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Miles Davis behind the scenes of RUBBERBAND


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At RHINO INSIDER DOT COM Dennis. What are we have today for the folks? This is definitely the we are family episode because we have miles Davis son Aaron and his nephew. Vince wilburn junior and we are talking about a brand new and literally brand new because it was never released. Miles Davis album called rubberband interesting. And we're mile son and nephew involved in this record. Yes the two original producers Rand Paul. Zane Giles worked with Vince. Wilburn junior who is miles Davis nephew and he performed on the original album sessions. So this is one of those those albums out of time. Meaning that it was made back then but it's very much brought up to today. Well I bet people are going to be really interested to hear why it was shelved. I'm sure you guys cover that in the discussion. Oh absolutely yeah. There's there's many a tale and the most intriguing thing about all of this is again. This is family this is nephew and son and the insider stories they have about what miles is all about are worth the price of admission alone. This is great. Well you know it's kind of a miles moment happening right now. You got the miles documentary. The birth of the cool out and this record is out. So what fortuitous? Timing as only rhino could bring you. This is a very one on one conversation. Would you please Vince? Wilburn junior the nephew of miles sir. Miles Dewey Davis. I am Erin Davis Miles youngest son. We're we're here to talk about rubber band and this is going to be fun because one of the things we liked to do on the roundup. Podcast IT'S CAUSED. A little controversy caused a little russell things up and get to the truth. And that's that's going to be look at the light. Tmz Lead like TMZ. Exactly what I want you to do you introduce yourselves but I want you vince to go a little deeper. Because we know we're GONNA find out a lot about what you did a rubber band and you were there for the original project. Both where they go so but give me a little bit of of back history. Some things that the don't necessarily come out in the mix all the time growing up in Chicago. South side of Chicago got a picture this on KamAZ would come to two Chicago Chicago and my parents. We would go back in the day you didn't have. Tse could meet the passengers at the gate so coming from the gate back to the car. He would always get stopped. United know the magnitude of who he was. When I was a kid was but you know people want to shake his hands get autographs like it didn't dawn on me like smiles as you too late on one of the things that struck me as I would never want to be in the audience with my parents to see. The performance always wanted to stand wings. You know for some reason I just wanted to see if you own. I didn't want to sit on this. Yeah going ever. Cs snobbery snobbery boo poses causing me poop. Bucci but you know it was captivating to witness it as a kid for any kid if they are in the music from. You know 'cause you get another perspective on. Oh see the band you see the interaction of the musicians you see the stage and you know the the lighting the sound the monitor mixer even back then you see how this the workings of a concert at gravitate towards drums. And I don't know if it was Tony Plan. Tony Williams Jack dishing but Tony Williams told Wallace Roney trumpeter that he knew I was going to be a drummer. My mom would always make me have a haircut. Get a haircut was coming and I always get me a hamburger for room service. That's the kid thing haircut part kids. Stay on trying to work at Burger right and then back then they record guys executive record promotion guy the promos so there was a guy in Granville white granny. White God rest his soul. That would bring the stacks of records and deliver personally to the house. I would just WANNA basement and listen to this these records and as time went on. I wanted to play drums on. Komo said Dorothy get him a drum set. But if you don't spend a lot. You know inexpensive kit and if you stick with it then. I'll give them a kid and so and who we. Hey so the two of you. We know we could go years about you growing up. I want to know about to view in your interaction. Tell me tell me a little bit of trouble because I'm not going to do like what was it like live with dad. This is not that podcast. That's a whole another. That's a documentary in itself but tell me about the to view collaborating before you were collaborating. If you know what I mean well. I don't know if it was a collaboration. I would just him a thousand questions. I started going on the road with the band in. Nineteen eighty-five in the summer. I was fourteen and he was playing drums. You know it was best thing ever I ever seen. I just wanted to be a part of that forever. So I started working on the road crew. He would play in. Its sweating cooking some songs on the waving me over. Oh any some so I run over there and fourteen and he was like. Give me a kiss. Wet Kit with all the sweat and like what are the look on his that sometime. It'd be like you know there would be an issue like I need more snare. I need more miles. I need more base and eat whatever in the monitor but instead it was like I'm up here and get sweaty with me. I can take the kids with you man those days I mean. Here's the guys who are in the band back. That was John Scofield. Darryl Jones Steve. Martin Vince Robert. Irving the third and The dearly departed Bob Berg who also took me under his wing. Which was I thought. That was really cool person. I miss him for man knows cats. I mean I had scofield showing me pentatonic scales my room because chief we call miles chief. He would make me like he'd sit around here all day. You GotTa Have John. Showing something on guitar. You know okay. So that was right in the transition time. When they went to he made the move we do. They're retiring. You're under arrest which was on Columbia in eighty five and then in eighty six. They were onto doing my segue here. Thank you for this. Because here we go. He did it. Well well done. Let's set the scene. Miles was living in Malibu and New York and New York new label. What was the tipping point? What was the reason after all those frigging years at Columbia? Take to go out to warners. I mean I don't know what you think but to me it's always that change the need for change you know you know we've done all this stuff. It has nothing to do with Clive. Perhaps Clark no I just know that if you if you if I say for instance if Tommy Why would Tommy Lee? Were come meet with them and have dinner and tell them what kind of stuff and wanted to do they want to get you some young producers or whatever he was you know that's what he wanted to do here at the Taiwan brothers had the tax. I mean if you think about a Columbia was one of the prime entities of the record business. Classic you know still is but we had like three of them like they had warner's they had Atlantic they also had all the electric's electrons and sire asylum and sire signing a perfect way perfect groove. You know it's just admiration a bunch of acts not just on Warner Brothers but a lot of air. You can attest to this. They love miles you know and and when they finally chief Doug Them I remember moving chief recorded with toto. Amazing Your David Patriot. I talked about that but as you know Erin Privy in the hot seat and blessed enough to to to to witness that Aaron Road to the to the studio when doing roper bad with with who takes full reign over on repeat auto reverse always sat down. We had a Rolls Royce that Sicily in miles bought from their manager silvery. I don't know man we get there. Haven't heard it once leaves copies of the Canadian here on the way back. Then he just left him into it just just played the remember when they had a VCR's and cars and the level he had Richard Pryor and we played all the he'd love Richard Pryor Sunset Strip so set the scene for me a little bit on I record and and he's listening to all this stuff and then start going into make a record the producers. And how does that? How does that even start meet? This is Vince. I mean personally. I think he wanted to pop hit. You know he wanted this. You wanted to be radio friendly and and and WANNA brothers very radio friendly. You know but you got to consider that. His ears were not John Race or timed ZAC. He hated so didn't matter. What year was we thought that the notes and the music and the tones were weaving together to use. Keith Richards. Phrase weaving together nicely. He would just like it so whatever was going on the radio that he liked an eighties right here. He dug it but when you walk in the studio with the purpose of making a hit. That's always a tricky. No but but it's not like you know you know the concept you have to understand. He wanted to be radio an MTV accessible so he yeah and he'd eat restarted Zane. Giles had stringer hits at the time and Randy haul rope man with the horn and they went over to American Ray Parker Studio and they started this rubber band project. So that was that was that that's my next thing. He was at the studio in north. Hollywood guess and that was where he did stories and all the Mr telephone man all the stuff. Yeah yes and was it was at the vibe was it the idea of getting a groove there with Zane and randy felt comfortable and he in an Uncle Malls Doug Ray you know he? He wanted to be somewhere else comfortable. Where people are like Miles Davis right? He's not he's not going to sunset. Sound the care as long as the studio was funky India. Concordant painkillers living room. So I don't go on of any decent studio anyplace but he just felt comfortable rattles guys. Read those engineer the my brother team so you get into the studio but the concept for this record was kind of different in terms of using again it was. It wasn't quite the thing is today. You know Blah Blah Blah featuring so and so and using guest vocalists and all of that. They wanted to WHO Altro Unattractive what he will now he wants a shock on some things but Just kept moving. You know couldn't it? Was it was going to happen. But it didn't happen. And and then somehow Tommy stepped in and kind of wanted to take a new direction and restart. I guess that's Marcus game in but see see Okla Mazda. What he wants to do when he wanted to do it. He did time after time. He did human nature for Colombia. I mean those things you know. He never wanted to be pigeonholed so he felt rubber band was where he wanted to go. But it was great when We were working on it. You know and he played you. GotTa teach this to. He played at home as he working on it and so he'd have to replace the dailies at the House in Malibu. I mean he was in my right that he was in a really good place as he was beginning rubber band. Yeah swimming at pepperdine eating right exercising. Some of us to the vibe was gray area right. I'm trying to set the senior. It was it was. It was a beautiful time. Malibu was beautiful Aaron and I were there and and he would have the boxing if we were like you call them is Davis University. So arends room was next to mine but Aaron had he had his drum set Enron right in his bedroom and he was listening to some great muses music the air light and then Oklahoma's downstairs switched rubber and an MTV of the sound turn down. And then I'm in my room trying to go between like who is that you listen to. This is like a college dorm. It was it was it was. It was even hip in that you know is is. He's talking about like how chief we get the roughs the rough mixes from that day session and it would be. Kinda cool to get the so. Let's say you're in. You're studio Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday. Now he's Got Friday. Stabilized CHECK OUT. Thursday's what was the feeling. Where was there a moment where you said this is GonNa kill or a moment where you said would is going to kill the the wreck? Yeah the rough you worked to the show and I know that's what I'm saying is doing the songs live and people were digging. I personally I. He gave me a tape and it had the track. Give it up it and then I thought that was to me. I thought this is the single right so I played played in place. They've got A. I got my hands on one of the rubber band drafts and I thought I'd never reminded me of something. The Janet Jackson and I thought this is GonNa be cool man. This is cool next thing you know. I don't know a few months later to see a whole new. Russ all the market stuff to do. We had to learn all of that. Are you saying changing the settlers? This this is miles Davis this. You got to be ready for anything right. So is hard the question you just accepted it and Erin and I will look like yeah. Cheap is onto something else so it wasn't like you didn't have like a moment like shit right. This is it was a day in the life of me with chief. This is a theory that I just kind of popped into my head and also let's say they had those ten or eleven tracks or whatever it was and then maybe I feel against Tommy thing. I feel like it was a common thing. And he's maybe he's well. Let's see what Marcus had? Let's see what Marcus I wanna put you together with market now. I'm pretty sure that chief did not care if there was ten songs done. And you'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA work on six more. He's just working there. Just just let me hear him. Let me hear what you got and then Barca's plated Moustapha. Cnn student so it's recorded net next thing you know. You've got an album of marcus and miles material and that came out so I think maybe the that you have two albums worth of stuff and they said let's go with it this is. This is three year journey to get to these eleven tracks regret in an Rhino Great Brunswick and rhinos sent sent the tapes to Aaron. And I you know the with with an idea of releasing it so Aaron and I listen we talked and we listen and we talked and we gotta say this we we get along and I learned a lot from my cousin. Because he he's he's. He listens to a lot of different music too but we collaborate air. Who's at and then he'll call me. Smells says on you know what I mean so we go back and forth and I trust his ears. You trust mine so we were like man. Let's let's try to. We both agreed to try to bring it up to two thousand eighteen thousand nineteen and all it. Because that's we think that's what she would have wanted instead of the Eighties Simmons drums and drum machines. Try to try to fuse. The two and then we we we. We bounced ideas off each other. We said we should include the original producers of course of course Sandy Hall Saint Giles and then be sent them to track Sunday. We started to to collaborate and have the rubber band project of now which is very haunches which had very much is man and like Gary Bartz Wallace Roney. Those cats were like man. This is cool. This is cool. You know so so you have to be a net. Maybe not for the gestures. They dug it but they never done mouth is gone. You know we. We wasn't made for them. You know and the fact that that Ryan and I'm saying this because Greg is the fact that Ryan Greg Brunswick in fact that Ryan Shout Out. Yes and no. I'm serious serious. The guy's got behind it. You know what I mean. They never said no to Erin I they were like okay. Cool make the next move. Make it so as you're sitting there and you're trying to make decisions of what to keep and what not to keep. GimMe Gimme as it was laughing. The chief was there he was there you know he was there with us. He had to obey. He was there with an. Aaron has a Studio. I have a studio saying and randy have recording studios. So it was it was. We'd know our way around recording studio and we know it sounds so not to pat ourselves on the back but we kind of knew complicate for anybody else other humor but if you around chief you know you you kind of know if you just like just coming in on a project uses the Harvard and you know we bounced it off. It was a collaborative project steered by the chief with Aaron. You know myself and Zane and and ready and then anybody that came in was like that was it that was like sprinkles you know we went to air. It had a room the village to Jeff Greenburg village recording studios we comfortable wherever we worked Aaron and talk three or four times a day. Then ran in Zambia. Conference calls and Greg We. I mean it's it's it wasn't it was just it was it was it was it was like butter. It just it came into play ready dosier original and yes the MOMS we. God bless them. We would run things off him. And Steve Howe Chris. Another engineer I talked to Ray Ray lives ten minutes from us right for me and and and Ray put his input in and then randy had some great. It was great. You know let's talk about Carnival Time Carlton was great is great but for me. It makes my stomach drops because when I played in the band played electric percussion which is basically playing occupied pad of samples of percussion. And I had to take a solo on there. I had to take to if we played carnival time than I had to play one in that too and I just I hated it. I just didn't WanNa play Solo on that thing. As soon as the to solve great. He loved playing crowd loved it. It was good. It was a good good live track. Now this is I was in the band in one thousand nine hundred ninety. We were still playing it. Wow back then wow. He didn't go with the song ever came out on a record. He's good. I'm planning we would do a rubber band before we were doing rep before he was even released and the audience is just going to. I mean because before it doesn't matter because it's mile so the audience he could he could be playing doe ray me and the audience is going to be there when the when the beginning of rubber band people did do. We did as an encore. You know using eating didn't know what they want to move. You got to think about. You're going for the experience. How about CIC Adam Holzman? Adam was was working at goodman music in North Hollywood as selling synthesizers keyboards and and and we needed some. Some randy needed. Some programming are some sounds reached reached out to Adam and Adam came over to America and and and brought the sound of programmed. Sounds whatever we need it or whatever randy needed in. This is about a few two or three days in Oklahoma. You got a passport. He was in the band took him on. The road took a year for years. I used to set up his stuff. My Gosh he had a Mug did he yeah he had a PP in a mode. We have great stuff great grape producer keyboard plan. You know he's good friend are dictates when Erin and I decided to go with some modern sounds. It's like everything fell into place in with Randy and saying they were way ahead of. They didn't say well. It'd be cool with eighties. Everybody was like yeah this list. This tighten it up. Let's just open it up. You know and and so like I think he's still retains a lot of that. Yeah yeah no doubt but I mean in terms of when I say you know. Make modern in terms of Delilah hathaway's the lettuce of the child you know Zeh Sharkey who plays with John Mayer. He's guitarist on some of the stuff. Randy's guitar percussionist new percussion. I overdubbed. Drums I mean it's like you want to keep the spontaneity In the original vibe but this candidate put another thing on it. I think it would have been okay. Eighty sounded but this is fresh. This is something you know something new and different with with the with the eighties base. You know with those sounds which which are great like you say great to have tell me a track you got sent and then you were saying about telling you to say this but that you kind of you know your dad is right here like right here as you're listening to that track. I mean they're all that but but give it up was the one that I really connected with. I thought this is so cool. Man Dig this you know when I took the song some rubber band and put him in the show and the settlers. So people started saying well. Where's that record? You all never released. This is where I'm so there was a there was a demand for rubber band before Greg even sent the dog on tracks to us. You know Aaron and like Yeah. Maybe we should probably take a look. You know revisit rubber band so that's where I said. Chief was directed all the orchestrating Rhino since the music. And I'm looking at the at Carnival time. We did live maze. We did like. Oh Yeah so. This is so. It's everything everything. Everything experienced is new again to a certain extent. But you gotta understand. When air was in the band and I was in the bed. We were doing the music and it was never released a Lotta Times in Europe. Most we dated a lot of my most of my experiences in Europe and so people like getting standing ovations for the music that was never released did did miles ever like when you're playing it live. Did he ever get off stages a man? We gotTA release that. Maybe this just isn't the great lost album. This is just the took thirty years. No it was long because it was shut down because we didn't finish it so it was sent away. Yeah Yeah we found it found out. Yeah is there any learning in any of this for people who are listening about making music and what it really takes to get to something like this? Just trust your soul breaker. I mean you've got to trust your instincts when you work on music otherwise and you're just trying to either copy somebody or please somebody or you know you've got to trust your instincts. Sometimes your instincts are to hobby somebody or somebody but whatever each kind of go with an actress you because because he he's not only my because he's he's miles son and he's great ears and a great. He's a great musician. You know in his own right really know allow you gotTa You. GotTa keep this as when I used to knock on his door and ask him who the hell was that on on an Ed bad and I'm not a heavy metal cat but you know he's you know I had to. I had to know because I wanted to know. Yeah but I mean I know I didn't only like metal I mean I would play. I will go to his room. And take his his guide tape Teddy Riley and guy take that that put it back. Take a cameo taped practice. That put it back. You know play with everything but I will tell you this. Really quick on wrinkle. Once there was a guy in the band named Foley who was he was very funny guy like he was a great player he played he called it a leave base. There was a kind of a four string guitar sort of thing. He thought was funny. That I liked METALLICA. Play him this stuff in the bus and we would laugh laugh and laugh and laugh about it and one day for some reason he got them all play. This one part of a song called damage. Inc BY METALLICA into wrinkle and I thought they were joking around like a rehearsal and I was like. Oh that's great and I don't you know whatever and they did it that night at the coach House in San Juan Capistrano t. e. blamed me. He said you heard the band thought it was funny. He wasn't mad about it but he was like. Did you know that point? I want to the road crew. I would never do that and seeing listeners. Brother fans never knew about that. But that's you know that's destiny life. It's demand the ledges. Betcha can't say were colorful fun conversation. You have with Vincent. Aaron sounds like you guys had a great time talking about rubber band. Yeah well you know. There's nothing like family to tell the truth and to tell the best stories you get the behind the scenes. I'm sure they saw sides of miles that he didn't show to people outside of that circle. Yes and now we all know it. Thanks very much for tuning in. Don't forget to listen and subscribe on itunes. So you don't miss the next. Rhino podcast executive producer for Rhino Entertainment. John Hughes produced for Rhino Entertainment by pop colts and rich Mahan Promotions. All rights reserved.

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