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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora Raum cooped up. Americans return to beaches parks and bars this weekend. Even as Johns Hopkins University confirmed the. Us death toll from the Corona virus climbed nearly ninety thousand as NPR's Joel rose reports. The Secretary of Health and Human Services says so far authorities are not seeing spikes corona virus infections in states. That are reopening. Hhs Secretary as are told CNN state of the Union that federal authorities are watching the number of new corona virus cases closely. We are seeing that in areas that are opening We're not seeing the spike in cases. we still see spikes in some areas that are in fact closed but as our cautioned that it's still early days and that it will take time for the data to come in from states like Georgia Florida and Colorado that moved quickly to lift restrictions as our said. It should be up to local governments to decide how and when to reopen public health. Experts warned that it's impossible to reopen the country safely without more aggressive testing and widespread contact tracing for people who test positive. Joel rose. Npr News. House Speaker Nancy. Pelosi was also a guest on CNN state of the Union. She said the president's decision to replace the State Department's Inspector General may be unlawful if it's in retaliation for an investigation congressional. Democrats say they believe. Steve Link was looking into possible wrongdoing by Secretary of state. Mike pompeo tropical storm. Arthur is slowly churning near the east coast. It's the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. Npr's Jason Slot can reports a tropical storm warning is in effect for parts of North Carolina though Arthur's predicted to remain offshore heavy rains and storm force winds predicted in coastal North Carolina overnight and Monday with forecasters expecting as much as three inches of rain. This is the sixth straight year. A name storm has formed before hurricane season officially begins on June first. Npr's Jason Slatkin an unprecedented war crimes. Trial resumes Monday in the German city of Koblenz. The Syrian defendants are charged with torturing prisoners under the rule of Syrian President Bush El-Saad NPR's Deborah Amos reports in this landmark criminal. Trial the main defendant. A former Syrian intelligence officer stands accused of torture murder and sexual assault. He's expected to give his first statement to the court on Monday last month when the trial opened the indictment included the testimony of dozens of Syrian survivors says Patrick croker attorney for the plaintiffs and it was read out one horrible crime after the other and the accused were sitting right there. It made us all aware again of what is actually at stake. Here at stake says croker is an examination of state sponsored torture in Syria which the regime has long denied Deborah Amos. Npr news this is NPR news. The world's largest lockdown due to the pandemic is being extended for another two weeks in India. Do expire this weekend. The government is ordering all schools hotels. Airports and restaurants closed through may thirty first India has had about three thousand deaths from cove nineteen in a population of nearly one point four billion London. Police arrested nineteen people in Hyde Park this weekend during a protest against the UK's continued lockdown NPR's Frank Langfitt reports became too high pork speakers corner traditional site for public speeches to criticize the lockdown on various grounds. Some complained they needed to work others were conspiracy theorists including ANTIBAC- sers who doubted the size of the UK's Corona virus death toll which is the highest in Europe and some seem determined for the police to arrest them including this man who were Blue Hood no mask and refused to leave arrest. Eventually he was the government is still urging people not to gather in parks while the protests received attention on social media the protesters represent at most a tiny minority of Britain's polls show the vast majority have supported the lockdown Frank Langfitt. Npr News. London Graceland is reopening Thursday. The tourist attraction dedicated to the late singer. Elvis Presley has been closed since March because of the pandemic. It usually attracts more than six hundred thousand visitors. Each year. Gracelands management says it's decreasing tours to twenty five percent capacity requiring employees to wear face masks encouraging visitors through the same and providing temperature checks. I'm Nora Raum NPR news.

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