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at some point between eighteen thirteen and eighteen fifteen a salvager named Joseph Tillett took a vacation with his new wife Polly to a cozy spot near nags head North Carolina. One night while he was taking a solitary stroll across the beach till it came upon a shipwreck near the shores of the town of Kittyhawk. This wasn't unusual for the time the war of eighteen twelve was raging up and down America's east coast. The waters were treacherous and infested with pirates and enemy ships shipwrecks were common tell it wasn't one to let good scrap go to waste and he decided to investigate the rack. He didn't find any bodies or bloodstains, that may have indicated the ship was hijacked, but he did find soap dresses and other finery. Is that could only belong to a wealthy woman, what stood out most to till it was an intact portrait of a beautiful young woman. There is no label on. The canvas to indicate who the subject was, but till it concluded based on the dresses. He found that the woman in the painting must have owned the items he discovered she had been a passenger on the ship before she met some mysterious fate till it took the painting and hung it up in his own home years after tell it's death a doctor and his daughter would come across the portrait in his wife's home after treating her for an unspecified ailment over the course of a century scholars and historians would try to identify the woman in the picture, which came to be known as the Nag's head portrait, though. The subject's identity has never been confirmed. It has long been suspected that she is the Adoc a-, borough Allston the daughter of vice president, Aaron Burr Theodosius lived a historically significant life, due to her infamous father, but she is best known for this in late. Eighteen twelve. The Adoc Lia boarded a ship bound for New York. She and the rest of the crew were never seen again. Hi, I'm Molly. 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We'll be looking into Theodosius Burr Allston a socialite and daughter of Aaron Burr, the third vice president of the United States. A New Year's Eve eighteen twelve she boarded the transport, ship, the patriot to travel from Charleston, South Carolina to New York and was never seen again. When Theodore show Burr, I vanished in eighteen thirteen for father, Aaron Burr, and the rest of the world, generally assumed that for some reason, or another, she must have perished when the ship, she was travelling on sank. But in the decades after her disappearance, a number of strange coincidences, and mysterious figures, would turn up that seemed to indicate there was more to the story did the Doshi Burr, Allston die. When her ship sank due to a raging storm or list there, a more sinister force at work. Could it even be possible that she survived or fateful journey in this episode will discuss three theories as to what became of the patriot? And Theodosius our first theory is that the Adoc show was the female stranger, a mysterious and identified woman who died in Virginia under odds circumstances for years. Hours after the Adoc disappeared. Our second theory concerns, the Nag's head portrait, which has long been suspected of featuring Theodose Theodosius. It's subject. The portrait was found on a shipwreck in nags head, North Carolina, and may suggest that the patriot was overtaken by storm finally the third and most popular theory is that the patriot was captured by pirates will explore numerous conflicting reports from supposed members of pirate crews, and we'll waive the likelihood that the Adoc. Oh was forced to walk the plank. Theodosius whole existence was brought about through scandal when her mother also named the dough Shia and her father, I began their courtship, it caused controversy across both sides of the revolutionary war, Aaron and the elder Theodose show met and fell in love in the early seventeen eighty s at that time, the Adoc, then known as the Adoc a- bardo proposed was married to jock Marquez proposed an officer in the British army Aaron and Theodosius shared a lover philosophy and debate and wrote frequent letters to one another in which they challenged each other. Intellectually, a recurring topic of their debates was the morality of adultery, which naturally was relevant to their situation. There's no evidence that the ever acted on their attraction until after Theodosius. First husband died in seventeen eighty one however only half. A year after his death, Aaron Burr and Theodosius Bartow proposed were married on July sixth seventeen eighty two although they never had a physical affair. Their marriage was still a subject of gossip. And disapproval, the Adoc show was ten years older than Burr already had numerous children was not wealthy and wasn't considered particularly attractive in contrast Burr was rich educated and a war hero, who seemed to have a prosperous career ahead of him, the patriarchal society of the time, couldn't fathom what a woman like the Adoc ah had to offer Burr, but Burr was unlike most men of that time, centuries before the modern feminist movement. Aaron Burr was actually an early proponent of women's rights his views were largely shaped by the book of vindication of the rights of woman by Mary Wollstonecraft this book built on the growing. Dialogue of the revolutionary era in argued that women like men had a right to basic human rights Burr found Walston, crafts, arguments, persuasive, and with live his life advocating for gender equality as burger, and Theodosius formed, marriage based on love and mutual respect Aaron and the Adoc had four children. But two were still born and another died at the age of three their only surviving child. The younger Theodose Burr was born on June twenty-first, seventeen eighty three she had five half siblings from her mother's previous marriage bird doted on his daughter and strive to provide her with the best schooling available in those days. It was common for young boys to receive a classical education, while young girls were encouraged to focus on more feminine pursuits like music and poetry, but Burr insured that Theodose received the same. -struction tutoring. Her half brothers did in doing so he prepared her for the public and sometimes difficult life of being his daughter. After the revolutionary war. Burst served in New York state assembly for a number of years before transitioning to national politics when he was elected to the United States, Senate in seventeen ninety one Burs new political duties required him to be away from home frequently, but he didn't allow physical distance to prevent him from maintaining a close relationship with his daughter, Bor. And eight-year-old Theodosius wrote to each other frequently he continued to encourage the Adoc it to pursue her education, even though he wasn't around much to preside over her schooling. Still by the time Theodose show, was ten years old. She'd already learned French, and Latin and had read several classic works literature as a girl. She was not allowed to attend school, but she was educated, by the best tutors Burr could hire the Adoc took naturally to her lessons, and was possibly the first woman in American history. Chrissy, the equivalent of a college education, the Adoc success in education, only served to confirm bursts theory that women were intellectually, equal to men in a seventeen ninety three letter to his wife, burrowed Feodosia, quote. But I hope yet by her to convince the world what neither sex appear to believe that women have souls. Yes. That was considered a progressive attitude in the late eighteenth century around this time tragedy struck. The Burr family, the Adoc ius mother grew ill from stomach cancer, her doctors were unable to successfully treat her and she died on may. Eighteenth seventeen ninety four though they had always been close the Adoc Lia and her father's relationship became much stronger after her mother's death. They shared a strong bond, the dosa grew into adulthood. In addition to her intelligence and wet. Feodosia was considered a great beauty in her day by the time she was seventeen she was educated and had her share of suitors, none caught her attention, quite so much as Joseph, Allston a southern plantation owner, at that same time, Burs political career was taking him to new heights after a failed presidential bid in seventeen ninety six Burr had returned to his law. Practice in eighteen hundred birr along with Alexander Hamilton represented Levi weeks, in the first ever murder trial, in American history reported via recorded transcript burn Hamilton's efforts, led to weeks acquittal and made both men nationally famous Burr, utilized this momentum to make another run for the presidency in eighteen hundred elections at the time were different than they are today instead of putting forth, a presidential and vice presidential candidate. Each party would run two candidates, whoever received the most votes would be elected president and whoever received the second highest number of votes became vice president Burr was the less favored, democratic Republican presidential candidate running alongside and against his fellow democratic Republican Thomas Jefferson, he hoped to finish, the presidential campaign in second place, where he could serve as Jefferson's, vice president Feodosia assisted with the campaigning hosting numerous parties and awareness movements to rally votes for her father, the politicians she encountered during this campaign where charmed by how intelligent and well, educated, the Adoc approved to be a visiting friend of Burs John Davis described the Adoc Lia as quote elegant without us tentation and learned without pedantry, and quote the mayor of New York Edward Livingston, once joked, that Theodosius had such an. Natural spark. She could ignite a worship. Feodosia wasn't able to focus her. Full attention on the campaigning. However, she was distracted by her courtship with Alston, which grew more serious and passionate despite the Adoc is believe that she was still too young to marry on December third eighteen hundred the electoral college cast its votes for president and shockingly. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied for the next three months. Congress held numerous runoff elections, but thirty five ballots failed to give either candidate the majority necessary to win the presidency finally Jefferson was able to strike a deal with one of burst supporters Delaware's congressman James buyer, Jefferson convinced by to abstain from voting in exchange for Jefferson adopting policies favorable to buyer, the ploy worked and on February seventeenth eighteenth, a one congress elected Thomas Jeff. For Sohn as the third president of the United States. Aaron Burr took the vice presidency that same month in February eighteen one, the Adoc and Joseph Allston were married. Wealthier Doshi was eager to begin her new life as a married woman. She also wanted to show her support of her father's political career the couple cut their honeymoon short and on March fourth eighteen o one. They traveled to Washington DC to see Aaron Burr, take the oath of office for the vice presidency during the presidential election and the early years of his vice presidency. Aaron Burr continued to clash with secretary of the treasury Alexander Hamilton over a number of personal political and ideological differences there few deepened throughout Burs political career while bursar device president, the Adoc you gave birth to her first and only child Aaron Burr, Allston on may. Thousand nine eighteen oh to Feodosia labor was difficult. And she suffered a prolapsed uterus, she survived, but would spend the rest of her life struggling with repeated bouts of illness and ongoing pain. She was also unable to have another child Burke continued to split his attention between his political duties, and his daughter, and new grandson. Meanwhile, his rivalry with Hamilton grew worse by the day, Hamilton Burr engaged in a series of increasingly combative correspondences, while Hamilton, also wrote publicly about his distrust of Burr, and strong belief that Burr was not the kind of man who should be trusted with public office worse Hamilton allegedly went, so far as to imply that Burr, the Adoc had some kind of inappropriate relationship, he didn't outright say the word incestuous. But the implication was there when Burr. Learned of these salacious comments. He demanded Hamilton apologize Hamilton refused. And the correspondence between the two men grew increasingly combative soon Burr felt there was only one avenue available to him to preserve his honor. And that of his daughter in late June eighteen o four. He challenged Hamilton to a duel. 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Birch challenged Hamilton to a duel at seven AM on July eleventh eighteen o four Aaron Burr, and Alexander Hamilton met in a field near we Hawkin New Jersey, although New Jersey was one of the many states that outlawed dueling the field was a common location for such matters. Dueling was a controversial practice. At this time. It was more common in the south but northerners often participated as well. It wasn't unheard of for a man to decline a dual, but even when, when did occur there was ample opportunity for the participants to avoid fatalities, often one. Or both dueling participants would fire into the air in order to fulfil, the technical requirements of the dual without injuring the other party on other occasions, doers would fight until first blood was drawn allowing participants to end the duel with a minor injury rather than death burn Hamilton's dual would not end so amicably. Bursch shot Hamilton in the stomach and the bullet lodged near Hamilton spine Hamilton died from his wounds the next day and word soon spread that the vice president of all people had committed murder Feodosia didn't know about the dual until she heard that Hamilton was dead. Still her first reaction was to jump to her father's defense, even as the rest of the country seemed to turn on him Burr was charged with murder in both New York, and New Jersey and couldn't return to his home in New York without risking arrest. So long as Burr continued to serve as vice. President he enjoyed immunity from the charges. However, he suffered public, disapproval and feared the fall from his duel with Hamilton would only grow worse with time about a month after Hamilton's death in August. Eighteen o four Burr relocated to South Carolina, where he stayed with the Adoc Lia, while continuing to carry out his duties as vice president, the southern states were more accepting of dueling culture, and Burr's, reputation was less weaken their than it was in the north for a brief time, Theodosius her husband, Joseph, Allston their child and Burr lived, and idyllic, life together Burr. Doted on his grandson and daughter and sent numerous correspondences seeking the clear his name and reinstate his reputation. He encountered another difficulty during this period. However, the Burr came from wealth and had a master fall. Version of his own. He had never been great with money, his many years of working to provide the Adoc. Oh, with the best life had to offer as well as his own weakness for the finer things had left him in considerable debt. And now that his reputation was in the gutter his creditors were beginning to hound him. It was only a matter of time before Burwood have to move on. Burst term is vice president ended in eighteen oh, five naturally, he decided not to run for another public office as he doubted, anyone would vote for him, but he was still ambitious and eager to rebuild his reputation. So that same year, Burr, headed west to the unsettled territories, it's unclear if he had a solid plan when he first set out, but Burson became embroiled in a plot to steal territory from the United States two years prior in eighteen o three the American. Government had purchased a massive piece of land in the Louisiana purchase this territory, had not yet been broken up into ratified states. But the process was underway by eighteen. Oh, five at that same time, the stirrings of revolution had begun in Mexico, Mexico is still a Spanish colony. But was now demanding liberty in a move that threatened to draw the United States into an international conflict with Spain. It seems that Burke turn this turmoil to his advantage and lead the Louisiana territory to succeed from America with himself as its new president in the fall of eighteen o six Boura symbol, the militia in New Orleans, attempting to either stage, a rebellion or March on the Mexican border, he conspired with his friend governor James Wilkinson who oversaw a part of the Louisiana territory. What bur didn't realize was that Wilkinson was less trustworthy than. Seend a double agent selling American secrets to the Spanish Wilkinson was opportunistic and cautious of his own secrets Burr seemed almost delusional during this period in his letters to the Adoc during the time burst spoke of his intention to become an emperor and said that the Adoc oh, would inherit his crown one day and rule as empress of Louisiana. His plans never came to fruition, in part, because Wilkinson betrayed Burs confidence in reported Burs, plots to the US, government Wilkinson had probably determined the likely scenario that Burs rebellion would not succeed, and he cooperated with the US in order to ensure he would be under less scrutiny in the coming trial in eighteen. Oh, seven Aaron Burr was labelled a traitor, by the federal government. He fled to Spanish Florida, but was arrested on route and formerly charged with treason. It's unclear. Clear, how much the Doshi supported her father's plot or what her thoughts were on her potential future, as an empress, regardless. She continued to act. As a passionate advocate on her father's behalf even after his arrest. She and her father maintained their correspondents throughout Burs imprisonment and trial honest third eighteen o seven Aaron bursted trial for treason in Richmond, Virginia, at that time, it was very difficult to prove a treason charge in a court of law, and Burr was eventually acquitted, although he still had outstanding murder charges from his duel with Alexander Hamilton. The treason case had overshadow the earlier scandal Burr never stood trial for that earlier crime. Although, births, gaped consequences for the murderer and his attempted conquest of US territory. He couldn't escape his dad's during Burs period of legal troubles. The Adoc had tactfully managed or fathers win. Bling finances and helped hold off the creditors. But by eighteen eight Burr, couldn't hold them off any longer after winning his case Burr, left the United States and relocated to Europe fleeing his creditors and his political troubles Birch owes the self-imposed exile, but the Adoc continued to be publicly vocal about how the leaders of the United States had wronged her father. She began a letter writing campaign on her father's behalf begging her contacts to welcome back to the country and assist him with travel expenses, the Adoc e even wrote a letter to the first lady Dolly Madison on June twenty-fourth eighteen oh nine. In the letter she wrote, quote, why then is my father banished from a country for which he has encountered wounds and dangers and fatigue for years. Why has he driven from his friends from an only child to pass an unlimited time inexorable? Two years later, Theodosius wrote an appeal to the secretary of the treasury Albert gallatin, her letter, dated March, ninth, eighteen eleven read, quote recollect that I have seen my father dashed from the high rank, he held in the minds of his countrymen, imprisoned and forced into, exile, musty ever ah main, thus excommunicated and singled out as a Mark for the shafts of calumny, and quote, she managed to raise some money, which she sent to her father overseas Burr was eventually able to return to the United States in eighteen twelve just before the war of eighteen twelve broke out he lived near Boston for a few months before returning to his home in New York in June of that year for a time he lived as Aaron Edwards, which was his mother's maiden name. So as to avoid his creditors. He also urged the Adoc Lia to visit him in New York Theodose show. Oh, was busy, though, that same year? Her husband, Joseph, one is election for governor of South Carolina. He moved into the governor's mansion while Theodosius remained behind to manage the family, plantation. Unfortunately, the victory was soon undercut by tragedy in eighteen twelve Joseph, and Theodosius. Ten year old son, Aaron Burr, Allston contracted malaria, the Adoc ah called for the best medical treatment, but there was nothing to be done on June thirtieth eighteen twelve Aaron Burr, Allston died. The Adoc show was stricken by grief and her husband was too caught up in the duties of his governorship to be of much use to her. The shock of the loss gravely impacted the Adoc itself. She yearned to travel to New York to be with her father, but had to wait several months before she was strong enough. Even then her husband couldn't go with her. It would be bad form for a new governor to leave the state, so soon after an election, although it was rare in those days for women to travel alone, the Adoc Lia, once again, demonstrated how liberated she was when she decided to go to New York on her own travel, by sea, was dangerous at that time, due to the ongoing war, when the conflict initially broke out between the United States and Great Britain in eighteen twelve the US had a small navy with approximately sixteen ships since the United States didn't have the time or the resources to build a naval fleet, they licensed several privateers to harass British ships privateer in was legal and sanctioned by the government in eighteen twelve licensed privateers were legally permitted to seize British ships, and keep whatever valuables. They found as payment for their services. The goal behind privateer ring was for private merchants to assist, the US war. Effort by making the waters around the United States and safe for British ships as the war went on conventional transports became rare and travelers had to turn to privateer ships, if they wanted to journey by sea, the Adoc a- booked passage on the patriot which had formerly been a privateer ship the route from South Carolina to New York typically took five or six days. The passage was risky as the waters were crowded with pirates and worships in particular ships often ran aground on the shores near nags head and Kittyhawk the water. There is shallow and rocky and captains, sometimes crash there pirates were also risk as they often took advantage of the poor sailing conditions. They attach lanterns to horses and walk up and down the coast at night. When ships all the light, they'd steer toward it believing there were following another ship through treacherous. Wha. Others. Once the ship ran aground pirates would seize whatever valuables, they found on the rack there is also the matter of the British blockade which the patriot would have to pass through on its route to New York, though, Aaron Burr was now a disgraced former statesman, the British may still have seen the Adoc as a potentially valuable prisoner, if they stopped the ship, all in all this was a very risky time to be traveling by sea. But the Adoc determined as ever wanted to see her father and would brave journey. No matter the danger her husband, did his part to make the journey somewhat safer. Joseph was able to secure a diplomatic letter which would give the patriots safe passage through the British blockade. Aaron Burr was also concerned about the trip and the toll it, my take on the Adoc era. He wrote to a friend. Dr Timothy green and asked him to accompany, her on the journey green the. Adoc a-. Boarded the ship on December thirty first eighteen twelve two days later, on January second eighteen thirteen a British ship stopped the patriot their blockade once the British read the permission letter and confirmed the identity of those on board the patriot. They allowed the ship to continue on its way, this was the last reported sighting of the patriot and it's passenger, the Adoc, Lia Burr, Allston the same night, a storm began to rage outside of Kitty Hawk, and nags head the British ship stationed there. Scattered driven apart. Violent waves on January fifth eighteen thirteen Aaron Burr went to the New York docks to wait for the patriot to arrive for the entire day. He waited and waited and waited. He came back the next day and waited more. The ship, did not appear soon Burr was forced to acknowledge the clear truth. The. The patriot had been lost at sea, and all on board had died in the years decades and centuries, after she went missing theories would still abound, as to what really happened to Theodosius Burr, Allston, we'll discuss these theories and determine what we think most likely happened after this. Richard, and I have some exciting news for you starting now. You can listen to gone episodes, that are older than six months completely ad free exclusively on Stitcher premium. We are always looking for ways to improve listener experience. We found an amazing partner in Stitcher to bring you episodes, ad free six months after they are released again, this will only affect episodes older than six months. Nothing else will change will still be releasing new gun episodes, wherever you listen to podcasts for a free month trial. Go to Stitcher premium dot com slash podcast and use promo code park cast that Stitcher premium dot com slash podcast and use promo code park cast. Now back to the story. In early January eighteen thirteen the patriot a privateer ship turned transport vessel vanished somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean between South Carolina, and New York, among the missing passengers was Theodosius Burr, Allston daughter of disgraced former vice president Aaron Burr in the months that followed the disappearance, a massive search ensued. But no shred of evidence existed to reveal what had become of the patriot Burke continued to return to the docks every day, even as it became increasingly unlikely that the patriot would appear and deliver Theodosius back to him to this day. No one can be sure of what became of the patriot the Adoc Burr, Allston or the other people on board. Our first theory involves the intriguing events of October eighteen sixteen nearly four years after the notion disappeared and. Unnamed man and woman disembarked from his ship in Alexandria, Virginia and arranged for a hotel room at the city hotel. They refuse to tell anyone their names, although they did introduce themselves as husband and wife. The woman was gravely ill and the man called for a doctor. A doctor soon arrived at the hotel to treat the woman, despite his best efforts the woman succumbed to her illness on October fourteenth eighteen sixteen. She was buried in Alexandria with the gravestone that listed her only as the female stranger, some have speculated that the female stranger and her male companion or Theodosius Burr, Allston, and Dr green the female strangers. Mysterious illness could have been tied to the Adoc, -is ongoing health issues that had plagued her ever since her son's birth in eighteen to, however, this theory doesn't account for the four year. Years that passed between Theodosius disappearance and the female strangers. Arrival in Virginia presumably, Dr green and Theodosius faked their deaths and were secretly living together, as husband and wife until the Adoc is death. There are no good theories as to why they would do such thing and dishing Lii. There's no reason why Dr green and experienced doctor would need to call another doctor to treat an injured or sick, the Adoc, if she really were-they Adoc Burr, Allston, Shirley, Dr green could've treated her on his own most damning about this theory. However, is the fact that the story of the female stranger is entirely impossible to verify while the female strangers grave exists. The earliest story of the sick woman, and her male companion didn't appear in print until fifty years later when a local newspaper published an article explaining how the grave of the female stranger came to be seen. Soon other newspapers and magazines expanded upon the story of the female stranger. It was around this time that people I began speculating that the female stranger was Theodosius Burr, Allston a theory that remains popular today. There are no hotel records to support the idea that an unnamed man and woman checked into the city hotel or call the doctor mandate. Additionally, the female strangers grave states that she was twenty three years old. But if the DOE Shia Burr Allston had been alive in October. Eighteen sixteen. She would have been thirty three years old. We'll probably never know the identity of the female stranger or what led her to die alone and unnamed in Alexandria, Virginia. One thing we can't say with confidence. However, is that she probably wasn't the Doshi Burr Allston this naturally raises. The question given all these. Discrepancies. How did the Adoc Burr ever get linked to the mystery of the female stranger in the first place, it's actually unclear? We cut surmise that the mysterious circumstances of the female strangers. Arrival in Virginia and her sudden demise led people to look at known missing persons to try to explain the mystery. Maybe it was just a slow news day. One of the prevailing factors in all of these there is, is how they tended to be propagated by news media, without much diligence done in terms of actually confirming the facts as such a lot of the assumptions about what happened, the Adoc are more rooted in rumor, than fact, our second theory is that the patriot crashed on the shores of nags head North Carolina. The key to this theory is a shipwreck discovered there by Joseph Tillett shortly after Theodosius, disappearance the exact year of the discovery isn't clear. But it was like. Some pointed eighteen thirteen in addition to women's silks, and other personal items Tillett found an untitled painting that would come to be known as the Nag's head portrait Tillett gifted the portrait to his wife and the couple displayed it in their home for decades afterward. Though they never mentioned to anyone how they had come across it because they didn't lead anyone back to the rack no investigation followed their discovery. The wreck has been lost to time decades later in eighteen sixty nine Dr William pool was vacationing near nags head when he was summoned to the Tillett home for a medical emergency. Joseph Tillet was dead by this point. But his wife, Polly was still alive, when the doctor saw the portrait, he became intrigued, especially when Polly told him how her husband had come across it. He ended up accepting the portrait as payment for his services pool. As a fan of history. And he was a million with the story of Theodosius disappearance. He knew that the date and location that till it found the portrait were consistent with the last known location of the patriot based on these facts pool concluded that the Nag's head portrait may be clue regarding Theodosius fate in the years following Dr pool contacted any of the Doshi surviving friends and relatives. He could find to determine if any of them thought the woman in the Nag's head painting might be the Adoc, he received wildly differing answers, the though, she's husband Joseph Allston had already passed away by eighteen sixty nine but his younger sister sits. She recognized the Adoc in the portrait's is others insisted that the painting could not be of Theodose, some have speculated that the Adoc a- might have issued a painting of herself which she brought. On board. The patriot to give a gift to her father when the patriot wrecked. The painting remained behind as the last trace of Theodosius Burr, Allston. There is no record that the Adoc actually traveled with the painting, but that hasn't prevented many from speculating that the Nag's head portrait must have belonged to her pools. Obsession is the main reason that the Nag's head portrait is often linked to Theodosius this would in turn lead to the conclusion that the wreckage the Tillett found was the patriot this theory raises several questions including what caused the ship to wreck. And what happened to the Adoc should during and after the crash, if the Nag's head portrait truly is the Adoc Lia Burr Allston we can conclude that the ship was not sunk in a naval battle at sea, nor did it fall victim to pirates since the portrait, and other valuables were still on board. When till it founded and pirates with. Likely seized the wealth rather. The ship was the victim of the rough storms that were reported on the coast during the period when the patriot would have been traveling north to New York. Of course, there's always the possibility that whatever, misfortune befell, the patriot came from men, rather than nature, our third theory is that the patriot was attacked by pirates and the Theodore SHA perished during or shortly after the capture this theory includes several uncertain details due to the conflicting and contradictory evidence that has come forward regarding pirate attacks against the patriot on may twenty third eighteen thirty three a newspaper story ran in mobile. Alabama that covered a man who claimed to be the pirate who forced the Adoc to walk the plank, the doctor who heard this man's confession refuse to a dentist by him out of a desire to respect his privacy and. That of his surviving family without more information about the man who made the confession or the doctor who reported the story to the news, we can't assess how likely it is that this story is true. However, that story's veracity would be called into question in light of later. Conflicting confessions. That would be reported December thirty first eighteen seventy four sixty two years to the day, that the Adoc boarded the patriot the Galveston daily news, published a story in which a man named geom- teast Keller stray claimed that he was a crewman on the pirate ship vengeance. According to Cala stray, the captain of the vengeance captured the patriot and took the Adoc prisoner. But she died during their journey to Galveston bay, Texas. Another contradictory account of Theodosius death at the hands of pirates was published by a local newspaper in battle. Creek Michigan on February fourteenth eighteen eighty this story covered a recent deathbed confession from a man named Benjamin f burdock who claimed he'd murdered, the Adoc according to Berbick he lived as a pirate and his crew had captured the patriot during its journey. They plan to execute everyone on board. But all of the pirates were reluctant to kill the beautiful kind Theodose eventually they cast, lots and Burke, was the enforcement man test with murdering the Adoc a- Burr Allston. Bird set up a plank on deck Theodore. She didn't protest her fate, but did ask for time to prepare herself for death. She was permitted to change into a white gown and Fitch a bible from her room, strong and fearless. She stepped off the plank without a word and sake into the ocean. The story that ran in battle creek didn't say, whether anyone had attempted to verify the confession yet another variation on this story. Once more from the Galveston daily news published on April, thirtieth eighteen eighty six features a man identifying himself as w j J. He claimed he'd her deathbed confession from pirate, who captured the patriot and witness the Doshi execution by walking the plank about twenty years later on August fifth nineteen o to the Chicago Tribune ran a story similar to. The one originally published in the Galveston daily news, according to this newspaper article a woman named MRs cassia, Macomer was the woman who cared for Benjamin Berbick in his old age and she heard his confession in this version of the story Theodore show was given a choice to become the pirate. Captain's mistress or killed the Adoc chose death. But after she put on her white dress, and fetched her bible, she prayed out loud on the ship's deck. Swore that God would curse the pirates for their murderous ways then leapt from the plank Macomer believed that Burdette had never told anyone else's story. And she may have been unaware of the earlier news story on Berbick after the elderly pirate told his story to Macomer she kept his secret until she was eighty three years old, then as she neared the end of her life. She related the story to omit. Again, notary public named Freeman Atwell the to Benjamin bird stories are incompatible with many of the details. We know about the ocean life. She was never religious. So her prayers, divine curses, and insistence on dying with a bible in her hands seem uncharacteristic. Additionally real pirates rarely forced prisoners to walk the plank. The trope was an invention of the literature of the time. And first appeared in the seventeen twenty four novel. A general history of the pirates by Daniel Defoe if the Adoc Lia Burr Allston had been murdered by pirates. She almost certainly would have been killed some other way finally the Burdette confessions, describe the seas as calm, but the route the patriot followed was hit by a severe storm that raged January second when the patriot was last seen. And the next day, January third most damning of all, however. Ever is how similar each of these stories are to a novel published by Charles gay in eighteen seventy two titled for Nando delay mose truth and fiction. One chapter of this novel told a fictional account of how the Adoc Lia was captured by the famous pirate captain Dominique, you much like Burdett's testimony a decade later. The novel describes how after you captured the patriot the crew killed all the men on board. Then you ordered the Adoc to walk the plank which she did without protest in the novel. You confesses to his crimes against the Adoc on his deathbed detailing, his life of crime, and murder to the doctor who attended him, given the similarities between these numerous newspaper confessions and the fictional novel. We're skeptical of all these claims it seems quite likely that the letter from the man who called himself calloused. Stray was a hoax capitalizing on the attention being paid to Theodosius disappearance and to objections at the time as for Benjamin bird IX, two different confessions. It seems likely that either burdock Macomer, or the journalists who reported on the later confessions livened up an ordinary man's death by plagiarizing. Gary in the press. Clearly, these stories can't all be true. If one or more of these stories were accurate, it would suggest that various members of the same pirate crew all gave nearly identical sounding deathbed confessions. Instead, we believe most of the self proclaimed pirates must've been lying. It's interesting that the mystery and conspiracy of Theodosius disappearance have persevered as long as it has in these cases loved ones close to the missing people usually work to continue. The search spreading awareness and praying that they may one day. Be reunited, but this was not the case for Aaron Burr, until his death in eighteen thirty six Burr maintained that the Adoc had most certainly died in a shipwreck. He spoke of her disappearance saying, quote, she is dead. She perished in the miserable, little pilot boat in which she left where she alive, all the prisons in the world could not keep her from her father of all the theories, we have to conclude that Burs assumption seems the most likely the patriot has too dangerous waters during stormy weather and an accident in those conditions would have been quite likely. And if as many believe the Nag's head portrait was the Adoc -is, it's unlikely that pirates would have left the valuables behind on the rack the evidence that the patriots sunk off of nags head in stormy weather is just too compelling. Given how clear the solution appears? As it may seem strange that the Adoc est disappearance is considered so mysterious to this day, but people love stories and the romanticism of pirate attack, or a fake death are just too irresistible given how famous the Adoc was and how poor fact checking allowed unverified accounts to be repeated in numerous newspapers, the loss of the patriot has taken on an almost legendary status after a life in the spotlight marked by scandal. It seems that even in death cdo show, Burra Allston has been unable to escape rumor speculation and the whims of public opinion. Thanks again for tuning into gone. We'll be back in two weeks with another episode, you can find all previous episodes of gone as well as all of park casts, other shows on Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts. Several of you have asked how to help us, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help is to leave a five star review. 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