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Good morning everyone. And welcome to first things first, I'm John Wolf as always the hall of Famer, Mr Chris Carter, Mr. Nick rights right over here. Big show today, basketball football, and then more basketball. Little more football Koby has more advice for LeBron James wasting here with yet to say L bell went off on the Pittsburgh Steelers. As former team we're going to start though with quarterback Dwayne Haskins teams got a front row seat to watch the Ohio State quarterback throw yesterday and Haskins shine in his pro day. He is the presumptive number two quarterback in this draft with collar Murray seemingly penciled in with Arizona at number one despite going perhaps it number two Haskins is convinced he can fit in anywhere. Take a listen put me eighty playbook. I'll make a word so be able to show off platform throws moving some move into Mariah being able to move off spot. And then so be accurate then wanted to show because. The season throws that I miss it. I don't remember all off season. So I definitely felt like I did with that. RTC even following Haskins for a long time. What sets this kid apart as a top NFL prospect. We're right from the beginning when you see him throw to football, you know, that he's special. He's has a tremendous arm. He can throw with different velocity on the football. So that's the first thing besides his size being the prototype size that six three two hundred and thirty pounds. This is the size quarterback in arm strength quarterback. That's been successful in fill for the last thirty years now my own personal Intel and even talking to Ryan day the head coach at Ohio State yesterday. Because what people might be missing out on him is his overall leadership because he doesn't look like some diet dynamic leaders, and he hadn't been around a whole bunch. So people don't know but ADEMA high AllState filling in for J T Barrett. When he was a redshirt freshman, especially in that Michigan gain you could see where he started to grow into being a leader. And one thing to Ryan day pointed out that this year in taking over when they had. A lot of controversial things. They started season urban Meyer was suspended not on the sideline. Ryan day was trying to the first time that he was offense coordinator at Ohio State and Haskins his first season as a starter. So taking over that leadership of JT bear outside of his own physical gifts. Those are the things that Ryan day communicated to me that he believes that people will be shocked by overall football IQ how he understands football football concepts understands defense is what they're trying to do because before Ryan came to state, and he's been there last two years. He was an NFL for two years and a lot of those concepts. He was able to go over with Haskins even more in depth than he was able to go with J T Barrett a four year starter and the captain three time captain there at Ohio State. So the intangibles as far as the game his knowledge and understanding what the defense is trying to do what this what what this past play means. The different levels of throwing short intermediate. Andy, those are the things he pointed out to me that only knowing the kid and teaching him football that you're going to understand credit to Haskins and the people around him that set him up for this pro day because I think if you watched it it was very smart the way he went about it much like Cuyler Murray through every throw at his pro day from the pocket not on the move because we knew he could throw on you. You want to see him in the pocket Haskins did the opposite of that. For the same reason. We know he can throw in the pocket. We know we can throw stationary good protection. So he worked on throws on the move. He knew that one of his weaknesses. He mentioned it. There was on the move to his left, which is a weakness for almost any right handed quarterback. It's not that he's unique there, but he also was precise. Not only in his throes. But in the exact placement on deep throws. They were going to the outside shoulder where you want them to go on the red zone throws. They were high in a way where. If you do miss it's not going to end in disaster. So he is the prototype. It's one of the reasons why it's been so surprising to me that so much of the discussion has been about the other quarterback. The other quarterback might be more interesting because he's the opposite of the prototype. But big strong successful at a major school in a pro style offense. Those are the types of quarterbacks that have gone number one in their draft year after year after year also the people that trained him I thought they did a good job as far as showing his foot work a lot of times when you're young as a quarterback. You don't understand the type of energy that your feet need to have? And that's probably what I took from. Because I know he can throw the football. I knew that once people seem in personnel. Be like shocked like, wow, he throws it with such ease. But does he have the type of powerful footwork in the pocket that guys who aren't great athletes Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and their ability to build a shuffle their feet and be dynamic that way, which is a different strip that quarter. Bax that people typically don't look for in younger guys are a little bit lazy in their drop. So you could see that that was a point emphasis as far as his overall footwork and showing people how quick it work wasn't in the puck and for his Evelyn as a passer. See we were told me this before the show you mentioned right now, he's an arm and shoulder thrower. That's what the next step for him will be not only the footwork in the pocket, but using his base to make him a better. It would be able to his legs into his throw and also using his torso. He he's gotta do a lot of core strength strength things. Because drew Brees. That's one thing that he taught me as far as being accurate. You gotta keep your core. Strength because you're going to throw the ball from your legs a lot more. Once you get to the pro did look to be in a little better shape than at the combine now was in bad shape. But it was I read some of the scouting reports on him yesterday that he has at each phase from the ballgame to the combine to the pro day each time his bodies looked a little bit. Better thing Ryan day said which was interesting is you haven't. A guy looked so natural throws with such ease. Nothing about him seems forced why is that important for teams that are looking at him. Does that give you better sense of what kind of player he might be in the NFL if you can throw the ball? I don't have to change his mechanics. I can go actually to the football. Now key will tighten up as mechanics. He does have a little loop in his throw that you wanna make a little bit tighter. So there's less things that you have to change because an NFL offense. It's not going to be as foreign to him as we've seen the other college kids that is totally it's like learning Mandarin for the first time. But if I don't have to work on his foot work, if I don't have to work on his throwing motion, then I can concentrate on Xs and os and the football part. And because there's a part when you turn pro that they're going to knock you down you lose your confidence. But if I don't have to change my overall fundamentals and how I've learned to do things it helps me get up to speed with the learning that often and that alludes back to what we heard in the sound bite about six minutes ago when he was saying. I I'm ready for any playbook. If he already has a throwing motion in that. He doesn't have to rework, and if the mental part in the Xs and os, and the memorization that goes along with being an NFL quarterback if that's not overwhelming, then he's in a better position to I don't want to say be instantly successful, but to hit the ground running. He's in a better position to where. There's no part of it words like man, I'm still working on fixing. How I throw the football more has to or man. I can't just there's only a third of the playbook. I'm comfortable with calling in the huddle. Like, we see with a lot of young wanting doesn't have to work on. I think it's personality is for more dynamic and will fit into pro football a little more than Cuyler nothing wrong with being quiet. But when you are at quarterback, you have to have something about you have to have a presence about you. And that's what Haskins is what I've seen in him since he stepped foot on Ohio state's campus. It was evident is play last year when he threw for fifty touchdowns. And I think until NFL teams will see that. We've now seen. Produce from both Carla Murray and Dwayne Haskins. And I think you mentioned it is your prototypical quarterback and you're new age quarterback. And that's how you're going to differentiate between the two we'll talk much more about that on the other side. Get to some basketball. What advice is Coby giving LeBron about how to win titles in LA the next on one? You can always check us out on the Fox Sports channel on Sirius XM or Hooghly, right? That. Welcome back. We'll get to Kobe and LeBron in a second. But first jazz Knicks last night Donovan Mitchell hesitates on the dry finishes. Big though, Utah. Look good last night. Man. They went after the Knicks early. The Knicks have been playing some of these games were they you know, are little better than the record would indicate Utah was not having it last night in the guard that five three and the west is adjust logjams are Madsen blazers off the pick and roll. That's D Lillard finding Yousef Nurkic for the dunk. And then the staredown won't you to look back, man. Don't don't try to hide look back and say who dead it? I'll see what car get you one of the bigger tougher guys in the league his story. People say Nick look back at again, that's. The plane game last night. Wow. Saint John's Arizona stay that means Jimmy. Oh, I got it. From the visual off the mislaying AS use to Quan lake slam home, the put back James Harden's alma mater, gonna make it to the real insead tournament. Arizona state. We get that going tonight. There's a fun game. The better game of the two last night was the ones involving the two sixteen. But this was a fun game as well watch that while watching will NBA get it young fellow time now for your subway choice moment LeBron's for season in LA is almost over by everyone's account. It was not a success the goal now do better next year the question now, how Kobe Brian chimed in with some advice saying you just gotta keep pushing seasons. Like, this are what make championships worth. It's Nicola Bron ever win title in LA. Kevin Durant leaves the warriors. I think the answer's yes. And that makes Kevin Durant. As powerful this off season as any player as we've seen in recent. Isn't or forever NBA history? If Kevin Durant leaves the warriors. There will be ten teams that go into next season. Depending on how free agency falls with legitimate title, aspirations, the top the top half of the playoff teams in the east. We're talking about almost all the playoff teams in the west from this year. We'll see what the clippers and Lakers in free agency board about a third of the league that will go next same. Wait. We gotta star. We have a secondary star. We can go do this. If he stays in reupped. I know we've talked Kevin or and says what it just be for one year. What if he signs a real full extension with the Golden State Warriors that to me would all do everything but cross a line through LeBron James championship window because while I do think the warriors the Lakers are going to be much better next year too. I think they're going to be better enough next year to reach the gap. They currently have with Golden State. I don't they need Golden State to take a major step backwards which would. Losing Kevin Durant? And then also, of course at the star. So I has to be both. It has to be able to be. I don't think that the Lakers, even if they add Anthony Davis are in position with the coaching staff, and I know that will change with supporting players to go on a seven game series against rant Steph Klay, Draymond and beat them. So I'm not closing the championship window on LeBron. But Kevin Durant nod way has more to say about this than just about anybody in basketball. And I would say also if Kevin Durant decides to go to New York my question is this Kevin Durant win title before? Lebron because right now if I if I was if I was looking at everything that's been presented LeBron's hold career. How long he's going to build a remain this prime the Lakers. Are they going to be able to not only Bill to get one? These big free agents are pulled off the trade. But one of all those other important players that you need to build, you know, what type of style they going to play LeBron ages are they? Bill put enough defense around LeBron as he ages those things after depend on. So the answer to the first question is no, I don't think he's gonna win a title in Los Angeles. I'm not going to be depend on Kevin Durant. And I think Kevin Durant. If he goes to New York he'll win a title before. Lebron? We'll because I believe that someone else will join him in New York. Also that lottery pick whoever decides to get that Zion. That will play a role in it. But if it was just based on everything that I've seen the lack of confidence I have in the Lakers organization Bill to put those key four five benched players around. Lebron I would say, no. And then I would double down and say, I believe Kevin Durant is more lined up to win a championship. No matter where he goes and whoever he partners with then LeBron is in LA partner with someone. So basically be Durant and someone else who New York LeBron someone else in LA everything else being relatively. It's not letting the us still be right? Well, that's what I was about say. It's not like those two teams all of a sudden become well. Pencil. We're going to go Lakers NBA finals for the first time in over forty years. It would be those would be two of the teams. But then there'd also be Houston and Golden State as most likely the favorite. I think they would be the Vegas favorite as you mentioned. Yesterday, Denver's like is anyone ever gonna pay attention to us Portland? All of a sudden would see an opening. That's not even a mention, okay. See Yonathan going anywhere. We're gonna talk about Philly. Philly should only be better next year depending on if they can keep their pending free agents. Boston boston. We don't aid your step back. But there's a lot of we don't know because we don't know how agencies gonna fall, but this is where eighties such an interesting off season. Because if Katie stands, Pat, then the discussion is the same as it's been going into this year, which is whose who has who's the team that could win if something bad happens to the warriors if they falter if they have a bad luck injury timing something like that if that doesn't if he leaves then we're talking about like you said, wait what? A bigger draw LeBron in LA and New York. Hey, how will the original warriors look five years after the splash brothers burst onto the scene? All of that. Now, I do think LeBron is not done being the best player in the world. And I know he's not done being a top five player in the world. But as we've seen that's not enough right now, he needs another player and the role players that you're talking about who do you? Trust more Scott Perry in the Knicks when they have a huge draw Madison Square Garden. Coby also said he's Adam to list the players that would've liked to at some point play in Madison Square Garden NBA guys love the city and love the arena, even though there has been winning here. Trust Scott Perry and the Knicks more or magic point in the Lakers. More you have to trust Scott Perry in the Knicks. Moore's fours filling out a roster. So there's a lot of ifs that go along with LeBron's teen being not championship contender. But a championship favourite. I think they'll be a contender given health almost no matter what next year, but a favorite. A lot of Domino's have to fall into place. I think it's interesting that you play so much stock on what? Kevin durant? How big of a drop off? Do you think it would be for the warriors of Katie left? You don't think the warriors would still be the favorites out there if they hold onto boogie, and it's the team you see now, and they stay healthy. I mean, they're gonna have a hard time hold onto boogie and Kevin Durant. Is that type of player, let's say Kevin Durant state and Steph left they were still they would still be one. The better teams in le-. Let's say. Let's say Klay lease. And it was that they are that town now as far as LeBron lebrons. Go have a hill to climb next year to be on all NBA because Janas and K D like he's going to fight for one of them spots. I mean, he's not gonna make all MBA this year. I stated that's what I mean. What else will we talk about LeBron? He's not gonna make first team. Right. Because of those two and trying to get back on first team man, that's going to be a tough task is going to be sending a message no matter where he goes in Janas will be defending you know, the MVP from from this season. So. It's just not a foregone conclusion. Now, Nick might think that way that he's going to be all NBA and everything he's top five player. What you can be a tough. I didn't say foregone conclusion. I and be a top five player. Not the first. Okay. Well, let's just go with this right Steph. Yup. Joel Embiid Janas K D. Yeah. I've not I'm not ready to put Joel Embiid there yet. I'm ready that no matter despite what he did last night. I think we know I think you would agree with this the seven best players and basketball in any order or Steph, Katie Jaanus, Hardin, Anthony Davis coli and LeBron James those your top seven Joel is trying to get in my opinion, at least right down your list. But the players that have played the best, right? Joel Embiid would be in that for this. Right. And it all resets next year. Like, so this is I think we're talking about two separate things. I don't I don't wanna get lost in the weeds on that. We are in agreement that of course, it's a hill to climb and as far as Kevin Durant and his ability to remind people on. A singular level. How great he is that one of the attractions of going to New York. He's going to get more shots. He's going to be the featured piece even if he's with kyri Kevin Durant next year. If he goes New York, we'll be one of the preseason favorites for MVP because of that because he's going to be able to humiliate those counting stats accordingly. But there's the eighties. If he stays then we're having the same conversation, we've been having if he leaves the warriors probably are the Vegas favorite. But they're very close. It's warriors. It's the rockets Philly, it's Milwaukee there's a bunch of teams on that list. That's what's so intriguing about this summer. All right. Let's take a break. They're coming up lady. I'm vowel sounds off on Ben Ross leave it at that next. I things. Champ lamont. Peterson takes on surrogate opinions in a welterweight showdown. Eight is Sunday at six eastern only on one and the Fox Sports at time now for say. Fifteen seed Abilene Christian will take on to see Kentucky today in coach Joe, Golding fashioned choice might have fans split down the middle say. Written my pants. So I get back to Abilene. I haven't gotten a bonus shit either. I just found out. I don't get that till June. I think so I heard surveys gonna start a gofundme page, I appreciate it. You know and help I can give but. A went. We got one soup place in town. That's it once place that they couldn't get it. They couldn't get it done. I guess you gotta alter and do stuff. So I got one suit my man, I had to suits when the year started I left one in the airport. True story had to go to win plate Nichols state. And by by a suit or khaki, pants and shirt. I'm coaching them all in my baby blue suit, and I'm gonna have a whole new, but. Literally love this, man. I love that man. Because that's about as honest as it'll get coach cow. Got a him up. Right. He's got awesome coach gala on his. He's got more sued coaching college basketball this side of Jay, right? Yup. Yeah. Right. Who did you have a suit come on man have a jacket? Wait. Wait, hold. Did. You have when I met a ton because of my wife's business now. I didn't wear them often code. I had what what go ahead. Oh, yeah. Winter coat. You didn't have a winner. Oh, I didn't have a coat to wear on on television walking anywhere. Chris one of the first things he did for me all the economy doing sports coat doing rate. Hey, this is the true. It's a it's the truth. But you did get me a suit coat like a winter coat. That is true. I'd never owned. I appreciate you. See? All right. Help me out for years. Now. So altruism stores morning now Dwayne Haskins participate in Ohio state's pro day yesterday projected to be the second quarterback taken in this draft after cholera Murray. See where would you like to see Haskins end up? But I believe is going to be successful. No matter where he goes the giants. You can take you cannot scout them and not take. All right. Dolphins can take him. Because I believe they're why receiving core is a lot better than explosive than the weapons that they have with the giants. So I like those two destinations so giants. Do your homework. All right. You want quarterback of the future? Born and bred in jersey. It's hard to do it, man. He wants to be in New York. It would make sense for him to be a not. A quarterback that doesn't start day one. Because he had such limited experience giants sitting there at six. The jets have told little world that third picks up for grabs man move making New York New York trade move up to three take Haskins. That's ride like SIEM. It's where he wants to be. And would give the giants real plan. All right to the NBA. Now. Good news, James harden and fifty seven points last night. Bad news, James harden, still lost rockets fell to the grizzlies in overtime, Nick despite the loss. How impressive was this game? From harden harden was simply spectacular fifty seven. And it's just like, oh, yeah. Of course, twenty five in the first avenue. I thought when I saw the halftime line. Oh, you might get fifty fifty seven. He hit three free throws to force overtime, really tough. Call at the point one left in overtime that cost rocket this game. But man, every game matters right now rockets, they rested heir, Gordon. Overplaying the grizzlies. Okay. Yeah. Half game up now on Portland in in the west. So every game matters. But a great job by James the most imp-. Oppressive thing Jenna was for the last six to eight weeks. Everyone was sent me. And he keep up this pace. People aren't asking that question now. All right. We're in the middle of Martin he rose in fifty seven James hard, this one of the most impressive scoring seasons that I have ever seen. I finally Celtics and Sixers last night. Sixers hadn't beaten Boston yet this season jumped to the third quarter that guy right there. Joel Embiid watch him gets by Jason Tatum, finishes the end one he had thirty seven points twenty two boards on the night. Big energy getting the crowd involved less than a minute ago tied game. Ben Simmons hits the layup. And the foul shot down three now next possession. Kyri Irving driving denied by Joel N. Bead guy loves his defense, then Jimmy Butler nails the jumper with less than six seconds to go. That puts Philly up five Celtics led by double. Digits most of the first-half in this one. But the Sixers win it one eighteen one fifteen Nick how important was this win for Philadelphia. Biggest one of the season for the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers locks up the three seat forum, which is critical in the Eastern Conference gives you a first round match up where you will be a heavy favourite and a guarantees. They will not have to play the Boston Celtics in the playoffs unless both teams make it to these turn conference finals. Boston's despite the win last night Boston is a bad match up for them. There's a reason that Boston going into this game at one ten in the last twelve at swept the season series. That Boston presents a lot of problems for them in if they had lost. They would be in the danger zone. They'd be only two up on Boston Boston, obviously would have the tiebreaker having swept the series so any Norma swin and the way they want obviously and bead was dominant. But how about Jimmy Butler seven points through three quarters? And then did what he needs to do. He was their fourth quarter answer with fifteen in the fourth. This was a critical win for Philly. They're not going to get. The two line. But now the guarantee themselves they won't fall to the four line their best win of the year. I thought it was important, of course, for obvious reasons. Because of the way Boston has dominated them, but the style for which they're going to play Joel be talked about it after the game. My goal round. Here is a score as many points and keep the teen in Jimmy Butler is going to be are closer is you so. The coach what he did last night was he took the ball out of Ben Simmons hand as far as running offense late but the ball and Jimmy Butler hand and allowed him to have that type of quarter. So for me what I like is you need to have some confidence. You can't say, oh, we're better than them. But Boston keeps beating the style for which they when Joel Embiid was a beast last night missed his first free throw then made twenty free throws in a row. That's why he's such a special player but close in and out with Jimmy Butler, keeping that style. Now these last ten or so games continuing to work on that Joel Embi attack in the first three quarters and Jimmy Butler finishing out. That's why thought it was important last night for the style for which they got the win. You mentioned ten of twelve Sixers to south just the fourth time in twenty five meetings to give that a little context. Why why does this Celtics team give the Sixers fits like this? They're MB graph game Horford does typically guard him well. In the case last night. Additionally, the Sixers biggest weakness is their depth. And the Celtics have a lot of depth. And I think the Celtics have decided coaching edge. But this is but they're not going to worry about him. Again. They're not gonna play the Celtics again this year. I think Celtics make Eastern Conference finals, and that's the only place they can play each other. If the Sixers also make these conference finals for the Celtics just like I said this guaranteed the three seat for Philly. This now guarantees the Boston is in that four five matchup whether the four or the five India, it's tough match-up for them because Boston with kyri on the point. And I'm not here just to bang on Ben Simmons, he's a defendant, but he can't guard kyri. So you can't take advantage of the defender that he is because he's going to be on someone else, and you can't hide JJ rid. All right. Philadelphia has a week bench. Boston's a lot deeper than nil and JJ Rettig. He is a mismatch going against anyone in the Celtics typically light to find him on that. Offensive in going against him. So that's been one of the big reasons because you can't hide them and Ben Simmons when he's garden against Kyrie. Did you so much pick and roll you can't take advantage? Typically been would be able to negate our slowdown the all the other point guards in the Eastern Conference. But he can't do that with Kyrie. It's just not a match up that is favorable for Philadelphia. Go ahead say we talk so much about teams. Now getting ready for this playoff. Push getting ready to go with the warriors and whatnot. The Sixers last night looked like a team that had the energy the wherewithal the right mindset to get ready to head into the playoffs. It seem more. So than the Celtics even though the Celtics were dominated in the first Celtics are in trouble. They've been the fifth seed all year long at some point people are going to start to believe they're the fourth or fifth best team in the conference. Marcus Morris was one of the best stories of the team up until New Year's day. Get fifty percent from the field. Forty five percent from three for Marcus Morris since then forty percent from the field in the low thirties from three was Jaylen Brown play last. Night. I know he was out there boxer. What did he do? Hello, Jason Tatum last night, having an impact and Marcus smart, listen when Aaron Baines is already hurt and Marcus Smart's one of their key player. That was a huge story. Can't get yourself kicked out of the game. It's a critic rat afterwards to kind it wasn't one of those guys going up for a layup. And you Fallon too hard in the refs gave you a week of flagrant too. You know, you're getting kicked out when you do this. The only question is will he be suspended that was enormous because when you were talking about been Simmons guarding Kyrie with Marcus smart off the court. They don't have a great answer for someone to guard been Simmons late in the game. Been Simmons gets the end wanted to give him the lead. They don't there's the Marcus Smart's mistake was huge. And the Celtics are who they are. They're a good not great team. That's that they'd been all year long and kyri lot appoints twelve twenty nine from the field. Even though we came in fresh because Rozier was playing the beginning of the fourth. It's tough loss for boss. Hi, Sixers avoid the season. Sweep they beat the Boston Celtics one eighteen one fifteen let's head to the NFL. Now finally got some insight into L Bell's decision to sign with the jets. The former Steeler running back sat down with SI TV in his first big interview since leaving Pittsburgh and had a lot to say about his time as a Steeler, his rumored weight gain his money. And of course, is relationship with Big Ben Rothlisberger. Like is like been. And then like GM. He's like is like they all their own same love with everybody else lower. Okay. So it's been the GM, and then all the rest of the players in a sense. Well, it's the vibe got if we're teammates were teammates all seeing all of us. And you felt like you weren't even with Ben. Been. Is banned has been to quarterback at the time. I'm thinking that's how supposed to be. He supposed to be like they'd right around quarterback leaders and. Quarterback. But it's like it's still use doing teammate. And then they. What I'm saying not Kevin coober? Things ain't Mr. Rooney. Yeah. I enjoyed teammates was not a factor. Why you didn't want to stay in Pittsburgh that was part of it? That's part of it. It was V factor factor. Yes. Relationship with them. And you wanted it to be different in the way. How would you like to be different been more open? More genuine are real exam. Like, we're friends. Teammates. And you did not feel that way. Markey's pouncey defended his quarterback on Instagram saying I've been with Ben going on ten years. I swear on my kids. He is a true leader sucks to see players who leave and are mad at the organization now try and point fingers like they're perfect. But this is the world we live in now artsy. There's a lot to take in there. What did you make of Livy comments? I thought it was unnecessary. At every NFL officers NFL facility, there's a pecking order, do you think element and Tom Brady on the same page when Bill Belichick talk the new like you think doing the same praise? We got Trent Brown come into the show later. You think that hit the conversations Brady was having with them? You take the same as avid. No, that's the normal way of doing business in any office or structure, there is a pecking order of doing things, I think that L bell. If they give him the guaranteed money. You know, something he wouldn't be saying that today. So that has a lot to do with. Now, if you're going to be teammates or close to a guy compared to are we going to be friends because I had a lot of teammates. I thought they were I thought they were good teammates. I wouldn't try to be friends with them, you know, as far as socially and everything and be involved in their life. No, that's all extra. Now. There was some guys on the team, man. We had a group of guys that man, we did all types of things together. But it's clicks in a locker room. You've got five or six different cliques of people hanging out. With each other. And what I know from been been is close enough to his teammates. But he wasn't close to two AB when close to L bail went close to them the offensive lineman. He is closer to him four hundred drinking buddies. They hang out with them everything. That's why you so that's why you saw pouncey yesterday. Come to the rescue to be like, no this guy isn't for an offense of Lyman been is a good leader. He plays hurt. He's tough. He's smart controllable, man. He can throw it about any part football in the critical moments. Third down fourth quarter will been come to it's been proven year after year. So if he'd gotten guaranteed money. Yes, is this structure in Pittsburgh, similar to those that I've seen around the NFL very very similar, and listen big Ben's, very smart about that that teammates that he will won't criticize publicly. We've we've spent so much time at his radio interviews, his press conferences, I can't think of a time where he's like what happened on that. Is somebody missed a block, and I got hit that why he never criticizes publicly the offense of linemen. So I think it's smart by him. It's genuine or not the guys who have the biggest issue of Big Ben on the team seemed to be guys that he will publicly criticize and or guys who also want a bigger share of the spotlight ovens stink talks about it all the time with us. They know they aren't going to be starring actors in their movie, they are always going to be supporting or unnamed characters that's the personality of them. But when you have personality in Tokyo Brown superstar wide receiver lady on bell superstar running back. I'm sure there's some natural bitterness of big being done share a lot of the glory gets a disproportionate amount of power within the organization. And why can't we be pals is on bells mindset? I don't there's a lot of to me very fair criticism. Big Ben a lot of which love it on this show. I don't think it's his responsibility be fringed with viane belt. I don't think it's his responsibility, by the way to knock himself down. Down a peg in the organization, if you wanna say the organization is elevated him above the coach, and that's problematic. He's elevated they've elevated him above the rest of us, and that's problematic. That's an organization complaint is not a nobody. Nobody's in the business of going to bosses say. Hey, guys. I think you treat me too. Well, I think you should I think I should my stature should be lessened. So of the criticisms of Ben Rothlisberger that are fair. I dunno that lady on bell was listing them right there. I understand he wants to eat. Don't hear him often come out and speak poorly of her blame or throw any offense lineman under the bus. I get that. But a big part of why Ben Rothlisberger is successful has been over the last couple years because of Antony Brown, and because of lady mbelle, and if he as we're hearing the rumors are he got what he wanted. He got rid of the two guys often criticizes got rid of his offense coordinator from a couple years ago. Todd Haley all the people that he has spoken out about. Now, you won't see. Okay. Ben, this this is the team that you seemingly want. There's no one else that you don't like there are no other sort of. Cancer's on the team if you will now let's see what you put together after. Correct. You there because it's not been disadvantaged inside who's going to get the money. He didn't decide the trait Davey demanded a trade. All right now, he did criticize the decisions as far as the coaches. But so did Aaron Rodgers. So we've seen quarterbacks players criticize it Ben has not selected the roster. Kevin Colbert, don't go to him say, Ben how are we going to dish out this money? So we can't put that responsibility on Ben Rothlisberger. That's not his responsibility. But was the culture he had created or the build up? Did it come to a head were it was well, you can either keep in Tony Browning? I think it I think that since certainly exacerbated the Antonio Brown situation. I don't think the lady on beltway Shen that was a contract dispute. I think been Rothlisberger. Now, maybe he didn't help into lady on bells warm and fuzzy feelings when he said all those good things about James Connor when he said, we're going to be fine. I think that's your point. But the lady on bell situation was money and Tonio Br. Brown. I think could have been solved by money. But it wasn't a pry money. Wasn't the initial factor. I think Antonio Brown. The initial factor was headbutting with him Big, Ben. But I haven't heard been Roethlisberger say, and I don't think we will that. He's glad those guys are gone. I think he knows they have helped him do his job. I think where he could have been better was on Ignalina Jing early on. They helped me do my job. Maybe I shouldn't throw Antonio under the bus when I throw a pick to a D lineman. Leon bell has been a great player for us. We want him to come back this year. Maybe I shouldn't publicly say we're gonna be fine, which we James Connor those types of especially because in that interview lady on made it clear, he didn't really have a great plan as you were talking about all last year. He didn't know going into it. I'm going to sit out this week that we come back here. So maybe some of those comments when he's like I'm gonna come back after week one. Maybe that's one of the reasons he didn't come back as early as he said he thought he was maybe going to and then didn't like there wasn't a lot of logic. Let's not get away from what? It's been number one responsibility. When he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and we should note this Pittsburgh Steelers, create the culture. All right. Been Rothlisberger rolled into that culture. All right. Mike tomlin. Kevin colbert. They create the culture we can't blame that on Ben Rothlisberger. Now been are there. Is there a difference between great leadership leadership styles? Yes. But his number one responsibilities to lead to football team, which he did when they were defensive dominated and led them to a Super Bowl. He made sure they didn't blow it and then after that been led them to the Super Bowl. So you'll number one responsibility. Regardless of what your Simon is to do your job. And that's the delivered a football to the players who deserve to be able to get the football or the way to coaches that played. So we can't distort this. We starting to talk about a lot of different stuff. I can play with been rothlisburger. He no reason why because he's a damn good quarterback. And he can deliver the mail where the ball, but he needs to be delivered. And I played with a bunch of bad. Dan ones. So let's not get that mixed up as we AB wining and took himself out of Pittsburgh ale. Bill because he didn't get the guarantees. He's out of Pittsburgh. That's not been Roth as burgers fault. It's a fair point. All right. Take a break coming up much more from lady and sit down that's ahead on first. Welcome back to first things. First MBA, Stephen Jackson joins the unhappy engineers where it is President Obama suit. I like Sears spree team on this set. And it's very nice to see. Everybody's looks nice. Yes. Bring us all down with my black. Thank you in LA is almost over. And by everyone's account. It was not as successful one. So the goal right now. Try to do better next year the question right now. How are we going to do that Kobe Bryant chimed in with some advice saying you just gotta keep pushing seasons like this or what makes championships worth it? All right. Steven you think LeBron will ever wanna title in Los Angeles. One it's playing I think he's I think he's still good. I mean Kobe giving them the best vice you can give you came out. You did what you could. Obviously the team wasn't the team. You wanted it to be going to go into the playoffs. So just deal with it happens. A lot of players a lot of top five top ten players have season where it didn't make the playoffs. So this is not that they know they're going to build this team. They know they're gonna bring some players in do what you've been doing great off seasons working, but often something be buried for next year, in your opinion aside from obviously stay healthy. What's the biggest thing? Lebron should do if you were giving him advice differently next year nothing. This man spends millions of dollars on his body every year, there's nobody in greater save. Now he had the Android ship. But that's far the time. This guy's been in the fines what seventy eight years. So it happens. It happens this'll fluke injuring, and it wasn't that serious. You know, it was more of holding him back for the playoff run. So I mean, do do the same thing you've been doing all these years. You don't do. Nothing different. You still great. You're gonna be better next year. If it was me, I give him some suggestions. And number one thing would be as body. I would try to get my weight down his lowest possible as you get older your joints can't take the type of impact that it's so for me. I know he spends a lot of money with this trainer. I would try to come down with an ideal different weight because as you get older you need to play with less weight compared to move more. Wait, another thing. I would try to go back to working in the low post. We know you're passing skills are great. We know you ball handling is great. But I would go back to working into the post because that would be something that I could rest on offense of in or it would provide another weapon if I surround myself with all these shooters LeBron in the low post is dangerous, and he's also you can be playmaker from the low post. And then the third thing to Bill finish out my career. He's got a build shoot free throws better. Because in those critical games is going to come down to him build a make free throws drawing. Drawn fouls and get into that free throw line. So even LeBron James one of the greatest basketball players ever. There's three things you need to do a mmediately. Now, it might be five pounds. It might be a couple percent of body weight. But as you get older, your body cannot take it if you look at the greatest players that have ever played what did they do late in the game? Kobe was different in his fifth championship. Tim Duncan was different not only style game. But his body weight was different for that fifth championship. He got call him alone. Is he got older he didn't get bigger, man. He stayed in Shaka's. Karl Malone could run he ran that court. That's one thing that sack. That's what rob sack. He went the other way with it got bigger instead of just have not seen plagues. All right now, regardless of what sport they play as they get older you have to look at my ideal weight is not my ideal weight anymore. I'm thirty four thirty five thirty six I need to be able to get down to something where I could function. That was something that really helped me my training staff. We got. Down to two hundred eleven pounds when I had been the league's sixteen years. All right. And that was the nice down from where see it was down from fifteen. Okay. So I have played his highest to eighteen but at that point it was time to drop down. And man, I hadn't been that low since my first few years in the league. So your weight the same way your first five years in the league waste going to be totally different then in your prime meal career. But at the back end man help you help your body. Help your joints out the free the free throw part. That's guaranteed. You shouldn't even have to say that we consider them the best plan league. You gotta make free throws. I don't think I don't think at this point in his career. You can get that. If you ain't got an all those big games. You didn't play in. I don't think that's going to get bad. I think that's just him. Folks. You can't practice on that. You gotta just lock in. No. Because he don't have a good routine. He's not comfortable at the free throw line. It's too late to change it. Now, we're in the how you get better, man. Everyone's trying to either you getting better are you're getting worse. So if he doesn't do that. And I believe that that would be I don't think the Brown is that way when LeBron looks at his game. You look at the weakest part of his game right now is free throw shooting. So what good does it do to draw all these files and Goto the whole if I'm not going to be knocking wish I watched Joel Embiid last night twenty seven to not down twenty in a row, but we win league. Now where you got shooting for is get Hackensack Rogerson, and okay Hackensack? And so it's a different league. Now, the other aspect of this is things that are not in his control as far as will. He win a title. You guys talked about things he can control his body working on his free throws things such as that. I thought you might mention different ways to approach the young players. But I guess we don't even know if those young. If they make the for Anthony debt windows passed to do that what? Windows at guy. So listen your pals with Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant things. I always talk negative about him gave Kris Jenner the stink at Knicks game. Because I talk negative about them. I'm gonna say some very nice about Kevin Durant here. Kevin during all right now. Right now has as much power over the league as any player has ever had going into offseason. And it's if he stays in Golden State, then this question might be a moot point if he stays in Golden State, LeBron plus Anthony Davis owning that's enough. You would need to hit a grand slam home run this off season kyri and Anthony Davis. And then maybe you can be the second favorite to win the title. But if Katie leaves and comes here, we got ten teams that go into next year thinking week and win the title that the Vegas. Odds will be a stacked as they have been since the NBA Jordan's first year of retirement when there was eight nine teams that legitimately felt they could win a championship, and it would get back to the era basketball when you first came in where to be a title contender. He needed to great players and good supporting cast like that's what Katie is the power to influence if he makes the move to New York City. I agree. But we talk while abroad. I really worry about Katie LeBron for the most part don't like you say okay free throws. That's what they can work on your game. But as far as the way he approaches every season. I don't think anybody does better. You know, he locks in the summertime you come back. Like, if they would have made that trade, we wouldn't be talking about none of this stuff. No. I would still be talking about because you'd be like LeBron do down the stretch. I'd be like man, I'm concerned about his weight. I'm concerned about the mount of force on his joints. All he's never been injured. Okay. Well, everyone's don't get injured. And see to that the frito suit. And I've been on that forever man, because I'm Jay guy. And this game wells down to it to end. I'm draw me how and I'm going to go to the free throw line is to simplest form basketball hound going to win. They call them free. A reason if you're a seven footer you got John Norma's hands I'm willing to make some concessions for you. But man when you six eight and you'll you by building we about who's the greatest player in the world and one guy suits eighty percent. One guy's seventy fifth. Stop man stop. That's a real thing. Just real quick on your weight point. It's something LeBron's down in his career as far as depending on the type of Sally wants play. We saw going into year two in Miami. When he was going to make the commitment to go into low post. He came in bigger than any point in his career. We saw him his first year back in Cleveland. He's slimmed down a lot. So he has shown the ability to change weights. And if you're right that he that he needs to get back to around the weight when he came into the league, let's say this. We saw him get hurt at this week. All right. Let's just say well. What was the right weight? This weight are get heavier are lose weight with Chris it definitely not get heavy. Okay. Then let's just do some common sense as you start to get older, your body cannot take the impact on your joints. He is human just like everyone look at any cross sport. Look at Lee of the Lee and look at them and see what size. They are. Wait there at Tom Brady. What h l think he's at right now and physical shake tease in. He's a lot lighter than he ever was where he's younger to he's got a fountain of youth going there. But this is this is what is happening all sports. Lebron James, and I just like I tell kids I coach what do I need to do to get better? And I are you going to listen to me. So yes, why would never tell you to do something that you couldn't do LeBron James can do this. That's why would said that because he has done it when it Miami. He went to riding his bike. He got leaner. There are other times where he balked because of the style he is capable of doing if he wants to be the greatest player ever he's going to have to win another championship. And he's going to have to come up with a different style. To build a finish off his career. All right. Steven seal, but later on in the show coming up on Bell's best football still be you can say. Back here. First things first so last season trim Brown was the starting left tackle for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots this off season he signed a four year deal making him the highest paid offense of linemen in the league Trent Brown joins us now Trent good morning. Thanks with us to the show, man. Thanks yet. Uh? Thank you. Well, first of all it's great to have your as I mentioned before. Definitely the biggest guests, but you're the soft giants seeking here. You're so quite and sort of understated, and it goes along with your story. Seventh round pick to become the the highest offense of lime in NFL history. How much does that mean to you? It took a left me to get here. Didn't take it for granted any opportunity was. Definitely granted with open arms. And here we are where we were just ten months ago was a very different place, the commentary to be fair, you were in my mind. One of the biggest question marks for the patriots solar leaves Isaiah win. They draft pops his achilles. And it was a relatively unknown player. Seventh round pick plane. Cisco Trent Brown is going to be protecting. Tom Brady's blindside how much of that conversation where you aware of. And why do you think you were able to thrive? So I would say almost instantly once the season got going. I think it was a part of the organization they fully believed in you confidence was through the roof. And I was able to play my game. We did things that were played into my strengths. What what were those things? What do you mean? By that on this how we prepared the Ren game and the past petition I think earlier in the season they relied more on a quick passing game. Allowing you to get very very comfortable. Also, they didn't give you a lot of hill guy that young a late round draft pick thrown into Trey with Jimmy Garoppolo. Typically, you would think that tight end they will go left side and tied in would be next to you know, that's not what New England they put you on that island. And you earn your keep. But as the season went on it seems like that they thought that you might be a better run blocker. And then you guys started leaning on people in mass and people did you see your confidence? Once you start the season playing in that system gain momentum as the season went on most definitely, and I feel like we started clicking awesome. These at the right time as a as a whole group though ninety we do. Well, go ahead. Jim is there pressure on a New England patriot offensive lineman. To make sure nothing ever happens to Tom Brady. I mean, you hear all these stories that this organization goes through this quarterback. How much pressure is on that line? Whoever's back there, you wouldn't do your best to keep them up right in the playoff for on. What was so remarkable was the number of dropbox Brady had without getting hit. He was sacked going into the super. I think one time he goes playing some very good pass rushers. I the chiefs didn't have a highly ranked. It's one thing they did. Well, was get to the quarterback how much of that was schematics karnicki and the in Josh mcdaniels game plan, and how much of that was you guys is going out there and execute it. Can come. Listen of all those things. Everybody was prepared. Everybody was well prepared and ready to go. Now, let's go from a because everyone wants to know about Tom Brady, man. We can't have you here unless we talk a few questions about Tom Brady because we have some other people questioned other leadership. We have known Tom Brady to be one of the great leaders in the NFL. How was his leadership and give me some examples of things how Tom endeared himself to his teammates. Is only one is to give. I mean, he's layby day in and day up. He approached the day how he approached practice ever. Remember getting to the office before Tom Brady? No, remember yourself being there long after Tom Brady was left office unless it was injury or something. So when you say when you say lead, by example every day, obviously, that's not just on Sundays on the field. What when you say lead, by example in practice. What does that mean for people that haven't been out there? Explain to us what you mean by that. I mean, just taking advantage of all time every rep counts for sure and even between when we go from Austin PD defense period. He's finding something to do some work on tell me something you learned from Tom Brady that you'll take with you now to the raiders something that maybe eve never had another quarterback. Teach you in the way that he plays the way he preaches the game on definitely how these life into the in the huddle commands the huddle and. We break the huddle you ready to play for sure what type of excitement do you have because you made to transition in San Francisco, you're trying to cut your teeth. There. You get man. You get your first opportunity, man. Then you're involved in a trade you're going to New England. And I know you had to be scared. Okay. Because people young players think that is the evil empire. And you get there and been like, wow. This is okay. Now, you're in Oakland. You heard John gruden's voice in Seattle that they how much are you looking forward to playing in that open. And now, you're not just a part of a main attraction every week people going to be interviewing are you ready for that type of attention? Definitely ready to play for coast grew in full of energy breeze license life into the team for sure can't wait to do start. It. I received much attention, but I'm a pretty poise guy. And I think I may for for you. What was your reaction to with the Antonio Brown part of this as him coming over to the Oakland Raiders? And being a part of you. We come the big free agent acquisition. He is the big trade acquisition and an offense that could be very different than the one. That was their last year. We kind of grew close to each other. Now the same as about a year ago. From we had a workout marito's, Danny Miami. And I was just finished my second workout. He was probably starting his ninth detained today who who knows with him. But. It definitely played a role some excitement there. Definitely a playmaker. A guy that you've definitely be wanting to get the ball to. So you mentioned sorry just real quick Antonio's ninth or tenth eight it seems like even amongst hard working athletes. His workout regimen is legendary that amongst even of the elite of the elite. There's something about how and how often and the way in which he works out that is special knowing him now for a year plus having worked out with them. Can you eliminate that a little bit? I mean, you see it every day on social media. He he lets you see it's real. Yeah. And the facility they work out down there in Florida. They get it done. They've been doing it probably does been doing it and doing it at a high level. Do you think that right now because Oakland, you know, not a lot of positive attention coming out of Oakland? How do you look is far as getting everything positive as far as the silver and black in the row that you're going to play trying to bring winning football back to Oakland? I think I just play my game. And and do what I do not try to. Do more than play outside of myself. Just do a got me. You got a non football question for you. Because your story people. I think fans think everyone plays in the NFL's rich seven around pick. Your salary times public that is not too nice living. But it's not I'm going to retire after a few years nothing close to it last year. Thank you made the most you've ever made in your Kerr's couple million dollars. Again, that's a lot of money. But you're twenty four years old get another sixty plus years ahead of you for you now to be in this position outside of football financially. What are the lousy you to do the freedom the lack of stress that part of your life now being removed, or whether it's things you can do for the people you love have you had a moment to reflect on all this work has led now to this moment for me off the field, and what it opens up for the rest of my life. Definitely appreciate the humble beginnings. Appreciate the security that I have now. And I'm trying to get another one on this salute is just the beginning. Yeah. That's always tell the young kids man, if you under- the age of twenty five, and it gives you a bunch of money, man. This is just beginning you need to go. Get you another sixty million. So good luck to you, man. Glad you came on the show looking forward to watching your career blossomed. Thank you. What are you looking forward to more Oakland or maybe a little Vegas because the necklace says Vegas one being but the demeanor says Oakland? Recited to play in the black hole. Thank you for listening to the first things first podcast. Remember, leave us a review and tell us what you think subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts and catch us on f s one Monday through Friday, six thirty AM Easter for Chris Carter, Nick right on general, so long you buddy.

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