Guided Meditation - Grounding


Hi it's Julie. Pot occur for the balanced. Mind Meditation Center again. Welcome finding a comfortable seats if you're stay on being just realizing that you'll be standing for about ten eleven minutes if you're lying down that's fine too. Just realize that if you fall asleep you won't be meditating. You'll be napping which if you really need that is fine with me okay. So if you're comfortable with closing your eyes though sure is if you prefer gentle downward soft focus. That's fine too. And we're GONNA take three nourishing breaths and we're going to hold it in for four reading in for four holding it for four breathing out for six going to breathe out your mouth breathing. Your nose Reading in for four four Breathing out for six Breathing in for four four breathing out for six. Now let your breath find its natural rhythm notice for just a few breath cycles where you find your breath most easily. It could be the tip of your nostrils. It's a little cooler breathing in and out could be the rice and all of your or the rise and fall of your belly but one of those places you're seeing and feeling your body breathing in in your body breathing out Slowing yourself down The same time relaxing. Your is releasing any tension in your job imagining smiled the corners of your lips dropping that smile down into your throat neck letting your shoulder blades. Go Down your bat gently dropping matt smile down into your chest taking a few moments to notice what's going on in your heart your heart today dropping down your awareness into your belly and letting your APPs release releasing your hips into what is supporting them relaxing. Your thighs your calves. You're feeds really feeling relaxation. Going down your legs softening your hands you may want to place a hand or hands on your heart or were you find it soothing just as a reminder that you showed up to give yourself this time this care this love space to practice with yourself into practice in community finding your breath Noticing your body breathing you And if and when you want to relax your hands back down into your lap just letting them rest comfortably now imagining from your sit bones and from your feet. If they're on the ground roots extending down through the floor through the foundation into the earth and at the same time nutrients going up the roots into your body. So you're grounded. You're solid but yet flexible held firmly Soft Front really firm back Your torso is like a trunk head and your arms are like the tree tops in the branches. That can move and Ben with what's going on but not break flexible but Straw soft and firm all in one being which is how your human body is down under the earth. Face root systems are vertical and horizontal and the horizontal is connecting us to each other community So we might be swaying bed at the time but we're held firmly in place breathing Trunk into the heart of tree imagining yourself. Being a human being that you are and seeing what this heart needs today. How is this heart today? Giving this heart today a word for your end breath it really would be helpful. This heart today in this human body held in community and strong but yet vulnerable and flexible. You Might WanNa breathe in a word like Ho or peace. Courage strain ease love but something coming in to yourself. That would feel good right now. Let your out breath just be bringing in something deep into your soul Filling yourself up with this fabulous word with your breath. Now you get to choose for your exhale to bestow a gift to either a specific being that you long to sand love to or it could be to all beings or categories of beings that could be frontline workers essential workers. It could be somebody in your life that you wish you could physically be with that. You can't could be somebody who suffered a loss that you wish she could be there to hold and hog but for your out breath. Whatever word you'd like to give. Pc's love hope not forgetting you're taking in a word for yourself so the practices one for me one for you in for me out trio If you've lost track of the exercise you're breathing in a word for yourself out for others and it's just what you need to take in right now for you 'cause you know what your heart needs right now and then it's giving a gift to others. It's loving kindness Now go of all of the words. Staying in the meditation and noticing comes up trying not to attach to any story lines. Just seeing what. Your thoughts feelings and emotions are doing letting it be letting it go Taking in the words of this common Kahlil Gibran called fear. It is sad that before entering the sea or river trembles with fear. She looks back at the path. She has traveled from the peaks of the mountains. The long winding road crossing forests and villages and in front of her. She sees an ocean so vast the to enter. There seems nothing more than to disappear forever. But there's no other way. The river can't go back. Nobody can go back to go back. It's impossible and existence. The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean. Because only then we'll fear disappear because that's where the river will no. It's not about disappearing into the ocean but of becoming the ocean. There's a roomy quote that I think is appropriate to add right now while you're still contemplating and meditation these words. Roomy said you are not a drop in the Ocean. You are the ocean in a drop. You Might WanNa wiggle your toes and your fingers when you hear the sound of the chime coming back gently into the group Thank you for listening. It's truly pot occur from the balanced line Meditation Center.

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