The Tour Catch-Up: Osaka ousted by Muchova in Madrid; Norrie falls just short in Estoril; Barty bests Swiatek in Battle of FO champs; Alexandr 'The Dog' Dolgopolov retires; Wimbledon's Middle Sunday axed from 2022


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show with the tennis poke costs by fans on today's episode fact by our crowd funds and jones and mike mckenzie naomi. Osaka is out in madrid. Cam nori foods just show in estoril and wimbledon's middle sunday is no more a cab. It's the bank holiday in the k which means a three day weekend. The weather has been absolutely abysmal today. Which i feel is just the perfect excuse really to just kind of sit. Sit in the living room and watch the madrid open and the world sika final path. Yeah it really dismal weather today not very spring like it's may how is it this bad it's say person say but yeah i've just been eighteen cake and watching sports day which actually sounds an has been rather nice but Yeah we actually have madrid. Kickoff already kicked off late last week with the women's side of the rule and we didn't really talk about it to on last week's episode completely snuck up. That was meant to start monday. Why is it starting on wednesday but yeah it was great. It was great. Yeah exactly. I see you again. Kind of continuous tennis. I i suppose say much to get through the men and the women and she appropriate argument for this to happen all the time and start one of the joys slightly earlier Get bit more tension on. Its first thing. But i've been notable stories. I say far in in the women's side of madrid. Let let's start there. Because we've had naomi osaka a he was. He's lost already in the third round of the of the madrid apron. Owner the second round even So she of say this is stolen on clay this year and she's yet to win a clay event so we know she's not the favorite surface. Let's let's put it that way. But yeah she's out in three sets by caroliina merkava who is actually putting together. Quite a string of wins aba. I have a top players this year. This is third win over top five. Say yeah managed to add a socrate to list of scalps for twenty twenty one. Yeah i mean we all know. I think a soccer is a fantastic hardcore player. We yeah we saw that visit the australian open and we talked about this season. I think just being a big opportunity opportunity for her to kind of showcase her skills on other surfaces because we feel like we have already seen in sort of full flight at the moment on clay on grass and madrid was a big opportunity for that but she came through faster round match gets misaki toy relatively comes to be seven five six two but against mika who has had a really good kind of twenty twenty one season so far very much i think much more natural clay courter in madrid. She came on stock particularly in that third set as she lost it six wine and i think it was very clear and i think she was quite quite free to admit really. The have movement on the core is just not very. It's not as natural some of the other players out there. And even know we know her for her and power. It doesn't count as much feel like home. A clay court players lights simona jala and ash party and You know she'll tech and you wouldn't say that necessarily the big power hitters of of the wgn game but you know they are some of the best clay courters and it still feels it name soccer really. Is she still. I think a step behind you know where you want to be. Despite being one of the you know the form players in the world. Yeah exactly. I think that movement not call. It doesn't come as naturally to you. And that's what moco really tried to exploit especially in the third set. She kind of focused much more on trying to move a soccer as much. She could around the cool. You know side and bringing it into the net and came together really nicely for mocatta yet to dominate really. That loss at six and she'll be up against maria sakari in the next round. So you know from one tough. Paid into another of see. Sakari is on holiday. You know especially difficult player. But yet really i mean i know it's as daca. I guess she's going to have a lot to work on over. The course of this case is she's gonna want to add a clay slam to her courage slams. I feel a lot of a lot of people may be including us. We bang on about the fact that name you saw isn't proven yet on a clay core. I don't think she's obviously terrible. But it's it's quite clear that she's got things to work on. And i don't think she can answer those appropriate by just being aggressive. Because i think on a clay court you get a little bit more time. And i feel like you know if she just is aggressive like you know. She plays her hardcore game on clay. Call the best the best players on a clay court because they're afforded that little bit of extra time that sort of able to to maneuver direct. The ball have little sore split-second to direct the bull a little bit easier than say on heartcall and as a result of that it questions name saw because movement and it's it's not up to speed at the moment i don't think so of aggression i mean it did what for i think cannot second-set but what is not working for. She's gotta think about being. Maybe a bit more defensive and maybe picking moments because you know i. It's it's one of those situations where i don't think you necessarily have to have a power game two to win on a on a clay court and she's may be going to have to have to adapt that from you know when she goes from a hall where you know she he she will be looking to end the points early and hit witness left right and center the baseline. When she can't do that she feel that she needs to be a bit more a bit. More versatile look more craft and guile needed but he knows you'll have plenty of time the coming weeks to improve. She's too good a player not to do reasonably. Well what do you know. Two main on a on a cooper and we all say we. Today we've had the taught path of the third round. Take place say really tasty match up. Stay joel which were quite excited for was actually say well number out against iga sheffield existing On garros champion. Well the these these are the last to klay call slam champions playing against each other and it was ash he came through seven five six fool To get into the final say yeah really interesting that they have faced off on clay and he was going to come out on top and it was quite a quite up and down battle know quite quite close really straight-sets but you know quite close sets and the boss. He went three down in that first set and You know get off to coarsely star. Pitcher managed to to come back in was actually never. She didn't leave off to that initial initial break. But what did you make of of of that match today. I mean i think actually apart from spec about sakari versus mcveigh which i actually think is one of the is. Probably the pick of the matches moore across the the men and women's draw. But this i think for me was the pick of the matches today because it is such an intriguing contest. Both have been french. Open champions fiance obviously the mo the current one and i think both of them have had really really good streaks of lightning. They both had double digit streaks on clay courts Recently so something was obviously going to give an. I think today. i think. I didn't think by plays well think. Tax percentage was see below fifty percent that absolute best. But i think ashleigh barty being number one having a bit more experience. And i think playing in stuttgart last week where she was in. I think unfamiliar situations where you know. She was going three sets. She like. She was on the verge of extinction a few times. Too risk averse i. It really really helped to her. And she came thr- i think she saved six seven. Bright points of one hundred percents i. Three of three on the field tech serves so i think that was potentially the difference and i think she will be a little bit disappointed if we know now. She's very young. We owe her game. And how how how devastating it can be on a on a clay-court. I mean us a streak at the maidment. Walk up to put up that ball team. It was straight-sets very very dominating. Yup i think just today ashbal experienced just told a little bit more definitely. Yeah like you said it just came down to these breakpoints early and often that early break. The party lost. She was much more on it after know with serve. Say she's really very tough to beat right now. Asheville say especially against philli top players. And she's patrick for next and they haven't she played each other on a clay call since i think about nine years ago so i would think doing masses such time. Okay policy must have been about sixteen and that for me also is a really really really fascinating encounter. Is i mean we know again. Givers talent on her day. Probably one of the cleanest ball strikers brought he is oversee such a graph during a bachelor on call and again that is just going to be another fascinating match up. I do feel like the winner of that has quite a nice route potentially to the final say you know i get very interesting very interesting match up there. That has been set up. Yeah and just a couple of things from this week We had lena's for going out in the first round she She lost the joe teichmann but she had six matchpoints she was five one up in the last set and then lost it on a match on a on a final. Tie-break say specialty. You know be ruing at that defeat. I think often having six points. We've sat j. konta. She's back She won a match. Which is good to see you back on cool and winning at i have to say. The victories were short lived. She then lost to seventy ver- in straight-sets compared to joe's clay-court run of two years ago. I think we kind of all rights by stations. A very much rajiv's this time around. She's really been struggling with his own going knee injury and a not able to put your think. This was the third win of the year. So it's a very you know. Slow incremental status for i thinks cross she can improve with each with each ornament and she's back now. Fifteenth seed is so flat are a little bit even that knife as the number fifty years. Yeah just flattered. As near the moment and i was hoping for her to run together because you know she was in that quarter with selena. So that paul. The draw suddenly opened up. And i think benches through against you today but does that taught sat in the to. There's an opportunity that You know someone to reach the semi finals. And i was hyping it could potentially being called into against it just just wasn't clicking and i think lack of match time on the call i don't know how fishy is wherever she feels like. She needs to play this. Because moss's one thousand but some yeah. Hopefully she can maybe rediscover some full in rhyme united tournament. That she's dumb. Wella one in the past so we'll just have to wait and see but yeah. She's she's going to need to start somewhere and to build momentum and it was a shame she can do in madrid definitely and as for the men We've got underway today. don evans through To to see. He came through. And long. Match against. Jeremy shaw He won sixteen in the third set. Dan did have three match points. In the second set to it it could have been shooter. Classic they matches where he's had match points in. So i'm glad yeah. She should get through this one. He loves plague shoulder as well lake before this season i think he was actually three three zero down in that head to head but i think he's one that lost he's now won their last three matches two and a half court one today. Hopefully he's rediscovered. Some of the full took him to the semi finals in monte carlo. Because yeah feel like the fact. They never won about chip betrayed You know he. He's he's put that right but he could he could. He could do so much more here. Yes definitely and he'll have. I think heck cash in the next round or john millman. I think her cash They haven't played that one yet but he beat her cash the other day. So it's winnable for dan so yeah fingers crossed safer in this one as well. But i guess notably looking at the draw all is probably at the very top rougher topsy because we don't have djokovic share this week he's gonna play carlos alcaraz in the second round to. He came through today so kid on call across birthday. Yeah which was he seventeen Going to be seventeen east that a good thing or is that bad thing for your birthday. You know it is i like nidal. I'm going to give you a bagel. Is your birthday present on on your birthday or do you think outcries you just going to be so of wrapping up the experience of playing so many tattoos growing up. I think he'll be all in for. I caught him i. I mean you would've thought he would have dreamt of playing play at high. I mean it's all it's all set in motion. It say come through that one. He may have yanic in waiting in the third round. Say very interesting. Section of the draw there and we've also Go well there's navy but dominic thiem is back so we strike about him a bit last week but he's back his out she pretty decent i think but i mean he's gonna pay rip in the quarterfinal so eat have to go rip left based on recent form to that one but i think teams should have a good few matches under his belt we've really where dominate team and i think that's what makes watching you know his first match particularly back a fascinating because you know you look at the people around his jaw Feces guy losses season on a clay court. You said absolutely no problem. But we haven't seen dominic thiem. I think since dubai on hardcore completely different situation. I hate peas. One hundred percent fit now and his put his struggles for motivation. And all that sort of behind him. And he's kind of come. Back with a fresh oppression. We'll we'll see that because if he should be one of the favorites getting into the french open but you know like other players he will be using madrid using room to build some momentum and he's got In his in his quarter so that could be quite that could be quite tasty and if if both days play his get there i think that would be a real acid test to really understand level. Dominic thiem is is coming back to. I mean i'd like to think dominic thiem on a clay cool you something that he knows very very well is probably his best surface. He will be able to come back. I'd reach eighty five ninety percent his level kind of straight away. But maybe i'm being unrealistic. We've been through lots of what it sounds like the the vs given so it it might be. It might be a set future you fought. I'm really reaching for him to seem to see him back until yeah and who knows. Andre could well forty rebecca battle. Stir gate because i think they might. Maybe maybe paying the said round and i feel that that is going to be another long along much. They had recently but yes lots lots happening. Obviously in the madrid. Draw cam nori. I wonder how far he can go. Based on his recent good form which will be getting onto Well we'll be getting onto now because we're going to talk about the tournaments that did happen last week that you have finished. And that was astro and munich and split star in esterel because yeah cam nori Run to the final which somewhat unexpected perhaps but a really put together ready ready decent week and unfortunately lost in a loss at break to ramos neyla who oversees a very seasoned klay quarter and. i guess Coming up against heyman in your first clay courts final on the tool. Atp circa he's. He's a tough tough not to crack on a clay court. Yeah i will say though. And it's something i think a bug bugbear for me and probably father tennis fans as well. I must last was a set and a break down and took a medical timeout and completely i felt stunted the it's obviously it just killed norys momentum and it was a it looked suspicious. Alert like something out of the kim. If i'm going to illustrate something of the diana your strips could play a. It was just it. Felt like to cut it to be true. And i don't know i feel like the or the wpa to sort of come in. And just just how like think about how they can fill at stop these tactical medical timeouts in these big matches Because i know some people might say yep at cap. Noreen is going to need to learn how to deal with those situations. But but at the same time i still feel like a robust widow. He had. He paid tennis. It wasn't going well for it was a breakdown is still wasn't going well for him so he decided to gay to his plan. C. and that was a medical time out for no reason or maybe was injured. Could have genuinely been injured but it turned. It turned the tide tide of the match. Really and is this a shame. Because as i said nori had all the momentum in that second set and if he was going to win it you you you felt like he was going to have to do it in two sets. He says saw british fangio little bit as well. I'm sure there list is out there who look kind of medical timeouts will with a little bit of a cursory glance to say what you mean. Yeah i mean ramos. Bananas has played the well. He's won the most amount of clay matches safe all this season. So he's he is the man on clay goodbye. Thought you were going to say. He's he's the bad. He's what the most batches after taking the time right. Yeah well maybe if you look into it you'll you'll realize that maybe that is his secret his secret weapon but i mean aside the final year he had some decent wins eva chilean and garin and some opposite of classic plague or dislike zhao's to save. You know decent week for cabinetry. Hopefully he can keep up. You know the results in madrid. He may play a faa in the second round. If if get there but yeah. Decent decent wakened especially of say. He grew up in new zealand and they didn't actually have any clay say in new zealand growing up. Where was he going to practice on. Clay say for him she do say well you know clever sound like i'm belittling him because overseas been travelling the world and has had opportunities to play on clay since then but oversight doesn't come natural Like it ronald scenario would be practically being born on clay. Say quite different upbringings space. I mean yeah. Huge respect the because yes we know i mean for many fans purchase fans will know him as a british tennis player as he said he did grow up in new zealand. And you do. It's probably quite hard to come across a clay core disease. exist so he's obviously put in a lot of a lot of hard yards and and it's really is really coming good for him this season. You know we've seen him in some big matches you that you had. That much is no doubt they'll show you open. He played in a delegate in in barcelona. he's really. I think you know he. Certainly i think entering this sort of real purple patch in his career. And i think as a british great is the. He's so picky on On clay at a time don evans is as well and that kind of genuine threats and going into the season. I don't think a lot of british fans would have thought much of the of partition on the clay season. So it's great to see you know in these fifties and monte-carlo is great to see kind of british interests being extended into kind of the latter stages. Because you know we're not gonna we're not getting it from joensuu. We're not getting a call. Up andy murray will we all know on right on garage. So it's it's great. See these two guys kind of stepping up pretty well on on. That isn't necessarily their most not true. One yeah completely agree and gives us. It gives us people to support for your perspective. It's always good to have solved some some up there and also the w we we always have people there about just fantastic and this week. It was bambridge and domingo. Final estoril They just lost in a law. Set tiebreak but i'm really good. Good stuff to get to the loss four. I think this was that they kind of the last stages of turbines this season. So i'm decent decent partnership. I final as a team but let me As well joel. That happened last week. Bmw apron. i remember going to this event about eleven years ago and it was the coldest week in. May i've ever had in my life. I mean talk about the weather being terrible here today. My fingers and toes like blocks of ice. When i mean at this event back in the day but yet lambeau nicholas bassillac. Villi has come out until on one this one. So that's his second title of the year. He won the dohar an earlier in the year when he he beat federer back in february but yeah he beater yang leonard strip in the final sales local lake. Oh in the final jamaica. Vase 'cause best nashville very strange his his ear has been these warranty titles but in every pretty but she's gone out in the first round so it's very all or nothing for him. I think he has this reputation as one of the streak streak his his players in the top one hundred. You know you have that win against federer as well. So he's obviously when he is on he is on and he's a pretty pretty decent competitor. He sort of reminds me of azlan said in terms of the he's a very big hitter. Very flat hitter a massive boost striking from the back of the core of what she's up the highlight of strippers bachelor's really literally the first point. On stripped serve pashas Bashed backer winner of the return. And yeah oversea. This came together for him. it's just like s. Consistency is his issue in terms of his tennis. And a guy he has a deadly iva guy out the first round or winning this would have been say if it was like the bid the twenty to the twenty twenty one season of really. It was like the best of times but it was also the worst of times. Shakespeare think dickens addict missing. Out on that yeah. I'm all for English literature i. It's a famous crepe gotten as whereas from anyway just on a bit more seriously. I mean he did take out casper. Rude one and two is very very very decent win against the guy who i think. Got the you know. You've got to the semi got the semifinals in monte carlo. Say he's been paying some very very good. I think what was kind of surprising about the final was a st street was that i think we all sort of expecting it to be alexander zverev but lo and behold he lost to evacuate the qualifier stripped getting to the final. It was actually quite impressive. Because he's been a bit of a judy and benetton when it comes to. Atm seeda been zero from seven until the event. So he'll be please. I think she made it through that stage but Yeah obviously bassil actually coming out on top and another interesting results from this week. We'll see it's very the top seeds but he lost in the quarterfinals to elliott of ashgar. He that may seem quite surprising. But if ashgar if people remember was the guy that pushed rafeh in the in the second round of ball selena last week and it just goes to show he ready genuinely was paying very well and not wasn't a fluke performance on the day. He's he's been putting together. Some ready like solid performance upset various. So you know he's actually Perhaps a real dull. 'cause not someone you want to place in vernon girls first round. Perhaps he's obviously putting together. A bit of iran epa ever corrupt severin paps. Cna putting these sweden's together yay. He's i mean he's six and two on the on the clay this season if ashqar and there are of similarities i think with him in crafts have in the sense that they definitely supplied applied. That trade on your regularly on the challenger circuit. It didn't really come up in early on in their careers. You know this sort of coming up coming to the good with a lot. More experience behind them Nothing if africa's similar age to cry says and as you said he's been putting some good results together in the last well since clay Finals in as well as the boss lady a pin way reach the second round as well So very good. I think showing here you know beating zverev as a qualifier getting to the semifinals. I mean yes. He lost to strip quite quite easily. But yeah i think it's it's another. It's just another example of a player. Who i think has plight the trade On the more say will on the challenger circuit. This gained all of that experience and actually think showing craft says. Well you know the step up from there to kind of these sorts of to fifty events It's potentially not as big as you know. Some people might think. And if he came through qualifying got some wins against through safari and mackenzie mcdonald as well and it was almost kind of the icing on the cake. Well joe at least ilia if ashgar. He didn't win the tournament and perhaps just as well because he didn't have to change in lederhosen insurance in the trophy ceremony. Light matthew lush hot day yeah they had a screen put up a good and change in on the very attractive bavarian traditional shore cinde. I mean it's nice that they will see praising the culture of the area but i think some some people might be in a bit like do i have to be you know it i mean i saw today octave professors be cancelled so i mean i'd for the unfortunately ba. I thought they were quite fetching late as an actually cost squalor of money like the real good policy traditional dc in the shops there. I like. It's not worth quite betsy. I guess if you winning a nice fair shorts to go with it that that'd be a bog. And i wonder if he'll keep them on keep them in his wardrobe able il. Just put them on ebay late today and signed maybe well yes anyway on that date. Let's take a quick break. Do join us in the second half will be looking at dokoupil of for time and News from wimbledon that middle sunday is no more and say looking ahead at the rest of the week madrid. So don't go anywhere. This is the pulsing show. Joined by jolan kip. And now we're going to move onto of mysterious player as we do in the second half of the show joel. I believe you're testing me this week. And before you start can i guess is it fernandez. No is not an undue overdose go. I'm not too bad. It's not an overdose. Go is never going to be when fernando vasko. We said fernando velasco way too many times over the last two weeks. So i'm i'm putting a financial vasko. Swear jar on the recordings from this point in. Okay i was just gonna say. He lost to christian garin today but i'm not allowed to report on him anymore. Say enough said you report on. How many wildcards. He's getting recently. Because i feel like it's a lot. It's andy murray levels of wildcards but anyway Right are you ready for your mysterious player. I am indeed okay so clean number one. I was born on the twelfth of eight through. Nineteen eighty-three right. Okay say they all almost forty that. Like thirty eight okay Could be found david. Oscar hang on switch off and we should genuine geeta and we can. T fidesz gave charity of choice right thirty. Eight years old serena williams. I think she's in september's and she incorrect. It's not serena williams next clean. I retired from tennis in twenty fourteen. Okay so they were thirty. One dinara safina incorrect. It's not dinara. Safina next clue number three. I have a career. High ranking of number four in singles number four number four. I want to say somebody like not a portray is it. Is it her Incorrect nadia obstruct. At this is a very very good shouts. Next clue i in my career. I won a total of six. W ta titles clemson. I wanna say elena dementieva but i feel like did she get higher. Was she like number two or three in the world. I probably one more than six hundred dollars. But i'll okay with her anyway. At dementia incorrect. It's not elena dementieva k. Signed on small small closet might might give it away I released my autobiography in two thousand. Seventeen entitled unbreakable am okay. I feel like i should say this. I'm breakable wait twenty seventeen. I was four years ago so that when they were thirty. Four acce- one but that's open isn't unbreakable. Somebody's go. oh oh. I think i may no no no. It's not because he was born in the world is going to say andy roddick incorrect is. It's no andy roddick. I like you thinking though with the hombres. Yeah yeah it's it's not a andy roddick. I said six. Wti titles right next clay. I played and lost the french open. Ladies doubles final with my partner khun cheetah martinez in two thousand one Oh my lord. Martina hingis incorrect. Sorry she would have. She was wo- number one. Oh this is a travesty. Ready for next. I give you this one. I've reached the semi finals of wimbledon in two thousand. Oh so they must be like may slay doubles player. Well as in maybe had like one one semifinal one semifinal at wimbledon is sort of the millennium plato. gosh the next three closer easier. If this is too hard fi is if i say sabatini or someone like that incorrect. Not sabatini trying to think of hispanic players by. I think okay. Next clue in the nineteen thousand nine hundred and nine wimbledon championships. I chiefs one of the biggest upsets in tennis. History beating martina hingis. Six two six love. This remains the only time. The women's world number one has ever lost to qualifier wimbledon. Wow gauche they were tied in two twenty fourteen. That's the thing isn't it. Yeah which thing. They've still more recent than game. My own back here. Oh if i had the nationality. I think that would help. Oh jill craybas correct is jill. Cray bats okay. Penultimate cle- it is nationalities. Say i have represented three countries whilst playing tennis as a pro the federal republic of yugoslavia serbia and montenegro and australia. I it's at least similar malek at the one that had it. Okay correct elated. I'd say i just needed nationality. Yeah i would never have gone if you hadn't said that. She said that was really hard really hard as well. I got to before i did. I found that very cool. All you feel unbreakable actress the surgery. Because i think it was more like a mental injuries. Enough say a yeah. It was quite a tough one listeners. Let us know did you. Did you struggle as much as kim or were you able to get that much quicker. Let let us today. we'd love to. We'd love to hear from me. I remember in what year was that. She did kind of make a bit of a run. At the aden she and go to like the maybe the coaches gnawing pretty crazy. Yeah fantastic. Thanks joe wright. Say i've got a question for you. Just just one day. And that's what our mailbag and we've got lovely question from underarm as on twitter. And it's about cabinetry so on. Durham ace us. How good is cap nori. Is he a proper. Yussef is player. What are your expectations for him. Joe jordan to you today. I on that one. Yep so thank you under armies for getting in touch with mellberg about cam nori i do think he is an old surface player. I think he's i think he's a very game sir. Think he's had enough time on the tour now that he knows how to just be like ever presently i think he might reach the last rounds set in the i. Think the clay cole hardcore in an indoor court whatever quota is i think You know he's he's always kind of barrow thereabouts. I think in terms of how good he is. I think there are still things. I think he can work on. You know i think. A lot of people talk about his double-handed backhand being something that sort of sort of exis- but doesn't really do much for him. i think he's come unstuck. I feel he comes on quite a bit on a hardcore because of potentially because of his backhand wing. i don't think he generates enough pace on it personally I know it's a. He's probably comfortable in in how it in the so of action but seeing as a fan on. Tv looks quite awkward and doesn't feel like he goes as far back as potentially it needs to generate power but Yeah i think there's certainly some improvements there. I think on the backhand side. But i think going forward. I certainly think that you know he he and him. And don evans. I think can kind of compete with each other for that british number one spot. I certainly think that don evans is the i would say. He's probably the he's the better is a better tennis player at the moment of playing better tennis. But i have no reason to see if donovan's evans does kinda suffer. Blip an and cam nori kind of continues kind of this form. I don't see a reason. Why not that. They can that they could potentially compete between number one and number two but i think sadly at the moment is a very solid british number. Two men's men's player davis cop and he would definitely be in not in not squad. So i think in terms of the future i think he's got very good prospects. I'd like see him get to a second week of a grand slam. I think that's potentially the next set making sure that you can do do more. The you know the bigger tournaments and get more ranking points and prize money. Because you know i sat and you think there's a lot of players in that sort of space between thirty and fifty who could potentially get one of those low low seatings in grand slams. And that's where. I think i think that's where carbonari could could aim for. I agree i think Second week of grandson would be fantastic at the moment. There is a certain fresher old unless he's or makes a significant step into seeding or think too. Yeah to give him a chance. I think next sort of go would be to be done. Evans's at the moment you know where he's in the top thirty. We have a seeding. Getting a win. Eva novak djokovic for example and making the semi finals of that would be great if we had like two guys getting to that bit. But i'm great question under mace and joe. I think we actually had another question. Say we'll go to buy questions guests so we also had linda get in touch with us on email and her question was this. Hey guys loved the show. My question is following the news. Earlier this week that roger federer will be auctioning off some of his greatest grandson memorabilia. Later this year what would be your number one grand slam item old piece of clothing that you would bid for if you had the chance so came more. Your your thoughts. Well when the auction goes live. At christie's i am going to be straightened. This spending my fourteen trying to buy one. Fedor is lovely. Corrigan's he w- onto to play in the two thousand twelve. When would've final thought. I'm sure i can few million for that. How much she think that would go for. A genuinely have no idea. I take mad. Law fat fans and passion is just gonna passion can just do crazy things to you and if you have the infinite bank balance you could easily go go out. Yeah i know. I think they are. Estimating collection to be worth around a million pounds and he federal isn't doing this because he's short for feeble charity a for the roger federer foundation say. It's all going for charity. I see i saw is happening. In june actually june july said obese. Sort of like auctions happening. I'm but yeah. I mean i'm not a massive devout federa fan as many listeners. Who neighbor. I am a massive raffin and say i suppose i'd have to give something rafeh related. Like maybe like the bandana he ward. He won wimbledon. Two thousand eight or something She's from his first rate and garros title. Something along those lines. That was there at at one of those greats maintenance in in time you don't see the the three quarter length trousers. He will his french open against mariana plateau. Yeah i shorter. Shorts have to say. I d long russia's outfits now i take that lovely purple shirt been wearing lately. I have with me. I want him to bring back the three day match playing in those that they must limit your movement quebec account. Imagine but yeah. I think i. I'm sure if something serena williams has see was up there that you qualify conic items would gave law. I think so. Yeah i think that's a. That's a great question from linda. I mean joe. What would you go for something andy. Murray related instantly. I wanted to go for stan shorts. They were the french open. The that set the tennis world on fire. A i'd love. I'd love a pair of of stan shorts. Of course anything andy. Murray related from probably from his first grand someone back in Usa flushing meadow in twenty. Twelve i would happily have that yeah maybe one of his rackets You know So yeah i think for me as something like that but I'll be interested to see later this year. How often goes and what is the most what sells for the most money because steffi a few a few lots no doubt a. We'll have a lot of fans interested with that credit. Cards definitely is a great idea. And you know. I'm sure he doesn't need to keep all these pez if she's hanging around side. Yeah i'm fame and talking about grandmoms some news from wimbledon which has cow and that is that from next year from twenty twenty. That will be no middle sunday so obviously at the moment we have a rest day on the middle sunday on the tournament. Which means that come. Monday of the second week. It's all kind of guns. Blazing old around of sixteen matches. You have to have have to happen. Oldham's aimed as a manic monday But that is going to change from from next year. And they're going to have a traditional schedule in line with other slams where they just play on every day and there's no sort of day off which i think makes sense from a multitude of of perspectives but i guess it's sort of got used to middle sunday s phase if when you're tending as a fan it can be quite hectic fueled. They're like the whole of the first week queuing and it's quite nice to have that day off arrest by but i think if you actually there it must be annoying having like day with tennis in the middle of the event. Yeah because the the the reason that middle sunday exists in the first. I didn't realize this until i was doing some research. It was as a deal with local residents because the men's final use to be played on on a saturday when they wanted to move it to a sunday the community around the all england club which is quiet and unpresidential area. They set the won't they wanted that to be day of rest So they felt it was essential and therefore that was a deal kind of struck and from there on in middle sunday kind of existed. And now i think it's obviously existed for a long time as a fan kind of growing up. It's always been there you know. They've played on sunday for a few occasions. Severi so sacred time but played on their four occasions most recently in two thousand sixteen. So you know for me. It's it's very much. I think it'd been like the key ready for me is it's thing is something that i think is part of the the identity of wimbledon. But i do think that we've sort of the you know. The changing of habits and particularly with weekends is fans. See working on on weekdays. I feel like this makes sense because you know. Having old is old is quality matches on monday in across the men and women's joined the round of sixteen. I feel that you can spread the wealth a little bit there and some of those matches on the sunday and get people who might be working on the monday. You might miss those matches you can. You can spread the out in the weekend and cry. Really great atmosphere on that sunday matches the might necessarily know how to a bigger crowd or big atmosphere. It was kind of played on a monday a eleven. Am on an outside court yet is true it does have a bit off to having a day off when you're like you said a lot of people of work on sunday and it's you know we're not really. It's not like a traditional everyone's going to church on sunday anymore as we were doing things and able to kind of go to events you know when the pandemic snow own but yeah i think i think this is a. I think this is fine. It's yes breaking a bit with tradition. But it's not really a massive Massive change like you said. I remember it twenty six. That was terrible And they had to. They had to buy on that sunday to catch up. So it's not like they haven't done it before i mean i feel like the tradition now with with grand. Slams is a do think we are. I mean yes we are. Moving wimbledon is going to a more traditional monday monday. Monday start for two weeks ending on that second sunday but a d think that the tradition potentially in the future could be like the french open where they do salt on the sunday. I do like the idea of more tennis being played on on weekends and i do. I was hesitant about having placed on sundays to begin with. But i'm increasingly coming around to it with particularly with you know. People have seen more downtime on the weekends and getting more exposure on on tennis and potentially spreading a slam out you know if possible across three weekends might might could be the norm in the future if they wanna get as much exposure as possible. So it's not who just crammed into the you know the weekdays from that monday particularly want to create a know a big bang or big kind of launch to it. You gotta get on a week on the weekend about. They agree yeah it to ten. Am monday morning. You're in the office and then it's kind of yes. It's like this. Massive sporting event kicking off does seem a bit strange twenty but yeah listeners. Let us know your thoughts. How how do you feel about the middle sunbathing. How'd you feel about when assam should start. Leszno your your take on that one. We will say some of these joe for retirement announcement at this week from alexander dolgopolova of who And sadly cooling day on his career dot gov. he hasn't been around really has for wall. I think he's really struggled with injury. A wrist injury in particular. What she go about three days ago and hasn't been the same since but yeah shame because you know he was up in the top twenty at one point You know. I did see him play. I think you've probably was around. Twenty ten not phase. Ah remember him being caught permanent fixture in the tournament. So i was kind of going to as a fan. So yeah shame the he's a hatter catastro- co-ceo his career in in this way. Yeah yep of boever facade one you know likes to seize players announcing their retirement because of kind of injuries for me dogo was one of those players who was such a unique kind of proposition on a tennis court. Very kind of unorthodox wasn't tool guy but he was quite hard player to kind of read tons of a insensitive but say it's kind of he was quite as he was quite wristy. Y-you like t. employees angles and different times of spins and slices. So in that respect. I so i'm not that surprised that so. He has been hampered by kind of a singer in his later years but yeah he was certainly a you know an entertainer and if he wasn't kind of a you know a necessarily a title win. Yes you had kind of three titles in one of grand slam quarterfinal to his name. But i think we'll do. I think as fans remember him. So of more for the you know the matches he's played in the style i think he brought to the coal which is a little bit like way shayo on the on the women's side. I think he's a little bit like that. On the on the was like a little bit later on the men's of such an awkward player to play against that it really got his opponents. Kind of about how i'm going to. How like how am. I going to defeat this player. Who who come bring into the court that you don't really see in anyone else really. Yeah he was quite distinctive quite quite unique and oversee his stylus well. He didn't have the ponytail of longer hair but yet he hasn't played in three years. I think his much was rome. Twenty eighteen against against djokovic say unfortunately you know unless he has a research few years always a bit wary. say the retiring. Because i'm like oh well you know we have seen stranger things that people coming back off too many years. But i i love joel. How you say on our notes today that you you remember him for his twenty eleven indian wells is to with zeno remember that came. It was an absolutely it was up c classy. I think you've actually taken out of your memory because Yeah he the tournament pits but not dial and lopez got to that men's doubles semifinal and lost to federer and veronica and in federal favorite loss. Adoga plov a melissa and the final but it was sucha. I mean it was such a memorable rum. Because i feel like that was a complete scratch. Pairing they won all their matches in championship. Tie breaks and they played like a huge. Hey of tennis players across singles and doubles they beat the ba- beat the bryan brothers. In the second round they be andy. Murray bravo's in the quarterfinals and then Yeah they beat a federal and africa in the final. I mean that is. that's not shabby. is it off. Olympic champions at beating. So yeah that's really good foreign said to to win that title. Yeah blast from the paul stab love remotely per together definitely definitely won't more plays but that that brings us kind of a joe of see. We've got madrid happening this week. So we'll be back to round up the finals and the latter stages of madrid. Perhaps we should do some tentative predictions for the Forage before we. It's sort of interesting. I think dominic in the men slide teams of an unknown quantity. I quite like bertini In that baltimore off particularly against medvedev annot surpasses. Obviously there. if you're gonna ask me to make some predictions in semifinals. I'm going to have to a new. Maybe this bit play nick. How live in that top path. I think will come free dominate team due to lack of match practicing our beat swear of And then in that baltimore. I think i think cisa pass and i think bertini so many gay cisa pass bertini that baltimore from the dowell. Nidal dowell replay. I've taught path final nadal. Cisa pass for. I think we're in for another analysis pastorino and to be on his off to that dot that finally they've just had he wouldn't not and i sense another nidal sense another needle victory as i'm thinking what would wear your was your head. I hope you're right. Joe yeah i have to say i think the going consensuses nidal's it surpassed so i think i think i'm i'm very much agreeing with you. I think instead of bertini they might be pcb in not baltimore. And i'm gonna give a bit of public radio. Burster in the semifinals as well but yeah otherwise i. I actually agree with joe ads for the women. I'm going to fash- policy. I think she's just seems to have the number of all the players right now. Whoever they may be say balti- bench which salamanca and sakari from my semifinalists. Interesting auty against. I think it could be bought. His up. lincoln in the final again with balti- winning again tonight I mean i think yeah. I think bossie really know who's gonna beat bought he'd the semifinal but they feel like they're gonna lose i'm gonna say bought maybe bought he bench in the semifinals bodies. Come through that thing that the bottom off is most interesting. I can't believe he didn't say simona how they're might just convinced by. I mean i don't care how well elise has been playing this year. That's going to be retained three and four job. And i think she'll come through crow or peculiar so i've got to say simona halep and i i want to say i think you're right. I think i think sakari is looking quite good. I know she she started the tournament. Lucic giving a bagel to honest debate releasing getting a bagel from an over six love. But yeah i'm going to highlight sakari. The bottom half. And then i'm going to do a balti- jala final of which i think how that would come out on top I think collapse looked really in good touch enough confess couple of matches this week so i'm expecting to kind of come through. I know she likes playing in madrid as well think simona halep a thing. This is going to be some time. And she's going announced himself as one of the big french open title contenders right there. We go what shelley's tomorrow no. I hope she doesn't put Yeah we'll be back overstate next week to round up on the rest of the action from madrid and lament terrible predictions. Yes yes this is even listening to this latest. Catch up from the passing shot. If you want to stick up to date on all of the things in the tennis world make sure to subscribe to us on your costing platform of choice. Whether that's apple podcasts. Spotify overcast stitcher. Wherever you listen to your costs make sure you hit a subscribe button for the passing shot and if you have been enjoying listening to us on apple podcast. It would really help us. We really mean a lot to us if you could leave a rating and comment as well and you can follow us on social media. Where on twitter. Instagram and facebook at pulsing show port. So do you give us a like a follow us subscribe. If you haven't already you can say get in contact with us and not just on social media but also via email so we are on passing short part at gmo dot com and we will be back next time with another passing shot. Catch up looking back on. All the fine was action in the madrid opens. I hope you can join us for that. And we will see you again sane. So joe what would you all the way pair of lederhosen or stands french. Open winning shorts. Oh well can. I washed the stan. Shaw is that literally taking them from the french open final on they probably been washed. Ready haven't they. What would you rather have. Clay stains everywhere. No let's say a washed kgo. Eight days in hilarious. Can you play tennis in lederhosen. I'd love to find out that is a very bold idea.

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