Bucks schedule, swimming in the Bass Pro Shop, Cam to the Pats, and more! (Full Show)


Zero Difference, Russ Darrow DOT COM Zave is your lead donkey into the world of sports and stuff. Eighty four year old woman makes ninety four foot PUTT on hardwood to win a free cart and the net net, is she? She lost her license six years ago. Pattern like ma'am. We cannot possibly give this car. You're a menace to society. Featuring Josh Albrecht. Apple has access to my google search history. That's like. The world. Body parts before I show you that. ERA GITTER! You know the locker. At your country club Polish shoes for you, right? You don't buy yes porterhouse this waxy buildup. Tap Show on the Bella W. I dot Com, talk and text line at four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven three twitter at say, and also I tried to run Jim over my cart. Injure him at one point in the round, but other than that I beat parents. Where is? Now, here's Steve Sabin happened everyone was in trouble. Gets it. As it. comes. Blocked by Steve Smith. Here. Dell's. How did the Patriots Side Cam Newton. The inevitable Gus Johnson on the call that was vintage cam though. From a long time ago, when he wore a younger man 's fashion, east pants and Bowtie. Two Thousand Twelve, with that seventy two yard touchdown run against the Falcons. Does Cam still have more of that left in them? We're GONNA find out signs with the Patriots on Sunday Patriots have also been hit with their spy gate to penalties. We got the NBA's mop-up schedule released man. We got sports to talk about. Christmas the best day, boys, this is the Best Sports Talk Radio Day. We have had literally since March. Tenth. Can I get a quick? Number on what day we are on. Right now. See how quick it takes for us to figure out how many days since March tenth. This is easily the best day in terms of stuff to talk about. In Sports Talk Radio. Good old fashioned real sports talk, radio. Not, talking about testing protocols and a well, how do we bring the season back and? Blah Blah hundred and eleven. We got these two things got the NBA schedule to talk about plus other things like last night Fox. Decided Yeah. We're done with this golf thing here. You want it back NBC. NBC is GonNa take the US Open off of Fox's hands, and I assume that means Fox's now out out of the entire golf business. which included all the other things they agreed to televise? For the USDA. which was like other events? The I think the women's amateur. They were obligated to televise as well. This flip the whole thing to Fox. Where flip the whole thing back to NBC? With seven years left on the deal you see where under armor. To cancel their contract with UCLA with again I. Don't know how many years left on a twelve year old well. Yeah basically saying. Yeah, you guys suck like. Why are we giving you all this money? We thought you'd be good. Bye Now you're not so. We're going to break our relationship. UCLA's like Har go. Bargo Home Dumbo. Blah Blah Blah. You can't do that, but well. That's that's for the lawyers to figure out. That's why as they say. We're going to see you all in court when I su- when I su- I don't see you in court when I seen I top of the morning Mila walkaway. What a great week! It was for me up there. Boys sorry to not get together Josh with you on Saturday. As I was already kind of occupied doing stuff. No offense. No, that's you were. Busy Man. I wasn't busy. I don't want to call it busy I. Just was you know I had some things to to do played golf with Kaby? We can talk about that later. He played poorly again get. I'm sorry to say he did or you Katie said no, he didn't. He said that. It's because he didn't. He hadn't been playing much this year because of the Rona. I said all right. That's an excuse duly noted I say the same thing with my wrists. Yeah, my risks are always excuse how. Cranky you know. And then what had beers on the patio at Jackson's Blue Ribbon POB and Tosa on Glorious Warm Sun Saturday afternoon a summer Saturday afternoon. At fresh linings with fresh sliced lemon. In the In the glass and just a little two man band. Wait a minute. We'll have to ask for a better definition here. Okay good. Is a two piece. This was a guy with a guitar and a Mike. And his sidekick with a Mike and Bongo Drum. That's it that was the totality of the musical ensemble. Is that or is that not a band? Quote Unquote? Let's a dual knowing knowing before you an. Effort his duels that been jock. This Tim La. That tiffany are very blues at often. Although the trampoline. You're getting a little garbage garba yet. billups pull. Okay when he's doing that. What do you mean do how to how many people need to be in a band to be band? The white drive span more than two. Of the white stripes have been. yeah. WHO THE WHITE STRIPES! They are the white stripes. They are a band. They do seven nation army that song. But it's just two people typing me instructions. Get Her, don't Bob? Still No, you're good. Okay! Good good now. So so so there's a question for the Pella W.. I Dot Com, talk and text line. How many? How many human beings is required to make a musical band? Because! This like I, said this guy that guitar and his sidekick with a Mike and Bongo trump that was it, but it was great. That's the thing they were good, and it was great to be out on the patio on a glorious. Saturday afternoon. Don't you dare? Tell me on the definition. Of what not go ahead? I'm looking okay. Yeah, he's wrong. Okay to people's band. Okay, you don't have some examples. Well yeah, that's the thing. Sometimes. The two are the core of the band, but they still have extras. They have extras doing extra stuff, extra instruments, but they that the band is. Known as like Simon and Garfunkel were they abandoned. Deadly silence listened to that of. People thought we just went off the air for about two seconds. That's four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three on the Pella. I Dot Com? Talk and text while you ponder that all I can say is that it was glorious, and so I tried to finish my trip out. With a with a stop at Gylys. JELLIES are Gilly Gillies. Hard G. Gillies. I tried to stop there. I mean I found it on my way home to get myself some delicious frozen GUSTA. And I pull up. And I had no problem getting almost to the front of the cashier, just to put my order in for my custard when I looked around I, looked around, and I saw all these people standing around arms folded. Tickets in hand. Waiting! For their order whether it was food or custard. And they were waiting inside there, waiting outside, there was just a big group of people and I said. Okay wait a minute I don't I don't know if we're GONNA have the patience to wait twenty minutes to get like custard so I bounced. So next time I'll have to get gillies. custard. Anyway Lot to talk about today. Cam Newton's a Patriot spy gate to punishments around the NBA's mop-up schedule is out and will go through the Bucks Lineup of games. The schedule makers didn't do any favors because it's a pretty tough schedule in terms of quality opponents. Very today, we're not worried about that. Are We know? Janas Salvi NBA. Janas healthy best team in the NBA. Not Worried? Our quick poll question. It's up on twitter at at the game. MTA It simply this. Why do you think it took so long? For Cam Newton to finally sign with a team. Say Former Super Bowl MVP thirty one years old, maybe thirty two. Years Old, he's thirty. One is thirty one. Why did it take so long for Cam to get a job? And why is it only on a one year? MINIMUM DEAL WITH INCENTIVES A. Teams are unsure if he. into it. Meaning playing quarterback. Lingering injury concerns see, he was being too choosy or t soft. Racism. Early voting it seems to be lingering injury. Concerns are number one. The reason I ask this is because Richard Sherman. Ever heard of him, yes, has basically called out the league saying it's outrage and outrage that a former league MVP at that age has to settle for a one year deal, and said look at all. These other scrub quarterbacks out there. Who got better deals? This is an outrage. How do you intend to placate may? The obvious implication is one of these things. Does not look like the others and that would be Cam Newton being black, and so therefore he's been sort of disposed of. It's not that Cam. Newton. was doing and the owners would perhaps not like he wasn't like capper. Nick per se. Other than just dressing like like a gangsta like a g like a guy who's from a movie after Games which I love by the way. Other than that! Why wasn't he signed? An interesting question. Maybe, there's just injury, but you think teams would have like said. Well he might be injured, but so what? We'll take a chance. We'll sign them to a three year deal for fifteen million or something like that. Do you take a? Three year deal. Is that really a I don't know I don't maybe Sherman as a point. I have a hard time necessarily believing it, though because Cam, Newton was a heavily promoted face of the League who had a huge contract before this all sort of went apart in Carolina, so you'd have to argue that the League was not racist and now it suddenly racist. I'm not sure I can buy into that. Cam Newton was one of the bankable marketable. Well promoted stars of this league, but life comes at you fast right. Four, one, four, seven, nine, one, nine, seven, three is. The Pella, wsj.com, talk and text line. We're going to start digging into everything including. There's a story David Guy that went swimming. In a bass pro shops. Giant! Bass tank at a store and they still haven't caught him yet. nope, wow lots to digest lots to talk about Hallelujah. The sports talk radio topics have returned. The rains have come back to the drought stricken planes one hundred eleven days later. The game. Laugh. Here that's why am I playing one of our favorite songs because we've got another story about being parked out by the lake in this case parked in the late. Jeremiah Braswell an undrafted free agent. wide out out of Youngstown. State signed by the cardinals has been arrested for Ovalles or Dui. When they found his bright red dodge challenger. In Lake Erie. It is literally on these rocks in the dam lake in Lake Erie. Yeah Yeah. It's close. News, insurance, Agent Like that parking and job right there, that is great. Oh, look at the photo on the bottom. Where he he ripped Bruce, some tables sure did yeah. The East Park East part down by the lake outright closing the door when the did either. No it's open. The passenger side is open. At least it wasn't that photo. There's another photo well closed how? Do with the boat and the raptor and the chief yeah yeah exactly. That was funny as well. All Right Welcome back Xavier here. It's a Monday morning. Good to be here like I said the sports talk topics. Every turn The Patriots got hit. Hard question mark. On their spy gate thing I. Don't know if that's harder not we'll talk about it this by two by the way where they made up an excuse as to why they were filming the bengals sideline. Signals in a advance scout assignment that they said No. This is for bills TV show. He does every week. Yeah! And the Brown security guy busted their ass big time. I will get into that in just a second Pella wwl dot, com, talk and text. Regarding the Cam Newton signing one year deal. Basically veteran minimum of there's incentives that could ramp it up to seven point five million at. He can't beat out Jarrett. Stidham will then. Maybe there's a reason why nobody signed him. What what he got on the talking textile, so Zach Janesville chimes in and says I think a big reason why cam went unsigned was because teams couldn't get him in front of their doctors, and or hold a workout due to cove it. Yeah but that didn't hold water for Tom, Brady, now did it well, but did people also think that he was Tom? Brady right had any injury concerns. Yeah, he's got all kinds of he's all he's Methuselah got injuries all over the place. He's old, but not injured. That was not a cam was. Kim At specific injuries that people were worried about some somebody else tweeted. I can't believe that the other thirty one teams didn't pick him up just as a blocking move so that he wouldn't go to a good team and a good coach like check where he could instantly jump, start his career I. Respond to that tweet saying Yeah I. Don't think that's how this works. Because this is not fantasy football. Where suddenly somebody dropped Cam Newton. You can pick them up on your team. He had control. Over where he went, he could wait for the offer he thought was right. He could say no teams. He can say no to the jets and the bills tomorrow like. Why didn't the jets the bills pick him up just to keep them away. I'm like this is not real fantasy football. He has control over where he wants to go. I think it's A. It's a combination of a bunch of little things. One is yes, there's an injury concern, too. Is that I? Do Sense that he's not that into football anymore and the third thing, which is the toughest part he could still be a star. But you don't know and so therefore. He doesn't fit in neatly to a now. You're a backup, so hold his clipboard and be ready type of guy. And, so it was, it was a tough thing, and you go through the number of teams that are really in the market for qb. There wasn't that many. So. We'll see. Yeah, don't sign being the clipboard holding guy no. Probably not, but you know maybe he should be. Maybe should resign himself to that. Excuse me. Okay. Young Man box score. Billy is in the house, and he is ready to give us his version of what's going on in sports. boxcar sorry, see first day back and my fault operator operator era box billy. What's going on young men? They say this weekend. There was still no sports being played, but it's going to happen soon I just know it. What did happen is Cam Newton signed with the Patriots who also found out their punishment for spying Fox decided. They don't like golf anymore. And in the NBA, Rudy gobert still can't smell after having corona virus. Oh and a guy named Wilson Chandelier is GonNa. Stay home from Disneyworld. He plays for the nets who are going to be the thirteen of the eight teams at the bucks are going to play. They start with the Celtics. It's going to happen Dave sports almost here. Yeah box. Excited I'M KINDA SHY but I. Mostly excited. You're absolutely right Wilson Chandelier Good Paul by box score billy w Wilson Chandler Wide Wilson Chandler say he's not playing. Fam- family worries wants to protect him family rate of the Coronas yet. Because there's no coronas where he lives right now. Apparently, not sh- dot COM, delegates everywhere. He's He's in his own bubbles and opting out to remain with his family yet. Don't tell them that. There's a lot of road as all over the place he could get. It worries. I don't know where he's at. Brooklyn. Oh my God Brooklyn. Brooklyn is it still there saying his grandmother? Apparently, still there it's. All over the place. I don't know because I don't know. That there's Rodas around listening. This? Super Annoying people like this is like what is going on right now like damn, if you don't start talking for like loud, I'm changing the damn channel. All Right for sports. Real sports man poses in the House and. He knows hockey and a lot more fun. Out of blast. Racing I can see. This is posed no sports. Brought to you by great mid West Bank for all your mortgage loan needs. Top of the morning post you get the feeling. It's happening that sports is gonNA happen and that there's no going back. Now I get that sense I even saw a headline and I didn't read the story but I just scan the headlines that said May, Major League baseball may push through a season. Even of an entire team drops out. Did you see that note? I did see that and. That's like saying kamikaze. We're coming through. Adam. Much when he addressed reporters late last week about the NBA. To Hey, it's going to has you know. Yes, it's GonNa Happen. It's. GonNa Happen. I feel so much today I'm the happiest I've been sports. Talk Wise I'm happy. You're happy in lots, are you? Are you happy you sound? I'm have to sell A. You've got a case of the Mondays. Got a Monday issue right now, Jeff. We're going to get the baseball here in a bit but big news in the Nfl the New England patriots reportedly reached agreement with free agent quarterback Cam Newton to help them move on from three time MVP Tom Brady. Apparently Newton will get a one year deal worth seven and a half million dollars with incentives of the Patriots were headed into training camp with twenty nineteen fourth round. Pick a Jarrett Stidham. As the era parent of Brady who led the team of course to six super bowls, and then signed with Tampa. Bay stood him. Him has completed only four passes in his pro career Newton. One League MVP honors in Twenty, fifteen, when he accounted for forty five total touchdowns and led Carolina to the super. Bowl, but the thirty one year old underwent shoulder surgery prior to last season played only two games before suffering a season ending foot injury after signing teddy bridgewater. The Panthers Released Newton in March to save nineteen million dollars so just when people were counting out. The New England Patriots is a playoff contender after losing brady dea think they're pretty much legit playoff. CFC's yes, they could easily win. Twelve or thirteen games wouldn't have. Meanwhile the Patriots lost their third round pick next year's when the NFL punish them for illegally videotaping the bengals sideline during a game against the Browns on December eight th one week before New England beat Cincinnati. The team also was fined one point. One million dollars in their production crew will not be allowed to shoot any games this season. Isn't that a shame former longtime NFL coach, Joe Bugle has died at the age of eighty most recognized for his work with the. The Washington Redskins, hogs offensive line now to Super Bowl Championship teams in Washington in the eighties views was great and just a coach that everyone liked to be around. You know built that offensive line into a Juggernaut, and unfortunately only one of the players on the hogs is in the hall of fame that's Russ. GRIMM LAU TOM NFL Players Association Executive Director Maurice. Smith told USA. Today the chances of the season happening are seven or eight on a scale of one to ten Smith. Smith said at fans truly want football back. There is no greater exercise and fan loyalty than practicing social distancing wearing masks and wash our hands. Okay, do you know what the Save it all right? Save me the lecture, but seven or eight. That's all right so football is only a seven or an eight, even though you are even though the NBA and the NHL H, Major League baseball are all basically a ten to me? They would make the NFL a fifteen on a scale. Scale of one to ten of it, actually happening, but okay, whatever the brewers will begin their summer training Wednesday at Miller. Park out of the short and sixty game major league baseball season teams had until yesterday submit lists of up to sixty players for the roster. Those rosters will be capped at thirty when play begins July. Twenty third and twenty fourth, the brewers were released their player pool, today and manager Craig. Counsel says picking the right players for an abbreviated season is very important. That's what he said. You can put a ton of games. More Games on the schedule doesn't doesn't lessen the significance a game, so we're treating every game that way every year I don't think you can. I don't know if you can necessarily change. what you think of a game based on how many we're. We're GONNA. Try to win them. All and we have to take A. we have to take a lot of factors when we make decisions. MLB's expected to release its schedule this week. We learned the buck schedule for Win. The NBA season resumes next month I'll return July thirty first against Boston and also will play Houston. Brooklyn Miami Dallas Toronto Washington in Memphis in a fourteen day span that ends August thirteenth before the playoffs began in that bubble. Bubble of Disney's wide world of Sports Complex in Orlando. Not Shirk. You saw this. The Clippers signed free agent. Joke Him. No for the rest of the season Also he saw complete reversal last night Denny Hamlin held off Kevin Harvick to win. The pocono three fifty after Harvey. Hill Hamlin to win the weekends first. Cup Race on Saturday Matt. Kenseth finished twelfth for Bubble Wallace was twentieth. Dustin Johnson beat Kevin Stroman by one stroke to win the travelers championship in Connecticut. That's thirteen straight years now. That Johnson has at least one PGA tour. The record were consecutive seasons with at least one tour victory. You know who hold that. The well. So the record is how many against seventeen. I believe that's great. Jack Nicklaus Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer, talking golf tonight. six o'clock on the big nine twenty, that follows center ice with Aaron Sims at five o'clock, and I wanted to congratulate and thank. Tom For his work over the last four decades sees I a reporter, then a columnist for the Wisconsin State. Journal is covered everything from the packers and brewers to go and high school sports he. He announced his retirement in a Saturday column entitled. There's no arguing my exquisite timing. And said he did his best to educate explain and entertain sports fans from Madison and Wisconsin and he did just add a ot I wanted to thank you and Apparently he plans to continue to cover sports on a part time basis state journal, but that's to be determined so. Great can I can I call them. Oh. Okay anybody that meets him. Even if you haven't met him or if you don't like him, you can call a moti yeah. I think I would like sounds like a swell. Fellow your job. all right I had someone else. WHO's GonNa? Throw Oh yeah, Nicklaus. You're pretty look at but. Which? Maligned by the way gator your banned from ever trying to do a nicholas impression again. Don't have it in you. Got Seventeen straight years with a win on tour. Suck on that. I don't mind you. Walk in. You're pretty. Look at it, I. Want you walk around? He's he's hitting hybrids now, which is sort of weird like why, but he's hitting him to fifty just kind of Nice better than you and get her in me all listening yes? Very good, thank you. Pose joined the nascent. Coming up what's trending brought to you by best electric? We got a lot of stuff. What you lead in with Josh Well Margot Robbie is going to star in a new film. That's part of a fun franchise. We'll tell you which one plus a Michigan Library is just asking. Stop microwaving are books. That, and who knew so many white guys were voicing black cartoon characters, not no more. They're not talk about that next, and what's trending? You're listening to the Steve's Zaven. Show right here on the game. It is time to get into that new ride for the summer, but you might say I'm overwhelmed with the choices in different makes and models and brands. What do I do? We'll go to RUSS DARROW DOT COM. That's the first easy part. 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The Great Hans Zimmer with the score on this title track. Aren't so as I understand it. It's an all female ensemble sort of like the all girl ghostbusters movie that came out. So having been a couple, other ocean, all notions Auger oceans, all girl as well listen for those people carping about it online which I saw a few people grown enroll, there is I say. Did you see how bad pirates three was 'cause I did. You can't hurt the franchise at this point, because it's so in the ground. Pirates one was great capital g great. Johnny Depp was off the charts. In terms of wow, this is a funny movie. That's got action. It's got a cure nightly in her big breakout role. And it was like Oh. This is something different. They made a movie about a stupid ride at Disney, and it's good then to got a little bit worse and three was unwatchable my opinion. I. It's hard to argue with that. What do you think about an all female pirates? So girl girl pirates I don't I don't mind depending on the writing and. And who they get for it I, think he could be great. Christina. Hodson who is the screenwriter of the Harley Quinn movie birds of prey that came out that also had margot. Robbie and obviously is quench, apparently birds of prey bomb. It did yes and. So maybe an all female lead cast in a male oriented action John Rough is a bad idea. Maybe. Well. Maybe we'll see. But, the point is is that it's happening. We'll have to ask Matt Miller about this on Wednesday. His thoughts on the all. has there been a successful. Version of any existing franchise that you can think of textures. Help us out. Four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three. Go ahead. The oceans pretty good, actually okay. I never saw it was better than ocean swells. Here's the only one I can think of right now taught my head and I didn't see it because I. Don't watch this sick, but didn't hostile. Do like a all girl version? Of Hostile. Where the travelers get kidnapped tortured, and that's unfortunate horn movie. Did you ever see any of the hostile movies? No. You ever seen this saul movies. Yes No! Never. Did I never saw. I never saw. saw, either. And the reason is Josh because skittered. I have kids. You. Don't need to be superficially scared. By going to scary movies when you have kids scared, every day of your life scared of all the things that could happen to purchase little kids Oh. Yeah I only saw the first one. It wasn't by choice. Yeah. There's a date night with you Julie. Own movie this was a long time ago, and it was like peer pressure. Go come on. It's not that bad. Dateline Louisiana You know who a boss is. A is a guy that decides to go swimming in one of the BASS, pro shops, giant bass tanks in the middle of the mega store. Caught on video. The doofus left nothing, but his hat and his corona virus mask as he went swimming in the giant aquarium in the middle of the showroom floor, or the not showroom floor, but the. Retail floor. Yeah. And I'm used. Bystanders took video of it. Of course he did a solid lap through frantic fish that tried to swim around him. But then he calmly lifts himself out of the water jumps, down, soaking wet. fully closed shoes and all and then went off. Police are still looking for the guy, but because it's Louisiana. Good luck. It looks like every other redneck Louisiana. What do you say? I'm just saying. He looks like a generic Louisiana redneck decided hey. I go swimming in that. That's. You might hey hey. I'm pretty hot I might want to cool off the thankfully. White rednecks are the one thing you can still do voices of and make fun of without being branded as racist. It a couple of weeks. Sprang a back where from UTAH. Mungo swim that their bass pro shops. I don't think you should. They. Don't don't say no swimming. Don't say no swimming. Don't say no fishing. I'm going. It's true. I don't know. S to do they now have to put up. If they're leading. There wasn't. An less. The only thing I think of Josh was. If you go swimming in a bass, pro shops aquarium, which is, do we know how many thousands? Of Gallons that thing. It's huge, yeah! If you do that. You know what you are your boss. Mr Sandberg thanks for coming here. Performance for you know problems a clean one by the way here. Sank absolutely, maybe boss. Day. Go swimming at a pro th bass pro shops tank. memo. Swimming fish in. By some tackle. Yet real wet. The ball. report. Balsam there's. There's one bass pro shop in Springfield Missouri. They're all the same size and not, but this one has one point five million gallons of water with you three five thousand live fish. And one man and one. And one mammal. What's Trending Josh? What's trending headline? A Michigan Library asks. Plea stopped microwaving our books. What Yeah, Oh, out, because of the Ronan, yes. Exactly Sake in in Michigan, a library has had to ask its patrons to stop microwaving books in an apparent effort to kill covert nineteen. They, said the radio. The that their books have radio frequency tags that have metal in them. that. Long. You're going to set the books on fire. Up photos of all of these books that are just. Then people returned. Like hey sorry I check this out. And I burnt it so. If you want be back or it. And the books are coming back smelling faintly of Barbecue and Broccoli. Because People's microwaves have odors. They've got stuff. Right and Bacon so would have stuff like. Why does Why does this Shakespeare smell sausage? Interesting. Yeah well after work today I gotta take the books back to the library. Did you microwaving I? Oh, no good point. I got to do that amazing. We still have libraries that people still check out bowl. I know right. When was the last time you guys checked out a book? Yeah, you went to a library. Sheesh. Last cover. My daughter used to go to the library in town to study, because it was quieter fewer distractions at home so I dropped her off and I. Think went in once just to tell her. Hey outside. Come on, let's go, so that'd be the last time I've been, but for my own. Purposes I haven't been to a librarian forty years. Yeah, as Long Tau. Probably. Dateline Voice Actors, who knew there were so many white dudes and white chicks, voicing black characters that are cartoons. Last week, Kristen Bell was one of two female white voice actors who quit her job, doing a black character, but they were lesser characters I'd never heard. Now now we have the guy from Family Guy Mike Henry. WHO voiced Cleveland browns saying he's stepping down to let the character be played by a black actor, so the question becomes. Does the new guy have to still? Imitate the Voice of Mike Henry Henry does the character's Voice of Cleveland still continue. Foot older I have to go I have A. Terrible but older. Boy Don't you come walking by this house? Is a giant sunflower. That's talking to him this. Is So funny. It's so bold in what it tramples on, you know. Boy. Don't you come walking by this house? You're ignorant. Are you gotta hear this new Eddie Murphy Cassette. Trust. So question. Does the new. CLEVELAND! have to go ahead and. Do the same voice. I don't think so I think family guy could find a way to. Play it, you know the family guy right jokes into the show to talk about how it's different. Pressure got absolutely. Did Mike Henry get some sort of buyout or settlement. From Fox! I mean it's kind of it's. It's a noble thing that he has done. Although he wasn't, he had no problem with it taking that money up until now. But shouldn't get something as Galway like. Hey, you got a contract with this number of years. Do that voice in the guy. That's a major job. That's a major gig to be the voice of a lead cartoon character on a lead show. The Cleveland Joe which I never watched by the way because. Is it any good I I never watched it either. I don't think it's on anymore demands to the breaking news avon the guy who went swimming. Kevin Wise twenty-six of slidell was arrested by citation and charged with simple criminal damage to property. Wise's restaurants later, returning to the BASS, pro shops store was eventually released by police with a summons to appear in court never return to the scene of the crime. Maybe maybe forgot. He's like Dan my best hat. Best fishing hat with left in the tent probably. Get some lures could. Right Douse go get some crank baits and some rubber worms Ghani pound should've lost that ship that I before I went swimming. You know he'll probably do more time than anarchist trying to tear down statues and spray painting over everything in sight, you watch. All right coming up why I WANNA Kiss Adam silver on the lips, sports is coming back with full force, and we got the bucks schedule details to get into next plus K B next hour about why I hate. He and Baker finch on golf commentary. I'm sure he's a nice fellow. I cannot stand G, CS h all that more straight ahead. This is the Steve. Sabin. Show the game now here is the say. Once upon a time. Eight drunken Joe Namath said the suzy. KOLBER You. And because of that. I always remember that when I just feel like you know what I WanNa kiss you and not the zing wrong with that by the way, and that's how I feel about Adam silver right now. I WANNA kiss you. By the way, love his guttural sort of thing after he was so hammered that you literally do not know where he was case, you thanks, Joe. I, WanNa kiss you. When I went to go look for the Bite last night on my computer I watched the video, but again and he's answering questions. He's totally incoherent, and he starts leaning like this Josh that any starts to lean in national TV. You. You're probably too young to remember this. This is like twenty years again most. So you would have been ten, I would have been saying. Do you even know who Joe Namath this? Yes I WANNA kiss you. Thanks Joe. Hello easy. If I could find the the Youtube thing should be in my. Seven looks like it should be permanent search. Record here on good old Google, okay there. It is right there. Of course there's only a forty fives. It's only a forty five second clip. I gotTA. Hold on here. We go in drinking for several hours. I, believe everything that anyone else who watch. chat play should KRIEF. What year was it? Oh, to act since two thousand seven seems. I'll. Know because standard definition me. The same thing impresses them. What are you reading now and a team struggle two thousand three hourly kiss you I couldn't care less about the team struggling was off. He asked he is a twice by the way. We had been at the. They'd been God since three or four in the afternoon, and then I did the wrong thing. I WANNA kiss you. Talk. Very disappointed with by behavior. Josh, that's what getting drunk does right. Yeah, that makes you do things that you. End Up regretting. Team's GONNA do. I WANNA kiss you. Okay. What's what's the? What's the saying shooter shoot? Shoes goes. Yeah I believe everything that anyone else to the watch. L.! Chat play. Impresses me the same thing president them. Now team struggling. Our make. Such. Kudos to Susie for handling it well and brushing it off with well. That's quite a combo couldn't care less about the team struggling direct. I'm struggling to make us. We'd been at the. Been, God, since three or four in the afternoon and then I did the wrong thing. I WANNA. Kiss, you. so that was seventeen years ago. I made it. I'd good for him that. That's what takes sometimes. How many listeners right now to this show are hearing that for the first time going? Wait what? That really happened. There has to be a few out there. Twenty four years old and it would have happened when they were seven. To me, it happened like it was yesterday. 'cause when he get older the years GonNa Start, ripping off the calendar like a mighty wind is blowing you to the grave. There go the years seventeen years ago. Doesn't everybody know about when Joe Namath got completely schnookered, and tried to shoot his shot with the lovely Suzy Kalbir on the sidelines of an ESPN Monday, night football game no I. Don't remember that I was seven skews me for living. I was watching transformers or something. But that said I want to. Kiss Adam silver not that there's anything wrong with that. If you know what, I'm saying, here's why. Adam silver on Friday Friday is when they rolled out the schedule. Let me ask this question. Why would they do that on a Friday? That? This was a news dump thing that they did Friday afternoon. I believe believes when the schedule came out. And Adam Silver held his press conference. Okay Weird but whatever? Adam silver was asked a bunch of questions. As he stood up there and said. Here's what we're doing. One of the questions was of course why. Are you guys coming back to play and here was answered. Number one which made me say I WANNA kiss you. Were coming back because sports matter. In our society they bring people together said silver. When they need it the most. Hallelujah I've been saying that for a long time now. As you know even our own sports, writers and people in the media like I don't know if we need sports right now. Of course we needed. We needed more than that. Are Want to kiss you. He's right, never apologized for the value of sports in our world number-two when asked about what he well, what concern about this virus and all? He said quote my ultimate conclusion. Is we cannot outrun the virus and we are going to be living with this for the foreseeable jar. The Commissioner of a major sports league has come home. To Hash tag team Reality Hey. We can't. Out Run the virus. Beautiful as Tony Bro. Say Adam, silver. Gets it thank you to him. He also said we are left with no choice but to learn to live with this virus. No options risk free right now. We can't sit on the sidelines indefinitely. We must adapt. Yes, do you know how? Psychologically important, it was for a major sports commissioner I think I. Think it's important. Maybe you don't. I think it was very important for commissioner to say those two exact things. One sports matter sports are a force for good. In our society. Not just youth sports that teach Johnny, how to you know have disciplined practice and get along with teammate some of whom he may not like. I'm talking sports him at the highest level with the billionaire owners. and. The millionaire players those sports matter to as a societal grease that keeps the gears from grinding to a halt, and everyone's starting to attack each other all day everyday it gives us something common to talk about that is not contentious. That is not. Partial that is not or What's the word I'm thinking of? Partisan. Thank you. It's not partisan. Janas being awesome is not partisan. It is a binding force. In Society. And? We can't wait to see it back. That said bucks did not get any favors with the schedule. Let's go ahead run down the schedule. What is it all right the first game they will face Boston June thirty first July thirty first. What time five thirty PM. Beautiful so you can start arranging your watch parties now for the restart of the NBA season, Friday July thirty first five PM eastern time for Central, not five, thirty, central, five thirty central time fantastic on ESPN. That's right, okay next then the next game they play will be against Houston on August second at seven thirty PM. Okay three days later got it then the Brooklyn Nets on August fourth two days later. at twelve thirty. PM. And then Miami August six. At three of home games or road game. They are listed so their whole. They're the really. They're the designated home team against the Celtics and the nets in the heat. Why would that matter? Do you get Jersey color? That's probably it right, okay. All right go ahead so then after Miami. They'll play Dallas on August eighth two days after that there the. They're technically. Then Toronto on the tenth. At Five thirty. And then Washington on the Eleventh and Memphis on the thirteenth, so it's every two days. There's one day of back toback. Monday August. Tenth August tenth and eleventh their back-back besides that though. Every two days there's a game. I'm looking up right now. Just rat a tat, tat the opponents. Forget the date Cirque just rat a tat tat, the actual opponents Gill, Boston Houston. Brooklyn Miami Dallas Toronto Washington Memphis. So the soft games and there are Washington Memphis and Brooklyn. Soft so. Contests, those are all teams outside of the playoffs. At this time, the rest of them are playoff teams that are currently within the in the window. Yes. Okay. I'm trying to look up here. The sheduled to see what they had. Hair schedule results on basketball reference. I hope they didn't erase what used to be the schedule. NOPE, they did race ready. You sons a bitches now. Where do I go to get the original? Quick to somebody, have a fold up a fold up pocket you schedule. Even got out the door, okay. So so, what do they get so? I guess everyone's going to have a harder schedule because we. We lopped off the the thing. D Delete eight as they call them. They were deleted from the rest of the season. The delete eight is out. But guess what we don't care. We don't care best team in the NBA. Janas has now fully recovered a healthy even though he didn't have a basketball hoop to shoot on for the first month of the pandemic. We feel pretty good about things sure. The bucks had lost three in a row and four out of five. WANTS TO CALENDAR TURN to March, starting on Monday, March second. They lost to the heat in Miami. Comfortably by sixteen. Here's the gotten a gun at now. They boat race the Pacers by twenty. And then they lost by ten the Lakers that was the game you honest got tweaked, and then the loss of the sons in a high sch high scoring shootout, one, forty, one, thirty one, and they got beat by the nuggets as well On, that three game western swing go ahead with what they were going to have a Boston Golden. STATE MIAMI MEMPHIS WASHINGTON DETROIT HOUSTON Washington again. God the wizards twice and Detroit ufos. Then April would have been back to backs against Toronto Boston. PHILLY Brooklyn Cleveland Atlanta they would have finished. Of! Atlanta would've been. Soft Yep. State but yet. The golden and lab is in their Detroit jet back to backs against the raptors. All right excited boys I'm excited. We got a date. We've got a time. We've got a commissioner whose on Hashtag team, reality. Scud, right, it's good it's it's crazy still to think about as a fan how judging these eight games besides just going. Basketball. Like, what are you? What is the main thing you're like? Do Care if they went all eighty win just enough to lock it up and then. Well, that's the thing what is who yeah I was GonNa say what is the bucks magic number. Meaning wins plus. Losses. Toronto okay. I mean I want to be? SUSIE negative today, but It's a lose abol. Even in a short return. I doubt I know. Stop talking like that. Like that? Okay but if they come back and they're still rusty and Toronto. Comes out on fire. This could be a poll question. How pissed would you be? If the bucks ended up losing the one seed and become the two seat more importantly, they gotta keep ahead of the Lakers for NBA, finals home court if there is going to be a home courts in the finals which. Doesn't sound like they're going to. But that's October. It's possible it's possible that by the time they get down to it, they go. You know what we're gonNA allow twenty five percent capacity, and we're going to bring it to the two final cities. I'd that if we can get it. All right four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven three Pillai Dot, com, talk and text line. Oh, yeah, in related Corona Virus News. Rudy bear member him. He of the touchy touchy microphones on this virus is a joke thing. He's still can't smell yep. Is this the worst thing world and speaking of not being able to smell. Thank God somebody on the PGA tour. Couldn't smell. There we've got audio. You're GONNA WANNA. Hear stay with us. gave me later this hour. You are listening to the Steve's Zaven show on the game. The game. I would personally. Give up my sense. Of Smell. I. I don't know about you guys. To me. It's a net yeah. A real, no, you one. It'd be a superpower, not smell. First of all you go into any hostile elevator environment where somebody has ripped a nasty one and be totally unaffected. Secondly, Josh. She went. I would finally be able to lose some weight. Because you're olfactory, senses contribute strongly. To your. Yeah taste and Smell. Smell that fresh baked pie. Pie. Rudy Gobert says he has gotten a sense of taste back. One hundred twelve days after being the guy that was known as Bom, and we're often running. With the Corona Virus March eleventh. For the one positive tests that sent everybody scurrying. He set his taste has come back, but his sense of smell has not. Would you surrender your sense of smell? Yes, or no, no sounds like a hard. No from you, and then you know okay. I mean just because the benefits. I want us. told me them and I'm still in. Would you miss the most kind of various? No. seriously. You don't like the smell of fresh cut grass. Oh, you're nuts. It smells like something else in life, which is disgusting and I won't even go there, but I hate fresh cut grass a fire. What about also campfire, as also notice, you're wrong appealing to me, you're wrong. I know they make candles like this. Look up scented candles and see what the most common sense are for a scented Campbell Pell wwl dot, com, talk and text line. Jump on and let me know. What smell would you miss? The most was gone and gone for good. Bacon. Pretty good pretty. I. I I'm just saying it's not as good as brownies. Have Your Wife Cook Brownies, and then say to yourself sure I can resist that. Or fresh loaf of bread. Or anything that is baking or baking. You're baking. Is Another one as well? I would say there's A. Chance he gets his sense of smell back. He's just believe he said it's not all the way back. So we can kind of smell kind of smell, and it has to be that he kind of smell, because he said that his sense of haste is honor presented back which yeah, that's a majority of they work hand in hand. I don't want to call him a big baby for wanting about having the Rona or the coronas as we like to call it, but he might be exaggerating it just a bit now when it comes to smelling. Yes, gator, Anthony from Sackville, says your sense of smell can. What if there's a natural gas leak, and then you can't smell. Danger Anthony He's right. That is such a niche thing that that that is going to come up maybe once in your lifetime where a lack of a sense. One Times all it takes. please. I think you wouldn't miss that. What about the smell of like a sharpie like a really thick? Martyr. No you know what's better than sharpies. Dry Erase. Good, too yeah. Oh Yeah. Yeah Yeah, give me some more of that. Even the four one four says brought on the grill. Smell that. I know we've you'd miss them. But you wouldn't be so fat. You'd be able to walk past all of these lucky. Lambeau walking walking past all the tailgates and Lambeau like. Just GonNa go watch. Warm ups don't need to stay out here. Amongst the and the grilling and everything else because got to watch him warm up. Hey, Joe. It's an hour and twenty before kickoff. What you doing? Can't smell anything. I'm not really into tailgate scene. Yeah you're right. It would probably suck. You really you really really. Do you really think that? If you just couldn't smell then you? You wouldn't wasn't still WANNA. Eat Right. I, don't know. Maybe you'd eat more to try to compensate for the fact. That you cannot well let me ask you this when you're when you're congested when you feel sick. If someone's cooking Bacon, you. You go I can't even smell so. Don't want any that looks grow. Probably still want it yeah. So if you're gonNA, want, he might as well want to smell it, plus who doesn't want to smell the scent of a beautiful woman, wearing perfume or some other body lotion. You know there's a low hanging political joke. Just sitting there, regarding smelling that I'm GonNa, stand there with the Bantam. Forget her just like to the go now not even checks me. I'm not even gonNA move my bet. Let that be a ball foreign. Move Right along. Down the middle. Proud of you such an easy one, right? So on the road a front. Cameron Champ on the PJTF tested positive. And then withdrew from the travelers. We had to okay fine. You have to write. He then tested Josh negative, negative negative. Over the next seventy two hours, so in other words. He took a corona test every day. And it was positive, negative, negative negative. What does that tell you? They probably doesn't have it anymore is dead anymore or was ever right, or it could have been a false positive. Either way I'm feel very confident in the fact that he doesn't have it. Right 'cause he went negative, negative negative. This is important this story because you might, you might say well. WHO CARES ABOUT CAMERON? Champ and whatever it's important because of the upcoming N. F. L. season. Am I right? Because if Patrick mahomes tests positive. In the middle of the season. And he's looking at seven a seven to fourteen stay stretch. In the FAO G Gulag. Bet Your team's GonNa want to test a few more times. And if it does come up positive, negative, negative negative in the days of practice leading up to the game. That team's GONNA WANNA say. False positive mahomes is playing right. They got to. Be. And there's going to be huge pressure. Being placed by League officials on team, doctors and team coaches to go. You can't call him positive. He wasn't. Three negatives outdo one positive. And it's really interesting. I'm not saying it's unsolvable and I. Don't believe it's going to derail the season. But apply this story as well Cameron Champ going positive, negative, negative negative. Versus Lebron James in the middle of the NBA. Finals. or Jaanus. God forbid yet enough money. Don't say that. Knock on wood testing positive. Well and I think to your point they have to. The Leagues are going to have to set a hard rule for how many. Days of negative test. It can't be a well, you know. That's three is three enough on on one. We test them one more day as long as he's good the day before I guess like they need to set a. You if you went negative negative tests for three days in a row, then you're good, no more back and forth about it was three negatives. That's it done because otherwise. It's just like you said teams that all day right? Do you remember though the kid on the cruise ship? Who was stuck there for a month? Because, they required to negative tests in a row to get off the ship. and. He went positive negative positive. Positive negative positive. He just kept flip flip flop flopping. See at that point. You, probably posner. Probably, but he he's like I can't get off the ship I can't. I can't string two negatives in a row. There's another. Possible? I don't say solution, but there is another approach to this. That all say again, and you can scoff at me now, but then nod your head later and say you know what was right. Only test. Highly symptomatic players. Right right team virus is not going like this. We'll make sure that I've got my scoffing when I could hash tag team viruses going to say, what are you crazy? You crazy. Don't test unless you're highly symptomatic or at least mildly symptomatic. Yes, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying they won't do that. There's no way. There's no way there's no way that the leaves the leagues that are like the NBA. They're spending all this money and time creating a bubble. City doing all these precautions, still having players say Nah, I'm out even with that. There's no way you're going to go well, but we'll only test if there's no way. Do, you know that cases are skyrocketing and certain states right now. Yes, do you know that cases are skyrocketing everywhere including states where they can't see the cases skyrocketing? You know why the cases are skyrocketing, because this is a virus. Because it's spreading everywhere because studies are showing that there is at least ten to twenty times as many cases out there or positive people. Then we've caught so far. and. We've caught two point five million, so called official cases. So multiple by ten, easily twenty five million people have had it or have come across it, and you know antibodies to it. It may be as high as eighty times. Believe it or not higher. which would put us in one hundred and forty million range or one, hundred, sixty million out of a country of three hundred and forty million, which puts US damn near fifty percent, which means we're well down the road if it's eighty times as much. To hurt herd immunity. So it's around. It's out there. It's a matter of flashlights. The states with the more flashlights are finding more of the cases that experts are out there. They're hidden. They're ace, symptomatic or their mildly symptomatic, or they're not being test. All all of that being said those Abe I think that it's a good mindset for all of these leaks to have going in saying we are expecting the virus. Yes, make don't say. Now what we're going to try our hardest to make sure that it's not here and just leave it at that. Is Tell everyone we're anticipating at some point and here are guidelines because I realize. It's GonNa fall apart. I'd say once. The NBA gets to the final four. They should quietly stop testing anybody. WHO's not symptomatic? That's what I'd do. If it was mainly I wouldn't brag about it. I wouldn't tell anybody hell. I'd give Lebron James a fake test with acute tip and go on E.. A.. You're good Lebron hold it up to light negative. Enjoy the finals. Make it a sham. Who Cares, but don't brag about it. Less people get all bent out of shape. But that's just me. We'll see all right. Coming up the professor. I got a ramp to go on with him and okay. Stop on some golf commentary yesterday on the PGA tour why I cannot stand Ian Baker. Finch, plus whatever else Kaby got into the weekend as as well go way. You're listening to the Steve's Aven show radio in the. If, you've been craving, fresh air and sunshine and Hey, who hasn't been after all these months cooped up. Guess what Pella is here to help. Bring that fresh air and sunshine into Your House I. 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Bring that fresh air into your house set a consultation today by going to Pella, W. I dot day, Guy what you're looking for. It's time for D's life. One Oh, one good future! You really seems to care. About what I have no art and advanced course in survival. Me Calm Baton. Can't play with joy it on his money levels. I. Do I can laugh. The colors. Now. Here's your professor. G G CSI. It's an acronym that does not roll off. The tongue is hard to remember. and has to be explained in detail, but it's it's an original of mine. I'll explain it to you in just a G. G. CS H.. The professor is in. After concluding a stellar round of fundraising for a very worthy cause on Friday guitars for vets. How things go on Friday with your guy at guitars for vets? It went. It went. Great I mean we had a lot of fun? We hit a lot of people calling in a big surprise. We had a big surprise. We call buddy frank stallone. And You Ever WanNa talk. If you ever WanNa Talk Boxing? This guy has boxing museum in his house. It's unbelievable. We know on everything. Remind people who Frank Stallone is. While he's the brother Sylvester Stallone McAfee asked me he's the coolest of the stallone brothers. Because I was. Want because you can talk to him rive. We could never get through silvester stallone if I, don't know the whole concept of the dealers which was drew's original show on ESPN the concept of the delist is. Near the lowest level celebrity? And so it's like well. What's how do you tell delist and it works like this? If I was going out with you and I, said Hey, you never believed why hung out with last night say who and I go, Silvester Stallone, you go, get out of here. You did not blah blah blah, but if I say to you, Hey, what you do less abusive, which new less than with French? Stallone, you would go. Hey, what's he like? That's the definition of a list versus delays here. Here's Frank Stallone with no easy way out from the rocky soundtrack. I I liked the song banger. Did he do any other songs? Frank Stone that invaded as a hidden frank stallone. He did. This is not frank stallone. I believe in saying if he wrote it. He wrote it down. Okay, who sang it? Robert Tepper. I. Believe is the singer. He he wrote it. He saying take me back. He rotate me back the guy sitting around the gas. The trash can in rocky and he sang in that. He sang that maybe made. Maybe maybe he didn't write. No easy way out. Maybe it was proper tipper. Tempers Sang it Ono. He wrote a what did I think from? Frank night life to. Okay, so frank stallone did write some music. Yeah, no, he wrote far from over. Get it. and. That's from staying alive to paraphrase. Okay all right well anyway. I'm glad well glide raised a lot of money. Let's move onto the. Donated Guitar Nice, even know. Here I'll send you a guitar. Wow, okay. I H I said about certain golfers all the time. Great Guy He. Can't stand him. The original G. G.. H. Was Zach Johnson to me. Cable okay. All right, little little pugnacious overachiever masters winner always did well as a little tough out on the Ryder Cup for us. And by all accounts, a great Guy Iowa Kid, right? How could you be against somebody from Iowa? I can't stay. We don't I didn't like much, but yeah. I just didn't like his vibe. Okay, so I coined the term Greg. I can't stand him I'm that way about Matt Kuchar Great Guy can't stand him I'm that way about Webb Simpson Great Guy I'm sure can't stand him and I'm sure as hell that way about Ian Baker Finch, who by all accounts is a great guy? I cannot stand. Here's what it by the way. What are you clipping right now? Your Nails B. that. I can hear it loudly here and I can clip anything. What are you doing? Tell me what you're doing. Now I WANNA know. Doing anything my wife just pushed open the door. Democrat, so hey. Guys not hear that clipping textures. Did you not hear him clopping? Something like you're shopping dreams. There's no. No I don't think I don't think tangerines. Some what am now. Okay. Could happen if it happens again election day. Again. Let's go all right, so here's an okay stop Ian Baker finch. The reason I can't stand the and baker-finch. Despite him, sure being a great guy. Is, he says. Nothing. He is a syrupy river of Zilch. He doesn't explain things. Gives you great insight. It's just. A wonderful shotty this ozzy accent. Here is talking about yesterday. Brendon Todd. He's a Todd Josh Todd Todd Todd Todd Todd todd a generic tour pro. WHO has had struggles? and has come back from his struggles. But Ian Baker finch refuses as a broadcaster to actually explain what those struggles are, which to me is a violation of your number. One role as a broadcaster talked to me as if I don't know what happened to President. frigging todd. I don't know if you say struggles that leads it so open ended. It's like what was it. Bear the problem with hookers in blow. What tell me here ever go. Sixteen. I this is cut till. Let me go back to cut one I think. The last. I believe if you don't have a chance of. Getting This whole, maybe this dog waiting for that deer. We saw here yesterday. By the way there was a dog sitting a beautiful golden retrievers, sitting right next to the eleventh t and they did like a beauty shot. CBS Did bump back. Okay fine. You gotta recognize as an announcer. There's a dog there. It looks like it'd be good for bit of jog around the course of. Those. Dog that's for sure. She's OK. Okay stop go! How how? Boring. Is it that in there's a lack of. Things to cover that you have to carry on for third dog about a dog, a just but Abbott. That dog would be fun to run around with. That's a nice look dot. On who's got a Balkany chase a ball I can see that that God could probably chase a ball. This is. This is a valuable thirty-second chunk in which you could be explaining. So, what's the Brendon? Todd Story. What did you come back from? And he's burning it pandering to dottie pepper. Dadis dog lover don't have. Isn't that great? Silence Silence. Our golden retriever in. Thank you Donnie? Thank you Daddy. Golden retriever. Thank I would like to continue to story now about Brandon coming back. It means a lot to me. I've spoken to Brad Hughes along about it, and it's very hard to come back okay stop. Living. Is Todd Hughes. Could you explain? Is Priest his therapist. His swing coach his caddy, his next door neighbor. What is he took? A couple of times. I really admire him for being able to do that. And there you go! That's all got. He lost his gut, but it's a couple of times back when you lose your confidence and he's done it a couple of times, okay? He did have the hips, and they did reference that earlier in the broadcast. Listeners. I just I'm just playing screaming. Screaming. So they did talk about it in a little more detail earlier how he went to a caddy, who now became a? Little I'm getting. Ryan for being able to do that. Over the flag again. And then they about the dog shot. All Art so can you start? Is the only former on a touring proud that you wouldn't take to a member guest. He's not good. That's for sure. He wasn't not art so here. It gets even worse. It's sixteen under par. Tied for fourth with Gordon. And dotty the the other thing apart from working with us on. Precious enforces rather than positional swing points okay stop. Okay I don't know we still don't know who the living. Todd Hughes's. And what is this about pressures and forces forces rather than positional swing points. Also were. What a positional swing points! You know! Hands here. upstairs. I guess he's ready. Yes I, guess he's worked with him. On on pressures and forces, ground forces stuff like that, but it's not explained to the layman in any coherent terms, but it gets worse forces rather than positional swing points, and you also was helped by former caddie war jobless. Now is a firefighter and performance coach. Wait A former Caddie who's now a firefighter and performance coach. Now is a firefighter and performance coach. and. He helped him with his Yuxi Center. And had the same sort of mental breakdown that he was suffering with some shots on the golf course. Stuttering firemen, a stuttering firemen has saved Brendan Todd's golf career. I, mean if I can read something into this a little bit I don't WanNa firemen with who formerly had the yes. Okay I, don't she's? He's trying to squirt. squirt the burning building with a fire hose and keeps me. Often left. Off to the right. Keep. Building. Yeah Hey what's his name Jarvis Award Jarvis War Jarvis. Hey Ward Hayward. You're not hitting the house. How hard is this? It's a fire hose. I know I've got the yips. Now is a firefighter and performance coach. And helped. Starter! And had the same sort of mental breakdown that he was suffering with some shots on the golf course. and. This man Ward Jarvis Just as it is so painful, because the number one rule is realized, there's new listeners all the time, so it doesn't matter if you talked about the Brendon Todd Story. Six holes ago. Explained it and simple real terms. And reset if you'RE GONNA. Explain it for God's Sakes. He assumes we know who all these guys are. And when you spin a tale of a of a of a stuttering firefighters, saving up tour pros career you've got. Lay it out a bit better. Is, that is that a children's book. You know. Willie the stuttering firefighter. That wasn't was not the best. That was not the best audio from the tournament by the way. Audio, who who was the guy who hit this shot? As we played for K, because Greg chalmers was teeing off early in the round yesterday, playing with Ian Poulter and he hit his tee shot, and then something happened. Makes a comment. That was it supposed to be more silence does that. Eddie was not talking about the strike either. Being that. That my friends is why spectators should never be let in the Gulf tournaments again. Because we miss those beauties. That is awesome once he does not. Want to see a whole tournament where you get everything here every single thing that we here we're playing on a Saturday every every one chirpin at each other everyone yelling at each other. You know farting belching all of that. I want to hear a whole tournament like that where they're just regular guys. That fart was. Ten down the middle ripped it. I. Talked to you Wednesday. Oh. That's a good one. Right there on or go. Wow. That's a pant checker. I thought you guys would be a little bit more mature than that. No, no, we're not no flowers. Guys would have found that Larry so we do. See. The guys would have found out how Larry? Larry's. Mike yeller weekend winds our number three. You're listening to the. Theropod casting. This is the Steve Sabin show on the game now. Here is the say. I'll trying to make sense of. Fahd's. Just flipping the keys. To the United States Open Golf Tournament back to NBC, seven years left on a massive twelve year deal. I. Don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it and it goes in line with under armour which had signed a twelve year deal to be an official. Apparel and equipment sponsor for UCLA football, saying yeah, we're ripping that deal up. You guys have not lived up to your bargain, and there's a second school that under armour has also. Backed out of. So I don't I. Don't know what's going on there. I guess they just thought they were losing money and. They sold the rights to it for pennies on the dollar I bet NBC's like sweet. Back the story I read said they were losing tens of millions of dollars per year on the basically, they're paying ninety three million dollars a year to have the US Open and NBC got it for half. So good. Could it be sure we'll take it? Could it be? Your contract is just to live. Right right right right twelve years is too long pre pandemic for anything. Way arriving deal a TV deal. Ca Marriage were bet on. Slowdown on the. Morning Radio Show you know. Twelve years. It's like you can't see twelve years. For for God's Sakes. No I'm sure that Sir that in twelve years this will still make sense financially sure. The other part had said that Fox apparently had started to talk to the about well. Where are we going to put this now that it's in September up against NFL ball, so they said well, we're going to put everything on. F S One and Mike Davies like. nope, no, not doing that right that that's a violation of your contract. And that's when Fox said. Yeah about that contract. Let's have that talk since NBC could get it now. Let's go ahead and flip it to them, and let's just let them keep it. Let's just let's just be like homer disappearing into the hedge rows. A. We need to get Holly Saunders for comment because Holly Saunders the first year. Fox had the US Open at Chambers Pot. The James Despicable whatever chambers bay. The terrible beauty out there by the bay in Seattle Highly Saunders is great and saying Jordan speed. Did you pack another outfit for a playoff just in case? A of course, be. I don't need it. See I won by the way. Capital Knockers Nice. Get Holly Saunders on the phone a meeting Oh. Yeah, SHAKE IT MADAM CAPITAL! Have you seen Holly Saunders I follow her on the Graham. So do I on the Graham. She on the Graham. Yes, my instagram game week, but it's starting to improve just a little bit, so make sure to follow me there at Zabreb. Same as my twitter feed. She looks like. Plastic Surgery Gone Awry. I mean it looks worse and worse every time I see her. She thinks she's a the epitome of beauty. I thought she was beautiful when she had basically nothing done Mac when she was still dating that other loser Eric silliest yeah. We'll lose. That guy was losers ashes. He? Actually he actually was a real todd, when I saw Brendon Todd by the way I of you Josh. Every time Brandon Saad is up there because you invented the term todd invert guy. You didn't invent it. No, no, no, who did. At I heard it from. It's been around for a while. I don't know where okay got originated but yeah. But I, just snickering last night gone. Brendon, todd, todd, todd, Todd Todd Oh, and then Jim Nance did the obligatory interview with the CEO of trout that was that was so bad. Because they were in front of green screens the two of them the audio was horrendous to. Zoom call. That was bad. He, didn't so. You know the name of the CEO of travelers. Adam Smith's Ker. Kerr. YEA literally sounded like one of our made up names then. pull out of Iraq. I think I think it was Adam, but I know the last name was snigger Google. It sniffs CEO of travelers. I was thinking you the whole time at twelve thirty am last night Schnitzer. I'm sorry Elche Allen Schnitzer. Allen even better that Allen Schnitzer. Shirts Schnitzer not. Definitely Schnitzer. Are you sure yes? Alan. Not like a silent and their. Joined by Allen Schnitzer now for the obligatory. Yeah, save up to six point seven million for the tour for the purse for this event and they're losing their ass, because fans in the in the actual you know on the property, although there were some cheers that a rubbing on certain holes because I guess. There must be residency. Yeah, yes, and I thought. Wait a minute. They're not piping in noises, are they? Know. By the way six on the Pella WWL DOT, com. Talking text line. Love, the Ian Baker finch rips I was yelling the exact same things at my TV. Bob and Madison so you two were going okay. Brendon! Todd has lost his confidence Could you be more specific? This is where I don't know why. There isn't an executive producer meeting with CBS and golf team and go okay. I reviewed last week's tapes. Listen if you're going to talk about a guy struggles, you've got to be specific and he can't assume people know who his swing coaches are everything else. Take those thirty seconds. Stop pandering to Dadi. And explained the viewer you're broadcasting to. The viewers say very succinctly thirty seconds you can say Brendon. Todd wants fell to one hundred and ninety second in the world, and was leading the tour in lost balls off the tee, and he worked with a with a swing coach to get himself at least back on planes, so he could put it in play. He's now one of the better drivers on tour. Here's an eight iron. Boom, that's it thirty seconds. There's more information right there. What happened to Brendan Dot in a stretch of twenty eight missed cuts in thirty four events. So what about a good fact for I don't know Ian Baker Finch to brought out? Missed Miss Twenty eighth straight. Miss cuts and why you miss cuts. What was his big problem? Was it driving? Was it putting? Was it overall mental lack of fortitude? All of the above. Even you don't own your big golf nerd offense, he he, he fell as low as a thousand in the world golf ranking at one point. Yeah. So couldn't drive. It had the yips put basically had the overall hips when I watching overall couldn't pull the trigger anything so not good dipping everything not good. So like Kramer. Yeah exactly. So good. There carried I get it. I only get one really good ball the way. I'd still so great. What a great clip from Seinfeld! Of course he had gone Brendon todd fifty eight straight holes without a bogey and then triple. That sounds good. Then, he made it triple. And what was stupid in this is again. This is what happens when yours truly can't fall asleep and he's watching golf late at night. He comes back with a lot of details. Yeah, you're going to get back to the NBA now. WE'RE GONNA wait on! The NBA Scott got a ways to go yet reporting. He shanks one from a greenside rough area over the green on that trip you saw getting did almost almost look away. Yeah Right. uh-huh! He's almost up against a TV tower. and. He should have taken a drop because his swing was kind of affected. And they didn't even mention on TV all the highest paid analysts. Didn't mention I'd take a drop from there. He's trying to kind of a justice swing to avoid the tower. He was just running so hot and so pissed didn't take his time next thing you know. He's made a triple while won't walk. The Patriots got hit. The Patriots got hit with. Fines and loss of a third round draft pick for their illegal taping of the bengals sidelines. During a game between the bengals and the browns the week before. The Patriots were supposed to play Cincinnati. Right. Yet right I think that's the details. It? They were they were not. It was not. They were not trying to get info on the browns. They knew they could beat. The browns shouldn't own. They can beat the Bengals, but they wanted the Intel anyway. And you may remember when this thing. popped. Up the the security guy for the bengals catches. The Patriots advanced video team with a camera pointed right at the bengals sideline. And they go. Oh, yeah! That was B roll. The. Do Your job series member? All this is all. People, Josh, remember it of course and you being a guy who knows video stuff you know the importance of Biro, but you also know nobody needs an hour. Of b-roll roll of the same thing right? No, you need four. Of the same thing, right, you need a little a cut in something. That's an object for those that don't know what be role is josh explain it to so be will is general footage that is used and played over the. Conversation of a story. Right, the main story is the a storyline. The, beast, story line or be roll. Is. Little Snippets and highlights. It's a close up of a sign. or It's a static shot of a building that is laid on top of the narrative of whatever is going on. It's the essential stuff, but as anyone who's good at making videos knows it is. The spice you need to have it. He got add it so the Patriots were just locked on the bengals sideline worse b-roll ever. Right and it was, they were filming like forty minutes, and the Guy I. Get to see if you can look up the audio from this guy for the Patriots tried to talk his way out of by saying it. Delete this right now. We can just delete this and the security guy for the bengals is like yeah I. that's not how it works. I'm going to have to turn this one into the league. But he basically desperately tried to get out of it. Well, the the punishment has been handed down, and or at least it was reported on by Adam Schefter and others that it's a one point one million dollar fine to the Patriots okay, whatever but a loss of third round draft pick and they've told the video crew. You can't film anything this coming year and The guy that did it has been fired. Here the. In this is a piece. Yoursel me on your scalp. Yeah come on guys. How the advance scout in this footage. That's not trying to get some feel. On joining. That's why even think you take. On. But I can't believe this. Is My, friend. Because we. Golfing yards. There you go. That's great. That's not the field. who was this video guy like a seventy year old? Brooklyn. Not Scott. Guy Look. Hey listen, I'll make this. Go Away Right now. Listen and the security guy for the bengals scoffs and says the damage is done my friend. That is a great line the. Is Done my friend as you could use that audio in a movie, we like yes, like a mob mobsters talking. Yeah now I mean now we're doing a piece. For Our web sewed series called. Do Your job and it's on our advance scout. He goes for just trying to get some field perspective. The field's not in the picture. No. That's not the field. Play that again three rack that I want to hear that. That's not the field the damages that hey listen I'll delete this right now. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, you don't. In other words. The Patriots were cheating. Again! Almost weird years after the original. Spy Gate. They just won't stop doing it. And they did it under the guise of some phony ass weather so to do your job. Yes, do your job. Your job is to keep on cheating. COMING UP! We'll talk weekend. Mike Keller will swing on in Pella. W, DOT, com, talk and text line, four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three. NBA Schedule is out. We'll talk to Mike about that. Baseball's going to get there soon. Hub cities in the NHL are going to be out soon as well in short people. It's happening and it's glorious. When it comes to fresh air and sunshine, we all love it during these glorious, but too short summer months. Watch it. Bring some of that into your house. 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Twelve years two point nine percents, APR, five years, no interest and five months no payments, certain restrictions apply set your free consultation today at pellet w they. WanNa do. You have. Fair? Never let me do anything. Timer weekend winds are man Mike Heller afternoon drive on ten seventy, the game in Madison, owner of red and white, the beautiful wine Bar WanNa key that was bouncing with patio action over the weekend. Including I'm assuming some music. Mr Heller. we had music. Well guess would like this. We had Saturday morning and Sunday night yoga. Oh Yeah. Yep Yep get run rise and sunset yoga at a wine bar yet on the patio. No kid you sip wine while doing downward dog. I guess you can, but you know. there. was going to say. Runs it the lovely H. Defied Car doesn't Sushi. But there is there is there is an instructor. We bring in yeah okay. I missed it times. Okay. Yoga's a pain in the ASS. It was part of the P ninety x regimen and I did it when I did that ten years ago and I'm like God who would do this for fun. Who would ask you? Can Tort themselves in this way well joy meals. I can still see benefits in in you. Having done that ten years ago I. See a physically and you. Stopping! To Stop. Watts not getting this off track now, okay? That's. All right here's here's my weekend wind. This is funny, so me and big Mike were at the APP patio at Jackson's pub over the weekend and Tosa right. What's going on there? Oh. This is my coffee maker. Oh! Okay, that's the cycle. Okay, so I, so we're. We're at Jackson's Bob and they had a little A. Two piece band if you can call it to piece or a band. And some guy plops down in the front. You know table and after unplanned song he blurts out some song. He wanted to hear three. Sir Not. He was not free bird, but it was something right. And the guy, the best response ever, he said well. Let me check with old Mr. Tip Bucket No. He doesn't he doesn't know anything about that song and I said. So my weekend wind goes to anybody who asks live musicians to play a song without reaching in their wallet for at least a tip. Let me ask mister tip bucket about that. NOPE, he doesn't know the song. There's my weekend one. What is your weekend? One? Yeah I'm with you on that one guess my weekend wine is every time I look at the calendar and still see that the NBA Start and even for that matter. Major League Baseball Star is another month away. I mean it is. It is and I I mean I get it. There's a lot of logistics I just wonder what the NBA hold was even when they set it up. How many how much they felt like they had to get in order, but we got another thirty plus days before the NBA steps on a court in Orlando. and. I I do I love my live weekend golf and my empty stands NASCAR are not really, but I'm born a needle. Something and I don't have. Yeah, I hear you on that. The thing is at least now as things will start percolating along. Will we'll have stuff to talk about? As teams report as they start practicing? The anticipation is good because the date is out there that we can look forward to and judging by Adam silver's comments. They're committed to doing it. They're not GONNA get freaked out by a positive test or two. But in the meantime our summers going to slip away, I mean next weekend is already the fourth, and then we'll be anticipating the start of the NBA Major. League baseball at the end of the month and by the time they start the NFL. Will being camps in there goes your summer. I mean Josh knows that this summer is almost. Some are shot, which is a shame? You're sad because summer has gone. We're going to be so happy that sports are coming back. Yeah, I know I am. That'll be good What do you make of this NBC getting? Golf back? We talked about it briefly off the earnest ZIP it. Let's talk about it on the air. Because you asked a very good question, the first thing I'm gonNA throw out there Jason Sobel. Who no longer works for the golf channel. tweeted the following tweet. He said NBC. You know it's really unfortunate. These an that in these economic times. This is a paraphrase of the way. NBC's handling the Golf Channel, NBC. Unfortunate that in these economic times were forced to restructure the entire essence of Arnold Palmer Vision for the golf channel, moving from Orlando while saying goodbye to so many valuable employees also NBC. Oh, the US Open's available. Heck! Yeah, we're in right. What do you make of that tweet from Sobel? Dude I get it I. Get. I don't I mean I loved the fact that NBC, gets it back, but I I was. I'd like Brian Anderson. His growth on Fox's coverage yeah I think he's great in the Gulf. War I think he's great. At whatever does but I didn't understand the mechanics of leaving in the middle of it and get NBC's desire, but then you can look at the other side of it with the golf channel adult ways. You have this, but you're GONNA you're. GonNa move and. Diminish that For the golf fan I guess I. Don't understand it. Yeah at NBC. Did get it back for half price. So they gotta get a at a bargain and would CNBC, which also has the golf channel. The the US Open far more valuable than say big break eleven. Tig Break Eleven PUTT PUTT survivor island. They should have done a a big break. PUTT, PUTT. That would have been actually kinda funny I think a well. That's on ABC on Thursday. Nights called Holy Moly All fully right home nigger! All right Cam in New England. What do you think? Well directness career or may not listen. He was not very good late and the the insiders. His people say he was just trying to play through injury, and it affected his game and eight, and he wasn't the saint quarterback. I. Get it so I'm curious as to that, but I was also really curious as to how another team outside of New England didn't. Pull this off on a one year deal you know it. Either think he was being Choosey. Oh you think. It has to be because some people like I would have picked him up just to keep them from going to the Patriots and I have to remind them. It's not fantasy football. You don't just get to pick him up. He was a free agent. He had say in where he was going to go and I'm sure a lot of teams were offering things, but they were like definite backup roles. New England is a the best opportunity to win be it's got a placeholder at quarterback Jarret Stidham that he should be able to beat out of healthy right. Yeah and it makes New England what they do offensively a quite a bit different. I think it's I. think it's a fantastic people were out, not that the Patriots care about this, but let's put the Patriots on Monday night football this year with Jarrett Stidham at quarterback or is, it must see TV. It's not but if Cam Newton is now your quarterback. And they're on. I think especially for the first month I. Think it's it's they're of interest again that a really good defense last year. Right I mean. The defense had yes. World carried them for most of the year. Yeah, so if Cam Newton becomes a reemerges to what he was three years ago and he's doing that in new. England Yeah, look out I mean, and they cheat their ass off, but you know just from. The other story plant, Kim. The gators looking at times. They're already on national TV. What are the? Let's see on look at pre. TASSELL CBS national one o'clock. NBC Sunday night is. There's a four twenty-five five CBS. There's a ESPN. NBC and. CBS another, so they've got kind of. Art So they've got to NBC Sunday Nights. They've got a Monday night, and they have a bunch of four twenty five's as an east coast team, eight eight games that are either four, twenty, five or Monday night or Sunday night. Okay, that's crazy to me. Maybe they wanted that much patriots to see. Are they gonNA suck without Brady and ha look, they suck again. I would went out and ordered that many. Episodes well. It has to be under opponent. 'cause one is the seahawks. One is the chiefs. One is the niners. Understand The schedule came out in relation to Brady's announcement to go to Tampa because you know, schedule it. Couldn't have much. I think it was. I think the team is scheduled came at least a month afterwards. It's sort of like ordering that many episodes of the office after Michael, Scott has left. I wouldn't order that many episodes of our you. It could really suck. It does say even listed to have the toughest schedule. The based on the opponents combined last year, thirty, seven, one eighteen, but but now with cam I mean it could be very interesting. You know there are a bunch of interesting storylines during the play out in the NFL this year and the? This one coming. I would have thought I would have thought he would have been a good land in your backyard. with the with the Redskins and a lot of people did a lot of thought. There were other Opportunities Carolina that the thing that case, the guy from Carolina. Yeah the the guy who gave the packers. Know Kyle what's his now. Alan Kyle Allen. Thank you very generic nalen gallons. So, but here's the one thing that is a legitimate. Conversation Mr Heller How is it that Nick Foles? WHO also went to Super Bowl? He did win it unlike Cam, but otherwise nick foles a very limited resume compared to cam. He not only gets a bigger deal to go to Chicago, but they already have a high number. One pick installed as the starter, even though they think he's about to wash out in Mitch Trubisky and the bears gave up a draft pick to get nick foles. I put Nick foles with all that information in one hand, and put Cam Newton former league MVP which falls never was in the other hand and equalize out for injuries because last year Nick Foles bluish shoulder out on the first week of the year. How does that disparity exist? Now I don't know I think I think that there are number of NFL franchises whose owners are looking at their GM and saying wait a second. Why did we not go this direction? They're going to say a lot more. If Newton goes to New England past success, but also based on his recent play, some would look at it and say there's nothing left. There is throwing mud and they say that about full and. Well they say about foles. There's nothing left to. This guy was one year magic the. Shoulder he stinks. So why are we paying them all this money? I'm telling you I. Don't know why they went and did that, but I think trubisky is their opening day starting quarterback any he is, he'll. He'll start opening day. The the the big. The next question is how long does he hold onto it before he falls? I saved. Five one week. One, what no way! All right very good Mr. Hiller is always a pleasure, my friend, we'll talk to him all right boys. By killer afternoon drive on ten seventy. The game in. Madison. We didn't ask them. If two people constitutes of band. We didn't ask that question either, but we can ask them on Wednesday about that. Plus it has ban, so we don't even need to. Know. It's not only. Does Not a thing. I'd say if you've got an album. Your two person thing you're a band but I don't think this to some on the patio, Jackson's was a band per se. It was a guy with guitar a Bongo Drum. Man Char- a drum and someone singing to Mike San. Bad okay, done Bam band. My God. The morning is flown by. That's what happens, and there's a lot of good stuff to talk about. What have we yet to even touch on? That's in the big pile. Of stuff about the Liverpool team on not yet home games anymore. Yes, that's fantastic and screeches in financial trouble from saved by the bell. That more coming up next. Game. got. Now! would. All Right? What have we yet to get to today first of all? Did? You see this Darius Leonard Story. About Japodlay. No. HITTER! I have not no I'm glad you guys said you haven't. Don't feel bad for saying you. Haven't I thought for sure. This story was going to below up. Because I I wake up on Saturday morning. And I see it on TV on on the ABC morning news was like a four minute piece. Apparently Darius Leonard Colts linebacker hell of a player. Claims that he was asked to leave a chipotle lay in South Carolina. Because a white. Restaurant patron complained to the manager. And lied and said at least according to Darius Leonard lied, and said that Leonard, and his group were harassing him, and so the manager came over with a terrible attitude to ask if there was a problem. And the manager said the white customer had said Leonard is group or quote, verbally abusing him, and talking trash to him, said Darius Leonard was basically a lie basically got kicked out of AAA because of that. He said it was as they were winding down their dining. And of course, it went into the usual. Talking points about you know, and if this happened exactly the way, Darius Leonard Senate did it's awful. It's wrong to potency as suspended the manager for the time being while they investigate. And they have of course apologized, but this was a story that went nowhere. It didn't even reach your shores. It was a former. On ABC's national Saturday Morning News. And a basically went nowhere. What does that say what does that mean? That's interesting because there's no video. It didn't have legs. Is it because we're living in an age where now so many things are flying around? Like were exhausted at chasing every single one of them. I. Don't know that could be. I don't know I. Mean IT'S A. It's a story that's. If you believe everything about it is awful, but how how much of it is true? What parts might not be the full story per se? I don't know just a story I saw over the weekend. I thought Oh God. Here we go. This is all people are GonNa talk about. Dustin Diamond Aka screech. It needs to be saved by more than just a battle. Every wants to keep his home in Wisconsin. Lived here in Washington. He's been having a rough stretch though I feel like your bank is. Knock, knock knocking on his door and looking to foreclosed. He owes Wells Fargo, walking, two, hundred, sixty, nine, thousand, three, and twenty nine dollars and. S- thirty six cents. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ don't forget that thirty six cents. That's important Screech said he moved into the House back in two thousand and three, when the property was worth three, hundred and forty grand. Well at sounds pretty affordable now, okay, he plunked down to sixty eight thousand dollar down payment that sounds like a full twenty percent percent. And says he does not understand how he now owns os such a large sum of money. Yes well. Maybe you haven't been paying. Your mortgage may be got a bad interest rate. Maybe you didn't Refi I. I don't know. The rates have been so cheap. He should refi. Say absolutely lock in Mantis. Justin's got other problems. Though at the PAT, he said a friend alerted him to a busted water main last fall and league was so bad. Water was flowing out of a first floor with a lot of water. In other words that turned his basement into a bass pro shops. Sure did. Well, that's what every. Company wants to hear when they have a mortgage on your home. WHO Good Good! Swimming Pool. SCREECH says he lost thirty years of memories in the homes flooded basement. His comic collection is instruments is just collection family paces? were all ruined. Imagine trying to collect floating chess pieces in your basement swimming pool because of a water on the king. Yeah where the where the Queen go I think. She floated underneath the furnace. Get back there. I got it I got it. He says he never went to check in on the pad last winter because his friends said the water main break froze over. and. There was black mold now. Wait the ice to melt to return, but the pandemic ruined that plan. He says he still hasn't figured out. How will deal with the banks foreclosure? Q. The creed Bratton advice on HOW TO DECLARE BANKRUPTCY Right, now is what I want to hear right now. Where's Mr? Where's Mr Belding? When you really need him, right? Says TMZ. The lovable screech. You once boxed in that celebrity boxing measured against Manute, Bol, was it? I knew polar screech versus somebody but yeah. We Can take to the now. Zach I, make her tinkle. Thanks. Actually helped me you'd need realize that there are a million fish that she and I'm just a worm to attract an. God. Check. Oh Wow Ron PA- LILLO. Nicely done good impressive, but I didn't get Alan, Schnitzer the CEO. You want assurance you want. So, here's what I'd give you advice on screech given that this House has gone so south on you water main break flowing out the first four windows frozen over in the Wisconsin black mold haven't done anything to. It y'all bunch of money. Here's what you do. because. I. Heard you having money problems ninety didn't. Listen. I got the answer declare bankruptcy. Your problems go away creed. Bratton has never declared bankruptcy when creed Bratton gets in trouble. He transfers his Daryl Shooter William Charles Schneider. That help create monopolies. You go bankrupt you lose. You don't have an Lee man. That game is nuts your. Cards, those things cost thousands. Point Bankruptcy Michael is nature's do over. It's a fresh start clean slate like a witness protection program exotic. At all I've always wanted to be in the witness protection program so there you go i. Want to cut me off before all right. Go ahead the Brandon Brandon. Hartford, types in the Pella, wwl dot, com dot, com, talk and text line I declare bankruptcy. Okay, go ahead! I declare. Kyle in West. Alice says screech beat the Shit Zal. That nerd from welcome back Kotter. They set it up like that. Joe The plumber, so many things go wrong. And, so many dumb decisions out of the made for water to start coming out of his first floor windows. Yeah. Supposed to happen. Wow. Andrew from Whitewater says as the two thousand eight packers had four prime time games after farve retired. Quote retired and the unknown Aaron Rodgers was expected to take over at quarterback for the green and gold pack it off thirteen and three NFC championship game loss the previous season. Okay? Fair point. But Rogers was not. An unknown. He was a first round draft pick. He was the parent he had played a little bit the prior season. When Rogers win was hurt so I think it's a little bit different. I just think the television order of Patriot Games was a bit much. If they didn't know that Cam Newton was gonna be there now it's worked out great for. This is GonNa be a great thing to watch. I I think they're going to win twelve games again. It's pissing me off. I know you're like. Please no I know. What tone this was the chance to finally see the Patriots Suck and struggle, so I wanted. I know! They. Oh, and now they open again. Check if Cam Newton is healthy. Energy is. Focused motivated and. I mean Bella check is going to dial stuff up for him. Bell Checks Defensive Guy, but his staff is going to figure some things out man. Dan. We'll see what happens by the way chase. Daniel is being paid more than Jameis Winston and Cam Newton. Combined to making this year like twelve million or something. Something outrageous! He is June, shrimp, and not very good. Good for him. GET PAID! On the surface, it looks racist as hell to black one slash one quarterbacks available on the free agent market. They get virtually. No offers remember James has got office by the way quit words James Winston. You know he went to the Saints Saints, backup saints okay. To former one slash one black quarterbacks on the free agent market in their prime. Yes are there issues Cam Newton? Shoulders not right. Understood. Jameis Winston throws to many picks understood. We can work on that. And and the collective response from NFL teams is this and then you've got? The Nick? foles deal as a cop and you have chased Daniel. As COMP and you've got to say what the hell is happening. It looks racist as hell bought. The counterargument is. But these guys were drafted. One slash one. They were both marketed heavily. The Buchan. Overlooked Janus and the Uber Groping Grope incident. And they said well. You know what we don't like it. He's going to serve suspension for it, but we're sticking by him. So you'd have to argue the League get suddenly racist when it comes to certain players, but only when there may be gotta be back up I think I. Think a lot of I. Think you're reading into a lot of its it. I think a lot of this is timing I think that this was A. Heavy QB draft and a lot of teams were more excited about. Looking at the draft than they were these players that might potentially have issues that has automobile stuff. They just went wh-. Let's. Take a risk on this. Because this draft a guy, you're right, you're right, but how do you see? How do you then square the the thing the bears did with. what's his name Nick foles and Chase Daniel making so much money as a backup. How how? Dumb they make. Sure the the bears overpaid for Mike Glennon, the bears have now made three catastrophically. Stupid quarterback decisions interest since your best seat, good decisions on the bears I know all it takes is for one dumb team to do something dumb. To set out liar, but how come no smart team, said God Janus Winston Yeah. There's a lot of picks we'll coach them up. He Got Lazy Guy Surgery He'll be better. We'll put them in. A Better Scheme won't ask take you know. Bruce Arians scheme is a downfield risk taking scheme. Yes, get her. stephen the force said about Chase Daniel he's going to be a distraction. He's not gonNA steal crab legs. He's not gonNA address. All weird at press conferences so okay who cares? Who Cares about the dressing? Honestly anyone's not cares. Point Camps, a distraction pressing the dressing by cameras, not a distraction. That's enough. Come on, really rick mosquito things. I had a great take on sports. Yes. What was your take? I don't really remember, but he said Great. Take Josh so I. Guess what get her go over to the sign on the wall that says days since and reset it to one for Wind Josh has a good sports day. CLIMBED TO I? Think two hundred and thirty six consecutive days. That's that's probably if you. If you made that sign, that'd be funny and put it up in the studio. Days, since good sports take from Josh all right, Madison you've got Dan, Patrick, next nine to noon. With Kuhn, but Kunas out it's bushy and Brandon. We'll go five wide with them next. Amtrak is adding additional roundtrips. They're now up to four trips per day between. We are now five. Thirty Five wives brought to you by X. Golf play train and entertain. That's ex- golf in Brookefield. This Kunas out on some not so well deserved vacation, but that's right. Brian Butch is in and Bobby Brainard is in as well good morning leads how doing double bs squared, or what is a cubed if? You tell. ME, Being a Dolphin Fan, brainer right should. Be Repin the killer bees. The great defense led by who again well. You had Kim bowl camper. You heading Bob, Baumhauer. Day, you had the plan wolland Schnitzer. No speaking of Bob, Bob Moskovitz, but another big I. was. And part of that one. No, no 'cause it was later was later. Brzezinski using the blackwoods yeah. Yeah Yeah I think that's right these. Bill. Was On that team Lincoln yes. Yes, you guys just make yeah right. Okay all all right cool. Ryan Butch and Bob Brainerd. This is the four be lineup. The four the B. Team you guys are the bTV off. Marketing Line one. Hello better than the. I'll take a be anytime BS degrees. That's all. I gotTA Say S. Dead Get. So good? Yeah I saw I saw my daughter's final high school report card that I guess. The high school summarized it all four years. In one sheet of paper. And somehow she had a GPA over four on. Yes, because P., class classes there has there. She's a smart kid, but between us, not that smart. Okay I'm just saying well. There's street smart. Street smart and there's book smart. She's not even that book smart card what. You GotTa Be Street smart if she got over a four like she's smart enough to play the system. Tough. Well have to add. Listen. It doesn't say I wasn't happy about it. But I'm just saying even my daughters, my daughters saying yeah, it's a bit inflated because of all bumps that you get from the AP if it's working, the system is working the system. I believe on what you guys think I believe that highschool GPA's should never go above four I think four should be the Max then I'm not gonNA. Tell you what my high school GPA system was. What was how much money we were graded on a twelve point scale instead four point. So this Hartford for. HOW THERE YOU GO! Out A+ was twelve was eleven. A. Minus was ten. You are the worst. You're right. Dave like it's simple. It's four point zero or nothing like that's the most you can get, and that's it like why? Why are you so hard for? Why do you need to be special? Why meal different? Why do you need like I'm sorry why? You create. You've been the hardware. Gators you bend the harder butch. In there, but come on, you don't need to be different. You know what this is like. Josh this is like in bowling which you can equate to. Yes, you can't do better than a three hundred game. You don't get like an extra eleven. Twelve thirteen crame right sell the. Frame okay. Although no, it's all. It's all jammed into one frame. The how about this? Bobby, if you if you do triple in tenth frame, you keep bowling till you don't strike Josh until you Josh, yes, or no, no. Would you? Would you approve which you approve of a radical change to bowling in which if you? KN- hit three strikes in a row. You get to keep bowling in the tenth frame. Yes, or no, no, no, let's do that and then let's also have in baseball pitchers going for a perfect game. You just keep chugging its. It doesn't matter names over your arm now now it's the seventeenth and this guy still can't give up a hit. Wow, hey, we're going to have some goofy rules. The this is going to be goofy season. When these sports come back, there's to be modifications. There's gotta be things that are not like usually. Are you got to embrace them? When we do something stupid like putting a runner on second, base extra innings starts Don. Don Don Don. T shirt for that done and done I got two crucial questions for both you guys version Brainard, crucial crucial question number one. Should I keep the sixty four GIG iphone eleven. I bought I. bought. It is crucial. I bought off my dad who insisted that he had to go down to the IPHONE. Se because he didn't like the big phone and a no trade in value at the apple store I've been told by numerous people on email and on the text line sixty four gigs. No way it's not enough storage specially. You take somebody nerdy golf videos. What do you think pond? Pont punt on it absolutely. Know. What's what's your Gig load right now? A lot of gig loads if you know what I'm saying. As far as I've got one one one, twenty eight I. Don't know what I've got. All I know is that you don't even know so. You're don't know guy. Don't know guys. I I have a aquarium as a screensaver. That going for yeah. Yeah, that's good. After the show. You how to set a? screensaver, have you ever have you ever swam in a bass shop? Fish tank as if it wasn't aquarium, because that story came out over the weekend from where else Louisiana instead they come on I. Always wanted to. Though these big. Those fish are have fun. THAT WOULD BE I. Have never done it though. What if you were able to swim down? Brian and catch a bass in your teeth and come out of the water to the rapturous applause of everybody at the bass pro shops. Ace Ventura. No. There's a reason there's a reason. My nickname's the polar bear I know it's big sexy on this show, but there's a real. Listen I'm all for that. If I had a chance to do that I would definitely take as long as I'm not going to jail. would. Be. Determined right chance though the chance. Is there any day of the week? That Bass? Pro Shops is open. Where's the nearest bass pro shops here in Wisconsin? got. Bell is? Has this West Bank, though yeah, that's Kabala. Richfield we can create something say. Something within driving distance for the big sexy polar bear. Polar. We have so many lakes here. We can certainly figure something out rolled something off and then just throw in the into the pond and see what happens. Brenton Franklin says you can buy external storage for the IPHONE. How's that? Would it be an add on? Another. Yeah! Okay! Boys I really took my dad to the cleaners on the trade in value on this. I can't believe feel good about this by the way. Hey Listen My. Dad was the one that had to get out of it at all costs. Sitting on the phone has no value because they're gonNA. Tell the whole story. So the phone, the guy the apple store said it had no value because it's so new. He bought it in December. Guys and they say it won't have trade in value till September. When there is you know new coming out. You could sell the guy said privately, but it's only worth about three hundred bucks the trade in he thinks what he thinks will be about five hundred thousand dollar phone I, said Dad I'll give you three hundred and one dollars. That's the most I can go. Is that wrong of me to rip off my Eighty Year Old Dad Useful knowing the wise brown known I. Just Know Kidder. An Apple iphone eleven pro on ebay sixty four GIG. And it selling for Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Shush. Don't tell my. Tell my calling new. Along for the record in one segment, Zave said that his daughter is not that smart and that he re. Humour going after your whole family in twelve minutes take them. Monster are taken down. Look, here's the thing it's not a. it's not about the dollars. It's about what you did to relieve him of a stress in his life. You're right, and you can't put a price. You can't put up. You. Know. Three got it more than four. But let me. Let me, ask you this same. What's you're going to do with the three zero one? What's he going to do with the cash? Now that he has that and he doesn't have the only does go gambling. Probably he sees listen. My my dad has bought as well an electric bike. which are really cool? Yes, the scooter thing. No. Legit by e bikes man. It's like a bike, but not. Lights for all the rage. Pretty sick. Okay. I wanted to know man. My Dad does. My Dad doesn't move around that well these days and he's had several back surgeries and he's eighty. Okay. We had to stop walking into the ball halfway, so he could catch his breath okay. He bought an e bike. My mom is super pissed about this. It's being shift to the House today. This company come into your house and you have to. No, no. He said he said this. The bike is Steven help putting it together because it's not assembled fully. ooh, he said your. Your mom is really unhappy about it, but I'm very excited. He doesn't even a helmet yet for it and I'm like I'm not putting my eight year old dad on an e bike without a helmet. With the helmet, you just bought him the helmet. That's three zero one go into. His. What a good son you are! And then the second crucial question is. Should I buy a Odyssey putter off? Ebay, they don't make any more. The white hot number six with the plain white insert, or should I just get a new potter? Are you kidding right now, does it does it cost three hundred one dollars visit just by coincidence. Throw no sixty bucks, but they're all used in banged up now or should I just get a brand new putter. All brand new ran news. One hundred one dollars put towards the brand new. Yeah, flip on iphone for eight hundred got a new putter. Yeah, life is good. We're and these are tough questions. Flip it for eight hundred arbitrage, the Middle Four hundred don't tell dad by a new putter and then reroute the bike back to where it got ordered from, and then send the helmet back. Send the helmet back. Remember they're busy. Busy Dan? I'm exhausted. All right very good boys. What's on the show today? We got sports to talk about exciting Camden New England patriot. PENALTIES ARE OUT NBA. Schedule is out. NHL is got to quickly decide hub cities in the next week here. Baseball's going to get a schedule lights. Good right. We're GONNA talk. We're going talk about all of that and we're also gonNA talk about my kids swinging swimming a dog. Cool this summer, so I mean. Yeah, well, we're gonNA talk sports to. Sway soon a dog pool, but not in a bass pro shop aquarium. Exactly yeah I mean we gotta coverage, listen dog pools. We got. We got we got you covered. Stay tuned. Who got you covered? Very? Good thanks! Boys have a good show I'm out. I'll see all tomorrow night a new next.

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