Billion Dollar Drain - Decoded!


Harry palmer a cold. Helsinki winter virus filled aids outdoor festivals. Evil computer programs. A maniac billionaire a double cross. Make up the story of the third harry potter movie billion dollar brain. Hi this is. Dan sylvestry in tampa front spy. Movie navigator dot com. It's not eggs. We're cracking join us. As were cracking the code of the nine hundred sixty seven spy movie billion dollar brain. It's the third movie in the harry palmer series after hip chris. File and funeral in berlin. So let's dive into the movie billion dollar brain. They bring back. Ross guy. Doleman and colonel stock oscar homolka from the earlier movies. I was happy to see them again. Especially stock. I loved that character me to the other main characters are leo played. Perfectly by karl and anya. France was dorleac. She was catherine deneuve older sister. Either way they're not turned down the offer to play tracy and on her majesty's secret service. Hoops general mid-winter is enthusiastically. Played by ed. Begley and i worked is portrayed by vladeck shabelle. Okay so one thing. I wanted to say about this. Cast their three oscar winners in this one askar nominee in the movie coincidentally all three were four the best actor in supporting role. There was also an honorary oscar winner in this cast him as a great cast. So michael caine one supporting actor for hanner sisters nine hundred eighty six and again in one thousand ninety nine for the cider house rules. He had four other oscar nominations. Now karl malden one for his nineteen fifty two portrayal in the movie. Streetcar named desire and he was also nominated in nineteen fifty four for on the waterfront to great. It's terrific and then ed begley one thousand nine hundred sixty two movie. Sweet bird of youth beating. Out omar sherie for lawrence of arabia and a future blofeld. Telly savalas who was nominated for. Birdman of alcatraz oscar homolka was nominated for nineteen forty eight. I remember mama and we should add that donald sutherland. He had a brief role. Is the voice of the computer won an honorary in two thousand eighteen. So they definitely had some acting prowess in this cast. Yeah absolutely i. Just i just wish. They gave him a better script to work with i. Hey i'm not so bad on this one. I know you remember when we talked about the pre title sequence witnessed podcast on the pre title sequence. Two diamonds are forever. You really didn't like that. Pre title sequence. I kind of have similar feelings towards this movie compared to the other media it's grown on me. I like it the more. I watched it all right. The names the names are interesting. Kara moldan's name is new. Begin like there's a new beginning to his relationship with palmer brewing. Oh general mid-winter practically the whole movie takes place during a cold winter reflecting back to the cold war between the us and the soviet union. And even dr i wore. I wore all right. We'll see with that connection is to a okay. let's see let's get one thing out of the way here before we get to the plot and get really get into this thing. I was eleven when the tv series six million dollar man came out. And i had assumed when i heard about the billion dollar brain that'd be based on something similar. I on something like that and boy was wrong. So instead of the billion dollar brain being a person likely majors. Who played. Steve austin and the tv series. We now learned that the billion dollar brain is a massive computer center and it uses punched cards. And i've talked about how much i love punch. Cards in some of our other podcasts. Hey nine hundred and sixty seven. This was a major leap in movies. The highlight such a massive computer brain though you had many movies dealing with super computers before this including forbidden planet in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. the nineteen fifty seven romantic comedy with spencer. Tracy and katharine hepburn called desk set. And of course the two thousand one space odyssey in nineteen sixty eight but here. We have a major spy movie with a massive computer playing a major role school. It is cool as we mentioned in the podcasts. On the chris file in funeral in berlin. Harry palmer is supposed to be an anti band. He's not suave. he's not always confident and he's not really gadget user instead. He comes from a lower class. And this is highlighted in the opening sequence. When we see someone enter a building at night walks up some dark stairs uses a key to open up the door and on the door says hp detective agency so let's place is one hundred eighty degrees from where james bond would be living. The man pulls out a flashlight to look around. So this must not be harry. We see a toaster. A classic music album dirty dishes abroad under the bed. A shoe with a hole in it and the picture of a naked woman on the wall again. This is not looking like a bond movie at this point. Yeah you mentioned maybe from lower class. British movies are really about class and in the different class ranks. So here we see this. We assume the hp detective agency is harry palmer. But here we go. Yeah this is. This is about as far from bond in the way bind live as we can as we can imagine here much further away from the bond life then we saw the file and funeral berlin. We have to remember that at the end. The funeral in berlin. Harry quit so he was no longer in five so i guess things haven't gone so well for harry up to this point anyway. This is going on here. Walks into the room with his gun out and tells the flashlight guy. Hey raise your hands above your head and slowly turn around. We see its colonel. Ross who wants to rehire harry for a project as he turns around and stumps cornflakes out of the box. I love that part. just terrific. somehow they don't seem out of place there you pull it out of a file cabinet dumps. Fortunately here he's carrying a grocery bag with him as he's walking in and he's got his gun and he's got a brand new box of cornflakes in it. So it's like. Oh my god always be prepared with the cornflakes. Yeah ross always a bureaucrat. Tells palmer he can be in palmer's place because he has a d. seventy-two authorization in four hundred and ten and a search warrant from the metropolitan police. The usa form numbers again from the early movies continues here. It's funny. It cracks me up because in all of these movies. These form numbers keep coming up just showing the bureaucracy of five now. Ross wants to bring harry back to five and he offers them a three hundred pound raise over what he made. Last time you worked there he tells palmer that is detective businesses dead. And he's just keeping alive on. Cornflakes harry as a typical harry to ross here. And he says yes they're full of vitamins. I love that line. Whereas james bond quips generally tend to be directed at an object or criminal and he tends to show deference to 'em at least mostly harry is just hilarious with these interactions with ross. Even tells ross if you want me back in that office at love to you're going to have to send around two very big men with a blackjack that harry bomb prefers his current life as dismal as it seems here to working for. Am i five and ross again. One hundred percent condescending while ross. Is there a currier delivers. A package at harry as an aside nepotism is a great thing. The actor who played that delivery guy has three movie entries. Imdb all have michael. Cain the star. I guess it helps when your name a stanley kane and your brother is the star of the movie so anyway ross leaves palmer gets a phone call with a computerized voice. The voice doesn't answer harry's question and tells them that the package he just received was payment to deliver a package. Harry's retort was who is how did you pick on me yeah and bam into the title sequence. We run from there and the title sequence shows us a computer. What the punch cards that. Tom love so much they have the name palmer on the deck. So we can assume this movie as something to do with computers now. Okay so in that package. Harry got a key and the voice told him he's got to go to the locker at an airport. He needs to pick up the contents of the locker. And take it to helsinki. This scene made me feel like it may have influenced one thousand nine hundred five movie. Get shorty with john travolta. There's a scene in there where a package has to be picked up from an airport locker but that case people were watching it to see who picked it up. There's also an airport. Locker in diamonds are forever however bond doesn't take the package out of the locker. A skycap does bond just monitors. What's going on when other thing here. And i think it might have been a missed opportunity. He's given the recognition fraser code word. Now is the winter of discontent. This is the opening line from shakespeare's play. Richard the third. I'll explain what i think. They missed when we talk about the ending of the movie. I like that. I like that. The package was a thermos like container and he was told not to open it so of course he tries to open it and he can't open it so i bomber goes to a shoe store and at that time in the nineteen sixties shoe stores had a machine that measured your feet for fit. It was an x-ray machine which eventually they figured out way too much radiation for people but anyway here palmer cleverly puts the thermos instead of his feet in there and sees what looks like eggs in the image. So can an x-ray see through metal. I don't know the answer to that. 'cause isn't the thermos metal. Yeah the thermoses metal and glass. And whatever but i think i think he'd probably can anyway the movie and actually. This is one of the things that i think was one of the most clever things. That harry doesn't whole series. I mean this was really. You've got this thing can't open it up. How do i see what's in it. Oh i'll take an x ray of the shoe store brilliant. Yeah it was terrific and so okay. So he's got to bring these eggs to helsinki. That's his instructions. This is the basis of the plot. And the rest of the movie details harry palmer's efforts to deliver these eggs and what these eggs might mean and who is who and so on so to me. The fun of this movie is what happens as we move from piece to piece of the platte and who is doing what for who and why sounds confusing. Yeah i'm not even sure. I've watched movie ten times. I'm not sure. I one hundred percent get the whole plot of this movie. It is confusing. But eventually if you watch it a lot it makes and we're gonna make some sense of it here. Which is oh okay. We're gonna try right so we eventually do come to find out that these eggs are carrying a virus on nasty virus and as we're dealing with the covid thing right now. It's kind of apropos. We talk about this now. This virus theme something. We also see in mission impossible to where the camera virus is going to be unleashed in order to sell the antidote so a slightly different twist on it but the virus is getting released to do bad things so in either case with what we're doing what we're going through with the corona virus or what's happening with the virus in this movie the viruses are not going to be used in a nice way there all right so we're going to focus on a few key scenes. Here palmer has to helsinki. This is a great setting. I went to helsinki a few summers ago. It was a beautiful warm day. The swimming area next to the docks was opened was packed with the locals. The farmers market was alive. Lots of boats on the water. Lots of activity. We went out to the island. Were parts of this. Movie are filled. It looked like a vibrant city. Let's shift to the movie in this movie. It's winter remember. We said eglise role as general mid-winter their snow and ice. All around you get the feeling of relations. Most of the shots are wide shots with very few close ups in our podcast where we interviewed yohannes ekelund. He mentioned that. Helsinki was more right in the winter. It was made for the winter. This movie sure gives us that impression. We also just did a podcast on the two thousand twenty one movie cliff walkers that was sad and snow as well but at a very different feel. They're the snow was beautiful. And billion dollar brain snow and ice makes me think of desolation and harry is alone in this environment a few times throughout this movie and also the code phrase mentioned earlier now is the winter of our discontent this setting states. That perfectly yeah it really and you see him walking there. Sometimes you feel like oh my god you are really in the middle of nowhere on your own and you have no idea what's happening. Which is you know the whole thing in the movie. So we'd helsinki harry meets anya. Who brings him to asana the steam billows out of the room when the doors opened in the cold i thought that was so cool that affect me too. That's nice that makes you. It makes you cold and it kind of like a warm up. When i go in in case we forget it was gold there. That's why they're showing us this. They meet a man named leo new. Begin he harry knew each other from an earlier case not either of the two previous movies harry palmerston however on your kisses leo They have a thing going on. Even though leo is married to someone in texas. Here's a funny bit with snake. This a little bit with leo and anya being naked in the sauna and they tell harry he should join them for a cup of tea. Suttles stuffy does it's like absolutely there's definitely people who are very comfortable hanging around naked and harry's not one of them. Yeah seen as one of many. With karl malden and michael caine. Having some great dialogue the two great actors worked so well together here. It's just fun to see them. In these scenes. So leo discovers that harry knows there are eggs in the thermos hairy. Ask them. are you going to have them. Scrambled fries a good line. Okay here harry again has great bind like lines. He is a clever guy and a quick thinker cool. Yeah yeah absolutely no notice in this movie. Is the our work remember. I said there was a naked picture on the wall and harry's office. There's some other art on the wall there right but then harry goes to see a guy named dr karna who leo told him to go see. And he's dad. When harry gets there but there's a lot of art in this place and i don't know that much about art to comment directly put a guy named matthew bradford does and he has a blog called double section where he wrote about this movie what he said about the art. I just couldn't say this any better. I'm just going to quote him from this. Whether it's the juxtaposition of beautiful two-dimensional nudes cut in with quick shots of a grotesque brutally murdered body or the sudden appearance of painted finished deity serving as a stern reminder. That men in the world of espionage are but pawns of the larger unfathomable and disease the ever-present wall art plays a crucial role in russell storytelling. And there's a lot of it and we're going to see more of it in a little while to so hairy leaves dr karna. By way of being chloroform d- he wakes up the two big guys with the black bar. Yeah he wakes up in a limo with colonel. Ross who proceeds the blackmail. Harry into rejoining am i five. There's a briefing in the car. And harry takes oath to join them. I five again. east old. Getting the egg back to the british laboratory is his mission. All right now wait. Wait wait wait. I want to stop you before you go on because in this scene there is absolutely great. Callback the chris file as ross is trying to convince harry to come back. He says to them now. Listen to me. That was the key action phrase if you will in the brainwashing seats through and you have chris file. Yup it activated the brainwashing. Yes yeah now later in the in this movie billion dollar brain colonel stock says listen to me at multiple points. Yes but he doesn't say. Now listen to me. They crossed us here so. I'm almost wondering if that callback. Harry kind of agreed. Go along after ross. Has this conversation with now. listen to me. Maybe there wasn't an effect or even though he the files seemed like not to have been brainwashed. Whoa hey this. That's a good. That's a good call out. That's that was one that i'm like. Oh i love that. Yeah that's cool all right so now. We have more intrigued thrown at us here. The eggs are filled with nasty viruses. What will be done with these viruses and by who and to whom in two thousand and one. We're still very much worried about viruses so for nineteen sixty seven. This is a very intriguing disclosure for the viewer to learn. Yeah there's another thing that might have been an influence or in a future movie from this scene in the car. If we jump forward to the james bond movie tomorrow never dies in that movie. After they leave the admiral bond m robinson and moneypenny are whisked at high speed to the airport and they have a briefing in the car similar to briefing. That ross has with harry kind of telling them what's up the big difference here is that harry is the antibody so in this case colonel. Ross trump's harry on the side of the road as ross continues onto the airport more cold desolation isolation more winter of our discontent more anti bond carries just sitting there. Having to walk back bond would have been given ride back and the further highlight the pace of this. There's really no big transition here. Harry is walking in the snow. And then there's a cut and he's driving with leo and we go to this room so just like you're walking along in the snow. You just drop you off and boom there. You are with leo. So let's see what's going on there. The artwork here as walking into this room is fantastic almost jarring with the juxtaposition of christian religious art with what looks to be indian art and some battles all of the images they are choosing to show us and they're choosing to show us these and the focus on get us ready for thinking that our main characters will be engaging in some kind of war we are being prepared and it's put its european prepared in the background. It's kind of a subconscious. It's doing that because it's just art work on the wall and it's kind of creeps in a little bit. Yeah they get to a high tech door. that palmer must put his hands on the glass plates. The redes- fingerprints we presume while he must look into a lens assuming for facial recognition so he can be registered and enter this room. Well they meet up with a computer which gives them their orders. Leo says it puts i five and cia back into the stone age. I love that they feed info. It goes through its big brother and back come their orders. Palmer says cuts out thinking like that. That line challenges the value of agents in the field who have to think quickly versus a high tech world where the central agency or computer is thinking really. This is predictive of how much of spy work is done in the two thousands now with high tech stuff versus field agents. Well and it's even that talks to position. There is become a theme in some of the latest. James bond movies of the can we do things through the computers or do we need these field agents and so it's you know it's it's kinda come around right so one question i have here is. Is that computer work. Some form of artificial intelligence. I'm not sure well anyway. The computer talks than the same. Broken voice has the one that originally gave harrys instructions to pick up the eggs at the airport at voiced by the way is the aforementioned donald sutherland very early on in his career. So here we learned. Palmer gets codename concerto now. This is good. We know he loves classical music from the first two films and even the album that found in his dingy office. That was a classical music album. And so this is a nice tie and concerto from the italian concerto is a musical composition usually composed in three parts or movements in which usually one solo instrument for instance a piano violin. Cello flute is accompanied by an orchestra or concert band. Okay why does he have the name concerto three parts. We just talked about this. Harry palmer the independent detective getting paid to deliver a package to helsinki. Harry palmer the five agent working to get the package back to england. Harry power the double agent working with leo but working for really i five. This is a perfect codename for him. Perfect three parts yet usually a solo instrument. Harry is going to go at it alone. This is beautiful. And that's great insight and easy the midst like wow the orchestra all the characters around him. The computer leo anya. Midwinter army. that's the orchestra around them. Concerto is a beautiful well-thought-out codename for harry palmer and it's also his third harry palmer movie three parts. Third air base. The computer gives a command for piccolo. Agent which is leo to eliminate an opposition agent will be on the steps of russian church at a certain time palmer some toy computer the computer ordering a hit. Yeah leo says we have to protect ourselves. This command and how leo handles. It is an important part of the story and shows leo's true colors or madness. We won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen the movie yet but no so let me let me jump in here for for a second just talked about how concerto was a perfect name for harry palmer's codename Then you mentioned that. Piccolo is the codename for leo. What's the story there. Another great name for leo piccolo in italian is small. So leo is a small agent. Maybe he thinks he's bigger than he is or whatever but he's a small agent not as powerful as he thinks also. A piccolo is a small flute that plays an octave higher than an ordinary one. So does leo play a different game than the other agents It makes you wonder. Harry and yeah i like it and anya meet up with this guy called. I work yeah. I worked note on the names. Thing i walked does for small. I worked below his right eye. Check it out. I was looking for it. This is good. I mean that's his name. I work great. Leo is there with the eggs. I worked is examining under a microscope. And leo's harry meet mr sonata. I worked in lots of musical codenames in this organization to sanada so that s not the garter talking about a sanada is usually a solo instrument with piano accompaniment. Okay perfect. Because i work. Looks like a loner. add different. He alone is working on the eggs and the virus. He has a dispute with palmer and with leo. So he is a loner. This is a perfect codename for him. So nafta yes. Yeah then tells harry that he. Harry has to go to latvia. Okay so. I said that this is that this is not my favorite movie of the first half of it. I'm cool with. Its when he has to go to latvia that this movie starts a skit off the rails for me up to now it's been a fairly classic straightforward spy drama. But then when harry gets a lot fear it gets weird gets absolutely crazy when he gets to texas. We'll talk about in in a minute. So harry and i were split up leaving harry alone once again walking in desolate snow covered place and as is required in spy movies. It seems harry ends up on a train as a little bit of a comedy in in one part of this where he's handed and he gets handed newspaper with a big picture lennon on it and the train pulls into a town. Harry goes to his hotel room but we see someone's watching him. He's then in bed any wakes up when a waiter comes into his room. The guy turns around. And it's colonel stock. We last saw funeral in berlin. To me this is good. This is my favorite character from the last movie. And he's back in this movie so glad he's back because he was so good in funeral in berlin so stock knows palmer has a meeting set up for the next day and he says i owe you a favor ever since berlin. When i heard it was you. I came myself in cognitive if you know what i mean. He's in a duck cdo s. He's like the waiter. This great stuff. Great stuff so he tells palmer not to go to the meeting the next day and warns him that if he does go you will be in great danger not from stock or any of his men then. So there's there's two things here one is. He uses listen to me in this when he's telling him not to go. He says listen to me here and so again think into that brainwashing thing except that. They'll never the word now in front of it right. So there's that the second thing is if i'm harry and i've got a colonel from from russia coming in telling me hey i'm doing you a favor here. Don't go to this meeting. I might wanna listen to them. Especially since she know how good he was funeral limbered. Yes all right. So here's another. I thought it was kind of anti online. Stock is removing his bow. Tie in the collar he says the bomber. I suppose a young man like you wouldn't understand the pleasure of removing tight collar of course on wears often. But you really don't see palmer in tuxedos here. I had a different spin on this. I thought it was more a line about how men gain a few pounds. As they age collars get tight and maybe not aligned tuxedos. I could be wrong there. I know what's happening. Stock is a big guy. Yeah so you also have to remember that. Not too long ago. Many trash shirts didn't have the collar. Attached especially on formal wear. The collar remains stiff. And you add it onto the shirt. You buttoned it onto the shirt and so unbuttoned of taking that off for me. Yeah okay. I liked it then. Stock tells harry get out of this organization they're a bunch of nutcases and criminals. Intelligence work is one thing but using hooligans to try to break up a country is another all right. We have no idea what's going on some organization though is trying to break up the soviet union Now he says are a bunch of nut cases and he's absolutely right because the next scene is just this crazy thing with a plan that goes awry with this crusade for freedom organization planning to steal supplies and take pictures of documents from truck from the enemy. He's doing laugh. You see it's all but it's it's the the kupa people in what they do is absolutely crazy. The music here. Which is the score is great the music here. Just kinda shows how goofy these people are. Okay right another thing about this score is if you watch the movie on dvd. When harry meets basil in the organization a guy says something that seems really odd englishman. You got some beatles records well that sounds so odd because immediately before that sentence in the originally released movie. There's a thirty two second scene where the beatles song a hard day's night is played so it it was actually a good tie back to what you just heard from the music but on the dvd. They didn't have the rights to the song was going to be too expensive. Cut it so they cut it out of the dvd. If you saw this movie videotape you would have heard the song and this guy's question wouldn't have been so out of the blue. Now i defy any of you to find a videotape of this machine. You can play it in. But the highest doesn't work out and most of the crusade for freedom people are killed. Somehow i think the score really made this comical but it worked making a comment was comical in the sense that these guys did not seem very professional and seemed doomed to fail. Anyway is harry flees. He's in the woods in beautiful with men on horseback chasing him down again snowy cold. I don't know why but that scene looked to me like something out of my python. Holy grail tipped. It wasn't funny because he's getting underdog had that feel just a flesh wound erin. Hairy gets hit over the head incomes to in a bathtub filled with all these dead people and as he stands up to thugs grab him and scrub him clean. Someone is watching out for him. Is it stock leo. Ross who we don't know we don't know for sure. The next thing tells us as harry is taken an orchestras playing shostakovich's symphony number eleven. The year nineteen o five. Stock is crying from the music and he explains that symphonies importance to the russian people. Wow yours again. And that was that was powerful their the way they did. Yeah yeah yes beautiful use of music and then then stack takes harry to a bar and we see and another table. Yeah no. We're just in latvia. They left. I'm not exactly sure where this is happening. I think they're still there. Yeah and stock says you know the song where tears fall roses grow. If it were true. Latvia would be full of roses. That's a good line. During the war. They massacred thousands of their own. Countrymen here refers to sonata as a war criminal and we can see that the military is about to close in on sonata sonata. Breaks a class file. Pours it into his drink. Throws it back and dies so we can finally leave this madness of harry in latvia. And we can go. Back the helsinki and there are two important things to note from this. Whole lafayette mess. I stock has harry's back and second there are issues between the russians and the latvians. Yeah i think it's good. So they show why he went to lafayette. They were going to get those documents and everything else things failed. He somehow survive stocks looking out for good stuff. So back in helsinki harry meets with anya and leo is not there on your gets a phone call and says leo has to go to the castle at five o'clock so he won't be back soon and when she's on that call she speaks russian. I think interface changes and look sad. She snaps her head back around changing face. To tell harry about leo. I think there she got orders for what comes next. She inherited end up in bed and she grabs. What looks like either a curtain or a hat pin or something like that and he's he's gonna stab area in the back with just like how dr karna died. This scene inspire how catherine trammell killed her victims by stabbing them with an ice. Pick in basic instinct. I think the scene might have inspired that however the scene does confuse me. She tells harry that it was the brain. Which is what they call a computer but we find out at the end of the movie that she's russian and she's russian in stock has harry's back why was an. You're gonna kill harry. This is just one of those many plot points in this movie. I just don't understand. Yeah and speaking of don't understand we. Now get another. No cut transition to harry and leo in texas if i thought things were nuts. Latvia they're insane in texas getting the texas changes everything about this movie. And it leaves the anti bond approach to the harry palmer movies and sort of becomes a bond movie. There's a megalomaniac congenital midwinter. Who wants to start world. War three to rid the world of communism. There are large sets and villain's lair. There even henchman dressed in uniform. This is definitely a body and second half of the movie and general midwinter just feels like an insane blow fell to me. Yeah the scene is like because it's a spectacular scene. In every sense of the word spectacular with bonfires going parties people dancing and crazy speeches going on so but yeah it is kind of a spectacular bind like seeing one other thing is that the cinematography changes to remember. We said earlier. That bought helsinki shots were wide helping to promote this isolation feeling and so you get the texas everything is shot closer especially the bonfire scenes and we as the viewers are brought into the second half of this movie helping promote the idea. That things are different. Now we're kinda into the scenes themselves so they go to texas to meet with general mid-winter who runs this oil company and there's a huge huge party happening again. Bonfires people dancing all this kind of stuff. Have people having fun. Unlike anything. we've seen a helsinki or live. That's for sure so this is different. It's different and there's also some disturbing images during this fire. I while camera worlds around all of this activity. There are some posts in the background. That kind of look pointed. kkk hats. The party is really a rally. General mid is rallying his troops then we see the logo behind general midwinter and this logo has a great similarity to the symbol of the nazi party. I'll be without the swastika. Yeah this is a radical group. In general midwinter is stuck fighting the communists. Yeah and ed. Begley plays midwinter as we mentioned and i think he really looked like a lunatic and what she's supposed to be and i love his facial expressions his screaming prayer in. Please just perfect all the references. The god on his side and everything. It's just just beautiful. It's acted a really really well. Yes it is but this whole scene in texas is almost a seven minute monologue by winter just showing. How bad shit crazy he is yes. There's the occasional one or two response or question from harrier leo but almost all of the dialogue here is mid winter raving He's got some good ones. Oh lord i humbly accept the sort of leadership which dow thrust upon me. he's good. this is perfect. How many times do leaders believe that. They have the lord god on their side guiding them to do what they are about to do. I mean really go back to the year three thirteen. The victory of constantine in is attributed to his faith in the christian. God constantine's chief concern. Was that a divided. Church would offend the christian god and so bring divine vengeance upon the roman empire and constantine himself schism in constantine's view was inspired by satan. Constantine himself believed that he had a special and personal relationship with the christian. God okay so we see a very similar situation here. And i think begley plays it well for the viewers like we see his special relationship. He thinks he has with god. But we see the satanic flames behind them. This is brilliant stuff to mid winter. There's only one thing for him to defeat and that's communism is crates stuff. Texas is great. It's crazy so then a believing this bonfire midwinter rousing prayer. And harry gets to meet the general and this is an alarming scene because this even show us more. How crazy mid-winter is. He has a long discussion with harry. About how bad communism is and how he's going to get rid of it. He takes harry into an elevator on his way to the computer center and brags about the computer as they walk into the computer room. He says we're going into the twenty first century. This is how wars are going to be fought and life is going to be lived. I'll tell harry of the computer center my brain. It costs me one billion dollars. This is where the title comes from. Yeah this is a honeywell computer facility and it looks great. Yes it stated by today's standard but it was absolutely state of the art. Nineteen sixty seven on. This movie was made and look it up prophetic. It was in terms of how wars are going to be fought. I mean this is exactly what goes on today so that was actually pretty prophetic. This is my favorite line is whole crazy. Seen it makes the pentagon look like a room. In the alamo and talking about the computer that's just terrific and of course i don't know if you've ever been to the alamo small. It is now at this point. I'm wondering why. The general is so trusting of harry. Harry was supposed to be killed. Brains orders yet. Here he is. I stopped trying to put logic in this movie. Longtime there's twist this where it's like. Why why would he be doing that. Yeah leo's in the computer center and there's constant motion going on general midwinter is raging on and on about communism the russians china. You name it. He's going to take it all down. What really cracks me up. But really i thought was funny. Was that during all of this. The general grabs a deck of about thirty to fifty computer cards and says this is the program for revolution when we feed them into this machine. Latvia is going to be in one big turmoil. These send out orders to all of our agents and latvia to begin the uprising. They take over the radio stations. The police the post office the airports and then the general shows them punched paper tape. This was another way. Computers could read programs so maybe that deck was just the instructions to the agents. Today they would do it by text message but there's no way that small little check in and of itself would have been enough of a program to take down latvia. They they came so close to getting this whole computer thing right here. This one just correct. I think the deck was more of a symbol of what the computer can do anyway. We need to remember that. This whole thing started with the package arrive at harry palmer's dismal technical agency office and it's been a long crazy ride to get to this point. The general tells. Leo you want. I work to work fulltime on those viruses. Whatever you say general now. Harry knows i is dead does lille okay. Keep that in. Mind harry you're going to learn how to spread those viruses and you're gonna learn quick because my brain says the hour is at hand and my brain is never wrong. He plans to start revolution nuts. He is nuts now. This is nat that absurd. Just look at the bay of pigs in the. Us plan to do the same thing in cuba in april of nineteen sixty one against castro and his communist regime. It was the same kind of concept much smaller scale but the same crazy concept and the generals plan is very similar when the latvians after initiating the uprising call for help then the general will have his forces ready at hand to help not the us government forces but his forces then he says once we show the way then the us and other free governments of the world will follow. Wow guy the guy is crazy in a lot of ways so this whole montage of images the party the fires burning pictures of lenin and other communist leaders being consumed by flame the general screaming and waving his arms. All the music it is constant almost jarring motion and reinforces hop consumed in crazy. This guy really is. And this was a tour de force acting performance by ed. Begley and it culminates with his repeating the words strong many times and in the in the movie what i like about it. He starts going strong strong strong and they cut to some other stuff and as they come out of the other stuff. He's still going strong strong strong. This guy is nuts. Yeah and then. We see leo at key punch writing out a new program. What we know. Leo isn't on the up and up a little brain surgery. He says oh. I get it rain the computer okay. Remember the orders on the assassination. Well i'm a racing those orders and substituting my own a says it's all the harry. The fact that leo is against the general's orders becomes clear and leo betrays hairy. Leo gets pictures that were taken. When harry was woodstock into the generals hands showing him. These pictures we see. The general isn't the only crazy person in this movie. Now leila's kind of nuts to just a little more a little off his rocker here. Yeah harry gets detained by some henchmen and midwinter is about to shoot harry. When another bonding thing happens. What harry talks way out of it by telling the general that leo is sabotaging him and check the central computer. Why says bundy and eight think about the way. James bond talked to sanchez in licensed to kill bond. Put into sanchez. Mind as sanchez is about to have him killed a couple of times. Harry does the same thing here. Midwinter sees on the monitor. What leo is doing and calls for the guards to detain him again. This is great cinematography. You see the sweat and perspiration on mid winners forehead nose above his lips. This is just a perfect shop. Graphically illustrating the intense worry that is now permeating mid winter's body and mind. Oh good stuff so now. Leo escapes the central computer. Got out of there. I don't understand but whatever and on the way what same way buying gets different flip places. Yeah so we get great line from the general as yells leo through the speakers again showing his my way or the highway attitude. My arm is long and my vengeance is total. And may god forgive you. Because i certainly won't good. Just what the heck i mean. It's interesting to fronts this line right so i it shows mid-winter narcissism second if he really is a god fearing man. Shouldn't the general. forgive leo. it's what the bible tells them today. Yeah it shows the general -plicitly because of leo's escape. Mid-winter accelerates the action latvia immobilizes forces. He wants salafi and uprising program to run the viruses released and he wants all of us. The happen very quickly. Harry tells the general that he can find. Leo and again talks his way out of getting shot. So now we leave texas like that. And we're back in. Helsinki had with the general and his team harry's waiting out of bench and we see anya and is about to smash them when harry calms things down. Let's go with the eggs. Because he knows she'll lead him. Leo yeah which they need to find leo on your speeds away in a mustang and passes a statue of a naked woman. Another naked woman. See about to throw a spear again. The camera makes a point of showing us. The statue is on your this warrior woman about the throw. A spear into the works of area midwinter or leo. Oh yeah we all know exactly who she is. So she gets to the train. And hands the eggs to leo. We cut again other train seen in a spy movie. Yeah again a quick transition no transition actually to a scene of mid-winter looking over the vast ice and snow covered water like a general serving the battlefield. Which is what he really is. We're back to the wide open shots. The desolate environment. The cold everything that the chaos in texas wasn't yeah. We're not in texas anymore. A as they ride the train they end up in a dining car and underway to russia. Leo in anya harry. Some henchmen grab leo at a stop and grab the eggs as they get off the drain on anya pulls out a gun and shoots the henchmen. Leo runs the gear of the eggs as the train pulls out with on your on it. She keeps him from getting on the train by kicking him and looked back at leo tracks and she has a smug smile on her face so she was an leo side. Either oh lovey dovey naked stuffing asana. Exactly and i love the smug smile. She's got on her face. I mean did this spire the ending of the james bond movie. Live and let die where barron sammadi is on the front of the train laughing. Harry and leo walkaway dejected. And okay i'm done at this. Point is the time. Leave the theater yet. Leone harrier still in helsinki. We're done right. i quite wrong. No we still have the general deal with. Harry is supposed to bring the eggs back to england another direct cut to general midwinter in a window overlooking a platoon of henchman. All dressed in white coats. There is a very nazi hitler. Feel to this he again. Invokes god by saying with god on our side. How can we fail. Oh my god yes. so much. For an antibody. Appeal to the harry. Palmer moi's meglomaniac acting like he's above all a platoon of henchmen wearing common uniforms and trying to track him down. Let's see who's movies to this sort of thing james bond. Maybe i mean. I thought harry was supposed to be the anti bond and not fall into these tropes. This feels wrong. For a harry palmer. Movie to me yeah. This is spectacular in terms of Of the whole sort story set anyway. The general has this military hard hat on with four stars on it and his organization's logo Instead of the tight shots we saw them in texas. He's centered on the screen but doesn't take up. The whole screen is scene is reminiscent of the scene. We see six years later in the movie. Patent or patent is addressing his troops so very much like that while this goes on and midwinter is walking amongst his troops. We see harry and leo driving to meet up with the general we also see other. Parts of the uprising have started the troops. Get into oil tankers for a long drive to latvia. Wow and like how. They use the oil tankers to transport troops here. You wouldn't think you were looking at a military operation. It brings me back to licensed to kill where the tankers are used to remove the drugs. And i hadn't realized how some of that movie appears to have been inspired from this one. Yeah well actually. You could go back to the nineteen forty nine james cagney movie white heat. They criminals hiding in an oil tanker. Maybe they inspired this billion dollar brain. Seen could be. Yeah yeah so now heroine. Leo are too late when they get to wear. The general was and they leave to catch. Up with the tankers and again we have a quick cut with the advanced team setting down navigation lights on the ice and the trucks continue forward. This time we're back to the tight shots again and this is happening. We see stock military room with planes on a map being pushed around as you've seen in many war movies is counterattack has started the planes bombed the tankers and the ice cracking the ice we see mid winter's plans cracking along with the ice winters troops and tankers fall through the ice. Harry jumps out of his car which falls into the icy water again. This isn't a harry palmer movie. It looks like a bond movie here. He's the score is very good here too. Brassy military music. It's very good throughout the movie. But here it's especially good. We midwinter army fall into the cold water and drown. We see midwinter do the same bringing his diabolical plan to an end so much for god being on his side. Okay so if you remember at the beginning of this podcast if you can remember back that far. I said i thought they missed an opportunity when they used. Now is the winter of our discontent. I get that. The winter in helsinki and the general being midwinter the tie in there but the first line of richard the third was now is the winter of our discontent in that play. Richard the last line is a horse. A horse my kingdom for a horse now in this scene mid-winter doesn't say anything. And i would love some line like that from midwinter. When he was going under the water to me it would have brought the whole movie home with a type of continuity based on this key phrase of now is the winter of our discontent instead. We just see midwinter slowly sinking into the water. That would have been a great idea for the movie tom here. We get another quick cut to stack. As he takes the marker from the map that represented bid windsors army and toss us aside with a wry smile on his face. Then back the harry on the ice the score has gone quiet. Harry is once again alone on the ice and needs to walk a long way to get outta there. The dead silence is broken by the sound of a helicopter. Well stock gets out of the helicopter and talked about patriotism and how some people like midwinter can be both a patriot and a very stupid man or brings that out in people. It's a great short speech by stock. Oh absolutely that actually was good. Yeah gary the eggs and leaves so once again harrys alone on his vast amount of ice. He's hitting lafayette now. And we see him walking. Just like when ross left him and finally finally we get a transition. The scene fades to trafalgar square to. Ross how so when. He's in his office to figure out what the picture on the wall. In ross office was it was kind of covered by by their heads. But if you remember the butterflies from funeral in berlin they're gone and there's a new picture hanging there but again i couldn't really tell what it was. I'd love to know because that's spot has held significance in the prior to movies. There's another surprise in this scene which we're not gonna give away but palmer will work for us. Again was a mission successful. Yes and no. He prevented the invasion by the nut. Midwinter but did he get the eggs back and who england produced these virus eggs anyway. Well there was the macguffin. It really doesn't matter. It's just like this movie for me now. I wanna i wanna close by talking about this being the third harry palmer movie. We've talked in the past. About how the third james bond movie with new actor tended to be a really good movie if not that actress. Best ya goldfinger. the spy. Who loved me. The world is not enough sky. Fall for bonn. I'd question sky fall over casino royale true but mission impossible three. The godfather come to mind is third movies. That didn't live up to the series godfather. Three better than a lot of the critics. But it still wasn't as good as the first two and this is another example. Michael caine god of his five movie deal after this movie yet another antibody tribute to billion dollar brain. It didn't follow the bond pattern of the third movie being so good. Yeah i liked it. But funeral in berlin is still my favorite harry palmer movie with michael. Cain and billion dollar brain is probably my least favorite of the three. So maybe it should have been million dollar brain. Well that's a wrap. You can tell that time then like this one as much as i did but let us know what you think. Thanks for listening. This has been dancing. Vestry in town a spy movie navigator dot com. We hope you enjoyed our cracking. The code of the spy movie billion dollar brain follow us on twitter facebook and instagram to subscribe to our show cracking the code. Spy movies. Right now favored podcasts at an youtube as well. Thanks for listening. We appreciate it.

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