The Bachelor Finale Recap: Barb vs. Madison


what's up everyone? It's chicks in the office with Rian friend giving you that Friday energy on a Thursday Wu is it felt like I was on a roller coaster. Right there this one is filled with Radha energy. Because it is the bachelor finale. Recap show I'm sorry for the people who don't listen to it but saddle up because I don't if you don't watch the bachelor you're you're gonNA listen to this. You gotta be interested in the end. Yes even and didn't watch. It's been so dramatic that you have to have to have some idea of what was going on right. They've been celebrities are watching. That don't normally well lady Gaga. She's like everybody. Can nobody can say from this season? Trent also trend is also here. Isn't I'm here and I'm excited. I WANNA give a little bit of A. You know some motivation for the people. I did it last week. People were really excited about it. They said it pumped up their entire day One woman said to me. I should not be a motive motivational speaker but that was only one compared to the many the many who boosted me up that one down I will not let her tear me down. I will only let the people arise me up because this is motivational guys. We got through the week. We got through the bachelor this long season. We thought we would never make it through. We did it. Were here were surviving. Make sure you're being healthy this week. Guys Corona viruses going around. Drink a Lotta water hand sanitize washed your hands. Do what you have to do to be cautious. But don't be scared. Don't panic everything's going to be a okay. You're not going to get sick. You're gonNA be just fine. You're going to enjoy your spring. You'RE GONNA enjoy your summer and then went. October comes around baby. You'll go to Coachella 'cause they postponed it. We're not going anymore but that is fine. You know who is not being cautious though? You know who's being reckless? Who who would never think would do such a thing. Francesca Marianne who is going to the Big East tournament tonight? And also going to the Bahamas next. Weekend Francesca Mariana. Can we talk to you for a second about this? You're freaking me out. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I'm just GonNa get that out there. Thank you you're freaking me out friend because you're not acting like Fran. You're acting like RIA well. Isn't it funny though? Like you're in that speech in my head I was like you might not be. Okay everything's GonNa be okay. I'm like no you might catch it. That pessimistic is that's not the point of the most motivational speech in the beginning of the show. It's supposed to be like everything's fine and then when we carry on the show that's when we talk about things you know that's when we get cynical and pessimistic. Not Optimistic all the time but when you first open up the show that's what you want to hear. Yeah it's tough. I mean I tell them what you do know. Well first of all I want to say I feel for all the kids who's like schools are closed. I'm sure people are super pumped about it some schools because like now you don't have to go to class and I'm sure everybody is going to be partying on the other hand. The schools they're sending everybody just straight up. Home is kind of crazy and lot of now. Sports are being canceled. I feel bad for like all. These kids are probably seniors and it's their last sports season. They camped everything's being canceled. Everything's being canceled now. Reason is because they just canceled March madness. Fans Lamar fans prevents March madness. We'll continue but there'll be no fans at Games Dan's tournament how the biggies tournament is going on tonight this weekend and the big east officials have said we're still playing the tournament as planned with fans and whatever now probably the smart move would have been to not have fans. 'cause I right now. I feel like new. York City is probably absolutely coated. Native men Covert Nineteen. And we just don't know because of a billion different reasons. Were governments moving too slow lack of tests all all of these reasons but it's still happening and I have tickets and I'm healthy and I got my Parrella my bag and I'm just like Every time you drive a car like you trust yourself. You are healthy. You are taking all the right steps to make sure you don't get corona virus. The thing is trusting all the people out there on the road all the other people going to Madison Square Garden who might not be abiding by the steps every time you get into a car. What a beautiful analogy trend. I have thought about that before getting into a car. You never know you're driving you're to stop driving points now friend. I usually would be. I am going to the pomace. I'm sorry but the Bahamas logical going. It's that one is my boyfriend. Got Bought me a vacation for Christmas. And it's coming up. It's next weekend and unless the airline says we're canceling flights or the hotel says we're not letting anybody in I am going to go on this vacation. I'm kidding I wanted to do that. Work to this is. This is ironic. I saw both faces. I just wanted to do that. I'm sorry I know I just wanted to do it to you guys. I felt good but if this was anybody else I'd be like yeah go to the Big East tournament. Yeah Yeah I get. You're being you're being careful but the fact that friend who is a you know she follows the rules. Yeah there's no because you get over your very very cautious person. No will you. Will you back me up here? It's kind of shocking. What's happening with ran right now. I I follow rules when they are like straightforward written rules. But now you're also around upon everything you're doing is very frowned upon in today's climate because being a little bit I have found upon this Fran Ais beings that are found to plug. You mean like usually usually no. She frowned upon us for doing looking like a building. That's on fire and one of the floors is fine. You're like that one's fine. I'll be going to that floor. Nothing's wrong with wall. Meanwhile everything around. And everyone's like don't go in there. You know what maybe we? We want this friend to come out. Maybe we wanted to do these things. So she can't be. Frowning is on the same thing is like I'm going to this game. There's going to be people around this weekend. R You just planning on not leaving wherever you are like go to a bar. Yeah I was actually planning to go out of my room my new room that I've put together. It's really lovely so I was just GonNa stay there but I do understand like you're saying you're not like hey let's go out to dinner. There's this great music. I can't leave my heart. I know I mean I'm not acting that way we're still. We're still functioning human beings in New York City where we are going out. I'm taking the subway every day and then I'd probably already screwed. We're all taking the subway anyway. Yeah that's the worst place. I truthfully think all jokes aside I truthfully think if we're going to get corona virus we're going to get it anyway so it is what it is. You just have to be very diligent like you said wash your hands. People ties sanitize desk. Clean your workspace. Wash your clothes because it can. Virus can live on your clothes wash. Your clothes. Don't wear the same clothes. Well let's just talk about something jackets. I'm not washing my jackets. All the time Jack Dots Jackets are holding onto the viruses. I think at this point like I said if you're getting it you're getting it because I'm not washing my big puffy jacket that I don't think it's supposed to be put into the wash with the reflective material. I'm not sure if that's going to wash shrink if I wash them too much. So we're really coming down on a panic right now. Guys shirts oh no. I don't like the way they look up to you Dr Underwear. Maybe guys you want. Everything is going to be okay. Don't panic. Don't panic with French. Montana would say and I would say if I didn't hate French Montana just kidding I don't hate him although he sucked on this podcast but anyways just like I said Bachelor Finale. It came it went. We know what happened? Were aware of the situation. We're going to talk about it all. I want you guys to know that we talked about night. One of the finale right after it happened so you will have our reactions to night. One and then we will go into our night to recap so while you're listening tonight. One just know that we did not know the outcome of what was going to happen tonight. Too so listen to it as that. Listen likely these were their initial reaction tonight one. This is the reaction tonight to not as if we knew we wanted to appear reactions. It's when episode is the most fresh in our heads so like you said two parts. We did part one on Tuesday and now part two yes. So let's start with Monday. Stay put though for this move back. Shit show. Was this before we get into the Bachelor Finale Aka one of our favorite shows on TV? We need to talk about one of our other favorite network's besides ABC. It is the network. Of course you guys know that we love easy keeping up with the Kardashians the daily Pop. The nightly pop. All of these great shows that they have on there including this soup. If you don't know the soup was a show previously hosted by Joe McConnell and offered a comic recap of the week's major events in the world of entertainment sports politics and now it is back. The new revamped version of the soup covers the latest. Omg TV moments to the best viral videos. Plus everything in between the series is now hosted by comedian and superfan jade catta preta who catches viewers up on what they miss an offers. Hilarious commentary on the most talked about pop culture moments. If you're listening to this show that means you love pop culture which means you'll love the soup tune into the e Wednesdays at ten nine central new episodes of the soup. You won't regret it. Part one of the two part two night bachelor. Finale Chris Harrison live looking good studio audience. The episode there are still in Australia and Peter has his final dates not far almost final dates with and and and Madison. And he's with his parents and got these great moments of him with his family and he's talking to his mom and we all thought Barbara was a good guy and so she basically he meets or Hanane meets his family. And it's just. His mom is damaged brother. Jack and Hannah and what kind of spell? She put on Peter's parents but they absolutely adored Hanane just loved hand like and if if you recall. I think all three of us before Monday night agreed that there was just absolutely no shot. That hit in was was going to win this thing. There was just like I. I still don't think so but there's just something about it. We're like a hand doesn't stand chance but then this all kind of flipped when Barbara was like it's Hannah and well. It's based on Pete being so into Madison right and so clearly kind of into Hanane not nearly as much as mass and so we just figured that that was going to be pretty evident to the family and they were gonNA be like. Oh well. You're clearly just more in Madison. So hands a nice girl. She's sweet but she's not the one for you. It's clearly madison. That completely flipped when Hannah and met the family. Listen we could've guessed every single ending to the show. Never would I have ever guessed that? Peter's mom would have been talking about Hannah. That never ever ever off my mind we were talking about. Who's WHO's Peter mom talking about Hosni? Madison maybe maybe if we were saying Kelly Kellyanne was sent home weeks ago saying the producer we were so sure it wasn't had a end user was not even an option and wasn't even an option even though she was the final two. Nobody thought it'd be absolutely. Did I think that now that we know are we that surprised that somebody was captivated by Hannah and Blue Eyes? Like I mean come on Barbara Trying I. She's like an angel. She was really WanNa Hand Airport Angel on Earth because she was hypnotized true. I think had an has the power tip nut hypnotize people because even just me watching her on TV when she's talking and she's got her big blue eyes and you just kind of like. I can't tell you one thing that was really said during the hand and meets. Peter's Parents Dave like that whole point. I knew I knew they were having a good time and I just kept watching being like she is really just so beautiful there is no like. I really was not registering anything that she was saying. She loves Peter so much and sorting out the Dean thing going on. Where is he could be a cult leader where you're like? They'll follow him doing a similar thing going on where you're at. I don't totally remember what they talked about. But I know that they were completely enthralled with Hannah. I will say when I watch Hannah an I believe her and Peter and love when I see Peter. I believe that they're brother and sister totally opposite. Just have the camera on hand and you don't have anybody else and Peter is not next to hand. I'm totally buying what she's selling. Yeah like Barron Love I get it but then you see them next to each other on the screen. You're like this. There's no way they don't really like each other. It's obvious unless they're only showing us. The parks were Peter and Madison. Totally don't look like they belong together because I mean Peter and on an because that could also be the case because they want US rooting for Madison. Yeah Clue knows what we do know. Is that Peter? Likes Madison More Than Hannah? And it is very obvious. There's no question about it definitely. But the problem is and it shouldn't be a problem because your parents don't run your life you do. Peter's parents are obsessed with Hannah and they don't like Madison. Peter Fox Madison doesn't Peter. Likes to party Madison dozen. Yeah when barb was going on telling Madison this I I could not stop laughing. I was like she's straight up telling Madison that Peter Likes to Funk hardy and there's no way that's going to be stopped it was it was really. It was really insane first of all. Let's discuss the the Madison. Peter Conversation that happened before Madison went to Peter's parents because they were just they had a pretty serious conversation where Peter once again was like. Look you you gave me also made him the said it and he did it in a. I thought he handled it pretty well because he's like look. You gave me an ultimatum. That's fine that's that's how you feel like I respect you for that. But at the end of the day it was an ultimatum and they both have voiced their their stances very well like Madison explains herself very well and that like those are my beliefs. That's those are the standards that I have. That's what feels right and Peter being like okay. That's great this is how I feel and it's different from how you feel but we both really like each other. So how are we? Are we going to do this? So there's a lot of forehead touching. It's like they're continuing on touching. They're love forehead touching and talking. They're continuing on wall acknowledging that they're very different. They're like I feel this way and I feel this way but there's also this part in the middle where we really like each other right so we're going to sort of that. Was what was so surprising with Madison where she gave him the ultimatum. He clearly broke it with the other girls and then she was still like yeah. I'll take the rose. I think it's because she likes him so much that she's like I still have these principles gone. There's that thing where we like each other where let's just keep moving forward. Yeah it was weird because even when like when that conversation ended before they went into the House to see Peter's Family Peter was so happy like everything's great. We're in a work rate. Were good and I'm like spotty the it is not. You're not because aren't good. The there's still going to be still are obviously going to be these problems and Madison. Hit Him with like if you have proposed you know during that day before the fantasy sweets I would have said yes like really just the very intense stuff right and I'm watching this. I'm like Peter is just not saying the right thing like he clearly wants Madison. Just let Madison. No she's the one for you. Just do that. But I'm also like but I also clearly has been business on his ear but I'm also confused master being proposed right there like that's not the show though Madison. I know you would have liked if he just propose right there and maybe we would have liked that to honestly bought. You have to follow the show. How it goes. You guys have to both show up and it's trial. I can't even remember the last time I actually saw that happen. What what is supposed to happen? The where where where show. There's actual people get final dates. And then those and then the person goes and picks out an engagement ring and then two people show up at the end and they pick which I don't a while new fan of the show. You're like that that's foreign to me. I don't understand what that means. I guess we did see it with Hanna Hanna. And jet and Tyler. But then we didn't see it was kind of taken away very quickly from us because you know right and also there was no not that I mean. Obviously there have been spoilers for so long but I feel like with the hand of beef finale. By the time we had reached that I I feel like most people knew that it was just because of all the drama surrounding Jed so there was less of a surprise element. This this finale has just been surprised after surprise because not only not only. Were we not expecting and make this heavy charged Madison Madison? But I don't know I I still I still do. I really like Madison. She's gotTa take it easy on the bottom Lash Mascara but other than that is great. Like I can't how many how many coats do you think she puts on those bad boys a lot of coach she really? She really got some there. She really make sure every. Yeah perfectly tinted with miscarriage us. I don't know how because just logistically like when I put Mascara on my bottom lashes if I put too much it completely gets all under my eyes you know under my eyes to show. How does she do? She has special. How does she do? How does she do it? I really maybe like puts little covers under is doesn't and everybody has their daily makeup routine. You know what I mean. Everybody has the thing they do. Y'All got we all have our daily makeup or Madison is just so significant. Though you know what I mean like Ursus really stands out those Eilat. They really do. She knows how to make those blue eyes pop. The two of them beautiful is to everyone on the show. It's really out there during the episode. I actually Kinda got mad at my parents that I am not a Brunette with blue eyes because Brunettes with Blue Eyes. They're gorgeous would. There's two of them. I'm staring at them. They're both stunning. They're made my dad. Has My dad has blue eyes and is just you know it just wasn't for me. My didn't didn't make it. My Dream Look was Dark Brown. Brunette one green eyes and Tan and maybe some freckles so basically Madison pure. I look exactly how I wanted to look by choice. This is what I would've looked like one hundred times out of one hundred this peak. That's the Philly. That's that's beautiful. That was not barb verse. Madison was something to see because these two stood their ground like Barbara was like look like re said my son. He likes to socialize. That's what they said a billion times who likes to socialize and going out. Problem Wave Right. He loves to party you. People like the party but not to the point where you keep bringing it up at one point. I thought Barbara was going to was going to say like my son's a man. I didn't know where she was gone with. Drinking Buddies. Calgon have a few. Don't take him to loves line. Dancing Madison just explained herself. She explained herself very well and she said how she feels about it. All and when it comes down to it it makes sense that Barbara would think that these two are not compatible. I completely understand her thinking. These are not compatible but because of the dramatics and the over emotion on higher. Barb take tents like the way that Jack Peter's brother was just like hey man you really liked have sex and she doesn't have you. I don't know if this is GonNa work like Jack was like. I don't really see you guys working together. Thing is everything that they're saying. Are Things that we've probably sat on this show where it's like. They're not compatible. One like sex. One doesn't have it but where where I didn't like it was when Barbara is trying to essentially manipulate p Hannah and is an angel on earth. God put I prayed for God. Put Her in this place so you could be with her not madison this girl. You're not compatible with. That's the part. I didn't like the part about Jack's saying you like to socialize and have sex party and Barbara saying that as well that makes sense. It's the part where they push forward. They're trying to make the decision for it. Yeah that's what I didn't like right I agree with everything. You're you're both saying because like you said we've talked about it on this show before our current concerns about Madison. Peter just not being compatible because they like different things. I didn't know it was this deep. I didn't know Peter came home to his family and told them every single time he had sex because they are very aware of how likes drink how much he likes to be? Physical damage still live at home on. Hannity season thing that he likes still lived here. His parents are cheering on girls coming through the house. Peter got another one. They put hanging over the fridge door alley mark that high five in the morning he he could be out of there but I could be totally wrong but I feel like I do remember because he was a pilot and like not really holding that much that he still had. Here's what I do know. No one has had a quicker fall from grace than Barbara. Everyone's like we're waiting on the season. It was this season's fence jumper crime building. Bring home turns out. It's not about Madison's about Hannah. An and then like I just started dislike her so fast and things got porter line weird also when she was talking to Madison not it. It didn't quite cross the line but one more comment and it could have been very uncomfortable because I started to feel. Barbara was looking at Madison. And not the she was pressuring her but kind of making. Madison feel like she couldn't fulfil Peter's needs you know like I felt like she was talking or there. It's starting to get that tone and I was like okay. Where are we going? Bar LIKE BOISE. Because for me. Thanks hi I might have to see myself out after that. But you're right though. No it got very weird like that. They would not so the ladies at the concert was super strange. There's not really more more to say about it. Besides like Madison like Madison's lifestyle is very different than Peter's and Madison. I think spending time with peers family and having those conversations Madison was like Oh shit like this is. This is real world stuff. We've been living in this fantasy land where we think that everything's GonNa be fine but here. Peter's parents who very clearly don't think we would work. That's got a gun to your head. And No wonder she up and laugh while they exactly if you had if you had this guys you want this guy to propose and his mom just being like not you believe even peak defensive about it though when his mom was like hands the one for you. God put her ears with her. He was like you guys want understand like I understand that you don't like Madison and Madison as much as an. But you haven't been with us this whole time like he's like. I like Madison More. But you guys are telling me an for some reason that. I don't quite understand. I think my favorite part about it was when she was crying hysterically and Peter. It was like you need to stop doing that. To Stop It. She was sobbing uncontrollably. About how Hannah and is an angel on earth and she was making Madison. Seemed like the devil. Meanwhile Madison is the one who's WHO's here and his actually keeping these strong value that she's holding onto. I feel like Peter's mom kind of made Madison feel bad or try to make her feel bad about the value she had and not just be accepting of it. More like okay. I understand that you know Peter. He's been different in the past. But maybe Peter and you will just to each other and you guys will be great. Just be a normal parent. That's like routing on their kid whatever they WANNA do and you'll support them. Maybe you don't agree with the decision but you're going to support them because that they know better than you clearly. Because they've spent more time with Hannah Madison than you have. Barb seemed like Barbara was leaning towards the woman that essentially would change Peter's life. The least like I feel like Barbara is very content with with Peter's life and she loves the life that Peter has and he's close to home and she sees them all the time and you know there are one big happy family and hand and can just slide right in there and in it would be fine feel like with mass and things could be different. Madison's very close to her family. Maybe she wants to live in Alabama and I almost feel like she's getting Like monster in law vibes like yes. Woman's GonNa Tear my son away from me right and it is a reflection of like how. Peter's mom was acting why Peter is so Elliott. Tweeted this tears because his mom is lies so much and you think that's like a very funny thing is funny but that also can be very true. I mean you grow up in this environment. You're used to you know people crying to get their away your mom's sobbing all the time that tears are normal for you that makes you feel comforting comfort. Because when Victoria F was sobbing. He was like Oh my God. It's like my mom. My reaction to this is like be helpful. Let us all her this better. I'm so out Barbara I want. I did not think before last night's episode of no point that I think I'd be like I'm on pizza. Mom But I am I. I'm I think she's a lady that really loves her son clearly and I don't think she meant to be disrespectful towards Madison at all. I think she understands Madison's values and I think that's she's okay with that. I think it comes in the territory of like these things changing her son's life and she doesn't want like she loves Peter so much she doesn't want Peter to have to go through any trials problems like he feel like she just wants her son to have this perfect life which is fine but yeah the perfect life that also sort of includes her where he's close to home that's where it starts get weird when she's making decisions because what he decides like affects her. I'm not I'm not saying that's what she's doing. We don't necessarily know her motivations but it just didn't sit right with me where she tried to take control thing. It was like now Hannah and the one. I know you say you like Madison. But you don't know it's good for you. I know what's happening. Yeah I think that it you know it does come from a place just like a motherly instinct type of vibe but also that reaches the point where it can just become totally controlling. And it's crossed the line like yeah. We talked about earlier if she went about it a different way. I like Hannah and on. I really vibe with Madison. Imagine to Barbara's like I'm not really vibe in Madison I. I actually wouldn't be shot. Apparently they're the cool parents Falker. Yes great friends awesome tweet. It was so spotty on also not only like the way they act but they look like them to know that was the first hook. The Hook wasn't then acting that way. It was aesthetically that I was like. Oh they look like both. The Fox turned into like my son needs. Stop Sacks I was like point Barbara Streisand. Says he has an yes. It's like bats. That mom was as soon as I saw. I was like yes. That's who they are. Happy with unreal stuff bar so it's it was Hannah an like Barbara's freak out was about Hannah and bring her home to own. Never in my life never. I tweeted her. I don't care who bar I don't care who barbs talking about whoever she is bring her home. Yeah I just didn't. We didn't expand Atalanta ever calculation. If I thought that far was going to be scream about Hannah and I thought she was screaming at Madison. That's why tweeted that I was going to get ahead of the game. No no no no no. She doesn't like I. I don't know what it's Easter is going to be so awkward. I'm telling you that Madison just center cell phone in a fly infested desert man just going home that that date was uncomfortable just obviously from the conversation like it was very sad to watch because I feel like Madison matters was being Subaru rational and was making very good points and was like I do not think this is going to work for so many reasons. Here are the reasons and they make sense. The the flies everywhere did not help felt bad for them for that resolving more knowing that also WANNA mention that. Peter's parents called him but an unbelievable amount of time and uncomfortable amount of times and yeah but I saw one tweet that was like maybe they call him. Bud Because Peter's Dad's name is also Peter so the call the call Peter Bud. But if that is the case they still say it waits. Somebody's name that much. I'm not like saying France name at the end of every sentence that I say yeah it was a lot of bug one other thing not to pile barbara sweet lady that one point. I one thing I don't like about her is she uses Bachelor Lingo. She says Hannah Abi. She says fantasy sweet. It's like that's someone who's just a little too close to I. We say things like that because we're just huge fans of the show. I don't know when she said Hannah be done. Remember what happened with you and Hannah be like wait are we. Are you on the podcast now? Or it was very talked to barb on the podcast on the show you come on the show. Let's talk it out girl But yeah a roller coaster so madison not he leaves Scon- gone. Peter goes on a date with Hannah. An and we need to sit there. Uncomfortably watches date happened knowing Madison left. Peter is telling hand and my heart is being pulled in two different directions. Where confused because two different directions. Madison's not even there who who are you who are you pulling for it very cute kangaroos. Yeah just WanNa grow your like. 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Let's take it from the top. Harry how are you feeling? Oh I mean. I'm still a little stunned from last night. I can't believe what we saw. I didn't see it going in that direction. We obviously didn't have answers. There were no spoilers Fran said but I did not think we were going to get what we got last night especially during the live. Show that stuff. I'm still stunned by but overall I it felt anticlimactic because we don't necessarily know where Madison and so a little unfulfilled but stunned. Yes okay let's take it from the top though. Let's go step by step until we make it to the end. Then we'll talk about all the theories. We'll talk about Claire Season. We'll talk about all that we get to the end. Okay starts off? Of course Peter and Hannah. We're thinking Madison may come back. We don't know that's what we all had assumed would happen. Because we thought there was way in. Hell that Peter would be proposing to Hannah and we thought she'd make it to the end. It would be a soft little break-up oh no no no because now. Peter is fully prepared. He said to propose to and he's like I'm in love with her. I'm ready to propose. This isn't the first five minutes I'm absolutely floor. He gave. This is like the three of us. I think gave this possibility. Like zero percent chance like we. I think we were all like. There's no way that he proposes Dan Ronan. We thought Madison was going to come back before a proposal. That was the original thought which made a lot of sense because in in our minds there was no way that he was going to put a ring on hands. Fingers right none. I just couldn't even picture in my brain so when it happened. I couldn't even believe that it was actually owned out. And the way he talked about it at the beginning was so uncomfortable because it was really just kind of voice over him doing stuff but it was like. I'm in love with an NYC. She she is the love of my life it was so monotone and just no dim really sound like there was any excitement right. It was just so weird like it felt so forced so force and I could not believe that he actually that he actually went through it. And I think we can mention Chris. Harrison's absolute fake out yeah I mean it. It felt like barb was holding a gun to Peter's head while we heard this voice over where the power barb. I'm in love with Hannah and we did not see that night one. We didn't get that feeling at all. He was in love with Madison. All of a sudden flip a switch. We wake up. We watched the show. He's in love with him. It's because he's not in love with Han. He's not even close as certainly not to the level he is with Madison so when he says these things. Maybe it's a confirmation bias where we're like we know he doesn't mean these things because they're not true right and we did find out that he he waited. Tell Hannah an about Madison until during the proposal. And if felt like we it felt like we were wrong because he proposed to hand an but we were right and the idea that Peter and Hannah number not meant for each other like because he peter just made the absolute Bozo move of proposing to this woman who everybody's so clearly could see like was not going to it was not going to work out and end Hannah and Hannah and went on the bachelor. Happy Hour podcast with Lindsay and Becca coup. For an end. She said that yes. That was the first time that she had heard anything about Madison. Was in the middle of that proposal where he like. It was like a throwaway comment or like Oh Madison left. Today's go and the days after the proposal where they're still in Australia. They have a couple of days before they go home. He didn't tell her what happened with Madison. Like she had asked and he was like. Oh that's in the past. I love you so much for the love of my life like he did not explain to Hannah N. What happened with Madison? Didn't say we got into Madison left. It was like there was no conversation zero. Yeah I mean this was totally we talked about. It is is it because Peter is not allowed. Is it because you get away with it? He thought he can get away with it. Which is the dumbest thing? Peter is thought this entire season all of these mistakes that Peter is made throughout the season. We thought Oh my God. Oh my God. He's so dumb he can't get dumber than this get to this. He didn't tell how to end a very crucial part. It's like he has never been in a relationship and thought that Oh yeah. My fiancee won't find out that a girl I was in love with broke up with me and I had to get over it. Are you kidding me Peter? I I guess. We shouldn't be surprised right because of what you said. He has made mistake after mistake after mistake so it would've been more surprising if he had done the right thing in this situation. He he obviously did not and yet it's like you're saying like this was all on television. Also by the way they recorded everything so she was gonna find out eventually and no matter how long it took for to find out she was not going to be happy about it. And that's why I think Peter had no intention of staying engaged to Hannah and he thought. Hey I can maybe fake this engagement to Han. A few months will go by. We'll tell everybody it didn't work out. Maybe we'll make it to the final thought then just like force it yet. No He'd be like. Oh maybe in like a month I will love right either that or let me just get through this. Let me see where this will go and a few months. It's not working out. We'll break up. People will be fine with that. He didn't realize that this show will air and people will see what you have done. Peter and it won't be good clearly because it wasn't good Why not just not propose right? Well that's what it goes down to so of course Peter and Hannah and they don't last a month goes by and Peter and Hannah and they meet up together. They're having a conversation. They both start crying. Peter said that he thought he would be able to get there with and he tried his best. Peter you propose that's not something you WanNa hear to some like you. You propose that woman. You don't say I'm GonNa try my best when you're proposing when you pose you say I want to be with you forever. This is it. This is how I feel you. Don't go into it being like metalworking. Hanane made it so clear. She made that commitment. I'm willing to make that commitment. You clearly were not. I have this weird feeling that Peter is like. I don't know I don't know what it is exactly like I. I don't know if he thought he needed to be engaged. By the end of this I feel like there is a pressure on the bachelor and the Bachelorette that like they have to be engaged at the end of their season. I don't know maybe thought like. Hey I'm going to try and I want to be engaged like I want to be engaged or but I also feel like he doesn't I I think he has this absolute for Mantis outlook on love. Where he thinks that like he's going to have some big fairytale situation and it's just not working out that way and I haven't wanted to slap Peter with the fuck boy label but after this valley. It's because it's I think a lot of being a with being boy is lying and thinking thinking you can get away with it and him not telling Hannah and everything about Madison and just like trying to code it with like I love you so much I love you so much is just so dumb right. I also think that one thing that Peter kept saying throughout this whole thing was I followed my heart throughout this entire season. I do not think Peter followed his heart at all. I think he followed bar. Heart followed Hannah thank. He followed his Dick. I think most yes most of all is I really. Don't think that's what it is. It was moving around. Tell him things he didn't know what to do. He was confused. He did not follow his heart at all not even a little bit because if he did follow his heart per se as soon as Madison was leaving he would have been like you know what No. It's Madison I need to be with Madison. I need to tell Hannah. And maybe part of him didn't want to be that guy who tells Hannah An. Hey it's not gonna work out Madison's leaving I need to chase after her. But that's what Colton did and listen. We knew we weren't maybe a fan of that at the time. What Colton did he totally left? Handed and left And he went after cassie but at least Colton fought for something. He really wanted cassie so he was like I want. None is it and the proposal was the mistake with actual real consequences. You go throughout the season and yeah. He's pissing the girls author like I can't believe he made this decision as opposed to that proposing to someone and then a month later when you meet up being like I just don't think it's going to work head and said it. She said you took away my first engagement. That's true we're talking about real life consequences that he is just he's make these decisions and then it's like. Oh I guess we gotta live with them now. The proposal I thought is like well. Now you're really messing with someone's life. You're really messing with someone. Like an and she was prepared weird and he. It was so clear that Hannah an had doubts. And I feel like Peter kind of knew that in the back of his head so he was just like. I'm not I'm not GonNa talk about massive at all because I don't WanNa scare hanaway and can't have no one. I think he was terrified of having no one and how that would make him look so we just didn't so because this is is the same thing with a Corsair and being also could believe that Chris. Harrison's like we have news we just found out that that moment that we have been guessing what that meant all season was head and might not becoming and then two seconds later. It was just kidding. She's coming like Oh man. Hannah an wasn't not coming. She was having butterflies in her room and was a little nervous to come down but she was aiming to me right. She's thinking what if he proposes and then it happens and I'm sure that had to end maybe thought in her head he he. He's about to propose Madison. He's not proposing to me. I'm going to go down there. He's not gonNA propose to me. He proposed to Hannah and it was crazy. But right we go back to when they're breaking up and like you said hands like you took my first engagement away from me all very true because the engagement did not have to happen. He did take away her first engagement because apparently he betrayed her. Hanane kept saying words like betrayal. And you didn't you didn't follow in on the engagement. We agreed on this. I stood by your side. It seems like something happened in this month or multiple. Things happen this month. That Peter did that just wasn't fiance like and it was like he was single and and we don't really know what happened. There was some things that they left unsaid. I wish they would have told us. We didn't give me any digits. I thought they were going to drop some fucking bomb on us about what Peter did in the meantime like he cheated on right right yeah ee could have well. Now what happens is they. Don't give us details. We have to guess right. So we're just guessing that maybe he cheated on her. Maybe he reached out to Madison in a in a way that hand and didn't approve of our minds. Just run wild now because we don't know exactly yeah. It seems like it's always like a month. I guess that they were during this time. They had been together for a month and they hadn't really seen each other but just from the way. That conversation went just seem like Peter was obviously not as committed to the whole fiance marriage. Thing as as Hannah was in one hand and talk to to Becca and Rachel on the podcast. She said like it was a red flag when he said it was like a month in when Peter Asked about like getting closure with Hannah Brown that he was like thinking about this or whatever and it was like well why would you need you. Were engaged and it seemed like he never actually reached out to Hannah Brown but he was thinking about it or brought it up. Which makes you think like what else Z. Taking about who else did he wanNA reach out if he had these thoughts in his head but you know. Hanane gave him like her full thoughts she laid in on him. She was right the whole time and I mean it. It was a weird like Peter was breaking up with her but then she broke up with him like the ring off by pointing. It at him was strange. I think she handled it in the best way. Possible totals if she sat there and cried and made it seem like Peter was breaking up with her which he was. It would have you know. Not what a meter look weak right not moment anybody like a big moment is about to happen because the cameras are here. We're filming this. It seemed like they had had a conversation before. We're like they had maybe thought they were going to break up so like this was in clearly in both of their minds like this is probably how this is going to go or else biles. Would they filming preachers? Never takes control of the situation and all right. I guess breakup happening. So I'm going to take control your. He's always crying a little bit and he's like I don't think it's going to work. I don't know I don't have the well. He's the kind of guy that wants to mess everything up so that the girl breaks up with him like he doesn't want to be the one to do it. Also Peter Does what he falls for cries. He turned he turns to the crying thing. What Barb does makes people feel bad for him. It's like I don't feel bad for you anymore Peter. I think that you were total idiot. Like maybe in the beginning it was like okay dealing with these crazy girls. Those crazy girls are complete afterthought to me laid. Don't even matter mind anymore because Peter Heat heat totally messed up this whole thing with Hannah. And he did not need to propose to her so they break it off. Hannah An. He's breaking off with her hand. Seems like she's breaking off with him. It was a total total switch. He's like I don't WanNa see you. She gives him like a talk to the hand as she's in the car and then it leads to the live show because now this is where they end things. We do not know what happened in that little month. Also why are they not allowed to see each other? Aren't they engaged? Why are they going a month without seeing each other? 'cause they're not allowed to. They're not allowed to be seen in public so like it's really hard. There's supposed to be secluded. And then there are occasional plan times. They're allowed to meet up and they have to be disguised. I remember a whole big process. Orient Lawrence videos. They were was that them or was that there are but there is like their is plan. Times where you're allowed to see each other. They have to make sure that nobody sees you. I knew it was going to be a lot of drama last night. When like after everything happened. The break-up were like thirty one minutes into the show. It's okay we got a lot to look forward to go to the live. Show and Chris is GonNa Bring Out Hannah an to talk to Peter in front of everybody. She looks amazing absolutely stunning. She's already stunning. She got even more stunning walking onto the stage. Just absolutely beautiful. They she comes on the stage and she handle herself in the best way possible. She handled herself the best out of everybody the entire night. Nobody came out looking better than Hannah and she put Peter in his place. She said things like if you WANNA be with a woman become a man. She really stomped on Peter and as she stomped on. Peter Bar was in the corner. Clapping along runar girl. Hannah on her new daughter was rooting her on so hard. She did not care against her son Peter. We thought that barb loved Peter so much and wants the best for Peter I'm not really sure if that's the case considering. She's ruining she's rooting. How an on like yes destroy him? She definitely likes Hanane more than she likes. Peter Yeah having. I became clear as it became clear when they did the The meat up Australia. She obviously liked Hanane more than Madison. I guess we didn't know to what extent she liked Hanane. It might be even more than her own son. It was crazy it was crazy really insane like to have the Barb Cam when he even when even when Hannah an and Peter were breaking up in the in the video and the footage we were saying from. La like hit the Barb Kaman she was. She's I won't blame. Started AN ENTIRE AUDIENCE. Clap like she started clapping. The entire office are a classic it was. It was very bizarre but hands. You did a great job and I think what's crazy is you forget. Han has been going on real life. Break-up this whole thing's happening. She still has not seen any of this footage of Peter and Madison. Nothing so she's watching this at the same time as all of us these past two you know two nights and she's still hinders handles herself like so well after seeing all that go down. She said she actually helped her. Get like more closure watching. This all happened because she was like well. He was so clearly not ready to propose to me like that was just so don like understand that I was just so down the film and I think some of the Knox that we gave her early in the season. She super young she's immature. She's not ready for proposal which might be true. But she's twenty three the youngest one on that stage and she was by far the most mature not even close. I tweeted that. She turned from Disney princess to a queen in in one episode. She just completely grew up Hannah and was less childish than Barbara's. Barb was the most childish on. Why aren't the entire show? But Hannah End. She articulated things very well. Obviously people were like she planned that speech. I mean of course you did. You're getting in front of Raelians People Right. Now you've got your heart stopped on you you were proposed in Atlanta same episode. Break up not on TV and you still like practice. What your shower you're practicing. You still are playing. You're still playing it out on your head like okay. What am I going to say? So that totally makes sense and now I just feel like some of the editing makes so much more sense now with the way things planned out like I feel like because he actually proposed hand an in those first few weeks when all we saw were these beautiful amazing moments of Madison. That it was like. Okay Madison's the runner up. She laughed. She got her heartbroken she could be our next. Bachelorette like we're GonNa make her look so good for these first few weeks and going on and then shit hits the fan when Hannah and Peter. Break up the shows you know so I feel like all of that kind of makes more sense now of why like Madison got a phenomenal. Edit like there was never really bad up until obviously up until the end when things kind of took a turn but even then like. She's still handle handles herself very well enough where she had those big like moments where you're like oh that girl could possibly possibly be the Bachelorette but Madison like Chris? Harrison goes to see Madison in Alabama and took it upon it. You know nobody. Even I found himself season guy like this. I'm going to fly down there and I would love to be in that In that meeting with producers and Chris Hairston when they find out the Hanane and Peter broke up and they're like all right. What if we send Chris? Our number is what if we send Chris to Alabama and have him say that Peter had his doubts. He's still in love with Madison in Chris. How're you know? They had to plan all the shit out. And it's just crazy. He put his life on the line. Because Barb could have murdered him for doing that absolutely murdered him because he's still needs. Yeah so mad. At this show like Somalia curse Harrison goes and talks to Madison tells Madison. Listen well first of all Madison's like what happened that day I left him got engaged using. Oh Okay and then he's like but now he's single and I think he still loves you. Chris Harrison is basically saying things that Peter never really said kind of insinuated. He wasn't completely over Madison but he never was on the mound jrue. He knew what he was doing and Madison. She's all in. She's crying. Which by the way. Listen I act- I really like Madison? I think that Madison held her own. The entire season sticking to her values not backing down But also she back down a little bit when she gave Peter the ultimatum and then she kind of just went right back to him last night when Chris Harris Winter. But I guess you know love is love and Madison are in love and she really feel strongly about that. What is she supposed to do? No say right Chris Harrison. And we've obviously seen this happen before like in different ways but we have seen the bachelor proposed to a woman who that he then decided was not the right woman and goes to the to the runner-up essentially and they're still together happened with. Jason happened with Aria Those Cup. Those relationships are still going on now. I don't necessarily feel that way about Peter and Madison like we see Peter Madison. Chris Harrison Flies Madison back to La. Peter surprised by Madison. They talk and then that was like the end of real footage and we then we have Madison in Peter in front of us on the live show and also would like to say that the Christmas and conversation the whole like. Barb could not even look at the screen like she could not even watch. But it's happening. She was rolling her eyes she was she kept talking like running. I can't believe this. This woman know the cameras on her. Does she really not give? Its she either knows and doesn't give a fuck or is oblivious to it but I think she knew she was just like I'm GonNa Voice my opinion by rolling my eyes and doing all these crazy things. I couldn't believe how fooled we all were by barb. When we first saw the Webber family we rely era angels. We love the Webber family. We Love Barb. No Barbara's crazy. The Webber's are crazy. Who also felt that way Madison when they went to renewing of the vows date and Madison? Barbour like best bugs. Oh I think you're so great. You Make Pete so happy. They're touching each other on the arm. They're taking the picture of the four of them and then come to find out that she hates Madison. Three hours you're done. That's so. Barb says this whole thing right because of course. Barb needs to talk at this point. Listen I will say. Barbara's crazy I don't agree with WHAT BARBS DOING. But having barb on this show fantastic work absolutely a plus and work by this team for granted show. Tv SO SHADOW TO BARB ON THAT FRONT. But Barb acted like a crazy person because she was like. Oh Madison made us wait three hours? This the other thing to meet us. You already met Madison when she was at your vow renewal right in beginning of the season. She's in the family pictures that barb is probably burning at this very moment. Those things have been living on our so. It was very confusing to see the way she acted and I thought okay. We're about to see barb talk. She's GonNa be like listen What you saw me the way I acted you know I was really excited about Hannah. And I'm sorry I. It came across the wrong way to Madison because it was live. She knows the reaction from night one. She could have been like you know what I understand that it came across this way. I'm rooting for my son. I'll get to know you madison. We'll get to know each other. Maybe you guys will last. It is what it is. I just really liked Hanane. Bartman say any of that. Barb said Peter has to fail to succeed. His friends think thinks it's doomed. She doubled down big turning to Mr Weber. Saying say something bad helped me in Spanish thinking. Nobody will understand what she saying. Scum microphone on her. I don't know what she was thinking. Like why people speak Spanish to a lot of people speak Spanish and also like you have a microphone. Even if you whisper you can probably still pick up. What pick up while you're saying it was so uncomfortable because like reliable thought. Maybe she would be like. Yeah hand. An but as soon as the canines beautiful kind and she was so nice to me is just like it's all about her all about bar. We'll hand was real nice me and Mattie. She made me wait to see her. But like Peter and Madison were going through a really difficult time and they were really arguing in Madison really. Didn't know what she wanted to do. And I feel like she's pretty valid to like be hesitant about spending time with Peter's parents after they just had that conversation also knowing she's about to walk in and have to talk about her sex life to these people like yeah. You're going to be uncomfortable. Maybe she didn't put her best foot forward because she was like well. Shit now I got to go talk about how I don't WanNa have sex with Peter's mom like that is so uncomfortable and Peter's mom gave her no. Barb just gave her absolutely no leg no room to to mess up. No nothing the by the first mistake she was totally out on her and Madison even on the live show handled. It's so well a Christmas like Madison. It you would you like to say something she's like. I look I'm not gonNA say anything bad about lady. That's WHO's the slave. What's happening? And Barb acted like you know. If you're thinking about real life right thing about the the amount of times parents meet some one of their kids significant other and isn't totally crazy about them. The first time or second time their weight them then they get to know them. They really become part of the family. Things are great. They end up married. Everybody loves each other. Barb didn't even give Madison that room. She she didn't allow any room for them to grow in a relationship and first of all. This is even about barb. This shouldn't be about whether or not barb and Madison are GonNa get along. This is about whether Peter really loves Madison. It seems like he really does. But I don't know how Madison and Peter can go on now after the performance bar on and we shouldn't let barb control our relationships and this is why I want Peter Madison last night. You tweeted is it and what I what I've been seeing a lot of well barbs ultimately going to be right. She's GonNa be right because Peter and Madison don't really like each other this relationship. It's not GonNa last sure. Maybe that's true and that's fine but she went about it the wrong way. It's everything that you guys are saying. She gave them no room to even give it a chance. It was just like no I like an more. I don't like Madison at all. She made me wait a bunch so I'm not even going to let it. I'm not going to give it a chance so now if the relationship doesn't work out which there's a good chance that it won't people are going to be like barb was right. Barbara's right she technically was right but she went about it the completely wrong. What sucks is yes. I personally do agree. With what Barbara saying that. You know their their values and their lifestyles are not going to Mesh. Well now they could prove everyone wrong and their love is so strong that they're gonNA make it work. But Barb saying this all on live. Tv does not give them the opportunity to try like she took that away from them completely like if she had waited to the show was over and she can voice their opinions to Peter and private. Which I'm sure she does plenty of times but it's like there's no. There was no for her to do it. Live was just so inconsiderate to her own son. Who is trying to make this relationship work and now everyone in America is like oh well you know. I'm now peers. Mommy is not in on this so you might not work and just like. That's not the energy that they need. It was just so weird storms. Sound like how hard is it to say you know? I have my doubts. But we'll see what happens and I just want my son to be happy body being inappropriate way it go about doing. Can you imagine what she says behind the scenes and there's no cameras if she's willing to go at Madison like this with her son like this when there's millions of people watching? I can't even imagine what she's like. Jason's MOM tweeted. It's so Algiers. Antarctic's mom responded to Jason's tweets and said you had one job. Barb support your son and welcome Madison to the family. Tell her that you look forward to getting to know her. How hard is that? Oh yes smile and all you have to fail to succeed is one of the lowest comments not even on TV. Just life in general if you tell someone you look at them like you have to fail to succeed. That's not a person who has your best interest at heart rate. Not even close. It didn't have to be said she didn't have to say half the things she said because like I tweeted. This is not the barbecuer. I'll say it again. I was so proud of that. When I flew off my fingers click sent. I was smiling from ear to ear. So I'm just a great day just felt great last night And I we put up a shirt on sale. Don't be a barb. Go Buy it. And somebody. Some people were commenting like. This is bullying your bullying. Barb listen this is not bullying. Barb were saying just. Don't act outright crazy. Like BARB. Did because Barb was straight up. I mean she was mean. You can't watch what happened last night on the live show with her in the box rolling her eyes comedy door husband making those comments to Madison. You can't look at that objectively and be like. Oh that's normal baby. Yeah that's normal behavior for a person because it's not. Do we think that barbs husband has had his own thoughts in thirty years? That like I could not believe that she was like you better back. You better back me up she. It was unbelievable. And now it's so weird because everybody's on social media right so like Pete's brother is on social media commenting on instagram being like it's reality TV Madison. Got A great edited. Got Great Edit like. Why do you think the only people that have met her in real life? Don't lie you know like being like Dave met her in real life so they see how she actually is. And they don't like her. And how America Caesar's how they want how they wanted us all to see her and. Why are Vince? Madison is the most pure person we've had on this show. What is going on? It's just it's one thing. They love sex acts. They're willing to take down the family name in because they love second right. And it's one thing to is one thing to not like your brother's girlfriend or your son's girlfriend or whatever but they just have taken it to the next level where they're like ripping this girl apart publicly. Which is very very weird. It's all very weird like the Webber Family Weird. Shit's going definitely. Start WITH BARB. She is just yeah. Yeah it was really was really uncomfortable to watch and hostage. I mean there's no whatever is so whipped. Oh my gosh. When we didn't need to see her whispering him Tim and Spanish being like hey backed me up here are kind of. I'm in too deep. He didn't he didn't have a word to say before that. Not a facial expression. He's just along for the ride and he's just. He's a hostage yet listening guys. Don't hold me to the things I say during the bachelor recap because anything. Flies Peter's a pussy because Mr Weber's Opposi. Oh and that's just that's just facts. Barb runs the Fam- oh she is the boss. Yeah one hundred percent. But it's Eh Blake like I said. Don't hold when I say during the back to the recaps just fly out just one. I and I feel. I feel very bad for Madison. I and the whole thing was also very uncomfortable like Madison. Peter just as a couple were pretty uncomfortable like they looked uncomfortable on stage. They didn't seem like they didn't really know what to say. Peter didn't really know how to explain their relationship. We got that whole like one day time bullshit. So they're already clearly struggling and on top of that. Barb just absolutely went in and got all of her all of her thoughts out of Madison. Probably NOT GONNA WORK. Yeah. Let's talk about that. Obviously probably not but to have your mom on live TV. Say Look Gross. Sometimes we have to fail to succeed was unbelievable and then the whole frigging plays booder like the whole plan here. He's out of he's ash-trays luggage. I would've loved to do that. I wish I had this is I wish I had been part of that live audience because I would not stopped doing until barb left the building. I just WANNA stood up and booted sir. Please sit down sir. Please sit down. No I would've booed for an hour straight if I had to also one thing that I wanNA mention. Is that throughout this season? We've talked about how we weren't sure if Madison and Pete would be compatible because of their values but if they like each other they like each other and listen. I would have still felt that way if barbed step into the picture. Barb now makes me want Peter and Madison to last forever. You know what's you know? It's pretty strong spite. And I hope their relationship lives and thrives for decades off of purely spite. I know that they're not compatible. Pete love sex the entire family boy did they love sex Madison Religious Virgin. Not that into sex but I hope that despite they come together because I don't think Pete and Barbara can have much relationship after this. I'd be stunned. I just hope that Madison. Mp They come together and they're like we hate barb so much that we're going to make this thing. I can't believe that this show has actually torn. Peter's family apart like not only has this kind of ruined relationships for Peter. This is also ruined his family like his family is all torn up about this. Let's talk about the theories now but I I wanNA talk to you guys quickly about something that bothers me on a daily basis. It's spam phone calls. I've talked to you guys about this. Before spam phone calls drive me absolutely nuts. I'll get a call about my car insurance. I'm like listen lady. I don't have a car so I know you're lying to me. I'll get I'll get calls about my kids in school. I don't have kids. 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These spam callers down had to robo killer dot com slash chicks on your mobile device now to download the APP new users get robot killer free for seven days. Now get out there and stop those spammers again. That's rogue killer dot com slash checks like we said we don't know if Peter and Madison will last but now there are these crazy theories because Kelly was in the audience and here we go again. She wasn't the woman tell all she wrote. I don't know why Emoji with the hand lifting. Now she was in the audience for the finale and she replies. I don't know why once again with the EMOJI. I don't know now. People are saying that Peter and Kelly are actually together and dating. That's why she was there but Madison and Peter had to put on this show because of their contracts. And that's why. Barb was so upset. And now barb is commenting on all of. Kelly's picture not all of Kelly's pictures but she's commenting things like you're my favorite so beautiful and classy. We need to get lunch. So what is going on and it leads back to Peter's family following Kelly on instagram. This theory is crazy. I don't know why they wouldn't just go with that. Because that would have been the crazier finale. Even though this was so crazy if Kelly all of a sudden came back from the crowd on the car now all of a sudden Kellyanne Peter would be together. That'd be insane also important to know that Chris Harrison looked at Kelly was like. It's important that you're here. What does that meet me? I could be the theory or that could be. Hey we didn't invite you to the woman till all we feel bad about your important Kelly. It's important here that I don't want to believe I wanNA believe crazy theory and I also think that I think. Peter's family is is nuts. So like worldspace makes this makes a lot of sense now on why? Peter's whole family follows Kelly like they probably all love Kelly and they clearly have no problem publicly saying that. Peter picked the wrong person. Like you know what I'm saying. Like they have no problem throwing Peter under the bus and being like Peter's making bad decisions. We love hand and so. I don't think it's surprising at all that they follow Kelly because they're all probably like well we'd love Kelly. Why aren't you pick Kelly Peter like it's it's I don't know if it runs like really deep enough or something's going on with Kelly who knows but like they're you know. Screen shots are going around of of conversations of people claiming that they know that Kellyanne. Peter are together like the instagram account. Not Skinny but not fat posted screen shots of a text conversation of someone saying I think there's a reason Kelly was there and then they continue to say that she was chatting with a girl who lives in her building and not person is best. Friend's cousin is Kelly and she told me that Kelly was there because her peter actually together now and mattias targeting some guy in seminary school was only for show. And that's why it's parents were so upset and there was another screen shot of what looks like a facebook group of someone saying okay. I'm not sure how true this is but my brother just called me with some piping hot tea. Peter's brother is currently wasted with some friends and said that Peter Subah Kelly in between the Hannah and break up and getting back together Madison. Which is the reason. Kelly was not invited to women. Tell all and is in the audience for after the final rose so those are two slightly conflicting things like maybe he did sleep with like maybe you slept with Kelly in between and then word got out and they were like. Let's have Kelly here just in case shit hits the fan of let you know and is I- weeding get Hannah and mentioning any names during their break up like she mentioned names on stage but when they were breaking up she just kept saying? You betrayed me but there was no mention of any names or why he was betraying her. Wouldn't they use that though? Like wouldn't saying when w finale ending if he? Kelly is really felt like there was a gap pretty glaring gap when she kept saying the words but trail and were breaking up. And I can't believe you did this. You didn't follow through on your engagement your commitment to me but what is that. What is if he was really with? Kelly? I mean if he was really with Kelly. I don't know why the show the live show would have ended with a medicine and Peter have this conversation but that goes nowhere because surprise. He's really dating Kelly. Come on down would have lost the eleventh floor of my building. I would've jumped out of my window just because I would have been so surprised that opportunity that live exactly jumping out of that window. That's why even though this theory and if people are saying that that's crazy but they would have shown that they that's the craziest so good people walking hoping I know Kelly end up to do to right. He had a great vibe and even her exit from the show. It wasn't like wasn't the connection wasn't not there. It's just that she was kind of like. I don't really like being on the show anymore. But they clearly before the show had a connection there and I think it could definitely still happen. Isn't it crazy that while we were watching this show? Hannah and Peter were engaged like there was a moment to that and there was a and we're running around engaged and we didn't know now thinking about this. When we interviewed Peter on February fourth it was like a couple days after he had an procup. Shit get because. They said that they broke up like right before the Super Bowl Super February second that he was in Miami people were saying he was acting single. That's because he was sure that he came on and he came on the show and he was single at that time. We'll look when we think at one point we ask them like what's your you know you can't tell us what what's your status now and. I think you look at the people that was with him and he was just like. I don't even know how to answer this. Because everything is in such flocks that makes sense that he had just broken off the engagement with an. Because that's because he didn't know what was going on. What relationship status he's like. I have no idea. Here's an idea. We were right when we said we think Peter Single though we kept saying we think Peter Single and uh it seems like we were right about that centering. He was because he had broken up with and who knew vibes from him in that moment and we were right. Yeah we were just didn't think the engagement he was single because he broke off an engagement with Hannah start. It didn't work out with Madison and all time. We just thought that he was going to be on after Madison. She was going to run away. And that's why he was saying no point that I think no one really neither did I. Then because of the barb drama and everything that happened there was really not a lot of time left on the live show because Barve really took up a lot of it so claire Crawley our new Bachelorette got about. Three minutes was not not a lot of time for but Chris did say something funny when she came out he was like you. Sure you WANNA do this. Oh yeah watched. Hey this train wreck of the season like you get to do it soon. Bubbly and happy acting like she didn't think this was going to turn into a complete failure. Yeah it's it's it's insane and I don't like barb talking to her. After the show was making me laugh. It seemed like Barbas flooding her with compliments. Because you could see Claire going like Oh thank you so much. This is another thing. I think. Barb has watched way too much of this show in her life like I think she is way too much of a fan and now she's on the show. I think this is. I think that has to do with a to have that in common. Just wanted to be on the show so bad but it's like I said during the after the first night she said Hannah Abi she saying she said. Dm's last night which was weird. Even her even her son or other son saying oh she got a great edit. Something's going on with this. But they're just huge bachelor fans and now they've just been thrust into that world and they're not handling it that well at all yeah and unfortunately the ending we have or not unfortunately but we do have Peter and Madison. I think trying at least I don't know how not lasted backstage. Probably five minutes right up since teno demanding Easter Sunday together. There's no way it's too soon and bar by poison madison if that was the case also not to like keep digging into it but if they were to potentially keep fighting and try to make this work combined. Family gatherings are just not going to happen. Because Madison's parents their beloved child that they adore so much like we saw that are not ever going to talk to a woman that shit on their daughter live on. Tv like that like that. They could never do group family events ever. My parents would not least with the way. Barb active quite would break no way so. I think it's all pretty much. Jim Exploring Barb. Coming on stage all tackling Chris Harrison. Hannah and comes out. She rips a he'll offer foot she's going. After the whole thing I wanted to have tweeted before Mas- and came out on stage being like I need barb tool he's back it up like backup the IRA's backup the chitchatting with the Hudson everytime as onscreen. I wanted them to actually physically fight. I think that would have been hilarious but we got about as close as you could possibly get if Madison reciprocates the energy that. Barbara's giving her a fight. Madison is smart enough and mature enough to be like. I'M NOT GONNA say anything bad about you. I'm just kind of doing my own thing if you don't like that then that's your problem but if Madison had been like you know fuck you like Kelly comes. I raise brawl and they're just would've been a lot of fun thing. Is Madison handle this in the best possible way that you could? Although we wish we could have seen a bra like that would have been amazing to see Madison. Be Like fuck you barb. You know what fuck you heels off and just running towards her hair on barbed could've stood up for Madison. Little Peter got absolutely destroyed by his mom. Like she's MOMS embarrassing him on my way and he had no like he and I know I understand. It's his mother and he loves his mom but lake he could have said mom please like enough is enough. You know like and there. There's an there's a way you can do nicely and he just absolutely floundered so both. Wasserman had a pretty poor showing last night. Yeah it was. It was tough and we saw. We got initial cast members for Claire Season. Today I have thought and there are a lot of young is like now. They still could add some. They could cut some but as of right. Now there are twenty guys between the ages of twenty five and twenty eight and eight guys. That are thirty and above. You gotta you gotTa Find Way. More guys at their third. Aren't they're great guys in their thirties? That can go on the show. I'm so confused. Maybe those guys are smart enough to not go on this show. And there's a huge gap between twenty and forty olds. Who might be part of? I think you do run the risk where it's very easy to get people in their early to mid twentieth. Because they're like yeah. That'd be a fun experience. I'll go on TV and that'll be exciting as you. Go Into Your Thirties. Midday early mid late. You're Kinda like not doing that. I'm just GONNA try and date in. The real world doesn't work it doesn't work like I don't know if you're going to get a ton of thirty five thirty six zero guys who also probably not as interested in the potential fame. That could come with your offer. Maybe have established careers or not trying to jeopardize that. They're not trying to be an instagram model. And then they get to their forties and they're like shit. I'm going through MIDLIFE crisis. Maybe I do want to go the Seems like that's where the gap is. There's like forty two year olds and then there's twenty five days I have one very very strong stance about the contestants. Just one maybe not. This one's just the strongest one. The Tyler see guy. He's gotta go. He has to be removed. Tyler's not allowed to be another tyler. See on the BACHELORETTE. They need to retire his Jersey up. No Tyler sees allowed on the Bachelorette. Why are you going to ruin this? Good name. Think you've got to do that with a few people like Hannity and up in the rafters. Tyler is certainly one of them. Maybe Victoria F. I don't know if you can have another Victoria Avenue. These people who are almost iconic in this world. We recognize them immediately. Tyler see I can picture with that is you. Can't have another one again. Have Tyler see from morgantown? No go buck wild from morgantown. West made me miss the show. Buck wild a lot. That's why I said that but I saw the name Tyler seals. They'RE GONNA have no offensive this guy but I mean he's no tyler see so nobody nobody especially this Tyler Tyler. Seaport changes name the actual doses like the hottest person to ever appear on the show. Now you got the other tyler. Who was like why. What is that tyler? See doing to his life winning Michael Jordan your life. But I'm not the one. I'm you to suck exactly. I mean sorry but and original Tyler. Tyler. See Matt James. His best friend is going to be on the season. He He's twenty eight. We'll see what happens. Listen I think that he's a great guy? Hung out with him before a very nice funny guy. I think he's going to be great on the show. I think he's an early contender for the bachelor. Yeah I think he could be a great pick for the bachelor because unfortunately that I am rooting for him. Of course but I don't really know of him and Clara GonNa work out but you know yeah. Once again it gets dangerous when we actually like have met people that are going on the show. Like not gonNA work out but honestly like clarice going. You know she's going to be thirty nine and mattis twenty-eight like and I think they're just living different lives who knows so we haven't watched the show yet. Maybe they will listen and anything can happen. But Twenty six twenty seven twenty under like. That's a pretty big gap. Oh yeah and I know. We'll get more into income and they also they're always an A. Cast those age range especially for the show because think about how young all the girls are from Peter Season. Those are the ones that are all going to be on paradise so like they're going to need paradise guys from this group so they're gonNA have to have a group of young guys but they need. They definitely need to have some older ones. Just because I also think like this process is so long so so many of these younger guys. I just feel like it's GonNa feel like so. Many of these younger guys probably went on thinking and Madison. Kelsey Kelly like you know they had that probably in their minds and then it's clear and like they're like oh well they're still going to go on the show. Obviously but it's like not. I feel like not what the expected. Maybe and then and then. I feel I feel fake like then it's like okay. This twenty five year old obviously came on because he thought it was going to be Madison as the Bachelorette and now it's clearly a force that he's like so interested in Clare. You know like I just feel like I do wonder how much really young ones it's just gonNa feel very forced. Yeah I think you're right. Also Claire might just be like Sia. You could just be like. How old are you twenty three. Okay Packer Bat. Yeah I know. Hey if you're under twenty four raise their hand get yeah. That'd be great. Yeah Yeah I mean. I don't know if she can actually do that considering the casting but it would be good if she did it. Yeah and I guess we'll see what happens. I think you know. We're we're rooting for love. This time around. We got drama. This season real. I'm I'm rooting for. Maybe a stable relationship to come out of this because if it doesn't happen this season. I don't know if it's happening at all of like things just not really work in paradise. Hey great great work. People seems to be working out. 'cause that's more natural. It's more just like hey you gotta you gotTa pick here. You got to pick and choose. There's multiple options. Not just. You're forced to like them. They're all they're all people who kind of want the same in life. They're all working at influence your life you know kind of all in the same place so it works. I don't think you're going on paradise unless you're ready to give up your your normal everyday life nine to five job Oh Yeah Yeah you have to be ready for that all right. I think that wraps it up. Oh we have any shed a tear right now. I don't want to lose. That's quite a fall from grace for. Barb is all I will say Peter and Peter an awful season from Peter. I'M NOT GONNA. He was a really bad bachelor. Like Peter Nice Guy bad bachelor. See We've been saying that the whole time a he is a nice guy. He seems Nice. We met him seemed really nice but like bad with relationships and maybe bad to women. That's the thing like an after last night. It's Kinda like what can we actually say about right up until that point kind of fumbling through. It's kind of like that friend that is a nice. You'll love hanging out with them. You have a great time. But they are bad daters and they are not great and relationships and they make mistakes by yourself friends with them anyway because he's a good friend but Victoria but they always fucking stock as like a boyfriend. But Barb we watched her previous all season. Long Her crying it became like Colin jumping the fence. Sort of a thing. We were looking forward to now. I look back on all of those and I'm like I'm just mad. Yeah we were ready to be screaming. Bring her home with. Barb and we were totally against making bring her home shirts. Not Don't be a barb shirts. Yeah we were rooting for barb. To become like this funny Internet mean that we could all kind of enjoy and now it has completely gone the other way where I if every time I. I've seen her today her picture. We have always been blogging between about it. I just feel like I feel uncomfortable. Because she scary. Go Buy your. Don't be a bar shirts and while you're at it also by your luggage guy. Trent shirts because you know what the season gave us besides disaster and was frontiers. It was trying. Yes you got to my point. I was about to say it was trained as a very kind. It's been quite a whirlwind. I still can't really believe that happened but it was. It was awesome. It's fun to be the luggage. I hope to continue to do in the future. So look out for that but people have been very nice and very supportive of the luggage guy thing which is cool. Yeah and we are very happy for your time. We hope you see you in the future doing it. Although I don't want people to keep that on their brain unlike when you pop up as surprised who knows what may or may not happen but you gave us great laughter during the Season Try. You really did. It was a huge highlight of the season. By far I think everyone including Chris Harrison would agree with that. I'm in that last part. That's the part that warms my heart that Chris Aronson that I met him that he knows that I exist. That's really the ultimate path and just break everybody's hearts a little bit more before we end sorry to ended on a sad note. We were supposed to interview Chris Harrison. But we are not because money's can't everybody cancelled because of the krona virus wants to virus. Yeah it's going to happen eventually. We working on moving the date because he will come on this show. It was supposed to be on Monday though. And it's just not happening now on the Koran of Corona. What perfect timing that would have been with all of this shit? That's why we were so excited. We're excited at any time to have Chris Arison. He will come on the show. Trent you'll be back to talk about. I'm sure The many other shows that are coming out. Are you guys watching? Listen to your heart. Listen to your heart. We'll talk about it with you because I think I'm going to watch it. We have to. There's no way I'm knocking exactly. We hit imagine that happening. And we're just like yes. Oh we oh we don't care about that. Of course we care. I care very much about that. All right well. Thank you to everybody for following along with us this season any new listeners. Welcome I'm glad you joined us. Anybody who shared our podcast with their friends and told them that our bachelor recap is the best. Thank you for that. We we really appreciate that and were excited for the bachelorette. We WILL TURN BACK TO REGULAR SCHEDULED. Programing this podcast talking about all the hottest pop culture topics so. I hope you enjoyed this season while it lasted so bad back though. Banding minded is Cam. Do Don enjoyed only bad Batu happen out? This way I think has so much crazy John what smart that's raw. She's smart fraud. The links a took only only.

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