EP172: A Simple and Free Strategy to Increase Interest in Your Programs


Welcome to the wellness business podcast simple strategies to cut through the online noise to fast track the growth of the wellness business with fear and panic and Kathleen Legris. Hey everyone it's cure paddock. Welcome to another episode of the wellness business. Five cast you know who's here with me? Kathleen Legris my amazing co host Hey Kathleen Karen there's nowhere else I'd rather be always happy to hang out with deal I know in all of our amazing listeners kyw's listen. We have not asked you recently to share what you think. About the podcast how it impacts your business. So if you have anything, you'd love to share with us the best place to do that would be by leaving us a rating and review on itunes. We would love to hear from you. We always love hearing all the amazing things that you've implemented from what you've learned here in the podcast and how you've customized it to be your own. So We'd love it. If you share some your stories with us over on Itunes, it Kathleen Yeah, we would love it lewd appreciate it so much because it does it helps us get our ratings up in I tunes. So yeah, that would be amazing. And we get to celebrate you as well. Exactly. So. All right. So today we're talking about a simple and free strategy to increase interest in your programs. So I WANNA take you back in time. A little bit few years when Kathleen and I I started launching our own programs and doing consistent promotions each year. So we are actually scheduling our promotions and being very intentional. Every single year. This was back in two, thousand, twelve and two, thousand thirteen. There was a very big difference from how we handled our launches then. Chew what we call now, our launch runways in twenty twenty. Now, that isn't just because we've changed the marketplaces changed the expectations have changed. We're going to talk about that today. and. You may be asking Walkin, K.. Launch runway that's a great question. So in a nutshell, the launch runway is the two weeks up to two months prior to or leading up to your promotion your cart open period the time when you're enrolling clients in your program and there's a very big difference between how launches were run seven to eight years ago as I said versus now and specifically what we're GONNA be talking about today is leading your audience in on the fact that you will be launching that you will be opening enrollment that you will be Making an offer having a sales conversation, you're going to be talking about what you'll be launching and when it will be coming. So you're really warming up that audience wherever your email s your podcast listeners, your blog readers, your you know social media, followers, all the people that know about you. You're going to start warming them up between weeks two months prior to you actually opening your cart so. With that said, let me set the stage for you. Back in the day when we first started launching, it was actually common behavior not to say a word about what was coming and when it was coming until the day the cart opened, and then you would send an email and it was like. I have a program to sell. Do you WANNA buy? which you know like I said, it was the norm back then. But when I think of it now is just like I don't love that strategy. Do you remember those days Kathleen Oh gosh well, you think about it. So let's take a little trip in the time machine here. Especially because way back then social media was newer I think facebook has been around fourteen years instagram maybe ten years. So. INSTAGRAM is newer but yeah, things have changed a lot and thank goodness for social media because it does it can play a really big role in your whole marketing strategy. But like you're talking about right now, warming people up that launched runway is so important. Definitely, is, and let's face it of us ever liked to feel like we're being sold to. Instead we would. We like to feel that the people that were purchasing from or were enrolling in their programs that they've educated us that they've given us good quality information leading up to open cart sale period, and that we are intentionally making decision. We feel like this is a good move for us that this is. A transformation that we WANNA make or it's a goal we wanNA reach and this particular program or coach is going to help us get there and so I think that I love the strategy so much more because I feel like it so much more authentic than Giosto. Okay buy something from me. Yeah and it can be really fun. TWOS WE'RE GONNA share some ideas like we were saying nowadays things really do look a lot different on social media it's expected and even preferred to bring your followers on social media and through email behind the scenes to let them know what you're working on weeks and sometimes even months before you ever open the car and when we're talking about open. The Cart we just mean before you're offering one of your paid programs. We've been using this strategy for years now, and it really helps your on his warm up to the program. You'll be launching as well as gets them invested and excited about the process which makes them more likely to purchase. Once you open cart, it really is such a great strategy and can work really really well. Today. We want to share one specific way that we warm up our followers ahead of time. Yes. I love the strategy. So one of the easiest and free ways of warming up your followers and getting them excited to investor enroll in your program even before you open the cart is to take them behind the scenes and on the journey with you of prepping your program creating content and even what type of promotional strategies you'll be using during your launch so Remember as I said, none of us, WanNa feel sold to we wanna feel like the person we're buying from has educated us that they've been forthright with us that they're upfront authentic, and then that's when we feel like, okay. This person is worth the dollar investment that I am planning to make. So I love this. So let us give you a few examples. Kathleen. Why don't you kick us off? Yeah, and as we go through this examples, I, think about. An example maybe that you've seen someone else using, but maybe you didn't realize that was that there was a strategy behind it. So let's talk about one, on one coaching let's say you WanNa book more Discovery Hall suit can enroll more people into your one on one coaching program. Some great examples of behind the scenes topics that you can share about on live streams in stories and even static image posts would include one number one. A routine or habit that you engage in daily in your own life that you also teach your one on one clients number to a screen shot or graphic of a client testimonial and number three a video of one of the resources you share with your clients and how you help them implement it. So this is kind of giving them a little sample of what it could be like to work with you and I love the strategy. Yeah and what's important to note here is that with each one of these things, each one of these examples that we've given you, of course are going to be tying it back to your program. Right. So let's say you have the ABC coaching program and you're teaching your morning routine of Let's say a ten minute meditation each morning that's part of what you do to get ready for your day, and it's part of your ABC coaching program. So you're going to share share on a livestream insist story that okay here's my routine maybe you. have a picture or a video of you meditating, and then you're going to have some type of comment or part of your posts that says, this is something I teach tae in Module One of my ABC coaching program right and this is how I get great results every day this how I start my day off right rights you're going to be giving them. You're going to be connecting the dots so that they understand that what you're sharing. Let's say the client O.`Neil all they went through the ABC coaching program Oh, the the resource that you share. On Line is also you know maybe it's just a screen shot of one page of that resource or the cover page of that resource you're going to be sharing and you'll be able to get you know your hands on this as a client doors are opening. Say. Give them the date in two weeks. So you're priming the pump, your warming them up, but you're also being very authentic and real with them from the GECKO. Let's seek this conversation into a group coaching program. Let's say you're creating a group focusing program from scratch your grading your own digital program. So here are three examples of things that you could share behind the scenes to start warming people up that you're going to be launching number one share one of the bonuses that you are creating to enhance the program and explain why you are. CL including it as part of the program. Now, when I say she or the bonus I'm just saying share the title, maybe a screen shot of at I'm not saying share the whole bonus but let them know that this is something that they can expect when they join your program number two, you could show the program dashboard. So could be in wordpress in teachable where your program limps. That you have everything set up, and maybe you're doing a simple walk through. So we've done this with the wellness business insiders club. We've when we're promoting one of our emails typically will include a link to a video where we walk them through what the membership site looks like. So we're warming them up. We're getting them familiar with what this looks like, and we could show this even prior to cart being open right. And then number three a many look into the first module where you explain why this is the perfect starting point and who the program is perfect for and why now we've had amy Porterfield. She's my course creation mentor and coach. She's been on the podcast a couple times, and she just recently did this back in August where she allowed people access to her digital course academy, the first module they had. Access for one week. So they could get in there. It was the entire first module, all the downloads, everything, all the training videos it wasn't a mini version and you could get access for one week. So you can get a taste of what digital course Kademi was about. If you believe that you wanted to create a course, this was a great stepping stone that first module helped you make the seven key decisions. To creating your own digital course and so this was a perfect lead in the doors are not. We're not open yet, but it was a great way to warm up audience so that they would feel more comfortable investing when the doors did open. So I love this strategy. I think it's really going I love all these strategies. Actually I think they are all really solid ways of warming up your followers and your email last. So that they are excited when you actually open the doors and I saw when she did that I thought that was brilliant because one of the questions people ask before they join a program as will what is it really alive? What am I really gonNA. Learn. This just GonNa be fluff in. You know her programs are not fluff on that. That was a really really good strategy. And here's the other thing Kathleen that I'll just say here too is if someone actually gets access, let's say like Amy's case to module one that is going to decrease her percentage of refund requests significantly because they already know what they're getting into. They've already got a feel for her teaching style and that's why she does she wants people to already get a feel for who she. Is as a teacher as an educator, and if you don't like her style than you're not gonNA Laker program don't buy it right. But you love the way she teaches which she really speaks to me. I love the way she organizes content than you're going to do really well with our program. So that I think is another great reason to do the mini look into your program. Let's move onto the next way the next strategy. This is about doing a free challenge and really about list growth. So you can share a sneak peek of your landing page and then also share some of the benefits of your program as you're working on Azure finalizing. So people get excited to join you in your program in your challenge I mean once. You can share screen shots of past challenge participants. What results they've had. This can be a little testimonials because people like to know what other people got out of it because they people wanna see themselves in other people's stories, they can relate because lot of times people have self day like I don't know that worked for me. So sharing success stories, testimonials, that's really important too, and then the next one would be little known facts about why you created the challenge start with. So things like common questions that people ask you common struggles you know that your audience has pre-programme information that will help them prep for joining your course. Yeah this, and so what we've covered here, we've tried to cover three different areas where coaches are typically showing up. In the online space, right you're trying to get one on one clients. You're doing group coaching programs or you're creating your own coaching program, and then you're trying to build your list, grow your list. So these are all you can mix and match however you want. But we wanted to touch base on the three main areas where coaches are being seen, building a following, growing their email list, and then of course, enrolling clients into their programs. So let's think about when any new television program is going to launch. Let's say this fall there a new program we've never seen it before typically starting probably about the end of July you're gonNA, start seeing commercials and ads for the program and as a launch date for that new program gets closer, you'll find that the commercials are showing up more and more and they're and they're longer and they're giving more information. They're trying to make this as compelling as possible to increase the anticipation for the day that it becomes available. So this is the same strategy that you'll be using with your pre launch runway and you're behind the scenes look. By using Social Media Andrew Mls to get the word out. Truly the options are endless endless, Kathleen, and I have both used these in our business I love this strategy because I I feel like I'm such an open book. Anyway, Kathleen that this just feels like right in my soul. You know like I'm just telling everybody what I'm up to and if they want to join me, they can feel free to do so. Yeah people are curious like, why are we on social media? Most of us, right. You're just killed what what is what are people doing? What's going on today? So I think the more we can share some people love behind the scenes. Look they love sneak peeks I. Now I don't know what it is, but but they do I know we use this strategy in different ways on a we used it when we were launching the podcast that was three years ago I use it when whenever I'm working on a Webinar, I'll kind of share some of the those the slide deck, the title of it, what I'm working on it why? That way when they see that, oh, go ahead and join the Webinar that sounded really good. I want to do it I also do it before I launch a new program. So yeah, there's so many different ways that you can use this and you can get creative with until. It helps your audience are feel invested in whatever you're working on. especially I mean another great tip that we didn't mention here, but that is to ask for feedback. People Right. So as you're creating your program or you're creating your challenge, maybe you start asking them questions what your biggest struggle with this or oh, I have these three titles which one resonates with you the most. So they start to become invested in your process and they want to be part of it. When it you know finally comes comes to life and it's really exciting way to go, and so we're encouraging you to search showing behind the scenes show behind the scenes of your life if you are a product of what you teach in. Your program start showing the different pieces of the puzzle that you do just totally on autopilot in your life start sharing those on social right and you'll see us through this regularly if you follow us on instagram because we're always using our ID stories as a way to warm up our followers to help them get to know us more quickly around something that will be promoting in the future. Now, that's not always talk about, but we certainly are they're sharing because listen if someone needs the information that's in the program that we're GONNA be. Offering Stan if we're not showing up for them to get them warmed up so that they know it's coming. We're doing them a disservice and it's no different for your followers if you're not showing up and letting them know what's coming and how it will benefit them. Then you're doing a disservice to them they now, right? Can I take that worked incredibly well so when I was doing my Webinar so before i. In open enrollment for for the free. Workshop. I post colleague you're just saying that example I, was letting them know on putting the finishing touches on a Webinar I wanNA. Make sure I'm including topics that you want know about the most. So what question do you have about Xyz that would also work on putting the finishing touches on my coaching program a getting their input like let the know what are you working on? You're putting the final touches on it and then see what questions come up because you may be able to add that to your Webinar. You can also find out what? Some of what they're going to tell you is gonNA be information. The inside scoop on some objections they might have. Though by Yeah doing polls, asking questions on social media. Amazing. I. Agree One hundred percent. So we're encouraging you all to go out and test this and start feeling a little more comfortable and we just did an episode recently on how to get over your fear of video. So. If you combine the strategies and the options that we've given, you hear this will give you something to go on video about you can kind of combine those two podcast episodes and really you know go out there and take that social media platform by storm. Absolutely that was last week. We did the episode on how to Conquer Fair live video. All Right Mama I think we're ready to wrap I. Think. So we hope that was helpful if you aren't following yet come on over and do so and you can see some examples of how we do this. How we put the strategy into place you can find us on Instagram I'm at Kathleen Legris, and you can find Karen at Camp, paddock coming over follow. US Hello you. WanNa get to know you. I sure guys will see there have a great week. All right. Take care. Thank you was into the wellness business podcast for show notes and three resources visit WB podcast. Dot Com.

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