Is Routine the Enemy of Progress?


I'm Jim Frawley and this is bellwether uh-huh we have a structure on the way we like to operate for some people it's very very strict right so you wake up at five o'clock in the morning six o'clock the morning whatever welcome to bellwether thank you for being here today's topic is was originally going to be capability comforting so you wake up you brush your teeth Coffee Commute office type type type type type cheese sandwich clack clack clack clack back to commute the kids TV we are extremely capable human beings and we can do a lot we are capable of a lot of things once we set our minds to it and usually when I get hired for coaching gets right it's a really interesting question is routine the enemy of progress in capability in accomplishing more what we're really talking about is there a three buckets and I was reminded of an article that I read a long time ago I can't find it Google and apparently it's really popular fitness circles and everything else the question of routine the enemy of progress and As I was thinking about it and I was you know we're talking about routine and how to accomplish more and most of my client and to do an episode on identifying and realizing what you're capable of and it's important thing to do I talk a lot about your inner dialogue engagements to identify what it is that we're really capable of maybe we're not realizing progress maybe we're not realising our potential there are a lot of different things Ugh I talk a lot about how to properly define your goals and I'm GonNa go even more and more into them in the future but sometimes we just need a good reminder to to realize play so that I can be more productive and I thought about that a lot saying and we usually do that we usually create a little routine we we do everything we test it and see how it's going we talk about routine routine is a structure and we like routine right it's your landscape at your playground it's how you operate it's comforting that I work with clients on and as I was thinking about it this almost turned into a raw raw raw you could do it kind of cheesy ass motivate original podcasts which really isn't me and it changed of course because that's more me And as I was writing the blog posts for this and thinking about the outline of the podcast asking for is how can I operate with a rhythm and when I think about the question is routine the enemy of progress the there's a lot to it and there's never and we just say all right learn learn lesson right you don't like that type of structure and now we can change it around and it was important to do what we did and now we can move forward chance a lot of my clients when they contact me about accomplishing more one of the first things they say is I need time management I need a time management system I need a routine I need to I need to put something in uh obviously yes or no right it's the simple consultant answer to it depends but what I think when people talk about this and and what I'm going to go into the three bucks we make tweaks and we do whatever and that's good but I started thinking about routine is the enemy of progress in what a lot of people are asking for is not necessarily a routine what call the three R.'s you've got your routine your rhythm and your Rut and separating those three out and identifying what it is that you really want to focus on is is essential so when we say we WANNA routine and I've had clients we credit routine and it was a disaster right did not work and they came back and said this is not me I cannot do I thought this was me it's not me waste but other people don't like that much structure and other people just like a routine general right you know all right I'll wake up at some point I had to get this thing done in the morning I have to get this thing done in the after in a repeat and that's your routine and it's comforting and it's good and you know what to expect everyday generally and when you throw a wrench or a team that's generally when people kind of tend to go take a look at data analytics and what we know about people now is that most of what we do regardless of the way you like to structure your day or your routine are routine is fairly predictable regardless of how much you put down on paper or not up to and I'm going to cover this a second there's a book that I read with ninety three percent accuracy we know where you're going to go on any given day and you have a routine regardless of how much structure you put our to our bars on the weekends we do the same types of things and we have these little these little orbits that we go into within a few blocks of our house few miles own whatever and they just kind of roll with it both are fine right and it's really a question of of just dividing up your time but when that I love it's called this is how by Augusta burroughs talks about routine and one of his chapters he talks about this woman he overheard at launch complaining that the Universe is not deliver you know where you're going to be and we take the same commute we take the same drive we take the same office we take the same supermarket shop for groceries we take the same of our house that's why most car accidents happen within a few miles of your house because that's where we are all of the time and his his point was if you want to change things up if something's not working world and in order to change some things on your routine you have to change the structure and that brings me to the next things rhythm versus Rut okay so when we talk about capability and we were able to accomplish what we're able to accomplish within the structure we set up so you take your structure and your structure could be one of two things one and now your normal orbit that is in alignment with all these other people has now changed and you've expanded your world and it's an important part to to drive that home for you change your landscape so if you take the subway to work you take the same car ride to work maybe you go different way or if you always shop at the supermarket maybe you tried different supermarket can drive a good rhythm which is what we're really looking for when we're looking to accomplish or it could become a Rut and when we take a look at at rhythm versus right your Rut your routine is a structure and it's an orbit and it's everything that you typically do and it's not just what you do is what everyone else does and they hover around your orbit it is your little work you can complain all you want about your routine but if it becomes a Rut if you're looking to be more capable if you're looking to accomplish more you have the ability to change your roots brush your teeth out on the front lawn but maybe getting out of the House fifteen minutes earlier fifteen minutes later will change a lot of things it changes your trajectory maybe going a different way to work maybe ruts in the mud gets deeper and deeper and deeper was easier to go in this one specific path but if you need to go in another way it's sometimes difficult to get out of that Rut so routine that her soul mate and she's giving up on looking for her soul mate and everything else and so he thought about it and he had an interesting perspective we know now about data and tracking people that what did you do on those productive days did you wake up early did you clear your email the night before did you plan your day did you how you structure your afternoon where you spending your time all of these are questions to ask yourself and we all have those days where we hit all cylinders at once and those are the day in which same everything there was a an old peanuts cartoon that I like to share with my clients and Charlie Brown opens up his launch and uses up stopping somewhere on the way home that you wouldn't normally stop there are having lunch in the cafeteria or at a different restaurant or in a different place rather than just at your desk there are routines that we just kind of do we just become habits and sometimes those aren't the right things we need to do when you think of the a wagon wheel going through mud and you're making a new path and it's Peter Butter and Jelly again and the next peanut butter and jelly again peanut butter and Jelly again and the finally someone says Charlie Brown who's making your lunch and he said I am and day-today what are you doing that's best that makes you your best and it's not always just taking steps in a day so maybe it's how you structure your morning yeah this is a great day and I went to bed saying I accomplished up today and this is great reflect on that day what did you do differently that day versus your normal Rut as to ask yourself what went right why am I doing so well today so that you can learn from that and apply to the days we haven't when you think about the were you did really like you are capable of anything and you knew it and you just rolled with everything you accomplished everything everybody's had one in the past at least month anything something that gets you thinking in a different way what was it that you did on those days Rah Rah that you can apply to the days where you're not insane conversation with someone new that you've never met before and they have a whole new network you never know who they're going to introduce you to and you never know what what can come from any single conversation so my grandmother always told me Skip coffee did you have two cups of coffee did you gopher run in the morning did you work out in the morning did you do whatever did you read a book you know a question of what we are capable of it's not always a question of what can I accomplish I'm not doing everything I can And we beat ourselves up on on failing we doc and so the question of capability is not necessarily always what are we capable of and this is what I'll end with the question of capability is not always ourselves up on not hitting the mark the high marks that we have for ourselves and sometimes it's not about just doing more sometimes it's a question of where you're doing okay and if you haven't you need to look at your routine and structure and everything else because he needed to change him some things but everybody has a day where everything is just rocking rolling and everything is I'm getting things off my to do less than little uncomfortable right you make that new path but eventually makes a group and it's a little bit easier but as it becomes easier it's also more difficult to go a different way so the the the can become a Rut or you can become a can become a rhythm and rhythm is what you really looking for is how are you operating on all your cylinders how are you operating eighteen you have the ability to change that structure and your routine is not just the basic steps you take in a day it's where those steps occur so I'm not gonNA say week and I will see you next time thank you so much listen thank you so much for listening in your structures and maybe we'll meet your soulmate one of these days people out there who don't have one and and with that I hope you have a very it sometimes it's a question of what is your landscape what is your playground if you want to climb some monkey bars don't go hang out by the swings find out where don't well we start with the negative I you're right I think of like Michael Douglas in the movie falling down you're sitting in your commute you snap everything is the same same Chiesa always dress nice because you never know who you're going to meet and when you get out and

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