LADS#115 - What's Going On With Arsenal ,United Cruising, and Zlatan Being Zlatan


All right, guys. What's going on before we start this podcast? There was some breaking news. And you know, I asked Moore in to record Monday night because I just got back from the Sixers games. I'm a little buzz. The had a few drinks. I saw the Sixers put a hurting on the Minnesota Timberwolves Andrew Wiggins is such a bitch due to so soft. But. There wasn't breaking news Petr check has announced his retirement at the end of the season. And you know, I just wanted to give a minute to give a shout out to the helmet wearing guy. You know like greatest the Czech Republic. Czechoslovakian? I don't know. Like, I don't know. He's been playing in the Premier League cry like fifteen seasons or something. I don't know. So I don't know if it was still the Czech Republic back then. That whole area is just confusing to me anyway. I don't I would feel like it would be rude. If Petr check was not mentioned in the podcast before we started because we will be like, oh my God. Like that was such. You know, you posted on your Instagram is only mentioned it. So here we're mentioning it four-time Premier League winner. Shamelessly winter Europe league winter five times FA Cup winner. I think like three league hav three community shields. I mean, this guy is going to go down. He's an absolute legend this accident. If you've only been watching the Premier League for the past couple of years like you might just know him is like, oh like he was just some old keeper who went to arsenal. And like, you don't really you might not know much about him. But the guy for the better part of over a decade was, you know, atone of consistence like the guy was fucking phenomenal. And there's so many like conic moments from the Champions League final to Premier League when he seasons under Josie Marino. Oh, and you know, when arsenal picked him up. You know, it seemed like a deal the devil Josie Marino, you know, as I'm an arsenal fan. I'm bias. But you know, like this season where we probably should have. But you know, typical arsenal should won the league over LeicesteR. You know, the guy was great for us. He saved us probably ten maybe twenty points. Maybe ten I don't know. I mean, maybe rounding up, but you know, shout the Petr check incredible career. I think he should be in the argument for top five goalkeepers of all time in the Premier League easily top five I mean, you could have obviously the Manchester United keeper Schmeichal Anderson or easily you have I wouldn't put laymen, you know, you had the minimal season. But seaman I mean there's obviously phenomenal goalkeepers premier leagues. Always had so many great goalkeepers Premier League. But shot the Pedder check. And also learn more about his actually like people were like, oh, he just wears you know, like the scrum cap like for. Some reason Lee actually learned about the history of that. That was actually a very horrible incident where he almost died. Where he was like, I'm fine. I'm fine. But really he was having like internal bleeding in his brain. And you know, Joe marina was freaking out because he was like, you know, like why are like the ambulances not on the field already in like five or ten minutes already gone by. And that's why today like they have like essentially a vehicle on standby to, you know, take players there that severely injured. So I think the guys like a fucking metal plate and get the guy is a bad ass so shout the Pedder check and enjoy our show. We talk about a lot of cool shit. We talk about arsenal just letting me down as usual mentors. United Martin is giddy as ever, and you know, other stuff slotting says something about Christiane Renato pretty, you know, fun show. So hope you guys enjoy it. And we love you. Bye. No. Hey, I'm competitive, and I'm Martin Frazier. And we are allowed Americans discussing soccer better known as last. All right today is January sixteenth twenty nineteen happy Wednesday. Guys. We have so much so much soccer. I talk about Martin holy shit. But before we get into Mia Khalifa, a porn star body bagging arsenal before we get into the new Manchester United who are now not only just, you know, ship pumping bottom tier teams, but top six teams what we also have some comments from Szott Abraham individual Cristiano Renaldo. We also have people probably the worst take of all time. But before you internet Martin, how the hell are you? I'm coming off. I just got done this lovely date with his lovely person. And let me tell you. I'm fucking flying. Hi, how are you doing? If you're flying high Kev, I'm flying low. I'm a sleepy sleepy. Martin lighten last night as any listener can guess was especially hellish for the both of us in our was hammered by six and by the time the eagles ended up losing the game two the saints. I was drunk as skunk. And I literally woke up puked went to work and got home from work, maybe thirty minutes ago. So I'm vets Martin I love it so much. Oh, whatever we had one of the fans ask like, how's the how's your car doing in the last episode, your Avs, you having some car problems with no clutch. How's how's the? How's the truck running his at a I still have? No clutch. Good. Good. Okay. Yeah. Turned out, but I do have clutch, technically. But my clutch doesn't work because of another problem. I ordered one part fixed a truck. And then it turns out another things wrong with the truck. So I'm still handicapped in the car department. And I got an cops caught on me. Yes. Yesterday, because I flicked off a fat bitch and traffic, and she probably. She did. And she took the time to get out of her truck. Take a picture of me. And then call the cops. I was cracking the fuck up. Good good. I'm sure the cops respondent, you know, as you know, we are pro cop podcast. So I hope they arrested you that they arrest you. They did I was held for five years, and I just got out tonight. Circle Detroit detective seasons true detective season. Three just came out last night. And it was fucking awesome. It was so one. Yeah. It's your detectors detectives season three's out. Yeah. Dude with what's his name, the guy who played the bad guy, and Luke cage and also won an Oscar for hill. Yes. For moonlight that actor. I forget his name, but he's fucking awesome. But yeah, true season three's out so true detective HBO's sponsor s okay? Martin. I'm gonna open up with something which may be the worst take of all time. But I, you know, it might be, but I'm just going to say it. Richard keys, who is a anchor for bien sports came out and said after congratulating Rio Ferdinand who may have had a similar take. If he did have a similar take I may have to. And I know I love for Ned Martin. I know your big Rio Ferdinand Homer because he's a man u legend great guy. Great great commentator, right? Richard keys came out and said if rough up in nita's loves Newcastle as he says questioning that all right spent some of his own money. He's got enough management is about teamwork. Why should it always be Ashley? But like by it. It's still for sale there in the bottom three and Rafa is responsible. He picks the team. So it's just Kev. I think. If this kid could win an award for having the worst and most unthought out idea he would he'd win Oscars for being dumbest shit because there's there's two big facts that you got to look at when it comes to Mike Ashley Newcastle in Rafa Benitez. So from nine hundred ninety two until two thousand seven Newcastle's lowest finish in the English Premier League was seventh. They were never relegated in two thousand seven Mike. Ashley took over the club bought the club. They have been relegated twice since two thousand seven. And I know we talked about this shit like two or three pods ago. Rafa Benitez is still fielding seven of the eleven players on the field that were in his championship squad two years ago. He has gotten no support no funds and for for you to fucking say if he truly loves the club fuck off. He obviously loves the club. Because this man has coached big name teams like Liverpool rail Madrid you think he wants to be at Newcastle. No, no, not really. Yeah. So he's here because he loves the club. And why hasn't anybody ever said that to Jose marina when he was moaning about transfer funds or to literally anyone at Real Madrid? When they don't get the best seventeen year old in the world. Why don't they as the stores to pay some of their own money? So Richard keys way to have a really shit opinion and Rio Ferdinand he did say something very similar. So I'm kind of disappointed in that. Because I love Rio as a footballer player and his opponent and kind of put his own foot in his mouth year. Because yet y'all dumb Gill real dome. Yeah, I just horrible, man. Like owners going own managers gonna manage like why are you going to try and cross these lines? You know, like, it's just. I've never hurt. Like, it's like making my brain like malfunction just trying to understand like this take that like of your complained about how you buy. It's like, well, that's not my fucking job to do that. And right. I'm literally trying to work with these fucking straws. You gave me, you know. Like, I don't know. I just when I saw that. I was just like this may be the worst take of all time someone telling a manager to pay for the club themselves. Why like all right. Well, moving onto a take that I kind of agree with and I've said on the show. Ibrahim Mahinda vich came out with a comment about Cristiano Renaldo. He said Cristiano Renaldo calls it a challenge to go to a team already armed that has that has been winning Syria several years ago, why not go to the seventy second division to become a champion and take the team to I bullshit going to Ventas is no challenge. So martin. I know you're you're you know, the Renaldo goat Sayer of the show. What are your thoughts on his lines? Is this old man yelling at this guy? A man passes prime just trying to get some headlines. I mean Zahn doesn't need to do that. Because launches a headline anything anytime he opens his mouth. But what are your thoughts on this lines comments on Rinaldo? I mean, I don't think he's wrong. Thank you on his thing. I don't think he's I don't think he's wrong. But at the same time when did lawn ever go to a team that was not dominant? Like, I'm sorry. That's a little hypocritical of these self proclaimed goat, which is Lawton is and I fucking loves Lawton. So don't take this as haters talking about lawn, but as lawn in his fucking professional career played for Mao mo-, probably his last club. That was not guaranteed a top respond in any league. Then he went to Inter Milan. Then he went to AC Milan. Then he went to Barscelona that he went to PS G, then he went to Manchester not. So so one has when has the goat of goat's fucking slot lawn ever acepted a challenge of that same ilk? Maybe Manchester United. Yourself. I'm not even going to respond to that. Don't need to. But I do agree. Don't you Ventas as the best player in the world? It's it's not a challenge. But I don't think anybody really admired Rinaldo saying, Ooh, I wonder if he can do it in Italy event is to a championship like nobody considered it a real challenge os just a different type of challenge. I think it's response to what Renato said about messy remember Renaldo said like he should really challenge himself and try and go play in another league. You know? So his Liping didn't like Uber though or as London didn't like a messy though. Well, I I don't think he didn't. I think he respected messy he didn't like pep Guardiola at all and his biography. He was very he he he just caught him. Like, it's just weird. Like, why are they use just like certain digging? Yeah, he's the only bad thing about pets other than the whole racist thing about fucking Torah. But we don't know what the hell. The story is with that. But on peps blemish is is lawn. Fucking despises him. Yeah. I mean bizarre. Also, not like, you know, beloved by everyone either. So let's be fair. But yeah, I just remember there's lot in in his biography talking about how like the whole Barscelona system while he there you just like. Hated it so much and just hated how Penton include him. And if you didn't play this exact way, then you just you get the boot. And God damn if he didn't, you know? So, but yeah, I agree with you know, for an auto. But I really don't think too many people were saying like, oh my God. Like he's going to like, I don't know like Florentina. Like he's not like going to like some like may he's not going to Everton in leading them to a title. You know? So he's hold on. But what what professional athlete ever has. What do you mean like try well, LeBron James going to the Cavs? Yeah. But those guilt move. All right. Martin. I that's kind of put me on. I told you that was a perfect example. So that was that was great. I thought about that like millisecond after I asked the question, but. Got damnit LeBron. But the fact remains like no fucking player. Does that no clear? No professional soccer players. Just like, you know, I don't want to win the league. Let's see if I can bring up Darby from the championship and win the title in three or four years. Nobody fucking does that. So I I like I said, I think he's right. I think lawns. Correct. But it doesn't make any sense to say that it's hypocritical attention grabbing. Yeah. And like, you know as line is obviously guilty of the same. I mean, he went to literally the easiest league to become the star with PSE. So with an oh, yeah. I mean like facing like little to no competition in like Siri league. So all right. Well, those are some major headlines guys going on in the news now, we're gonna get into arsenal West Ham, which probably. Go on a rant. Some of the go on my skip Bayless rant about how much I hate my team. We also have made mentioned. I skip. And I must go and go I'm going to have to hear me Martin gloats about how good Manchester United is who at this point marred. I'm probably going to say you guys are gonna pass in the table. Like what the fuck? I don't know what he's doing. But like, this sucks. Like, I we made that bet that I said arsenal going to like be higher than you in the table. I don't know anymore. I honestly, I don't know. We're points right now. It's okay. You've seen our fucking scheduled for February. Yeah. I think it's just both our defenses both suck. But you just have a way better goalkeeper who will get to who has a way better wall in America could ever build. But before we get into that guys. I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who's bought one of our hoodies. They're now available on our website lads podcast dot com slash store slash lads hoodie. I dunno just gotta lots podcast dot com. You can order one. Now, I'm going to start shipping them. I've already started shipping a bunch out. So thank you guys so much or buying them. If you want to check them out, the links are on our social media Lazarus core podcasts on Twitter. It's the pin. Tweet at the top on our Facebook lot, Americans Cussing soccer inter Instagram last podcast. It's all if you wanna go buy one. We appreciate it. We love you. So thank you so much for everyone who's bought it. And also shout out to the soccer swap. It's a new soccer network that we're with with football in the city Bros. Talking soccer to foot talk, just you know, trying to get our name out there. So everyone not only you guys who are listening other people can check out how okay. We are. So thank you guys. Again. We we can't appreciate it enough for all the support you give us and why we keep getting drunk and talking soccer. So it's it's pretty fun. Pretty fun. So Martin do you have anything. Sorry. I was I got on a little aside. You did. But I've kind of been looking forward to talking shit to you about horizontal live out. Great. Okay. Good. Oh, good. Oh, good. I I got a lot. I gotta lot you go. I all right. I'm gonna give you guys. The spark nodes version of what happened in the twentieth. Eighteen London's stadium disaster. So what he nineteen bitch. Get it right on, dammit. I hate this earth. I still can't fucking did that right, dude? So or is no traffic the walking twenty miles to West Ham stadium and west hand might have a little fucking trouble with our knowledge, but they have an ex or is no player rejoining, the Premier League's Sammy Nasreen and part of me, dude. I swear to God part of me was just like it would be so fucking or SNL if Sammy Nazareth scored and or won the game and in the forty eight minute Declan fucking rice who's coming back from like six month injury recovery scored on burnt Leno. And you know, I gotta I gotta say Kev, I'm not ozo- fan. I do not like him at all. I don't think he brings much to your team. But in games like this you need a super creative play guard. Who's we need us? We we there was like there was no star on the field. And it just. We got bullied. Nobody was dictating the tempo and y'all looked like a completely average team against West Ham, and it ended one zero and of course, arsenal fans worldwide capitulated, and that includes one very special listener of this show and a porn star Mia Khalifa. She had some words to say she took the wind right out of Kevin sales and not in a sexual way. Yeah. All right before I get into my rant. Let me let me start off by saying, 'i un-filed arsenal fan TV. This is why we lost because arsenal fan TV fucking jinxed us, which is already a joke of a fucking just whatever it is network. What they have like a podcast now. It was just funny watching they really. Yeah. They have like a podcast now. It's probably it's more than us. Fuck them. Anyway, they interviewed her because Mia Khalifa was at a photo shoe. I guess she doesn't do porn anymore. So meekly as famous porn star. Household name, obviously became super famous because she was wearing like a like a Muslim Shah did a porn. And I think she had like, Aw. Oh, you've seen it. We've all seen it. I know that one. Yeah. It's a good way. It's like her and her mom screen under the table. Grape port. Yeah. It was a plumber guide comes in or boyfriend. I dunno. I forget here's like, you know, it's great anyway got super famous to conquer soccer. No, okay. So and like she had little twat like death threats like people want him to murder her. She became an international story because of this because apparently you can't do that. I guess I don't know. Like, I don't know enough. So I can't say anyway, she was. Pictured in a West Ham jersey recently at a photo shoot. And so she got noticed for that. Because it's like, oh, look West Ham has the greatest, you know. Fan of all time a porn stars like funny. Well, anyway after we lose to west hand during the game Mia Khalifa tweeted in all caps fucking pussy Medio when doozy. I've seen you go down more in this match than I did in twenty fourteen. Wolf wolf come on. Come on you hammers to be fair. She did go down a law in twenty four teams newsy wrong. Martin. So after we got completely body bagged by porn star in more ways than one. This is just embarrassing Martin. We lost to be version arsenal. Abi Ray arsenal side s Sammy TASR ry, Jack Wilshire Fabio, husky the list goes on mar and it was pretty much like the ghost of arsenal. Pass. It was just like what happened to this high flying arsenal team that I thought could make the top four like what is going wrong. We're has the is it just I I don't get it. Like, we went from like this almost twenty game this over twenty game unbeaten record where essentially we didn't really play anyone. But it was still promising to now like I'm like looking at Arsene Wenger's departure. It'd be like maybe it wasn't winger. Maybe it's just the fucking club. Dude. Like, and that's so scary. Like, I'm so scared. It's like you're like being an arsenal fan is like drinking whisky like it burns. But it tastes good. But at the end of the day, I'm gonna wake up with a hangover like, this is horrible. Like, this is like like, I can't stop drinking it. But I know it's bad for me. You know, like, what do you? What do you think it is like I'm like just like, I'm just so tired of this pussyfooting around. Like, I just I don't get it. I mean, I don't think. I don't think our snow would be at this level or anywhere close to this level. If winger was to charge. I did not think it's a team problem or a a an organization problem. I genuinely think that there are three to four games that you'll have played in the recent month month and a half that has required and oath light. Claire a fucking super creative dude who could just reek havoc on those teams that sit ten behind the bowl and just defend in rely on counterattacks and ozo- is that player he sees shit that other players don't see. However, I think the team as a whole is better when OSA was not on the field. So I agree with United there. So I think I think in order for or smell to reach that next step in the terms of growth and shit. Y'all need leader you'll need a fucking playmaker. Who's going to show up every single game? That has the creative vision that ozo- has. But doesn't have that lazy ass trait that he also has so. Finding Marco variety. I would say Adrian raviol- from PS is also a fantastic by. But apparently he's going to bars or Byron. But find that player that you guys have learned been looking for since the creation of time Ramsey was supposed to be at OSA was supposed to be at Jack Wilshire was supposed to be it find that creative midfield off. Yes. Santee zola. Just dude. He he could have been the key piece but injury just play that poor man. I love honestly like in terms of the past players in the past five years who played for arsenal. Like, I think Santa because all is probably my favorite like I love. I just when he was on the field during that year when we were, you know, top of the table nineteen games into the season. A lot of people don't talk about this. But arsenal got about that arsenal during the year. Lester won the league were really the ones who blew it. Everyone's like, oh Liverpool's going to blow it like, no arsenal. Really blew it. The year Lester one we were top at the table. You. Remember this Martin? I was. We were so roommates together at via my at the Virginia Military institute. And like, I I was saying like dude this could be it. This could be the year that you know, I get the fully appreciate or a winning the league. Because the last time they want it. I was in fourth grade. So. Fuck Martin I personal land of dude. No, you'll go. All right. I'm gonna go. But like, I think it's going to be a fucking project, man. I think like I just saw like this little glimpse a hope and clearly as like, you know, as an arsenal fan like we were literally going to take anything after winger, and after unite like sparked so much greatly. I think we definitely need some more signings terms in the back line, that's obvious. But like, I think this is going to be a project man, I think it's going to take a couple years before we're like really, I don't think it's gone. I think it's going to take like a couple of transfer windows of really start competing for like title at a sucks. But you know, I'm just going to enjoy it. You know, I'm gonna have a few beers. I'm gonna kick back, and you know, I'm gonna enjoy it. You know, we're still going to play exciting football. But we're going to be like just we're going to give up three or four goals a game while doing it. So it's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's everything's fun. Nothing's wrong. I mean, I'd be I'd be okay. If I wasn't horizontal fan because I still think. The quality of of soccer that you are playing this year compared to under winger in the last five years is ten times better the players look better the tactics. Look better the fans look more enthused. So of course, there's going to be fucking. You know, learning bums there's gonna be some speed bumps. You're going to hit them at thirty miles per hour break a fucking leg or something. And then you're going to try it again and fucking get over that speed them. So I don't think arsenal fans should worry at all. Don't anything. I I would worry about is that West Ham is slowly becoming the Southampton for arsenal and stopped stopped sending your players to West Ham. I don't know why why clubs always end up choosing one other club to offload the majority of their players. But it seems like you guys have found your wife. It's just like our hubby, man. That's like our central hub. Where all are, you know, outcasts just and of course, they play so well when they play against this. Fuck me Martin just fucked me right in the face. All right. Let's move on Martin. Let's just start gloating. Let's move. Let's get to the game. Everyone wants to talk about Manchester. United versus Tottenham at Wembley. Look a move for two right now. I said sure bet arsenal. I said sure bet Tottenham Tottenham what's going to bring Manchester United. Down to earth. I I gotta eat the shit. I gotta eat the trash. I was wrong. I'm sorry. I think don't be sorry. Kevin. I'm so glad you were wrong apart, but on the United one. I'm going to say something, and this is pure elation. Pure. This is the first time Manchester United has deserved a victory against a quality team in a very long time who competed with the Spurs from the first whistle to the last. And yeah, Dave devasta- play out of his fucking mine. But you know, what that's part of fucking soccer. You don't like that Manchester United's Goldie as world class and can stop an entire eleven shots from the Tottenham team over the course of ninety minutes. Some brilliant saves thrown in there as well. We'll to fucking bad. He's a professional player is part of our team. Do not discount the victory because of Davidge upfront. Marcus rash verb is looking like a God damn true striker and old school tr- striker under soaks he's looking like Ruud van Nistelrooy back in the fucking day. I love more. She. Hey. Oh, yeah. A young rude. A young rude and fucking Anthony Marshall. Jailings messy Lynn guard or fucking awesome on the flank. I fucking love this team that soak your has set up and or Harare who I have always loved is funny getting some recognition matching match out for the performances put in for soldier, and dude if you're a mentioned, not advanced I'm pretty sure this is what this is what heaven feels like I've experienced hell for the past five years like the truest fucking most painful in hate-filled pits of hell has a Manchester not advan, but seeing this six zero start from old gun folklore and the first manager ever immense has nodded history to go six ws in a row to start his manager career. So I'm flying high. I fucking love the the football that social or has mentioned United plan and Kevin we back baby. We. We ever remember. Now like a month ago. I was saying arsenal was back. What it's. Yeah. Yeah. That's what a what a fucking time. That was man. I also think like hot no met Wimbley is just not intimidating at all. And teams are definitely taking advantage of that. But. Martin you're talking about like five years of fucking like disappointment in. Hey, like try like almost like fourteen years fifteen years of just pure just agony. So that only there, but I don't wanna wanna hear I hear a guy named the light. I knew the lead, and I lost it you were born into darkness. All you knew was darkness. I tasted the lie. I was like it's I flew too close to the sun and plummeted down. You just lived in the fucking trash human fuck. The greeks. Anyway. Going going. I'm just like bitter. This is going to be my bitter podcast. Tottenham? I don't know, man. This game could have been like buck in like six one. Like, I just don't understand how Tottenham can just have so many chances and just bottle so many chances, and like I want to say unfortunate for Tottenham, the heya had probably one of the greatest, you know, what this is probably my favorite. Goalkeeping performance I've seen since Tim Howard in the World Cup against Belgium. This is you're being bias because my favorite is still the snow game last year when he had fourteen saves like that was just a goalkeeper class. Really good. I mean, his footwork to stop save his feet. Mo my God, honestly, brick wall absolute brick fucking wall e unbelievable, and I feel bad because I almost forgot the tweet this out, but I was going to tweet like a couple of months ago under the Marino rain, Martin people were saying like, oh like Davidoff. Hey, like people use to say he was world class. Like look at like he had given up as many goals as he did the season before already and like, you know, and like people were questioning his greatness this. This is like a fuck you to the haters like I'm still here. I'm considered one of the best and. I do remember I posted like a like a meme or amend a medium on our Facebook of data has like a brick wall. Like live footage to have day, a brick wall. And someone said like, oh, do you mean Allison Becker who has like shut the fuck up? Oh, no, no. But like I it's a fair shout. He was trying to say and like Alison I still think has been the best keeper of the season. But like the guy I have is day. You know, like, hey was probably had the in terms of best individual goalkeeping performances all year long. It gets a top side. I would have to say, hey, right. Like, I have seen great performances all year. But debited, hey, I think had the most standout before where this game could easily tied them could easily won this. If it wasn't for him. Oh, absolutely. And I think that's what sets him in a very different class than the other supposed- top goalkeepers in the league. And when when if you wanna take the top goalkeepers in the league, at least, what the media says, you have you have Beker, you have Edison, you have Lauridsen you have the heya, and I truly truly truly do not think that any of those goalkeepers can ever be even close to Davidoff. Well, hold on. Wait, wait. Only because of what sits in front of them. What sits in front of them is a fantastic Liverpool defense it was led by Virgil Van Dyke. The best Senator defender in the league who have said that on multiple occasions Liverpool also possesses one of the best defenses in the league. This is where I I agree with Manchester City same with Manchester City taught same with Tottenham. Now, look what fucking sits in his in front of you, Phil Jones drunk pieces shit. You have Chris mauling that Obama impersonator who thank God, he's benched. Now, you have old Ashley young who. I still liked but he's still not that great of a defender. Yeah. Luke Shaw Valencia Diogo Dahlak who's eighteen fucking years old. Eric Lindelof is the only fucking one who's worth a shit. Our defense this moment you've been really liking Linda off lately I've been like I have. And I've I've taken notice I've taken that. That's that's my argument. It's like everyone else is working with like much better talent in front of them. So I totally agree with you on that point. But like, my thing is like, I honestly like, this is my opinion, and I might get shit on for it. And that's fine. I don't know of any of those other goalkeepers could have had a performance like Davide hat. Exactly. That's my thing. Like an individual performance like that. I think it's only like him. Nowhere nor'easter. I really liked her stay honestly, I think they're saying boof on even block Athletico. Yeah. That's true. That's very true. Oh block is phenomenal Donna room of sometimes on AC Milan. But. He is in a league of his own in the English Premier League. I don't wanna hear I just truly do not think you can compare any of them to Davide has because of that. I think like you can but Davidoff has like an a plus like Larrea's Alison are like as it's just like they're exactly I agree with that. There's like margins to this stuff. I just think that and we're not trying to suck his dick. I know everyone's gonna be like oh. Like as someone who is an arsenal fan who has like an okay goalkeeper right now who thought Petr check was going to solve all their problems. God what a fucking Marino. Fucking swindled us abso- upset about that radio. Definitely swindled us giving us better check on his decline. Yeah. True. But can you've been swindled so many times before isn't a horse. No fan in transfers alone. Doesn't matter if you buy so you guys are gonna get fucked. I just think Robin van Persie that's fabric. Yeah. Actually, actually, I just want to give this is going to be a little aside. We're going to move on to the other games. Martin. I meant to bring this up in our opening headlines. So sess fabric gas has left Chelsea and I felt like it just happened to abruptly like that was it's kind of sad not having sex in the Premier League anymore. Right. Like he's going to ES Monaco to go play with his former team me to your yawn. Re people forget they play together at arsenal. But wow. Like, it's kind of you know, it just I feel like there should have been more like a victory lap for him. You know, I don't know. So I think you should go down as one of like per merely best. I wouldn't put like top ten, but I mean says was phenomenal for so many years. Yeah. Anyone FM cups with y'all? He wanted to Premier League titles with Chelsea. And I I think he's like the. The underrated best central midfielder in the prime hyphen. He is absolutely one of the best Spanish players to ever be in the Premier League. Oh, absolutely been having David via. I think or not that'd be devastate. Whereas sorry sorry that. Oh, yeah. Deficit sorry by devotees zovut, the Tinkerbell. But yeah, I think I think this did come up a little bit sudden. And I think it's gonna take me like two months to realize that I'm probably not going to watch fabric ask play again. But I'm like we got lucky to watch fucking eight years of him in the oh fucking out to him. Hopefully, he does well with fucking on Ray, Kev. Tell me if I'm wrong, I consider fabric is more important and more. I'd conic to arsenal than Ramsey. Even though he's a traitor. He's a traitor. He's a snake. He's a fucking whoever's stabbed Julius Caesar in the bag Brutus at to protect at Ted two Berta. Yeah, he's all that. But he's a fucking ledge. I. Maybe because he did so. Well, Chelsea afterwards. We wanna to like group him into our snow. But like true. I I don't know like us phenomenal for us. Don't get don't get me wrong. But like, I don't know I feel like people are throwing around the term legend too loosely lately. And I I I don't like it. I don't like it at all. So I don't know. I I love I I love fabric gas, you know, like as an arsenal fan. I felt like you know, obviously betrayed because I'm biased as a fan. I have emotions I feel. I can't be just a robot's saying like, you know, those attachable move for him to go like, the Chelsea and go and actually pursue per merely. Click that hurts me that's that hurts me a lot so like regime sterling leaving Liverpool to go to man city like everybody. He's a snake. I can't just be like, you know, it's a great move for him. He like, you know, like, a sucks. So I don't know. I says is like one of those world casts players were like he doesn't have like the crazy amazing sassy is great stats, but. What he does like on the ball of the setup plays and his his passing in the midfield has always been just so perfect. Like the way he does a lofts it it's phenomenal. But he reminds me of peer low in a lot of was. Yeah. Very similar. Maybe not freaking Martinez who who who's pure load free. But you know, what I'm saying? But he's he's fucking a step above in terms of intelligence of the players on the field. He just looked like he's flowing across the field. He can play any type of ball weather. It's a short square long cross or driving shot. He can do it all and as a perfect Swiss army knife for that midfield and Moe's overlooked, but never underappreciated so fucking. We got lucky watching him. Chelsea definitely got lucky having him or snow. Unfortunately missed out on that log but fucking of wall sets of wall enjoy parade. Monaco. Yeah. The richest place ever fucking when I was in Monaco is like ten years for a bottle of water. I was like Jesus Christ. I don't even know how many ten euros is. I mean, it's like an American. I think it's pretty it's like ten bucks is ten bucks for like a water. It's a lot of fucking money for water. Yeah. I remember we went to his place, and it was like we're right near the casino. That was like a senior Royal in the race track is Martin got super jealous showed up shut up to think about it because Mars of huge Formula one fan, and then like after a year after I've been there in meeting had been living together a year after this. He was just like. Oh, yeah. By the way, like I went to like a Formula one track. And he's like, oh, which one like Monaco, and he's like new piece of shit. You this shit. You hid that for me for like a year or two it's not important to me. So I don't care. So it's very important. Kevin. I don't care about cars or like how fast they go. I Don I grew up in a NASCAR family. So I was always just like fuck that like, I don't like Bobby Labonte. And like, you know, I don't care about Bobby Labonte, your Dale Stewart, or whatever his name is Stuart. That's a nailed it. Yeah. Dale Stewart junior. Raise three four Dale Stewart junior jets the best NASCAR driver ever, Jeff, Jeff, Gordon, Dale Stewart junior. Yep. Jeff, Bobby, Bonnie, Eric. But yeah, I just want to mention two things one pug bays. So back pulled back that pass my gun. The rash for just. Why just? Kissing an asshole. So good. And again Tottenham you're you're out of the race. We said it before. But this this is the defiantly we've we knew. But like this this is like like, we definitely know. Now, like, you're not this is like, yeah. This is the third strike you're done. You. You got considered to be in the raise than you were considered a joke in the race. A now you're definitely not in the race. You're just done. Yes, I'm sorry. And I love you guys. I think you have great talent. And you know, even as an arsenal fan. I'll say I love you too. And it's just you know, maybe you'll do well in the champion's league. If you don't play at Wembley, that'd be that'd be so funny. If they win the Champions League that I don't know. I think it'd be just like it because even people in England be like, well, they still can't win the title like nothing. So that's so English media. They'd be like, yeah, they may won the champions like best in Europe. But you know, they still can't win a title. It's like the best in England. This is what they said Liverpool and they won in two thousand five in the miracle in Istanbul. They're like two fair. They were correct in two thousand and five. Oh, okay. Thank you for being on his ACL was the better team. All right. Let's do a little quick recap Chelsea beating Newcastle. Willion with us in another sensational strike my God. I still don't know what to make of Chelsea and sorry ball each week. I'm like I'm like, I'm like I'm in. I'm all in and the next week. I'm like, I don't know. Sometimes I feel like teams are figuring out. But and then I'm like there's rumors of William going to Barscelona at thirty like that weirds me out. But then when he has a performance like this. I'm like, oh that kind of makes sense, you know, so not much to say solid three points for Chelsea seems. So they're going to be probably saying up in the top four. So do you have anything on this game? Martin. I think you're gonna find out exactly how well or not. Well, sorry bowl works out this weekend when they play or snow, and I believe this game solidified hazards, excellent fucking season is the only football player than a Leonardo messy to have ten goals and Tennessee's so hazardous proving his worth whether. That means new wage demands at chose your new team at Real Madrid. Hazardous having a fucking season again and hazards get into that level where this is he's almost supposed to have a season like this. He's almost supposed to be the best every single year year in year out. So I think has orders going under looked in terms of the respect he should garner. I think he's easily top five in the world right now, just because of his consistency. And the fact that he is literally the only other person that messy to hold ten goals and Tennessee's and he's involved in. I think Paul Paul Bo was involved in fifty three percent of Manchester. United's goals soldier took charge and hazard has been involved in forty seven percent of chose E goals all fucking season. Oh my God. Oh, what a has and shit Lau. Yeah. Yeah. In has always been great. And with more and more like, you know, concern. Distancing from him. Just putting up double digits in both categories goals in assists. I mean Real Madrid who who's at the door knocking if I was a Chelsea fan. I might you know, I might start beginning worried might be a little worried might just get a little hold him. Hold him like a fucking girl from that. You love so much. You never wanna lose. Just never let her leave the house. I wish I knew addict. I really wish I knew me to like. Yeah. I'm just fucking. I'm spitballing for other people here. I've heard I've heard. Yeah. I hear if you love someone you keep him in the Antic. Then you don't let them leave your club. No matter what. Yeah. Josie should do has just OMB away. All right. Moving onto Liverpool against the unofficial gay capital of Brighton. Got by. That's what I'm saying. Liverpool of last year of previous years would probably came out with a draw got a penalty. People may say it was a dive. I won't say that. I think it was a penalty Salah again on the scoresheet and again keep their league at the top of the table. This is this is the type of game where a title side contending side who don't win would draw this match a title winning side wins this match. You know what I'm saying? I explain that really poorly. But aside that's going to win the league wins this game against the side. Like, brian. That's what I'm trying to say. And so full marks use a British her full marks Liverpool here. So we'll see I think if they can keep this consistency man, another clean sheet for them or just, you know. Yeah. Flying high. I mean, I don't know about flying high. This was their first win in like three matches in all calms. But this has your clot put. It was a very mature performance from Liverpool. They didn't have any of the flash the usual possess that their top three offers. But they just got the job done. They got those three points end. Exactly what you said. This is a game that it doesn't matter. How you play you just need three points at the end of the day. And you know, what it sucks to be Brighton because they held out they held out and questionable. Call leading to a penalty kick, you know that that sucks for that home team. But this is this is the game that Liverpool needs to win every single time from here to the end of the year to ensure that they win the title because Manchester City, I don't think is going to slip up again, they slipped up already. They're done with that shit. Peps not gonna let that happen again. Otherwise cities going to face another mass exodus because the rat pet so fucking. Good on club. Good on Liverpool for winning this game. However, it took and just a quick reminder March twenty third Chelsea Claes Liverpool at Anfield, and it is on the exact same date that Stephen Girard slipped and lost the league for Liverpool against Josie all those years in Martin's. No what I'm trying to say tons of. Let's are gone. We might see the slip again drawing fucking did transferred in from Rangers and slip as the manager. He's going to get transferred as the manager acopia. He's a player manager, man karaoke. Did it? Okay. Let's move on to man city who handled the wolf's today. Three now, very just Clinton. And it was just we've got a red card early. It was it was just not pretty brace by Gabriel Zeus who seems to be trying to fight for his starting spot. I don't really have much to say about this game. But man city they're right there. They're on. They're on the fucking tale of Liverpool. They're not going to be it's really up to Liverpool. Because man said he's like we're not gonna fuck up. We're putting the ball in your court. It's up to you to fuck up. So oh, yeah. I mean, it's a bold move. But it's the only move they got here. Because lead you said like I said, I don't think he's gonna fuck up. Again. I think said he's going to have a pretty dominant run to the end of the season. So it's up to Liverpool to mimic that. And so once again, the title is down to have four four points, separating the teams and. So I'm fucking stoked because that means it's still not a wide open race were almost through January kinda and the title is still well and fucking alive. So yea for that. But city obvious, and total destruction of the wandering wolves from over Hampton. But the only real question I have about this game, which seems to be the only thing that pundits are talking about is that red cord a red card on the tackle on a Silva. Because it looked exactly like the tackle company made on Salal last week. And he was given a yellow card and so. I don't know. I'm on the fence there that should be yellow macho. Well, I feel like us, you know, as football soccer guys. You know, we're, you know, macho like we would amount show much. We'd probably just be like now stop being a pussy. Just get up. Right. Oh, my Sunday League soccer where I'm just like hung over as fuck just like sliding into people shins. Well, quick as I did you see that is grand post. It was from dream team messy was like I'm twenty eight years old a month away from having my first born yet, I get fucking kicked out of Sunday League soccer for calling the referee pervert what the fuck. That's exactly how we look at soccer like everybody should treat soccer as a Sunday League as just funded shit Horta's shit. And that's what I want to see in the prim. So unlike these tackles. Yeah, that's what I liked about. Mike dean for the Todd Manchester. United a match he he really let things fly during that. Which I appreciate it. I'm like it was a gritty hard match. And like, you know, I prefer when the referee puts it in the hands or I guess feet of the players you. Oh. So we'll see I, you know. It's really subjective. When sometimes I I don't think I'd give it, but I can see why. So. I am a what's it called? I want to end this podcast Martin. This is like I'm gonna pour one out for our boy, David Wagner manager of Huddersfield. Soon to be winners of the leak not this year. But definitely sometime, you know, king is dead long of the king be American. You know is now gone from the Premier League, you know, it's poor terriers. You know, I felt like they are really about the turn it around. And you know, I thought David was really going to, you know, but this is where we're getting into the part of the season where so at us aren't being like, the, you know, the manager merry go round, you know, but hunters field still can be saved. See this is a perfect Gant job for one man and one man only the one the legendary big off friendly Sam folk you think Sam Sam Allardyce he's going to save the puppy dogs from relegation hunters fields going to win the league in twenty nine hundred twenty twenty and big Sam will be knighted. That's that's my fucking prediction rate. Their big Sam comes in and saves Huddersfield. I hope so heaven is fucking big pies big pints of wine. That's what I want. I just want big Sam in my life. It feels we're not seeing him. We can week out. You know, like, it's I've been. We're getting towards the end of the season where teams are desperate for a savior from relegation zone. It's big it's basically fucking batmans sign in the sky. This is the time for people to start putting pie in the sky to call big scam. Sam the baked pie in the sky, man. I love it. But Marin before we end this podcast. It's just really a question to you and the listeners but with this big win. This is a Manchester United oriented question with the big win against Tottenham. Like, do you? Keep Ali like do you keep so are like, what do you think? You're right now are you like I I've seen a big debate on Twitter. I feel like a lot of people are starting to go for the Manchester United legend, the keep him like us like I said ride ride the hot hand, ride the HUD hand, but my first choice for the long-term was an is positive. No, still still, however, all e has injected an entirely new life and love in the Manchester United world from the players to the fans, it seems like this team has been reborn and that cannot be discounted. So if this run and if this enthusiasm to play under soldier continued to the end of the season than I'd say keep all around what I would caution against is going to get a nother manager just to get another manager. I say if you can't get Paci. No this year's stick with Holly way to Paci Tinos available if he becomes available stick with smoke jar. But I've already seen reports. Linking fucking a Gareth Southgate to Manchester United and that would be the most new age Manchester. United move of all time. Let's me. I mean, look. No, I don't want Gareth Southgate. I don't want folks that was my follow up. So, you know, no, I do not because of the way he plays football. It's it's England football is more withdrawn. It's more tactical and square passing and waiting for an opportunity. That's not the way Manchester United played under, sir. Alex. And it is not the way mansions, not hang on to soak char the way manches not plays football is to take risks. The thing that's soaked or has told all of his players and all the reporters time and time again is that he does not care if immense knotted player loses the ball, all that matters is they win it back. So sulk your manches knotted old school manches, not it is about taking risks. And if a manager does not have that spirit in him the Manchester United football spirit in him than I do. Not want him at Manchester United look look who came in after sir. Alex, Davin Moya's. Fucking goddamn that Dutch freak who I despise L. Now hosing what LBJ Julianne fun. But look at them all very different tactics. That matches knotted has grown up and has always played you bring in a guy who's been coaching in fucking Norway. Who just so happened to bring in, sir? Alex to every training session to talk to, sir. Alex, basically every fucking on night of the big game to truly understand about the Manchester nodded attacking tradition, and what it means to be a Manchester United player, and that's what you need to succeed. You don't need anything. But someone who understands the Manchester United way to succeed. And that's why I'm saying don't over hype socor, but don't get go out and get a replacement that is not fully committed to Manchester. Not but that's not even my biggest fucking hatred about Manchester. Not fans right now people are already trying to imagine what. Manchester United squad is going to look like in twenty nine hundred and twenty. Season, dude. Or fucking squad is great here. Stopped buying players. I hate that shit. We don't have to go out and spend a hundred fucking million dollars every single year right now, we have a surplus of attacking options get a central defender, and we'll be fine. Play ander Herrera, Paul matych, pulp Alba or Scotland Tomei. It's fine. Don't go out and buy another marquee Sonning. Trust the squad that you have. That's what Sir Alex did for years and years and years and only when he needed to by someone to help the team truly hope the team he would Robin van Persie broaden immediately hoped the team Chih-chia Reto broaden immediately hit the team, but those were not world breaking transfers for fuck sakes. Let these boys grow together. Let them learn undersold char let them learn the true manches nodded way don't keep bringing in and I'm not fucking like country, whatever but stop bringing in goddamn Italians, Englishmen Spaniards Germans Frenchies. Stop bringing in people to match has not work with the squad. That's in front of you. It's obviously good enough and under soldier under the right manager. It can be a world beater any day of the week. That was Randy. I'm done. I quit. You know, just take my breath flow. What was the question can totally forgotten. Now, I I don't know or really care any more. Actually, we do have a question which I forgot to ask. But it's very it's a relevant question. More in because it's not like a timeless question. But it's I want to get I just want to end the podcast of this. Are you ready? This is from Brock A B R C K, he says with Brexit looming in the work permits being restricted restricted restricted will the prime become a place for established players only a kind of domestic Superleague if young talent from abroad can get into the training teams in England. What league will they go to? What are your thoughts on what the potential talent firewall will do to the game worldwide? Isn't actually a really great question. First of all, thank you, Brock. But God damn this is a very this question has layers. But I haven't been following, you know, politics in general because it's depressing, but the whole Brexit talks, I fought a little bit Terresa may Theresa doing her funny, little dance and shit. I don't know. Like, we've talked about this on the show before that, you know, I've always thought like diversity is good in that more. Diversity leads the more exposure to different cultures and different. You know, thoughts and ideas, and like more love, you know, like hippy dippy shit. Even your Klopp had a great, you know, quo saying like, you know, about Brexit saying that like, you know, boundaries have never helped anyone putting up walls like that doesn't do any good. You know? So I think that if we are to go through this Brexit, I think this could hurt the Premier League. You know, I think, you know, I think Arsene Wenger was one of the first, you know, I'm being biased is one of the first like managers are really feel two completely diverse from every different country kind of side. And he kinda like that led to so much more diversity within the Premier League going forward said it mostly like British players. So I don't know Marin I, you know, I don't like it. I prefer my teams to be diverse and have a lot of character and diversity. But. If these travel bans happen, I think it could really hurt our league, which means you by sleep believe is the best league in the world. Yeah. I absolutely agree with everything you fucking just said there, but I'm gonna come out with some typical Martin paranoia slash my bad outlook on this world. Okay. I'm excited. Yeah. I don't I think regardless of what happens whether Brexit goes through or not whether what ever type of worker visa requirement and or restrictions in order to live work a stay in England passes or do not pass. I do not think soccer is going to be affected that bad because at the end of the day. Look how fucking much money soccer makes not just not just for themselves. But in the Konami of England Konami of Manchester fucking London fucking Merseyside. It makes so much fucking money that there are always going to be loopholes that they find fucking chose E city. PS have already found. Found loopholes in the youth recruiting guidelines and low ex exactly exactly. So I don't think any type of Brexit deal where no deal is truly going to restrict the type of foreign talent that we see in the prim. I think it might be a a hindrance for players to get into the Premier League or might be a deterrent to players for wanting to join the Premier League. But at the end of the day, dude, money fucking talks and players are gonna go to the Premier League, regardless of the hardships that they face because they're going to be offered fucking three times their wages because the premise fucking desperate or the goddamn government is going to be like, oh shit of restall leading fucking brilliant. Soccer players come in. That means players or fans aren't going to go to the games, which means we're not getting fucking money. So let's change the laws and then some foreign fucking players. So I don't think anything's going to change Tom's a fucking fled circle. The rich get richer end fund ways to watch it. So I'm team not Brexit. Just because like that's weird to me. But even if Brexit does happen. I still think we are going to see an abundance of fucking players from foreign countries in the pram. Yeah. I just you know, it is bummed me out, you know, plus England, plus, you know, English suits are ugly. So like or yeah. Like, I need some hot Spanish dudes like, you know, in my mind. You need to get going every weekend. I need to get something to excite you. I need a beautiful area in Swiss men like do you? Remember, Jesus Navas is fucking is. That makes me gay in a second home. My God just I get lost in every time. But all right, guys. Thank you so much. Stay tuned. Let's first Friday morning. Make sure to check out our hoodies. They are available on our website last podcast dot com. Free shipping thirty five dollars and make sure to follow us on our social media, Twitter, Facebook Instagram, which have already mentioned, and by this has been awesome. Bye.

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