Black Lives Matter in Honduras


Hey guys. Latino rebels radio. So our friends at the Latino media collective who have done guests shows in the past gave as one of their shows and here it is. Fact. took. Off. took. Staff. into. Canal. Greetings greetings, greetings even meals told told in this could channel in Washington and points beyond this is Oscar Fernandez and you're listening to Latino media collective recorded at studio of WPF. W Eighty, nine point three FM Washington. DC to Columbia here on this Friday September four, two, thousand, twenty. Were also heard on the Internet on own website, which is Latino meaty collective dot com. You can also find us on twitter under the name at L.. M. C. underscores show and of course, live on the W FM DOT ORG. That's WPF W FM that. Once. Again, this is Oscar Fernandez and today on the show we put the spotlight on on Lula's in a continued struggle for social justice by the getty food. Against, the violence and intimidation from the illegitimate Honduran government. Today's show marks the beginning of a series of stories connected in various ways to the black lives matter movement inland America. In the case of on Dudas gutty fullness struggle for social justice started long before the coup in two thousand nine. Yet perhaps now, more than ever the illegitimate government has become even more brazen and hostile towards the Honduran community of African descent. So, what's at stake in Honduras? The immediate problem is the kidnapping disappearing in outright murderer of gutty activists and social leaders. The long term problem is the systematic array. Of Garifuna Land Culture and very existence in on us. In addition as is often, the case racism plays a role in state violence. So today's show is out to make it clear their black lives do matter in on Dudas. So whiff on the show today as Gregoria Florida's she is a got food and activist and a CO founder of Gutty community services the. US base in the Bronx New York. She joins us today via skype. Welcome to show Grigoriev Florida's. Thank you so much for having me here. Today is my bless her Oscar could be with you in this. And Lisa great opportunity to me to speak out was really going on in Honduras and especially my community across. Absolutely. It's an honor to have you with us, and there's some immediate things that are happening right now even as we have this conversation in on dudas but before we get to some immediate issues with several gutty phone activists being taken, shall we say by Honduran government officials? Let's begin by explaining to people what is of run For an eighth ow Blackberry Organization in Honduras over Anna's founder because of beggar from the people. Estar. Sophomore in. Cain of that discrimination in the city close to the our community. So offer they work clothes they work with that all reflect community. To, defend and to make sure everybody in the community days enjoying the human rights. And Human Rights is certainly the issue at hand here on this conversation because in recent months has been increased violent possibilities by the Honduran government towards the getty fullness. So I want to the best of your ability if you could. Tell us about the incident that took place on July eighteenth in full delacruz on duress. This is also very historic city or town in under a spaghetti fullness. Correct. EAC. Is One of the forty forty, seven community in Honduras myself funder for one sisters after became often the display from. From The people came first from and. That was a farce espace that people? Does the land after. After that was bringing from San be think. So the after they came to heal and the answer they open the forty-seven community. So why does the across the cruise I'm from? I'm born there for my my parents might. Arrays with my. Sisters and community. Buried Pacific community and the way will come in the community. My aunts my father's tell us at home. Always everybody's coming to Delacour do have to welcome everybody and you have if you have something some food, they provide A. And they need rest from the next day, give the space even the coroner to the person get get rest for the next day to continuing journal. So that's the way our parents. Make us a racing community. So all the time is normal for us to see the Community Fund Anada community that people never for the coming for the city to sell different kinds of. Things and. We have the Pacific living in our community but something happened after the eighty, nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine, nineteen. Ninety nineteen because the. The estar selling, our lance west going on with us because when we request. The. Legal communication about. Our land. That Guerrero Limiting Honduras? They do something. That was nice normal and that was not something they not supposed to do because they increase the land for. Policy and they put our land like a Gary flipper from. Inside the limit of land from municipality that of Taylor. So If that's. Saline, our land. So the organization to develop theories me our community. So that's a time our. Situation, they gained worse on this started the persecution about our leaders in our community. That leads us to the incident that took place on July eighteenth and to central figures. In this incident, wear some some activists were taken by government forces is. Albert, Snyder, just you'll. So for those who may not can you tell us who he is and perhaps the four or five other. Activists there were taking on that same day on July. Nine hundred. Thou- president of the communities apart dramatic policy. For our president and our community and it's with a four. John boy from our community. A. When I think of Wenham, speak about that they come to be so hard for me because those does people does John People, there's people assault even I saw her mom when the federalist with them and they burn in in the middle of the conflict we have an is neither that's one of the jute people. Dylan are really see with responsibility. In Cori- that every John People in our community to. Be Bottles down this deep be part of the the Jarl we doing for. Me Don't Martinez. Swami Bdo it's neither Centeno without two guys with them. That was we'll take those kidnapping those taken from. When they sleeping in and then? The police came and took. Our five John Boys as facial our presidents they took it and today's the day. We don't know nothing about as we claiming to bring our boys. Back And Life. Absolutely, Let's hope they do come back. Safely because there is a dark frame of reference and we need to point out here because this has been a very to say the least a very violent You know coup government that we've seen illegitimately in Honduras since two thousand nine and the violence has been seen at the very least here in the US with the growing number of hundred immigrants fleeing violence has been taking place by this US support a government, and unfortunately we do have a frame of reference of. To at the very least be concerned about the safety of Albert Scientists Centennial's. So for example, would you tell us who was Munis Oiseaux. Meanness Vassall. Isao one. Woman, accused the president of the company that the mascot that's in the bottom into the Cortez she's a president of the patron appaling how community and she was a kidnapping to she was kidnapping. Somebody came with a motorcycle. Sunday, September eight Sunday September eighth beaten Swat Martinez. Was Mortar by and the. Person, but we know the. Mutinous, Wessel Taoist. From the State Because T. A farce ripper, daddy fundamental percent in this time how how community? That's community always dealing with them with a woman Some senators time we don't have the woman deal behind the main but meal that was. From, of the situation in Chris, the situation and somebody came and kill her. After win the. The two. Cent is neither WENTZEL MOSCA AFTER. The. kidnapping. And that the person of our community see? What? I was in the Arizona community the person give the security inside the community those with us later that person. West. Kill it. Was Kidnapping in Moscow when they got to provide the support to the community, and so this is why it's cause for concern once again about the safety of of Snyder centennial and the four other gutty activist. Admin. You know taken by government forces at the government has made it very clear now knee in these cases but for bass eleven years that they will resort to violence. And and outright murder of Gutty foon activists and having a conversation about or Friday we cannot happen without mentioning the hell of of Oh funding medium me Donda. She's she still you know active working but at the same time, she's as we have this conversation, an undisclosed location because she's also fearing for her safety as well. Can you tell us who is who is medium? Yes He. Is. The coordinator of. Different effort analogous say. So, meter and that is is the faith is the face of the. Is the face of the organization in Honduras and In, the national or some Mirian data chief she was. NEOM life is. Some, some someone with trying to, we're trying to cover every day. We always concern about security. In favor in. Your feet or? Whatever she goes I remember in nineteen ninety, four somebody came and trying to kill me. So the media and the life, very impressive for us. On. We I was concerned about security. Asking the. Everybody facial any. The Nationality Cezanne, Conduit Organization, we are always looking to. Mixture the. Have to be safe. Like. Ishaq line our leaders in our community. Because, if they leave here they. One of the point. Need to mention in. The brother from the piano that person. Witness. A witness affront those that are interamerican cart about the. Case. That's awesome. West I for how community they disappear for six days. After the six days, we've found the body that was killed now was. infantile travel in those. I would I would live at she. And I need to mention another one signatories. Or those a precedent for. That Organization to this and I'm take the land for through. Thorough. WAS DISAPPEAR IN A. At twenty three, thousand eighteen, and these moments. We don't know nothing about. Flores week claiming and we asked what is. Came Kim background community and took care back to her family. So and best offensively. Happen with women every day. Man That will respect me. Is. She put in her life and risks every community for each. People in. Honduras. Gregoria you mentioned a few minutes ago about perhaps. The motivations financial motivations by the Honduran government of taking gutty lands. So just to make the geography real clear that even though think WORC- gallopers, the capital dudas The financial center won't do. This is San. Pedro Sula, which is a little bit closer to the Atlanta Kohl's and not that far away from places like three or four delacruz enroll it down just to name a few gutty places. So what's at stake here? What is it that you know? What is it that the Honduran government wants inward in regards to this land? Is it is it? Natural, resources is it tourism? What is on he from the lands that Honduran you know the Honduran government wants so badly that they've done. The all sorts of violent things to what he got. He fullness. Yes Barroso Nice. Copied imposture capital from Honduras and every is to is bell close to. Cruise is we travel in the boss is like. One hour or forty five minutes to be. The way you have to go through the course so And we live in and the beach we live on the beach with Salaam coast. Of course border from Honduras. So we had the bristles land to make the tourism. So in the in the In the night in the nineteen thirties. GWENDA mistakes they make planning Su at develop. And the. And the cost Lord and that Garifuna communities lands. So these plan. A been the. They be. This plan, the state have. To remove the community people on our land. So Mick, Shaw, they be useful to develop tourism and. That another situation happened is fast that the community leaving between the Conservation of the of the NATO resources so that so one of the that's one of the best reason. When they declare the conservation area in our community after that, they use that decleration sold mixture Gabe our land who? To people to come to development tourists in our community. So specific through for Lagos almost in the middle of. Three area of conservation wireless settled through for the LACROSSE and other one zero t great yet another the third one is. So after that, when they make the declaration of that, they give the right flood mini straight our area of life to Organizational Nagpur Lansing. So then essential NASA day working the concentration of the area they're not respect the right that community. Like through across across. Your natural resources. Today to daily leaving the daily life. So that's the thing that's a man reason. That estatal state of Honduras. They they. The, most beautiful portion for. Documentation to give through the municipality. animalistic. Defend the land to. Development Tourism and they take for us. They think our natural resources. Another way that the Honduran government is trying to take Gutty fournette lands accused that Gotti Funez themselves of drug trafficking. Now, for those who may not know you know, can you explain in Honduras the irony? Funny Irony of the government of one Orlando anonymous accusing. Of Dirk traffic because you know a lot of people may not be familiar with on May may find it weird that he among among many other people would have accused of drug trafficking when drug trafficking has been you know. Part of the Honduran government particularly his. Is Buried interesting is very widely really happened in Honduras because we when we leave in Honduras and when we be on Dorian we know that we have that. Door. Drove state. We have that drug state why we say that because the president of Dora and how brother. Hernandez. was. In that, just a system here in the United States. And there was found want responsible for trafficking from drawing Honduras and we know in Honduras. London and is the president for. Day Use all the resources from the state. To move. Drug from Honduras to make sure Aldo coming from the South America, they can go safely from Honduras to come to the United States so and the heroic simulation in the in that part is right now. Gordon from they asked. The. Leader they accusing the members of our community like A. Drug trafficking. And the WHO is the don't traffic in Honduras easson. They till house. If the president of hundred and her family. That's a one day. And they best the how they on infrastructure to move the Drug and passing from Honduras all three they pass the drug for our community. At one of the Best Trojan we have right now because we fighting in through for the goals to don't take community like a place to move the drug from our community. So that's a one of the. ESPECIA- fighting. We have right now and that's the reason that. Lemon. With the police Dusen the police to take our brothers, our leaders from our community and killed everybody in our community they agree. The one dues? Community. To moved drought hot to more drug, they nagy was the. Espace Bashur drug, and they join abby do that our community they train to a gotten us because we turned to stop Bassett Latian. That's a recently died in us, but the principle that drug dealer in Honduras is a familiar. Hernandez that's a precedent in her finally, I do sit in this state using the. From Guatemala Honduras to move the. We're speaking with gory of Florida's she's got funeral activists and she's also co founder of the. Community Services G. C. S in the Bronx New York this is Latino collective return about the gun struggle for social justice on Dudas. On WPF W. Eighty nine point three. FM Washington we'll take a quick break gray here back with more in a minute. Stay tuned. So. Good. ME. By looking for Beck says. Bad. saw. Okay. Out. Bond. report. An. Best. Palmer. That was ELVA. Carolyn you're listening to Latino collective yawn WPF W eighty, nine point three FM Washington reminding everyone that you check out this episode in our previous episodes on own website, which is Latino media collective dot com. He also follow us on twitter the name ask Ellen MC underscores show that is at LLC underscore show and of course, live on WPF Wfan that orgy. That's WPF W FM DOT ORG. Once again, this is Oscar Fernandes and were speaking about Black Lives Matter Indunas with your Florida's who's Gutty Funai activists from on us, and she's the CO founder of the. Community services DC s in the Bronx new. York she joins us today via skype from New York, and before we continue Grigori I wanNA point out that you know New York where you're at right now is home to the largest gutty Muna communities here in the United States and it's been a community that's been in New York for at least three or four decades now so. I just want to point that out because in lends itself to two things I wanna ask you one over the motivations for you to leave onto us to go to New York and to how connected is the Gutty Funaki community in New York to. Their counterparts back in on Dura today interacted A. For people don't do they still communicate communicate and work together in discontinued struggle or governor rights. In two, thousand and. In the to go a little bit more back because. After we started investigation was less what's really going on with our land. We went off an and we ask for often it'll help awesome offending our land and. Be with us that all balanced process we no, we have to work in. Two. So Those in two, thousand, dollars, nineteen, ninety, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, four. So I nineteen ninety five. I'm be a bottle style board of director often. In nineteen, ninety, six at be president to often me. So I was the president and awfully before Media Miranda. Saw Out the person brings the first case from the different people to the. inter-american Commission in Washington. The case of. This was a member. This member of the Committee for defending the land of the course. So, we bring the case so. When we? Make a case against that Honduras. and. inter-american Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica. In May thirty nine. Thousand Two Thousand and five. Greta meeting on somebody to kill me. So I get a shack. So. That's the reason I came to. United States in two thousand. And two, thousand nine. Seven. Thousand and seven I came here and I seek wounded again asylum. So right now, I have like sixteen years leaving here in New York City helping our community. This was working without we? To make sure that people was accounts in the United States. Census Twenty. Twenty. So we were. Returned to make sure that people is not just. Living in United. But. We have to make sure that that goes people. He's counting in. United. States. So They came here. That was I was the one of the leader be persecuted for the enemy in Honduras aside came here but I'm going to work in our communities for every somebody from the community service. We found that is not going to services to help everybody calming founder. Of course in the south border with the humor regulations. You know there's a census taking place in the US right now in two thousand twenty and I can tell you that here in Washington. DC. Fact that once the numbers do get collected and once everyone does get counted we will notice a very large increase of Honduran migrants fleeing violence had been taking place in under since two thousand nine and that includes the gutty fullness. I'm pretty sure that their numbers have grown exponentially in these last eleven years unfortunately now we mentioned one Orlando and Undis- you'll illegitimate. President of on US right now and. I would like to point out also that you know as bad as his administration is he's not been the only illegitimate president during these eleven years. So there's also been the. Illegitimate governments of rovereto Mitchell letty and video logo, and like I said before at the beginning of show, racism plays a lot in the motivations of the Honduran government as far as tall stilts worst Gotti fornos. So we mentioned one Orlando Hernandez already you know, can you tell us about some of the actions taken place by Peter Mitchell mutuality or logo that should also be worth mentioning in pointing out to have been directed against Eddie Funez if you can. is how we can speak about that every team. Happy in a gaze that community from the year of the Tories and the Partido Nacional when they the person and. The president. Is formed that but a dealer national nine Honduras in the dodd that was thirty, nine, hundred, thirty, seven, that's. Twenty five was killed in some one is one of is another day from the community. When they say in that time, dowse be cost the politician movement but balanced laugh excitedly because of the point at the moment. Is Kills. Youth in that because that was sad jareth between thirty to thirty sevens that was. if Taipei she'd. Do the venom thirds committed this Dr so So. We can speak about the forest to now and we can mark. Has. My Ludo. Long. When Anandas al-daas people? In the P. of best people in the deal, the Honduras they the. Situation that leaders fullness situation game? Worth again. Horrible. Any gutty from the leaders working to save that community and to save our now. Sofer in. Extreme persecution when. They had the power they hold the power in Honduras and right now if. Several years for illegal precedent, our country, and they still trying to Be there. Because they have clear was going on while they. They had the planning to remove from our land. And to give why. Do. We have the break then ordinary through in Thornton tell. That's Chased the name more than six, six, six or seven time. Are Now is Produced. Plantation. Pre the way. Yeah. The Taylor saw. They exchange the name let Lisa themm criminal birthdays they doing to remove from. And I'm glad that you brought that up because the struggle for Gotti Funai Rights in begin in two thousand nine because a coup. This has been going on for decades for generations and it's IT regardless of whichever political party is in power it's not about any one political party is about institutional state. Sponsored racism and engulfs goes beyond political parties, it goes beyond whoever individual happens to be in power at the time, and this is an ongoing struggle that you know continues and will continue regardless of WHO's who's in power in on Dudas and I thank you for pointing that out because. These sorts of actions against the gutty fullness don't happen in a vacuum. There's a lot of history going back to almost a very beginning of. Honduran independence that you know has brought us to this issue that continues to be a problem for Gotti Funez. So since you bill since you live in in the US. I'm pretty sure you all these obviously seeing the black lives matter movement developed here in the US and I'm curious to know what is the position of of random regarding going development black lives matter movement not only here in the US but in other parts of, of Latin America because this is. Spread out to not just a US and not just us to various other countries with a sizeable Afro Latino community. The Umbrella black life modern is very clear. Often face that. Any gory for now be imple- any black people, wherever They leave. That's life. So that's like Mara and that's something we do in in Honduras felder the black lives matter black last model in Honduras black knife model in Thera- words. That side of an position about that, and we know right now the black life is in dangerous. In cold word, THE BLACK KNIFE IS Is. We saw the the photos from Africa that among the people they have do. They have to get out for our. Own contrary from home to go to. Outside the House the way they can save our life. We believe. Is a black like Marris, very important and everybody wherever they leave the have full. Embrace. The. Best position that simple deposition relation to say the black muzzle and we'll be a stand up and we speak out about that any goalie for Nash in dangerous position especially, our ship. Absolutely in. As, this black lives matter continues to develop now Nina US been line. America is sort of makes me a little upset at an an I don't know if you feel the same way as I do of the fact that you know Spanish speaking media here in the US would it be Telemundo? Zone. I would have to say have done a very poor job and giving the spotlight to for the community especially in the last eleven years I mean. We've mentioned medium Redonda several times already per voice should be heard a lot more often in the news and we should be much more aware of. The plight of the Gut Funaki in on Duris than we should. But you know Spanish speaking media doesn't reflect that and this is why English speaking media outlets like us are trying the best. We can to try to bring your voices out there but this is just my opinion I wanna get your opinion on. The failures I for lack of a better term failures of Spanish speaking media in the US for not giving more voice to food nut community in central. America. You're right and. When I watch the news every day and say, well, my dad, those people never say nothing. Wes going on a what's happening from doors with? People when you see them. The information you'll be her for three quarters Communica you become for. Mitzi call but never made said nothing about that. Happy to us. They make us feel. They make us feel like we're not. The because it We're not consign about that. So it's Also speaking with Clara. And we're trying to wash those people we to. Look. People to get. Information in her hands to say something about and they played they cannot see the play that in that hearing that only media can mention here in New York pulled on the is local local channel in Manhattan and we can say about something about that. They put. On that formation, our sides soup but. The media here in the United States if The media the people say that. L. Community what NSA nothing about ads that they're not concerned about. What's really. S. FAC is completely time for us. To know that yeah, this is one of my wishes right now as the black lives matter movement continues to develop that is not just about police brutality. Although of course, that is the central issue, but also to question institutions of power including places like Illinois and. To open their eyes were at very least reexamine. Why is it that they don't put more Gotti food voices you know and effort Latino voices on the airwaves especially when we're talking about serious issues like the Cullinan on Dudas and the virus is taking place against the owners in on us and also to mention that they're also gotti GONNA in Belize in in what the Mullahs and to a certain extent Nicaragua. Pretty much out the whole Atlantic coast of central. America. But much like Central America as a whole, it just gets ignored in in one form or another and it's it's nothing short of. Tragic. And Lazy on the part of journalism especially doing this. You know crucial period in Central American history you know there's one name that I forgot to mention, and this is also an example of disgruntled Gutty are facing in on Dudas is the case of Antonio denied this. So can you explain who went on Your Bernardus? Before, we finish with the media. In my opinion, the people fail they sell her in there if they felt. They, not really concerned about the weather in happen on the community they just. Speaking about win. The situation is very convenient. For Oligarchy. Representing the community interest. In my opinion. connecting by. Cutting. All the. They he'll. Take some information on endurance base convenient for their interest. I mean I was need to stay out about Antonio. and. Is there is. A Bam important person in the case of. The. Andhra. Daddy I. and. West, the one of the witness. The witness in the front of that HDD for. Dash. In the National Commission of Human Rights. And the National Court of Human Rights and Daniel Kim to what the Book. We put the cases and they went Costa Rica. We this to? Front of. Human. Right. Court. And Antonio. Tony what disappear for the beer for six date? Look on your daughter. How Fun Radio for the Community Looking? For. Thirty. Of six days. After the state. Buddy. They me straight him before kill them. and Antonio License. Responsibility because. We. Have the Medina County Larry's from birds. But that all Living in the Community and the through the cruise. Nobody, they supposed today in appear we get the resolution for the humor court nobody can leave a feature from through. The President and the committee. Thank. The president and the COMMUNICA DAB polarization put the salt the land of the close. The. Never can. Be Disappear. For. But they took him and two years when Donald, not. In about and Tony was took it from. The They, kill them and they. Found the body in real mean, what is real? Pretty your meal is the. Community Funder would that embraced people? From Honduras Pool in from the Lens To remove the. Community from there. When we gather solution from the cord And we get the meeting without. People. Here. They again real people they agreed to move from both the period. They say we recognized the land is not us. We. See whether state of Honduras. They. Begin. would be removed from there. What happened? In months ago. Grimmett for. A stand bland a school. Sandra hallows. Maybe mic. Medication place to the people of the medication than they won an open. School they went open center. They want. Some kind of France. To a real man to make sure those people have from there because. They don't have not idea in that market then I nothing to be. Make sure the dull. Interamerican course they think they have to go to give the phaser Hernandez. So that's a recent Antonio Day because of the on. Nothing. Nothing to compete to has to do. In? The Mitch Show they give the Community Harland back. It's nothing short of shocking the story of Antonio. Bernard And it just shows that the hundred pondering government is not just killing random getting they're trying to kill and assassinate the leadership, the intelligentsia of the community as a as a way to keep the community marginalize I'm not ready for now I'm the son of Salvadoran immigrants and I can tell you that a lot of what you just described sounds very similar to the. Military dictatorships of what the Mullahs No Salvador back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty S, and it's nothing sure shocking that this aspect of Honduran history not spoken a lot more often than it should not talking about the fullness we have about one minute left equity. I. So let me ask you this and you know what? We'll just end this last question in Spanish so. Finally what does affront ask from both the KUNAS living in the US and to all Hondurans in general who had been forcibly? What do you hope that they learn? You know or what he asked him to do while they're in the US. is to kill liberty sales as data spectacle. The apple year animals got focusing on us he. Mustn't. Poodle. On. Campus and You're only if. They can go that king is thousand meals like. Thousand boy that is that they made. Informacion. infamous, Aaron Bates. What? It. Not. going. I. Simple. Persecution the. Mid, Atlantic was travel by guest basis than I've been battling. She must. Remain. possumus. Never be back. She didn't. Except For Mandatory as in will. Also. Bells meals sparking women. It became elsie at all. No so throws. So it wouldn't then in this of. Mistletoe some mostly blue so. Locally, Sarah does bear. King. Free thing. Would be. Skulls you. Decide on. This. Bar in Lucescu moment barrier or lower on the if. Nicholas me according to according dishes. Came in spiral. Me Fa. Say. So. Up. On the idea. Of My. Music. Wondering. Episode. Mac. Issue Fun. You'll miss. Olsen left. So it does Kinsley. Novel King North. Carolina is. Never going to say. Look. Installed by that'll will not kidding me in. Persona admirals, somebody has. been found. Escape multi-million. Handle. Alexia your book so. Backwards from. Alaska, organism? Analysis when I get that. But I it'll tell that was to see him. They get sort of Obama's dosage, Nosotros. For, Mandalay. Gondola. got. On Activated We've been speaking with Gordon of Florida's. She's the former general coordinator of funny. The Black Fraternal Organization of Dudas and she's also the CO founder of the Gutty Funai. Community. Services. G.. C.. S in the Bronx New York so good Florida's thank you very much for being on the show with US blessing. Notice. Thank you for having me here today if my breasts were thank you for a chance. Thank you for an opportunity. To help us out of our. In Our community. Partner. Is that. Stop. Worrying. Michael When you say Agley. moondog percent of on per gauge is. What they can block them. OFF If they're. Committed, daily handle seaview in. The. Last on every financing some years. They have to grow Indiana. Really. That said that ZIP. For today's show, we want remind everyone the check out this code and our episodes on which is Latino collective dot com gosawx find us on twitter and at the name at LLC underscores show and of course, live on. WPF W FM that Archie and so on. Behalf of my co-producer Abby Roberts's Oscar Fernandes saying, thank you very much everyone for listening to show. That's it for today's show your. Shell. and. Lean

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