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Hello words welcome to another episode of the dictionary. This is your host Spencer. Have I ever called myself host before I am your host Spencer? I will be the one taking you through. This journey of this. Very fat book called the dictionary. That gives you all the words. But this one doesn't give you all the words because it's like six years old So whatever we're just GONNA keep on using it. Oh maybe one day. I'll do like exclusive episodes on patron of new words new words. I should probably do that for the AIDS. Actually how many words are in here that have been added to the dictionary in the last six words. Six years oops okay. The first word for this episode is Basalt B. A S A LT. It is a noun from sixteen o one a dark grey to black dense to fine grain. Ignatius rock that consists of basic play. Gio Claes I'll guide and usually magnet tight Yeah those are real words Basaltic is an adjective. This is from the Latin Basaltic as which is an was MS middle could be so many different things Manuscript ooh that was not what I was expecting So this is where did it go but salt Manuscript variation of Basantes Basan Nights Which means touchstone from the Greek but sanitize Or which is Lithuania. Lithuania is still in Italics. It's in parentheses so I don't know what that means from Bassano's which means touchstone from the Egyptian word. Oh Boy I don't know addiction. Be H N W how would you think to pronounce that word? I have a laptop in front of me Maybe I'll go look it up. Maybe I won't. I don't know I've been up for many hours. My voice is a little raspy apologies. Maybe it's maybe it's sexy. Maybe you like it. I don't know okay. The next word is Basque. You'll be a S. C. U. L. E. This is a noun from sixteen. Seventy eight and apparatus or structure as a drawbridge in which one end is counterbalanced by the other on the principle of the see-saw or by weights And Oh this is A. It's a French word basketball. And it means see-saw seesaw all right now. We have. The bulk of this episode. Is The word base. B S E. This is the first form and Let's see Yeah we're just GonNa go read all of these definitions because there's a bunch of them. I should probably use my finger to keep my place. 'cause I tend to get lost on things like this okay. This is a noun from the thirteenth century. One a one the lower part of a wall peer or column considered as a separate architectural feature one eight to the lower part of a complete architectural design. One be the bottom of something considered as its support. Synonym is foundation one. C One a side or face of a geometrical figure from which an altitude can be constructed especially one on which the figure stands Let's see now we are in one. See too it's Kinda hard to keep track. The length of a base one D that part of a bodily organ yet search with that that part of a bodily organ by which it is attached to another more central structure of the organism to a a main ingredient as in paint having a latex base to be a supporting or Cairene ingredient as of a medicine. Three a the fundamental part of something synonyms are groundwork and basis three b the economic factors on which in Marxist theory all legal social and relations are formed number four the lower part of a heraldic field. Five a the starting point or line for an action or undertaking five be a baseline in surveying five C A center or area in operations as five C one. The place from which a military force draws supplies five C. to a place where military operations begin five c three a permanent military installation five d one. A number AM GONNA skip the per part in parentheses for now a number that is raised to a power especially the number that win raised to a power equal to the logarithms of a number yields. The number itself okay. So the part in parentheses was as the number five in five to the six point four four power why they had to make it six point four four. I don't know or also five to the seventh power so the five is the base. Okay as in we have an example even though we just had an example We have an example the logarithms of one hundred to the base. Ten is too since ten. To the second power equals one hundred Logarithms can be weird and complicated. But they can also be super simple when you actually understand how they work Yeah okay moving on to. Oh what are we on five? D- Too I think. A number equal to the number of units in a given digits place that for a given system of writing numbers is required to give the numeral one in the next higher place as in the decimal system uses a base of ten also such a system of writing numbers using an indicated base as in convert from base ten to base two five defeat to no five D. Three is next. Oh this is getting complicated. A number that is multiplied by a rate or of which a percentage or fraction is calculated as in to find the interest on ninety dollars at ten percent multiplied the base nine by point one zero while that was kind of a long example. Now we have Five e we just have the number six definition for the word root are Ot. Stephen Root is fantastic. If my stapler. That's terrible okay. Six eight the starting place or goal in various games six beat any one of the four stations at the corners of a baseball infield. Six see did I say six be less? I don't know I might have said five. Beat it was six feet. This one is succeed. A point to be considered as in his opening remarks touched every base. Seven a any various typically water soluble and bitter tasting compounds. That in solution had a Ph greater than seven are capable of reacting with an acid to form a salt and our molecules or ions able to take a proton from an acid or able to give up an unshared pair of electrons to an acid. Oh that was a long definition. One two three four lines seven beep any of the five pure Ryan or Perriman dine basis of DNA. And Rene that include Saito sign. Guan nine added nine fine. And you're still ate a price level at which a security previously declining in price resists further decline number nine and I think this is the last official definition the parts of a transformational grammar that consists of rules and a lexicon and the deep structures of a language based within Ed. At the end is an adjective. Baseless is an adjective off. Base is a whole new phrase. That now has two definitions. The first one has the synonyms wrong and mistaken. As in estimates were way off base and the number two definition for off base has the synonym unawares and as in caught off base by the charges. Now we are at the last word of this episode. It is the word base again it is the second form Tra Transitive verb from fifteen eighty. Seven one to make form or serve as a base for number two to find a base or basis for usually used with the word on or upon and we are going to pick basketball as the word of the episode because it means seesaw and That's I think all got to say about that. I'm super tired so I think I'm GonNa go to bed soon. and so What was I gonNA say And until next time This is Spencer dispensing words to your brains. I don't know maybe I'll work on that and come up with something better later. Okay thank you and goodbye.

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