Week 15 (Part 1)


It's time to eat in Marbella. Sit Down and get ready to consume an abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross Tucker and Joe Dolan Roland on the fantasy feast eaten podcast year. Let's eat baby. It is the fantasy fantasy feast eaten podcast presented by bed online dot. Ag Your online sportsbook experts. If you're looking for a place place to make your online wagers use the Promo Code. podcast one to get a fifty percent sign up bonus today he is Joe Dolan and the number one rated fantasy analyst in the galaxy over the last five years. He has done an unbelievable job. Bob On this show this year and he is here to help you either. Finish strong and win your league if you're in the playoffs or help you a little cash shola playing. DFS check him out on twitter at F. G. Underscore Dolan well and I'm Ross Tucker former. NFL Offensive Lineman five teams seven years at Ross Tucker NFL twitter and instagram and facebook. All of the podcast can be found of course over at Ross Tucker dot com or you can follow official twitter handle on on Instagram as well at our T. F. podcast Joe. Let's start with the New York jets. I think John Bell L.. We believe recording this two thirty. PM Eastern on Tuesday is going to play football instead of Boll on Thursday night night as the jets. Take on the Baltimore Ravens. Well I think. Ross when the jets signed on Bell they did have the The the idea that they were going to go bowling this year. I don't think that was the bowl. They had in mind. If you allow me to get an incredibly stupid joke out of the way I this is a really bad matchup across the board for the jets. Sam Darnold was all right last week in a pretty good match up But he's got the ravens events in the steelers the next two weeks. I do not like Sam Darnold in this one Robbie Anderson's been Kinda hot His He's been the leading receiver over the last couple week. Seventeen fantasy points in eighty five plus yards in three straight games however the Ravens. Just shut down. John Brown Jamison crowder has just seven catches over his his last three games. And you'll probably get Marlon Humphrey out of the slot this week Ryan Griffin has an ankle injury With him unlikely to play maybe Jamison crowder gets a few more targets however this is eighteen with the exception of John Bell. I really am completely the bailing from this week. A week. Fifteen we have to narrow our fantasy tree and the jets are a team with the exception of Bell. WHO's a low end rb to? I am completely ignoring this week. Okay what about the other side. The Baltimore Ravens all systems go for the Baltimore Ravens. We mentioned this every week. They're kind of a narrow fantasy. Hennessy team you play Lamar Jackson every week. You play Mark Ingram. Every week the one thing I will say. Hollywood brown has negative receiving yards on four catches over the last two games They are not getting him downfield shots at all however the jets are a defense that he can exploit so I think this is a bounceback spot for Hollywood Brown. I wouldn't mind playing well. Obviously it's the one game or the Thursday to Monday. DFS Late. But I wouldn't mind playing him on that slate because I really like like this matchup for him and the other thing. We need to point out. If you've been rolling with Mark Andrews at the tight end position. He is unlikely to play in this game. He apparently has a a deep bruise Between his thigh and his knee. It doesn't seem like it's a serious injury but I bet it hurts like hell which is why I doubt he's is going to be able to go on the short week as we saw last week. Though if you're desperate for a tight end I don't think you can do. I mean I think you can do a whole lot a lot worse than just picking up Hayden hearst and plugging him into the Mark Andrews spot. I think for one one or two weeks Hayden hearse who was actually drafted ahead of mark. Andrus druce can probably do a reasonable Mark Andrews Facsimile and he can get you a similar production. We saw with the sixty one yard touchdown last week against Buffalo Hayden. I would be a guy that I think you can pick up and start them this week if you really need a tight end especially if you if you lost Mark Andrews Patriots bengals Sunday Sunday. One o'clock patriots basically can only move the football joe through trick plays and they worked against the eagles. It worked it A couple of weeks ago last week. But it's really a an abomination and Ross. Maybe that's why they were trying to get an advantage because you know in order to beat a one in twelve team you gotTa make sure your film their sidelines. We'll see what comes of that but this is a list is really bad for the Patriots sorting Michelle droppable right now at five carries for eight eight yards last week. He is a worse version of Ronald Jones for fantasy. You essentially are guessing. If he's GonNa score touchdown that's not the way to get it done a for the Patriots. The two guys. I feel good about joining Ataman who you play every week. I'm he has thirteen or more fantasy points in nine straight games. A Jarvis Landry didn't have a huge game last week out of the Slot Against Cincinnati. But eshelman gets done every week. I feel pretty good about James White. He has double digit fantasy points in ten of his twelve games. James it's not a great game script for James White but I don't care about. I can't even rely on game script when it comes to Sony. Michelle no way. Am I playing Tony. Michell with my season on the line the only three patriots to consider our Julian Edelman James White and you can stream Tom Brady this week. But that's what Tom Brady is right now he. He is extremely quarterback. This is a team that has a major major offensive deficiency and keep in mind the bengals really just shutdown down Baker. Mayfield cost me a quarter final match up in one of my leagues. It is unbelievable to me. That's where we are with the Patriots. I don't know what happened to Tony. Michelle L.. It's it's crazy. What about the bengals on the other side Joe Mixon had today Joe Mixon? I've been saying that on the pockets last couple of weeks I'm GonNa get so much Joe Mixing in the second and third rounds next year because he is really a to borrow once again from two partial or the rose that grew from concrete here. He manages his to take this situation. And despite what's around him has managed to elevate his game he's been legitimate league winner over the last few weeks wchs and it looked like early in the season that the situation was just gonNA completely bog down over the last five weeks. There is one running back who has more touches than Joe Mixing. That's Christian McCaffrey. That's it he's the only running back over the last five weeks with more touches And Andy Dalton Alton has given this offense a little bit of life on tate is out for the rest of the season up but John. Ross he's going to go out and play. Probably more than the forty nine percent of the Nazi Nazi played last week. Tyler Boyd unfortunately gets the really tough match-up is going to be Jesse. Jackson is going to be a Stefan Gilmore on Tyler. Oh boy I think boy is a wide receiver three. Unfortunately even though I'm excited to see John Ross I don't think you can play 'em here given the Patriots a unbelievable unbelievable perimeter defenders and certainly not Andy Dalton so really in this game we have three guys for the Patriots willing to consider and really just two guys for the bengals. That being Joe. Mixon and Tyler Boyd. Joe Makes it a lock your lineup Tyler Boyd. Probably A is one of your best receivers. But if he's not a SLAM DUNK I. I wouldn't be shocked. If you find yourself. benching him. This week is Dolan the streamer not against the Patriots. I'm not against the Patriots. Now I mean he's he's Kinda raised the ceiling and the floor of this offense but I don't trust him against the Patriots. Now Bucks Lines talked to me about the James Coaster. Well James Coaster now has a a little bit of the bend in the tracks. Because he's dealing with that thumb injury and apparently it's a weird injury that isn't really going to affect even though it's on his throwing hand it's not going. We knew affect him throwing the football too much. But he's got a throwing hand broken thumb thumb spring. Something going on there but last week you you solve the ultimate James Winston performance. He is the only cornerback in fantasy. Football who I would start on my team while also also starting a defense against him. He throws for four hundred fifty yards and four touchdowns but also threw three interceptions including pick six. If you start at both Janus end the colts defense last week. You were happy with it. He is the only quarterback and fantasy football. You can do that with its incredible. Unfortunately though his ceiling is significantly vacantly lowered with the loss of Mike Evans. Who came up? Lame on a sixty one yard touchdown last week against Indianapolis and he's going to be out for the season most likely so the bucks now are going GonNa be operating with Chris Godwin. You'RE GONNA have paramount on the outside youngster. By the name of Justin Watson got a touchdown a guy who had been getting a lot more snaps APPs Before he had a hamstring. Injury was a Scotty Miller the rookie at Bowling Green. Who many compared to Andy Isabella coming out? Because he has very similar Athletic traits. So maybe he's somebody to look at Brad Pyramid. I consider kind of a low end wide receiver three here. Because I don't necessarily trust him. Chris Godman you just have have to presume. He's going to be peppered with targets whether he's playing out of the slot or outside if he's playing outside. I expect the Darius Slay treatment. I think the bucks'll move them inside to to avoid dairy sleigh so I think Chris Godwin is a block for double digit Targets in this game. Here's what's interesting I wonder if Oj. Howard actually is a beneficiary? Vieri of the Mike Evans injury. Because he's played eighty three percent of the snaps of the last two weeks. It's really been as best two game. Stretch on his target. Share is not high. I I wonder if that goes up without Mike Evans. So I'm looking at Janus as a low end quarterback one here because no Evans really hurts. I'm looking at Chris. Godwin is a slam dunk doc. Wide Receiver One. I think you can stream. OJ Howard at tight end he's also DFS option for shod Perriman wide receiver four flex in a deeper league. What I really want to see how they use him before anything and to be completely honest? Utterly hate this backfield. I do not like a taking a shot on Ronald Jones. But he is the only one you can try here and you hope he scores a touchdown on the other side. The lions the David Blau lead lions. It's ugly The only two Detroit lions. I can consider right now or Kenny. Golladay more of Jones and you hope they get in the end zone as Golladay did last week in utter garbage time. The lions were. Shut out for most of that game. They're the only two guys you can consider TJ Hodgkinson's on. I R Danny Amendola has been ghost the run the game has been okay. Both scarborough got dinged up though and the bucks run defense has been phenomenal this year. Marlin Max scored a touchdown last week and still didn't reach each ten fantasy points so it's really tough spot for anybody anybody on the Lions frankly but I do expect Kenny Golladay. Marva Jones will be able to get open against this secondary. I like both of them as wide receiver threes only. Because I don't trust their quarterback you can take a shot on him in the defense tournament as well. Those are the only two guys worth considering during the one thing you do have to point out. Detroit Kerryon Johnson is eligible to come off of. I are in week sixteen. I have a hard time imagining a team. That's playing for a championship in week. Sixteen that is going to start a carry on Johnson if alliance even activate them but it would be a mistake of. I didn't mention that. So Bo scarborough scarborough his days of relevance I believe or over because I hate this matchup for him he got dinged up and carry on. Johnson is eligible to come off of our next week. Mhm All right. What about Texans Titan start with the Texans Joe What no-show by Houston last week. I mean I the love of God. I mean. The defense was atrocious. The Shawn Watson was atrocious for For a number for at least he came through for fantasy. Because he threw a touchdown pass and ran for two you but it was not a good game. How about this stat and you you know? This is why we talk about the importance of supporting cast for quarterbacks. I don't care if it's a bad quarterback back You know playing a few games. Because the starters injured. I don't care. If a quarterback who's viewed as a leat or at least it's viewed as very good or like a guy like Patrick Mahomes or to Shawn Watson Carson Wentz. This is why supporting cast is so important because sometimes guys can't do it all by themselves in four games without will fuller this year to Shawn Watson is averaging six point four yards per attempt in the games that will fuller has has played. He's averaging eight point six yards per attempt so we'll four has played. Nine Games Shawn Watson has eighteen touchdowns in those games in the four four games without him he has just six touchdown passes so we'll four is the key to unlocking this offense. He just he commands extra attention. He he makes it look like the Texans are playing on a bigger football field. Every Rossi were at the eagles giant's game last night everything that the eagles do looks restricted bricked. Because they don't have any speed the Texans even though they have. Kenny Stills Deandre Hopkins. It's similar when will fuller is out there. Because he just he's just a different the cat and somebody that the Shawn Watson Trust so to Shawn Watson a lot of his fantasy potential in this game hinges on the availability of will fuller and as we saw last week. A tough defense like Denver was able to really take advantage of that unfortunately for Deshaun. He's facing another tough defense. This week against Tennessee not a spectacular matchup for him by any stretch of the imagination. So keep an eye on willful or status. It's very very important to what does Shawn is going to do in this game. It is actually his first game this year against the titans. They have not played yet this year. So we don't even have that to look back at so I think the Sean probably W can consider him as a top. Five quarterback will fuller place more on the lower end if he doesn't play as those numbers out On the other side the titans offense has been absolutely red Hot. It's unbelievable Tannehill. Dan Hill deserves a lot of credit. I think Sodas Arthur Smith their offensive coordinator and nobody talks about him for some reason. What do you think about this game? Well this is a good match up because because I mean look at the Houston Texans just got shredded by drew lock and they got shredded by drew. Lock at home okay. I mean that's really really bad news for for Houston the good news about the titans. We love there's three guys you can consider. Derrick Henry is in your lineup. Each and every week. We don't have to talk about him. He's been a last four games. He's he's averaging seven yards per carry. That's college numbers. Okay I I mean. That's that's ridiculous so you know he's in there. I think Tan hills in their the the only quarterback. They're back ahead of. This is unbelievable. The only quarterback ahead of Ryan Tannehill since Ryan Tannehill. I start in week. Seven is Lamar Lamar Jackson. That's it Ryan Hill's been the second best fantasy quarterback he's averaging nine point eight yards per attempt. Look it's been an extremely efficient in passing offense. Tannehill can run. But he doesn't he obviously can't run like Lamar Jackson. Ken and that helps raises floor a little bit at some point. You feel like this. This efficiency attack is going to slow down for Tennessee. However I don't see it happening this week against Houston I I just don't see it happening? Ryan tannehill passer rating has been over a hundred in six of his seven starts. It's ridiculous what he's doing right now. He I am starting starting Ryan Tannehill. I am starting Derrick Henry and as I said last week I made a mistake. I said I thought the titans receivers were empty depth. I still don't necessarily trust. Aj Brown but his upside is too high to drop him to the waiver wire. He is a high upside low-floor wide receiver. Three Corey Davis. You can drop. I'm totally competent. Saying that if he scores It's a fluke. But that's about it right now for the titans. But those three guys especially Tannehill and Henry are league-winning league-winning type of fantasy assets. And I loved Hannah Hills matchup this week against Houston Joe. Let's talk about drew. Lock and the Denver Broncos drew locks got an arm on him doesn't he fire. The ball did. Did you watch that game. Yes well as well as the red zone so yeah I mean Denver's can have predicament here because drew lock is GonNa if he continues to look Anything like he looked in that game and I'm not expecting him to go to throw five incompletions and throw for three hundred yards every week but they should give him a shot to be starting quarterback heading in the next year. I mean five touchdowns and two interceptions on just fifty five. Asa Temps I mean the the touchdown touchdown rate is nine point one percent right now. That's significant. That's huge. If I mean that's league-leading type numbers. If drew lock qualified for the passing title you would expect the efficiency to go down but Kansas City. They're gonNA need to score. I do expect Steve Spagnolo to bring a lot of blitzes. He was very comfortable blitzing. Tom Brady last week. So I would expect Beck Spagnolo to bring a lot of blitz against drew walk but if you are dying at quarterback. I don't trust them but I do think he's streaming on on this spot that being said I also think. Kansas City's defense against a rookie quarterback with that gunslingers mentality I wouldn't be surprised if there's a pick six thrown in this game so I kind of look at it. Both ways Cortlandt Sutton is in my lineup. The one thing that would significantly lower both the floor and the ceiling for drew lock is if Noah Fan who got banged up in the At at the end of the game last week it can't play because this guy. Ross he looks special to me he he was one of my most drafted best ball all tight ends and he is really paid off here over the last month. Plus coming up with some of those huge games. I point out his forty eight yard reception against the Texans last week. It was an out pattern that drew lock put on the money. But Noah Fan realized while gathering that out pattern that the Texans had completely blown the coverage. There was nobody near him. So nobody for a rookie receiver. I don't think anybody would have freaked out if no fan took the fifteen yard completion. That the out pattern was supposed post to be went out of bounds. They moved the chains and lived to fight another day instead he catches the ball realize what had happened with the Texans blowing the coverage rebe rebe gathers himself stops his feet terms up field and picks up another thirty arps. It was a really mature play by a super good athlete. Many of whom thought was a raw. Aw Prospect coming out of Iowa. Because he just wasn't used as much as as some of the other prospects in the draft class. He's he's looking like a guy who's going to be going in the single digit rounds next year for fantasy but without him it would be a big loss for drew lock in Denver and I probably would shy away from streaming drew. Lock if no fan doesn't play on the other side you've got the Kansas City chiefs who offensively haven't been as dynamic as they were before Joe now and this is why why we say every year when a guy has a record setting. MVP performance Sin- maybe maybe it's being cynical. It's just being realistic. You take the under now Patrick. uh-huh has always had a loose element to his game this year to seems to be biting him in the but a little bit more. Their offense is doesn't Seem to be as well oiled machine and I wonder wonder how much that has to do with the loss of Kareem Hunt and the loss of Damian Williams because those two guys just were so effective in the passing game and they are struggling struggling to get that. I'll give you a perfect example of how the chiefs don't trust the Shawn McCoy right now or Darwin Thompson for that Matter Damian Williams Williams obviously Daryl Williams both injured they starting spencer wear off the street. The dude was eating cream puffs on his couch last week. And and he will lead the chiefs backfield snaps in week in week. Fourteen against Patriots. That tells you how little the Kansas City Chiefs Trust Lesean McCoy in Darwin Thompson. Those guys are flex options. I am talking at best on a little more optimistic Damian Williams plays because I think the chiefs are going going to realize we need Damian Williams. He was the key to unlocking. Will he was the reason. The Kareem Hunt loss didn't hurt them as much last year because he just gave them that two way they kind of ability they have not gotten that from McCoy Darwin Thomson. I think I saw more out of Darwin Thompson than I did. Out of McCoy which is why I prefer him. But I really Damian Williams does not play I want to stay away from this backfield entirely and then there's really two more guys to talk about. It's it's tyreek Hill and and it's Travis Kelsey. Both of whom are definitely in your lineups. I don't trust Sammy Watkins Sammy. Watkins didn't get it done last week. When you knew the Patriots were going to scheme to take tyreek Hill bill out of the Game Sammy? Watkins has not top ten fantasy points since week number nine. He's top ten fantasy points in just one of his his last eight games. You can't trust him. It's tyreek Hill. Mahomes and Travis Kelsey and then maybe Damian Williams that he plays up next. We've got the dolphins at the giants. I mean pretty clearly Jason. Sanders is a league winner and everybody needs to have him as their flex kicker. Yeah how about this He kicks what seven field goals against the jets last week. And he scored a touchdown the week before we seen that. This is actually actually sneaky. Fantasy game here. The total is forty eight. It's the fourth highest line game on the board right now and I think what what people see defenses. That can't stop anybody. The question I have is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Unfortunately for me I thought last week against the jets was a great streaming spot. He lost devante Parker early. Early in the game to a concussion so as devante Parker GonNA play Isaiah Ford came in and did a solid job. Alan hearns did an all right job. Unfortunately Albert Wilson is an also left for the concussion protocol so breakdown. This dolphins pass offense. We really need updates on those two receivers really the only guy I feel good about is Devante Parker. If he plays I think you could take a shot on Alan hearns. If devante Parker doesn't play That would be the guy I would go with against this giant Secondary But right right now I think the guy who's going to benefit a lot is patrick. Layered the young running back got a cow the undrafted rookie. Who I know? We brought them up a couple of weeks ago when and I thought he earned more snaps because Kaelin Balaj was so bad. Well now with Balaj on. I R A layered plate over eighty percent of the snaps last week against the jets and he's caught taught eight of his ten targets for eighty one yards in the last two games against the jets in Philadelphia. I think this guy is a solid rb to NPR I don't trust them as much non. Pr because he hasn't been getting it done as a runner. He's averaging two point seven yards per carry on the on the year but NPR nine nine point two yards per reception. He's sixteen of his nineteen targets. This season Patrick Layer would be the biggest beneficiary if devante Parker and Albert Wilson cannot play in this game. It is always amazing to me when we get to this point in the year and it's playoff semi finals for a lot of people. And and you know we're talking about Patrick Laird who I had never heard of when the season started. I say every week in August say you know we can do all the preseason analysis ALICEA sweet want but it is an auditor one billion percent guarantee. You're going to be talking about guys who who are going to be in your playoff lineups lineups that not that not that you haven't considered but that you've never heard of. I mean. I want a championship last year. Elisha McGuire was in my lineup. Day Sean Hamilton. Hamilton was in my lineup. But guys that you wouldn't have even dreamed about at the beginning of the season. It happens every year that it's a stone cold fact. Outside of guys is regressive from record-setting years this is this is an even bigger certainty than that. We knew Patrick. Mahomes wasn't gonNA throw fifty touchdowns again a bigger certainty. Is this time in twenty twenty. We're going to be talking about the next. Patrick layered another guy. You never freak unheard of. Who was going to be winning you fantasy championships? That's just the way it goes and fantasy football well into went to that point Joe I would I would build upon that and I would say you know last night. I'm on the sideline of of the eagles and the giants or No. I did the eagles. PRESEASON Games on television and I said to people during the preseason is using games I said look there is one of these guys out here for the Eagles right now in the second or third quarter. This preseason game is GonNa make an important play for this team at some point in December. Guess what Joe it was all of them. It was Greg Ward. Jj Jj or go white side. Josh Perkins Boston Scott. It was like the guys that played two and a half. Three quarters of over those preseason games at the stars don't play at all that was the crew on the field for the Eagles last night in a critical December. Two Vision Monday night football game other than records and went it was the preseason crew so he I was lucky that next year when I say it on TV people whatever you just want us to watch well. Yeah I want you to watch but also it's true. I knew at least one guy would have to make a play I think of whiteside Perkins Ward and Boston. Scott would all be making plays in the same game and this is why these guys and I think it's why right that the coaches are really hesitant to let to WanNa cut down from the four preseason games which we know that's an inevitability Ross light right. I mean it's there's not going to be four preseason games in the near future but they those guys got game experience and it probably helped out and we'll talk about the eagles when we get to them but it's just the point where the next year. There's there's going to be some. You Know Sammy Sammy mic average guy. Who's going to be in the Backfield Backfield for the Houston? Texans twenty twenty. And I don't know about this guy and then all of a sudden you realize he's getting eighteen touch again. It happens every single year and Patrick Layer is is a guy who I am looking to start this week because his matchup is so good against the giants and he doesn't really fall into this. This category I guess but Daria Slayton and Joe. I have no idea why I I don't think they threw him the ball. One time in the second half I. I don't know what they were thinking king. I would've thrown at least three deep balls to Darius late in the second half if I were the giants last night well the Eagles are incredibly unique in their complete applete inability or their overwhelming ability to blow a coverage every single week. It's I mean how about the one it looked like they double team Slayton and neither Darby nor of Macleod ran with them. This guy is this guy's got some serious juice and Howie. Roseman was getting dunked on rightfully so on twitter twitter last night including by yours. Truly because he took Clayton Thorson five picks before the giants took The Guy who nearly ended well not ended the eagles season because the NFC east the so bad but nearly handed them one of the most embarrassing losses in a season. Full of them But Barry Slayton you've got to have them in your lineup against Miami terrible terrible Miami defense. This is a this is a this is a very bad defense. Just gave up over one hundred yards to alshon Jeffery and Robbie Anderson and back back weeks nobody would confuse them for Julio cajones so I- dairy Slayton's in your lineup. I like shepherd I like Golden Tate. A we'll see about Evan Ingram and you G- if somehow some way you are still alive at this point with Saquon Barkley. I know many many people who have to Saquon Barkley out of it already. You have to play against Miami. You just have to I it was. It was tough sledding and a tough match up against the Eagles last night you have to play him against Miami. And I'll be frank if Evan Ingram place ways I don't think it's a bad spot the Stream Eli manning now for one half. He looked really good against the eagles and then eagles managed to hold them to under thirty yards towards in the second. Half but Miami's defense is not good at all. It's not the worst spot. If you're dying for instance I would rather play ally manning In in this spot than drew lock. If Noah Fan doesn't play so that I mean that's on the lower end of quarterback options. Those are in the twenties of thirty two quarterbacks this week but just to give you an example of why. I don't think it's a dead spot for Eli presuming game. Jones doesn't apply. Of course. Then you get to. The Eagles aforementioned eagles and the redskins sounds like alshon. Jeffery is out for a while. Sound Lane Johnson's out for this week. What are you doing with miles? Sanders Boston Scott. I don't know there's a receiver you can even think about. I don't know if there is one you can think about now. It's terrible arable secondary But I'm not playing any of these receivers out I mean. Obviously you're playing soccer. It's I mean you play hurts every week and acting he can take a shot on gutter. Who's been kind of a disappointment waiting for the eagles this year? Even though we made the big play I think the giants move the coverage on that play a late in the fourth quarter against the Eagles I'm I don't trust Wentz either and this is nothing often. You know against Wentz personally but I mean this eagle offense is like pulling teeth. You watch that and Ross I mean we can we can write our separate football narratives tips from our fantasy narratives I think Carson Wentz needed that game. Last night he needed it and I thought he was. Brilliant in the second half and overtime. But you're still looking at a stat line. Where yeah? He threw for three hundred plus in two touchdowns but he averaged fifty pass attempts. They don't have anybody can get down field they don't I mean The the the longest pass play in the air for the eagles was like the one got it where the giants completely blew the coverage and then he had a couple of irks. The one where Erz like bizarrely tried to cut up field it was. I mean this eagle offense is painful to watch at this point and the game is lined right now at forty and a half points. It is the tied for the second lowest line game of the week so I think the markets are understanding not only did eagles not have a whole lot offensively. The the Redskins have been really ugly and things up the last couple of weeks ago. They nearly pulled one out against Aaron Rodgers and the boys last week so in landover. Who knows what the weather's going to be like? It was a bomb in Philly last night. But it's it's in Washington for this one. I think the markets are expecting this game to be ugly up so it's earth's for me. Maybe got her when when it comes to sanders and Scott we also have to see what the status Jordan Howard is. He's been questionable for like eight straight weeks now with that single hasn't been cleared for contact yet so it's really a a situation where we've got to take a look because I think the eagles will run the ball a lot of Jordan Howard back I find it hard to say. I'M GONNA Trust Boston Scott but there was one thing he did that. Very few eagles have had this year. Rossi can run and that is a really important thing. He gave them probably what they expected. Darren sproles would give them this year. That was an important game for him. I thought he played really well L.. When's his trust in these guys? They're taking advantage of the opportunities but for fantasy not a whole lot. I want to trust this week against a against a Washington team. That's really started to ugly things up. Defensively Darius guys is out for the game. We already know that. Joe What does it mean for the redskins other than Terry maclaurin. Whose unbelievable while Terry McLaren? I think you look to the fact that his coming out party was in week one against Philadelphia. Now that was with case case keenum at quarterback but after we saw dairy slate and did last night with Eli Manning and you saw what Devante Parker did and he saw. All of these guys have been doing all year. I think you start Terry McLaren in this game whether or not you believe in in Dwayne askins. I think the upsides to hide the problem is I think is a terrible matchup. For Adrian Peterson on the ground. The only other redskin I consider are outside. McLaren is maybe Chris Thompson. WHO's receiving back? Who led the backfield and snaps? But I think it's McLaren or bus for me this week. Next game is hawks at the Panthers Rashad Penny torn as yell. He's done for the year. What a bomber? I mean we had him ranked in our top twenty five live over fantasy free agents dot com because it really looked like they had a nice balance of what they were doing between Carson and penny. But now it's back to the Chris Carson Show Oh and you WANNA talk DFS. Chris Carson is going to be one of the two or three highest own running backs if not the number one this week. Carolina has been an absolute loot sieve against running backs. I said last week on the show. If devante Freeman didn't get it done that week. I didn't know when he was going to get it done. Lo and behold he scores his I rushing touchdown of the Season Carolina. Looks like a team that has quit. Seattle's defense I want to go get it. I want to pick up this defense these weeks. We we need all the fantasy production we can get. You WanNa get three or four extra points wherever you can get it can get it from your defense. I love Seattle Defense Against Kyle Allen this week I like metcalf metcalf tyler lock. It's been really hurting us. And so it was Russell Wilson quite frankly but I do like all of those guys Russell. Wilson has amid the low end quarterback one. I like lock it as a wide receiver. Three at metcalf as a wide receiver. Three and I it is a slam slam dunk or be one spot for Chris Carson. This are we going to rank them in our top five and you could also consider Jacob Hollister. It's at a at tight tight end. He had a touchdown nullified by penalty last week. What about the panthers on the other side tide when they have the ball Christian McCaffrey? I know you're playing them but he's had to back to back not great weeks. Yeah I think Kyle Allen's part of the part of the story there I mean you have to suck it up up with McCaffrey and play. I'm there's nothing else you can do. I mean he does get a ton of targets so at least there's that Dj More and Curtis Sanyal dot open deep for potential touchdowns. Allen missed them. I'm last week so at least they were getting open. But more you have to play more you have to He's a wide receiver to at this point. His his his upside to hi- his floor has been pretty high sandals more of the wide receiver. Four where you play them and you just pray the Seahawks I think their secondary is not very good. But but Kyle Allen is not jared Goff and and I think that's that's been proven over and over again the one other guy who I think you can look at here take a take a look at the tight end position because Greg Olsen did not play last week with the concussion. Ian Thomas had five catches on ten targets scored a touchdown if Greg Olsen listen doesn't play. Ian Thomas is worth considering if Greg Olsen does play then Greg Olson's worth considering a look at what the rams did with tyler egg against the seahawks last week. Let's get to the last game here in part one Joe. It's the bears the bears suddenly Are Pretty Good and the bears have a a decent offense against the Green Bay packers. I can't believe I'm saying this but I know nobody's nobody's going to trust them and I don't blame you if you don't trust him but Mitchell trubisky is streaming this week over the last five weeks the over the last five weeks. Where do you think Mitchell trubisky? Ross ranks fantasy points at the quarterback position maybe eight or nine he's fifth. Wow and this is so last year this was actually the trubisky we got last here. I don't think anybody would say he had a great year last year but he was he was running a little bit he was getting it done for fantasy even with mediocre play. And I see a guy who's playing with a lot more confidence right now. I have no idea where that's come. come from I mean maybe. He heard the criticisms he for sure. He heard the criticisms but he's thrown three or more touchdowns in three of his last five games. He's added a rushing touchdown in two of his last three games. His not only did he. Top fifty rush yards against the cowboys cowboys yet. Sixty three on Thursday night last Thursday night. It was his first game of over twenty rushing yards on the season. I don't know why that hasn't been more of an element of trubisky's game seen these guys who are seeing ghosts who aren't throwing the ball well from the pocket move the pocket a little bit more. Give him an option to get outside. You know. We've been asking Philadelphia to do do that. With Carson. wentz moved the pocket. Why aren't why aren't the bears doing it more with Mitchell trubisky? It seems like they've unlock something. And the packers defense has not been great. I am totally fine with Mitchell. trubisky is a DFS quarterback if you need a streamer this week. You don't like the match up at your. Typical starter has whatever. I am. Fine going with trubisky this week Alan Robinson. He scored three straight games. He has twenty one fantasy points. In each of those games. You Start Alan Robinson. Anthony Miller had just four targets last week week but he found the end zone he scored. He has eleven plus fantasy points in four straight games. I think you can use Anthony Miller this week. He did go cashless in week. One against the packers to to be fair but that is way in the past. That's that game where the bears us. Mike Davis a whole lot just to illustrate where they are. David Montgomery has one hundred. Seventy seventy-three scrimmage yards in the last two weeks. Unfortunately he hasn't scored a rushing touchdown over that span. But I think he's playable as an rb to and I think Tariq Rick Cohen who has caught at least four passes in five straight games unfortunately doesn't have a whole lot of yards so I think you can play him in a PR so all of a sudden the bears actually have like five guys against packer. Defense that's been kind of fraudulent this year. They have five guys. I think you could consider for fancy. I don't love any of them. Except for Robinson. But I can see all five of those guys sneaking into your lineup if you have some questions about other guys on your roster on the other side what about the packers and Aaron Rodgers. Not Aaron Jones at a nice day but that was about it. Yeah Aaron Jones. I you have to plan you have to suck it up and play him. I know he had to disaster Mr Games prior to week fourteen but the upsides too high and they figured out we need to use this guy in the passing game because honestly I think he's second best receiver. I think week thirteen thirteen was an anomaly. Where we saw Allen lazard breakout of of that that slump? We're the packers outside of Davante Adams haven't had a receiver top ten fantasy fantasy points while that's now happened in just in one of the last seven weeks as a receiver not named Monty atoms. Top Ten fantasy points for the packers. So it's Aaron Jones Arron Rogers and Davante Adams but Adams I mean even he. It's been kind of. It's kind of like pulling teeth here. It's not pretty for Davante. Dante Adams A he was under ten fantasy points juicy matchup against Washington last week The bears have yet to give up twenty fantasy points to a single quarterback this year. So it's not a great matchup for Rogers. Either I think Rogers is a low end quarterback one maybe even in the quarterback to range. I think Aaron Jones you have to play them and I think Davante Adams Adams is a mid range wide receiver to if you're taking another shot on somebody. It's going to be Jimmy Graham because the bears gave up eleven catches to cowboy tight ends since last week and Jimmy Graham did score against them earlier meek one and without Roquan Smith who torres pack the matchup for I think both the running backs and tight ends becomes. It's a little bit easier for the packers. Excellent Work Joe. That was awesome. I'm ready for part number two. What else I'm ready for? I'm ready for anything that has to do with underwear on or underwear off. 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Remember to use that code. Feast clean up your you know what's and make Santa Proud. This year manscaping landscape dot com use code. Feast part two coming at you in your podcast APP. After midnight check out the college draft draft my power rankings Tuesday on the Ross Tucker football podcast as well stuffed but room for dessert. Thanks for listening to the fantasy. Feast podcast make sure to subscribe to the Ross Tucker Football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts. Ross Tucker DOT COM or wherever podcasts can be found.

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