Takeaways: Darren Waller, Josh Jacobs, Jon Gruden and Derek Carr


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Waller the raiders tied in who put on his own football camp out here in las vegas. The darren waller youth football camp. And i was able to catch up with him for a few minutes about the camp. The program everything that he's doing to put back into the community. Because this program gives to underprivileged children who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford a camp like this to be able to test themselves to be able to enjoy a sport that we all love football so he gave this opportunity to about one hundred kids all from underprivileged areas of las vegas and all grades from three to eight at this football camp girls and boys both so he participated in every drill. He had a giant smile across his face the entire time. So just. what. A pillar for the raiders to have as somebody who goes out to work with all the youth in the community. He's somebody that has an electricity about him when he's working with these kids and the people that he's reaching out to. So let's hear. Now from raiders. Tied in darren waller. I just wanted to get like how this all came together from you and just what it means to be you to be able to be a part of this and helping the community you know. I want to be around the kids and show them that. No somebody that does what i do. I'm not far removed from them. I can be here with him. Helped him have fun. Let them know that you know. They don't have to be perfect anything that they're doing but as long as they have a good attitude give their best effort and what they do. You know things are going to work out for them in the long run so just getting a little bit of that today. Some of these cases maybe their first chance out here kind of messages. Do you put out for like as you speak to them or as you work with them. Yeah i would just say you don't have to be perfect. I go around at these drills. You know as long as you're listening and doing the best that you can that that's all that matters you know it's a it's all about progress you know. You don't have to be the best at it right now. I was never really the best player in high school college. Or when i first got to the nfl. But i kept improving so just folks and on you know as long as you continue to get better as long as you continue to washable around you. Listen to the coaches You know things are gonna turn out. Well how do we get better out of the raider comeback and maybe get into the playoffs this year. Yeah offensively just continuing to build on the foundation They continue to get better in the red zone. defensively I thought they were gonna improve drastically this year Just from a more simple scheme and just go out there and be able to let their talent show and show how good players they really are. So i'm looking forward to great things this year. Yadda asked about rugs and brian edwards. Because you guys are all part of the same team offensively. And i wanted to know from your perspective. How much you've seen them come along with the kind of energy right now with that grid. They're super talented. Guys guys have really good head on their shoulders so they know that you know in the process of how your career goes. Things aren't may not be you know fireworks out the gate but as long as you can trust the process and show up and do as you need to do and continue to do the work. I mean i'm looking forward to those guys doing amazing things in us just having a balance explosive offense. What can you tell us about some of the things that we can look forward to as you in the community coming up. Yeah you know. As far as my foundation We have a fundraising event. September twenty seventh Coming up And with that one of the things that we're doing is we're funding people to go to treatment With grant program. So that's the thing we're gonna start rolling out since by treatment every month and you know just really impacting lives getting people that had that experience that i had to help me turn my life around and so we're trying to do those things and put it in fourth able be able to help max with that because i know he talked to me recently and he talked about his journey and how he's glad to have you there as somebody that can help him along as well. What does that mean to you. I mean it's awesome. Like i feel like the best thing that you can do is be somebody else helps somebody else along their journey and credit master. He's done a lot of the work himself. No one can make him do it. He's chosen to do it in wake up and embrace that challenge every single day so it's been an honor to see him grow into you. Know walk on similar path with him to be his teammate. Kate let's keep it going here with running back josh. Jacobs josh jacobs was part of the battle for vegas charity softball tournament. That don't it to different programs. Throughout las vegas and they were able to raise about one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars for the community. And josh jacob spoke to me during the lead up to this event which the raiders won by the way twenty. Five sixteen was the final over the golden knights. This is going to be kind of annual tournament that they hold over at the las vegas ballpark lottery. Were out there. I saw violator. Saw raiders senors saw guerrilla rela. So all the guys were out. And supporting the raiders in the community and Josh jacob spoke to me. Not just about that opportunity to be to do this. Josh jacobs spoke to me about kirby wilson's departure. We talked about the upcoming season. And i'm also joined here with your boy q. In the line of questioning with josh jacobs as we got into things heading into the twenty twenty one season is definitely cool because You know said. I actually went to a game and they actually made me like hockey fans so just to see them again and see them. Come actually competed on the team. I will roads. I mean because you see he just wanted to. Mvp jarvis landry us all so i'm say raise people don't know he actually tried out for For the email being High school. And so yeah. Roses resolute village. It moving you in a pinch-runner me. Hopefully i can do this. Basis lecture. Have you leadoff arkansas to do that last year. Two years ago. It didn't go too. Good so i don't know we might need. Our game. plan is leading the team and kind of having been a mentor to you. What does that mean for you to have him out. Here enemies everything. I mean markets. This is actually met marcus sufficiently two years ago and he's their mentor me ever since I mean just to speak on who years and what he did. Nfl and what. Type of manny is. He's he's been a great mentor to me. And i mean just to come out and play with them and hopefully get the win. It's gonna be training around the corner. It'd be normal trading kind of last season. i'm ready to honestly get back to it. I feel like this is the longest off-season the my life is crazy. Because i've been going around training crazy here in autumn types of as about through like it's been so long to get around the gaza commodity with these team. This year i'm saying china laden been bricklayers. Put it all together outside to have your backfield teammate adult when they asked me about him so before we got a room. Like what's your thoughts. Get you know sal. Eighty any addition to the team especially will x. factor that he brings. You're saying he's these different type of pet just to see what he'd do us in this our and what he can bring even if they use them in their return game us. What what is it. The raider fans don't know about india bags two running backs with that people don't know about these big like. What is that called. bowlers astrology. Free okay. yeah he's really he's really answer stars and stuff right honestly kerr kirby call me before. Maybe they call the whole room. But he'll be me as i'm talking to you because i wanted to make Began me the reasons why he was feeling like we needed to leave. And ultimately he's been doing this for almost twenty years. He missed a lot of time with his family and things like that that he wanted to get so as a man. I respect it as as a respected So i mean i. I hate to see him though. He's my ever cut. So i almost all the time as that's the way he does the way he goes about work every day he makes it fine. He may see light. Makes you wanna go out there and give them everything so many. I'm deputy miss him and bring him in hopes he's just a have at least half of what kirby nothing would be good. You got a good running back group. All of the winning tight on. We actually going running back rb dinner in a couple of days. So the four camp star so yeah. It's leather way alabama. Would it's a little different. Because what is different kind of would he he. He doesn't say too much. He's wanting them guys that he kind just like comes in and he. He works and he goes about his business. You know what i'm saying. But he's definitely cool that we had a connection even college. His roommate jay. They stay right across the hall from me in the dorms and stuff so we always been kind of. Let's take a quick break right there. And when i come back jon gruden and derek carr in the lineup. Liberty mutual insurance customizes car insurance. You only pay for what you need you know. What honestly that's all. We really want fairness they wanted in sports wanted in life. That's why all sports we love have rules. that's why we have offsides so players. Don't float down the field or the ice and get cheap breakaways. That's why there are foul poles sidelines and out of bounds in sports. The goal of fairness is built right in. 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Podcast tidy thing here and up next. Jon gruden jon. Gruden greeted the media on the opening day training camp. Which was tuesday. that's yesterday for some of. You are listening to this on wednesday as it's released and jon gruden spoke about what it's going to be like this season for some faces that the raiders really are looking forward to seeing he talked about divine diablo's injuries while so i have an update on that in this podcast. So here we go with. Jon gruden and i what. He's looking forward to seeing out of a guy named nicholas more row. he's one of my most. I guess he might be one of my favorite players. This is his time. You know if you know anything about morrow you have to tell me where he went to college were exactly that is he comes from a very obscure background. If you watch them play college football he was returning kickoffs. He was playing all over the place. He comes to the raiders. He makes it as a rookie. He finds a way to get on the field and now he's got a chance. I think be a captain for us. I think he's got a chance to be a different difference maker force in the middle of our defense but time will tell. We got a long way to go. But i really like him. He's at a great spring. And i think he's on the rise. I think his time is right now. Yeah music can run. He can really ronnie played safety at clemson. No offseason program. No i'm not making excuses. It was tough on them and then he got hurt. So here's another draft choice that is completely an unsolved mystery but he's healthy. He's ready to go. Richard smith has been coaching linebackers for the last thirty years in this league. He likes him. He's going to be a special teams contributor. i know that Divine diablo tweak disney yet a knee procedure done. We expect to have him back in the next couple weeks. But here's another young guy that can really run the as a bright i really alert. i think understanding of football. And he's got a big upside for us. Ally ward angry banking great now among the out years ago. Where you're i don't know who does all these grades you know. We got a lot of grades out there. My grades aren't very good. So i don't agree with a lot of the greats but you know feral. He's a good player. he's he's a good player. He's unique i think he's unique because he can play right in he can play left and he's a good run defender. I think he's his best pass. Rush might be inside and you saw that against the jets when we allowed him to do that last year but certainly he's going to be competing. He and carl nasa who had had a really good spring You know they're going to have to earn their snaps and If you know clean no he will compete and you probably should count on him. Being a big part of this have no idea how much. I'm excited about. Those guys i i mean. I think i hurt my arm. I'll again rogues when you walked in today you know rugs got hurt. In the first game last year against carolina. I think he caught a bomb and then we ran a quick out in charlotte. He got hurt. Man is to play a little bit against new orleans but then he missed the patriot. Game missed a couple of games on any head cova. Look he's sees the difference maker with his speed. You know he can beat you bad with speed and i think The more experience he gets with their With brian with hunter renfro and waller and guys. I think the better and better. He's going to get. And i think he learned from al aguilar and we're gonna miss nelson aguilar and that's one of the reasons why john brown is here because brown can make big plays at top speed and he could teach henry you know how to run certain routes that he hasn't run before but it's a unique group of receivers. They're great guys. And i don't want anybody to forget zeh jones. I don't think we have a better conditioned athlete than zeh jones. And keelan dos is another guy that if you saw when he got here and you saw him when he walked in. Today it would. It would really impress you. He's obviously going to compete to derrick carl. So had the opportunity to speak. And i really was interested as i asked jon gruden about the chemistry building between car and some of the receivers and that's also card discussed in his media availability on wednesday. So here's a little nugget. From derek carr on that one thing i it's been nice because we've had some carryover in the last couple of years. You know to where you know not only is it a new guy run a new route. You know. know when you're adding people smoke right here. Not only is he coming in. And he's a new guy learn how he cuts on. Certain routes l. cut differently you know and they all wanted to run around certainly certainly different. But you're teaching them. Assist them to well. We don't have a lot of guys like that. You know it's really him. Willie some of the young guys but you know hunters plagues as played you know. Brian has played in this offense tanneries plate in this offense you know in it. It helps the the relationship part. You know Going forward you've played games with these guys. So when i'm like hey remember such and says play in denver you know hey third third third out of the game. I need you to need you to run it like this. You know more like this and they have recall of that whereas with a whole bunch of new guys makes it harder. Because you don't have that you know you just kind of talking through it watching it on tv screen. And then now. I needed to do it physically. So having only a few of those guys it helps. Because you're not you're not having to kind of teach guy. Can you do it like this. Or i know you. Did it like that. But i just feel comfortable if you do it like this. You know. kinda mixing those worlds and really with these guys We spend so much time together. You know i. I would challenge these guys in the off season. You know just to see what they would say. You know. it's our off time. We don't have any thing that we have to do but they'd be like hey let's throw it back. Perfect see at five forty five you know and they'd be like deal like every one of them to the man was like. Yeah see there. And that i was just kind of just testing them. I just want to see if they'd be like well. Can we go eight. can we go. I just want to see what they'd say. And they were like deal. So i was like dang i gotta wake up you know but it was impressive because when you do something like that you you grow certain bonds with guys and i think our relationships or strong so i'm excited about it translates as it transitions into your to getting the ball. Low of more alive is on plays. Call all building confidence with you. John is he getting point. Do you feel like we're guys. He's starting to show you the things that you need to see. Jon gruden needs to see the remarkable the point. Yeah i think so. It's hard because you know without the pads and without like those live reps you know it's hard but like from where we're at right now. I would say absolutely you know You know this is the one thing that's different about this not high school. Where like it's like. Mom's gonna throw to my favorite guy you know like i don't care if the players we'll make it work you know you know this. This has a lot of it has to do with you. Know we have a guy there and waller you know it's hard to you know if you're calling the place it's hard to not call his number every time you know and you know. I think that henry is getting into that place. Where i think that i think the feeling is like he wants it. You know like and he's going to not ask for it. He's just going to show you if that if i hopefully. I made that picture correct. You know and it's it's it's exciting. I think everyone that saw him. I mean he looks bigger. You know You know he's he's hopefully. I'll get him to roller sleeves. Up a little bit you know and so those guns off but he you could tell the mindset was. I'm going to go work to be better at what i think i need to be better at. And when he showed back up the the violence he was running his routes with the speed he was coming off the ball with. You made you okay. You know like it was like you could feel it. You know as as mr mac would say you could feel his speed. You could feel his presence. And i think the more he just gets comfortable in this offense. He's definitely comfortable around me. Comfortable around dressy then. He's hugging him joking with him. You know all that and those are all good songs for hopefully being able to give we. I wish everybody could catch one hundred balls. You know i really do but again. It's hard to take away from. Darren when he's been so productive and and good for us you know if darren had you know w r next to his name and the depth chart no one would care. You know the fact that it's a tight end. Why don't we get to you. Know that just is what it is. You know if if if henry can show when we put the pads on. And all that which i'm fully confident he will. Yeah absolutely. i could see that happening. Here's some thoughts as my takeaways. I wrap things up from training camp. It really interesting to start seeing how the nfl is dealing with cova protocols with players with media with staff how things are starting to come back to the norm that we're used to and i'm going to tell you it won't be one hundred percent everything that you're used to but as for me we're starting to see it returned to normalcy. We're starting to see that. We can be in the same rooms. As jon gruden derek carr booth came into. The room is the first time i hadn't been on zoom call since march twenty twenty which was pretty amazing being that we're now to look these guys in the eye. We're able to develop that report with them. And that's something that i've said all along is very important for reporters to do when we're trying to report and bring back facts to you about a team is when we can look somebody in the i. It's not just about the answer that they're giving it's about the body language it's about the presence that they have when they're answering it. You can tell if somebody liked or didn't like your question right off the bat so it's always a good thing to be able to see that return for us to be able to speak to all the players and the coaches and to have that accessibility again. It's really important for what we do. And i'm glad that i was able to see that as far as being on the field i tell you a lot of hungry readers out there. A lot of aggressive raiders out there a lot of readers that are listening and paying such close attention to the coaches and all that they have to offer as they get into training camp. You see so many fresh faces as well with the rookies and undrafted free agents. That were brought in this year. And i'm still looking for who is going to spark. I'm keeping my eyes out on jimmy morrissey on the offensive line. I'm keeping my eyes. Out on dylan's donor in the wide way. Receiver department dj. Turner's well. who. Jon gruden mentioned. And i'm looking courses see. What a lot of the defensive rookies that they brought in or going to do malcolm coons when divine diablo comes back. Maybe we can get more of a glimpse of him in the coming weeks. But i really can't wait for everything to play out. Especially as jon gruden mentioned earlier and you could hurt this on the i ten. Podcast if you subscribe to that. He talked about the secondary and in that secondary with tyree. Gillespie coming in with demon our net would nevin lawson with guys like casey hayward with trayvon molin And so many other names. That i could just go on and on and how they're going to shake out who is in what position. What a nickle package looks like. Who's going to be up there when they're playing three deep. It's one of these things that we don't know yet and we're going to have to wait and see how it all plays out in camp and so to me. That's the most exciting thing to be watching right. Now is the secondary and the cornerbacks and safeties. How everything will play out for them. Because i was going to be an area that really needs to improve for the raiders to make a push for the playoffs and the twenty twenty one season. But that'll do it for me here today on the takeaways edition of the vegas nation. Podcast make sure to keep up with all of your readers. News on vegas nation dot com as well as lv rj dot com. Follow me on twitter at heidi fang. I'll put out as much as i can. Whenever i can't and have the chance to during training camp to keep you updated with what's going on with the silver and black but for now that'll do it for me. Thank you so much for listening nonstop news from the las vegas review journal. Senate seven weekdays at seven. Am and seven pm.

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