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You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW dot I'd tested troy dot com before information unfortunately audience pleasing message acetone. I thought we had a show tonight. We got no go auto club shake my ass. No I need to show those out. Freezing themed saved message message Monday at three thirty five PM Yeah Yeah Tony Joked base. Who ooh Can uh-huh the home where Tony Green Detroit I we love? You will never forget you will always remember and cherish you. Hey A- fall but getting women no check check it out. This is a message center. Respect so all the difference deceased loved ones we lost in the Suppression Memories Together. The WETA lessons got us. recollected elected also sadness or depression them to question followed by dramatic expression wishing for his resurrection. MAKES YOU WANNA get a weapon. Missing dogs even penetrates the tar imaging reveals as men with General Hearts God the give a score since embalm me and my mans again until then the state strong by myself treaties. deb Just like a test because we all got got a dad. Don't know how much time is left. Travel for success in this rap Biz because the clock is ticking for those who ain't here. I made a promise that blow up and go from robbing the champagne. PAPI Horan Industries Doubt Industries for your way Hollering Dallas a sense for your turned a profit in its share. What we are with the families up with gotten in depth on a no stop a Nimh and husbands is that we Boston struggled s who dedicated lost family members? Pain is in your family. Pain is bills off. Go Suck was going down the did you. Can you hear me. I'm still here fighting the pain taken day by day until we hang out again. Michelle main saying rounded hood. It feels Kinda strange. It made me change from the cradle to the greatest real. Thank thank God. Bless me made because I needed heavy missing with job will be depleted. Play hated to lead a real dog. I can't be defeated with job by aside. I ain't going down for what guy nonstop from south. Little liquid from a real thug biggest Danny Jones. The mode in the real family is coming. Yeah this is dedicated to the three lost family members to stay strong pain woman light bills falling pulling your dedicated homeless. We lost family members. Straw pain is still might in your. This is dedicated. Family members. Pain is life goes on golf Like the dedicate take distract the hip hop recipes. Waiting heavy. You want the fame steady own acquire. The they stay less mood. Julie Road of the way is get some way regrets ought to stay sick. Daily data so repeated especially when we can do better than his gotta spreads inquest in Palm insistance embedded in the civil. So you don't get this guy to remember the way things slip e another anymore to going to me. We are related. A loss contracted with sometimes. It just happens all too casually. I hate in that phone. Call another soul scar. We get a chance to say so long. The Dow the Fan said he owned clan. Heavy heavy oh you stay on this body disappear we give too much display. Bayern is available. We still right there. The pressure slowly. Don't peace most of these companies a phony phone peace and that's not a weight on the Cranium uh-huh up into a thing that you say recycled back to the days of the Pro Lady Young before Gaza grades will begin to shape France. But I'M GONNA keep pressing with as the deep message until the end resentment depression and will be read. Been Pitch to win early. Deathbed the ED now fan. Yeah and in addition to and I just WanNa China so we in down the street. Eh on everything it was and you they reminisce on everything ooh we love. You will never forget. You will always remember and shares so bad. I don't know so this is a message center respects all a difference deceased levels lost in the Suppression Memories. Together Weta lessons got US recollect though sadness of depression while the question followed by dramatic expression which enforce resurrection makes you WANNA get a weapon. Missing dogs even penetrates talk imaging reveals men with General Hearts. That's the give us a sense. embalm me and my magic till then stay strong. Find Myself Treaties deb. Just it's like a test because we all got a dad. Don't know how much time is left. Striving for success in this rab is because the clock is ticking. There for those way I made a promise that blow up and go from Robbins Champagne paint profit for when in doubt industries for your way Hollering Count Dallas a sense for your turn a profit in its share what we earn with families of gotten in deep depth on a no. I'm stepping NIM and hustlers that we Boston struggled. Who dedicated homes? Who Lost family? Main is goose who lost family Philippine is. The bills was going down a bid. Hope you would hear me. I'm still here fighting the pain we hang out again amid SEMAINE. Same rolled around the hood. Feels Kinda strange. It made me change from the cradle to the greatest real thing got blessed be made. Because I needed. It'd be missing with John. Would be completed player. Hated Dogs well-treated. I can't be defeated Pajama massage. I ain't going down. What Guy Rise to the top non stop off from South Real Doug biggest this Danny Jones the mode the song about stove real community in the home life goes all this dedicated lost family members to stay strong PHILOMENA as life goes on all dog dedicated to be lost family members sees as strong as steel? Yeah this is dedicated to be long family members distaste for the pain is life. Goes all to yeah. Well survey the sad data but is happy because he wouldn't want us to be sad because when I was telling him I was going to be San Eh so on the day after kills brother die very good friend of mine. The special person Dr Melvin Sue the US in store and you lived every second and did everything he wanted to. Before it was time ago I can only be soaking. I also just want to say my in Dallas as to you and your family and we both the city as a are you. I'm good. Yeah Ed this is a solemn set because as we feel right now You know he was totally a cancer liver year and I guess he lit over here. Yeah dipped so but he did everything with a a vegas. You will tour San Francisco Detroit. GEICO came Louis Right Arizona. Yeah Road Chair right road. Trips man he took it out. He was like I'm not sitting way for this Shit Alberta right for the family reunion. Yeah so it was good seeing him for that and everybody loved him so I guess that I can only be so lucky. Hopefully people care about me but when I go stay in that frame of mind. Because he wouldn't want this. Aw He would listen to the show and be like snap out of it. So that's what we're GONNA do not uh-huh pushing every move South Vicky. Okay we'll do this side. Melvin sues all the way to have it hey Okay so you know. Gave Cody and Emma Gig yesterday. Cody Jesse and colorblind and they Performed the Cannabis Lounge and not sure what it's called. Yeah I forgot forgotten what it is. Yeah but that's what it is you can go in there and smoke and his private club so you don't have to worry about nobody coming. In slapping. He said he was some handcuffs and Detroit so well this is still a legal legal. Yeah you know. Borderline Is Legal when they wanted to be legal and is not one is not because they'd be Jeff said the head anyway but I heard two GIG. What really good? And they thank me for Hook up and The Cannabis Lounge. Emma call him back. Because I'm a booking different artists in there and I'm thinking thinking about next was to grow any played Anacostia some gene Harris in a pseudo here shoe gene arina shooter. I'm seeking I get in there. That would be really nice because you you can just singing do her thing and she smoked. Gary everybody I'm this is spot I can book. All My duos goes in single artist. They get the upstairs and then we'll go blow it out right. Quick eight pieces we gotTa Street the bread. uh-huh we're losing weight so yeah that's far yeah. Food poisoning killer. Make you lose weight. Man Man I got on the scale and I was the left hand side of what I had been looking at. Stay on the left. Hand side So that was really good. Surprise me like this so anyway. That's good recommended way to lose weight. No but hey they had that an appeal and you can be sick for ten days. and Oh Gosh I would take it now So what do we played. We played dedication. Rawdat Dat in deep and then heavy on ours get it makes visit my mind or your mind because it kind had to go in and out of the still relevant Miller's heavy on my mind right now and that's by that's by CJ codeine with color together right after and then better than yesterday Miami. I Anne my guide needs Miami and then the same thing played again the dedication. I thought it was going to be my dedication that I had to my grandmother. I know is education but it wasn't right but it was okay. Did it played twice. Because that's Kinda show it is right now and we porn out a little liquor for Mel. I gotta get some looking for a little bit. I can't drink it out of the part I would have had no I. I'll drake that part about Twenty one twenty. Eight for the raiders. Tomorrow aw you know I'm hate on the lions like usual liberty. Explain to people that I am alliance expand. Never no no never work well. It's just that I'm just tired of to me. If you root for teams never win in this is like said you mindset the never win so on the side. I got Tom Brady on the side. I got Tom Brady though. Who's eight now and You know these guys really just bringing every Tazewell just rather watch that. I've got my official. Tom Brady shirt on today to you. Do show everybody on the radio audience. You gotTA got a face for Radio Lagat to fight a little bit yes I did. That's supposed to repeat this. No Ca Nelson insult you. Do you haven't haven't settled to me. Okay here. We go cleaning up but anyway we're going to get to the second set. I forget what I picked but either way go. We'll explain explain to you when our waiter eh savvy prime take me home bound. Mc Three one three prime it among Keller stopping me home bound emcee of a bucket known from the three one. Three who would like to climb solid pick pretty dark time a couple of times pretty sharp knives. Lisa the Bob with Woody Shaw leaves size could lock Philip socially refined breeze to the weeds. He's five I'm putting limits dreams. This time out of in the in the pocket known took take a brief vase. Don't put up for seven basis to look on my skin's a toxic waste. I sweat shake do anything in this people. Say Fake people while they're Wakeham people judge. A camera never caught a case. Mostly go by states being brought up by the last. I have no doubt face on this way. USA Awesome Sadder Story Walmart of depth on arrival would decide the revival and on the Bible for disciple fighting for the title what the vital taking them arrival highly powered rifle. Think you all got another the bond old final possible worlds bottle warmer shake take them to upon condone disbelief. No release no the same bars. I gotTa Dragon Beck except now on Jason Tunisa. Being shadow precursor chemical piece. The piece of my belief will beef timber for the piece. By the way to catch you'll be so combined. The unlimited piece took this last one time I gotTa have my sweetly Ma by by a stop them on the pump dome touch upon them. Mm See one sir. Rocco Devil called. Satan has many alluring traps. The one thousand nine hundred thirty three Detroit. Come on that I drink that first. LSD Trip that add first Jag of marijuana. He said the my mother I could go to these places. Take a social drayton becoming alcoholics. The way the double news a lot of people don't some people will allow me. Every time I think kick the habit take a hit back the saw make this magic time and time it keeps on Jimmy of Focus Saka. We'd Patrick here's some Oh shit. Going off the wagon back to book is bitten in Brag Own tagging bodybags off the Dragon. He'd been Masha. I've been ragged just enough. So the edges jagged backpack who comes back with folk and platinum status look bad as at this when it comes to the marijuana madness madness making sure the seats are scattered. Just like these cer- Bagga Hashing get some cash to grasp make some music for the masses spark plugs and raise them glass pitching then. I'm off the fucking greener. Pastures teams on scheme fast has shifted being after auto fucking laughed at the radio. Disaster Look in final chapter deep into mind facets of that is your folks pick these used to. Here's the terrible the way they're on drugs but I have a Miami Herald Beck says alcohol number one heroin number two drug abuse the United State government classifies alcohol as a drug as county group. Students agree that it's long for a believer to take drugs. There's some of you that are drugs and I'm here to tell you Jesus Christ can set you free phone damn abandoned in my habits like magic advantage plan this Pant Amanda says man. Savage tablets never find a mattress in the looking glass gallison. Melissa medicated dressing on Oklahoma Sale. Scape everything and self deprecating bail. It's I gave my heart. Keep Bandages tingled on my bad habits say shared hit a bit for Obama. My kids were with wants my worth it. What's it worth? Fitch but held under since gave birth fell out of her skirt with Akilah. Work raised in the fate upon the SURP- flipping flipping burgers burner thurbers door on the computer basilica suitable blue collar. Workers go there. There's got nothing but rumors bounded down burner masochist every morning. Feeling sick got it now. I feel like shit sure. fucking what time is it time to wake the fuck up. Uh Mother from now on when you go to the grocery store don't drink offish launchers growth for Hebron Johnny Pfeiffer Schlichter smoltz once. He got all whiskey out blackberry. Branding muscatel wine for the march to the alley smashed. Suzy poisoning poisoning poisoning poisoning important. I feel I feel feel like shit ever feel feel uh feel like shit taking bets real hip hop talked to these boys. Thank you for all offense of these. Fuck you wasn't an inclination that unless they can say no you from it was my family. You forgot the game has gotten too much street credit express communities Berry please discretion disrespectful records. Your flagman acted upon. We stress had a awesome respectfully followed. Better boys recite sir very closely examining a thorough understanding that you're China's listen. I'm not projecting this to sound like a three thousand lift you slide. which allow me to get together just in case? It's a a lot of ways when I needed for years you've been. Gi exist respect for people so we we could never be example of the. I WanNa Fuck you put on your head like a it could be a tankful salute my legs. What the the boys it don't mix with the use of respect level soot? Check yourself like oppressed. I refuse to let you stress me talk extra goodness legendary Joe prejudicing necessary so I got scared surface day one but but so the failure for using your calendar pay attention face hopeless pitch catch much competitive the with the flag of street credit to what the way back when you was up to me staying Brown boys. They don't make respect service Aw the Chatou UH uh-huh ban. JAPAN UH-HUH I. Ram Is Hello uh-huh Off and okay. That was ever famous Red Room. Society live on my Voice Cohen fame. Famous Coen family tell us about the Coen family owned entertainers When I was a kid I saw movie and it was the five little coins? ooh And They were entertaining. You know they were little kids entertaining you know and mom and daddy was in it had five little stair step kids okay and Zach their bloodline. Oh so what did they do. Did they dance or dance. You know variety shows back then how they did they show okay and Yes those that come from that. Nice bloodline How how I cope society? It was the first one was the first one. And that was dope. Rhyme Bello Ron Villains Who have to be myself shadow in olen Israel Israel titled self-titled and the Group? Don't run villains is US and on the live shows and live show show have a DJ. We have a DJ Brinda House love those Lopez and We have me and unusually to track these attract gear and guitar player. But GO TAVERN WE WENT TO DOPE RYAN VILLAINS UH-HUH DOPE DOPE be so we had the little game adobe could handle by like Briere of attending have figured you know you place your bets on what Color Brenda's is going to be that little oh fairy and then I'm an attic in the attic spill red ready play add they D- Tse. I was so confused by going. Oh addict here okay. Slang has a dope rhyme villains again with Oh Gee the DJ who produced that particular track I can't remember as I mean it's sad that I can't remember 'cause I know I'm like a good friend. who used to be with Eminem to back today? He just got a heavy drinking problem but we still haven't been in production. He's still cool. So we're we're keeping love. Nutella can't recall is name right and then not a child not analogy child The ever famous be death recipes. Another one gone too soon. he's We got some. I'm great songs on the tone-deaf album and I'll just keep playing until I could find a really good situation to You know put them out on no sense doing the despite despite if I and CD baby and all of that mess. It's just I mean I know you get one hundred percent of your money when somebody finally runs across so he sailed to to Gob as you get you know dollars. Yeah so it's not worth it to me. And then there was the how I cope which we Very famous Zack from rear rump society. Who by the way will be performing Hyped of live somewhere around me. Okay we go put the band together here. Our host abandoned the he was coming in right now. He's having a hell of not trying to put a bed together itself you know. Get in and it's supposed to be you know working it out before you know they just jamming and shit the TI. I don't know how to get them to you. Know learn stuff so I told him for that show. It'd be easy all you have to do is get yourself here and I have the musicians ready for them to You know practice couple as before his show and we go on to do it so I'm really looking forward to that. I haven't met met him yet. No you gotTA meeting. It's like my baby brother man. Exactly what's out for me to I like to say that this month have to live. Sessions is going to be blessed with the talents of none other than thrown out a Davis. I'm excited about that. And and major sponsor Sir major sponsor along with Detroit. The major concert. So yeah that makes it. That makes it you bomb when you've got people that you know you help each other out. You know what I mean not spread let your back you scratch mine especially when it's good but you know I always got your back. Yeah until it like almost a year but then you like you know. Oh Yeah so we will turn a sad day. It's a happy day we're GONNA miss Old Mel sue a missing musical up. Every few months there was alive. He came every few weeks Drive and good weather. He drive that Mustang he got that Mustang for a deal I forget it was it was cheap. It didn't have that many miles on it. They'd been in somebody's Buddy's garage. Saving it for the grandson. Yes Oh three more grants three so. When he turned sixteen he gets a Mustang? Wow any gets a classic Mustang. 'cause is GonNa be classic I forget what year it is. Now it's I. It's not Nuno Nuno Silver so nice car. I wish she would've said you're not his. No you're right wrong then we wouldn't be able to be together. He insists radio. No so all I know is I'm excited Shadow is getting ready to get to place We got a video coming up Doberman Villains ORLANDS FOR What song is it open road as the next radio? That's the next and so we're GONNA try to get it out at the end flight people in flight. Yeah I mean those but see. That's a whole different person. I should hire that guy to do in flight. I'm almost it. s making them guys one more time because you know I really wanted him to do. Yeah but I'M NOT GONNA keep in flight waiting like that. It was that that that great power outage Zagat. Everybody messed up in July because we saw the power at home and I couldn't believe that and then people were killed house fell asleep. Didn't wake up on time because they didn't have power kinds of crazy stuff that weekend here. So yeah but we gotta get those videos in-flight. I'm a guaranteed to be done. We're going to the new year with a hot new video. You know because I want to do a launch such a new show Starting twenty twenty from Hyped up entertainment. Live entertainment a little less formal No this one's just show videos else. Okay and I'll take people's videos you know local sending videos and in and out you know facial show have any interviews maybe maybe a interview Depending on whose videos if somebody's video is really hot and starting to take off. You know but I'm like my any be doing some nice videos to get her on the show okay So yeah and then. I congratulated Iraqi our rock rocky Wallis rockies okay Hurt per song center of gravity. Arctic dog just came out less less depressed survey last yesterday. Congratulations Rocky this greatness. All around us. We all have talent and I'm glad that it's starting to be shown. And rockies on the neuner show where money which is near show is Detroit Wednesdays at noon so neuner wonder. Yeah but not silly. It's going to be something else but Either either way ago Everything is good. Everything is solid My parents are hanging this pretty good again old is hello oh well. My Dad is like a kid sneaked shit and Alzheimer's mother Just eat they can just get through eating and be like when you gonNa feed me comes from the adult. Daycare immediately. Sits down on a puts his tray up like Didn't they just feed you. Laura two months and your name was Jimmy me. Jimmy take me to Yes Jimmy is Alzheimer's diabetes and speaking of that I take my meds to because they've taken with food. Okay so what are the what are closing silence Randy we only got I. Just there's one really. Pc Ahead it oh US ly enough. PCA Stein K. K.. My pretend cousin up together header my head I mean it's the same psalm. Yep the leaders. We just can't never get it a title. I have is peace in my head my head. That's probably what it is. We have trouble with lion your today just like yeah. This is like addict the best shows. We're he'll that shows. We're not good with spelling girly prepositions and stuff piece. It's in my hair. I need peace of mind. That's the hook says just a producer this now you're not just appear to producer that and the basically back on that on that Not a child is produced by me and Sand Matt. Dj Salmon living in Arizona. Now the sun is getting big and turn into a DJ. He's pushing his is little. Dj Buttons already and then he was our two d. two and then all signed is already break. Dad's Oh gosh. They got. Put them together in a group Some males man. I didn't even over my eyes for two weeks after I came up nowadays. What are you gonNA? It'll be looking at kids open as immediately looking at you like Oh you don't WanNa make it. They do those ultrasound. You probably have their eyes opened during that some crazy shit but next it'll be flying cars. Oh so what can I say they have with those. They just don't go very fast. What he had to card floating on water? That was a nice discovery when it happened a long time ago to boat tar. Oh what is that called. Many people buy it but it will. It did work as a mixes. The cars drive them source. Wagons could do that could actually. Yeah Florida's here too. Yeah let's like I think so. I heard like that anyway. I have fun. I'm glad we got to show was able to vent some of the sadness and Iheart and now piece in by your head yes cake is is doing the acting. She she used to call me. She was taking care of her mother by herself with dementia and it was really really almost killing her so she she would call me with these these messages like she was GonNa hurt herself and I made her do it one day. Just make up a little point and do it like bet and And then killer at the end so after she heard that she was through threatening the herder so and song turn out to be great so on behalf of Morandi. We'll see you next week in jail. I see you all week. Yeah and to the people out there. Thanks for listening. We'll be back this piece in my head. Hope you like it. I was trying to reach you but not there I will. That's my life ruined seems to care. I'm going through something. That can't seem to shake doc about making a horrible mistake down in depressed. I feel like I'm spoiled. Is a mess mill when in kids foot was hoping you'd hell but I guess I'm alone city here on a bid holding onto this crown so you might say the coach but I'm sick of this world would throw those hurting keys cause demand it alive. Command met a man made his wife little so called shooting guns in the air. Not Knowing who to hate fucking care didn't think my life would end up this way taking care of my mom every Damn Day student here in this House Philip alone I decided to put words in Pool. I have a rage inside me that wants to come out can hurt my mom so I'll take myself out. She looked at me with blank. Is I can't remember my name. The crazy going insane pills heels. Don't work I'm drinking too much Tony. I'm tired I don't fucking give fuck. No one understands the paine field watching every day is my mom gets ill. Aw Dude no longer just tie now wish. Russia was stronger. Haven't hoping to this machine for way too long. Hope you can use porn song. Depression affects fourteen point. Eight million American adults mobile six point seven percent of the United States population to people under age eighteen. That's an issue. We need to address check got it. Sometimes I feel like I'm somethin'. Through the days when they nothing waste nobody chicken for very much. I sit at home in one. Dave Dave love me at all. Nobody knows that I cried when I'm alone in the house rubbed phony smile and nobody ever fitted kitty before me beside Lhasa. Pain anguishing uprated gone but he can heal this back and bishop. It must be rich. Mice Trumbull Philip. Done being deported out by to lecture on trying to be a good person buddy perfect until the joke. But don't don't want to ruin your day to watch myself Sir Eh. Fail by but every step back super now. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to welcome Mush soups. Can you relate to have to begin new missing. You'll mix and when you spirit is how your pain fake medicate hoping that Eddie gives you make me wear but you don't this inside of me I'm high share. What scares me most is nose to my through? MM Sisley a setback away from zonal postal them live and movin. Hope for what this means is imagine keeping all these demons spirits are cracked a smile. But I'm it needs some help. Don't want in your. Yeah it drops you people see missiel face. I'm immediate but can word in a friendly embrace to go a long way. Try to be cautious person. You be fighting a war. vide believe for many silently suffer physically mid week depression and it only gets tougher can worship. All suicide

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