REShow: Nick Mullens. Hour 1 (11-02-18)


Rich Eisen on demand. Your show your schedule. Fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. Introducing the amazing iphone tenants, you'll love on T mobile but most loved and wires. It's the perfect way to stay connected to those you heart most in low with on T mobile right now trading and eligible iphone and you'll save three hundred dollars. Visit a store or call one eight hundred team. Service remaining balances deal while thank service and finance agreements required to seventy nine ninety nine doubtless thirty per month. Twenty four full price ninety nine ninety nine zero percents APR for well-qualified buyers plus tax on price allow eight weeks for rebate. Okay. Welcome to this Friday edition of the rich Eisen show where I had no idea. I would be starting to show talking about a guy. Came into yesterday's game of the San Francisco forty Niners with nobody knowing who he was unless you're a fan of southern miss football. Right. I mean, this is why we watch sports folks, we watch sports because we love watching good people or seemingly good people. Do good things when we least expected and Nick Mullins everybody is the star of the moment. Yeah. No idea yet. No four hours ago. We'd never even heard of the and and you the only way to put it ease is the coaching job and this kid together the Shanahan get him coached up in three and a half days for the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night football, and Nick Mullins, haven't whatever beats his chest allow him to be calm in the face of that pressure. Is unbelievable. You don't see this every day. It's unbelievable. There's a reason why short weeks are killers for young players who are forced into action and last night. Mcmullan's was unbelievable and the three touchdown passes that he threw last night matches the season total of touchdown passes for the entire Buffalo Bills. Team fact fact, and he was sixteen to twenty two to sixty two three touchdowns knew where to go with the ball zinged it with confidence had wide open receivers. I understand he had a guy George Kibble made a remarkable play over the middle. But of great bullet that found they one small window, which Kittle could grab it with his left hand corral with his right? And then go right down the field to kick off a second half after. I'm sure paint got. Off the raiders walls get to that in a second. This why we watch sports, and and if you wanna root for feel good story, right? And you want to root for somebody? That spends their entire lives waiting for moments. Like that. I mean, I've got small kids who play in the backyard and call their own play by play action with their high pitch voices. That's what Nick Mullins had last night. Hey, Thursday night football the entire countries. Pulling up a chair. And he bawled out making the most of an opportunity and in terms of whether he deserved it. All you need to see the ways teammates reacted. That was a pleasure. That was an absolute pleasure. From the way that his teammates rallied around him and celebrated with him and tapped him on the helmet tapped him on the shoulders calling wolf who hosts Thursday night football coverage pre and post game for the NFL network turned around from her seat and snap. The photograph of George Kibble. Watching him go to the NFL network set. George wasn't invited on the set. Some guys would be like, hey, I just got one hundred yards touchdown. Touchdown on national television. How come I can't come or how come out up there with him? Instead he showed up in his uniform watched him and cheer Nick Mullins on as he got his moment in the NFL network post game son where Brett farve whose record some of which he broke at southern miss called into congratulate him. I mean, I'm getting the old goosebumps. This is why we watch love sports. Then there's the Oakland Raiders. Oh my goodness. You know, we have storylines going NFL seasons any any big major sports season. Anyway, but the NFL more than anything else is a narrative generating machine is, you know, I like to say here on the show, and it's an era of generating machine and you've got season long storyline arcs and you've got game day storyline headlines. Nick Mullins is the game day storyline. Headline week nine kid. You never really heard of unless you're southern miss van or your from the Mullins household comes out balls out shines up. And now, I think has an opportunity keep starting for the forty Niners and his and his Albert breer pointed out from. On twitter. What happens if he balls out the rest of the year what of the forty Niners? Do my responses. You train them to the patriots to succeed Brady and complete the football circle of life. That's what you do. Did you enjoy seeing the patriots Brady successor dice up the raiders last night? Chris. I loved it. I loved it by the way away from my Mohan's, four jersey, Dr is born at any rate. That's the nightly. Game story headline season long arc is stuff. Like this. Jon Gruden comes out of the Monday night football, both ten year hundred million dollar contract for his raiders two point. Oh tenure. How's he going to do? What's it gonna look like? Dean anybody at the time of him out of the Monday night football booth and taking that job think. That the arc would look like him. Not conversing with Khalil Mack all offseason to the point where they trade him. On the eve of the season. Causing his quarterback in Derek Carr. And. Khalil Mack linemate Bruce Irvin to tweet out the different equivalent of WTI f. But both guys after tweeting out what happened send out the tweets of. We're we're going to keep winning with the guys we have in our locker room. I mean, which is the the usual thing you hear from players after they got very upset that they've lost their teammate. But we're going to try our best to win with the guys we have here, we think we can win with the guys we have here only problem with that is if you believe your coaches quit on your by sending away the best player that is in your locker room after not conversing with this best player to try and bridge any gap, and he just parachutes in with a contract that is worth more, and is definitely guaranteed more than anybody else's. That's in that locker room. If you start losing that's a recipe for disaster. But who thought that that would happen and then nine weeks later on national television, the team would essentially, and there's no other way to describe this. And this is very very infused language to use in the sports word. The keyword quit. Nine weeks teams quit on them. I mean the way that they blocked for car the way that they tackled on defense. Nick Mullins turned the raiders into the Washington generals last night. He was the globetrotter. So it's really remarkable. How the raiders have absolutely collapsed. And you sit back and have to wonder Gruden see this coming is this sort of Kaiser's so's aim maneuver that he looked around. He took the job thinking, I gotta blow this up. But I got one hundred million in the Bank had ten years to blow it up. I'm gonna make it in my own face and voice the del Rio stuff. Everything's gone. I kind of like the quarterback. I know I've got to keep them because I got that contract on a blow the rest of it up. And you're seeing the results of it. Or that doesn't really square at the fact that they handed out fifty five million dollars in veteran contracts. Fifty five million veteran contracts. That sounds like a team that's trying to win now too. Can't have it both ways. But guess what? The plan is now tank like there's no tomorrow got. Because guess what they need. They need to pass rusher. Nick Bose's out there. They need a wide receiver. What do you think Jordy Nelson thinking about right now is Aaron Rodgers and get set with the Packers to take on Tom Brady on Sunday night football thinks it Aaron Rodgers needs them. I mean, it's it's it's totally done and Gruden is doing his best PR Pt. Barnum post game is what he had to say it kind of rings a little bit hollow. Just try to get people excited about the the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders is a great organization. I know it's not looking pretty right now. But I've heard a lot of negativity over the last six or seven months, and rightfully so we're going to build a championship football team here. And I know a lot of people as players as fans, and, you know, just in general want to be part of this. And the only coach who Gruden has beaten this year went on. I take today Jackson. After speaking of Mary Kay, Cabot Cleveland dot com. And boy did he picked the wrong time to come out and talk about how he didn't have the right players, and he didn't have the ability to run his scheme. When Nick Mullins goes out and carves up the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night football. Yes. Shanahan has the players through John Lynch that he wants and he can run his scheme. But Nick Mullins got plugged in to a program and lit up the raiders. Wrong time for Hugh to basically come out and say, I didn't have the right people. What a week. This has been Cleveland starts it on Monday. By going out and fire and Hugh Jackson and the offense coordinator and Todd Haley. We see Tom Brady beak the Buffalo Bills for the twenty nine twenty nine time. In which Derek Anderson throws a pick six. To keep the Buffalo Bills passing. Touchdown total at three which is matched by Nick Mullins on Thursday night football. In front of the whole country to see when men you Jackson appears in Cleveland dot com. Mary Kay at to say, I couldn't win with the players that I was forced to have. Now comes today on first take Hugh Jackson and the day that Nick Mullins calls into the rich Eisen show. And now he's calling in and eighteen minutes. Right. And the gentleman who we booked before kick-off less. With the one Niners in the one win raiders getting set to face off on Thursday night football. I said the four words that needed to be said in our meeting and those for words were bring me Ray rattle. Way raise getting bumped raise going to be an hour number two. Okay. Raise kind enough to have moved off of his mid first hour slot to kick off the second hour because neck Mollins is calling. It something else. We didn't see coming yesterday. Daniel Jeremiah who calls radio broadcasts for the Los Angeles. Chargers were coming back off there by taking on the suddenly resurgent red hot Seattle Seahawks in week number nine. He will be calling into the show, and he has his plugged into the scouting community as anybody. I am wondering what the scouting community thinks of what we saw from the raiders last night and what the raiders plan out with three first round selections is going to be. So maybe to Bose's will live in the American Football Conference western division by the end of next year's first night of the draft. We shall see. And by the way, something that we definitely knew on Monday. That was going to happen on Friday is Dion Sanders who sat in for me on Monday stayed after class to interview Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman here in studio, and we knew we were going to play it on Friday show and Friday show is a ride prime and Morgan Freeman. All I can say is. You're welcome. That's what the rich Eisen show can do high Steffan with Morgan Freeman. What's our poll question over there? Christopher okay. So we have a great slate of college and NFL games this weekend. We do easy to say, which is the best. But which will be the most competitive, which of these games will be the most competitive games. So we got Alabama LSU and Penn State Michigan on the college side as NFL ram saints. Packers patriots most competitive game of the week. That's what a great slate. What a great slate. So you are just absolutely overlooking. The chiefs and Browns is what you're saying. I am over do nonsense. Not look past crazy. Greg williams. Nutty, Freddie kitchens. And the new running back coach Ryan Lindley with seven career rushing yards from the quarterback position. Do not overlook that sir. And Hugh Jackson going. Going on. I take four days after getting fired providing kindling for the ESPN hot take machine all day long. Oh, you gotta put Georgia Kentucky there, by the way. Six versus nine put it in there. I mean, I understood verses. Verses nine you got to. It's got to do. It's a top ten football game in college football involving the southeastern conference all due respect to Kentucky. Anyone their top ten? Excuse me. Excuse me. I understand that. You're suddenly Georgia fan. Oh, no. No, nothing. Okay. But don't you understand that the for the SEC? It just means more come on. That's that my last night last night. Now it was a game. Nick Mullins made it a game. It is welcome to Thursday night. Football friends at FOX it happens that should be by the way, the new phrase for Thursday night football for it happens. All right. Let's take a break. Set the stage for Nick Mullins people. What a good kid. This guy seems to be. I can't wait to chat with him. After his big night. That's still to come here on the rich Eisen show. Hey, guys jockey, Kate here with the big match keel O'neil talking about our friends at that online dot AG NBA's underway and the excitement in full effect. 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Ted Robinson right doing the games for the forty Niners right there. What a what a night for Nick Mullins? What an for Nick melons is calling in about eight minutes time here on the show. I got stats ready for stats. I wanna hear them. I mean, I got stats you'll what happened last. I've got stats. Current jen. Gen you never thought existed in the old gen let's start with a car agenda. Jen, jen. Nick Mullins became his second quarterback since two thousand throw a touchdown pass on each of his team's first two possessions in his NFL debut. Marcus mariota. Oh, remember that. He he tortured the buccaneers and James Winston in the first game for each and then D finish the game because he was up so much. That's that's current gen right? Okay. Here's genuine think existed. Mullins completed passes to eight different players in the first half. Most by player in his NFL debut since nineteen Ninety-one tying gusts for what? Kate nineteen Ninety-four I'll throw this one in for you for genuine glaze. So we're Nick Mullins headbutted. The after did not as crazy. He did not fake news. Mullins joins these three is the only players over the past twenty five seasons to throw for three or more touchdowns in the first game. Marcus mariota Mark Bolger. And of course, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now, here's the jets hit it like to hit a please. Chain starts. Brought to you by our friends at discover card. Check out your credit right now with their quick and easy credit score card, which is free for everybody. If you're if you're not a customer check on your FICO credit score and other important credit information, and once, you know, your score check to see if your credit card is the best fit for you. Learn more at discover dot com slash credit scorecard. Limitations apply. Mullins is one of three players in the Super Bowl era with two hundred and fifty or more passing yards three or more passing touchdowns and zero interceptions in his NFL debut. The others are hall of famers, Jim Kelly in France, tarkenton, and Nick Mullins. This is awesome. And again, I can't express it more. Having watched football. We can week out as I had, you know, obviously from my whole life and then doing it professionally for the NFL network since three celebrating your fifteen on Sunday. Exactly. Okay. When you see teammates react to first timers succeeding with sheer joy. And excitement. You know, they're great teammate and good people and the way that his teammates reacted last night. Just shows it. And I'll be honest with you. I don't even know. I mean, he was undrafted in two thousand seventeen and I don't even know he was backing up. C J Beth third. I had no idea. None. And he's the first forty-nine of quarterback to win his first career start since Jim Harbaugh turn to Colin Kaepernick and week ten of the two thousand twelve season. For Alex Smith, and we all know what happened there as well. Eight four four zero four rich is the number to dial. And we're waiting on Nick Mullins. He's calling in in in a matter of moments here on the show as for the Oakland Raiders as well. The the soundbite coming into the game was Gruden talking about how talking with how long about raiders players telling him how much they wanted to play for the raiders and random people calling him. Okay. Exiting him. And that was a soundbite FOX put out there in advance of the game. Right. So of course, Gruden was asked you have that sound bite number one of Jon Gruden please Gruden was asked after the game. What you mean by that? Because if players are calling him to say, I want to come to the raiders his answer has to be by law of the NFL if they're under contract with another team. I can't talk to you about that. That must be his answer because that's called tampering. If he says anything, but let's not let's not go there this what brunettes after I see players after every game we play in a wanna be raiders that's been the case. My whole life. I think the brand of the raiders is an exciting one. And I think a lot of players no doubt do wanna play for us in the future. And I'm not gonna speculate any further than that. I'm not gonna get into calls me. Text me. I've made a lot of friends in this business over the years. Yeah. I mean, it's gotta shut. He's gotta shut it down. Right there. And and stuff like that. That's where you think Gruden. Needed to get back into coaching a little bit sooner. Or he he's been out of too long. Because that's simple. I mean, you can't sit there and tell how long no matter how you're mixing it up, and you you've worn a microphone for ten years. And you're not talking as a coach anymore. You're talking as a fired coach, you know, his football fired football coaches association of America that he had for he sent us hats and me sent us visors. And what have you? When you're talking a member of the F FCA, you could say whatever you want. But when you were an actual head coach in the NFL, you can't look at how long and say bunch of players telling us that they wanna come year is as your way to try and fire up your base can't do that. And in terms of Gruden forgetting how to coach he hasn't an and the thing I thought that would definitely work for him coming in to his second tenure is that fired football coaches association. He's been on the show. He was on the show several times as a member of ESPN, and he would call us from his bunker, which for years he built in the back of Publix in a strip mall in Tampa. That was his office right where and then he would build it. I think he built it up into its own sort of like coaching man cave where coaches from around the country would comment, and they talk. They come in. And they talk about all different offenses that's going down in different innovations. And he would have that ready to go for his first year. But the league is changed a lot in ten years knows the difference between being in a booth and watching tape and being out there living it breathing it on the sideline everyday. Well, certainly, certainly. When you have a situation like Khalil Mack. And the way it went down and was handled. That they needed to get off to a fast start. Not stumble out of the gate. And then lose players to due to injury, and then trade Amari Cooper away and sent everybody out there. What amazing performance by Nick Balans out of southern miss. The man of the hour kind enough to call into the rich Eisen show the day after his big debut on Thursday night football, Nick Mullins. It is a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for calling in. You bet. So how're you doing? Well, look up and it's been in the morning my wife. Okay. So what what was it like for you? When did you first learn that you were starting that game last night? Nick. The really the day before the game wasn't exactly sure how it was going to go up through the week. I was preparing to start. But I didn't know and then before the game. I learn I was starting and just had to go do it. So you got an inkling of the possibility on Wednesday, but truly did not know you're going to start until what ninety minutes before for real. No probably a little bit before that. But I was just whenever I was told. Okay. So you're told and then you go out, and what what did you tell yourself as you trotted out on the field for the first time, and it was a nationally televised game in a big bay area. Rivalry yet. I think the biggest thing was just focused focus on what matters and one thing that is how we played on the field. And so that's just what I kept telling myself all game long. And I thought we did a great job. Stan focus all game wall and worked and how did Shanahan coach you up throughout the process, Nick what was that coach quarterback relationship like? He was very, you know, he, obviously. He really didn't change the playbook to be honest. I thought that was cool thing. No. He let me go commend offense. A lot of freedom. Let me make good decisions and put me in good positions to succeed. So he definitely call. It a great game. Let me have success when you say give you freedom. What what sort of freedom you talking about? Didn't alter the playbook, and I was very appreciative of that. You know, he he had competent I knew the system inaugurated upper, and I was so I definitely appreciate him. Believing me did you check out of play. Did you did you go a little Omaha on 'em last night on nothing? Nothing too. Crazy. Got the play run the play. And then you were successful more more often than not what was your phone like when you got back to it last night. It was it was pretty crowded for sure I've lot of people back home the support me. And so that was pretty cool to see. I haven't gone all the way through yet. And I don't know if I will. But definitely appreciate with all the support that I've got the whole forty nine hundred nations got these past twenty four hours. So what was the number of texts? Was the number. Five hundred come on. Oh, five you had five hundred techs on your phone when you got back to it after Thursday night football. Wow. You're popular guy. Nick mullins. You are a pop guy. Yes. I guess so fantastic. Okay. I noticed that you got emotional with our Andrews afterwards. What we what was going through your temples when you were talking post game last night on file it really just I was we got the win. It's everything that we worked for the seasons been grind so far. And so just the way we work to get this win a big moment for thirteen. So it's just really excited. We got the win. But nothing personal about whatever journey you've taken that struck me as as much as a team person that you clearly are your teammates reaction to your success shows that. But nothing personal was going through your mind as you realized you threw three touchdowns in a big victory for the forty Niners on national television. I think the biggest personal thing for me was just the fact that I got into the forty Niners wanted to lend the system as much as I could and had plenty of time to do that on the practice squad and things like that. And so it's just a matter of time for got my opportunity, and that's what I kept thinking after the game. Nick Mullins here on the rich Eisen show after throwing for three touchdowns in his NFL debut, passer rating, just a little shy of a buck fifty two right here on the rich Eisen show. What what was your draft day like, Nick? Jeff day all the forty Niners from my only treat pre- visit. I thought that I would get an opportunity Minnesota. But I didn't know how long it was last. It would last and it was just kind of all Amita see how far could go. So had a couple small free agents offers but the forty Niners like me from the start and have the most respect for them for finding me and liking the most. And so they gave me a call six around. And then I just kind of do I was going to sign with them. So did you think that you might get a call from the forty Niners on draft day? I'm just wondering what it was like for you to to have that experience. Yeah. I think my expectations were signs a free agent. And if I got drafted with the really cool surprise, you know, so just had to have some what realistic expectations. I guess you would say, and but I was just thankful for any opportunity. I could get and so. So what's your relationship like with far who called in last night? That was a neat moment as well. On the NFL network. I think I bet you're mariuchi hook that one up being on the set. What was that like? Yeah. Those are pretty cool. Pretty cool moment. You know? He's obviously a southern this alone too. And we do a good job of keeping until a chin just uh supporting the golden eagle fan when we can he came around a couple times a year in college. And so it was always cool to hear stories and Lin from him. And just appreciate his listen is that why you wear for number four. Not really to be honest. I was number one a preseason. And they had a couple of numbers and four was just the best option. And it was just a coincidence that four and four, but yeah, it's coincidence. I'm very glad that your your first game. Experience was not farve. Like, are you you're aware? What his first pass attempt was like in the National Football League. Right. Nick. Believe so it was a pick six and do, you know, do, you know, completing the farve trivia portion of our interview here the first person he completed a pass to in his career. Do you know who that person is? Do not himself. It was tapped back to him. Unbelievable. I yeah. Isn't it though? But I'll tell you what not nearly as impressive as three touchdowns. I mean is this is this the stuff of dreams, I'm serious like, I know the answer to it. But I'm wondering if this is the stuff that you dreamt about. Trying to get to the NFL in your journey. Nick, it is because I never knew health farm opportunity would go so four to come to this. It's been pretty cool. But it's obviously only one game at the same time. So it was a big time win. Yeah. You could say the dreams came true. But there's a lot more stuff that I'd like for the seam to accomplish. And what does it what did it feel for you? I know what it felt like for me to watch it Nick your teammates reacting to your success. That's why you play the game. I said that after the game to celebrate with your teammates. You know, we all played great offense defense special teams. We had very little penalties no turnovers and just played a great collective team win. And that's what I was most proud of after the game is we play like that. And it's gonna lead to a lot more win. So that was pretty cool to see. Okay. So what's the rest of your Friday looking like Nick Mullins after your big your big win? I know you're saying you're you're there with your wife. Right. You'd have kids yet. Right. No, sir. I don't I don't want to rush it yet. Okay. Good. I did hear a dog in the background. Oh, you did. Sorry. Don't Nick you have no idea what we've heard in the background here in the in the history of the show. What what what dog? Do you have? Bred golden doodle. Okay. Read golden doodle. Is it named farve is did you name the, no, sir? What's your dog name? My dog names scalp scout. Your wife named the dog Nick she did. You got. Yeah. Scope, brockman. That's great line. You said it might say it yourself, Nick, you're gonna have to change it to start. Now. Now that you're the starter scout team starter. Name it's darter. And a you wear that you've got verified on Twitter during your performance, Nick. Yes, sir. That's what they notified. We went to the game. Okay. Well, you certainly are blue checkmark verified in the National Football League after last night. Nick, thanks for calling in. I know again, like I said it's just one game, and you hope to have many more like that. But it was just amazing to to witness. And I honestly did not know what to expect from you. And you exceeded it. So congratulations on that. Well, thank you bet. You bet. So you're gonna go out to lunch dinner what he got on Friday. Now, what do you got now? Yeah. Probably so just grab some lunch and head up to silly at some point and just go along with the weekend. Okay. Go for maybe. We'll see out there. Next sunday. We'll check it out America deal. Thanks. Thanks for calling in. That's Nick Mones at Nick Mullins on Twitter. How many followers does he have currently at twenty seven point six thousand do we know what he was lying. I don't know that off hand. Got blue verified by great line. Dog's name is scout got an image starter. You're like Costanza spotting. Dinesh today is Friday. I'm feeling scout. Got along. Does this guy have any idea? His life is now changed forever. It doesn't sound like it. Well, I mean, look as you know. Moments. Like that are are y we watch sports on. Okay. And I know raider fans are like come on. They're all in there is right now maybe hearing that 'cause they're very prideful bunch right now. They're very angry punch right now there are down budge. And there's a lot of people who watch sports, and there are a lot of cynics out there like come on. It was the raiders. But it's a you just heard he learned got an inkling Tuesday. He would be starting found out like that Thursday was the time he found out. He was starting right and. He goes out and beats the raiders at still a professional team of prideful men, despite the fact that we saw performance the Dion called garbage, and you can understand why. But. Careers can be made off of this. Or it could be one of those. You know, everybody's all American moments where aren't combine car from Mullen Chevrolet in about thirty years from now, and there's a photo on the wall of the one game show or Matt Flynn situation. This kid seem to have a great head on his shoulder. Yeah. He had zip on a ball. I mean in that Shannon offense is it's not vanilla. I mean that offenses known league-wide for its ingenuity in innovative style. And if he had no limitations on that. Then clearly neck up this kid's ready to roll. And. Do you see what is dimensions are? Looked like he was stacked. He's six five. Yeah. So there's some there there. That's not great someone posted on Twitter. How many times have the Shanahan's had a quarterback ro bootleg for for touchdown party six one six one I gave them for extra inches, but he's he's looks like a real deal Queen now looks like this now for him. He is going to look great in the patriot blue. It's gonna be great mad. When Lynch flips and back at TJ slipped me this. He had about seven thousand followers before the game. There you go. Good for Nick Mullins at Nick Mullins, fun. Having a chat with him Ray Ratto on that night as well. As what the Oakland Raiders are doing. And when we come back, we're going to dive deeper deeper dive into Hugh Jackson's media tour. Media tour. I would buy a t shirt on that media right now, man. That's coming up next here on the rich Eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors. And all of you. Great listeners for supporting this podcast. Certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. And I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com. Clicking on the support this podcast button. And there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course, supporting now back to the show football season is here and no one covers football podcast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park. 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Even if you're not a discover customers include your FICO credit score. And checking your scorecard one hurt your credit? Never does. Learn more discovered dot com slash credit scorecard. Limitations apply on NHL play the week. So Hugh Jackson just just hit it this. What he had to say on this. This is this is the first take today. This is I take I take morning today. And and crew asked him what regret in oh, there's a lot of things when I look back on that would be different. You know, hindsight is is always important. But as you know reality in life, you don't live in hindsight. So you have to handle it happening. But I think when I look back is first thing I would not have ever given away the offense. You know? That's what I got hired for you know, if you're gonna go out, you go out doing the things that you know, that you truly believe in. But again that was a tough spot. You know, when like I said when you wanna fifteen on sixteen. Gene. And you're in a situation where there's been a lot of losing already. I mean, it's tough to make those choices and decisions. Look guy at one of the worst records in the history of coaching. And he didn't forget how to coach. He really does. He really does know how to coach offense. He does. So he had no choice, but to give up the calling if there's a new general manager coming in saying guess what you're not doing the pike. Right. And he said the Todd Haley was his higher. I mean, everybody knew that that was how that gonna work to the most headstrong guys. I mean in the fifteen years that I've covered the sport and the NFL network. You wanna talk about headstrong guys? You got Todd Haley and terms of headstrong guys. Hugh jackson. We saw it on the first episode of hard knocks as happened. We saw playing out. That's why I said the hash limbs clearly don't have HBO. We all saw. Now, I also heard he loved Wentz to I heard that he loved Wentz. I heard that from the get-go he loved once. And I don't know if this is a mix of Sashi Brown and the Brown sane. We need more players. We're trading down and we're gonna play money ball. And we're gonna start doing all this stuff. I mean, they did eat a lot of players queue Jackson when Hugh Jackson came in. He was the choice of the Browns. I heard that there were other choices for him. I heard that they weren't other choices for him. I don't know what the real answer is. But if you believe that you have in any new you're gonna take a new head coaching job. Your like, look, you're hire me for a reason. I want that kid from from North Dakota state. That's what I want. Or I want Jared Goff. One of those two are taken. What else we can do here? Let's talk. You want me? That's the that's the guy. We're going to get. And either didn't do it or nobility to do it. And now with him coming out in all this stuff that he's saying maybe true. But saying four days after you're fired is definitely not. You're just gonna get lit up of anybody saying that you're saying it to try, and I'm not the reason why we went one and thirty one. Oh, and then he says I wanted to Shawn Watson. And I wanted Patrick Mahomes. Very convenient you want to three best rookie quarterbacks in the NFL. We got a chance at all three of them and got the Sean Kaiser. Who was a top prospect? He was heading into the draft. Certainly more of a top prospect in the guy threw three touchdowns on hardly any practice on Thursday night football that guy. Now, you can all sit covers bear whatever. You did have an all world hall of fame left tackle. What a mess really is. It really isn't in you have to look all the way to the top. You really do for that sort of mess. Greg williams. Saying what are you saying how he had? He had eleven different opportunities for head coaching jobs. Hugh Jackson going on. I take San I wanted every single quarterback who at the time. I was saying we didn't need. Right. But if he did have a guy in what Deepa Desta who said that there wasn't a top pick a franchise quarterback in the first round. And saw she Brown saying we're gonna get more picks. And you have an owner saying that's where we're going with. Than Hugh's been eaten. It. And I think he wants people are no he's been eating. It just does four days later. I would counsel him to go. Just go go to bore borough. Go see places the planet. You haven't seen go do it. Now, if you want to get back and coaching you're not gonna see it for a while. And he can coach offense. Doc next year. I'm sure. I mean nutty watching beat the chiefs. I mean, watch it happen. That would ruin a lot of survivor picks them guessing Ray Ratto joining us. I can't wait to hear what he thinks last night's performance by the Oakland, Raiders, all you have to do is just read his column today. No, it's going to be let when we come back here Daniel, Jeremiah and our number two as well to talk about last night's game and the rest of week number nine. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one? Yeah, we talked basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports this lady, she's seven it's knew everything about everything was forts and than she says, I love your podcast. But I hate that John. Listen free to the big podcast shack exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com and the podcast one app. If you love the show share it with a friend and leave us a rating and review. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. A sobering. New report from the DA it says opioid opioid overdose deaths hit the highest level ever recorded in the US last year about seventy two thousand people died security experts questioning President Trump's decision to send military troops to the Mexican border. As the president tells voters at a rally in Columbia, Missouri. To be overrun by massive legal aliens and giant caravans you'd better vote Republican the president says strong young men in one of the migrant caravans heading toward the border through rocks that Mexican police and soldiers he says he won't put up with that. And if it happens to American troops, they should react. As if the rocks are rifles AP Washington correspondent saga megani? More bad weather ahead for the deep south two people died in storms and tornadoes that hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. I'm Rita Foley.

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