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Spectacular Spider-Man #238 & #239: Ultimate Spider-Cast Episode #17


Is that desert keeps Zimmer excite kicks? Brought to you by tweet. Get awesome headphones that tweet audio dot com and use coupon in Southgate get thirty percent off for shifting in a lifetime warranty or it can get there through the link on our website Southgate Enid group dot com. Well, I'm glad you asked for it levels. Later, another episode of our lizard, lizard, April. I am Bill. Lapel better. It could be worse. It could have been calypso month. That's true. We have a week of calypso. But anyway. So yes, this time were discussing spectacular spider, man. Two thirty eight to thirty nine from September October nineteen ninety six with little hellfire saver federally. Let the these otherwise I would take crap I'm working with my parameters until wizard story in you've got limited. Ben rallying the first issue. Come on. That's the thing. But. Right. But the the first issue is opens up less swear, you had to have this every nine these issue that had entered the lizard him like packing people in a car in the middle of the night. Yes. On the day, but still attacking people his, you know. Tell you man will more against a forty journey like this lizard creature. Now, there's having worried for the title suicidal tive. Right. Okay. Nineties. Yeah. And he wasn't born, of course in Florida and for while. Oh, man, yet, Florida. We all know Ford. Did you see the latest a guy I guide caught gut Kanda burglar air breaking in the cars minutes after being released from jail who's breaking in the cars in the Joe parking lot. God Lord of Florida. Oh video wave. Story. But anyway, speaking of human says hits this issue would begin with was the first attack in New Jersey. Number. Undesirables? Yeah. I think I think Margaret New York. Yeah. Yes. So okay. In fact, it regained green and had to be amputated from like while now. Most of this is just like curt Connors. This should have been called the Billy sagging Bothell is just shows are being a real gun of. It doesn't look it was just the Artha made it doesn't he looked younger than our previous to episodes as we said, Billy is whatever eight. Tonight. We got the Franklin Richards of the Spiderman universe. Yeah. But we see curse thinking about. Oh, how how the earth's in trouble? Because you. The environment. Yeah. I know I know you green, but your lizard com. Let me get into his his origin of on how he was you know? During that drank. He's a medic in the military losses arm. In course, of course, corners has to have his arm back. I mean working for humanity. Tonight. Human testing went too fast even testing. Head. We learned nothing from the ring Gamblin or the fly for that. Bad answer. There is no it's a sign. It's it's a sci-fi truth. I really liked the we had a wig from everywhere from like Florida, Jerry Genia, Regina, where this lizard creature trying to find his way back for Florida terrorizes. I believe that sell these semi pencil this issue. Sam like salamander? No. Very year issue is crazy for you. Because this was taking place around the time of onslaught. 'nother minds the esta. Has had early vendors in antastic foreign to. Tessie for be the most damage. Will their sales were. Well, if you leave it kids, the vendors weren't popular this time, so. They were returned in another universe. Where some some of the the air is top five raiders in orders for tempt were hired to try to what clean them up in the numbers of. Guy fielded see, but that's a whole nother issue in the past charms opinion about that particular era. We should we should do that on them. If we can get him since he's so busy. The new Bader kavadi duos to their business jury in work. The comedy stuff out. We need Charlie out serve for the second. Part of our amalgam special comic Capers I'm gonna do like heroes reborn. So Elia that needs to be discussed. Anyway, we. Georgia to which was. You know? Played all of the south. And we also get Kirk Connors working on with his lab. Assistant working on all. Is that a Florida name all the? Would that maybe bought the shoes although shoes? I have no idea. But, but if you re I love the reason why experiment wasn't here is because her taking advising Asian. The big pharma. I know. Then he tempted to cure on an actual lizard. Let us you rights. Mark writes tests. So it turned into a humanoid lizard. I'm just like oh, half a dozen. What are the other moves? Here's for can't play God because the creature does mortally out on his eight and I've been good on the Lizzy more. Yeah. Because you know, they dislike ugly, upper regular lizard. Then. Although have the try to inject one of an old lizard tail. He loves one of those back. Yeah. In that's where we got the lizard of the nineties who everyone has been a mutated lizard. But see, you know, mutated Kirk owners. But now, I'll eat misdirection. Like, we really don't get a of your mind earlier today like we been writing the one he's. The connections watching. Rolette? Because then Billy gets home late kurzweil, man. Yeah. Yup. Passion purview. What were you doing coke? Glue of warming. He's in plastic bags there. Windmills? The cookie. Has inside jokes rolling. Shirts down the back scroll down there. You see inside. Go. Anyway. Yeah. Then Spiderman here's an audible snap of the Monster's neck back like one of my favorite. The Spiderman shows up. Chris. But yeah, basically punches in this new lizard into what's the shed or something and then snap. We'll see get OG lizard. Kim denominator main complete with his laughing at you. That coat yet Elizer action figure without the lap. Coke. Moammar woman I need. Man, we get. Next day. She begin in new pens slur, Blue Cross. I really can sell that big business rewatch is made more the corners. Look like, Pam Anderson. He knew. Yes. It up. So hard. We'll help are excited. About a Ryland story. Here. Yeah. That by age Martha Connors weights that her husband is now available heavy. Heavy. Why are you being a monster out here? She goes outside. She sees firemen battles the lizard. She's like her Sunday's timeless. The recap pages where we'll see how Ben rallies ticket how he it together after. Peter Parker Cohen looking on as Spiderman was battling a lizard. He could it be her couldn't be her Connors. In the course like do. I know. But I love how Ben rally got their see the big money from Peter and Mary Jane. Yeah. But I thought it was pretty cool actually that the lizard uses very they communicate with reptiles, and that he summons that Horton, snakes alligators creatures year, Florida, you done messed up, son. That's right. It's like for Leslie back from his first parents. Yeah. Big by state was my greatest fear. Yeah. Charter. But. We find out that is the lizard arm as he the creature trap in on this light. I eat it. Oh, yeah. Hit trees about fallen billion the wizards the lizard saves sedan, homey corners, they control. But yes, it's he gets pinned by the arm. The this appears causes transforms. Poor thing. You can't have our mobile work. You magic federal was like the other. You know, what I Herman from the citizens is kind buyer by Kirk Kanders. Hashtag ask men Romy. But I just love how like spider-man's two week like Bill even like. Alway lizard show. It is always such a dean pop points when it comes to spider. Hopeless. You can just like hang their cost of lizard kings back. Yeah. You know, very Allen's officers robes gallery. A warm blanket a Cup of coffee or working out. But he's just like hanging there. And just like, okay, we're up the hanger talk that lizard, cages, like shoot a web line in pull Billy on there or something. Statment hunt. The art this knowledge. It's fun queens vitamin should have the team. It's been rallies. I know exactly. The gaining of Spiderman. Not much. It is maybe chase. Stephanie Stephanie Brown? He's a blonde. Exactly. But, you know, of course, cars men's to take control that you form message though is one. I who knows. Recorders in that Nate he gives an antidote for the snake. Venom the Ben rally. No, you don't let's lie then things about how is self is. Like really are. We sure just because he saved his own son. The benefit of feud. Or just parental, you know necessity yet now, and they heard times part of the newspaper article about a group future looks out. The lizard heavily show. That's a loving father Grio brand new day, or whatever he he eats his that you of the sun. Oh. Clone cord is waiting sunny. Do you know? A fortune with he was just saying. Into the cider. House. Let's say did you talk about any comics this week played around? You do that on? Brucke reprieve, but we have we were trying to fit it all in since. AM? You want to start with? The really wanna spider man, read, amazing, spider man, eighteen point eight with the given. I was curious Charlie liked it. I know he read it. He said he liked it. He ellie. Interesting. What'd you let them Bob? It. That they actually I mean while he was a joke and we the given savior seriously. I liked that they they kind of fit everything in his early stuff is in there. Like, charlie. I like they mentioned that grunt spectacular spider man, two. After what we just reviewed is grizzly given like trying to be a crime fighting team. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna give a kid Lashley try, you know. And then when he said he wants to other dimension as Charlie say was not more aids. From like that story. Bads? I mean, come on give them the dealers villain. But I do that. They did make the relatable standalone story with great art. I will give the now all the way, you know. I know saying that use a lot more samples academe like six are, you know, issue arcs constantly? So I wanna give praise for that. I guess probably really liked it because he was like they didn't actually say the given was daddy might have passed out. Nobody's ever should get in common books. Both. Okay. Right. I said, you know, nine he'll be. I'm sure it will be a refresher removing Hobie on there. Did you read that vitamin web is number one the one? Designers. No. Okay. I don't even know that. Crystal. It's hard. Sometimes dig it. More team number one. That was really I'm not really a big fan of this. Honestly, but male had it was really good. Flip book. I'm usually it. But you know, I really like. This marvel Kamala she's grown on me me too. Like, I said, it's a football. So each side is like from their perspective until like meet up. E wing who did harm heart, which I really do. Yeah. And they've now joy Vasquez art by the dance on right? Was fine. Jackal? Charlie. My favorite wine was when Peter Caesar Jack was like thank God, you're here. Warren now, not the most hated ESE alum here. Actor. Please mouth war with his shoddy clone work. A really good introduction to the concept too. So they haven't done a while. We really got marvel line. Doing the legacy numbering. What one of these or something like that? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They even have it on there. Yeah. Winning seventy. Yeah. I don't know. Like, really, I did a lot to take you. All schools school. It's like, okay. But that was the. Oh, yeah. Typical back for the next issue. Yeah. We did. Did. Hoge at this. This is probably out of the spider books is probably my favorite this week. Side of that in. What it's given. So you kind of happen read it. It is right. I didn't think so I assumed it was. Sober isn't it it never really over? Was quarter? Yeah. It was over all the way my bed. No, the edges like, you know. Okay higher. We all deadpool the ear of that little heroes for hire. In. So we get the Glennon Harry dates. That had. Her laughing. And I love them like Peter like when actually like like hasn't symbiosis like, okay, I can't use this. The issue. I love the cover everything really were in for a really army story. I love spider mantle Missouri is funny because you know, the situations that unity sometimes, but she especially younger people on the spider nam were on. No ant. It's at that edge. It's good for you. I love the people with cone her for different jobs with the kid goals on Thursday wants take her to the prom. He's done now. Yeah. I really need date like really know. Really durable. Holly, probably my fiber story, but don't always have to one posited after another doesn't have to be so serious, you know, than she sees a little girl from the core reminds me of the scene from amazing spider man movie, which will be covering next episode. Sober for this. That's true. A job. I'll make. But yeah, no, I like this story. I mean, it's pretty much like a, you know, a one shy good art passes. I liked their take on this fight. Rebooted? No. But I'm still enjoying the review. Alaniz I met with their release it still just ended. Yeah. Right week for the same world three bullets lately for spider. Now. What would you give out this story Mandalay? Probably give it. Give it a b minus need more, bitter eilly, Ben Reilly. E-plus 'cause they always manage their really nerve Fetterman. No matter which one it is when it comes to the Lizzy edges for can't be. He's not that for the city. Saving on yourself visits to yourself on. No Sautin some of those lizards stories the pensions writing casino. It's just sometimes it's quite hard. Have you of me that goes perfect with that one? What are you? Ben rally. What are you some kind of actress? They know things up for Bill figures out right now, the lots. Right. So well, it added here, we got a great movie alignments. All yes. Twin us next time for a review of amazing spider, man. The thought Andrew Garfield, Emma stone spider spider movie. Pounds of usually quit. So my graph. I knew I could count on you. Oh, what one per episode? That's what I shoot for. Or should. I say join us next time for Andrew Garfield and Emma stone. A real. Heredia that probably. So you know, how? Yeah. We know. Anyway. So this. Mike ashville. Sorry back in may. That's right. Scroll up. Anyway, join us next time. Like, I said for that in the next month will be electro month. So you Bill keeps in lunatic Cenci mill dot com. Calypso? Enough stories Spiderman Facebook dot com slash ultimate spider cast at you'll t- spider. Cast at seal sidekicks on Twitter seals likings on Instagram in the voicemail six four three eight two two seven three seven. That's six one four thirty kms. Never. Number maybe, but. Louis. We're people partake of your sunshine. Hang on a wedge. You can find me Unser at will fire. If you're the Graham filth reading senio, fato, aloe. That you wanna? Small or statment wait world or anything Evers at the bottle pitches incident Twitter, I'll not move all so gone. Oh, no. Thank you. Medicals? Are we? Outside of waves world. I don't know if we should say. Definitely not. All right. Thank you. Join us next time. Keep an eye out of wings world. Joe check out. My interviews. Alexandria, scroll down. Look for amber view. Ninety nine. Back next time.

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