Australia and East Antarctica share geology


Before that we leap to Adelaide and an exciting paper on Antarctica. But just think if you wanted to predict the melting of the ice sheets there would you go drilling on the nullarbor plain. Meet Licia polit and Tom Raimondo. At the University of South Australia. Tom This is what I find. Incredible here we are in South Australia. Tomorrow's GonNa be forty two degrees outside and you'll saying there's a connection with Antarctica which is zillions of kilometers away. How come well allow will depart in terms of their climate? Yes but very close cousins in terms of the geology. So if you held up a mirror to the Kasana vase Antarctic a really. What you I would say is exposed geology? That we have in southern Australia by counterpart STI- Derived from the same land originally separated a pop. Millions of years ago as a strategy drifted north and lifted. Santa cousin behind Sorry by accessing the geology of southern astray we actually get a window to seek beneath the AUSTER. Put Away for Mason Talk to Gary found out exactly what's going on rock and the dips below. Teach Gang. What's the flow? Well I guess. The conditions of the bicycle nausea really influential in terms of the way I move in flows so we know the Kleist who were trained driven largely by the conditions of the surface. And how that's changing with the anthropogenic climate change on butts the Bison which we can observe is equally if not more important because if you have meltwater that exists on other words if temperatures are above freezing and we have actual water that the lubricating device to the sheet it enables it to move at a much more rapid would right the bid that sits rod of the base of the glycemic right afloat becomes accelerated because of the existence of that meltwater and we know that hot hot rocks in other words rocks that contain radioactive elements that naturally became produce hate are able to produce thermal energy that produces milk quota an idol's mcglesias to accelerate their right of movement so rocks the conditions of the Bison at the bedrock bicycling sits underneath glasses is critical in terms their ability to melt and the right which will melt the we can project into the future to understand how the behavior will change over time? Let's say you've been to see the University of Queensland Dorsey who's Dorothy Hill say. Dorothy Hill was the first female professor in Australia and she was a professor of geology at at the University of Queensland and I seem to remember she was specializing in the rocks associated with reefs. And she was the first woman in history to be the president of Ketamine Science. Yes absolutely an amazing woman and for the research done the paper just published with your name on the front. And she's very nice you had to go to the nullarbor how come yes. So beneath thick layer of limestone on the nullarbor some of the books that we expect to observe under into the ICY NASCENT TACTICA. Sorry we were lucky enough to get on board with a drilling program that was undertaken in out on the laborde and twenty seventeen where they were drilling drilling through to the basement rocks where they pulled them back up. And I could do some laboratory measurements on the properties and then we also temperature logging down the the whole to see what the temperature is. Elect Dan at those depths. How far down do you have to go? Ask the drilling range between about four hundred meters up to eight to nine hundred maters deep deep. Yes Dave enough to get to those hawks at the bottom. What should rocks? Are they mostly Granitz. And Nice Metamorphosis Code Nice Pun intended not spelt the same and I sound pulled hundreds of different core samples from across eight. Different different drew hosts just to collect a wide range of daughter across the largest area possible. And what was the nullarbor like as you were sitting there in your camp empty. He is a very good word but in an amazing way it's a very special education and particularly not to see the night sky. The wildlife blacked out there. Surprisingly although we guaranteed we wouldn't see any. We managed to see quite a lot and just really amazing place to experience told me about that night. Yes Sir I was the only scientists out on the camp that was actually camping tent. The rest will in caravans and I wake up during the middle of the night and could hear rustling near the tent and I chose not to go and investigate because I didn't want to and go back to sleep. I mean lead to realize the next morning that one of the men had gone to the bathroom at about the same time that I wake up to see pack of wild dingoes roaming around around the back of the campsite which is most likely what I heard from my tent. Lucky me while you were Tom Safely at home. That's right there Aaron Spirit. I wish I could have commented the time. It didn't work out but the novel is spectacular location of its own rot but to be out to save beneath the limestone which obviously wide so we'll known to reveal for the first time that was the beauty of being involved in that drilling program we the Geological Survey of South Strand geoscientists try with the driving forces behind that went to open up mineral exploration in in a region that's known as the Campana region fraud that drilling program we actually had no idea what existed beneath Lobstein was a total the mystery and in particular point of view. It was a total mystery in terms of what it's thin characteristics were so we did was really reveal for the first time in a total black spot on the continental data set. That exists for Australia. What the heat flow conditions are beneath available playing and by association with the entirety? What conclusions can you draw about the effect of those similar properties on say the melting? Well the thing about what is that has been a lot of modeling to look at the range of heat flow values that would influence the dynamics of the sheets. And if you change things by about twenty million square meters which sounds like a very very small number energies you can induce a huge amount of additional meltwater vice of the Ossete now now. I'll values that. We discovered in southern Australia. Easily within that fluctuation and if you continue the trends of we observe in southern strategy the closer to Adelaide and the Flyers Ryan extension into what we call the Ross origin of Antactica. Those values are even more elevated again. So there's definitely definitely the potential for quite elevated values that we observe consistently throughout southern Australia to exist in their counterparts in eastern Antarctica and the Lucille. Why didn't you simply or can you just whip down south to Antarctica? Get the drill and see what the right with your calculations well that it would be the dream but unfortunately the logistics and the environmental impact of drilling three such thick ice just makes drilling quite a difficult task collegiate in some pots kilometers thick which is more than what we could through through with. Little getting through is first and then into the bedrock. The thing is in Antarctica. Have you been down Tom to Antarctica Noel. I haven't on on the old one out. It seems amongst the community here and had light which has had a really strong legacy of researches. Look the thing is you your actual base. In the universe strays Morrison Punt Morrison emotion. Your leader your inspiration and you haven't been south yet that's correct but we do have his legacy in terms of all of the samples that he collected so whatta but at least there has been no saying doing in conjunction with this study is looking at the heat production of those rocks. Most of them come actually from LICEU marines. 'cause they're the easiest. Thanks to sample. When you're down there you basically get a mixed bag of rocks deposited them in the marina itself and of course thyroid effectively proxies of the rocks that the glycemic transported across? So you can use them as a way to sample rocks beneath the offshoot as it's made his journey across the Interior wrote down to the coast saw Whipping using those rock samples. Most himself brought back this huge collection which has given us a message advantage in terms of being able to get the breadth writ of Rock tops that may exist analyze them for the production to me. The really exciting thing was when we did the reconstruction so we tied that he flow data that we have from all the different continental fragments. That are the conjugates to Ason Antarctica. So that includes southern strategy but also India and Africa and we talk all of the existing data that exists for those continents and then paste together the jigsaw puzzle again so that I will move they way back towards the Antarctic coastline and then to create the heat flow map. I think that was the most exciting thing when we'd assembled all of these individual ingredients and and then produced for the first time tectonically reconstructed he flowing that and see what it looked like. That was the really a HA moment. We sort of pulled all those Fritz together to say what we found around Tom. Raimondo team leader of that group at the University of South Australia and Olympia politics. Who's doing her P._H._d.? And was the first author of that game changing paper.

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