swoop in and settle the debt doughnuts swoop in and make this right. Let those fucking Shitty parents figure this shit out. I had this conversation Asian with the Young Squire Peter who is working with me over at the House and he's heading off to college or transferring to Berkeley Blah Blah Blah's philosophy major but he's also like an efficiency business efficiency major but anyway oh you can hear him a Nason the house anyway he said as a guys getting ready to he's not of means. He's saving up and get ready to go to college now. They said he said what I said. Which is free college free be careful with free? It doesn't mean anything anymore. All you do let me tell you what you do with free. We're just talking about what we do with technology. It's like Tivo Tivo blew my mind for twenty any minutes and then it was like all right now what's ailing and then I went from. I can stop and start shows. I can record shows this is blowing my mind and then it went to I wanNA watch two shows at the same time and I can only record one and I can't watch the bullshit so free immediately gets filed under all right done with that. What's next so when you say Free College Free Food Free lunches free anything? We never stop shop in Marvel. We don't look back and appreciate we don't go. Hey Buddy that colleges free. Somebody worked hard paid a lot of taxes so you could go to college. You should be thankful on no way fuck that rich guy and oh by the way I don't even have to attend class because it's free this notion of free as good. These people should get free health. Gandhi should have free college and they should have free meals. I'm not signed off on it not because there's anything wrong with a college meals or healthcare. I'm not signed off on the concept of free. You are fucking people up you. Tell me if it ever works. These parents have fucking kids. They don't pack lunches the school they send with the school they rack up a bill and I'm sure it's a buck twenty nine a week or something. Worth of Shit people are pissed off that they owe the fucking school board forty one bucks fuck you. That's what happens with free it ruins people. Do we know this. We're back to its free shelby marveling at on an hourly if not minute by minute basis apps the phone way if you told me ways existed twelve years when I was a kid wherever mommy blown like Oh oh it's annoying it. Didn't you report this incident or whatever I agree. We're not wired to appreciate when you don't appreciate it. Leads unhappiness in free is the fastest easiest way to not appreciate Shit. Please all roads deleting to free like this is some utopia. It isn't the lottery fucking kills people parents need to provide for their children and by the way children need to know their parents provide who wants to grow up and go how was your childhood well. My Dad and mom would send me to school and I would eat this institutional slop they prepared and then at a certain point we rang up a bill and then they send it home to my parents and then my mom got fucking Rape Shit and one in and started fighting the bills like that's what you want. That's your memory of your fucking parents. Jesus God Damn Christ. Listen Pieces Shit parents you fucking make your kids breakfast and you make them fucking lunch and if you can't then fine remove them. It's the most basic element of parenting look look no further than the animal kingdom if the Mama Bird can't feed the baby birds we gotta take the birds away. It's weird. It's like Oh. This is outrageous discussed. The parents can't feed the kids. They're going to be removed from the home. I don't know name something more basic than that kid needs fuck. You Fuck. Look I get the fucked up shitty parents I get that they're lazy the fucking stupid politicians stop fucking. I'm praying on this dumb bus. Stop It. Stop Pretending oh I'm on your side. Oh they've done something or your your your disadvantage or you come from the wrong side of the tracks fucking conversation with someone there again looking all these fucking neighborhoods are trash pieces shit. I was telling Max Pattern. Does it take any fucking money to go out and clean up your own fucking lawn. Does it take any energy to sweep in front of your house or to just pick up a fucking. There's there's a mattress as rotting on your front lawn does take any any money to dispose of that putting a fucking truck and dropping off behind my fucking shop at this alley excuses for everybody. Get the fuck to work. Stop it and politicians politicians scary part is they've realized allies like ooh these fucking jumbos. There's an ever increasing populace of Dumb Lazy Fox and by the way they're vote is every bit as valuable Adam Corollas so they say out loud so they go we got a whole bunch of fucking dumb people and they're lazy and they fucked up because they made a lot of bad decisions and they don't want to internalize they just want to externalize and it doesn't feel good to get them to internalize. We don't get votes that way good. Let's focus on making them agitated. Disgruntled get their votes in the meantime will promise them a bunch of free shit good luck. We'll see how that fucking one works out. We'll see how it works. It doesn't it can't it chant and it won't thank you fuck sticks again the fucking lazy piece of Shit Narrative Well Fuck and parents. They don't want to pay for their kids and do whatever by the boy I guarantee three quarters of those fucking Lazy Pieces Shit Have Tattoos. Where'd you get the money for the tattoos? Where'd you get the time for the Tattoo? What's an average tattoo on your arm three hundred body how many funding hard boiled eggs and green apples could you by how many sacks of beans how many sachse rights what could you buy with that three hundred bucks or the fuck and tat? You've got you fucking bitches. Fuck you take care your kids. Would you please and people with degrees who Rhodes owed scholars who went to Ivy League schools stop feeding them this poison of they can't do it. You know what you're doing. That's the insidious part. The politicians know who these people are. They know what the answer is. They don't WanNa feed them that because they're we're not gonNA get votes so instead. They're gonNA fucking poison them and now you're going to have a generation of not only them but they're fucking kids. Their kids are pissed off by the way who now grew up in each generation of free shipping on a better. Don't stop giving everyone free Shit. Tell me get the fuck to work. I'll make rare exceptions. If you're in a wheelchair something although ironically none of these people are in a wheelchair and people in wheelchairs excel and do better okay all right. I'm going to do castrol better. Come Shelf. Ten people are outraged at the fucking school of sending the bill back of course they are these people of course they would be outright. It's look the money's he's not infinite. So if you want the school to pay for your child's bill then that's going to be less money for computers or counselors or hey selfish parents we the school doesn't print money. They have to take those resources and they will them toward a field trip now. They'll put it toward your kids outstanding debt on their lunches. So what do you mean have the school. What is the school schools a box where people go to learn and what do you want them to do? They're gonNA take resources and divert them to your kid. That's like saying the government will who dies financing the government stop with the free stuff people. I'm telling you if you made college free. It'd be the end of college. There'd be no more people there'd be. There's always a small percentage of humans to do the right thing but everyone else discos fuck it. I'm doing the wrong thing again. Look no further than the airport. Everybody and you tell me if people do the right thing. When it comes to traveling with their dogs they do not I'll hit castrol edge stronger under pressure castrol edge with fluid titanium transforms under pressure to keep the metal parts from rubbing and Robin and heating up? It's one hundred percent sent full synthetic three times three times full stronger than the leading full synthetic against viscosity breakdown castrol edge formulated in ways exceed the industry's highest standards castrol edge all right. Let's bring it home. Gina Gina Grad and that's the news lots and lots of extra active L. Scorch. Oh sauce and get out of my way was the news with Gina Grad Joke Koi coming in here tomorrow love that guy. He looked like he was sitting what second row at the pack y'all fight. I saw it on on instagram. Oh wait their age forty one that when that fight one decision so we'll talk to our good friend Joe Koi you can go to Adam Corolla dot com and find out all about this shows and check out mean Gods and when we went mad at micro ventures dot com slash Adam Adam. Is it Adam dot com or how what does Adam sorry that must have been for another document. I never said that but I never sure what to read anyway. Go there and invest and be a producer last with ball Brian Featuring Joel McKay answering Joma cal. That'll be November second at the Avalon. avalon is a beautiful theater awesome. What we're doing to walk through a couple of days? Oh y'all guys from shop. It is beautiful art deco and find against all odds in bringing some of those clips from that thing and you will see the inside of that <hes> theater not Taco bell material my my stand up special you can get on Amazon and chassis and Apple T._v.. The and subscribe your Youtube Channel. Watch all the stand up for free you to dot com slash Corolla and take the podcast one survey at podcast one dot study and Intel next time. This is an Crawford Gina Grad Joel McCowan Bald Ryan say Mahala. I've molested over six thousand nine year olds like and county stick around today's episode good. Sports with Dave Damage Shaggy Adam Corolla coming right up now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the Dominion in energy reliability investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy the Dominion Energy Reliability Lydia Investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot COM introducing the new buttermilk crispy chicken biscuit at McDonald's. We don't need that music made with tender chicken. Let's lose the echo on a warm buttermilk biscuit perfect. The juicy simplicity of our buttermilk crispy chicken biscuits speaks for itself. Did it now for just three bucks and get a two dollars sausage mcmuffin with egg or one dollar small hot coffee all the one two three dollar mini simply your breakfast at McDonald's has this and participation may vary canopy combined with any other offer Combo meal. The broadcast warned sports network prisons sports high and low sports fans welcome to brand new episode good Sports Dave Damasec here Adam Karol over there ace. I brought up the women's Soccer World Cup championship a couple a couple of weeks ago. I brought it up T._A.. Yesterday because I wanted to ask you another thing what what what strikes your fancy more dealers choices. Do you WanNa talk about because the international scene you start seeing the flags come out and then I wanted to see what you you think is the greatest flag <hes>. Do you like that or another aesthetic debate. Do you WANNA get into pro football uniforms. We can kick that to next week because it's more here now to talk about the flags. If you want to choose if old glory is indeed number one on the on the big blue marble or if there's another one that strikes your fancy I like Gary. Let's see who any flag. There's like I it's maybe it's like a Baltic he kind of one with the fangs anyone that has a dragon on it. There's Wales. There's whales have the dragon on it Yep. That's a from from that's from from the mouth of a soccer fan. Wales has a dragon now. Let me tell you this beast beast. I'm going to go with Wales and I'll tell you why the ones that like Swiss ones just have a cross on it. That's what you put on the side of a hospital bar. You know like World War Two. That's sort of saying everyone. We don't want any trouble like kind of bad message. Well what sends better message to your Rowdy your neighbors than the Dragon Yeah you we don't want trouble and as you can plainly see by our logo ago. Neither do you write what I've found with the countries that announced they don't want trouble they find trouble because the every once in a while a hitler-type pops up and he goes. You don't WanNA travel all right. I'll bring the trouble of you like. Are you found trouble this. What police do you tell every time I wanted to get into a street fight? I got into a streetfight by explaining to the bully. I didn't on trump's right. Yes why so. Why do you think the psychology of that is? If a guy sort of gets in your grill and tells you he's he initiates. I'M GONNA kick your ass and you. It's essentially if a bear comes at you in you run the bear will come after you harder. There's something that's an impulse. If you stand up and puff yourself yourself up and make a lot of noise you might have a chance of stopping the bear interest only comes at you. They're coming at you and you go. I don't WanNA fight I don't. I don't think that's a good idea. He sees more weakness S. and whatever his ability to encroach he's he's now been validated like you said about that think I can kick this guy's ask so. I'm going to get in his face when you say I don't want trouble. He now knows he can in kick your ass in his mind now. He's not a smart guy so you invite that and I'll put it to you this way when Canada says to our country we don't want any trouble. We don't go all oh right. You've found it like we're invading. We we just go over there and do some productions and drop offs and tax dollars you go to a Middle Eastern country and you're the neighbor that Middle Eastern countries to go look. We don't want any trouble they go now. You're weak and now we've found trouble so it's kind of mentality now. We don't have a bully candidate doesn't have a bully Mexico doesn't have a bully mentality but if you find countries who have a bully eight as interesting global statement about Israel's posture in the Middle East you're right about that. They Israel is not a delicate flower in dealing with its its neighbors either right right the lazy flags are illegal aliens. Yeah that's so right. They just put a star. You're just take the British Union Jack they've usurp. They basically Australia in New Zealand are the D._J.. Calendar flags. I know it's been set a million times but they're like law what you do well. Let's just get the blue like the United States and the stars like the United States and then the Union Jack we'll just get the English flag and we'll just put a smaller one on our flag well. We'll lay it out out Australians. It'll be mad as because you you failed to notice while New Zealand only has the four stars Australia has a five sided star can enter one for consideration or say yes and by the way the same aspect ratio ratio as the United States flack the smaller. It'll take up the same amount of space on are oblong shaped is knowing is New Zealand in Australia. I forgive me for being a moron. They're not that still considered colonies on any level of why would you not then revise your flag. Once you wash that stink off. What do you want to be? It's like it's a terrible thing that also you guys his get all uppity when somebody says oh whenever we do this all the time ago that Guy Greg Norman's from New Zealand Australia everyone gets mad like if you flip flopping the same place dots we don't understand but you guys get all you guys go nuts. If we confuse you two for one another hear US loud Pacific nations don't care it would help if you didn't have the same God damn flag. You're not helping your own. Hey of distinction when you fly the same flag dry you can tell us in Mexico part. We have different flags. You guys don't have different if the same flag essentially Australia New Zealand is extensively the same flies you take navy you. You're you're full nations still have the Union Jack on their get rid of that thing I agree. Let's start a movement in Fact Act Australia when they go to the Olympics data wear the red white and blue colors of Great Britain. They wear green. Let me say this. What if you bought a custom van from P Dallas Dodge in like nineteen eighty-six and you found out that p Dallas Dodge Gouge you? He charged you for Z coding and then he never did. He found that the M._s. r._p._M.. The van was twenty two five. He charged twenty nine nine five four. He promised you ten percent under manufactured. What if all that happen and then somebody said it's time to change your license and as you're putting the license on the back of that van that you got Gouge by p Dallas Dodge with you went? Oh let me put the P.. Dallas Dodge license plate frame on around it's exactly did this is in fact perfect analogy the Dave I'm saying not analogy that literally literally put the Pete Ellis Dodge license plate frame own their gouge nation okay because that's what happened. I didn't know what's funny that funny. I admire your passion. That's all by the way that's what I do. That is why you just explained to me if I may go back why I've never been in a fight my hypothesis is because I'm a weakling and and people must surely be able to smell that but then when they are like I'm GonNa kick you when they start swearing at me. I can't help but laugh at it. amuses me that the testosterone overflowing amuses yes and so there's somebody starts doing it. I start to laugh and then they must take that as like he's fearless and they backed down because in my in my gun I'm like oh well. This guy obviously would kill me. He takes swing me. What am I gonNa do kind of Mel Gibson lethal weapon kind of move right there? It's not on purpose. It's just I makes me laugh but yes gary had a last asked offering and the sad flag or the Lazy Flag Department I did. We're dealing mostly with national flags but I'd like to turn to one of the U._S.. State flags. This is one hundred percent real. This is the current flag of the State of Mississippi Blue White read with the they like France a little bit more than they lived in like confederate. Essentially they took they roof off of the General Lee and on their flag. We'll do that one next week. We'll we'll do state flags next castrol edge stronger under pressure everybody he friction breaks down the viscosity of the engine. You can't have that you need a one hundred percent pure synthetic space-age technology used here three times stronger than leading full synthetic against viscosity breakdown in need the best castrol edge formulated and ways to exceed the toughest industry history standards that is castrol edge everybody if there were a World Cup for making analogies or for making a literal comparison Adam Corolla would be the reigning champion at least twenty years going now all right. We'll be back with more good sports for your next week until then four Adam Corolla Dave damage tickets works out fully Adam Corolla on twitter at girl was show always on twitter girl community voicemail eight six four one seven four four subscribe to curl classic hosted by Chris Long Simone Fangio Vanni to the podcast everywhere tickets on the why podcast angry events Adam Karol has unprepared lots of dates coming up. Get it all at Adam Corolla Dot com and stay tuned for A._p.. News now is the chance to use reliable energy it to grow your money with the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money make the reliable investment in reliable energy the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. Will your child be ready for kindergarten at Chester Brooke Academy Preschool. 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I don't WanNa go that route for president wants to help and arranging a ceasefire with the Taliban reporters asked trump about Iran's claim of arresting Seventeen Iranians. It says we're working with the C._I._A..

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