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Full Show (Brady's future, Cowboys deals, LeBron's doubters, Kitchens' Browns)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host jerry taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode. Soda undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate so skip shannon. Let's get to it welcomed onto student. We are live. I'm from l._a. I'm donny taft galas shin sharp good. We really uh-huh. I disagree because it's always a great day. When i get to talk about my quarterbacks brady index who do belong in the same sentence will will be happy. I think you are happy really oh here we go. I don't give people money. I'm a one one hall of famer is going to be real unhappy. When the show's over look i got a lot to get to today ashore the cowboys mishandling their contract negotiations and what is your donald <hes> getting compared to michael jordan okay. We are going to start with t._b. Twelve alvi turned forty two on saturday then agreed to a two year extension for seventy million dollars but it turns out the extension can be voided after this season which would make brady. A free agent still sounded pretty calm when he talked about his future yesterday. Take a listen. It's really the reality for most guys in the n._f._l. You know i don't want to think that nominee different than everyone else like. It's football's a tough business. It's a production business in <hes> you know i'm i'm ready to go this year and that's really what matters and as for my focuses its. It's a unique situation. I'm in you know twentieth year with the same team and <hes> you know be forty two years old so pretty much much unchartered territory for everybody and <hes> you know. I'm gonna go out there and do the best. I can this year and see what happens. I'll shannon. Oh one of those comments from grady. Tell you shannon. What are they tell you what i cus war. Now somebody here yesterday and saw that tom brady had gotten a two year. Seven seven billion dollars extension and i say now if i'm not mistaken i could've swore i say yeah that'll mean anything because i've never heard of someone getting a seventy million dollars extension extension and only getting eight million dollar signing bonus here oh he played. I didn't disagree with the year to year but i also he's gonna don't play tilles forty-five period story. You've been wrong three straight years. You're going to be willing to go ahead before we go. We're not debating okay. I ask you don't see it. What did i still in new england. Coach bill tickets already to try to jettison. You did if daddy had to come. He went up there caught him because he got everybody he call it. A day. Go go penetrate tried to get rid of it in the head. Camden put his foot down really who who is right the check writers who is right. I think daddy was really right on that. One called the bill. This is a one year new basically and all he did was get and rightfully so they should should the game product twenty million dollar. Oh a raise this year. He should be making forty million kind of be like jordan these last couple the years all the money that you saved by having him play under that under market value but give this look once you get to his age they cannot afford to have tom brady give him. Let's just say for the sake of argument that game with three hundred ninety million dollars incher engaged say forty forty five fifty million guaranteed have himself clip and he retired and then all that money then they're in salary-cap hail the next couple of years. That's not the way the patriots operate skip also so. I think the biggest thing that what they do in new england is that they play a mental game monday through saturday and when you get on the field on sunday it's a relief you see what they're doing. Tom brady swing on a year to year contract now. That's not joe blow. That's not a guy. That's a got a french guy that he may or may not make the roster yeah. Most people consider him to go zik super bowls for m._v._p. I think three league m._v._p.'s he's and he's playing on a your your contract yeah but it also goes to show you get when you see these numbers all. He got five four hundred eighteen being million dollars in forty two. They mean nothing because once you we've away and you start reading the fine print what this is basically he got an eight million dollar raise this year. He's gonna make twenty three million the deal boy out the disease and then we'll see okay talk for me. I don't know how you read that video but it ain't like a guy. That would be really really happy to jeanie. I'm gonna play my best and we'll see what happens and that doesn't seem like a guy that was in ooh as they're not as interested in tom. Brady plan to lease forty five a. Tom is interested in him playing to lease forty five interesting resting now. I think it's a terrible point. I'm about to shoot holes in that. You're going to get what you're saying before i launch before i unleash on everything you just said frame this with the fact that your quarterback carson wentz we're going to discuss him in detail and just a few minutes carson wentz since just got a hundred and eight million dollars guaranteed overall long stretch of time. He's got long term security four and they are stuck with carson. Ooh ooh yeah limpet to him. Wince can't he stay healthy so just frame this with the fact back. He's got long term security. Nobody in this league has more guaranteed money on his current deal than carson wentz philadelphia eagle wreck just for for perspective back to tom brady he proved to yesterday. He is a one and only once again. What what tom brady said yesterday was so tom brady. It summed up everything tom brady because he just told you. I don't even want any security. I don't wanna work with a safety net like everybody else. I would prefer to do it this way because because this way only motivates tom brady at age forty two and you know what it smacked up to me. Reminded me so much of my years around michael jeffrey jordan in chicago. That was the end of his prime run with the bulls. He was constantly trying to trick himself into you knew motivations as he won his third championship then led to fourth fifth and sixth each year. He needed a new motivation so he often fictionalized allies d- feuds with various players who would say. I don't even know what he's talking about. I didn't mean that that way and michael would take it very personally. I'm going to show you. I'm gonna take get out on you and then he spent the whole last year with the bulls trying to take it out on jerry krause who deserved it because he was trying to bring tim floyd in from iowa state to replace phil jackson deserve so so michael took it so personally. He dedicated all of nineteen ninety eight to pudding little jerry krause back in in his place. This is classic jordan esque. Tom brady saying. I need motivation at age forty two so he said well well. I've got security for this year and then the dot dot dot. I think that's what he said. I think he said at least i'm getting some first first team. Reps out there. He's talking about himself like he's still a sixth round draft. Pick trying to make the football and they put him on a contract. Those that is a heraldic teniente. Did he hold out. Did he go to cobbler. He's not gonna do that. Stock even said you can't. It's written in his contract according to all the reports. You can't franchise tag me next year so he's basically there's going to be a moment when he's he's going to be free. Okay at age forty two going on forty three. You will at least for like one minute via free-agent till daddy steps in and says. What do we do about next year right. Okay so here you have. Tom brady with six super bowl rings telling the world he says i'm good because this is the key line. He said. It's really the re- reality for most guys in the n._f._l. I don't want anyone to think i'm any different from everyone l. so you can go. Wow thing in you. Tom brady up. You're missing how he becomes the go and continues to be to go. It's not i'm not hold me like a six rounder. Guess what you keep talking about michael jordan how he tried to constantly find motivation but his last two years what what did they pay him skip bayless in chicago not that much they'll way underpaid. He was the biggest deal in the history of basketball but skip. He was ten fifteen million dollars ahead of everybody else so in other words what u._t. You keep telling me to tom brady or i'm happy with this skip bayless you're. I'm not you watch tom. Brady his entire career. That did not seem like a man that was happy with what the new england patriots did see the reason why they didn't get. He's quietly lightly very happy to get this skill in the last in the let. Let's just say let's just say since khartoum wins has been in the league whose miss more games due to injury carson some weird or tom brady. Well obviously carson like way more. What's the point. My point is his team believed in him and gave him the most guaranteed money. You're foolishly well. What what why would why would why if that was foolish. Why would can you give a guy that has missed no time. This is knee injury in in two thousand eight. Why would you not give him that kind of money. Maybe because he didn't ask boca oh 'cause now don't do. I told you yesterday scenario just hypothetical if tom brady said right here right now to robert kraft. I'm going to kabul double unless you give me thirty five million dollars to play this year. What do you think would have oh by. He might say daddy would say hello melvyn. What do you think it has to go. You tell me every day you hit me over the head with a hammer you disagree you. Do you disagree talk about the hulk talking. Now you tell the every single day tom brady is the goal well. That's not how they look at it because because goldfish don't play on one year deals that doesn't happen skip bayless and you just told me that caused them. He cares they're healthy. The safety net it is gone and they gave him. The hundred eight million dollars guaranteed your guy with thick super bowl enforce super bowl. M._v._p.'s is on a year to year deal you you tell me he's happy with that. Everybody will security. Even tom brady. You gets none here brooke. I think tom's okay when it comes to money could be no no no no no no no does okay at home. His wife does pretty well. He's already done really well. Done great still still making twenty three million dollars even though it's tied for seventh in quarterback let me ask you this if he was gonna play till these forty forty five in the patriots are so convince the guy had been held it could have been hurt in over a decade. Why not just give them a four year extension. Why not just giving seventy million guaranteed if if they gave him a hundred and eight you keep missing the point. He doesn't want that leon snow work without a net. He needs the motivation. Can you imagine in your man lebron james saying. I don't want anyone to think i'm any different from everyone else. That's all he lebron wants the whole world. I think he's different because he's on the throng if you don't mind me asking played with thrown too much skip them as your question. Do you believe tom brady thank. He's just like everybody else one hundred hatching yeah no okay thank you because that's the percent of what he said. He actually believe that you have to trick yourself into new motivation. It's why he's still going stronger than ever at forty two. It's why you hit the wall at what thirty five years okay because you couldn't take the mental beating of the meetings and all the same terminology over and over and over and it drove you crazy until you said i can't take this. Obviously your body started saying no no no but his body sometimes says no and he's saying no. I got a trick myself into going for. I got a treat myself like any other six rounder out on that. I got a beat out jarrett stidham for the first drink quarterback job at the new england patriots. That's what he's doing right now. I try to trick myself. Sometimes i go to the store and alpbach can of sardines about insult sausages. I still eat our paper plates. No metal i'm at home or at box and i eat with plastic utensils but i can't put myself <hes> that salmon short that grew up in glen george square feet he lives in hamburg healed nine thousand square foot wood olympic size swimming <music>. I got fifteen louis vuitton bag. I'm not that guy top-rated could try to trick himself all he wants to play at age yuki. What's happening being right before your very eyes. He's doing it to you in line to this whole discussion. I'm really excited for this year. He said it's really all about the focus. Is this year. That's all i care about. This says that's all that really matters in the end. Is that not true this year. What what did he say about. I'm going to do my best. I'm gonna do my best. That's tom brady so i'm going to do my best skip bayless. You and i both know if like you said he's made great money but ain't nobody turning down seventy million guaranteed if they thought he was go see you in tom. Brady are convinced he's gonna play the forty five because house if they were so convinced 'cause coach like you said mr crab. Could it be tommy. You've been great you that branch house worth three and a half billion well if you give tom brady to ten percent of that two hundred three hundred fifty million dollars worth it because the value football team is tied. Remember twelve no doubt about it okay. He knows right here right now. He could wreck the salary cap for the next three years because he does not know for a fact he can play at age five you the one guy you don't give if you would tell him that for three years now you bet again alcon would again because is obviously as you well know. The game we're talking about is a very dangerous game. He can't control that part career. I'm knocking on wood again any career. Threatening threatening or career ending injury will make you right but if he stays upright for another year they're going to the super bowl again and he's going to come back and haunt you again again at age forty three. That's the case. Why would you that. He's gonna get injured when he's only been injured. In twenty years. He has always taken outrageous hometown discounts so that they can improve the team around him and he just helped them with five point five million more that he gave back the the salary gap. He doesn't care about anything but rings money. Does it matter to him right now. Rings matter it doesn't sound like to me that did not sound sound like a guy. That was extremely happy. He was not upbeat boy. I thought so. I completely disagree with that. I thought he was very excited and folks if you unhappy can we just go back a year ago to march march of the year ago when he came to do this conference right here in santa monica member and he was at odds with his head coach jeff who had blown the super bowl by not playing doing did well. That's what he was furious about. Do you remember that. Jim gray did a little interview with him. At the conference yes and one question was do you feel appreciated by bill. Belichick and robert kraft and tom said i plead the fifth. Are you happy thomas jim gray. I have my mom what are now. That's unhappy. Mentioned question article that you just read right. There is probably seven eight paragraph. Where did he mention happy. I am really excited for this year. All that really matters in the end is this all of in the guy that all the kids are saying. Give me future gimme security gimme long-term. He's saying no. I work without a net because all that really matters in the end. You cannot argue against. Is this what matters right now the most this season period of story then you figure it out again look so i wanna make sure i'm hearing you correctly if the patriots had come to tom brady is tom. This is what we wanna. Do we want to extend you for four years. We want to give you a one hundred dollars. Obviously they're not going to do that. Well not not well. You can't know you'll stay healthy. You better give tom brady i i can't i don't know i'm gonna knock on wood again. I don't know if he's going to stay upright plus. It's a long hard season. I don't know but he is said if all things go correctly i'm playing until i'm forty five. You have been in wrong how many times without him i think three's all i'm saying. Is this if they come to him tom. We want to extend you. We want to give you four four years. Obviously you're not gonna wreck your salary cap in case. He got hurt then. Where would you go. What would you do that. Skip the whole time. You haven't been mentioned anything about injury injury now all of a sudden injuries own your mind. My only point is if my mind. It's on their mind well. That's how you have to play play. Your kerr played the game. This is the smartest franchise in the league. They always have been all seeing us if they come to tom in offering them. All all i'm saying is if he'd drawn a line in the sand said give me two years guaranteed at thirty five million robert kraft would say i don't love it but why give them two years guaranteed did if you don't know if you've got to stay healthy now you keep talking a little bit. I just said upset that okay and you know what would happen. They'd say okay. We'll do it okay so if he doesn't wanna or do that. He is motivating himself. You know it and i've got you on. What does this guy you keep trying to put him in a box like a conventional mole he should. I'd say this. Quarterbacks can't be so clear. Shade and lay can't act act actually like the quarterback quarterback. That's what rectum do bear determine that used to being presidential. That's what we expected. We do you know hug. Let's get my point. Is this you said had drawn the land into saying it says i won't two years fully guaranteed. They will say yes but they world voluntarily. Give him two years fully guaranteed what he doesn't want taste but he doesn't want it. He wants to be treated like everyone else. He says football's a tough business. Its production business. Make me earn it i though he hadn't been hold new rule out how to play this game ever done this before producer not appreciate one thing about about the goat of golden she's saying i'll take way less so we can have a better football to pay. We give you this. You'll take it or you play under your contract. That's again. The phony goat who plays here in los angeles always says jimmy though max on long. I'm on the thing i want coaches. Give me thirty to thirty seven point four million thirty seven point four wait a second and you don't have enough help whose fault is that is you're wrong. Aw thomson thomson has just gimme anybody gimme julian elements seventh round pick. I'll figure it all. I'm seeing this is that you're saying one thing. Hey it's tom brady late on the garlic and says i won't gary no. I'm saying he didn't that's all choi stop. He just went two two more super bowls. You make them up to make him a point. I point he went to three straight super bowls. He's won two of them and they gave him eight million dollar raise. If if they play it out he could have drawn a line did not does he not have all the lever. Don't know 'cause he's forty. Two years uncharted territory roy. They have the leverage that what if one year deal because he keeps making you look worse and worse he can make me look high if you want to the patriot how he making them look because they don't want to put it on a one year deal not me talking about it. How happy is robert kraft right now. He's got white. Who's the favorite to win this coming super bowl. Oh wait i hold on is there now. There's no rondo who why are they still the favourite they might not. They might not have josh gordon okay. It's obviously would make asia and the guy that's won three two three straight super bowls. He's one to the team. That's favorite to win the super bowl this year and they're making the play it up the only game eight the original. We'll see you at two hundred twenty. Oh that guy and he's excited about this. Year is motivation. I'll show you. I'll prove it again. Don't don't give me a safety net. Give these kids safety net. Don't skip ones without the gut carson wentz a safe. Are they going to do to stop talking about eh. I can't wait you. Should we should wait but skip. All i'm saying is is that i'm telling you what you're saying and what tom is saying is not in. Look what the patriots are saying. I wanna hear you one more time for the record on tape on national t._v. This past year if you're in new england thank thank you o. N. new oh you're thinking you might go down without me a fan really that would be is this the last year he will ever play pro football as it is the last year he played in new england been record winning as somebody. Somebody is actually quit another. No somebody actually twenty the new england. Somebody's trying to finesse. I you could date. We dave two years ago toco beverly skill. If called miratec had his way he still play uh-huh new england so they're going to groom jeered stabbed him the show that you're saying the wiggle room now don't nobody know groom been married before so all about what to do now think about that but anyways get air. Tom's going to play it forty three somewhere else. I i think we read you lottery team. You tell me every day you come to my renewed for. I'd say okay so i read it <unk> over here. I got here well. Tom seems to relish the possibility of being a free agent. Oh you did okay. We'll see all right all does get scale we hadn't we hadn't seen him outside of that realm that age. You know we die head. Yeah belch coach. Go who gave up forty two nick foles zobel. Oh there you go a lot about it. Terms tom. We are going join to transition from dumbs contract situation to what's going on with the cowboys. Is it possible the cowboys won't give back zeke a new contract us all of that next over forget. 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The code undisputed to get one hundred dollars off off accessories with the purchase tread. We've got some news this morning. Coming out of cowboys camp n._f._l. Networks jane slater reporter reporter dallas has made quote generous offers to deck zeke annemari which would put each of them in the top five highest paid players at their position. Also she reports that if they can't agree on contract details the cowboys are willing to play this season with each guy on a prove it deal. E._s._p._n.'s josephine anderson reported that zeke will not play without a new deal but her sources are optimistic. A deal will get done before week one but clarence hill who was here with us yesterday yesterday just reported at the cowboys offered to zeke is closer to levy on bell money then todd gurley money so a lot of news coming out this morning shannon. What do you make <music> level to play together made like a play. You don't get it you putting a puzzle together. Maybe you've got a thousand piece puzzle and it seems impossible when he's just like spread all over the four and you start like okay. Here's a corn appeasing their top corner piece and then all of a sudden they start to come together. I'll give you appeals of. I think i was about thirteen or fourteen. I put a flow through together. The united states did it took three days to do that thing when it came to see come together california l. a. for you here and then usually arizona in vegas and then i get georgia florida and it comes together like three or four yes. You're better than the math. You should have done that. In thirty minutes and other states are you can just look at a map the all over the place but anyway to make by poets betas rut. Would you try to do by playing start to take shape germs like i laid it out told you what was hap- oh jerry it makes it makes too much sense for them and then make too much the cowboy. No you trying to get them at a discount price. Jerry jones no no the he want to go retail shopping albin jeannie. They pay wholesale prices. What do you do that at that. The works get keep telling you they're all trying to pour then award about dig into they. Gotta give us the discount. Now nothing okay. He won't top dollar knee world todd gurley money if jerry approve the you you what you want me to. Do you want me to lead the league in three of the first bowl years 'cause i would've let it three straight headed up railroad me. Mccall force meet a mystery six games. That's what i would have done. Amari cooper say home skill. Let me get my car to get a car. You're right here. Did you know deck before mark. Cooper got their dad had one game in which he threw for two hundred dollars more was aligarh rod seven seven times. He threw for two hundred yards of all. It helps to have one decent receiver so you know what i need room. I you grew to me you. You couldn't move the ball through the air without me. Okay you prove that zeke elliott's you also proved to be in kabul the first time you couldn't win games without the what do i need to prove keep telling you oh that's a great problem to have it is if everybody is up at on a contract right meeting a contract at the same time. Get you in trouble. You don't want to admit it you put on your bracelet. You've been you've been a heck of a coach. You know why because even when you know you gotta get the braves beat up you. You convince your players that you know what guys we got a chance to beat this team better than us. Today we would have pulled off the upset at this century. You gotta break beat up but you had a guy believe we gotta. We gotta go up like twenty eight to nothing in the first eight minutes of the game we got him. We got trouble win by ever been down twenty eight to nothing ever out rather no ever never just a minute ago <music>. I'm really good right now. By the way last night was the jerry jones annual media bash in which he takes the whole group of media outlets oxnard. I think they bus all the way to nobu in malibu good night tonight. It's a great opportunity for all. The reporters is to kind of pull jerry and or steve aside for just a second and get a little on off the record. You know that you could tweet but you can't really quote but it's a great night for jerry in stephen to use that little platform to get their message out through the media. It's it's another big tutti to negotiate publicly with holdout zeke and dak tomorrow at camp so they're gonna hear and read all this but let's just do the hypothetical that got proposed last night. That got tweeted today by jane slater the hypothetical is is it possible all three stars borderlines are merging superstars would be forced to go into this real season with no contract to play it out on prove. It deals that they're currently on. Is that possible well right now. The cba unfortunately completely with you on this. It gives jerry stephen all the leverage and it's wrong. It needs to be righted in fact i read yesterday. They had an early negotiating session on the next c._b._a. You gotta get this one right and all that you could do to help mentor young players to advise them to counsel them to direct them how to get this right. You should do all you can do because they will listen to you you on this but right now. They're stuck under the old deal in right now. Let's take back. He has one year to go on on his deal last year while i'm saying he's got this this season to go at only two million dollars but he does have my last count out. Maybe a dozen national t._v. commercials so he's making a little bit of money off the field. I don't know how much but at least you got something going for you and there is this thing called. A franchise is tag so let's do the worst case scenario for doc is that he would play it out and think ooh getting toward free agency and boom. You get slapped with the franchise tag now. You're gonna make a a whole lot of money off that tag. As we saw kirk cousins make two years in a row in washington right you can make a lot of money off that tag whatever that average of the top five the almost forty five minutes all right so it's way above that now is way above not all that bad but jerry does have that in his hip pocket right. He's got that over you. Let's let's go to mari. He's scheduled to make thirteen point nine this year so he's the one of the three says. I don't have great amount of urgency yeah do i wanna. Do you better believe if i do but he's very happy in dallas. He's found football heaven with back in dallas. Jerry knows that so if you have him play through the year toward free agency z. then could you keep him from leaving via free agency by as the cap expands then you give him his big deal. It's an a._b. Type deal or whatever even michael if it goes was that high okay that's another one and then you got zeke. He's under contract for two more football season's right and then if you had used the tag on i'm the worst case for these players. If you use the tag on deck two years from now well then you could use it on zeke the next two years after that right okay so you could really pull this off and you could unite. I'm just doing the hypothetical you could unite. Ignite the foot the whole football team the whole locker room against you so it would be locker room versus jerry stephen ross. How dare you watch what we're going to do. We're going to play it out with motivation in just the way i talked about michael. Jordan played out that nine hundred ninety eight year to put jerry krause g._m. Back in his place. How dare you think you could replace our coach phil jackson's right yes yeah but if i was jerry i would pay him now. Can you imagine i'm just he is proposed this hypothetical ask you this. Let's say for for the sake of argument you get your dream scenario. The cowboys get to and win the super bowl. Do you know how much you'll have to pay dak prescott. Okay you know how much you have to pay markle per capita. Go up next year skill inning. He will live that would be the i put it like this here if he makes that play this thing out in the cowboys to win the super bowl and dak prescott with the super bowl dak prescott. We the first two hundred million dollar quarterback. He will get one hundred and fifty million guaranteed. We'll that jerry wants one more super bowl. He would probably pay any of this price to get that one if he wins this year's super bowl with the team united against him him but he died and go to football heaven. I don't know if jerry's going into real heaven. I'm not sure about that you but he would go to football abbott skew the thing is is that you won't you god happy. Are they going to be happy knowing that that prescott is hold on a minute jerry. I want to visions. I wanna play off game and you you. You won't approve it. Oh amara wait a second <hes>. What do you do about to talk about this one time. What do you tell me about dak prescott. He's average bridge. He's mediocre. Oh why don't you tell me now jerry. You can't have it both ways. You can't say we got our franchise quarterback and then use their pro football focus and all the other media members say so the good you could just pull back assad said hey. I'll i read is that you are mediocre quarterback. You're going to have to proved to me this year. You're better than withhold on medium quarterback one last time quarterback divisions within their first so so you're arguing for dow. Can i use that earn who players you already know this but my the thing is is that prove it. Each one of these guys have proven their second. Let's do amari yeah. He had not one but two down years in oakland. One one hundred del rio and then when gruden came just he went right in the tank for reasons i defend him on but but it was not pretty what happened under jon gruden right so he was on his way to was second straight down year by his two he'd made to pro bowls and all of a sudden he's looking below average to football and still he got traded right last eight games last year blip or trend did he will he be able to sustain with jerry could ask him. You have to show me you can sustain that going into first first game at the meals if jason garrett is not there. What type of coach are you going to high brow beady. No he'll he'll do. He'll revert back to where he was. Skip jon gruden in the mario cooper usually hip personality jon gruden. I agree with you just telling you what jerry could argue right out on morning. Hey i i need to see you for sixteen games instead of the back half of the schedule when you came here and found nirvana okay. Did you see what your quarterback look like before. I got a guy okay. Point taken got you but then ezekiel elliott tagging. Who would you gotta prove really timely russian channel. I don't even have to call because i don't want to see it again but that las vegas tape of what happened that little incident there. What do you want to see that again. Do you wanna see another bar fight. Do you want to see another incident. Another security guard cared about okay could pull him aside if he ever comes back and say hey. I need you to prove it to me for sixteen games this year that you will stay out of trouble simple as that model citizens out of trouble during the season last year yeah. I don't know that for a fad that i don't hold on you win you win. Have you ever cared about off the field. Your resume says as long as i can play do here's got some leverage. He's had his back but he could also say zeke you. Gotta show me that you will be on the up and up the straight and narrow all the way through a sixteen game here. I don't wanna get late night. Call you. You always tell tell me this pillow and tell them you already know. You're gonna get me jury needs to say. I don't want one call. When you games colonial for nineteen you hit it. You'll get to call you know what i remember when you came and you ask all the people other than my head coaching and coaches coaches what i was like and what they tell you and you still took me with the fourth overall draft. Pick okay so you know what you get. You buy chicken. You expect takes right unless you get to where you bought a hand. No he laying it leaning zeke you you know what to expect skill may and now all of a sudden and you got a problem with my behavior call. You don't wanna cut me my check. Give me money prove it deals. Gotta be the most insult it. Is it possible you better believe it is the communication between zeke and the cowboys aloys at all as of late there reporting. We haven't even played the for what we did play the game. We haven't played the real first preseason. You know you know what if i don't you know what i do i if all the mar- age snatching the field if i was decade snatching about field down i get my money oh my money so i got one question for z. Are you going to quit for the next. You're gonna quit really chris. Thank wait wait. Are you gonna stay in kabul for four more years by bye bye a long time saying all jerry jones. I think there's something at the at the combine the side of the check. If you were to guarantee me a sumo new jersey he'll be checked if you guaranteed him a super bowl <hes> they want the players to take less money without guarantees yeah so if i'm back amari zeke. I put this thing together. We triplets. We the new generation of triplets. We'll take a break. We all come we we all will be a couple of skip bayless. Everyone's gonna cover now join hands. I've been on your money. You're barking up the wrong. You don't bark jerry's out yeah getting more and more messy who love contingent writing this jerry about to win his super bowl before the season starts watching watch him. Hey nobody better than jerry syria. The go-to now who is better carson wentz or dak prescott the debate rages on and the writers of the athletic voted on all n._f._c. east team. Sorry skip walk into one the q._b. Walk it too easily. I knew you know he is seven. Eleven of the eight writers picked as the best quarterback in the division. Just one writer picking deck voting. Somehow do beat writers so you are. You stop beat writing years ago. Is it my turn her dad. They get it right for lulu right. One hundred percent keep telling his is guilt. Look we have class. He'll on the show yesterday. He's covered everything cowboys for twenty consecutive year. He sought right right there in that show yesterday who was better skill walk into an idea. That was a long time ago youtube ruben. Everybody's give all the writers that covered these guys on a daily basis what i've been trying to preach to you for four seasons this three years and you won't listen to me and pro football focus who have some but you tell me got bears. Mark jenny dell me. All those guys are really smart people and they watch more family. You do zhanna. They say to them. You get the players. The players like they play the game. They did it so now. The the the player of the play eh play the game they see you. The right of the didn't play the game they see it and pro football focus who has a combination about. They said i thought point task. You just fight. They're going to do y'all that. Everybody wants to and get out and you know what i feel like. Rub it in here. My sister and i wanna go ahead shannon now. You'd be into extra skip. Skip it so good that you can't believe you face like that road idea when i was a guy that you gotta over wound important saudi absolutely absolutely and i ain't getting bandaids i get no galls ain't get nothing. I'm portable box morton dean. I have no wounds alcohol it can be. I am whole all i'm saying. Is that everybody else you know. What numbers last year did you know. We've had a high completion percentage sooner than that. <hes> do you know skip in a hollow is fabulous games. He threw one touchdown. That did you ask you. I know my research and you know he had a couple of days off so marty martin billionaire mostly. You're playing with one arm tied on her back motomachi. I got some john that attitude. I'm trying to figure how a guy have one when you were down in five games if he's brady ask now z. y. Yossi why they gave no money with money you walk into money. I'm being really nice over here letting him have his. Somebody's trying to kill the clock. Clock is in control because he knows he's about to ghetto belittle. Just turn that here's what you're going to be doing in january and february. We'll be doing this right here. You know why you're gonna be. You're gonna be eating crow and the line for the crow. I just got a lot longer because seven new people join the line and they're all going to have to do this in january and now i loved it over here all alone on the island because dak island is a really comfortable place because i feel so secure i have one hundred and eight million million dollars worth of heart security that i am so right about my quarterback because i've already been proven right because your quarterback back played how many playoff games helped me out zero zero. Your quarterback got carried by the magic man foles who had a shrine line built to him in the locker room. You remember this i do and now your quarterback has to fight to battles. He's got to exercise the ghost of nick foles. That's not going to be easy and he's going to have to stay healthy. My quarterback hasn't missed a snap yet in his career. Your quarterback just keeps getting hurt. You're going to bet on your quarterback really yeah and let's do. I'm going to do the intangibles. I who has proven to be one one of the best leaders in all a pro football already in his third year dak prescott faces a friend. He is the unquestioned alpha male in my locker room. I love his character. I love his backbone. I love his big game. Big moment play making the teen thrives on him and this team goes as he goes so your quarterback has yet to take a single snap in the postseason while my quarterback has played three playoff games at a very the high level against the packers aaron rodgers had a q._b._r. Of seventy-nine remember that's on a scale of zero to one hundred then against seattle last year. We had a q._b._r. Of seventy four and just took the game over all the m._v._p. Plays in that game were made by my quarterback and then against jared goff a game. They lost but he had a q._b._r. Of eighty four in that game that's high because my quarterback last year in the playoffs had a number one q._b._r. In all pro football in the playoffs last year and and if we could just show one more the run that beats this is the game winning play right here because it led to the game winning watch down by goodness goodness third and fourteen up very goes again and thank you. Thank you game over right there. That was it that clinched it. That's number four making in a play with his legs because he can do it with his legs as well as i do that with the beast quake lamarche think about this in three playoff games my quarterback is gone on seventy nine seventy four and eighty four q._b._r.'s those are extraordinarily high so he has all told for his career. He's almost at an age. He's seventy seventy nine point something in his career three playoff games it's extraordinary but nobody focuses on this because everybody is already presumed prematurely maturely oh he's mediocre no. He's not he's tremendous. He's better than phillies quarterback because he beat phillies quarterback twice last year and everybody just the wait a second. We're doing last year because your quarterback came back. Healthy us radio app gives you think about this thing about what you're doing. In two fourth quarter and overtime against the defending super bowl champs arch rival philadelphia eagles quarterback went twenty four twenty eight for three thirty one and four touchdowns no interceptions. That's just to fourth quarter and in overtime against the eagles. It's extraordinary sorry what he has done. He's played aaron rodgers three times in his career and had a q._b._r. Of eighty average to earn sixty two so he outplayed him on cunard everyone everybody's on. I'm sorry and all these done is lead the n._f._l. Game winning drives over the last three years. It's just it's off the charts what he's accomplished and i just sit it over here and laugh because i'm going to have the last laugh and by the way i i must compliment whoever the anonymous voter was. I can't believe even got one vote but somebody he is smart enough to give him one vote you so one guy at is going to stay out of the crow feast line at the end of the year. He's going to say you know what you you know what's right. This is what i don't understand what i tell you. My homeboy outplayed brady. You said who won the game when you draw dak aaron roger dacca jerry golf you q._b._r. And that beat both of them usually q._b._r. But who won the game but i keep telling you brady threw for one hundred eighty two yards arts in the fourth quarter against patrick outplay my home the simple note were simple yeah out plane how he didn't beat him and q._b._r. Go about but but when the money was on on the time the clutches player in the history of sports through one hundred and eighty two in the fourth quarter and then what did he do on three straight third and tens in overtime at kansas city was he converted all three. It's impossible any did it skill all i'm saying is is that when mahomes left the field he had the lead lead brady not only went down and got a touchdown the got the ball in overtime and patrick mahomes never touched to feel my point only say if you look at the gay take away the outcome because that's what we seem to be doing in certain situations pat mahomes through all touchdowns no pigs. Your guy had two picks. Who would you have rather there had in that game. Mahomes helped me out with that what they say come on rather have walk into a medac. I'd rather have dax. They say you what your guys in big trouble playing under the cloud of nick foles mega megapolis is so i got one hundred eight million dollars security blair wrapped around him he good that's one hundred eight million dollars of burden on sorta weighing him down because he's going to have to try to live up to that while exercising the ghost of nick close your the luck feel sorry for your kid would you didn't i hope so by the two hundred eight million dollar burden on earth. That's a bird knocking bear you bird once you get it. You got to live up to leave skimp on <hes> daddy. Let's go walk tool to we're in the playoff magic man to come onto magical runs less playoffs in walk into not outlived to olympia to them. We'll start. We could actually compare these two. How about this guy. Why is there donald getting compared. Why george the summertime is here and while you may be breaking out that baseball cap for a day a at the beach or the ballpark if you're wearing it to hide thinning hair. You may not have to anymore. Thanks to science baldness can be optional. Hymns hymns connects you with real doctors and medical great solutions to treat hair loss no waiting room. No awkward in person doctor visits save hours by going into four hymns. Dot com and products are shipped directly to your door order. Now undisputed listeners get a trial month of hymns for just five five dollars today right now while supplies last see website for full details and safety information. This would cost hundreds. If you went to the doctor or pharmacy pharmacy go to four hymns dot com slash undisputed. That's f. o. R. h. i. m. s. dot com slash undisputed four hymns dot com slash undisputed. Heir donald was named the best player in the league on n._f._l. Networks top one hundred list last tweak and now he's being compared to a goat. E._s._p._n.'s ryan clark praised him yesterday saying quote aaron. Donald is the michael jordan of football the gap between him and the next dude that plays his position is so huge. It's unbelievable so shannon what quote there do you agree scared me. If you just just look at it in a vacuum and if you say aaron donald compared to other defensive tackles well yeah but michael jordan went compared to other guards the gap between michael jordan and everyone else gap skill when you compare michael jordan labor when you compare them to to magic johnson other great players that's how he became to go. That's because that's how he became at the time until two thousand and three came along hold onto your fortieth yeah anyway but when you compare it when they wouldn't compare michael michael is michael compared to clyde drexler and other two guards no michael jordan became what he became because the gap between him and everybody else was vast now if you say he's the michael jordan absolutely because the gap between him and other d._t. Is not even close the gap between of today's not not historical he he has an opportunity now. I still really i don't know and i'm biased still for me the lt of the greatest defensive player i ever saw i didn't get opportunity to play it. Because the year we've player he was injured. He didn't play but the now you also covered the the reggie white's the bruce myths of the defensive line era dion sanders the defensive back when you look at ray out now no buckets no become bug no but anyway look if he's the best player currently yes but i do not believe the gap between aaron donal and say if you say mahomes if you say drew brees if you say aaron rodgers khalil mack. I don't believe the gap between donald in those guys is like the gap between jordan and the guys that he played against de tackles. Ryan is absolutely correct skill but i look at michael jordan. I don't skip there. I mean you can't even put michael jordan against any other two guards. You compare him against other greats in the league leave. That's how he became the go because just been the best you know to gart like okay. That's good well finding good yup but the gap between mike and everyone else was vast. I do not believe the gap between aaron donald. Although i do believe the best player currently i do not believe that gap between jordan others so i allow me to say i love ryan clark. I believe in ryan clark. Ryan clark was the only player rep back when this was agreed to press who voted no for the pittsburgh steelers he was the only dissenting vote way to go ryan clark because he saw what was coming and it was not pretty and now zeke and others are stuck under this current c._b._a. Correct so i give him high marks for that and i still consider him a friend who is dead wrong about look. What did i always say about michael jordan every game i ever watched. He would do one thing every night where i'd say. I don't think i've ever seen that before. That's how great he was. I believe you could've brought in a martian in sam down or her down and said hey watch this thing called basketball and soon they be saying that twenty three is something yeah he's by far the best player out there from our plan he might not governed by your gravity right lawrence taylor you you could just turn on your t._v. And he destroyed people charles haley again pushed for years for him to get in your hall of fame and he finally he did and it was way too belated but you could just turn on your t._v. He wrecked offenses. You put two on him if you wanted to. He would just just tear through to people and get a hand on the quarterback. He disrupted and then he destroyed in. We watched the great. Ed reed shrine the other the day that you know him well. You could just turn on your tv in ed reed was a michael jordan of safety rod. Woodson was really great played with raw. Ah rottweiler rod transition safety people will realize ross started out as a corner who ran for two and he will skip. He was defensive player of the year but rob was also the cornerback on the seventy fifth anniversary team he was people don't realize how good he was okay. You could just turn your t._v. On you'd say they're like was he not always around the alway. He's just he just got in the middle of everything you'd say well. He's changing the game right the great reggie white again again whom he had to line up between the tackles sometimes he could get nullified especially against those cowboy teams in the ninetieth because they were so big and so good and so skilled in the offensive line that too could take reggie out where he sort of he'd go quiet for a while. That often happens to aaron donald and again. I get it from a player perspective. You put the tape in and you sit back and you say wow. He's occupying two blockers. He is clearly first team. All pro and it's not even close. He is clearly the anchor of what last year was a really. Can we say it was at the best defense. I think it was we saw it. In the super bowl wade phillips defense in his he had driving force of that. Yes he is but can he seek and destroy. Can he go lt on tv. Were you just say oh there. He is okay not with a different animal skins okay but he played. He's an edge rusher standup injury. Yeah lt made the left tackle famous because if you didn't have if you played in the n._f._c. if you didn't have any left tackle you couldn't beat the giants and then he made everybody everybody else. The bond miller's the khalil mack the derrick thomas the coordinators being all these guys. Everybody tried to find lt okay. I got it. I'm going to go. I i test. I'm not gonna go coaches tape test. I'm going to go t the test. I've watched aaron donald for five years. Now i wash at pitt i watch i i watch and i just don't see enough. I don't see michael jordan. We're i got at the gap between him and the any of the today. It's very yes yes. I got that but even the two games against my cowboys. I've chosen this before 2017 last year in the playoffs. You went to that game see i won't let's go ahead. Is she going to play a game. He's gonna be going to a lot of cowboys play. We're so good. This year won't ladder you go. Oh you feel you get a few contracts signed seventeen at gerry very world aaron donald played. He registered two tackles. No assists in zero sacks playoff game at coliseum this year this past football season. I'm sorry to solos no assists no sacks three playoff games last year including dallas new orleans super bowl no sacks no sacks and i look at the total production in the playoffs. He had five solos. He had four sisters. I mean it's just like it's pedestrian. Austrian numbers now again is he is he being double blocked. Every you better believe. He is like okay. You got to account for him to before we start calling michael jordan. Are we sure he's that much better than joe. Greene is e that much better than warren sapp johnny randall. Hey warren sapp you will talk about disruptive opted the day after that slither to him. He just snake three. I mean three hundred pounds and johnny rando. Who has the most say hey i. I think he he's only fast. He's into discussion with the great. The joe greene the warrants after johnny randall but for me lt is in a category by himself himself because what is the. I think the thing is guilt because he had his problems when he played with the druggy jams and then he had some real major major. Not the drug isn't off the field issues once he retired retired. People don't realize you do because you cover the cowboys and when they when lt was cleared but l. went one day at texas stadium poor troy roy aikman. I can't remember him telling me. They went down but seemed like eight times via l._t. Just give the man was defensive rookie of the year and defensive player of the year. It just weighed the same season just wouldn't he wouldn't tim's great years. He was first team all pro okay so does aaron donald wreak havoc. Do you see i i don't i don't just give me you don't see that quarterback play in fear like terrorized by aaron donald skip the way adjudged defensive player and being offensive guy is that we broke down the defense. If why would i went into the meeting room and my coaches says we must take care of this guy or we can't move the ball bass aaron donald. We played reggie white when you're the offensive line. Coach got up there and he was taken off guys. Would this guy can do this. You got to watch the club. You got to watch the real. Gotta watch for the swim when it came time for him to discuss reggie white. He said this guy might be the greatest guy to ever play. He's gonna who have all the answers. We got no answer. Let's just hold on the best we okay aaron. Donald type guy skill he is but i've never seen seen him wreak havoc. As i saw reggie white wreak where i would see games go reggie would just take the game over say god. They can't stop him. They can't blocking can't block him three. Can't i think i think one thing is that guys. Throw the ball more now. So there's more opportunity for sex you know when you covering it was a run base lead you through on third down youth rule second alone not guys throw. Throw throw so you have more opportunities. That's not to take anything away from him. Because his special he especially especially but he's not michael jordan he might be michael. Jordan the defensive tackles and that's the point that ryan was making skin when you compare compared to other details close you know if ryan had just gone jordan. Ask i could go but you can't go michael jordan. Here's the thing if the gap between aaron donald in khalil mack. Is it like that between jordan and the other guys. I don't think so coke but he doesn't play really the same position. There's no but i'm saying michael you could they compare michael to everybody to kareem and magic and bird and carl malone and all the guy. Could you line up aaron donald in a standup pass rush position and he would wreak havoc. I don't think so would you what did they don't they don't stand him up skill but would wait phil of knowing like i do know he'll slap them up and down the line he slide and trying to find the weak link and if you descend you week he's gonna play on your head all day. If you the left or right guardia week he'll play on your head all day. If you're the right tackle left tackle they're trying to find a match up wherever they find that match up you gotta deal with it and that's skipped do special skill. He good he good now. I play the gift. He reminds you the with his hands in his size he reminds you. Johnny randall of ca. Johnny wasn't that big samples about three hundred pounds but sat for three hundred pounds. You never gonna find a defensive linemen. That's three hundred pounds that can move like warrants out. You can't find added joe. Greene was i mean joe can play today. 'cause they. Take all the money they do them to quarterback skippered joel ripping guys helmets lobby love. You could even things of that nature. He can play by play today's game but i the michael jordan tackles. He's special. You must account california or he'll rick. You're off it. He's that good skipped. He's he is he. Is that good now. Not i but nobody can go different. <hes> well another other guy that has sometimes been compared to m._j. Tom brady gloucester calling it quits. We'll discuss with rob parker he will have the thing is tom. Brady keeps fighting off father time. He turned forty. Two on saturday then agreed to a two year extension for seventy seventy million dollars but it turns out the extension can be voided after this season which would make brady a free agent. He still sounded pretty calm when he talked about his future yesterday yesterday. Take a lesson. It's really the reality for most guys in the n._f._l. You know i don't want to think that i'm any different than everyone else like. It's football's a business. It's a production in business and <hes> you know i'm. I'm ready to go this year and that's really what matters and that's where my focus is. It's it's a unique situation. I'm in you know twenty the year with the same team and <hes> you know be forty two years old so pretty much unchartered territory i for everybody and <hes> you and i'm gonna go out there and and do the best i can this year and see what happens good morning rob park and a good one every listening to those comments. Do they tell you that this is brady's. Last year i want to say is edited out. Gee whiz aw shucks in that soundbite cassettes. Yes tom brady all over and then like he just showed up fell off a turnip truck and he doesn't know what's going on here. We go again and skip. I'll ask you i. I didn't know the patriots gave out welfare. What in the world is tom. Brady need a raise. The last guy put up in super bowl numbers like that as a quarterback. The back was shown the door. Peyton manning go look up when they went with denver. No touchdowns a pick same thing. Tom brady put up. Maybe brady had sixty yards awards or more you see him against the chargers. The last time we saw mr forty two year old quarterback he didn't look that good to see how to act in place. Can we just wait for that and then if he plays well shannon you give them another deal so so i'm i don't know about all that i don't understand tom. Brady got the own a robber crab bamboozle. He is convinced that they doing away with everything that they have done in in new england which has kept them relevant for so long. Which is what shannon get rid of people. You're too early then a year or two late right. That's what they've always always dawn to. Everybody except tom brady jimmy garoppolo. Was there in place. Everything was all set up to do it the right way. There's no shame if tom tom brady was to was to go somewhere else and play the list of quarterbacks great quarterbacks who who finished career elsewhere montana peyton ayton farve even back to joe name. It and johnny united's google it if you don't know who those guys are so all those guys. This is what's happened to wait like shannon. You're predicting tom. Brady will play elsewhere next year. I don't think well if they were so confident. Tom brady they wouldn't give them first of all they can't saw onto a franchise tag and he can become negotiated that he can become a free agent right the last couple so if they were like we want. Tom brady's gonna play the forty five. They could have given them a guaranteed contract for the next few years easily skip easily. They don't even believe it. They have to do this to satisfy the fan. Base would have a baby if tom brady was a quote unquote lame duck quarterback and played out the last year of his career. We'll always is but what's beyond this year welcome but but they gave him money so people going to feel good about it. Oh they gave and that's not what they're wait. Wait a second what they report. He got a seventy million dollar deal defense. Can we don't read the fine print most fan young now. All tom brady ought to the point. I tried to tell you no big time. Contract is not even guaranteed the bottom line. Is tom brady again. Windsor into super bowl gets credit like he did everything thirteen at three game shannon. This man has won. Two super bowls would total one touchdown in one touchdown against the rams through one and he do none in this super bowl against the rams again so so i'm saying out of the sixers of course ramps but i won with nestle nestle. Guess what that playoff. He threw one super bowl but i will talk about it. It's go ahead. I'll talk about tie-break great out. Could you call me a hater. You call me i hate. I hate tom. Brady say but no that's true for all i know is shown sharp dug in when the show first i launched back in september of two thousand sixteen. This is last year two thousand seventeen. This is last eighteen. This is less than twenty nineteen eighteen. This is his last year. All i know told you jimmy garoppolo. I had a headache all settle kill somebody. It'll be you know the news. The crowd intervenes betas without right. That's not only wasn't rizal. Wait a sec so my friend of my left here has said tom. Tom brady is washed up for at least four probably five or six years you have said he's washed up who has been to three straight super bowls and won two out of three and in the one he lost he threw for a record five hundred and five yards that no one's ever thrown four in any playoff game ever 5:05 lost forty two thirty three because his coaches defense with no malcolm butler who was benched gave up forty two nick foles turn the ball over two minutes ago in which super bowl because he has no room for error and he's just trying to throw his guts out about yards or throw a hail mary. That ended ended the game that hit gronk right. What about that dropped down here right. Could he catch a wide open. So you say couldn't run a six flat. Forty is going to run it in after catching that ball that was thrown completely over his house. Tom brady thank. You can reach last. Did you see him against the chargers in the first playoff game played last. I'm talking this man. Pick the chargers to win. That game and brady goes thirty three of forty four in just threw a party on the chargers. Did you seem overtime at kansas city in the cold so unreal third and ten three straight. He converted all three of them in a row. That's impossible and he did it. Did you see him. In the fourth quarter against the rams the subaru liberal that rams defense because it's got michael jordan in the middle of what you said it was really good and it took a while for him to crack that code because wade phillips has had his number every time they lack any cracked it he had five straight completions in a fourth quarter drive that just simply won the football ep now okay. He played really great against the chargers. He played all he didn't show up. He played unbelievable against yes casey and they won the super bowl but did you know he had more interceptions than touchdown passes in the playoffs. What did you do that. Ask you who wasn't super bowl. Go well. Oh who did the one blame it on anybody but when you see what he does this for i figured this out very low set these guys now anniversary anniversary is coming up in september six because what what happened. Can you leave. We lasted this will add to the last people to winning the way you see. What's killed rod. You gotta play very. Are you close attention. When tom brady loses is coach. Bela checks all that was that's how bad he plays they win. Did you see that one throw he made he he was walking walking away a second. What's the most points ever scored by super bowl loser ever ever ever thirty-three by tom. Brady is was that super bowl. The coach gave out phony to nick foles. So what about other teams give you never make that argue. Never make the argument for other teams. What about tom brady. Is it my turn. I thought you handed it off to me right. You're right. You're right rob. It's hard for you to understand this. Man has shattered the mold and we'll continue. He is going to play until he's forty five years of age because he vowed to. There's one man in sports. I don't know that's not my choice. No no no no no no. He played all. I don't know i have got you. You have to tell me what are they gonna do. I just know brady's gonna play until he was forty five level rate new england well. I don't know you said he won't play. You're trying to wish consumer. I wouldn't ganci times as it. My turn schwarzer. You don't get him because he's shattering the mold. He went michael jordan on the n._f._l. Yesterday because i covered michael jordan and he always would trick up some new motivation because he'd won three championships in a row then ford than five and then six and each year he came up with a new motivation. I'd say that's just crazy like a feud that he would start with some player. He didn't say that about you didn't really take he's not aimed you use. It was i'm going to get him. I'm going to show jerry krause. He's so dead wrong about phil jackson. Watch this. Tom brady yesterday saturday said watch this. I want to work a year with no safety net. I don't need a hundred eight million guaranteed dollars that carson wentz scott in filial for free with proven proven nothing so far and tom brady who's been to three straight super bowls in one six out of nine super bowls in his career is saying hey i'll i'll be tied tied for seventh and quarterback money with who drew brees so the two guys who are taking big hometown discounts are favored to reach the super bowl and once again. Who's the favourite to win this year. Super bowl helped me out. It's tom brady again. Wait we're guessing owning. They're not fair enough. They just are not a fact. Those files are just lazy as e odds major lazer parker their laser osmond they pick them every year. I'm out no matter what the team is. Is it wrong mayor this year no no. He's not there and they're still the favorite because he's saying i'm really excited about this year. This year is all that matters my favorites on diamond of andy. We can't win a big game because otherwise you would look at kansas city. Am i right or wrong skip. He can't win a big game. Tom brady wants to be treated like a sixth sixth-round pick trying to make the roster supermarket yesterday. I don't want anyone to think i'm any different from anyone else. He don't want anybody else to say that he they. They don't say that about myself. I you know what he don't have to drum up. No no or this guy just like me the patriots there was your contract drama to you get one year all right and he loved it because he said all that matters. Is this football season. Is that the truth. Nobody else wants that. Everybody else wants secure unusally what he said. I'm secure for this year. I think that's what he said. This is your gee whiz. I think he said at least i'm getting a few of the first team team snaps yeah so you could tear stabilize. You know he happy because they could have easily said oh. He got a two year extension seventy you. We got forty plus million guaranteed for you if he doesn't what beware psycho tom here he comes. He's going to take out psycho. Tom on this season the wind out of here. Oh really yeah twitter twitter. You know what tom brady did last year. This shocked me every year. It's a new thing with him like i gotta reinvent myself. I gotta get better. He played sixty nine preseason snaps last year. It's outrageous more than anybody played sixty nine delegate take told him he was playing nine forty one. He played sixty f- shannon shopping. Say that's in question. So you say tom brady coach belichick. I wanna the plate. Yes okay okay all set franchise bill this guy if he run the franchise he i don't wanna leave code meditate with those two and what happened who won the no but you said he ran the franchise does if you run the phrase that you do whatever you want to buy. It would have never ever come out there. I will own contract. I'm signing a five-year extension. Talk one hundred twenty million mode with gary motivation. He what's the show and plus. He likes to win ring so we focused on rings not money for nine point five million back against you brought it up. You'll the yesterday that fan asked him. What is your favorite ring and he said the next one that is tom brady. He's always finding a way to be more right this. This is gonna want you again this year. We want me. I'm going to be right this year. I guarantee house. I in seven years be right well. I've always as rob thank you for joining us patrick mahomes yesterday that he waste time in practice will explain the homes is fresh off throwing fifty touchdown passes. We're five thousand yards and being named m._v._p. But everyone is still buzzing about his left handed handed and no look passes from last season but get this. My home said yesterday that he actually practices those plays take listen. You're throwing left handed into the net and some people people might say oh. I was just out there goofing around. That's serious stuff. Do you write because you might need skill set at one point. Yeah always mess around trying to do stuff like that. <hes> hopefully never lefthanded again. I mean if it happens. It happens and complete it again but all that stuff with the no looking throwing across my body and all that stuff stuff i'm working on. I mean i'm trying to see if i can make these throws. I'm i'm trying to see that i can still put our team in the best position not hurt us and work on each and every practice so i can utilizing the game is good or bad idea former homes to do this. Yes i think it's a great idea skill because a lot of time what you see guys doing in the game they done it in practice and this is why you practice because then it becomes second nature for you in the game you know scale from guys normally practices a lot of things trick shots horsing around they playing each other. Do you think steph curry first time shooting forty point three forty three skip within a game or that's what he practice you'll see him warming up kept shooting from half court like normally shot so does he come to the game. He has no problem pulling up from the time line. He has no problem pulling up from thirty three thirty five feet like nothing and everybody's like wow but he does. Is this all the time you think the first time he threw that no look within a game you know and he's practised. That's kept their bare. Hugh singular ads normally is repeated behavior. That's what greatness is. It's not a senior and it's a repeated behavior <hes> uh-huh homeboy at the ripe old age what when three bring home the m._v._p. You know as many more to come and you know suma bowls right right around the corner. It might be vici- year. Eddie might throw a no look. I promise you this he'll throw morton. He won't throw zero touchdown with picking this well. We know he won't do that. But will he get yeah. He won't get there. He'd be tom brady and foxborough. No who's going to be bogged down because if you looked at the patriots division lately what tom i'd be still stewing over here and get eighty dollars ignited over eagle being ignited when it comes to homeboy. You see no evil because i ask you mr sharp. What have you ever heard of the quarterback practicing these things i haven't. I've been covering the game longer than you played the game. I've never heard of this before. Your homeboy oy is in danger of turning into a sideshow caricature of himself encouraged by head coach who is all about offense. Andy reid who continues to say to the n._f._l. World look what i found in the draft. Look what i've rafted right left handed and he right headed to somebody else that play deposition many years ago really now name's brett farve practiced conventionally. He tried to perfect conventional and then when he had to resort to it in the game. He resorted to improv but he practiced conventionally. He didn't practice sideshow. Conventionally the danger here is that andy reid will let his young quarterback be turned into this state fair fair midway side show freak show traveling hurry hurry step bright on travel is not the amazing trick shot audit trick shot artists quarterback doc patrick mahomes he can throw it from thirty yards through a tiny hole left handed. He can throw it behind his back to a tiny hole forty yards. That's coming left-handed bind his back. He can throw at sidearm now. You seem now you don't now. He looks now. He doesn't isn't the amazing mahomes really hers z. Were you looking at it like the no look but the thing that makes quarterback greats. They have to be able to change platforms. You have to be able to throw it over top. You gotta throw side on sometimes so if you so in other words you just go get in the game and do that when when you have practiced it though you practice that and so now he's teaching you when he practiced the skip and i'm sure he does. This sometimes probably just playing. We travis guilty looking at one guy over there because the natural thing is somebody's not looking at you because what happens you look at me. Do you not talking to me. You're talking to me yeah. Yeah i was talking to you but you weren't looking at me. Home was here even though i don't even though you don't think i'll see you. I see you over there. We'll just keep right. It's nice nice do you. I did you know and i know that this league figuratively eats its young this league figures out how to put its young quarterbacks back in their place after only one year of starting because all those division rival spent the whole off season trying to figure out ways is to put patrick mahomes back in his play if he continues to resort to all this showboats do give you the whole game the improv andy reid will encourage this because andy reid is more about stats insists boom bah then he is about winning big games. Stop rob parker was right when he just said a few minutes ago. Andy re doesn't win big games. He loses a._f._c. n._f._c. championship game. That's what he does living. I'm not going to go back to fairly good what happened. Happy five straight the only yeah. Let's give you not one in six now and championship games. Let's give you know his defense. Let it down stopping okay. He doesn't think about defense. He thinks about offense mike dantonio the shift football league but it was a lot of times. It was obvious that led him down. Jim johnson breasts did so defense were ball now that was leading him down a gift carolina against tampa. Do you know why because the other defense will figure it out after a while minimum look. I don't wish this upon patrick mahomes because i think he's a really good kid. I watches watches all interview yesterday. He's good he. He has a good heart to him and he looks great. His body looks great. He is entering his prime as we speak so the sky is the limit unless you go completely over the edge into freak show saying hey what are you going. I know skilled. Sometimes you look. I get we know the sport that you love watching and you've picked up since you've been out here and kelly you play an awful lot gulf. Do you think those shots. Those guys hit out kallio. No no i'm saying i say you play allow or now but go ahead. So you play you played in bristol yeah in december january wearing inside in fact. I think i played more golf in bristol than i do here. Yeah you bid harass me but anyway i am that is true but let me ask you a question. Do you think the first time you see your guy. He's one of those shots when he was in the rub or behind a tree or something the first time you've ever done that shot tournament or do they practice it okay but it's it's not a trick rickshaw. It's just an escape shot. Okay gate know what nobody practices those shops no they get. I don't i updated with a bunch of them. First of all i don't go on the practice range and say let me put myself in the worst position possible. Nobody does ask you first of all you either pro or amateur amateur all these other guys great tony romo ears he can't he can't beat the worst golfer. This on the tour dole's guys are pros and they practice what what they do this in never seen a shot you behind the tree. You don't think they thought about behind the tree when they practicing so what did you just go out there and just put in their plan plan practice rounds. If they hit a bad shot they have to escape and that was that would be a practice try at that. I'm not saying practice. I'm talking about when they're on their home courts. I'm talking about when they're out on their own. So hit the ball they hit it perfectly down the fairway every time that it would say hi guys will hit the ball behind the tree and then he come from behind the three and hit it within four into the club. Look the first time that happened. Let's get back to patrick mahomes doing the game. I hate it for him that the arrest the n._f._l. Is going to see this interview and hear this and they're not going to love it. I know what cloud sharp would do nothing his locker room with the denver broncos of the raven saying the kid thinks he's doing that the us really you know what i said. You wanna talk man. You ain't gonna get a day. I promise you i lean more catches today that i had when i came in the game now what you gonna do about it. I'm going to give it to him first and just so you don't feel left out or you will get into second half now. He's going to hear from some defender sometimes dasher no he's going here. Why don't you try to throw that one left handed and throws a pick now. He's better right hand man. Hey ta wreak. Get the okay so what what go kills best tight end in football right now so you know what he no evil but you know i'm skills tricky. Mega mega seem like he does like seven seven eight times a game. He's probably thinking about it. Coach would like all the all the way to get these two thousand ten against the ravens he i. I'm trying to figure out how you what his coach is more about ego is you ought to be shamed everybody daego. If you play this game and not like andy reid when it comes to offense they quoting the mike sando piece. Anybody can put up numbers in that often. Hold on this offense is the west coast offense so it goes way back so we just pick it up with joe montana john and seventy nine. How many do fifty down the season bridgeport won m._v._p. Steve young won m._v._p. Rickshaw we'll be very now. Andy reid from him. <hes> okay of patrick mahomes ron guys. Is he ready to turn back. The clock clock to clock not only did the boston celtics win the n._b._a. Finals nineteen ninety six but a queen size mattress was only only a hundred and sixty nine dollars. Though larry bird is no longer playing mattress firm is making sure the eighties are still represented during mattress firm's flashback sale you can save up to four four hundred dollars on throwback deal suitable for the sleep hall of fame score and updated bed for a price in the past start sleeping like one of the pros z. after missing the playoffs for the first time since he was twenty years old the brown james has been called out by a lot of people this summer. The most recent example was his former former g._m. David griffin the king responded to that by tweeting the throne has been played with too much ether coming soon and last month he told the world he was getting ready for a quote. Savage season joined by yahoo senior n._b._a. Insider kris haines good to have you with us when you think about love lebron and this season. What do you expect to see from him before answer that let me i think there's no other superstar in history of the n._b._a. Who's had the so-called recall prove himself multiple times throughout his career the reason why i'll explain why i'm i'm taking too little store. I remember when i was covering the casket percentage. When i was covering the cavs and lebron came back from miami and they got they traded andrew wiggins and got kevin love. It seemed like the roster was disassembled and it just felt like it was just a matter of time before a championship which was great but months months went by and we're starting to notice that guy number thirty over there in the bay just splashing threes dancing draymond green yellow folks clay being a turn into the best players and it's it is slowly slowly after cavs games we will go into the locker room and the cast players were watching war games and so that's when we started noticing oh shoot light right there wars taking away. Some of this book buzz that lebrons was getting when he came back to cleveland. Lebron noticed right everybody. I know everybody notices and then it was like then then there was some players now locker on a bigger and about why is going to stay getting on his low. Why is there by calling them the anointed team. What have they done. What have they accomplished and so the brine we watch you guys remember whenever steph whenever they match up whether it was a christmas they get n._b._a. Finals game whenever steph would drive to the basket lebron act like a free safety and zero get all their block <hes> something say every time every single time and steph would be taken back so i say all that to say that the situation was going on right now in l._a. With the clippers emerging this is going to be a golden state situation times sometimes ten because it's in his own backyard now before the cavs golden state robbery was mainly a team rivalry this situation jason people are are people are honestly debating. Who's the better player they are lebron or y or in better team better and embezzling youngest so now the broad has the face that every single day in his own city which is unprecedented in the n._b._a. So so i say i think lebron i don't know if he would admit this but i think he's going to be as motivated as he's ever been in this in by the way one other additional motivation don't we believe that lebron was at least under the impression that number two was going to sign with the lakers. Don't you think f- eh everybody within. The lakers felt really good okay well. There's another reason good that that he's not he should not be happy going next year about who is is sharing that building with him right. That's that's true but i say this. I think anthony davis. I think anthony davis is going to lead the lakers and score but i i think just from a standpoint leadership determination. Nicholas braun is going to bring it this season. I'm serious about that. Bring it as you by you this war and not used in a lot but i suspect pub in sydney opera house. I expect nobody knows what do you do auty. You lost me. The greatest opera seeing degrades you perform on the biggest stages. Why wouldn't it be in milan sydney when you got an italian australia. I don't quite get it per house. Okay you want him to be you want to be at the met. Okay okay just by the beatles sullivan show you like that. Do you know what that he'll skip bayless early beatles. That wasn't virtuoso. Yes the captivated now arrive but it was. I want to hold your hand the arrival the awakening kinney. This is what you what you ask for scared this. You saw that picture the head of the savage. He doesn't shed some way ooh. Who am i feel bad. I would feel that if i was playing out like you know what i'm load management. Even if i open the season liza weil take it up already low management. I don't want no part of this now one finals m._v._p. Because he did an outstanding job on lebron james and all the brandi with every twenty eight seven and six fifty seven percent shooting that grew he stole the uh-huh kidman okinawan it because everybody's talking now you earned autumn general managed by guy the best player goat james got no yeah no votes for the best current n._b._a. Player he ceded and rightfully so the best players laid up for this coming year so it's wide open. You didn't wide open no wide open but you know let's get an a._d. Just might lead team scored but i can see lebron averaging double digit assists. I don't think you'll be asked asked to rebound the ball because they got a lot of big. They have a d. They still have to bail. They have boogie cousins this virtuoso all around performance. We go see lebron yeah. I could see something like twenty twenty five ten seventy eight in years seventeen so he's ageless. He is immortal. Tom brady as pervious. Tom brady amos father time but well. He's proven beaks if he plays a very different game. It's much easier here to play then lebron's games bronze game requires that you play offense and ethan defensively play year ago not a lot and you'll be right. He more free safety ronnie lott this okay so just to remind everybody how what a disaster was for lebron james here here in los angeles in his first year. Could we just see just a snippet. That blooper tape circulated just because you gotta bring it back. It does the ball and that's always do it off the backboard the back of the backboard wait a second. What's he gonna do here. I'll push him out into play defense. What are you doing ruin lebron's rolling the ball rolling the ball up to court against the nuggets rolling the ball lebron pig out no bounce it off his own foot out of bounds. That's no good and then wait a second mario r._e._o. Zonja blocked lebron shot in zonja went to portland so now lebron's got a facing more time nick on his own. That's i can remember what happened in north. Maybe he's going to have to get it because lebron is already posted about a month ago season for the ages average savage and then he said last week enough is enough david griffin. The throne has been played with too much much. Luther luther is coming and the nine fire emojis but we will move them gains the loved what kyle kuzma said he said everybody has been slandering sled the word slandering lawyers and i'm thinking did michael jordan ever gets slandered by anybody the body while he was still playing basketball or ever do but then he took two years about two games but my guess lebron is rights you you know lavar lebron james quit school in the first grade play too much now. These guys play with demand name then they play you play with it <music>. Who are everybody everybody talking. All these exact that will not give them a skill ones. Oh you mean to tell me go james. There's been a definitive if been says you j. k. get one votes kill. The may get one vote vote. He que get a vote. I think what what he did. We i mean you mentioned those blenders but that's you know to be two or three or four blunders in sixty tape winter uh-huh. We could've gone indeed people. I was trying to think that left a sour taste now season season okay. Everybody's mouth you know from management advanced players whatever i think that's the impression but i'm telling you right now. Lebron has been working his tail off. Ooh i'm telling you i'm skipping yelling. Oh you know take that to my bank. I'm telling you is preparing for a comeback for the years the look and not only lebron if we open it up look at all the guys that dropped out of team u._s._a. And i was told by players as you know that look man this opportunity where we feel like that larry o'brien show every body ramp. I know i got it. We want to spend time you know organizing teammates as now career. I got it because the best player on the planet towards achilles what happens. That's why they're not playing for team u._s._a. Because everybody sees the door swing wide open because kevin durant is no longer a gold golden state warriors harbor got a hundred take extra for mission. I got up. I agree. I grew skip all net <hes> golden state. I mean katie leaving golden state. There is data what happened they got better is gonna come down to like bullfighting. It might not be look. Kevin durant may golden state unbeatable seven game series now if clay coke back clay their mindset is like that much better that we take that is true. That's what they're thinking. Saudis did like the houston. Rockets are now thinking westbrook. Look and harden we. We got a shot here because we lost. Nobody else off this basketball team. The denver nuggets are only going to get a little more experienced next year and hey utah. Oh that looks like a real basketball team to me. That's going to be a factor honestly. Don't sleep on portland especially during the rainy season. They're going to win their share. Obviously obviously it was in seattle and i'm sleep is important okay. Well you know what you're talking about or not. Be sleepless in san antonio. You're going to have a problem anytime dame dame dame time. Don't disrespect you up. You know what day was. What's the mood issue when lebron was making the daisy quickly you forget. There was only one space written. All lebron fired one indirect jobs. You don't see my vision. Don't zoo like you tell me all the time. Tom brady will give it to you right between lebron's go. You know what i say to go the phony go. Don't tell me time to show ah see. Did you go to buy whereas this lebron being didn't know lebron had this evening. No i'm gonna tell you now. Tell you on going for a buck fifty two the two of the day in a twenty five. I seven why why did you relegate him to twenty-five. What are you go for thirty minutes in another because we've got a._d. We got another guy that can go get your thirty. Lee michael jordan played with a guy like you also got. Another guy who might shoot thirty shots a game name kaku he the good stuff today. I like that you're saying lebron is ready. Knows this guy the cowboys they may have sent to a message to'seek. We'll tell you now. Let's get you skipped cowboys. Ezekiel elliott is still still not in camp but another name is emerging. Dallas's fourth round pick running back. Tony pollard is apparently turning heads at camp. Dak prescott said pollard allard is one of the most exciting players to me of this training camp when we're in the offense we're in the offense of units were in the team. Meetings and coach calls him out on on his responsibility without hesitation. He's getting it right. That's what you want to see from a young guy. That's what the players and coaches want to see and he's been delivering covering. Jerry jones added this. He is obviously about as smooth and athlete and certainly a running back. You saw the flexibility if he continues to get better and better and better which he's got to. I think you're going to see a guy who plays early for the cowboys. So shannon is this phrase more about zeke elliott or sis about twenty dollar note about you. Start with this burglar is z. When i go on vacation jimmy i'll tell them not via my room. I want to hear no news that take that back abe vacation ever but that's neither here nor there he he can't hear news galas. I love that because you said it right the other day he said look. I love the zeke zeke. Gotta take care of his business staying good. He's praising the guys that are there a guy playing unbelievable yeah well. He knows his responsibility gets up. The road to coach called him out. He corrects it and he's moving forward within jerry all. Why did you gotta do this guy why he got to go over the age this young player. He's he's really excited. He's played really well. You lowest gives jerry said about a smooth and he didn't finish it an athlete. You'll see that's what he was saying yeah. He tried he will as e. You better hurry back good guy. Go take your position you lead. You believe that skill betas no you you do that semantic. All those go shaving his law war battle. Whatever you wanna call this k plan not engine 'cause oh you know what i know. What i'm capable of doing you know two <hes> two or three years later lee russia. The year that i missed six gave yardwork a game average so i would lead the league again but i ain't worried about that over here in kabul minding my business. Y'all need to keep my main name. I know dentures yeah well. He didn't bring up his name tony the dodo dodo. What did you say running back first of all i told you before i told you right after the draft. They believe that they just stole a diamond in the rough. Who's going to be there alvin kamara. That's what they believe okay. They believe that will mcclay did it again. Struck again and tony pollard hollered told you. I didn't watch a lot of memphis games but i watched a couple and he caught my eye. He flashed on tv because he plays so fast he timed four five which is fast enough but not lightning. He plays faster than that. He can catch it as well as he can. Run it. He got a little lost at memphis because they had on an every down back a work horse back named drill henderson who went in the third round to the rams they gotta got got in and he could get on the henderson so watch tony pollard because i think he's going to shock you with how quickly he plays as how much because he's going to catch it he's going to return punts and kickoffs. He's going to try to block punts. He can do a lot of different things but clearly they're all focused. Even back is trying to be the team leader by he's sending a message saying hey. This guy can play right now. Jerry saying this guy can contribute early because there is some concern there some fear danger that zeke is going to miss two or three regular season games or maybe more so so they're saying guess what we found. Somebody who's alvin kamara size. They're both they're six foot policy paul he he well. I okay you doubt will mcclay and he just i doubted him on late and guess what happened turned into the wolf under the just see he at last year dominant a rough but you have to hold down so you gotta you gotta. Ah new blue do got the home and you're talking about a dominant the roof the message. They're trying to send zeke. Is we have the chimera chimera to your mark ingram. So we have yin yang. We can help load manage you through football seasons where we won't have to use you up up mark ingram james ingram. There is no comparison to zeke. So will you please stop saying just like i don't care what power does um. He's not zeke and you go into super bowl without zeke and if i'm zeke zeke first of all zeke doesn't even have an he left all his phones all really. Did you see z. Disconnected the did you see what happened with. Mike weber the other day. There's some he tweeted about retweeted about some some plain employ good play that he had in a camp rack. Obviously they haven't yet to play a single preseason game but mark my words tony pollard will contribute this year this. This team is getting more and more loaded because we'll mcclay is turning into the draft. Master in zeke is eyes and ears. He is hearing all this. He is seeing all this. It's luring our to oxnard north yes it. Is we have to believe. He's frustrated australia reading because i'm good yeah make the money right and i'll be back in remember camaro never saw in college. Remember what happened. He starts at alabama uh and he can't even get on the football field because he's losing out to derrick henry t._j. Yoga and drake kenyan drake in all of a sudden he has to go to hutchinson community college in kansas and then he wants back at tennessee. He didn't even start for tennessee right. He has limited carries. Which is why new orleans was able to steal oh him in the third round. I just went kamera in the fourth round. If you look at most of the baxter started alabama if you look at drinking yielding they're more of the land of camaro they they didn't start. If these guys i mean co sabin look at josh johnson but he didn't start every he he's like. He's like a camaro. He could start saving bail out down the hill. Yeah shake bela's. You know this stop playing. You know you're not going anywhere without z. z. Jerry the man you want to jump back on board this train to fly toward a super bowl. You wanna come along for the ride trading radio. You let your european countries out or something like that. No i'm flying and this is a bullet train headed for miami. You know italy. We're north ryde cut aside looking at trae beautiful by pack up and move over here like medicine as what they talk about when you go to go over see. Can you get on the train. You'll see i could do and and then. Why didn't you yeah i did it. Did a back exits iraq iraq without each other seriously but you know what else is lonely. We'll sitting in kabo when all your teammates are hard at work like kabul spun but at some point it's not the alone freddie kitchens quickly becoming one of my favorites. No listen to you going to hold back the browse this year. We will discuss what he's saying. There is already drama in cleveland then for freddie kitchens. He was called out saturday on c._b._s. Radio by former offensive line coach bob wiley wiley said kitchens relationship with baker mayfield factored into him getting the head coaching job. He added that another factor kitchens will be less combative with g._m. John dorsey than last year's interim head coach gregg williams well cajun's agents didn't call it widely specifically when he had did have this message for his current assistance. Take a listen the bays of inside information and the days of off of <hes> unnamed sources and stuff like that have ended so you're not going to get any information like that ever anybody. If i ever see you there fired immediately. That's the way we're running. This organization and i can take it. John dorsey can take it. We won't cry. I promise all right. <hes> shannon will be plus or minus this season for cleveland getting on my nerves. There's just to give you the head head coach in but you don't have to make skip pretty. You're not breaking news. Those consequences anybody. Tell me the job. Give leaking confidential a pertinent information and keep your job. What can you do that nowhere yeah. She won't get caught exactly. There's a reason why jay glazer's and adam schefters exist. They don't make this stuff up. You talked to coaches. They talked <unk> owners. They talk to your bosses this oh you're going to get what did you ever say code military somebody leaking get everybody understand the consequences that come along oh that comes along with as i always hated if my boss has to understand that you're my boss. You don't have to constantly remind me that you compare me imagine if john doors hey remember when he gave. You got to get up out of here constantly. Every time i get all my years of covering plan plan the game but now i've been coming for fifteen years now retired. I can only tell you one thing that coach bill chick said we're on the cincinnati off of him twenty n._b._a. There that's the only thing you have to remember but it seemed like freddie wants to make news headlines every single day. I'm afraid arrive you leak information you should but that's understood also green bay leak information. You won't be able to keep job or in tampa bay or atlanta or any other team. We're going to be acceptable at just like any other job. If you leak information and they catch you you get up out of their. I'm with you to this point. It's starting to feel like freddie. Kitchens is in over his head and that's what bob wiley is saying. He is way in over his head because bob wiley saying he didn't even really coach quarterback last year. That kinney's peasy coach quarterback guineas n._p._c.'s nail in the florida staff because they all got five including bob wiley. What was fascinating to me is u._s._a. Today today ranked the alton all-time top eleven moments in hard knocks. You were number three on that list when you got impersonated by rookie rightfielder u. N. ray lewis also in person but number one on the list was bob wiley from last year's hard knocks when he went on his soliloquy about how overrated stretching is and we didn't stretch during world world war two we did side straddle hops and push ups to get ready to win that war right funny it was funny and it was memorable. More memorable to me was hugh jackson seen that ranked somewhere in the middle of the list in which freddie kitchens challenges him openly in a coach's meeting during camp last year about coach. Why why don't we address the guys who were injured ryan with lease make them come to practice undress right and then todd haley jumps in and in also challenge off offense head coach and you could just tell hugh is teetering like his his authority is on the line. He should fight him on the spot. Well you could have. That's freddie center. He'd huffing and puffing fire somebody for that by the way my all time favorite moment was hugh jackson calling in baker mayfield last year to tell him. Oh guess what you just won the backup quarterback spot really you're the first pick in the draft and you on backup quarterback hugh on the show here said well. I regret that one but baker mayfield's now on the verge of being a top ten in consideration quarterback right like he's breaking news skip okay. Everybody knows who martha stewart is. What happens if you get information. That's leaked inside. You should know about what happened today. Oh right it's called insider trading so afraid of breaking news i made if somebody leak something but what if john dorsey leaks that information because it's not beyond the realm of possibility with the general managers leak information what are the jimmy d has located actually owned the brown ray what y'all get up out of here good point ready. Do you believe bob. Wiley is right when he says he he only got the job because baker likes him probably will baker like him in october november. I don't know i'm not sure that remains to be he's seen bob. Wiley is also saying that greg williams would have been way too strong a candidate because he would stand up john dorsey and make his life hardaway andy reid. You did back in kansas city when he would challenge john dorsey. John dorsey battled k. Andy reid one that babbling. John dorsey is no longer than k. So are we saying that freddie kitchens when it comes to john dorsey and baker just tells them what they want to hear. He's just a little bit of a pushover but it's not look most coaches the quarterback and the head coach relationship especially the play call. It needs to be amenable. I mean you saw what happened to being todd haley wrong the wrong wait to get up outta town. Todd haley owens s he rubbed anquan boldin good one so you see this you you have to especially with that position skill because you know sometimes you can have a contentious relationship with a different position but it can never be the quarterback and i guess <music> but greg. He's tough. Now you g he about easy. Amazing story lines on last season of hard knocks so the browns but this year tonight we've got the raiders look forward to and it would be interesting to expect no time for our final topic of the day there will be no lack of storylines on the raiders make their debut on hard knocks tonight. Jon gruden and the additions of antonio brown has perfect are headlines waiting waiting to happen derek carr said quote. It opens up the world to us to show who we really are shannon. What do you expect a lot of jon. Gruden guests belt madrid's. There's gonna be interesting to see how much have been tonio brown considering he hadn't done a whole lot of practice dealing with these are the blisters on the bottom of his feet. He can still talk yeah but i i don't i don't you know they get. They get to ride edit and they see fit so you know jon. Gruden would like cut a lot of heads out. It had a lot of he and it'll be very interesting. Ono jon gruden loves the camera loves the camera camera. Those two will fight for the spotlight and i believe jon gruden will win spotlight. Yes but richie incognito. 's gonna steal a couple of scenes just because he's worth worth a couple of von tez on the practice field in the preseason games. You don't think you'll be a focal point. He'll get suspended throwing. I ah feel he can get thrown out of a practice. He do something skip. Just gonna rub john group but john might like the heat. You know john love tough guys now. He does so yeah i i. I can't wait for this because i think it has potential to go beyond the browns and i thought the browns just lit up last summer but i think the thing is. Is that when organic when you guys guys be themselves when you don't have to do anything when we first did the first nuts it was just us but we had a lot of veteran players. Todd todd was really the only rookie but we got gas now trying to do too much somehow. I have a feeling you probably played up to the camera just a little bit. You know never yeah. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm jenny taft join us again at the same time tomorrow morning nine thirty eastern. We'll see you then kind of of one.

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