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Hey everybody welcome to a mini minnesota minnesota. This one we had the chance to see a screener four. The courier saga starring benedict cumberbatch. And jessie buckley sounds like there. Tell them i'm in my chair. He's just ten. This is unexpected spines. Just a salesman. Exactly you're civilians. The kgb won't be watching it would be a real service to great britain. Do you want me to do. I'm here to open a door to the top manufacturers in the west that'd be putting myself in danger. This mission was the least dangerous. The last man. We'd send make sure you wear it while you're in moscow was this to shoot poison docks. Who is jessie buckley. She was his wife. Okay who was the The russian counterpoint. The spy oh. I don't know. He thought he really do some other things. I can't remember what it was. But this is a spy thriller. Would you say a russian spy thrillers. Set in the sixties right around the The cuban missile crisis cold war right. Yeah i don't know how thriller thriller is getting me. I mean it's definitely obviously a spy movie but it was like i you know yeah i guess so. I guess that's what you would call it. We'll try not to spoil anything since just mini. We can't sport a mini. So we'll we'll we'll try to general. Oh because we won't be able to see. This is just coming out friday that this is released. It's coming out in theaters. So you know people aren't going to have like a quick chance to see it right away. Oh the guy that you've seen another movies actually is matter abn indeed jay You probably know him from other movies. Like ingle macher. He was in one episode of homeland. He wasn't nowhere africa. They're yeah that's what you know from this movie like this genre of movie. I i really dig like old espionage like spy movies and when you get one like this one with it's based off of a true story of crazy a salesman and a russian spy slash defector. He wants to defect to the united states with family. So trading secrets across the border spoiler alert. Well it's based on true story did not expect to like it. I mean i thought it'd be fine. Because i love her batch and if he's in but i really liked i thought okay you know sure but it was really good especially the fact that if you're sitting there the whole time i won't say happens but like thinking. This really happened to this person. And then that again i wish we could spoil his that one seat in the end where their encounter like it just. It's really good. It's said there are pieces in the movie. Where especially towards the end like benedict cumberbatch. Like i wanna look it up like what he did to prepare for this role of the way he looked in the end. Yeah did you think he christian build it. Yes like did a the misha's gotta be right back up for doctor strange again. I know because he did have that doctor. Strange body for most of the movie. He was shops and stuff all the time. 'cause that was my one thing is i was like wait a minute house. He's so buff. Mr businessman show him to push ups a lot of like. Oh they need. They need to let us know that. Looks like the comment in the beginning about If you get if you get captured kind of thing like you're physically not ready for this. He was like what what are you. What do you mean. And then after that is when they start showing like sit-ups and push-ups and i was guessing. It was more makeup te really because they didn't really show him with his shirt off much post him get his face looked real skinny and old but he has chiseled enough face loses maybe also maybe makeup is good though is like that's a lot to losing it back again to get back in there for the marvel her face for maybe not maybe he is a christian. Bale method actor. Maybe i wanted to see who the cia agent who she was. Rachel bronze a hell. I like her. she's really good. She's in house a card mazel basil. Yes yeah she was really good. Yeah everyone in this but you know benedict cumberbatch like this might be my favorite movie of his sense t mutation game which i thought he was fantastic his turn return. Yes yes so. I really liked it. My only fear going sometimes when we get into especially cold war or spy movies a lot of times. They're talking about things. Like i don't know what this is and the whole thin- that's always my fault for being dumb but a number. Actually all of this stuff happened. I was like but it was really you know it was. It was really get news. Release to follow. I was like because in the beginning like what's happening and and to think that we really 'cause you hear about spies and you don't really live. We really asked by. Was it really that important. Yeah but like think that there's so many people who go unnamed who did so much to probably win the cold war and the way he is he's just a salesman civilian and they start handing him stuff and he is like joking like a james bond type of thing like what does this have like a laser in it and like like no. It's it's just a pen. Yeah now let's get. I really enjoyed it. I see stuff like that going man. How cool would it be if you were just a person you got to like. Do something like this. But then if i captured i probably wouldn't have. Oh no question about it. But we can cause that'd be spoiling it but overall like i gave it a four and a half. I really really liked this movie. I highly recommend anyone checking out. Everyone checking it out. What i did four and a half. You also did a four and a half. Yes i really liked there you go. Yeah sorry let me. I half actually. I gave it a four. It's just not my it. I loved it a lot. 'cause benedict cumberbatch is the greatest and i love him a lot but he's a good actor he's just good at anything he does. And especially one. If you like benedicta cumberbatch you're probably gonna like this spy thrillers imitation game or this for better to come back. That's tough because imitation cheaper guide. We good in. I didn't know a whole lot about this going in. So i watched i watch a trailer. I don't think i watched it trailer. I watch me. I did a no trailer on this one. So all i saw was the poster and saw that was like a spy thriller. And i was like all right. I'm in in that. I watched and i was like this is just my yeah. I thought it was nice. Because i haven't seen a movie like this a long time. Yeah everything's been either like realistic. Or very like sci fi lately so yeah can go if you have the opportunity. Go see the currier not. I'm sure it'll probably hit vod. I don't know what date it. It will will demand if not you always your way into seen one. That was a spy. O- look at you smuggle yourself into theater. That's called stealing or spying. Go see the courier. And i think that'll do it for this. Little mini sewed will be back next week with a full episode on the netflix movie. Moxie so watch for that coming until next time maybe see you

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