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Good Lure Hell Ya based on Nado no if you're there I'm here okay they you you went from sounding how I imagine I sounded to you to sitting on the couch next asthma technology all right pretty good consecutive possessions same shot for twenty two great now now that Ah Note The T. J. Warren put up just two of the the worst game winning attempts I've ever seen it sure did as did the Pistons so we're all we're all winners they're looking good and also Christian what appears to be the best player in the league I don't hate that Letsie cooking though Yeah Twenty one minutes twenty the warriors seemed to affects themselves magic picking the Pelicans there in looking great Sixers six hawks battling I don't know why I still have so what are you just yelling at the computer now no I'm still using my old laptop earned that China edit audio video blog do it all from some antics fifteen minutes to turn on it's awesome I'm show it's I'll never understand. ESPN and their business model but they're like man we've struck gold time to kill it what's the opposite of gold that's what the genesis halftime but no we struck fecal matter we've we've had time but I get it now yeah I wanted to lay the early they got rid of the genesis after a septic line and the streets are filled with human shit. Whether this bile it's just human Bil- everywhere I love fourteen to ten football the well when we first met on the web that was the first thing you said to me I thought it was strange at the minutes nineteen points twelve rebounds on eight of ten from the field including three of three from three I have a tape it was like Oh this is this barstool like Mac book nine Blake literally the ninth one house like yeah ever been yeah are you just you wanted to keep it I I told him since I had to record tonight I was GonNa hold onto this and I'm GonNa Turn Tomorrow Care What you do the era I think multiple teams should be trying to trade for Andre German right now this is not a new take you've had this yeah because he was like he thought I was like making it up that this was slow in old and then today he had to like deregistered or something trading for him I think you'd help your Celtics I think the clippers sneakily have enough to give up for him just because they have so much shit if they wanted to go out on the city Houston's close diamond Miami Pittsburgh is the game of the hour is that what you're watching you better believe probably but if the clippers clippers right now and I'm really trying to do this for for the next several years I'm I'm looking at what the USB built into them so that's that's technology at its finest stake that's fair you didn't have teams in Mayes was from the Detroit's because it'd happened a golden state in the final year and even if they're they are gonNA hold onto win tonight like that that depth I know it's intriguing it is interesting because he's he's he certainly has value I just don't know what it would even look they shouldn't WanNa pay him but now that no blake's again I really don't know they just wanted to move on I I couldn't even blame there translate what else happened the Piston di- did you see the end up Pistons Pacers I did not only check on the player prop there which one knowing that I'm keeping him in resigning just because it's trade for for a piece but man oh man if you already have enough which they probably do and then having that debt that's such a luxury all the time out to call the blitz that's the first time I've football live tanking like wow right yeah that was wild but it wasn't even like us he's never played with a good point Gar now is your housing and is free throw rate and percentage keep going up like there awesome Blake Blake like he really just don't know if he's ever going to be healthy yeah I think the hawks who trae for earth should consider I think they want I think they could do both to hurt the warriors in year five this is a two year project so we were in and out potentially I I don't think there's any way you can look at five years down the road anymore honestly no fisher not that they would but I think Oklahoma City Dallas would be interesting because porzingas certainly doesn't WanNa play the five to the Lakers Anthony Davis don't WanNA play the five the Lakers yeah but like drums wild durable he's still young he's the best rebounded generation he gets a lot of steals for somebody inside leash you consider I think Sacramento I think Toronto nothing Washington just the name of because I think those are two very different things yes he Lebron it looks like forced him to play the five for the ZAC shame yeah they could certainly get I'm not saying you should about Dallas just because porzingas looks great but he's still getting four rebounds a game so that's just not going to be option than maybe I should get seventeen again here's like blitz but not really just like I don't actually sack him since some of the guys don't get home but if you just get to st it'd be alright like because he's he doesn't have one of those crazy high deals that would make like all we have to give up x amount of players just even matt salary ever been in like a great defensive scheme no probably not I feel like he could adapt to it it was only gonna be decent a restricted and then like three the main guys went off the board the night before so it's GonNa be nothing so I'd be trying to trade for drumming I can see him not wanting to take that beating for the most of the when it matters he's GonNa play the fire but it's not gonNA matter God like unplayably bad anymore which is regular bad but you can do and also like for all the steals and blocks he gets I'm also not sure he's which is all I hear about for regular season he's GonNa play the five to close games is going to play the five yeah so that's why I don't that makes Fitzpatrick's third interception of the day probably this is the first time I've ever seen live tanking was third and twenty the spacing random is forty two year old Dudley contagious call we'll poke who might be he's one of the bottom five worse players and didn't like if Joint Howard playing good once isn't like Oh we don't need anything but just credit to him he good I'm not sure if ad like refusing to play the five or is he refusing to play the five when Kentavious call will pope is spacing. That's why I don't think it'd be crazy and whoever betrayed affords like yeah this is who we would sign this summer because in the summers frequency is GonNa Stink it's a it's fair cagey used to do that all the time to up until like post post surgery cagey they didn't have enough that'd be very funny although Dwight twos credit looked really good yes it's B for net for that to be my spacing fuck you do I our deal with it news frankie smokes finally blade her what happened I mean Desma Juniors feelings were very much hurt by I wasn't fucking with you later bureau stinks almost like well yeah yeah that's me coupon clippers beverly frequency book is in his AAC gotta bucks man he's got the next five years I there would be what forty two forty three tremendous quote could lord they need a wing bad who la the Lakers within my game doesn't change in any way ochre so take my corner does yeah sure sounds good Nineteen fifteen and five game and based on how random that stat is you know the only other one is Lebron James Dead Susan minus three over six over four jury bounced to assist did exactly light the world on fire but ask you ball at work the bowls the bowls of seemed to figure it out smooth like seven I seventy five percent of AH you're on disability soon you're not taking anything turn dirty thirty as I am Lori got their first bucket though Otto porter auto okay elevated Misa Misa three more important news kevin knocked at fourteen point seventeen minutes off the bench aided and more important in half the other night when this is what always happens with anthony like this it's not gonNA force thing that's when the game is ready to be one when playoff time he was just like man I'm a four perks got that sounds like our sure but in the meantime could you stand Geico outs looked the other next got their first win shot the next the bulls haven't heard much I keep hearing RJ's looking good but I haven't had the game last twenty-five percent well to be furious the hardest part man they're making baby steps the Metro Robinson that's tremendous of a big fan of that Pat Riley Eighty six eighty four the Miami heat triple overtime on Sunday afternoon I can't wait till you you just need a win in the worst way you're like alright Siaka plus two points but the raptors went by exactly fifteen night before you should've seen him in warm ups man I couldn't Miss Toronto said he was hot by the knicks crowd themselves yeah I can see that happening it was ugly fragging smoke got twenty two minutes the first ever NBA die. Plus I'm Yulia Okay I'll get ten bucks mcdonagh's method probably kill for a minus three one of these days teams Minnesota Shit that would be incredible stuff just knew every everyone who was like his age an older age just in case they were trying to drop that he was like man you hear about the yeah even if you're beverly you gotta be like Shit Goddamn minds I gotta think he knew my gives minutes big minutes yeah in Rondos Nice by not spacing so if he's like yeah I'm not beating I'm not going to be good it's absurd they know what they're doing like I was GonNa say twenty five along with plus thirty odd with that much better neither happened and I just pass it the Yannis every single time guys incredible I can understand why do that Mason Rudolph I have to tell it like it is shocks Oh wow scores fifty those stupid this this this all powerful attack they really they really star j Barrett Julius Randle Marcus Morris Masino Mon is yet there's just because I haven't Washington stumped he he became a second teenager ever tonight with walks the hawks covered against Philli poor Moshe did they also with two Oh yeah tough and holding a lead for I believe wants and beat killed John Paul and then comes in ready to play you probably coast appropriate tells me your adjusting to what needs to be done L. Shahbuddin look bad now he didn't coach backup quarterback not a good feel last night they should and I've bears fools to make some sense Homini other teams there would have been like well we just gave this free agent a bunch of money we have to play him over the rookie who is clearly better after several misses from everyone else I saw the NCI almost the twenty five in the win he scored twenty four the Vegas Soap mm-hmm Bridgewater Kyle Allah to yesterday yesterday was tough Your backup quarterback the say I follow a disproportionate amount of of Jaguars fans and like half of at least half he's all right man yeah I think I mean he's okay I guess my my players on the books I follow a does not let a touchdown Juju which is like the last thing I need there all of them are convinced that it's just foles job no matter what when he comes back Gardiner keeps he's not even just that'd be might be bad summer saying that'd be incredible August things that I mean her to Your Point Belgium's coaching backup for some twenty years now that's what I'm saying like if you she works it works they went by fourteen God damn it cost three Eighty Down Bay not a backup Russell Wilson was like can we just take this guy just adjust to what he does well Seattle doesn't get it they've already got their answer but if you're the bears would you give up a four well tyler the WHO did do you know if we've seen cash out on that I first points now he got a crack at it to miss I think grab a hundred on the vaunted cavs defense good snafu Janas guys going places holding water he's looking good there clearly better like he's the best Jaguars quarterback I've ever add Byron I I follow a disproportionate amount of come on dolphins the bears don't have any draft picks due to going all in on this defense and quarterback so the look on big cats else keeps getting hit and I don't know why he's even attempting playing football anymore kind of almost feel like if your coach I was I mean he had a good run nothing to hang out the bucks became the first team Detroit again that's not terrible this is kind of what foles does Oh yeah I'd have to think about it and I don't know if any other four three damn that's where the probably switch but other than him and that like that stretch garage had for a while it's meant you ears are only three and four yeah they're last place because that division but three three and four with a positive point differential tough thing I don't like you give whatever but do you think you'd get a third form for foles there so I I do that now our beat stores coulter to see right now which I know terrifies you yeah they're my head I the way big that was talking today I would have thought they were already owns like they had already clinched Owen sixteen they're only three and four they need to get it together that's why I'm saying like you think fold they're not all the way out of it they just lost three straight but cert- certainly moves that could be made about so it's like I don't know where else they traded to Tampa Bay Tennessee those feel like offseason moves as today was just discussed it's rough man that's another thing Nagin can you coach or can you not if you're consistently look terrible and like nothing changes if you could get a third yeah I think it'd be fourth 'cause also you're coming off that money that's what I'm saying like whatever they can get it broke plan the penny slots of sports gambling out to score ninety six point he looked good eh Philadelphia I've noy Philadelphia no clue Detroit I don't think Detroit's good at the rams that could be good than the giants at and pink cows like I disagree let's go with a rookie and seems to have worked and would rather find out what the Jaguars foles can come back and since McDermott Scott there there's are averaging buffalo when when their defense up again they have see stinks. Jj Watt might just be done getting out we can't stay at inst- ANYTHING MEDIOCRE TO BAD offense they dominate when they play at top ten offense they get fucking just points rained on their heads. Where's IT I believe in Baltimore in Baltimore Sunday night football wildcards best hope in there in the League for Oh yeah I know that's what I made their playoff team but like that's why I'm just trying to Suss out teams bucks although there like Jacoby is the only one I've seen win in New England out of any we've recent colts quarterback fair he wasn't the quarterback of the colts when it happened but listen he's done it more than we're worst places to be for sure but come playoff time it would appear to be that you're only in the the seahawks win was a good one for their defense but on about the Seahawks Baltimore's defense appears to be when when it's up against like a mediocre to bad offense they like those over those sustainable Kansas City the second and third chances I would say I saw a stat today that Baltimore's ballot check about Lamar Jackson he's really fucking good the Internet disagrees so I don't know bills losses touch and now that's he almost called it you know it up last time he got really hurt he toured the petkoff the bone bats as disaster coach can you not know it appears to be cannot Matt Patricia Coach I say what was was there that was in the rain right yes those the Seattle yeah to be worried about we got Baltimore coming off a bye this week so that's that'll be an interesting test because I believe in their defense It definitely I mean they for what their their defense had looked like even rain no rain whatever it was it was better showing than I third defense still stinks but once bombs gets back I like I assume he'll be all right everyone disappears keep getting healthier and healthier from injury train them in Houston it's like your only job now is to give them the playoffs behavior in games I don't know what that means fills rare feels like faded and now they're gonna week off Marcus Peters is there a on say definitely the Denver Super Bowl run winning games by one and just survive in advance either that or they finished like six ten Ben that was wild is the kids say even Steven one hand half dozen coats number two seed right now with a plus seven differential after seven top fifteen offenses more often than not except for your own which will not be a top fifteen placement like they're they're not winning a division anyway that that son of a bitch finally gave me the new laptop today but the new laptops don't have sir I can't probably the second and third best teams in the division in their fifth and sixth right now the young and calm oh you know that was listen if your ox fan obviously you've you've gotten a little greedy probably the undefeated start but plan philly tamper Tennessee just wants to go into the offseason like yeah we already got our guy yeah take this into this year next year yeah they're four and four still tied for last before and four so they're not adding anything yet the AFC stinks quarterback healthy. That's your only chance maybe even Baltimore to now Houston I dunno like just picturing them come into like a very cold foxborough and walking out of there with a wind sus is not something that computes in my brain oh boy Lebron James similar except close Kinda Brandon Bass if they played right now I would take the saints Payton's at least seen Shanahan's offense recently recent enough multiple times a year planes that's him now to two thousand one not two thousand nine zero to two thousand one Berry Division and whatnot so I feel like he's and it wasn't the same offense obviously he's opened up a lot more says he's gotten to San Francisco all times starting to be all time stuff I think we've got like maybe three all-time defenses like arbox. Oh Wow this is in terms of what dominance I guess I think they like the forty niners deviant is for the Saint Stephen is really good the forty nine Stevens House take over the weekend that the announcers just kept comparing who do you think he was comparing chase young do not a football player ah deserve the benefit of the doubt let them just shoot the saints better than the forty niners take the saints you think the four nine would beat the scenes Ebi really interesting because I do think picking up Emmanuel Sanders was huge Kazan another target kittles a monster and that front seven I dunno boot the the bosses are it might not we'll see John especially be put up ten on the Carolina Panthers a few weeks ago and now it's still September when that happened Mario almost murdy pretty sure once he comes out with a hot one oh boy would be nice quite bootstraps as a whole coalition but boy are they gonNA football poet Mac and wait to hope chase young say something out online I know he's going to be yes and basically the panthers both Cook for the backup quarterback breeze getting yesterday now the saint owner we're still really good too so I feel like this he he's got the the the skeleton of it it is mind were some other coaches might not The kind of things were just like I don't I don't against this defense I don't see it in the panthers might be good they get house yesterday but they still have damn to take chase you Jae Kyung as terrifying Caleb said during the Wisconsin I have no idea what they ruled it doesn't look like teams do either all they're measuring oh boy halo boosts saying the comparison was trying to be like he doesn't have the high pitch count but when it when it gets one he he hits out so it's like from the dolphin might just went chase young and Lawrence Yeah I don't hate it or eleven first round picks they just of the steelers haven't won a challenge since twenty sixteen look pleased the one this is very funny Tomlin he's so mad that the what is it that means something I just saw him it seemed to work for him the I love Judy but Anita Marazion so that settle that'd be fire we already got the first heavy rail start yet four to remeasure Fitzpatrick's on the field and the steelers offense on the field okay we simply do not WanNa pay week we can win with anyone back here we're not giving them that contract we truly whiskers blog and we're trading Patrick Mahomes I don't even know terrible at challenging or I'd football or both both terribly challenging the opposition backup quarterback and they do to get them to bad soren three nick he's like I just want to win one side can't beat the Patriots let me when a challenge than the damn game awesome just because I think the NBA like told the to like ages just challenge it we want to see what's happening okay no better way to measure I down this multiple middle-aged man not what I want some sixteens I can't I don't even know that it's possible Marty morning wages live in it I think I think teddy should take that route we're talking about that today and I do want to it's like what doesn't want to challenge before month girl's just point that out I most of these coaches are just challenged aw parents are just living life the New England patriots to just yeah you're just like thirty one day they had I don't I generally don't know what's happening so some mute they I think they do reset the chains where they were before you're just the guy I could also see like he gets like a false jaguars type but I really think if he's willing to at sports let's say two they won this one is a terrible towels away Tomlin does you'd just one year like Fitzpatrick he'll run up eighty million dollars he also might like Jacoby his way into I don't know Michael Thomas has got paid Gerbil Kamara was not a first round picks up his his deals up year sooner he's Aram fighting it out right now yeah it's also like nineteen Owen eighteen but I on the field the whole game but what is on the field like oh it's a sack year planning linebacker he's and obviously old so be quite the same but he might just be like right place right time get that I don't WanNa say unearned bag but might just be I this'll be electric for like Ellie do with me not being able to watch oh bad tom again nineteen thirty three that's the last time I wanNA challenge busse doing a Lotta Yellen in Pittsburgh Rivas got arrested for less I've never we play the jets a lot we played like the mid-2000s bills we played that whole Brown's real best people are hooting and Hollerin I don't know what happened since Patrick is not leaving the fields I can't wait to one of the streets in the NBA aide province have never been like bottom out bad until this year I've never and I want to repeat never see hot do they didn't even go to commercial just to keep it on him oh boy I superior to draft out of the way the Bengals Herbert let them let them go and waste that Jewish fallen four yeah arguing but he probably right I think he might just want to get it Like Christian Wilkins last the I can't believe it he's like if I lose another one of these was the one boy it'll happen the and Yeah Lawrence Guy I've had to have been first career interception I refuse to believe he had one before that tweak like just send me home man I don't WanNa be here again you the rest of us do get your ass over there Klay White Man I was like clay can't wait to bash tale so I don't know if you are they I didn't know that Camp Hale pretty good how much is that as breeze though that's next level thanking weather's next live on employees who could this coming guy that hot six sweep the browns I don't know they're just like wildly undisciplined Freddie kitchen cities like figuring it out on the job I don't think you can say that like I can only be one guy put this in prison holy smokes I have it we wanna lock you in before you get too pricey for us here's like three sixty something like that on the with the same thing in three turnovers on three consecutive plates especially when the last one is the quarterback underhand pitching it forward to our defensive linemen not once tyler run or ten week run but as quarterbacks coach could be a head coach while it was a bad idea they're all just standing still chains I need this to be a first down so yeah it's it's not looking great Odell you can't just you just can't be calling Another quarterback the goat in front of your own Klay White Man he he we're GonNa but lather right now travis quite yeah uneven happened. NBA By boy nick nurse came in he was I guess fourteen feet away that's the money shot gather all the spoelstra guys at work their way up so yeah this couches running tape last year now he's the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies isn't nfl coach took the false Ari took the delay of game one of Bernie's last time every team is looking for an early fifties guy with glasses that run some sort of innovative off it could work we're GONNA see now I don't even know if he's talking to when when your whole persona has shifted that's terrible side it's so hard to change it makes fun of the browns in a minute but we were talking about that today he he might just be all set New Orleans I can see that I can see them just being like no I can't believe you didn't drop it decided you shock shock like because his hands weren't catching position Can you do the movement add Bell Acre kind of just threw it looked like he threw a baby at him he's his own you forget I did feel bad for next job because I liked nick job but it got peanut punch man what can you do. AP's like a man and really wasn't that bad I had some shit going on but you can make it work severe hail look on Mike he's just throwing it out their lack I don't know dude I just wanted time out do authorities on the fluid Odell sprinting over to Brady after the game to give them the Khalid's right in front of Baker was that was ugly I didn't care for it Wilson Explains Extremely low seven that's exactly what the hell that's no fun whether Wchs Day I'm in bigger bakers like a broken man but our focus better sleep better style get fifteen percent off today with free shipping and returns by going to 'em the MT Dot Com listen close personal friends to your fundamentally is a person when it happens because football I don't know how you come back from that pointing the finger that's how you come back from Tom Slash mix tape joined the move to join the movement if you haven't listen we've been telling you to join the does video games scrolling right before bed that's why I started wearing movement ever scrolled blue light filtering glasses ever scrolled blue light filtering glass started just sixty five dollars with the office scrolling through your phone or unwinding from a long day ever school glasses have you covered they're back I don't care if it's true or not you can't do it to be silly about it gas we'd be on a gentleman bakers things Someone tweeted us some Pete Pete Wells said somehow stumbled upon movement for a smooth decade. How long have we been doing this program several for night depp if you haven't already joined the that sounds about right for me I knew I spend twenty four hours at a time looking at my screen between my phone work Binging News Ooh Yeah fixture is fellow were Lady Yeah Yeah hurt too thought it was gonNA Walk Right out of the stadium drive home with all the way back to Cleveland like in full full pads he's walking on the interstate and his floors Josh he has handsome report with John Moran Yeah they went thirteen and sixty nine who knew awesome quarterback claim by the Chicago Chicago card nosed has long been the subject of controversy all right the controversy centres on the suspension of Pottsville of the Pottsville Maroons by the NFL Commissioner Joseph car which prevented them twenty-five National Football League Championship so far I love the year Okra Noth- nothing good could have happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty five Tommy Shelby I don't know what to these leaks the Clintons really yeah you just it's a guessing game every bill to protect your eyes from the blue light snow to cause is strain discomfort and poor sleeping time typically guess we get three and usually the third ones the money one listed they're all the same the first eighteen Ashikaga Ohio school players to play the Milwaukee Badgers under assumed names to ensure a cardinals victory Chicago played one two more games against week? NFL opponents bower sanctioned because the Chicago player art foles hired four ah I think it was the second one uses walk my hate even wait for the challenging even wait to see where position at the ball boy slash mix eight shop movement ever scroll blue light filtering glasses protect your eyes and look great doing go to Mvm d dot Com was paying I imagine like Chicago fans to be like hey guys Zia to run on the GRA- imagine if like Bella checks like you know what we've got the by DOC they eat the suspension was on the grounds that they had violated the territorial rights of the Frankford Yellow Jackets I assume twenty five people were just like dying frequently because of the flu like it was very fluid roster construction left tackle kid we're standing in front of your digital screens how many hours how many hours in a day twenty four letters of the exact same the part that's cut off that you need to see can't read it but let me ask you something the the Chicago Cardinals won it worked oh by now I've got a question your commitment to us at this point and to yourself man with the best record of the League right seems pretty good however car suspended and remove the team from the NFL after they played in unauthorized exhibition game in Philadelphia get you haters right we want you is it wearing is that he's in our head that's how bad you've got you in a box Arma Baghdad to was only smash mouth football now helmets we don't need it where jets you all want more will replace we were hot right now all every maroon the maroons were one of the dominant teams of the nineteen twenty five season and after defeating the Chicago cardinals on December six came man we we schedule the game against just another. NFL team that wasn't already on our schedule we also one that and our championship was taken away from us these guys hired some some freckled face glasses wearing tweeds to play for Milwaukee and we we steamrolled them basically central Florida through a blind anything can happen it worked out like ten dollars an hour yeah I probably play some out it's a safety you know I could definitely covered Moose in the greatest NFL controversy ever. I haven't read against so this we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA find this out together whether or not this is good the nineteen as this current football game the dolphins might should hire some high schoolers we sure they don't have so yeah but still do play Milwaukee I don't think so some four Chicago High School football players walkie bad imagine like so Chicago. NFL Game High Score was much much dumber the Mar- current level dumb dumb the planet it'd be one of those they might get loose a couple of times for the most part every other play they're just getting washed out much stronger guys the number one quarterback in the nation right now playing against the bengals to his youngest brother. I The quarterback outside of Kicker quarterback would be the one that would have the most success who now what happened right now for high school left tackle went up Bonn Miller more just the has been in the hospital minutes later what happens Texas and not the Jacksonville Jaguars Aj as got and pots but we don't care I'm a big fan of the story strong when he's just a motte like an absolute mountain of a man like six six three hundred pounds like all like he basically looks like Myles Garrett McMahon confirm mini hours a day the average person spins in front of the screen is it not also twenty four like like you and I yeah may seventeen year old may I'm like that little is Bella check now I'm about to foil his plan and then Richard C in story in my like my Richard Seymour story now now that's that's it that was all screen shot that was to me it digging Jones I'd be furious if I was one of these Pottsville maroons right I think some receivers could have some success by Jared Judy Okay some success well Jerry Jerry especially Justice plan on the other side of the ball von Miller would turn them into a Swiss cheese and to snaps into the game I can't even imagine it's the Sean though that's only it is that's the only thing man like I he might just be special we might find out we might be finding out now you see that five star left tackle that allows states getting they went viral last week under the weekend before every single run blocking just getting thrown to the ground he's like boy this is different I don't care for this I wish this was still you're looking at cross Dick Nigerian lane just to Belgian coming up to me and my POWs like listen if you guys play for the jets stiff plate I'm new nice to meet you seventy how much would you have been paid in high school to plan and the four high schools to plan that other team so what were the people on the other team who these these fresh week we're GONNA win the Super Bowl sound good by some soda pops is that what you like an Alka dress is two quarters the yeah I feel like a high school quarterback if he had like the eagles look good past offensive line the Eagles Line fifteen hundred I just googled Bryce Harper Yuko stats going onto the junior college world series hyper was hitting four forty to five twenty four nine eighty six with twenty nine home runs eighty nine rbi eighty eight runs in eighteen stolen near college baseball and both homers and RBI despite being only seventeen years old the league right now right it's rare but it just seventeen year olds saquon Barkley up eight happen and we're like how long was bryce on the miners he wasn't there very long trump was busy or like some some polling guard they don't see coming around the edges clear to smoking cleats flavor generation yeah like politics though WHO's an office today and we were talking about player like a spear at at Ryan Fitzpatrick Boyd Balls linebackers all the high school linebackers sixty two total yards on eleven edges maybe a couple of times he tried to pass block and get thrown at the quarterback yeah I mean anything on the offensive lines the funniest to imagine like some high school high school center and Aaron Donald just literally picks them up and throw them like go straight from college to the MLB in the same year which has been happening somewhat more frequently as opposed to the never I feel like it used he was there a pretty sure longer than Bryce wasn't balanced he did yeah okay Brian Right right fair it's just not gonNA Matter Kelsey legit six six to fifty five or whatever basis how many games do you think that was thirty seven who sixty two it was it was leading all of man were like if you took I mean we've seen this is actually a terrible ninety eight pounds as I just go on sideline to sideline but boy oh boy kid who's about to seventy buddy this words it is very funny like I feel like Baseball's the sport it's easy question I'm going to say the best high school basketball player and put him on the court they probably probably be fine oh man I don't know he wouldn't like elite five star but it was like one t hit it was like Oh boy this guy just physically he could probably be S. senior he at five eighty three but only like eleven home runs because there's not that many games another opium was two oh two oh boy when he got a hold of one good Lord I think what about one of those things where he really likes royal boy this is the end of the land a lot of jokes or I'm going to be a trillionaire I don't basketball's pretty good boy after the All star break towns is just good for thirty avenues eighteen so bright rice game when he was seventy dropped out of high school he was eight did like hockey he thought of this I'm way too good that's awesome nice to see like in season growth just because there's such a large sample size and it's just like this guy really is really stunk it up and really escaped on that Andrew Wiggins Generational School Dalat the loss of seven Gino Hack into living in the back it doesn't come from Ron's on I sit him out right now I need to keep his trade value that'd be yeah I guess thinks as it's not great but beat the hell out of the heat go to Kentucky Boy Oh boy a one two yeah that'd be tough tough guys who the thing Jimmy Butler is like I get how much time exactly all right we'll be back in fifty seven hours He stunk for the first month but if they just kept feeding them at bats just would have been a terror the second half I've got one hundred fifty at bats I figured this out April and then around June like he just fixed like his swing and they weren't able to just punch amount with curve balls anymore now is the best player on the team okay so you lis- you few finally finally found the limit now he's the best player in the League Pretty Good Lady Williams I've seen him a multiple games now guard point guards and centers on the same possession stonewall them both aimed asset he's going to be the first person fine for contract or conduct detrimental is teen just for being completely healthy that's how bad he would he can't get the inside of his faith no he sure can't We gotta give props now like I was killing prove me wrong please Andrew do it again I don't think you got any now rookies and younger guys are looking good sooner yeah it's trying to think who else is I get this out of the way quick like Miami doesn't even really Miss Jimmy Carr's Kendrick nuns just been out top five player in the League yes good good for them yeah no good team bonding done of Golden State's are but besides them own yeah no it feels like do they guy was cooking is rough on your own social media team account was like suspen he went to go play Juku promptly set all the records at junior let's losing collins set Dan Twenty five points you haven't been I haven't been slandering hard enough translate you mean locking down Kyrie with the game on the line pretty good midday meet their basketball it does use some special didn't you it's so funny four forty two years how they ever seen anything like it from what we call a twitter and the Biz Tennessee though Lankford big gas trying to I don't know if you saw that picture earlier but the whole team went to go see a movie today today and Boy Oh boy were they all on Pluto the majors that year though relating forty to forty eight hours hit like so yeah I was an overtime so the suns are one c timber wolves I just thought he he he had a baby that's why he was out how long he's out for that feels two warriors nineteen next month stinks Danny dimes DAK PRESCOTT RJ adjusting will giant ups and downs but the stretch of some what he did the days like Oh yeah no Isley funny the game of his life he can't mess from three they're like to the bench you go yeah I think they just yeah they just took the football Ryan Fitzpatrick sands then Jimmy Butler bracket I haven't seen a single Jimmy Butler thing oh yeah took took cover all of a game and a half to get comfortable he's he's he's fixed himself and he's he's on the Romeo's some of those zone run so they they break down the day after just silly just how it's it's like it's going out of style they're doing it too much I'd argue but also the forty niners cooking with it makes you think in eighteen in eight and that's just the average is now I mean are they worse than Sacramento Sacramento's beating Denver right now are they that sounds right he's earned a good guy I don't know if you've got destroyed true it's going to be thirty as well so he's got a lot going against them I think I know something is pretty good so far England's look good Kevin Coleman out of four touchdown game is just preposterous doesn't get forty five million guaranteed food that's no fun no now I I always I used to hold the opinion George kiddle He seems to be gaining speed and alarming rate not on care for this one so again like both brothers can't be good one one can be good but both of them Shirley not and for every running back could and they're the best team in the league they can't stop it that'd be very funny he's just like I thought that's what you did you came to America but despite being sometimes basketball show today was a very important day the trailblazers slice of the Spurs Suns are good from the great. I still don't get it costas needs buckets I know you're trying to get wilfred involved but I need you to take over Johan that teams making the playoffs I've found out it's worth the risk tuck out here he's named like Bryce Harper did if he was able to be play they like has tremendous waiting for USA they were all outrageously high literacy none whatsoever Lucky charm me what I I think it would be better honestly if the the back name plate wasn't I can't imagine being a defensive coordinator having to deal without a week F- like the week coming up being a clear the deal with this signed with the warriors you win championships durant it as a now what I was supposed to do the knicks go links up with the as initially reported by me fonts the Font Alabama painting running backs that's what I'll do I just can't believe people do look in New York New York they're going to La friend I can see Janas going to golden state though ESPN day before it beat the clippers beat the loss of the nuggets are one yeah and that was an overtime to wasn't it I think so where I I saw those 'cause trig text them to me and he he texted me about one thousand throwing up face emojis alongside them and the bosses and I don't know I think brother like I feel like the the obstacles this could really pick it up with the rest of them house only only has brothers I if if if there were team just of Avocados Ns Kanter's phone is awful both be true they're not like a teal ish baby blue color cantor just as the worst phone known to man either way those that pathetic strong we've had word Turquoise whatever that blue was I don't WanNa know like the the significance I these stir no whiten like what are these like like an Aau team named after the Charlotte Hornets uniforms look like what are we doing here green and gold let maybe some things just aren't for me to get lost didn't lose by one throwing the laws by one right they was I'll never be added green and gold the fault I never had a problem with because that's that's just like Irish people not knowing calligraphy that's just how we right because I have no problem with that oh my gosh too him and I was like why are we like I didn't WANNA look up why it was like some some -til or some I remember when we went all grey with sleeves those might be better than these these just horrendous that's not true I be okay with it trying to think of the legends who've Worn Eleven Marcus Banks Evan Turner well let me say one last basketball related you know those celtics jerseys are awful well you know dear God no And then I was like maybe the shorts will be fire then I was like I can't think that way no no so yeah it was boy oh boy yeah you can't be dropping blue jerseys that a NS kantar just in listen we might we might be on the brink of an all time like Dennis Green level post game could be pathetic okay have multiple trashman's it's no there's no worrying oh I like the black ones I still don't care for that's an obstacle bow with his fourteenth field goal tonight in eleven eleven might be a curse number going back to hang it up bring back Marcus banks I bet you don't the players don't at Boston and that was now we've had someone else in there for still mad bat press conference from him a press conference from Luiz he's the Senate he was like the Celtics told me to tell you that they're not blue green and gold all right I'll inform the rest of the Internet you have much wider looks like they're going left I they brought it back right sir turn my I suppose like Chicago they might be like waiting for you outside the stadium like tweeting how bad you stink with just everybody just now bear rj bear and Kyrie Irving both agree Flores stinks ah like when you when you bring in like steady and just regional rappers like is there shoot yeah if you have seven point clear I know you WanNa give people these take shot I'll do it the letter k. like you just can't take green away from the Celtics you just can't that's the way you do luckily they didn't ns you're a worst city to have the rappers furious at how bad you stick at sports than Chicago I don't think there's even a close second New York would be great just like the standard one like if you're gonNA do that go all out I don't either but them when I first saw them and I was like they gave him a long leash to it was like you could tell I can't believe this level of quarterbacking for my professional franchise herbal hit my maligned he believe it either the bears like I'm telling you manage play last game some attention so I'll I'll make these blue Kyrie irving experience all over again this is great they're just in every because you've been tweeting about it nonstop I keep going to his timeline like did he tweet anything else nope just that one reached me I don't know I have to do this but all right the believe it coming from you don't believe me all right I'll I'll send out the good word aw it's it's saying like I'm not even connecting like on my computer the Mike No to me I think it's preposterous to suggest anything otherwise boulder days you think somehow sent the late it is the size year anniversary birthday what have you of monster take my chest was great is what I went to his time line I was like I can't wait to read the rest of his football tweets doesn't have any that's the only one yeah Herbert and love to and he even brought him some doom and gloom his ass like a beginning of the season he was like now reese it's early we've seen this before we can't jump to conclusions like November talk to skype like when we cropped out the first time it was like when I hung up connecting and that was that doesn't that's not a thing follow I didn't know I needed on the transitioning would you have a ball boy he's lil reese on on first day sitting across from Stephen A. is is the segment we need to see is an alarming afternoon. I'm glad it was dead like Dave text me Dave never tax me so when I got a text from day boy what did I do Lebron over Oklahoma City that I am now you're going to do this multiple times I understand way didn't even when 'cause honest came out like honest was the last thing dropped right before this at people are very split to the the tape that really put future or started at the time I don't I don't remember the Zach talk around it but it's you didn't do like that really happy uptempo rang that it normally does it just did like the the SOS Sonar lost at sea the long version uh-huh he deserves better but he knows on out even remember what we were discussing but it does so quickly after autos is outrageous first of all and it it just absolutely put like I get it into the football and his S. six here now believe me later some people who really like it consider it one of his best at another people who fucking despise that album and this you know it was the standard yet in the moment we were just like because those things are so beautiful nobody knew germs going to win six straight after the first of all yeah yeah doesn't that was getting his lead by okay all right just kept doing this is the standard now now for the game saints one case slain anything plane remains a foul of the best kept see they get our thing Lonsdale was just like it wasn't leftovers I'm sure people looked at it that way like Ali's is just leftovers that didn't make it but to come with this Gaon honest I like honest I liked it a lot when it dropped still revisit it I have no qualms with honest but and I've seen before doesn't seem great WANNA call back it was it kept doing it like he was busy yeah when I was trying to call you take you went platinum in the game I assumed that sounds terrible I great it today a very important day and both of our lives and so most of our listeners lives and you're just let him at counter three if your guy's not they're just throw it in duck running saquon was one of those yeah lyles same great stiff future like this it's the start of the rot the joint I ring the the Lakers who later this first one talk talk about this without talking about the run and I'm trying to not talk about the run since those next to a with a January march or something like that six nights came out a lot of people self included were like now there's no way he's dropped third and in less than a year even then like it was a few months between future workman when he gets on a roll he gets on a roll Oh yeah I remember when when every anniversary is coming up they're all coming up they have to because that's that's the one thing wayne literally can't do because he doesn't own any of those the lead up to dirty sprite to like all three of them delivered it was a yet and this was still this was though it wasn't intentionally but this was and then some it was and what a payoff but it's very funny to think up some commas came on there's mixed types but they are and he himself dubbed them as album quality mix tapes I find very funny but it's true they are album quality until this I guess most recent stretch who went on where I know a lot of people like yourself have Hendrix at the top streaming services here's what's what's take people have heard it we don't need it in the middle of this anymore error two albums within a week's time because I have two different types and I didn't want to combine them Mazdas got it all I'm looking at it yet in one county your future dude dirty sprite true story for breaks Gucci Astronauts Yeah it was like a boy I saw this before I saw him right before this case an Munster started started this particular run at Mazar today maybe tomorrow also who knows but monster death was watching Jordan hit the shot against a Georgetown data's and two more collapse this is where he goes yeah you just don't know when it started instrumentals these are all originals and needed Matt Him and the Internet and it was a free show this dropped and I I saw them September he was like y'all got some crazy shit on the way like Creighton yeah okay all right look hearing little did we know he was like no you don't understand in then future was like this is still getting spins I got I got a I got to get these streams office let's put it on dirty sprite to and then today when he put monster on I'd like monster it's do I don't WanNa make it out like dozen but by the time fifty six nate knights came out that really became the gold standard really shows his range and away like a lot of his projects are like are were on this for the whole tape we're on that for the whole album if you choose to do that yeah and these were the like I don't know it feels insulted doc no this is a one off only this one because the five years coming up for the next two that's time works I've been told I tried to dig out your old review bar for Bar Review throwaway on the ultra weather's fide guests is off the Internet entirely price for the best maybe but the what what worry about some fucking unexpected the first time I heard this this great top of the world now still wanted to re listen to it on daylight today because that was one of the better breakdowns I've heard of any song by any I was thinking about you talking about the change when I was re listening to the tape today when the change happened thousands like Manno men which I couldn't could be yeah he's a there's a lot of studio sessions I wish this means a lot would a vicious beat chain as awesome fucking kidding me what you'd have soon afterward you like it's not like Zeh Tobin is going to be like no you can't you can't live your through the Star and then you want clearly hit you on a very very Deep space in your your chest so better take with you it just gets any Russell Wilson highlights pull those up pull those up the specific point in time I remember where I was like what see I wanNA recorded that that's how that could have been in or at least had been recorded for me to watch later that's not one of them because that had been awkward on others oh I get it face down the dangle the Mike Michael buffer the three right yeah slowly walked out of the studio radical coating crazy appalachians recorded this land completely flat on the ground work fix it in post it's the engineers someone that's the only like non FPJ feature on given the time and place deserve some note I gotta be attached to this yeah I was Gonna Say Gang Gang Lands Mine Phidias how our that make you feel you don't care at all you say happy with your new man well some big different over with already just come on goods megaphone blow up grow up that's that's secondary twice so I'm Gonna I decided threesome I also at on the tape as a whole really good wayne feature world this this was happening no merit Godley stats who pulled up right now his future gaffe let's see what he is about did you see the stats he put on the the tweet he had telling them favorite song on here too okay gotta be to pot I can't imagine thorough as your favorite song on this is probably a favorite song the stare out a window for forty five fifty minutes of time to but you're actually like was that I recall someone said no no no keep it get rolling keen to a rare would I put a microphone down there under the pillow yeah do now he was like listen if you are one of the hot boys you're out of here everybody's with their hand Yemi and post everything's impose lower post Abba Music Star next to the throne it's not the only thing we're right now putting your third videos and then he just plays collapse of every single song a the next forty he just tweeted out a twelve thirty one last night monsters now available now streaming platforms appreciate it I it might be hardly now that you're gone in a row that comes up in the video based on a true story tough over a hundred and fifty nine million streams I'm sure you saw that number three collector that's got the cover from an actual photographs live that's all they play based on the numbers he's putting up right now future is numbers a crazy crazy crazy streaming numbers as young by his album did like numbers get new my phone was good now he's getting to the conversation he's one of the best man he started six on the charts with monster energy did five years ago that's they're setting up if people haven't heard this they're setting up to fail me new to the Internet seconds that it not just available now for literally everyone watching this already has this here it is again gets wildly problematic do you think he knows that things are problematic no but somebody is team does bruce now it it's old and it's like streaming like I guess everyone like I would assume like fourteen to twenty coating grazie bags back I don't think I would've ever finished assaulted on the same tapis December twelve Wesley I know raising trick coating if he had throwing kettle like the best ever have noted what about what about grandmaster flash with us it was nice to have just run yeah some of these other runs the air you know who's doing the I wonder if I wonder if he's doc do it if he puts if he news or something on fifty six this is very much looking forward to all these although I didn't I didn't appreciate him taking the skits off leave the put news if he's got a snake news or something on one of his never know radical into monster throw at that early on the tape too like he's like no no I I do songs were fun and all but so more than I like the album artwork is not like hd about James Christopher want it's all gone on streaming blow this soundcloud now you would take it from me get an projects what the hell's going on plan down bad best music thankful do fuzzy types like they'll take what you get is this blown-up zoomed in lights just at the end as I have just put it out there people just drop random Lucy's author tracks off you're supposed five on you idiot you're coming up now somebody has to know everything you do is going on you call it you just coordinate with the same energy face-down booth gas I'd get the hang of he really just records that much money cost two hundred and seventy million views on youtube overnight drink like I put everything on their bro Clicks you took three okay good because it was not on that album confront no it wasn't but I listen I want I want this man to get into streams Info Rocco and his nine baby mamas have lost a percentage of that sixteen dollars what would he he's still like the new studies put out his not declining all these in my old age I don't I like having does like Adam singles anymore if I know you have coming out I won't add your singles of this week close to that I don't either and just chasing the extremes I don't hate but he's like us in that I got a lot of stuff I've already recorded that people already like there's not on streaming services yet I'll do this so maybe that's part of it he was like I

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