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Welcome to the Banda history. This week we have a very special piece of content and I'm GONNA. Give you guys. This is an interview. I conducted with the magnificent garth Hudson a few years back. I don't think he really needs an introduction, but garth Hudson is probably the most underrated part of the band, most likely the most important member of the ban and somebody that we still have here to cherish from the band. It was a pleasure a few years back when I got to interview him. Now some context on the interview I was working on a project richer manual at the time. So most of the interview is recounting darts experiences with Richard Dairy some general ban talk. Some stuff about Garth, but it was mainly about Richard. Additionally for many years Garth has been known. By a lot of people as reclusive or giving a lot of interviews. In the interviews that. He does give certain. Individuals have commented on the fact that he's not a good interview. This has persisted especially since the last waltz. That conversation has been renewed with his non-participation. In once brothers, the thing that we have to understand about garth. Is that garth lives? In his own particular world, and to give you some context here. we set up an interview time with Garth. He was being inducted into the London Music Hall of fame, and he was making an appearance and performance there and we had set up an interview late morning early afternoon we had set up. We were doing video and audio and he didn't show up. We waited for six hours before he finally arrived so that goes to show you that garth does things on his own now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but he can be can be a subject interview. We had a sat series of questions that I was hoping to ask him, and he does answer quite a few of them, but additionally he he likes to go off on his own different stories. Stories and things like that, so it's it's very hard to keep garth on track, but one of the most brilliant things about that is. There's a bunch of things that you don't ask him that. He just tells you. And like. Wow, that's that's cool information so All of the things that normal interviewer would get frustrated with they processed, but you get all these little unique gems out of interview like this. And the last note before I show you the interviews because garth was so late, the room beside US had filled with a bunch of people that were waiting. For the ceremonies to begin gas and other individuals, so there was quite a bit of noise that we couldn't control. But what we did was we tried to do as much imposed here to minimize the noise and guys. It was back so we try to really make sure that you could all here. Garth first and foremost and I've overdubbed my questions. The original questions I asked. I've overdubbed with new reporting, so you can clearly hear the questions. So without further ADO, this is my interview with Arthur. What have you been up to lately? Geel. In a row. and. They're doing the line Schwab. With Neat Museum musicians, and they're all excellent. The head through the feed and so on. and John Time conducting edge. He did in the original. Production Show I. Told John You know, we want to leave New Zealand. Best friends with the piano player. Layers. Best friend with the. Sound reversed. Technical people. With, piano players on. We'll listen again or I will send. What ice? Station listen to regarding. Richard's work which goes on through all of those? Almost every song. Recall, energy in energy players and a half talk. Voice. He's a fine line sharing. His Way. Back. Few, listen very closely. It's that his rhythms. Argumentation Soho. Nude work patterns in. Grace notes. One name is. Push Beach. With the Ron. And Show you have to listen and I will do that again. Copies of, little sections. Showing. Her sure did what made Richard a different type of pianist? Unlike anybody else. That I have heard Jim Masheder. Energy Liar. Send. Sean focal point going into A. Group that you know. You've heard to play a little bit. You would get together with the piano player and say on. Their few spots each that should be looked at but. Should we all gather in the booth in the control, room. Listening for that. One, history the piano. the players should also. Action to you very good. Nowhere. Can Induce style. And Energy. To the performing song. There are spots where. Be New now. Richard was a crucial element to the band's sound. Take him away. And how different would the sound have been? Knowing bettern Richard Manual in the world at that time. Of the ban, Shaolin Okay sound if it doesn't have his. It's. For other guys. He was a union player has. Jackson's dynamic as far as vocals but also. Complimented everyone on stage. Vis consisted energy style. We could brain. Four hundred words. More to add to that chapter back certainly. Put Your on. Mission to. Your manual as you guys through the. Temple? With. Choosing the sample and maintaining chambal. How did that work in conjunction with CEO? Leave on hell. Leave on hell, so Richard was his favorite drummer. Richard will pick up the drums. Unorthodox style house. He played backwards. I think. Some of the time. And it's. What is the? Word for. Drummer. Gene crew of We listen to richer and take all much. With Richard, also sitting behind the kids sometimes, how did leave on him Richard Approach? Who's going to tackle a certain song? Shirt. Sticks. and. Lee Courage Jim the play. No and they flew together in. His driveway wow. For my wish for. December the. Dissemination of information should. On behalf of the band. I would look for. Maybe off happy TRAUM has. Videos. Happy Traum. Company? Instruction videotape. homespun tapes. We have to go to him quick. By the. Works near Woodstock into warehouse spokesman. Of. All, instruments. What I walked shook him dividing for me is. Richard Richard Manual paying jobs. Yvonne and Give a little. Short, lesson and The back and forth. Techniques. Budge. And maybe somewhere some forty would be. Sean. Somewhere A. Video! Of virtual playing. Himself, that'd, be. Take your meetings something with other players the rest of the band. Played at various. People. From around the world. But remember Leland shed. Richard Daniel, my favorite drummer. And you'd think well. He didn't pick cozy Cole or David David tough or Louis Dolphin or droop earth. Day the Khantun for everyday. Infrastructure again and say this guy. Great Purdie. One Filippini excellent. Back whole. Era Their age sound. And we were around. We heard, but. Know my favorite. Is Richardson. That's incredible. Richard had such a unique style and it was very loose. Look at Rag Mama Rag for example shop to me and you to look for other examples. We didn't bring. You something you'll be tempted as. Studio performer. We would be championed loop. loopy meet peak. At. Complete that was put on into. And you have drum as a piece. I will do that. Is Not. Something You'd immune last. Rheinische Three Days. was from time to time. Isolating his drunk their other players. I like to have. Josh, what did? Go over! I would and or have people come in help? Over job. which goes good with our? Do, you have a favorite Richard performance or one that people should really check out. Recommend that everybody listened through his. Record. A hitch it recording districts in pick their favorites I attract Malcolm and. For vocal. Manual int Oh. Georgia. Ohio the festival fresh. You'll see Richard Rick. Nash. Wanted to leave on always. Our for? Stars. Richard? ESTELA EXPRESSION! They. Tell. US quite a movie. which is great, they're. Walls. Would ever eat it. We should search. Listen through Shale jail jail. Evaluate Shush. Own! Word. You're doing that. BECAUSE WE'RE! What we're getting ready shortly, bash on. Social acted. Compilation. Richard Name. Voltage I'm I'm willing to? foreshocks I've shonky. Give it to. The music thing. Or down performer. Here phone J-. Writers rain. A words you. Wake sufficient Peter Approach. I think that was written with the big time. Big Time Sean big time you. Romney speaking of Ronnie Hawkins. What do you think Hawkins saw in a teenage Richard? Lugar footage of Richard With Ronnie. So. Richard Good. Rock players wow. Now we're getting somewhere Stuff to. Me and you so demere card. Give me a card. I mean come up with some thing which is. As extraordinary. She uttered. Of Radio Rain. Pretty good. And Lou Festival Express. Song and verse album. Him Sheri. Graduation, day! Eight eight number one. The Dylan Sean. What was it like recording that first album? Treatment for a first time. There we are in Chapel records studio. Was the deal has been made. Right out of the tournament? Truck. Down the street and. Capitol Records Studio. Issued Florence letter written worthy. NOPE, right there. What year! We'll have to write that down. The DIG. Even you know you could show very dishes. Every way together for. The first capital recording. Cheers. Like. Shane That's all for more. Let's look at Jim. Screw what? And another. Initial help in. Attempt to. Improve or Drew our own version. Style do you remember any of your earliest memories of Richard Playing? What? Actors! and Richard joining with Ryan. Deiss think rick. No Me Rick searched and then Richard a month or two. And then I. Joined up with Ryan and. I remember the. China nation. I think you'll hear. Who Hear. Later. Observed, manifestations. Every was. As a personality. And treated with respect you lights. The roads, but he also like. World sure. He likes. What sure. Boy? Actual name. Uteri peric, sometimes it would break a read. And you'll hear later on and. He would bring one in studio. Rat Laud. His original World Scher. Had Attachment Madan. Yano? NIEBUHR. Lowery. Company lowery organic. And you could add it to your initial keyboard even. Piano you could add. A bank switches anyway. Mounted. Above the. So when you push again now, it would draw a allow this pin in this assembly to drop in. That would open the circuit. And the circuit was. Louis early to. Oregon Shimla. The Oregon Oh folk. Yet on book so He'd be playing with the. World sure. PM shown. He could switch on Jurgen. Maybe would have Oregon likes out. Remember him using. Now in those early years. You guys spent a lot of time together in Garth. I know you were quite. The gearhead was Richard. Gere head did he really get into the nitty gritty in terms of the piano's? The wool sirs the organs. ETC, you reply remember him repairing. Rationing Lou Tengzhou CH- which they call read. That were. Could spare mother show have. Explaining, how the? Were Scher pianist in you follow. All that work. But it won't. Remember. When the group. After ninety, we. All. We played. into. Radio, young. Lauren guerrillas. In Ruin Quebec. Round. One. Shitty shitty. So. They had an old piano wood Jr.. Kings needed work some of the Connecting Raj runge. Would, he sticks the connected the key to hammered. Broken so Richard stained up when. All I think did should the next took it apart? Dude and I think US red and blue. Thing back together. This is Gregory. Up Rate. Bar. Who? Played! The radio. English, Probably still. came. Overnight in there on chairs. Table! He has all the action spread out us. Fixing it needed. And that was my interview with the magnificent. Garth Hudson. Senate off the top, but garth really is one of the most influential musicians in rock music. Pertaining especially to the Oregon. But also as a multi instrumentalist. Really at the end of the day I want this to live online as a document of his legacy as a magnificent. Member of the band as the most underrated member as the most important member of the band in my opinion and I hope you learn gleaned some information from this. You know we don't have these people forever, so it's really important that we document in distribute things like this, and and you even hear that Gar saying that in in in his answers. So if you enjoyed this. One here more. You know subscribe to this podcast whatever podcast platform you're listening to and find US online on social media. We're on Instagram facebook and twitter at the band podcast. Come join us there. There's tons of great content that we post there as well as if you have any questions for me, just reach out everybody. Thank you again for listening to this very special episode of the band history and we'll catch you next time.

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