The Old Photo Album


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These fountains have some rather intriguing pertains. If you'd like to hear that then go to get sleepy dot com slash supports or. Just follow the link the sherry nights to learn more now. I hope you're feeling calm. Clear and relaxed. But of course. That isn't always easy to achieve. When our head hits the pillow there might be a lot of tension in your body. Annoys in your mind right now you might be able to make sense of it to identify different thoughts or it might oldfield bundle together. Like a disruptive pressure so if you are sensing any of that's on wanted noise or tension try visualizing a big bowl of yawn right now. You're holding it in your hand it's all bundled together in a twisting sphere of material and it feels quite heavy when it's like this in your palm. They spool of yon is much like your busy mind so simply placed the on the floor. Fine the tip at the end of the material and press one finger down on it then push the ball away watch as the strand unravels gradually and smoothly moving further away shrinking in size and changing shape. In just the same way. You can let any pressure on. Noise gradually unwind that bundle tension just rose out until the yon- is completely lose. No more twists nine more towns. Along lightweight tweet strand replaces the heavy cluster of the yawns previous form. A now you can relax so let's turn to our story for this evening. It begins on a clear day with a shimmering blue sky as betsy on parents drive through a charming area of british countryside as the family call pools into the long gravel driveway. Betsy combat contain her excitement. The moment they come to a stop she. I'm buckles has seatbelt and swings. Open the car with haste. She jumps out and runs toward the quaint old thatch cottage colorful flowers and plants decorate mma front garden lab looms reflecting against the properties creamy white walls a soft breeze rustles the tool beech trees. That's overlook the driveway. It carries with it the delightful scent of freshly cut across. But betsy doesn't pay much attention to any of that as she races. Up the gravel path leading to the house tiny stones crunch and skip up beneath her feet. butterflies bees and lady pads leap up from the flowerbeds. Suddenly awoken from the usual peace and quiet when gets to the front door. Betsy stands on hatay's towns and stretches out her arm to grab a short piece of rope above the rapist hanging from a small bowel on the outside the womb of the cocktail. It was only on her last visit that she'd finally grown tool enough to reach it with an infused pastic shape. Betsy dings the bell several times. Her mum following up the path to the front door reminds had daughter that just a couple of rings will do fine. That shuts the car boot carrying the small pink suitcase and a rucksack fool of patsies favourite toys with the bows chime. Still resonating betsy. Peers through a frosted glass pane and sees a sprightly figure. Walking down the hallway. The door opens with a soft creek. And betsy is met by the bright wholesome smile of her day. Grandpa he too has been excited for his granddaughter's visit. Welcome my darling. how were you he asked. Betsy jumps into his arms and give him a big warm hug. Did you hear the bell bazzi asks. I reached my first try her mom and dad choco as they follow on inside. I heard it loud and clear. Grandpa replies equally amused by his granddaughter. Though he might be in his latter years grandpa still has oh his wits about him. He stays busy looking after his cottage. Great pride intending to the garden. Both front and back. They always look vibrant and healthy. That's good timing. He says of not long. Put the lawnmower back in the shed adjust though across could do with a little extra trim his son and daughter-in-law smile greeting him with a loving hug of their own. The whole family makes their way into the sitting room. A pot of tea is on the table freshly brewed and still steaming biscuits and cupcakes to which instantly draw patsies attention. She asks i mom if she's allowed a cupcake. Only if grandpa doesn't mind says mom patsy looks up at her beloved. Grandpa you fill your boots betsy. You're using all that energy growing so toll after She grins gleefully. I'm picks up a cupcake and to biscuits with how rucksack of toys in town. Betsy runs out to play on the freshly cut known at the back of the cotton every fortnight. Betsy visits her grandpa's home for the weekend. It's a tradition. That means the world to both of them that c. finds that there is always so much fun to be had whether it's exploring the cottage and the gardens or playing games and jigsaw puzzles with her grandpa. Every moment is filled with happiness Close in the evening. He always makes a copy of delicious hot chocolate for both of them to enjoy before bad for grandpa. it's just wonderful to have some company. I'm betsy youthful exuberance. Keeps him on his toes. She makes him laugh and smile. We entire time which is all he could possibly want or need to. After sharing conversation over a warm cup of tea patsies. Mom and dad sat off back home. They have plenty to be getting on with this week. And the young girl pops back in from the garden to say goodbye but she has. South is in a hurry in a hurry to introduce to of had newest toys to grandpa's beautiful garden after cheerfully waving goodbye to his son and daughter-in-law grandpa makes his way out to the garden. Betsy is already immersed in her own little world. She sharing conversation toys. Oh touring her voice for each different character. Her grandfather stands on the patio smiling with affection. How wonderful it must be to have such a vibrant and creative imagination like betsy. He still remembers being just the same as a child spending hours on end pleasantly lost in the boundless excitement of the great doors. Eventually betsy spots her. Grandpa looking on from the shaded patio. Oh yes how could i forget. She says to her new toys. You haven't met grandpa yet. He's the chief of the garden makes the dumbest top chocolate. You're ever during. The young girl runs over to meet him making whooshing noises as she swears across the lawn. Like an aerobatics plane. Say hello grandpa she requests. He's always willing to play along so he greets each toy as if it understand him. It's nearly lunchtime already. Grandpa leaves betsy playing outside and pops to the kitchen to make some sandwiches. He takes out two slices of white bread for betsy and for him. It's two pieces of grun. His favourite filling is tuna and mayonnaise so he spreads a hearty portion of it across his granary bread. granddaughter profess jam or sometimes cheese as he has both options at the ready he makes a half sandwich lovie which should keep her more than happy to accompany the sandwiches. He pulls a handful of crisps on the side of each plate And fills two cups with cloudy lemonade. he puts the plates and cups on a large tray and carries it out to the garden table While seeing grandpa enjoy that lunch he asks if she would help him with an important task this weekend. He needs to tied in the loft and clear out some items to take to the charity shop. But it's a big job for him to do on his own. So betsy is. Assistance would be invaluable little face beans as she nods her head. She loves helping her grandpa around the house. Plus the possibility of finding some o- treasures is a very exciting prospect later that afternoon the to make their way to the upstairs landing. Grandpa opens the hatch from the ceiling above imposed down attached ladder. It folds out like a concertina undressed safely on the carpet below. Betsy kahn already smell an old. Woody sent floating down from the law. Grandpa climbs the fast few stack and tells betsy to follow him up once he reaches the talk The young girl steps up the fast to ladder rungs gripping family on the metal frame as she owns the metro surprisingly cool one half pounds considering how warm it is outside today as she gets to the halfway point grandpa reaches down and helps her up the last few steps. She peeks over the hat trick entrance to see what awaits in the sparsely used space. How is are meant by a golden beam of some light shining through a small circular window at the front of the cottage not true light brightens the whole life span. Betsy glances across and see some dusty. Oh draws a few stacked boxes filled with ornaments and a large display cabinet sporting some shiny trophies and medals. It's a fascinating space. Low beans stretch across the slope ceilings. Even betsy has deduct her head to avoid some of them grandpa flicks on a light which brightens up the corners but haven't quite managed to catch the sun's gays. Betsy is instantly drawn to the trophy cabinet. What might to one of the shiny cups and figures represent um her grandpa explains that most of these trophies and medals were awarded to him back when he was a young adult. He used to compete in rowing competitions. I'm was quietly actually back in those days Betsy fill surprised. She can't really imagine how grandpa racing around in a boat. he's often sighing about. He's a key back but all of these awards must mean. He was an excellent rower. One time in his life. One glistening gold medal draws her attention impotent cure. It's the largest medal in the cabinet with detailed engravings of a race boat and a pair of oars criss crossing through the center. A grandpa kathleen removes it from the carbonate as he hands it to bazzi. He tells her with this medal is he's most cherished. It was one in a famous historic race on the river thames. He watches as his granddaughter. Takes the meadow in her hands. All struck by its prestige. I've been on a boat along the thames. The class betsy with pride we went right under tower bridge. I could see on the road. It was amazing grandpa smiles. I thought just the same thing when i went through that he replies. Betsy clasps the medal tightly between her fingers. Thick gold colored metal fills heavy. and i'm breakable. She sacco's half thumb over the engraved image and writing it feels so smooth and glossy an object of great elegance. Many items of memorabilia are safely stored away in the old law. Grandpa won't be letting go of these. They are truly priceless but there are plenty of other things that over the years but he doesn't need any longer. Grandpa asks patsy to help him so through som items ready to take to the charity shop. The loft is tightly packed with all sorts of house. Swear old clothes and pieces of furniture. The two together deciding which items grandpa has little or no use for any more. Betsy takes charge of neatly packing the claims while grandpa collect some of the heavier items into a dedicated area of the law. A couple of hours fly by unnoticed. Betsy is completely engrossed in her task. Which is nearing completion as she reaches into a black sack pulling out lost pile of clothes to sort through something small on soft drops out onto the floor. The object is light brown colour plump and fluffy it has landed face down. Sarah takes a moment for betsy to realize what it is. A young ow. Curiously picks it up brushing off. Some dust collected from the floorboards a delight. She turns it over in her hand and is met by the sweet face of a cuddly. Teddy bear the smiling toy is looking little worn and rugged it's dark brown padded paws have some rough patches and the threading on its nose is slightly loose but this teddy bear is the most adorable soft toy. Betsy can ever remember seeing looking over from the opposite end of the lost. Grandpa sees the. Betsy has made this special find how wonderful he calls out navigating the wooden beams as he comes to take a look himself. I haven't seen they little shop. For years maybe decades. Betsy hands the petite barriere to her grandpa who crouches down to tell her about Believe it or not this tatty once belong to your dad. It was present on his fourth birthday when he was even younger than you are now and for years after. The two of them were inseparable. Betsy is a gleaming with astonishment. In fat grandpa continues. He used to swear that this little guy was. He's lucky charm he took him everywhere and said the toffee always kept him safe Toffee betsy says inquisitive Yes that's what your dad decided to call him. Betsy sits staring at the bad and looking at the fine details. Toffee is blessed with carrying is a cheerful smile and even a neat bow tie below his chin. Grandpa handsome back to betsy Why don't you keep him. He asks it would be a shame to let him leave the family. And i'll bet your dad will be so happy to see him. Betsy grins from eight to in. As her grandpa passes the bad into her loving arms she squeezes it tightly. Feeling toffees cuddly softness and warmth Thank you grandpa. i'll take extra special care of him. The old man nods with a grateful smile if the teddy brings as much joy and reassurance to back see as did to his son. He knows she'll treasury it for years to come. The final task for the two of them is twenty out the chest of drawers. Grandpa knows they'll be somebody out there. Who love that moore hog new look. That's still in excellent condition so deserve to be put to proper use again. One draw is littered with some old tools. Used batteries paperclips and our beds. Another has a few piles of paper. Scruff te and creased in places most are old utility bills and documents that will worth keeping for a year or two but by now may be shredded and recycled as for the bottom drawer. It is completely empty except for one solitary item. A bulky navy blue leather book. Grandpa lifts the book out and places it to one side will keep a hold of this one. He says with a quiver of emotion in his voice. What is grandpa at the kindly. Old man explains that the object but appears to be a book is actually a photo album. It is filled with precious family memories from the past relics of years combined. How 'bout we bring it down with us. And i'll show you some of the pictures after dinner. Grandpa suggest. Betsy agrees intrigued to find what memories this photo album might home betsy and her grandpa and joy. It unleashes dinner a traditional pie which he tends to cook for her on most visits. It's a recipe. He's used for as long as he can remember. And it's always a hit a as soon as betsy finishes her lost mouthful. She reminds hat. Grandpa about the photo album out as he always says the dishes want clean themselves so the two together tidying up the walk tops and washing everything up once. The kitchen is looking spic and span again. grandpa boils up his famous hot chocolate. He brings to steaming cups of the delicious warming. Drink into the living room. Seeing grandpa sit on the cosy sofa and he picks up the photo album. Ready to take a trip down memory lane. Wait grandpa says the young girl. She jumps up and runs out to the whole wayne when she reappears. She is hugging her newfound teddy bad between her arms toffee will love looking at the old photos to she declares as she rests back down by her grandpa's side. She takes a sip of how warm chocolate drink and snuggles back into my sofa with the fluffy back on her lap. Cram pass slowly turns. The album open to its fast. Page quote is written on the inside of the cover. It reads precious memories. A life's greatest treasure Turning three the patriots. The photo album is like a time line of family. Life father proof of grandpa with his race banks and medals images in black and white with faces. Betsy doesn't recognize thome. Some of the people have strange hairstyles and a wearing unusual outfits. At least compared to what. Betsy has used to grandpa goes through each of the unfamiliar faces one by one telling his granddaughter who they are and why they were so special to him. Memories of his own. Youth flashback as he recounts stories with his own parents cousins and other relatives as grandpa continues to turn the pages. The photos go from black and white into hazy cholera increasingly becoming more vivid. Page off the pain. It's his both a timeline of family. Heritage und- of technological progression. There are photos from family holidays. Beautiful scenes of the countryside all over britain even a few beaches and sunny scenes from holidays abroad. Betsy sees had dad in many of the photos to begin with. He is no bigger than she is. Now in fact she even sees a lot of similarities in him to hassle. The same light wave. He had the same button nose and a cheeky grin that she too often pose for photos. He looks a little more. Grown up at the town of each page. As grandpa goes to move onto the next. Betsy stops him suddenly. She spotted something in the background of a photo. It's a picture of how that playing with a train set in his bedroom. Botin mcchord betsy. Conceit toffee the teddy bear. He is setup rested against the headboard of the bed. Oh yes says grandpa. Your dad insisted on having coffee by his side whenever he was sleep with that betsy squeezes the carly bag even tighter to bali feeling the same comforting presence but toffee used to bring to her father all those years ago Throughout the photo album there is one unwavering theme each and every page emanates the truest love and happiness a family bond but was at the heart of every part of life. Betsy feels blast. Knowing that her parents have raised with just the same love and care that around is bestowed upon them. She takes a final set of how hot chocolate. I'm puts the cup down on the side at sees failing roth a tired after another fun filled day with her grandpa as they continue to look through the pictures. She snuggles up to her grandpa and rests her head on his own with her new friend. Toffee the teddy under one. Betsy shuts her eyes within moments. She slowly drifts off into a pleasant sleep Makram pass smile. Neetu singh an. It's just him looking at the photos now. He tries to keep still say the. Betsy can snooze here for a little while. A nice moment is just as precious as every other in the photo album own Feeling gratitude for the love and kindness Of his family power shuts his eyes an diocese into a peaceful dream film with happy memories. Oh oh A

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