Coolpad Legacy phone brings some big features at a small price


Your destination for gadgets gear. I'm Fred friskin, cool. Pat, is looking to take a bigger share of the US market with family friendly and affordable devices companies new legacy smartphone features a big screen on battery to get you through the day. Welcome quick, charged three point zero and money of storage, and micro SD memory card slot for up to one hundred twenty eight gigabytes more and it sells or under one hundred thirty dollars at metro by t mobile pool. Pat America's head of communications Aaron Baker. I think what a lot of liens are doing. Now is bring everything in the kitchen sink device. You're saying, hey, you need this and you need this amazing. Cameron meeting battery six gigabytes of ram. Oh, by the way, the phones of dollars. Well, we consumers tend to focus on one or two key features. So if you're looking to family or avoid those monthly payments for device, cool pad legacy is worth a look, you can find us at texter nation dot com. I'm Fred friskin. Now this. Vision. Hi, I'm fiscal and I've been covering consumer technology for a long time. And it takes a lot to impressment. That's why I'm excited to tell you about the latest way to enjoy cooking and the great outdoors for my friend. Patrick, Sherwin and his great team at goes on stove. What if you could harness the sun to cook your meals, anywhere you go day or night? The goes on fusion arrives this summer using the companies tried and true, reflectors, and the solar vacuum tube to get through cooking without the mess of charcoal, heavy propane tanks or smoke. And with an optional solar panel and battery storage, and the ability to plug in at home or on the road, you've really can use the goes on fusion to cook, anytime and anywhere want to learn more head to go son dot CO and use the code text nation to save ten percent. That's goes on the oh.

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