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Whitlogue, Brock Huard + Spencer Dinwiddie join, LeBron's private workouts


Speak for yourself from the crib presented by Hyundai Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley on a Wednesday hump. Day thanks for joining us. Aren't we have a terrific show planned for you today? Book Net Star Spencer Dinwiddie. He's GONNA STOP BY WE'RE GONNA get into it with Spencer got some good questions for him about the NBA future and his unique approach. The business also Fox sports football analyst. Brock seward's going to join us. We'll talk about whether AB is a good fit with the Seattle seahawks or we're going to start today with very serious and heavy topic and we're going to bring in Lavar Arrington to help us. Address it Athletes and celebrities across the country have been chiming in on the latest incident of police. Brutality to grab our attention over social media and the mainstream media. Lebron James has put out a message over instagram. Do you understand now or is it still blurred to you stay woke? There was a picture of Colin Kaepernick kneeling with his instagram. Post along with a picture of the police officer. I don't know his name. Don't really care to know his name. Who put his knee on the neck of George Floyd for more than seven minutes and the man ended up dying many other athletes from Odell Beckham junior to demarcus lawrence lot of celebrities. Ice Cube Snoop Dogg. Have all chimed in on this issue. I've been asked many questions over social media. What my take is on this. I've had a unique outlook of compared to others over social media. Because I've been forced to have a unique outlook on noticed as I've written about and have shared on the television show in May of two thousand and twelve. My cousin and Tom Butler was killed in Indianapolis by what we believe was misconduct. He was tasers and kill in the rain. By sheriff's officers a devastating impact on my family in order of fairness. The police have a story of that. They believe justifies. Their actions of the coroner blamed it on cocaine my family and we believe something else and Tom. Butler one of the greatest human beings God ever created was taken from us as twenty eight. This issue has resonated with me before and Tom Butler Anton someone that I help braised. It spent many summers in Kansas City and at age twenty eight was taken from me and it made me move beyond outrage. And it's made me. Try TO EXAMINE. Why this issue won't go away and move towards more towards solution and how we can improve things and I'm just not someone that's caught up in social media outrage. I'm someone caught up in how I and others can promote a conversation. That improves this situation and moves towards solutions. Rather just in an emotional outburst. When these things happen I don't want to denigrate any of the people posting a social media outrage about this issue I get it. I'm not sure if it's the most effective way to move us forward and promote a conversation that gets US someplace where we're actually seeing improvement. We've been having this discussion publicly in the media at least since. Nineteen ninety-one and Rodney King. I'm not sure things have gotten better. And so part of my solution part of the things. I've tried to argue to people and try to present to people as we are making a mistake. I believe a lot of black people with platforms of trying to define police brutality as a black problem. It is a societal problem and as a journalist as a columnist I my job throughout my entire career has been. How do I put together? Arguments that persuade people who disagree with me to see thing from my point of view and when you limit this discussion and try to make it just a black problem human nature all human nature regardless of your other people are concerned about things that impact them. They're not concerned about things that don't impact them. And if we would broaden the discussion and just follow the facts we would understand police. Brutality is a societal that impacts us all there are steps that are easily available on the Internet anywhere. That will show you that in terms of police shootings and police killings. More white people get killed than black people. I believe since two thousand seventeen to two thousand nineteen on average. Four hundred eight white people have been shot and killed by police as opposed to two hundred and twenty two black people per year. I think it's a mistake to racial. Is the discussion and just go for outraged when the more effective strategy would be to broaden the discussion and explain to people that police brutality impacts all of us and there needs to be a discussion about what we can do to reduce this from ever happening. I think anybody that we're not showing the video. A lot of people are not. I've watched the video of what happened to George. Floyd it is terrifying. It is disgusting. I think if you take a mature and look at this and evaluated. This officer clearly has an indifference to human life and a level of lack of respect for human life that is frightening there are actual human beings pleading with him to stop. The man is begging for his life and this police officer has a look of indifference and brutality. And just that is just hard to understand. I don't think what happened to George. Floyd here is a controversial. A hard thing for people to wrap their brains around that the police men here and the policemen that did nothing in reaction or all criminally wrong. In my opinion. I'm not a judge. I'm not a lawyer but I think most people would come to that conclusion and we can have a discussion about what happened with George Floyd and others of all races. This video is the most terrifying thing I've seen other than four or five years ago when we were having this discussion. I saw video of police officers in a hotel execute a man in the hallway. It's all on video. And it was a white man that they executed and shot for no reason and into to it movie like. Oh my God I the only this is George fluids. The only thing I've seen that has top that and I would just ask for athletes and this discussion we're going to have athletes. Sports has been a tool to bring us together to help us see our common interest across racial economic lines and I think there's going to be more protests when sports come back but I'm asking athletes to protest and voice your opinion in a way that brings more people into the discussion and allows more people to see the point of view. Rather than going at it. In a racially polarizing way. I'm GonNa stop here and let Marcellus and Lavar joining Marcellus. I'll start with you. Do you expect when sports come back when full sports come back that we're gonNA see more protests moving forward from athletes absolutely expect that and they should protest in the same respect that you talked about your cousin and you talked about affectionately that humanize that incident that personalized that incident for all of us who are not connected to you or your cousin and I think the athletes understand that power and that magnitude of power where they want stay protests will also activate others and humanized their story and them dealing with the consequences of what we're talking about? Why do athletes and like you said why? Make It. Something where it can't be deemed divisive? Why why put it into a black and white conversation The aggregate numbers would suggest that white people have a problem with police brutality and police crimes but in proportion the disproportionate number that it affects. The African American community is why these athletes want to make this a black and white issue. And as you said I understand in discussion we all should be talking but in consequence. And certainly what comes from this? It's GonNa Affect Our community more so than their communities so I expect protests but my point is protests and I wanna add the and not just to the word protests where I think a lot of this stops it stops with outrageous stops for the post is stops with a t shirt is stops a gesture and just the kneeling. What about the and and I think that's the really important part about this conversation that I have a lighthearted example whatever heavy example the lighthearted example me being a DJ learned a long time ago not to play my favorite songs? They said you know what's don't stay in your comfort zone play. What moves the crowd and you know what moves the crowd in this country policy? You know a move. The crowd is country power and just like right now in New York. There's a bill trying to get past. That can make false accusations like we saw in central park this this week. Make those false accusations a hate crime. So I want to tell everyone out there after your post your t-shirt at your protests and this affect the policy let's affect the power then we can have that true change. I E my heavy-hearted example later. Yeah I'm going to say yes as well. There will be protests. Expect there to be more protests. You think about the first time around what we started talking about conversations around tapper nick and Lebron and the rest. Nba guys who were wearing green shirts. It was a shock to the system so the fear and outrage that was being protested and where it came from with the players doing these these protests you also scared the established right so now yeah people on the other side of it that are afraid of what's taking place with these protests. Well now it's out cat's out the bag so this time around. There will be more people there. I would expect there to be more unity in it. I would actually expect there to be less backlash and outrage towards these protests. Because it's now a reality. The unimaginable is continuing the playout and videos. And you have you had the ability to take it and make it a reality now so I see there. Being more protests as see people being more proactive or being more active off of it. Because it's not. There's no element of surprise this time. You're not sneaking up on anybody we know it's coming. I WANNA follow up. Wants something Marcellus said? In just admiral context from my perspective in terms of the proportionality of black people were involved with police. Brutality and I hate to go here because people laugh when I referenced the television. Show the wire but it's a very important. Television show was written by a former police reporter and four Baltimore police officer and taps at a lot of real life perspective and what what had pointed out. Was the more violence in your community. The more police were sent to your community to more police. In and so the more often you would be engaged with the police and so as wackily we live in. Major cities of poverty is an issue for us. We live in poor communities where there is more violence. They're going to over police those areas because mayors and other people a city council will get elected off of crime rates and murder rates and things like that and I I say that not as an excuse would just in the context the more frequently you're involved with the police the more apt to are to be harmed by police brutality and so again. I would just like to have a conversation. Because the only way there's going to be changed is if more people join the conversation and start addressing the issue and if the problem is described as a black issue. I'm going to be very hard to get other people to engage in that issue and I think if you look at progress across America's history where we get progress is when we start explaining problems in a more global perspective in a more inclusive perspective and no this impact. She was the denial of our freedoms through slavery and other issues actually denied freedom and actually prevented America from reaching its full potential. Once people wrap their arms and minds around that that's when change happened. And so all I would say because I do. Expect athletes protests and. I'm trying to be careful here and not go at people but if you protest during the national anthem. You're not going to create it as conversation about police brutality. You're going to create a conversation about protesting during the national anthem. And so I would. Just ask athletes to go. Marcella said the hand and the and that I would like to an is strategic protests. Are T GIC action. That actually leads to the kind of changes looking for. Yeah I like the fact that you said bi-strategic that highlights the course of action and let's be respectful and real. There are many ways up that mountain and it's not just the protest route. It's not just okay. I'm going to look at the policy. Is that combination affect and let's be real about policy as well. It doesn't have to be popular with the masses if we look through the course of history. You don't need the overwhelming majority of people and citizens to always agree. What is the law? What is the new bill? What is the new policy so Just don't let that deter you in terms of making effective change that you need everyone on board you do not our history books tells us that with that said man you you talked about the wire and you know by no choice of my own. I live through the wire in Los Angeles central version. And look man I do not glamorize. Any of the experiences I went through are certainly Don't feel the stripes or filled the the adoration. That sometimes comes my way because I survived that. I wish I never had to go through those experiences but to stay particular to this conversation. My mindset changes. Well when I was fourteen years old and I got pulled over by the police mistaken identity in had guns drawn to my head and those moments those few moments where I was listening to every breath of life. I had and really big about the finality. That in right now as guns were on my head gun surrounding me. In case of mistaken identity survive in that moment living through that moment gave me a different perspective and then give me is giving me a latitude that I don't know if everyone has been privy or experienced a in having. It's the fact that my grandmother told me shortly after that you can't make sense out of nonsense and I learned that that really helped me out in trying to survive that mentally the post traumatic stress. That comes from that because I was trying to figure out why that happened to me and I think that's what's happening right now. The outrage people are trying to figure out. Where did the basic need for human decency? Go where did the basic needs for us to just care about each other beyond complexion goat and I remember my grandmother telling me you can't make sense out of nonsense and evil comes in many ways in many shapes many forms in many uniforms and you have to respect that. It's not all it's not all situation so I understand why Jason the same bi-strategic people because we have to be able to maneuver this properly because there are so many different obstacles out there but let's be real living through that wire experience. There's no reason why police no matter. How many encounters they have with individuals become desensitized to what the individual is doing. In that moment you cannot escalate these situations like we saw that video to the point of death. Based on what those circumstances were so encounters can be multiplied in the hood. I get it but you should not be desensitized desensitized from a human being because of those experiences so hopefully everyone can bring all that together and make change protests. But make sure you follow that up as well. I want to one last thing. We gotTA GET OUTTA here. If you happen to watch the video and I would suggest people do. Watch the video of George Floyd. I would suggest there's an argument to be made if you look at the policeman whose knees on this man's neck for I believe seven minutes. Anybody that thinks that that man isn't capable of being violent towards anybody is a foolish person that type of depravity that type of indifference to life doesn't stop it skin complexion. That's what was captured on tape. I get it but if you really understand the police brutality and the over use of force and the overuse of the thority again. It doesn't stop. That video shows someone indifferent to life. I'm just sorry and I'm not trying to judge the man I'm not a lawyer. I'm not a prosecutor but the video speaks for itself. We gotta go brow cured around the corner. We're GONNA talk about Antonio Brown perhaps joining the Seattle seahawks. You a good fit for Russell. Wilson speak to yourself from the career presented by Hyundai more after this speak for yourself from the crib presented by Hyundai Jason with Marcellus Wiley. Are Marcel. Keep it? Let's roll out to Seattle or the Seattle area joint be joined by Fox Sports College football and NFL analyst brought cured brock. WanNa talk about the Seattle seahawks and perhaps bear interest in Antonio Brown reports that Muscle Wilson would love for Antonio Brown to join the SEAHAWKS. We have discussed that issue here on. Speak for yourself and want to ask you is someone that lives right outside of Seattle Shirley. I'm sure you follow the Seahawks to get think. Antonio Brown would be a good fit for the seahawks Russell. Wilson the quarterback thinks so. I don't think the team thinks so. I think quarterback was pretty clear down at the Pro Bowl Jason. When he said he wanted superstars and the at about seventy million dollars cap space said lots of draft picks and I know that the Russell sat down in his home and southern California to Mexico. Instead of okay. What kind of superstars am I GONNA get? How am I going to compete in this division with a much better forty niners roster an Arizona team? That's better the rams still. Have some superstars loading air donald that tax him every every Sunday and Monday. That they play so he wanted superstars and they didn't get it they really didn't add many. They want a different route. They added a lot of depth on their offensive line in Benson. Mayo and Bruce. Urban some guys that were productive. But it's certainly not superstars. They haven't even sounded David. Clowney back who continues to be on the streets so I think the quarterback wants a superstar because he knows he's in the prime of his career. He's got three or four more years in the absolute prime of his career and while decay. Mcafee entitled Lock. It are phenomenal. The rest of the receiving core is pretty thin and one of the most difficult divisions if not the most difficult division and all the NFL. He would love to add a superstar. I cannot imagine the seahawks feeling the same way. I just can't see them going down that road. A Quinton Dunbar. They traded for obviously got into some legal scrapes a week ago. So they're trying to still figure that end of it out. I just can't see them making this move until Antonio Brown proves himself a good human being a good person and everything else before it even thinking about teaming. I think it's worth the role of the dice. And I think this is a great situation not just talk about schematically and and having a top in receiver to add to the receiving core yet a drafted some depth but in terms of on Cherry on top. You Need Antonio Brown like you said that the vision where they're getting better. Every single team is going to return to the this year. So you got to stay pat with those guys you have to stay pace with those teams and that said. This is a locked room that has built with some personalities. You WanNa go as recent as Josh Gordon. His issues no. He didn't work out on the field but still brought in Josh Gordon despite the strikes on his resume. And then you talk about having the Marshawn Lynch Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman in the same locker room and succeeding. You're talking about a guy who doesn't talk a guy who says everything perfectly in a God who is just going to give you his peace of mind. All the time at P Carol was able to deal with those latitude of emotion so I think this is a good situation. Roll the dice if ab acts up like New England. Get THEM ABOUT HERE. But there's a lot of upside ab on your roster brought. I don't have anything interesting to add to this. I'm pretty much on the record I need to give. Abc's of weapons just me. Because I'm going to bring you back on at some point. GimMe a tin second. Take I think Brian Schottenheimer is the wall offensive coordinator for Russell Wilson USA. I say he's the perfect adopted coordinator for P. Carol. So yeah maybe not again. This is the this is the tug of war going back and forth with a franchise quarterback Russell stature who wants who wants some superstars. This is still a head coach an organization that says we play defense. We run the football. We Win Games. Have one in that way for a decade and will continue to do so. Let's move to another topic Cam. Newton still out there on the free agent market. I've been arguing on this show and Marcellus agrees with me Cam Newton to Dallas. Isn't the craziest thing to eat to think about and ponder particularly if they can't work out something with Dak Prescott? I'd rather go into the season with Cam. Newton and Andy Dalton but anyway the question has been what a lot of people is is cam the right fit for the New England patriots. So I want to ask you better location for CAM. Newton Dallas or New England or. Yeah for me. That's New England but personally I would like to watch that more than anything. That's totally selfish. And my own personal bias. I would like to see Cam with bill. Belichick see the first time he walks in with one of those outfits or or one of the styles so he brings to embrace it back in change. Try again what will do this Watson with again. A little bit more. And he's like walk right back in so personally. That's just my own my own bias from from a football standpoint. I can't imagine Jason and Marcellus I can't Imagine Dak Prescott sitting to the sidelines and saying yeah I'll hold out. I think he's looking at the guy that was picked thirty three picks before him in the fourth round and kirk cousins and saying I will play it the way kirk cousins play. I will bet on myself. I'm tough durable unreliable. I'm not going to get Andy Dalton. One rapid practice let alone that Cam Newton and Andy Dalton take my job and my opportunity so I I is a fourth round pick. You never stopped being a fourth-round pit kirk. Cousins never stopped being a fourth round pick. He's going to bet on himself so I don't see that even as a viable situation. It's a fun hypothetical but I don't see viable doing Linda's is viable and I think that'd be a tremendous fit for cam. I think it would speak volumes around the league I I think Cam Times was difficult to handle. And Carolina Ron. Rivera was the perfect coach. Shoot took all those arrows and all those bullets and and and you know stood in front of everybody in that situation. I think if cam was to go to to New England that would really resonate in the league with a lot of decision makers in a real opportunity for him to resurrect market value. Now let me be quick and let me be clear. I agree with you brock. A strong for to say I agree with him. He more lead the witness. Basically tell me if there's no Dak there Cam Newton be better in Dallas. Yeah there's going back there but that will be there. Seeing Jones has been on record saying that's their franchise quarterback going forward that set what you brought on the New England. Let's see what happens. They already have the adoration form respect for his game. Bill Belichick been on record with that and NFL. You eat what you kill it. Last time I check still has not killed anything yet. So it's not his turn to eat CAM. Newton goes there. He's a starter and he takes them some places building. New England brought great job. Thank you so much. We gotTA KEEP IT Rolling Spencer. The Star for the Brooklyn Nets. What's very unique business ideas? Better than what? He's going to joined us from his crypt fixing my former neighbor out here in Los Angeles yourself from the crib presented by Hyundai for after this from the crib presented by Hyundai Jason. Whitlock Marcellus Wiley. Let's roll down to San Antonio Texas where we'll be joined by Brooklyn Nets Star Guard Spencer Dinwiddie and we've got Spencer on because Spencer has one of the most creative independent minds in all of sports especially when it comes to business and so I just want to start there. Where did this creative mind? Where did that come from I'd have to give credit on on these things to my parents. They always told me. You know to have that freethinking minds that I could be anything. I wanted to be My Dad's not spur. My mom is from USC. So you know to people all right. So let's start with your creative mind. I think last fall. You put it out there that you would sell bonds to fans who could basically invest in your contract future explained us what you re thinking there and how that concept would work. Yeah so I was pretty much thinking about fan engagement as a whole and the big picture that business is actually the second day trading market Like picture trading like real fancy sports Spencer for Lebron for Kevin. Hart even for Jason Whitlock because you are a public personality as well. Um so creating the full businesses around that and does using my contract as the initial basis now more recently started a gofundme me with the goal of raising twenty four million dollars a year. Let fans go out there and determine where he was signed one year contract. Please elaborate on that concept rather no so. That was more ben game stuff I said at twenty four man because I know we would reach it There's certain psychology around like numbers and things don't you set like a unattainable goal. People are less likely to invest. And so it's more so about like showing people what's possible and a you know if we're even a dime under our mark it'll all go to charity so we ended up raising. I mean we had to help people match behind. The scenes got raised about five thousand dollars for her charity. So you know I was pretty happy with it and it just terrible now interesting because you said you out a number that's unattainable and then you proceed. The go fund me didn't raise obviously twenty four million. It didn't go as well as plan. Does that bother you? Or how does that affect your creative mind and going forward? No so like I said I never really intended to raise the twenty four So it was more so about like people with which like with a splashy number. It kinda does that and then I also at the secondary benefit of also doing good for charity. Which is you know. It's intended purpose so to me that success. And then you know with like the bonds with my conscience dubs actually ongoing and You know we're seeing a lot of good traction. I just can't speak too much about it because of like securities regulators. Things like that. And so you know you have to talk to the broker dealer and you know all the other like legalese that go into things. Things of that nature That's like mobile. Speak Right there. Okay so a little league is talking about coming back but just for the playoffs you put it out. If we go sixteen teams directly to the play offs. Those teams get paid more for the risk and carrying this year's revenue after corona in China. Sounds like you've been playing a little baseball y'all season but that said you believe they should and why so it? It's hard to say I. I was more so drawing attention to the risks. That come with this right if you go. Sixteen teams directed playoffs. You're asking guys come back and compete at the very highest level and you know a lot of guys don't have access to gyms right now in terms of on court work and all that stuff so he was trying to stay in shape as best. They can during to tell them to go into championship. Form immediately answer Andrew Risks. Then you've got a couple that with possibly being or take away from your family for you know two or three months you know there. There's mental health aspects to that in terms of how people adapt in in in. You know deal with that. So there's just a lot of things that go on and we also got to remember like revenue isn't only taking a hit because of endemic also had the situation in China and the preseason that hurt our revenue as a league as well so there's just a Lotta factors and I don't think people necessarily looking at all the factors like if we have to sign a waiver to play in in you know wave some of our protections. I don't think that's something that a lot of NBA players are GonNa WanNa do when the pandemic isn't our fault man. I applaud you because it seems like your aspirations. Go well beyond just being a basketball player. What are your post career goals? Really? Once I'm done I poured my heart and soul into this span. I've been working at being in the NBA and being a great player. Stop was three It's all I ever wanted to do. I really Kinda WanNa go be a dad and go back to La and look at the water and and advice the world As why do a lot of different charity stuff but really like I'm a kick it like when I'm done I'll be done up the six. Am All stuff like my heart and soul into this. And I WANNA push this far as it can go the next decade or half decade or whatever it is but after that kicking it clearly. Marcellus and I are really impressed by your creativity. Your outspokenness your fearlessness. But how does management coaches management or some of your teammates. Do they ever give you pushback on some of your unique thoughts and approaches For my peers and teammates. Not really you know they They talked me. We have conversations and so I'm able to more like explain myself. We have a more brother bond anything I would say With management stuff like that. I think I'm probably more of an acquired taste. I think you know when you start to be around me every day and understand that come from you understand that like I come from a grip place in like even all my and stuff. It's about helping the League because that's how you make money is through the fans watching But I can see why it could be misunderstood and why you know management around the League may look at me with aside. I or I'm like that You know just kind of our way. My mind works but you know my understanding so that's pretty much the main thing I love. My teammates are there may be some NBA fans in Houston looking at you with aside you call. Kevin Durant the best scorer in the NBA. Now Best Player. Not Best Scorer. James Harden isn't the best score the NBA. And if so why isn't he so have a ton of respect for James I think in terms of when you start adding in passing as well. He probably crates. The most offense The most efficiently for a bar none in the NBA but when looking at US story Asari four and a scores profile. It's about seven foot two GAR. You know with range out to thirty five feet. Maybe even forty feet a handle like a he moves like a six four six five player in oil and you can just really do everything so that's where I'm really. I'm a promise. Fifty Forty Ninety guy very much in his sleep opposite to files. Mvp's so it's not a shy of James Harden at all. I think when you include asking he's probably the best offensive creator but The score specifically I mean in my opinion is the best score time Either Him Robs Kareem. So it's it's right there. Michael Jordan just rolled over in his mansion wherever he's at in Charlotte North Carolina which is a perfect segue question about last dance. Everybody's been watching last dance or watch last dance. I'm assuming you did. What were your thoughts impressions of Michael Jordan Man There was a lot there was there was a whole lot That's actually the one I think for me. It was cool to see a little peek into like the type of competitor. He was also obviously hear about you. Know some of the former players being mad and things like that and I guess speaks to help polarizing somebody that is that much of an Alpha really is in the lengthy was willing to go to win so I would probably take inspiration if anything spencer. Thank you for the time. Low forward you coming back to La and we got some New People in the building. Well crazy but I'll tell you about who get back wreck wreck our NBA expert then get into some NBA tops. The bron- holding group workouts drain. Pandemic Says No. Some say guess. We'll get into that with RIC. Bucher speak for yourself from the career presented by Hyundai for after this speak for yourself from the crib presented by Hyundai Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley and wins the Hump Day. Let's roll out to the bay area and be joined by Brick Kuker are NBA expert. Rick you gotTa help me get to the bottom of this. There are conflicting reports. I some people are saying the bronze hosting group workouts here in La for his La teammates. The Lakers have denied it. Danny Green on cowherd show yesterday denied it you know. I wouldn't have a problem if he was actually be a good looking. I wouldn't blame him. Rick Start us out here with you every probably Lebron. If he was doing this I would not and we need to be when we hear group. Workouts are thinking. What seven eight nine guys? We're talking about a handful. Maybe two three at the most and honestly. I really don't have a problem with it. If he's not endangering anybody outside of himself or his family or those participating then look. Sports is all about calculated risks. And I appreciate the fact that he's going to the NTH degree to try to win a championship in La. Because my feeling is doesn't get done this year. It's not gonNA happen. Yeah I have no problem with as well look. I'm lucky enough to be in my backyard working right now. I can't be the same guy up here and says oh. I'm upset at you for trying to do your job trying to get your work and get prepared for your season. That's coming so I can't be that guy. This is not even been rothlisberger situation. I have no problem with being in his workout. The Barber and then playing the blame game and making a mockery of that situation. I had that issue but it turns of guys who have to go get it and they know that they're going to be on the line within a few weeks out. They're expected to be at full throttle. Training camp two point. Oh after Go-to a bubble. You have to be prepared for those moments and our country slowly opens up. Some guys have to take that calculator risk to open up faster. So they're prepared when it full-throttle obviously I don't know what's inside Lebron's house but if there is a full court basketball court he has built this house. I would actually be disappointed if he isn't hosting some sort of workout. And I would actually be impressed and supportive if he was hosting five on five fifteen guys. They're going up and down the court and prepare that to me. Would Screen Lebron James? Why LAST DANCE? And he wants his damn title because this may be his last chance to get a title and I just think those that group of young people. I'd spray them all down with LYSOL KORAC rocks. Alcohol bleeds in the hold on the way into my team and on the way out of my jail and I would be hosting. Full court practices in trying to have an advantage. If this thing does get restarted. I wouldn't blame Lebron James Anthony Davis Frank Vogel Jeanie Buss and everybody else. If magic was out there scrimmaging with him. I wouldn't blame for that either Jerry West to Corinne. Bring them all out there and try to get this championship at an and I wouldn't make any apologies for it. I think it would be a great look for Lebron. Honestly I've I'd be disappointed if Kawhi Leonard and some of the other guys that have a shot at. It aren't trying to do the same thing as I said. There's calculated risk in sports. That's part of of what this is all about. And the as long as you're not endangering other people outside of it I would hope at. That's where their commitment is in terms of of trying to get this done and let's keep in mind too in. The context of the lead feels comfortable that we are clearly moving toward. We are going to have gains. So there's a comfort level about what we know about the virus about what's going on right now. That feeling is we can play. We can find a way to play and you look at the category of who these the category. These athletes fit in as far as their risk factor. All of it. I just feel like they`re. They're doing their jobs. They're attempting to do what they're paid to do. What their entire motivation is. And so pursuing that to me is honestly I see that audible as opposed to the. This looks like an opportunity for me just to kick the journalists amid sitting here saying as long as you do it in a social distancing measure and try to be safe athlete in me as like look. I don't give a damn if it's safe or not. I know I will be judged in a month or so based on my performance and my team's performance. I am rolling the dice right now. So I'm ready for that moment and you can judge me now if you want way. Haven't we seen NFL players out there? Working out I mean we've seen plenty of workouts. We just saw Tom Brady getting ready. We just saw Tom Brady on field with his teammates. We saw him on a golf course. Which some guys Jason. Tatum made a ridiculous statement. I thought on the all the smoke. Podcast where he said he hadn't test basketball during the coronavirus thing. And I'm sorry if I was the Boston Celtics Fan. I'll be like Oh my God because I'm not talking about anybody in particular just young men in general with wealth and means and opportunity. Your you get paid for playing basketball. I bet you if we went around and did a survey of NBA players NFL players. Major League baseball players has their extracurricular activity slowed down in the bed rule. I bet you hadn't and I guarantee that's more than going out and playing basketball and preparing for basketball. I'll just keep it a real. Jimmy's GONNA keep it even real or he's just around corner we'll have our approval rating for Lebron James. Speak my career presented by Hyundai after the speak for yourself from the crib. Happy wins the yourself presented you by Honda. Jason woodlock Marcellus Wiley. Let's roll out uncle. Jimmy's crib get his latest. Take on Lebron James. Quit doing that the so family show. We're doing hey looking. Lms You quiz. How the hell am I going to be mad at? Bron James doing the exact same thing that I told. Y'All day one that I was GONNA do. I told you I was going to continue having my private workouts for the blue. Am I told you? Okay I'm Jay. You so many times is okay. Eight talk about other. Jimmy might have to start back making house calls. They talked about he might have to manner goodness Dan. What I'm saying. See Lebron James. We gotta get this back we gotta get to be back on the court and I'm GonNa tell you the Truth Bo. Khurana beat down all right. We know what we face in. We not a risk. Some people might get sick. Some people might that but you know what Hap- I looking at the bright side. That's what we got some big old locker room for. Take the people in this. Hallam up against what you do you say the next man you know why because that's what we do is America and it's just a small price that we willing to pay for our freedom. I don't see what the hell the problem is. Can you tell me what it is? All about your can tell you that but I'm not touching my approval rating from Lebron didn't change. The Internet has been gold status. I disagree we'll see you tomorrow.

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