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Deep Blue won first chess game against world champion - February 10, 1996


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I'm your host eaves and you're tuned into this day in history class a show that takes history and squeezes it into bite sized stories today is February tenth. Twenty twenty you. The day was February Tenth Nineteen ninety-six the IBM computer deep. Blue became the first I machine to beat a reigning chess world champion and a regular tournament over the years. Scientists have turned to chest tests computers abilities since the game is challenging Alan Djing but has defined rules. The link between machines and chest goes all the way back to the eighteenth century. When Hungarian inventor Wolfgang von Kimberlin it created the Turk a fake test playing machine that was actually operated by a human hiding inside of it by the nineteen fifties scientists? Were putting more more serious efforts into researching computer chess playing tests computers associated numerical values with the positions of each chess piece using a formula called an evaluation function. The computers use those values to determine the best move to make after years of researchers developing test-playing hardware. Good where computers were still not able to be human tests players but advances and custom chip technology eventually allowed computers to do faster and and deeper searching in nineteen eighty-five a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University named Fung Shue began working on a test. Clang machine called chip test after test came deep thought. Another computer made to play chess shoe along with some of his classmates worked on the team. Team that developed deep thought deep thought process seven hundred twenty thousand moves per second. It was the first computer to beat a grandmaster in a regular tournament. Game it also won the nineteen eighty nine world computer chess championship. An event where chess engines compete against one another IBM am research hired some of the Carnegie Mellon researchers to work on a successor to deep thought. IBM Research is the innovation arm. IBM and American Technology Z Company at IBM the researchers were joined by other computer scientists including Jerry Brody CJ Tan. They called the computer chess playing playing system that we're working on deep blue deep. Blue went up against Garry Kasparov. A Russian chess grandmaster and world chess champion in nineteen ninety ninety six at a tournament in Philadelphia on February Tenth Nineteen ninety-six Deep Blue won the opening game of the match. Making it the first machine to win a test game against against a reigning chess world champion under regular tournament time controls but in the following five games of the match deep blue either lost or drew and Kasparov ended up winning the match at that point deep blue can analyze one hundred million moves per second but that was not enough to be human skill Oh and strategy so IBM team upgraded deep blue to a system. Unofficially called deeper blue. They created thirty processor supercomputer with four hundred written eighty custom integrated circuits that were designed to play chess. The computer could evaluate around two hundred million moves per second this a new version of deep blue got a rematch against Kasparov in New York. City in May of nineteen ninety seven six game. Match Deep Blue Defeated Kasparov in the deciding sixth game winning three and a half to two and a half Casper off and other chess masters pinned the defeat on a single unexpected move. That confused Casper off the match got a lot of media attention and put high powered computing on the world. Stage though deeply was eventually retired. It inspired inspired later computers and researchers applied its architecture to financial modeling data mining and Molecular Dynamics years after the nineteen ninety seven match one of the computer. Scientists who designed deep blue. Murray Campbell said the infamous unexpected move. 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