Bonus - Simone De La Rue on Surrender, + Body Acceptance After Pregnancy at Propel CoLabs Fitness Festival


It's kind of happened by accident. I'd had enough of dancing. I've been i was in a broadway dressing room and i had an arm i meant of. I don't wanna do this anymore. I oh i don't want to have to audition for someone to give me a job. I wanted to take control back of my life and be my own boss. So i created buddy by simone. You're listening to the almost thirty podcast cast hosted by christa williams and lindsay simsek almost thirty started as a conversation about the transition from our twenties or thirties but then we realized life life is full of transitions so we expanded our mission. We are an intuition led wellness focused lifestyle podcast that promises to deliver authentic conversations shins diverse points of view an insights rooted in optimism growth and intention the almost thirty nation community is a group of purposeful dreamers who are smart smart passionate and always seeking the full potential in every aspect of their lives at almost thirty were making magic together. We dream it and and then we do it. Thanks so much for tuning into the almost thirty podcast here. We go happy friday. Welcome back to our summer series. We are doing with propel as you know we were live at the propel co labs fitness festival in los angeles this summer the fourth year of one of the biggest fitness festivals out there. We love this event because it's a place where we all really learn grow inspire and and celebrate fitness and wellness altogether you know that's our jammed to be in community as we are learning so we just thought this would be such a great fit <hes> and away to inspire our community by having these conversations with incredible guests we were lucky enough to interview leaders in the fitness and all over mind body health health space and are excited to bring you the series powered by propel. This episode with simone de la rue of body by simone who is a former dancer turned hollywood fitness. It's expert and the founder of b._b._s. She is amazing. She is a new mom and she is so down to earth and we are so glad you tuned in for this episode enjoy <music>. We're so grateful for this interview with mon. We are excited to have a conversation with her today. We you're so glad you are here. We are almost thirty podcasts. We started three years ago when <hes> lindsay and i i meant and we were going through transition from our twenty any store thirties when we felt like we should know more answers than we did. We felt a little lost a little confused all of those things so we wanted to create a space where we could have open conversations stations about health wellness spirituality entrepreneurship all of those things so we are excited to be here today with y'all and excited for this interview the what's bring her on the wonderful simone delarue come on up. She is the founder of body by simone and she has been able to really create a business business and a life around doing what she loves and she is such a kind kind soul and we've had her on the podcast to make listen to that one but looking forward to chatting today. How's the workout. It's good. It's who is that me. I know we did the hug shoes like ah. Can you tell us about the creation of body by simone. You know creating this workout. That is different than anything else. That is very you. That is very approachable bowl yet really effective so i didn't really go to gyms throughout my life. I was always at dance. I started dancing at the age of three and that was a professional dancer full eighteen years in london's west end and broadway and i always just had my long lean physique because stance was my odds and was my i passionate was what i did a man. I remember someone asking me what do you do. What workout do you do to look like that and i said well. I don't do work out. I just dance and i was like an moment for me like oh this is this is why my buddy looks like this because i'm dance every day. I'm using my entire body. Might i call up a buddy. My lower body my brain. Li li's are to learn choreography and and i will why not open something that can teach other people to dance and not be intimidated by the word dance so it's kind of happened by accident. I'd had enough of dancing. I'd been i was in the broadway way dressing room and i had an aha moment of i don't wanna do this anymore. I don't want to have to audition for someone to give me a job. I wanted to take control back of my life and be my own boss so i created buddy by simone and <hes> i remember sitting in the dressing room and i was looking through this magazine and it had edge hair by so and so and make up by so and so and i thought soon. I wonder who trained them. That would be a cool name for business wide. I call let body by simone so that's how the name buddy by simone started. It was literally a transition from dance into fitness. When you dance you have to learn in all forms of health and wellness. Yoga pilates strength work so it was combining all of my favorite things into one workout and i'm a little bit a._d._d. A._d._d. and i get really bored so the thought of like standing on a treadmill for twenty minutes was i. Oh my god that is torture so i wanted you know. Let's what's a fun way of doing cardio and it's by dance so that's basically how it was created. I go all my favorite bits and pieces of movement and dance and fitness. Put it all together and created a body by someone in a nutshell. That was a lot and wasn't it. I found dance to be so healing and i don't know i was the dancer in a past life but not here extent and i think just as a kid like we love to just kind of dance around and flop around it feels so good and revisiting that as an an adult has been so so healing so i i'm curious about what you've realized are the healing aspects of dance chance of moving your body and my way of actually being in your body i think as i said before you know women we can be quite judgmental an for me. One of the main things that i still in my staf and all of my studios is a beautiful loving energy and inclusive energy an ego. Free environment says like leave your ego at the door. We have celebrities next to everyday people. We all sweat the same and we're all there for the same purpose. They're just trying to be the best versions of ourselves so it's really important to me aged to create a toxic free environment and a loving environment you know like if you hear the word dance dance cardio like oh god i can't do that. I've got two left fate and i wanted to create create something that you didn't have to feel intimidated by you. Just wanted to come in and have a good time when you dance. It's a it's an odd form. Isn't it so it's like it's sacha freeing failing at such a creative failing. You're not necessarily going one to one to one on a bike. You're letting your whole buddy. Move sets a spiritual creative process as well as of getting a kick ass workout and there's so many brands out there so many fitness you you know experiences that we can all do and we're so lucky that we can do them but you have stood out and what do you think has helped in your brand success. Yeah i think now now when i first started eight years ago there only few people doing dance cardio and now every corner in new york somebody's doing dense ear and the same thing here in l. a. and at the the end of the day exercises exercise. I always say this like one of my favorite courts. A bicep curl is a bicep. Co you know you can you can get a kick ass workout with me. You can go with gun. You can go with luke. You can go with any of the other holly incredible trainers here. You're always gonna get an incredible workout but for me. What i'm selling is the failing. I wanna sell the the feeling the joyous failing and so i think and i hope that the reason that we've continued to be successful still eight years on one is the spirit you know an inclusive energy that you when you come into the room and then it's just the adrenaline and the feeling when you leave is so incredible folks that you wanna come back for more but i hope it's just as i'm nice. I think that's like ellen says it will be kind to one another. You know it's that simple. We've we've been talking about identity a lot over the last day or so with all of our guests and i'm just curious you know identifying as a dancer as a performer warmer and then identifying as a founder business owner. What was the turning point and are you you able to identify as other things as well. Sometimes it's hard because we attach ourselves to those bigger titles yet so i just love to dig in their sway sway. Think what's interesting. When i was a dance of you know that was my life. I lived and breathed and slept. I remember i got my first pair of point shoes. I slept next to them because i was so excited added to get my first pair point. She's i'm but you would say i'm edessa. I'm dan so what do you do. I'm a dancer. You know and it's like ben. I stopped saying that because then i was doing this fitness thing and at that point no one had really heard of body by simone and <hes> oh yeah. Are you doing that. Okay okay so we really just have to believe even yourself by. What's the title they have to not feel like we have to say who we are. What we do. Don't use your cell phone what you do but for me being on stage. It's very egocentric. 'cause nets like look at me everybody. I'm fabulous but when you're a trainer when move into fitness you're actually helping other people oh so the ego goes out the door and it becomes about a service. I'm giving an active service to try and help you will be the best versions of yourselves and i actually found that turning point for me. Was oh my god. This is so much more fulfilling so much more rewarding 'cause i'm helping you guys be the best that you can be the and it's not just about me but he fake eyelashes enduring five six seven eight at the front of the the broadway show yeah so yeah that was definitely a turning point for me but it was just like leave your ego at the door and <hes> help other people if that was a shift for us even with the podcast because it seems golick because it's our show but it's really about the messages that are i guess share with our audience and my ability to just translate that for them so i completely no and that's helped in longevity with your brand and i'm sure you know with ours as well. Another title that you have is mother got the baby in the back. He's that that we got a bunch of ace and then a stroller huh uh-huh what is that ben mike balancing motherhood and transitioning. You know your life. It's <hes> it's been incredible. I'm forty four and when i fell pregnant i was forty forty three and the doctors said to me that i was having a geriatric pregnancy which i didn't know if any of you out of had babies which i thought was hysterical because i'm forty four not one hundred and four for assad but you know i'd been trying for two years to get pregnant and i thought okay. Maybe this is not for me like my studios goes my staff for oh my babies so maybe that was my calling was just to be a mother for all of my stuff but <hes> i found out i was pregnant of overjoyed joy and then i was so nervous the first trimester do want to exercise too much exercise too little bit so so cautious and he's at the back of the room he's three and a half months old and he's the love of my life and i never thought that it was possible to love a human so much but it's actually given me me the more drive and more ambition she be successful because i want to show him especially as a woman right thank goodness on the on the boss right now but i can have him in the green room and i can breastfeed there but the so many situations where they allow you to do that and that's another one of my messages that i want to to help women is that we need to the open up the conversation and we need to know that it's okay that you can be a working. Mum like i don't have help. I didn't have a nanny just he comes everywhere with me and that's just how it is and we have to be. We have to create environments where that's okay but i want him to see that. You have to work hard for what you do and so it's it's really encouraged me to be better and and work harder and yet and take tagging along for the journey but it is a wonderful love but it's crazy because you know my body that's this is my tool like this is what i've always shown his my body by simone and when you get pregnant you get cellulite and you boobs full down in the milk comes out and then the baby becomes out and you get cut in half and then you know it's it's like there's nothing glamorous about that either and i also want to open the conversation about that of loving and accepting accepting your body like i did a post instagram when it was like a couple of weeks officer had given birth and i've let everything out 'cause. I wanted everybody to see because a lot of people put on instagram. That aren't show anything you know for like six months though destroyed from here up and then they'll be at the gym with a six pack and you you've just had a baby and and that stopped fair because you're setting the wrong message to women that all of a sudden this is how you look because you don't no matter how hard you work so. I think it's really important. The message is the exception body in love. It takes nine months to put on the way it'll take nine months to take it off and it's a process. My buddy probably weren't look the same as what it did before pregnancy but that's okay because i have him so efforts beautiful man yeah yeah i love to know what has been <hes> the vital to being present as possible for him in your post postpartum healing you know physically emotionally just assed being in your new new normal <hes> you know. I think you know some women have a really really hard time and it's and we don't talk about it. Necessarily necessarily thankfully people are talking about more postpartum and just other struggles but i'd love to know like what has been really valuable ineffective for you to to be as president as possible yeah. I think you know i go back to as women were so homer no right. He like be like this and throughout the pregnancy. I was the happiest i've ever been my my husband is like we've gotta get you pregnant. Moral high was just cool and loving life since having him yelm sleep-deprived deprived. I had a c. section. I didn't plan that so you can't get out of bed for like a week you can you can barely walk. He can barely lift your child like it is such a struggle and i found my emotions definitely going like this since we have to control that so for me. X. brings me back to exercise. It's like even if it's just ten minutes just finding that time for yourself is so important as far as i okay. This is my time. It's my meditation. It's my mantra. It's my i ten minutes my hour of doing something just for myself. That's my exercise like can go on and on about it. If only we could bottle that failing those endorphins that you get your exercise is we'd be rich because that that that that those endorphins are just incredible so when you going in a more you're having any kind of depression or you do have the blues. He's like you absolutely have the blues. I think i'm a pretty positive person that there was some days where i i don't think i can do this. You know exercise for me was my go-to because the psych okay i'm back in my body like this is may i know this and it made me feel good and you've also trained other celebrity mama's chrissy teigen natalie portman jennifer garner but would you say some of the lessons that you know they're doing as moms has taught you yeah i. I actually asked them. I i asked jen basically every morning. He's not sleeping. Is this normal like what should i be doing. I think communication is the cave of women. You know you have to ask ask ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for help but it's it's a process. I think life is a precious. None of us really know what we're doing. Do we just kind of make it up and you're like okay. That didn't work so so. I went to that next time but i think yeah just just finding the balance but it's important to do something for yourself. <hes> so that you are a good role model but they are going to be center interview tension and they are going to be universe for quite some time and that's okay. That's beautiful as like your life ships a little bit but i can still have my career as well and i think it's a hot conversation. Now <hes> recovery just finding that time to slow down is just as good for your body body as movement is so how would you recommend people if they are doing you know cardio a handful of times a week or three times a week <hes> <hes> and they feel perhaps. They just need to keep moving. You know almost as a not a distraction but sometimes i feel like i i should just do it. You know the workout feels good after you do it but i do think we forget how valuable russ can be so what would you recommend. Absolutely i always say one day rest and usually it's. It's a sunday but we're making exceptions today. But a day of rest like you need to reset reset the mind reset the hot reset the spirit and reset set the body <hes>. I know you know i've worked on revenge body. We've done three seasons now. Everybody's their goal is weight loss and they think of gotta keep going. You know seven days a week. No you on your journey. You have to have a day off. You have to allow your buddy time to heal and repair in the muscles to repair payer <hes> and just be still. It's so important like eating. I think our thank goodness worth so much more open minded about meditation about yoga <hes> <hes> about positive affirmations <hes> you know and it's not you not selfish. If you take day yourself and as women we put ourselves selves lost. We put everybody else before us at children family ad job and we don't put ourselves first and it's okay to put yourself first and it's okay to say i need needed day of rest and whatever that is view but yes sleep sleep. I can't go on enough about sleep. As a sleep deprived mom <hes> i missed sleep but sleep is when you can heal and repair so if he can take the time to do it get as much sleep as you can on revenge body yet what are some of the key themes names that you notice with a lot of the people that are on the show <hes>. I don't know if any of them in the audience right now but we had some in the class duran was with this <hes>. You know it's fascinating to me. I'm so glad that there is the show because it is a platform for us to share knowledge in in wealth. You know we are very lucky to be able to be here today to to experience this but so many people one don't have the funds one don't have the knowledge age don't have the tools and don't understand so the show is really wonderful because it allows people to to learn the tools. I think what's fascinating is shorts of weight eight lush show but it really is about the emotional journey that everybody is going on. We all in our life have some experience of loss or trauma you. He knew there's a reason why we've got to the place that we have and so a lot of it for me is therapy. It's not really about a a weight loss show. It's really about being a therapist getting to the route of that trauma and finding out what that is finding that love and self acceptance and then really just being happy with who you are. That's that's really the core of what it is and that's why i enjoy doing the show because it really does help transform people from the inside out. I called my best friend in his husband the other day okay and they were crying. I was like what is wrong. They're like we're watching simone on their your biggest fans so i i do want to talk about emotional body and you know how how you treated your own emotional body and just how important that connection connection is with another to heal and how that's related to the physical transformation to yeah it is old connected mind body and spirit. It's the holistic approach but often. We don't know that we don't even think about that but it's like something as simple as smiling at someone and they smile back at you and immediately feel good right so it's like coming into that workouts just even looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling at yourself breath. It gets so hot. I don't know if any of you guys goes do that but looking at yourself in the mirror have a positive thought rather than the negative rather than oh. God look like this look my eyes look you know or i look at my teeth. Oh my bud or you know change that thought process and say something something positive like a little beautiful today the toshiya south high beautifully ready for the day they beep you have a positive thor and you'll be surprised that then that puts you in a good mood and then you're gonna come out the rest of the world and you're gonna present beautiful positive energy to them and it's going to put them in a good mood. Olivet is is a bad is about emotion. Life is about emotion you know as an and the beauty about coming back to the very start of the questions about dance and creativity and expression that's all about you know feeling positive and enlightened and so it's it is exercise. Everything weight loss says oh connected to you and how you see yourself. Yeah you can be whatever size you wanna be who cares what size you are but just own it and embrace set and love yourself and that sounds simple and easy but it's the one of the hardest things to do once he can do that winning what would be a first step for someone that wanted to love themselves more and and change that talk. I guess the mirror what i chimera minutes is dislike act tonight before you go go to bed and he'd taking your makeup buffy wash face actually look at yourself like not down or somewhere else so you phone or scrolling that we've become. I'm this nation that just swipe squalls skull like like you know everything's instant gratification and i didn't know about you guys but it makes me feel shit when i look could instagram sometimes because everyone's portraying this. I'm fabulous. Look in my life and you know then. Not you know that's just that instagram picture that they've put on right so don't don't compare yourself to other people look at yourself in the mirror. Look truly look at yourself and say something positive and and believe it and i think that's your first mantra right. I'm a vision of health and beauty. My mom taught me that when i was like five years old and as my mantra since i was a little girl mma vision of health and beauty eighty so i say it to my son every night before he goes to bed but just trying to change the whole process. Pick a mantra say something positive. You've done compare yourself. My mantra is i am infinite love. That's my the thing that i like it speaking of social media. I just think it's it's so hard to just manage expectations manage your own perspective on the world and in and on yourself so you know you've you've been you've been doing it all really you've been on t._v. You have your studios rose. You have the app also incredible. It's just you're out there. You're out there and so so visible and and i'm sure it could feel vulnerable at times. So what have you learned. And what boundaries have you created around social media. I joke but i think it's like we should have a license to be on social media but i really take it seriously. I understand that i've been blessed to have a platform to speak to women and so i don't take that lightly an i try and be very responsible all about what i post. I think it's really important that you know. I have a responsibility parts real. I too have reeled talk and not just post something glamorous us you know or put filters on it or try and pretend to be something that i'm not and i know i get frustrated. When i see you know influences winces and now everybody's influence a like someone's got a six pack and they're an influence sir and they'd telling you had to do an exercise but they've never trained and they have uh-huh qualifications and it's it's it's frustrating because like one you probably injure the sun because they're going to follow these exercises and to it's like just stay in your lane and be you and and stop i. I didn't know it gets me a little bit frustrated. So i try and use my platform in a really positive resited way <hes> and of course sometimes someone writes something negative but i just delete it or block or on follow and move on you know it's like i don't partake in in the madness as you know that person's just seeing behind a computer writing something and they probably very unhappy in their lives but i think we can use social media in a positive light to promote wellness and health and and and try and stay away from the negatively if you can. It's hard. I know but try in just follow positive people. What would you say to someone who's nervous about doing a dance class either i i. I didn't know i mean if you see me <hes> teach she class or if he know me i just make a fool of myself and i don't care like i try and disarm the situation and just try and be <hes> i dunno funding funding crazy and i think that seem points thing is as long as you're not standing on someone smashing them in the face next year. You can be creative and do whatever you you want go. You know be joyous as you want but don't be afraid to do it like sometimes people come in and they're like the hottest thing is just getting in the room and once you're in the room and you've completed the cost like oh that wasn't too bad and you come back again so my thing i would say every body the first time they come to any of my shears. Oh try <hes> the app for the first time you know. Just try and do five minutes. Just stay in the room. Try and do it and the next day you do it. You're going to be even better. We were talking briefly before we got up here and you mentioned that having your son just put a lot of things into perspective at love to know what those things are yeah. I we know as being very ambitious. He knew sometimes. My mom said to me about a year gorgeous like semi. When is this all going to stop. You know just like you building another studio a new building the app panera adding live classes. Do the app and you doing too many things that one person can't do and i might well. It's never gonna stop. 'cause i always i'm so passionate about health some wellness. I'm passionate about helping people. I'm passionate about spreading the love of dance and love of self but i think since having oscar you know now. I'm like okay. It's finding the balance <hes> but but family comes first you know my work will be there. Ed and i have created a most incredible team. A couple of them are in the audience now katy and katina and jillian and vicky and hedgerow and joachim ahir <hes> that you have to surrender now and allow <hes> is that the app that some epa music yeah l. Let's put that sounds like the apps. Actually we have to do is download it from and it's good buddy by simone and you get a fourteen day free trial. I'm not using this as a place for commercial but i am you should honestly get. It's the it's the greatest thing i think is the best about better nutrition to lavelli leveque cou. You ladies are actually introduce me to you. Ladies is incredible. She does all the meal plans and the recipes and it serves so you've got. That's never been done before an app. We've got the fitness and the <hes> recipes and health and nutrition as well but as the saying if you only wanna do ten minutes so you to stay scared to dance. It's good to be able to do it in your heart and put ten minutes of dance have a little practice and when you feel good and you've mastered that they need to come to class and you'd be like up the the front. I know this one but i've lost my train of thought oh yeah so just creating a wonderful team that can help and support learning to surrender and learning that you know everyone else. Ask has got your back and <hes> i don't have to do it on my own anymore. You know and allowing other people to share the message and spread the word as well. I think that was that's a big thing <hes> as a woman you know you you like. I've gotta do this. Gotta prove myself but you know other people people that help you and that's that's the beauty of it. You gotta surrender enderle. Allow them to help you. I was beautiful. What's your favorite part of your self care routine. I know it may have changed with the babe probably sleep deep but i'm not getting that at the moment but i just can't share enough how important sleep is is inborn time view muscles to heal and repair your brain into be still v._m. Your mind stole the thoughts but probably that yeah meditating when even now i don't do the twenty my mid twenty minutes meditation because they don't have time so it's like five minutes grabber where i can but also just excise excise even if it means going for a walk outside just carvings and time for yourself uniform last question for me just curious you know it's important that we fuel our bodies for these intense workout so honey what has been your tried and true <hes> nutrition as to your every day yeah i mean people. Ask me all the time. What do you eat. Do you wait. What do you eat and we're so we're gonna ask what you eat. The thing is we're all different right and so you can't compare your meal plan to my put meal. Oh ban you know i when when i'm training properly the girls will know we workout for five six hours a day which is madness so we have to eat so much much more than the normal person you know. I eat a lot of protein. I know and i know jails vegan people here that don't wanna eat meat. That's fine right. Don't compare don't wants i this. This is the certain way that have to do it. You have to do what's best for you full. May i need to eight inner three meals a day in two sacks. I need to eat heavy protein to few my muscles to hate help. Rebuild them and leedle drink a lot of fluid and then david. We know we're drinking propel today. Everybody drinking lots of propel water. <hes> you know trying to eliminate the sugar but i'm a woman and i love sugar and i really chocolate biscuits for breakfast. It happens but i think just you. We're all intelligent. It's just about you know eating. Well eating real food eating whole food eating organic when you can my biggest thing is you you pick up something from the supermarket bucket and you don't know what that is on that label and you can't pronounce that word dr needed yeah like be like a caveman cavewoman eat real food wherever if whenever you can fruit and vegetables you know grains proteins chicken fish meat where it was smart intelligent right. Don't stop yourselves is no. There's such thing as a diet when you actually stop yourself. Slow down your metabolism then. You're gonna crave something. If in this like a kid tele kid they can't do something. What are are they gonna. Do they gonna do it. Tell you self oh. I can't eat that ice cream. You're going to binge and then you're gonna eat the whole tub so it's just really mindset but yeah just eat well folow kelly leveque email plans. Get the app because there's great recipes in their fair so great yeah listening to your body and that's great advice. Thank you so much sir. Thank you thank please if you haven't tried a body by among class we highly recommend it's just so good to be in your body and follow out body by hi simone and your personal instagram is he's at body by smile. Okay buddy all right guys. We'll see you later have a wonderful day guys having me ladies thank you so much for tuning in to the almost thirty podcast live at propel co labs this summer m._r. in l._a. We will see you on the next one you can connect with us at almost thirty podcast dot com and almost podcast on instagram <music>.

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