Australian Open Day 3 - Evan Earns Ultimate Compliment From Federer; Anderson's Loss, Dimitrov's Gain? 67 Aces And He Still Didn't Win


Hi, I'm John McEnroe's board. This is Martina Navratilova. I'm Mats Wilander. I'm stunned ROY Rinker. Am Lleyton Hewitt. I'm Andy Murray. And you're listening to the tennis podcast. We are sitting under the stars. I can see the mood narrow seagulls flying above our heads as we approach midnight on day. Three of the Australian Open myself, David law, Katherine at grant Matt's. Here we brought you an association with ten enough. The reason I've just been on to describe this wonderful saying is because we are outside. We are nursing a beer the first of of my two is before I pass out Kathryn. What you did last night wearing shoes for the clothes? Don't recommend it. Anyway, that's how committed we are to the tennis podcast talking about this wonderful sports until the the morning. I was quite relieved to find out that it also pass tat is saying she's. Right tennis. What's happened today? We started as I can recall it feels like a long time ago. The story of the die felt to me at the time. The Dan Evans admonish to win to play two tie-break sense against Roger Federer and really could have one that. I sent. I mean what discussed? Aw. It was echoes if the two thousand nine. Missed fully in first set tiebreak missed too. Just being told by Russia federate playing Mira. And now he's being competitive Andy Roddick and a Wimbledon final. Well, I mean, it was it was I mean, he wasn't set point crucial difference but five four and a sitting four hundred. What? Possibly. But. Volley it fairly. Well, federal was looking shaky from the back of the core. I thought maybe Don Evans Ataman in that moment. But he he he sort of trusted is attacking instincts. I thought Evans throughout and that was just another example. Punia execution. Let him down on that case. Marvelous match the stroke-play wasn't it. I mean, I suppose I'm not surprised by that necessarily, but to see Evans play pretty much at the peak of his powers and do it in a way that forced federal dig into his repertoire, just watching them counteract one another and then attack, and then notify and find ways to to impose themselves, it was just it's so unusual to see that sorta tennis these days, usually it's all power based in and this wasn't. I think federal is caught between loving the style of play loving that challenge and actually getting quite concerned towards the end of that first set where where ground level and he walked towards us in our country walks. I think probably when he was midway through that first set tiebreak, and he looks really rattled and miffed and and quite concerned about whether this was. Going to go away from it. Yeah. I absolutely definitely didn't have one of those Li stage. Federal subsidy any top dominancy much is felt like inevitabilities. I mean. Yeah. The you know, the wasn't ever moment where I felt like Down's gonna win this but equally it didn't feel like a foregone conclusion, and he did really well to make that in the second set when he went down. Here we go. This is going to Peter out now, but he he got the break back and really push again. And actually, I was I think when you've got a game star, Dan Evans, and you're going up against federal who's the complete master of slice, and sort of cat and mouse and just teasing almost you have to sorta. The game start against Fedor. You have to play really well, otherwise he makes you look silly. Because it's just better than you. I mean, generally speaking laser the most sit of. Depressing matchups aren't they when it's two identical game souls where born is just better, it's dollar. Isn't it just enough Ferrara's gonna do plays? I'm sleep in have absolutely no chance tool because they're the same ones better than the other for low say say, a no straight-sets, we're boys and David is particularly, but but he really did deep. Well, and I love saying. A loved saying like him showing how much it matter to him. I really liked. I love the MIT being really nervous beforehand. I really light saying that freedom from Dan, Evans, and unloved are Frankie was in the press conference after it's talking about. Yeah. I did play really well today. But if I did not pressure MIR's Fengjie, federal, you know, on the biggest stage of gotta d- this some challenger when nobody's watching for pitiful points of Gadea do the groin get the winds to get meringue. It's important to just remind people at that done Evans tested positive for taking cocaine about what was off ago, and he served a suspension for a year ago. He wasn't a player because of his own stupidity. Quite honestly. The only came back in April of last year and theory is already a hundred sixty in the world they'll be after this tournament playing on the Rod Laver Arena plane at that level. It is a remarkable turn of events for him. I did not see this coming at all. We did have David fell Gators coach contra box for few minutes. We had Leon Smith. And I said to lay on do you think he's learned his lesson and any I mean, I guess he would say, yes. But I I'm quite convinced that he has I don't see another massive derailing of the career of Dan Evans, again, personally, he knows how badly he messed up. He has himself to blame. I really don't see any. He's he's always going out of his way to not seek sympathy. You know, people want him to talk about his experience and we want the quote about. You know, how difficult he found it being away. And and you know, he didn't watch nape in Las Jacobs too hard firm. You want these quotes? But then he risks being accused if you know, oh, well, you know, if any self to blame do expect to feel sorry for you will I have sympathy for for Blake that made a mistake and is. He mistaken is is accepting that an is prepared to face up to that. And move on from do, you know, and yeah, I I really I really wish him. Well, it's I mean, we're probably going to end up talking about. Of the people tonight. Griego demonstra of e he just pose you along with him. We're going to talk about. Because I'm getting sucked in. Why what happens? We one right? He won in food sense sometime. I know so that draws say. The jury Malia happened withdraw because Mr. consistent has let us down. So this is the story of the diet. Really? Isn't it? Kevin Anderson fifth seed is out and he's out to Francis tiff. That's I mean, I I was unable to really watch that much because they've come and tell you what was the story. Here was was Anderson in any way was he injured? It did have an injury. I believe on his elbow. He did receive treatment. But he was he was a set. And I think three and. Tf oh came back, and that is going against my opinion of Tf. I don't I don't have seen that from Tf. Oh before what is sort? Always thought that he's quite talented, but is not going to really make huge waves. He is four and very strange. I always think he's gonna miss hits it, and he sort of he's in matches. But I can't really think of many memorable. Mexico play push federal wants US openness, that's kind of about it. But maybe this is this time and actually come from. No because the Hopman copy was absolutely terrible every match all the mixed with Serena Williams. I'm sure I could win a mixed series. Yeah. I mean. I didn't watch the whole thing. Like my take on. It was the end decision injury was a factor. But not the whole story. There was still some significant work to do fit fit an enough work. He he. Deserves to be considered a big step for him. I think it is. It is is what mentioning Anderson innocent the Amazon injury. But it's not it's not. Tended to find myself being pretty underwhelmed by Francis. Tier of the years. I there's a lot of American commentators and players next less. Always saying how good he is. And how he's going to be better than X Y and said, and I've always thought. Techni? Yeah. Everybody's already got the rights to the film script sold. Before he's done. Most incredible story actually went on Twitter and a while back and said Dennis Chiappa valve will win a slam. But t if I will have the better career. I mean, I think both of those stretch really just just at the moment to say with any degree of confidence. But he was impressive today to if I really quick around the 'cause he was powerful and energy said he showed stick ability. Yeah today, which is a great sign to being a guy like under sin over five sets. Go knows what he's doing over the distance. That's impressive. And the other American today who maybe I've put in the same bracket Taylor Fritz who another one who's been where he came on face. So. T- to really good wins for him, very different players in all the ways Nori in the first round finalist in Oakland, obviously. Okay. Yes. Parts of it. Tired from Oakland but still again, sunny third round? But you're right. You're absolutely right. They these big results, but both these guys, and yeah, we will hopped on for years if not decades now it's getting that way. Isn't it about you know? American men's tennis needs a flagbearer while one one American isn't in the tournament's anymore. Despite hitting sixty seven aces tonight is Riley appel co zesty Seventy-six sixty seven ISIS to allow. Two. None of that much. What I what I did. See I sorta handshake. He was playing Thomas Bianco who's five eight runny poker's seven foot tall, right? And the. Yes. Or is it one of these one manship things where once upon a time John with six ten and now he's six. According to the media guide appel is six eleven when he was asked about it. He says two seven five seven days one of these. Describe precisely six eleven it's not exactly you know. He's not exactly what's happening. Here is a battle to be Tillis man on toll toll because as you know, very well, David to men of very weird about other tool men. My brother is one of the most confident people, I know. But get him in a room somebody Hof and install them. Is it? So we're talking about Riley pal. Kaz height. Bit light Sam talks about his one hundred and sixty four miles an hour. Is totally completely still strain is wonderful good for Wikipedia. Good for Wikipedia. You you get extra so. Yeah. Thomas probably on his five foot eight he to ISIS. And if he won the. Tennis greats. Hey, can I tell you? He told me probably only plays nights. All right. So why are we excited about next? Let's not say so excited you were. You would would you? She was texting videos of media as I said to the Tennis Australia broadcast at school. He was on court for for the flash into the. That I did with Gregg Dimitrova said, this is my favorite cool. The Australian I've been caught three just over shoulders hair as we look at it is sort of historical, which is all things being equal my favorite style. And I mean, I think because the fact it has absolutely no shaved. But if you watch if you sat on that during the day, you have to be a hardcore tennis fan you have to be in to watching to be able to go during the day and opening night. It it brings something different. It's big. But it's not too big. It's it's just got everything and Greg image of one on that court tonight in four sets over public waiver. We had an I had to do this interview with him afterwards. I could feel the guilt running through my veins about the WhatsApp conversation that we had had earlier. It was the one where Matt said look the Druze aping for Greg Dimitrov and said I said the fact that the draws evened up for him makes me even less confident in him. Do you know what I mean? Amana Soren tonight. And in the way that he and blood Dina Carroll's, Donna, he's made a believer out of me. Excellent. Well. This is going to win. VC give him giving him the way that he won. It was too. It was full sets. It was a set a piece for that was really nipping talk. And he he he broke public wave thinking either four I think it was a seven five final set. Cuevas was footsie love on serve he broke. He five points in row to break. And then hold to clinch the match, and I. Joe contest today that the defy that it was such a tight victory over Tomjanovich is is a really significant confidence based and I don't think he's gonna win the tool getting. I'm not getting carried away. But I'm I'm also rowing back on my dismissive. Against him. Just one more thing. My final question to tell me what it feels like to to look up and see you on drugs any books, and he just he just spoke in the way that. We know he's a bit show biz isn't he? Doesn't Brad gale Gilbert Coolum shea time in love in a really likable way. These bit show biz he wants to impress under c-. He loves VM in his book in loves it. It's a thing and he wants to impress graph. Yeah. You mentioned that he said, oh, my parents are here, and they get on really well with Andre and Steffi and all the big love in. And it's gonna be great. And he only started talking about vibrations. Okay. So moving on somebody who wasn't talking about those things are about history goods who is the player tournaments. Yeah. I mean twice. Now, he is being two sets to love against players have been having the whole world behind him. And then those two players started playing like colossuses against him. And he's being public enemy number one. Too much is in a row on the same court. This time it was John millman. And it was the two the door list sets that I've ever seen in my life. I two that history and at one six three six one, and then millman I do not know how suddenly pulled out a comeback including from a full set. Tiebreak? What was the scoring that time break when he started coming back. He was he was six to down in the tie-break four match points down any wheeled off the next four points to save all the match points and won the tiebreak mill main on. Was electric out. There wasn't it. It was. I mean, it was so exciting that the the cameraman at one point focused on Matt's head on the side of his head to look at the rest of the view and Matt became famous for the whole world instead of panned out really funny, but millman was defeated. It didn't I was just formed the I'd been seen on tally nothing. David explained. So Greg Matt's journey to Melvin. He's he's now famous from team to TV screens everyone's going to ditch the podcast now is big trees so bad to stir good withstood that and still won the match again. Does he does this extraordinary poker face throughout the whole thing? He he behaves like he's sort of lobotomize throughout tennis matches. And then and then he hits the winning show. And this animal the pays. A really really explosion of emotion. The end is great. I love it. I've so much respect for him. But yes, quite something. So that's good went through the Dow one through he was pretty comfortable tonight against Matthew evidence hill into with jump macular at the end that lasted longer than the match. Career woman federal on sent on our layer. I mean. Wrong. No, quality interviews. But when did when did a own court post much into go from sort of a couple of bountiful questions to pack so into the? Times Catherine's next Clara news is style extending interviews by eight questions. So you're an adult through comfortably Kerber through. She went right. We've just had unac- stimul-. He's going to face the Dow in the next round. But goodness me what was that. That was so tempted whistle drummed out boys the most radian photography on the big screen background. So, but you're planning against Lexington. It was really close doesn't it? 'cause he was leading two sets to love ended up going into a faith. Why was that? I mean, you know, you look at that match on paper, you think Tim knows one Sydney, and he's got all this foam. Why did that ended up being such a close back in the end? That's on. What was a couple of things. I think one I do think I thought this for awhile about the Australians in this Australian summer they've got this a lot of pressure for them to play the events. You know, if you go Brisbane, you gotta find Sydney, and suddenly he's in Australian Open, and he's not exactly fresh any. He looked a little bit. Like, he hit the wall tonight, sort of it wasn't really wasn't getting his groundstrokes through the call and Lexington sort of took over, but an essay, we did see classic them and all when most people would shrink. He grew in that fit set and manage to find a way, and that's that's what he does. That's what he's all about watched by Lleyton Hewitt as as we've been discussing this. And we've had this whole thing with Ben atomics, words, etc. We asked Leon Smith right Britain Davis Cup, captain. So so the contemporary of Fuad's in that sort of role about that situation. And he said, you know, it is a problem really the because what's happening in that box. Is that is not just a Davis Cup captain sitting up there watching a player and supporting the the support team. He's actually coaching them and all their he's he's got like an earpiece in talking to talking to the coach. It's it feels too much really given given the fact that you've got all these players, and it's and they're all all is are gonna wanna know what hold on is gonna get preferential treatment for the Davis Cup. He's gonna get wild constantly. Get these coach do they make. Coach, right. But I it goes beyond just being Christmas with him. I think Dino spent Christmas with the Hewitt's. I, you know, I think curious did one of his social media posts which she deleted enforcer yet. You can't. But he knows it screen shows exist, right? I just. I'm really torn about this. Because I think that factions of this of this. Men. Australian men's tennis divide or behaving badly an immature Lii in. And the behavior is not great. But then equally. The role of Davis Cup captain is to to somehow become all of that. And get the players playing for you then. But then, but then I guarantee circus because I think, but like I mean, how is there a way to you know, some things are manageable. But then Bernie said, this is just Bernie Bernie complaints. I mean, Pat Rafter couldn't manage Benny. I mean, if you didn't like Pat Rafter like just hundred United on human interaction. Fantastic. Brian has been fearing today. He's played his first match at a grand slam. Maybe I mentioned title since having the same operation. Andy Murray may well decide to have and he was descr discussing it quite a lot Kathrina. You're in there as a fee, quite a few British journalists, obvious reasons and a worried that there would be a bit of a sort of. I mean, I often feel sorry doubles players impress. Phil. Of different reasons often, it's you know, they always put press together, which is the right thing often any one of them. What's get spoken to him? And the other one just has to sit there trying to look unloved. Well, one see Bruno Suarez queen's and Wimbledon all these kinds of situations or whatever it is. And and today, we Slee all the British press treat in for the points. And and I thought they would. Yeah. This is about you know, it's insulting. We want to ask you about someone else. I'm both of them even Mike Brian. They were so. No sort of wanted to talk about it. Because that makes it sound like they sort of wanting to make it about them. They were just completely happy to talk about it. Mike, Chris just so proud of his brother in search of having bad and just wanted to shout about the situation, and what a success surgery at bidden, and Bob obviously been three something with Andy Maria really feel like how close they were described a charity event that Andy Murray, it just turned up at the last minute to basically rescued them because they've got that lost somebody from the the thing in raised a million dollars. And that really clearly resonating big time and Bob was clearly happy to do whatever it. They've definitely go. They've got to a something going on which is more than just an exchange of medical information. And look it was all he was very clear to that. He has an. He hasn't offered any advisor. I'm the in terms of this is what you should day, but equally he wasn't trying to be careful holding back onto about what an enormous success felt that this surgery had been for him. So. He said, he he walks around now with no pain, Knipe pain, nine pain Olinda. He he freely and frequently acknowledged that a seventy five months things can happen be doubles player. But speaking within the confines if the situation all elements, he could not speak highly enough of that surgery. And my question to him. Andy's been talking about. This jury kind of purely in terms of quality of life that the two options he presented on Monday where I either. Pretty much rest before and a half months. And then give it a go for the grass to try and have my last hurrah Wimbledon, all I have the surgery straight who I am thinking terms of being retired and quality of life. And I asked whether that was essentially t in his v. The T pessimistic outlook in terms of his tennis career. And he said it's never been done before. And that's why nobody's telling him. It can be done in. Everybody's wanting of him false hope. But he definitely said he he thought it was possible to come back off to this hip resurfacing surgery, and the he should eat there with confident reason for optimism goodness. Wouldn't it about next year? It would. But now, and these people say, oh, well, you know, you told you tell her now you coming back in mind up on the is no he's not said anything is just it is people have awesome. How he's feeling what the options are. He's he's given. He's given. Honest onto his about what is a very complex near her. Fail from his doesn't fit into prepackaged. Neat. Little headline forest. Have I told you that I think any berry Jamie Murray will end up playing doubles at Wimbledon together. He went placing now be a great way to industry said that. Dick. Because he is. Sorry. I didn't I didn't mean to. I hadn't event I saw tweet tweet. Great great plan. Overseas can do that. I started saying to people. Just. I should envy room is nodding at me mainly. Yeah. Really? Been guilty. Interim has been a particularly good place to be this week where it's been good impaired. It's been good because it's been interesting. It's given us lots to talk about. But it's been a bit heartbreaking Victorian Raza rank yesterday in tears, and it was tough to watch was now I saw the video of it. And she's having a bad time. She lost to lower segment she's thinking that she's trying to fly and jogo life and be what she was before she stops playing because of the custody battle over her young, suddenly I and she just looks lost. And I feel really sorry for. She looks at Lowe's, she sounds a bit lost. She I think she she's a bit lost. She she she knows where she is. And it's not snow Mary. And I think it's yeah. It's a it's a testament to how much mortgage into tennis in just being very good. At tennis, isn't it because she obviously has room she moved on. That's possible. Not everybody's game goes with them in terms of the the era can necessarily cope when things change vitamin. She still a hugely impressive plaid. Serena sample today and she Katie ball to play. Okay. But it's it's like it's moved on another level. There's a comparative as moved on everything. She's just she can't do what she used to. Maybe she's regressed. We're looking at the big screen behind. This hair is marisha paver. He he's fanfare about her comeback. She's not no way she's had to make racial. She still hasn't lost a game at the strenuous open yet. She's won her first fifteen games is that three of them. Was correct. As of about half an hour. About four minutes is it. I mean, there's there's. Oh, I started. Can we can we? Is that the case sharp? I mean, I mean, the other discussion that we can't really have kids we have to sort of dance around it so much, but we know now she was taking mill dining hall career eight she saying legally, but she's now not allowed to take it. They did it have an impact. We'll never know. And but also has the game we've done since. I suspect you win his mom. She's actually three t lofta today. So sorry, speaking sharp over not losing games. I did read on Twitter that she started her twenty thirteen straighten open rain the first twenty eight games tournament. First two matches six love six hours, and it was full of. Six. She still gonna be down from Syria six years ago. Say has the game we've done respect you. About. You can maybe tell us. There's anything in a laugh these steps on the game moving on whether he steps on the naturally relation on says on a post conversation for the pop because this podcast needs to close. Now. I'm going to close it with a couple of things first of all tell you the order play tomorrow. Which is it's Thursday. Rod Laver Arena has figure Cosmo's. The third thing. I've got wrong in five minutes. Now, Victoria, Cosmo ver come David against leanness visceral. Visceral venus. I'm I mean, she's come a long way. I believe in cool twenty two world, light rain. It's called a long, right? Yeah. Physically that takes quite a bit of an effort. Yeah. Disappointed eleven because that means I have to be here. Very much from town. So four o'clock sleeps tonight, then Stanford Rinker against Miller ranch. Kennan this for today's matches. Can in has a harlot Davis twenty fail about well in the night session. Boo. Shard against Serena quit words, just decide. How well Bush arts started playing attached to Michael Joyce about earlier. What a lovely man, here's coach. Now if genie Bishop formerly J concert before that Maria paver, lots of others. I think subject of a David foster Wallace. Yes. And. Yeah, I I mean, he's very realistic. I think he's predicting a win. But. More of a match than than recent foreign by recent. I mean the last couple of years song against John. Yes. Please. Jovovich? Yeah. It bit full five cents. Okay. No it sessional. Log coterie Johanna Konta against governor mcgary that. Concept. Right. And just finally found Email from Jamie Wilkes here in China, which are kind enjoyed about the the super tiebreak. He says hi ex Pat from Yorkshire being living in Adelaide for ten years. Been listening to the pod since day one crikey. Excellent work apply. Competition tennis here district in summer. I'm state in winter final set tiebreaker called super tiebreaks, believe Tennis, Australia implemented, the format, and it has been dominated by each state organization. And I think I came up with the name he saying he's he says that and then he says pay us PS. My daughter Sienna aged five does a funky dance. Every time you're titled music comes on please change, it lovely. Tennis Australia did not invent the first attempt point break. Just call it super-tiebreaker. We can't call it. A different thing everywhere. That's just yet mooring consists Catherine's now, right? Well, that's been the tennis podcast outside under the lights and with Maria Sharapova playing in the background. I can't sit at school. My is that where well enough teeth t full two four fifteen right? Okay. Katherine Wichita grad. Matt may lower back with you an association with the telegraph. We are executive produced by tennis balls dot com where mascot which is real with a y the beautiful dog. That is with the why where we're back tomorrow.

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