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Today the fake eras who food New York and a close look at the inequality between London and the rest of England. Hi, my name is Anna Dalby Estee. We guys until last weekend. I have a question given a helicopter from the Marrakesh airport to go together Blanca airport tomorrow night. This is the voice of on a Dovy. Yep. In this video she's lying in bed in addressing out in one of the most luxurious hotels Marocco. Helen open have is it's usual. Tussled? Messed the young German heiress is trying to order a helicopter to take it to Casablanca. Let me ask you this. How how many people have you ever known who were millionaires who walked around handing out one hundred dollar bills to the front desk? Single molina. I can't actually answer that like that does not happen. No people who have a lot of money. Don't go spending all their money all the time. That is not the habit of somebody who is very wealthy. It just does not how they operate. The anime is no normal millionaire. In fact, she's not a millionaire toll. She's a con artist. But a contest he was taking on with great success. The New York art scene. It's such a story of our times. You know, she was trying to plug into a scene that is very oh currency at this point. You know, it is one based on money, socialites art, contacts fashion. Parties on a dove eight or an Oregon, which is real name has been found guilty of theft. And last night. I will be sentenced today. From the guardian. I'm Indian accent today in focus inside the answer can scam. On adobe had been a figure on the New York social scene for a few years, but we're gonna start historian twenty seventeen when she checks into eleven Howard five-star hotel inside. It's a very cool scene. It's very cool restaurant attached to it is become a hang out, come socialites fashion magazine. People Howley Freeman is a writer and columnist for the guardian. She used to live in New York and has previously covered fashion. She knew where to go. She knew where the scene she wanted to be in was and she checked right in and what she doing in New York at this point. Well, she claimed that she was setting up our Anna delve foundation, which was something like a fifty thousand square foot building that he wanted to lease that would essentially be an extremely pretentious private members club. I think she called it something like a revolving arts visual dynamic space or something which is basically word salad, but very credible sounding I lived in New York for a long time. And that is the kind of to be honest to be put bluntly that kind of bullshit that you hear from people like that in that area, and you get here too in London, of course, with people sitting up arts places where very rich people can come and feel like they have a proximity to artists. She's so she's trying to set up this off foundation and cheese, basically, moving money using bad checks. Forge. Statements between banks in a kind of quest to get to. I think she was trying to raise sixty six million dollars. She wanted to be member of the party scene, and what she did very cleverly is she got into the art world. The art world right now is a very much kind of celebrity based glamorous proximity to fashion type world so art festivals. Things like freeze or the Biennale lay the Miami art fair, they are as much a part of the social scene as fashion weeks, and maybe even more so and she knew that and she clogged right into it. And how she presenting has helped who she saying that she is. She was known as in New York. But it has since come out, of course, that her real name was Anna Sorkin, and she gave the impression I don't even know if she ever actually said it, but that that she's a German ARIS, and she was spending her time going to the right downtown restaurants the right downtown clubs Instagram herself at all the right openings at New York fashion week. So that her public image was very much one of European heiress? And so. Alight around town. She's one of those people that everyone knew that everyone was used to seeing in places, but she wasn't actually intimate with people. The people that she's she didn't have many friends to hang out with Neff Davis who works in the reception downstairs and Levin Howard, hang out with some Rachel Williams. Who's a photo editor Vanity Fair and Casey Duke who is a personal trainer. And these are all people who will have connections to the kind of world that she wanted to be into so either from working for them or else documenting them in the way in the case of Rachel, and she would just take them out for dinner pay for dinners pay for clothes. You mentioned Neff was the conceived the hotel she really get through swept up in on as world. When does she natives that things on quite right? So she notices weren't quite right. When her boss said, we don't have a working credit card file for this woman. This was one of the first signs that Anna's finances weren't what they seemed to be she owed the hotel around thirty thousand dollars through its series of fraudulent loans and Bank transfers, she manages to do a wire transfer to cover the first part of stay at eleven hours. Weeks. Go by on the hotel are still chasing her because there's still no credit card on file eventually the hotel changes the coat on haram can keeps hold of stuff. And this is when photographer Jesse hawk first meets her. She showed up wearing a black hoodie and very dis-. Shoveled in pissed off. She was unhappy with whatever was happening back at eleven Howard. This kind of my introduction to Anna jesse's introduced to identify his friend, Rachel Williams. Rachel is the fighter editor vanity fat. She and on a this point with very close as the night went on the started talking about they're going to Morocco on Friday. So when did you get invited on this trip and asked me, if I do any video on said, not really she said she wanted to know if I'd be interested in traveling with them and following her with a camera and a dinner. They did tell me this. We're going to Morocco going to stay the nicest hotel in the world. And they were like trying to downplay it the same time. They were so giddy about it that couldn't contain themselves. Oh my God. She must be loaded. I thought well, yeah. When Rachel said, well, the were staying in a private villa in. It's seven thousand dollars a night after dinner that night, I was walking Rachel home. And she was telling me about Anna and about the place they're staying and she showed me photos, and it's really the moon is a pretty extravagant hotel. I mean, it was pretty nice. And so if I can if she can pay for me to go with you on this trip. I'd be happy to go today may twenty seventeen Jesse Rachel on Casey set off from Neil. Anna is the only person I've ever known to board a flight and not bring any of her money with her. She didn't bring credit cards. She didn't bring bankcards nothing. She put it all in her checked baggage. And that was the most bizarre thing of the trip. And so I remember Rachel was already then buying whatever Anna wanted she was already spending money. What was it like? Everything is there. There's a spread waiting for you bottles of champagne were being popped. We were celebrating being in Morocco. And you know, it's like any other girl in her mid twenties. Who's on social media everyone walking around on their phone taking pictures videos of the house? We're about to stay in for the next week. Because it's it's a really nice. What did you do how you kind of spending days, then tell us what happened in the holiday? Okay. They would arrange some sort of private shopper. This and this right now in this. And then those not the big one. And the private shopper companies you throughout your day to escort them through the markets of Marrakesh take us to somewhere to eat lunch places to shop for rugs. The issues with Anna's card from the very beginning. She never I remember anytime we went somewhere Anna tried to buy something her card never worked. But nothing was normal about Anna when it came to finances. She night with you on holiday did you enjoy spending time with her. Evans, the most boring person I've ever travelled with ever. Okay. She lives a social media. She looks at trends to raise MAG, fashion magazines. She's speaks to whoever is that whatever hip party or event end. She learned from these people. She's just a chameleon in there definitely moments where you catch an-and. She has to two iphones and she's on both of them. And she's writing nonstop. I was wondered who she's talking to. She was either asleep on her phone or aiding drinking. Skinless very good too. My skinless gonna everyday. Those are the only four things I ever saw Anna doing well. If you don't wanna look vain, you probably shouldn't continue taking Celtics. I'm just saying. This holiday has become pretty famous now point did it really come crushing down things progressively over the next two days think Wednesday and Thursday things got a little aggressive coming from the hotel. This sorted asking, you know, whereas miss Delhvi stop being friendly, you go from staying at the one of the friendliest hotels in the world to suddenly everybody in at the front desk is not being friendly giving. She was just very persuasive. Charismatic. Why do you think they would have let her stay without that charge? If you worked at the front desk of a hotel in your client was spending seven grand night. That's not the kind of person that you are going to confront or even want to disrupt their stay. So she knew that. And she took that to her advantage anytime somebody would question her or talk to her. She would come back to. Them with an attitude suggests I can't believe you're even speaking to me, when did you all have to leave a climax for me was trying to get a ticket out of the country and trying to leave Morocco because I was told there was a ticket waiting for me at the airport in after spending four and a half hours in a car to get the CASA Blanca, I arrived at a desk with no ticket. You know, I had to buy a last minute. One way ticket out of Morocco. Those aren't cheap. The end of the trip. I'm kind of pay the bills and Rachel ends up footing. The charges for everything a total of sixty two thousand dollars with the holiday on a keeps reassuring Rachel he's getting pretty anxious about the money that she will pay back. The Rachel isn't the only one. She owes. So she makes it back to New York, and she checks into two different other downtown hotels in New York and skips out on both without paying the Bill. I one after the other exactly but these hotels they are cutting on her tricks quicker. So what are these tricks? How do you just walk into a hotel and never have to pay anything? Well in the case of eleven Howard. It was a new hotel. And so I'm sure there was still some teething problems. The they said there wasn't oversight that they didn't get a credit card from her when she checked in and she's acting apart. You know, she was over tipping everybody. She was just wondering in and out carrying designer bags. There is no reason why anyone would think that she wouldn't be good for the Bill at the end. Whereas if it had been any average person, if it had been me, you know, looking kind of crappy in, you know, my jeans and my sweatshirt, you know, they probably would've said after a few days. Madam are you able to pay for this where she was just acting this part which everybody fell for and of course, this time as well. Rachel is starting to chase her for money. We aware of all of that going on. Yeah. Rachel is concerned about getting her money. I remember Rachel was owed. What she thought? She was you know, sixty some thousand dollars. It was a big deal for Rachel. It was creating a major problem in her personal life and professional and this went on for weeks and weeks eventually yes somewhere in a line of the somewhere in the middle of those weeks. I remember asking Rachel she had to con artist. Rachel assured me she's not a con artist. Did you see Anatole in his period? I did not see ano- when she came back to New York. And I remember racial calling me and telling me Anna's showed up outside my apartment, or we're going to have Anna come over to Casey's house, and we're going to have an intervention because she owes everybody money. There are numerous attempts by Rachel to get the money and eventually in August, she goes to the police. In the meantime on has been charged with several misdemeanors for running out on the two hotel bills. Plus a lunch Lepoqo Meridian restaurant with charges pending. She cashes more checks and gets a flight California where she is a Fench -ly arrested. What do we know about the alleged scammer and Sorkin true identity? Wait, just the Anna who I mean, there is no Anna Delhvi there is no German eras. There is no foundation and a source who is the real on adobe on historical. So Anna Sorkin was actually born in Russia. Her father was a former truck driver, and when she was a teenager. She moved to Germany with her parents, and her younger brother, she was in a small town. She went to normal schools, quite working class. She wasn't born into money as she was pretending and she eventually made her way through Europe through the kind of European fashion magazine to New York and the truth is kind of sad about this is people are laughing at her as though she's kind of Gatsby figure that she had this fake background. But the truth is a lot of people who end up in the celebrity world, or in this kind of art world bogus fashion world type thing. Also, come from humble background. Not everyone's going to be an era in this world. Everybody's puppy Delvina. Whoever a lot of people have worked their way up, you know. And there is no reason why she wouldn't have fit in. If she just been honest about herself, and she didn't need to steal to pretend to be in that world, if she had just actually gotten a damn job and worked as fashion assistant net vogue, or wherever she could have been part of this scene and charmed people her family said about decisions, they're baffled by it. And they say they always supported her when she went to college and everything and mystify presenting yourself as this multi multimillionaire eras. And now that she's in cool. She seems to be keeping up all of these appearances in a way, you know, she's twenty eight year old young woman who is facing fifteen years in prison. That's pretty terrifying. That's you know, could talk your life gone. And yet, she's still maintaining the pose even though everyone knows the truth. How is she behaved in court? She's behaved exactly like Anna delving, she's sort of dismissive board unrepentant. She didn't give a statement. And she still insists she was going to pay everyone back, but at no point is ever explained. How she thought she would ever do that is she in a courtroom or at a red carpet events and people are completely fascinated with her outfits though, headlines, the Twenty-seven-year-old defendant showed up wearing a form fitting black dress with a plunging neckline and choker necklace. Yes, she's still turning up looking like a socialite on trial of because of course, she has these clothes. She did get them interesting that Loya. Hotspot kind of arranged a stylist for her for the trial. I mean, some normal. Well, it is in some cases, I think I would know rider was styled for her court appearances by Marc Jacobs twenty years ago when she was time for shoplifting. And obviously Anna is still trying to present an image is became a lawyer Spivak when he took to the stunned a made his opening statement, what happened defense attorney says theft wasn't her intention. So he said, she, you know, she's a world where you. Anna had to live by this which is absolutely true. And that's not just about, you know, the glamorous art celebrity fashion world that she's part of the the thing is that he's gonna go over. She wasn't just faking it. She was stealing it until you make it which is a different problem. He said that you know, it was an unethical. Yeah. Unorthodox shore. But criminal what's always criminal. She was skipping out on hotel bills. I mean, I don't think there's any doubt about that. But yes, it's also true that what she's doing on her social media is exactly the same as what most assistant fashion editors or any of us to be fair do on Instagram, which is presenting an idealized image of yourself. Overnight a New York City jury finding socialite Anna Sorkin the so called SoHo Griffin guilty on eight counts. NATO Joey found Anna Saric, guilty on most of the charges against her including second degree, grandma's knee and theft of services, but she was not found guilty for the money. Rachel Williams lost today, and it will be sentenced. What people saw an Anna is that if you've ever worked in the fashion world or a magazine publication tomorrow understanding in what I've experienced that. If you're a woman in that world, it's it's kinda difficult very catty environment to be in. And there's a hierarchy in the office. And so if you're an average girl when you're working at one of these publications, you know, you're always trying to fit in your always trying to be accepted, an Anna, she saw these girls, Anna think that's who she befriended think she found women who maybe we're looking for someone to be their comrade. So I can understand somebody being drawn to Anna. Everybody wants to be included. And that's definitely the drive behind people who became friends with Anna. They felt included in something. Hey, we. Mentioned how they kind of got pulled into on his circle. But I suppose she jeeps everybody didn't shave she lawyer sheets bankas GPS famous restaurant owners and hotel owners it wasn't. It wasn't just women who will worried about that image. She really did had wing pretty much everybody shrew. Yeah. Definitely. She. Yeah. She was able to convince people to believe whatever she wanted them to believe she had a confidence. In herself. And when she spoke that. People didn't question. I also do think this is should be a kind of a moment of reckoning for certain social circles in New York, London, Paris Milan. Or whatever about how they value people based on just their appearances people wanted her to be German arrests. Therefore, they believed it, and therefore they're willing to take them out to dinner and pay for their dinners and stuff. I mean, the whole thing is so nauseating and grows. And anyone who's been on the periphery of that circle? Is I was just by covering fashion for this paper and seeing these worlds, you know, this world, and you know, it is pretty gross, and she has shown kind of rotten core to it. There are two productions or the underway HBO on net flex on an adobe story people just through to gorge on this stuff. We're completely taken by it. Well, I think people I will they get a sense of allegation out of seeing these kind of scams getting their come up. We're so used to people getting away with things at this point, whether they're rich politicians, or you know, kind of dodgy philanthropists or whatever. And here we see people getting their come up. Also a way of kind of passing the buck of it because we all get fooled by social media. And here we can laugh at other people got full by social media. How do we thank you very much? Thank you. Tomorrow you can read heavily column on whether we are in the era of the scam at the guardian dot com. Many thanks to her and to Jesse hawk. And if you want even more on this story, you can meet Rachel Williams account for Vanity Fair, and Jessica presidents article for New York magazine, also our thanks to I Lincoln Sela from our net knees. And if you wanna watch the clips of Anna Sarkin featured in this episode head toward program pate, and while you're bad do click on the link for the listeners choice award, the British podcast woods. We'd love you. Or you can just go to British Perkasa was dot com for slash fate. Coming up. Why there's an ever-growing resentment tools London. Welcome back. Now. Guardians Hal impaired has been reporting on the huge differences between London and the rest of England for new series of reports cold London versus it looks at inequalities from health to the and from transport to addiction. I've been the guardians north of England editor for six years now. And I've noticed an increasing resentment creeping in conversations that I have across the region I used to live in London, and I'm still visit regulate and yet even I often feel that looked has become more of an arrogant city state than a capital city and increasingly distant from the rest of the country and playing his own rules and often it's just a little inequities that great I go down to help on a shiny new route have and I can go anywhere for one pound. Fifty. I want to do the same. So of journey and start Paul my nearest town. Three pound fifty that really greats. So you have to be a little bit careful when making generalizations about two city of ten million people, which is home to both. So the richest and also some of the most disadvantaged people in the country, but certain measures particularly transport investment and also in terms of health and life chances. Looms miss gets fob today. In Hartley pool in the northeast where unemployment last year was eight point three percents, which is higher than anywhere else. In England male life expectancy is now only seventy six point one years, and that's actually lower than it was by one year in two thousand ten compare that to limousine where life expectancy is going an up if you look at Kempton, a Lindberg has got some rich people living that but also this quite lots of social housing and men can expect to live and eighty two point three years. It's less more than six years longer than that counterparts in Hartlepool. And this links in SuAn northern rather worrying Paxton, we uncovered about depression rates. Now, we all know that. No one, however wealthy is somehow inoculated or immune from the black dock of depression, but statistics show that the neighborhoods with the highest prevalence of depression, all in the north of England all the Midland's and the places with the lowest the wealthiest bits of London and Kent as well as the isle of silly. The highest rates of depression is in Brinson, a so biff Stockport's ingrates among Chester, quite my house, actually, what twenty three point six percent of patients with depressed when I went there. I found out that the real right is actually likely to be far higher. One local GP told me that sixty one percent of the patients he'd seen in the previous six weeks depressed or previously suffered from the condition. So there are wide variety of reasons why there are these massive disparities between lens everywhere else. But ultimately, I would argue it comes down to decade after decade of London Centric decision making the fast majority of public servants civil servants who actually make decisions about people's lives and who have influence over government policy role based in London and then making decisions about people's lives. Living hundreds and hundreds of miles away. And that really affects how resources are divvied up. I think that having great devotion and more key decisions being decided to local level can only help close the divide between London and everywhere else. But it's got to be meaningful relation. There's no points. Appointing mas-, don't really have any power, and that the minute they actually need some real investment. Some big projects they have to go with begging bowl to the treasury. So I think if the current government wants to show it serious about developing power than it needs to be ready to let go of the reins and devolve power real power on Monday away from Whitehall. That's all for today. My thanks to Hadley Freeman Jesse hawk and Helen pet. Today's program was produced by Elizabeth Casson. Rachel Humphries, Josh Kelly, and Gary Maggio sound design is by axel Keke. And the executive producers on co Jackson and film. I not we'll be back tomorrow.

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