HR 4: Will there be revenge?


You know what I have to confess the Andy. I have no idea what the song is about. This. About the confederate flag and bring it back, slavery I wouldn't know. Sound. Good that you know. About that is a really dark interpretation Elsie of back in black. The. Nation you just gave. That is a I'm just saying I have no idea what the SOS about. It's like. Yeah. I'll be honest I've been hearing the song since I was like seven or eight years old. I couldn't tell you what half the lyrics are. I can't understand Brian Johnson like Brian Johnson. Intelligible singer I have no other than the chorus. I have no idea what the Hell is saying I've heard the song girl I don't know forty years or whatever. Look Louis. None none and it's so funny because there's so many classic songs like that I remember when I finally realized what George Michael was singing with faith. You know I didn't know he was saying before. This river becomes an ocean. Our be seeing a slip slip sliver going in motion. I'm sitting there and someone said. What do you say and I was like slips sliver. Go in motion. That's not the worst of the songs like. Rhythm. Goes. I have no idea where this is back black, I'm. Not a clue I never actually looked them up. I have no idea what they're talking about. Like I can understand the lyrics and you shook me all night long, but I can understand lyrics in for those about to rock. We salute you I have no idea what he's being sung and back in black care. What's being Sung WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA? Joking. Joking here what's going all of these lyrics? Oh hold on. Up Clear. You Ready. Are you ready? A little concerned. Back in black I hit the sack. I've been too long. I'm glad to be back. Yes, aglet, loose from the news. That's kept me hanging about. Looking at the Sky I'm a stop right there. Okay. I'm now uncomfortable. Ok Tedi we go. On this. What is? On this song according to Wikipedia. Hold Up. This is breaking news. Okay lyrics to back in black are controversial. Leading right now. According to wikipedia interview that Brian. Johnson! WHO IF PEOPLE KNOW ACDC? They'll know Brian Johnson. actually replaced their original singer. Bon Scott and the funny thing is they sound exactly the same? And this was him attempting to fill in no shoes and Brian Johnson said basically like all right the such big shoes to fill. Who Cares so? He just put out like Mumbo jumbo lyrics. According to literally Mumbo jumbo nine lives, cats is abusing every one of them in running wild like basically, he was just saying crown. So, maybe not for him, noose especially tunes like nineteen eighty and you know we really didn't give enough thought from Australia. They are from Australia what does this mean? He doesn't know anything about a confederate flag or stuff like that. You know anything about global history. I Don't use Austrailia. Had you heard the origines? needed. It does not sound like Brian Johnson was attempting to make any statement at all with the lyrics like it sounds like he was actually literally just putting out whatever the hell popcorn was mind stream of consciousness, but As you, said L Z anytime news comes up. I'm not. News from the news. I mean maybe he just felt like what was constricting him like he felt like he was constricted, and he's let loose from something that felt like was metaphorically around his neck, but yes, upon retrospect. Could have gone with a different set of what I WANNA see. The dodgers let loose tonight. I, WanNa, see the. luth tonight. I WANNA see. Not One not two not three. Now I WANNA see five players get hit. Hit. Hit Not really dangerous. I don't want anything dangerous. Comfortable going to sleep tonight I. Want anyone being comfortable falling asleep tonight after this game I. Want people to be uncomfortable, not being able to find a proper place rest their bodies, because it's too sore getting hit with a ninety five mph fastball. That's what I would like to see and every single time they get hit i. want someone in the back to go cheetahs. seaters. Here's to give you top. I'm GonNa give you four Astros. You tell me of these four who should take number one priority in terms of getting plunked. Alex Bregman. To everybody's favourite little guy until turned out the cheating, every was exposed. Carlos Correa. Are George Springer the MVP of this tainted cheated series. Or number one. vay number one out to lay. Out Too vague because he tried to play us for foods dog. Yes, he did. He Made A. Stories about a tattoo and his wife and he feeds shy. Please take off my shirt. and. And then to giggle. GIGGLE. Yes I hear it I. Just want to hear them. Now I'm pretty sure if we were face to face and be be BIA. I'm pretty sure about that. How little man he's a wee man! He knows he's a short man. Don't get it twisted and. Are the most dangerous. The most dangerous 'cause you gotta get down real voting. Get Him. And on top of that, they tend to have like a lot more like. The Lowest Cinder grabby makes it harder to knock him out. So adly fighting short people don't. I don't like wrestling sure people. Polian complex you never know. Be! Wealthier. That's not a good look, but so he's first because he tried to play. And then George Springer because he got an MVP out. which is like truck or something or car or something like that? You know he he probably knows. Do indeed even donated charity Pratt kept it. Does line is well man to. Go the whole. Monte right if you'RE GONNA cheat. ill-gotten. But I'm going to need on that list. I'm a needs and spicer AJ hinch I'm I need some space for him? Because Cuba, he tried to play from pools. He tried to make it sound like he was a victim. In all of this and that he tried to stop it, but. Didn't work couldn't call anybody. His mouth didn't work couldn't say stop, and he's going to potential to convince us that he was so upset about it that end up benefiting from it, and he hates himself so much, but he's not going to give you the rain back. Come on man. Fortunately I. Don't think he's GonNa. Be In the stadium to actually plunk him I. Don't may anywhere around the. No. No I don't need you to stadium. No, no, no I'm sending I'm going to see them at the Geek squad. We're GONNA. Come, will you get an ties and yeah, sweet by a me, your beaming? We're not gonNA. Just like you're not going to be in the stadium. When rain's coming out in case, you know you one last year, no one's really in the stadium and Blah. Blah Blah just like going to be like the situation. You may not be the stadium for the Beamy, but we're going to fed ex until you don't worry this comment. Dry By beating a like it, so then number four. The owner. He deserves. No, he deserves A. Yes he does. Yes, he does. He deserves it. He deserves he deserves an ribs because he got him play tomorrow anyway, so yeah, so he hurt be her for five. And then the fifth person lives and this one's going to hurt lodge, because you know, I love this dude and that has to be. Justin a burland. Because? He's he wrote up and started making jokes about it in front of other baseball players. That, yeah, he made it showcase about it. Go over well. None No blood. Nope, and this hurts because I love I love them just the Burland wanting to be a dodger. I didn't know he had that in his personality. Though I didn't know he had that in this personality, the kind of guy who can cheap gain benefit from cheating the game get busted for cheating a game, and when you have an opportunity to speak to some of the people who were victims of his Chidi, you decide to make a joke expense like Ha. HA, ha! Jokes on you! Know I! Want him beam to. Remembering correctly hasn't Verleger to been high and mighty in the past about things in terms of like the integrity of the game, the honor of the game like Verlaine has spoken out before in ways that make him now look really hypocritical like I mean just a true hypocrite with this stuff. Yes! Yes, which is why? It was so disappointing because he added so willing to speak out on issues, and you're like going. Yeah, this guy. He's not fearless yet is upstanding guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then this comes out. Go Out of Matt only. Did you know they were Chidi? Now only did not say anything to stop them. From CD. But then you had an opportunity to offer an apology for the Chidi. You instead made a joke. At the players expense. Could scene. That's week and I. Don't so now questioning all the other. Against because I realized that. This isn't just simply a lapse in judgement. That was a calculated decision. To like. Make light of the situation that digestive vermander from Detroit would have never made lighters, the Justin Bergman and there was in Detroit would have gone off, and said some of the things that cody. Belhadj said, but the Justin Berlin. They ended up in Houston. He wants to champion. Seem like it's not a big deal. All of sudden so now you like a front runner to me and I just love her and. Actually make. Jessica abandoned number two. I just moved up ahead of George. Springer because now talk more. Anger now is good news for George. George. And give that sucker waiting to charity by the way George. I know you still got it. Chuck away. Man Probably does probably get. That thing is probably just been sitting in his garage. Collecting dust done absolutely nothing probably never even sat in that truck with truck, probably got delivered to his house, had been put in the garage, and he has not done a damn thing with. Eight a need, the truck and be. He knows that trump is a fraud. He knows if he draw around yet if he drives around in that truck that entire time he's on the road. It's a reminder of what a fraud here's. What a fraud! That team were on fraud that organization is. Now here's the thing though Elsie like the dodgers. Try to make up some ground because they're opening weekend. Split against the giants was disappointing so on one hand you have to think about being measured with exacting justice and you know. Would we lose certain players? CAN WE AFFORD TO LOSE THEM? You know how how should we ration this out these sensible in sixty games season. But on the flip side might be you know what? Yolo? Because season may not finish anyway the rate. We're going right now. With this outbreak. There's now seventeen marlins. Seventeen marlins have tested positive for COVID. We are one weekend into baseball. That being said that being the case you might want to just get all that revenge out of the way now because there may not be a season to finish. Get it in, but you know what get it in this season. Get it in next season to. You need to get it in now because we don't know, there will be a next season like just week. Everything is so up in the air right now. You never know the viability of all sports moving forward until we have a vaccine and you don't WanNa. Wait that long to get your revenge I agree Alsi. We get it now. You get while you know you can have it. You don't even know that you'll get the opportunity to do it at your own stadium in September. When the Astros come back need to get this thing now. You gotta get it out of the way now. Get it out of the way now and then get it out of the way next season season up. After that like because e damage to the Chidi. Isn't just about a season. It's a legacy crippling event. It hurts Kershaw's legacy. It hurt Dave Roberts magazine and hurts the legacy of this franchise that is still looking to get its first chip since the eighties, so there's Michael. Jackson was thinking he was bad. That's fucking. World series so I'm. going. Why should we just think one game? One beaming makes up for the damage. The damage is a long term damage. Because when you win a championship, it puts you in a different stratosphere. And especially baseball folklore, and that was taken from us so every single time we pay them. We should remind them of what they done to us. What they did to the game what they did to themselves. You Got Houston fans running around trying to act right this champions Jano Yang no real champions. You wait not. You know and faking it and you need to stop it. We're GONNA. We're GONNA talk about what may lie had this two game series dodgers versus Astros in Houston and also the viability of the season itself with former major league. All Star Bret Boone, he's coming up next. Here Andy. You drink DECAF coffee. No. It's a waste of time. I'm just trying to check this kind of man. You're just making sure we're on the same page I do not drink DECAF coffee ever. Just feels like a waste of time. If I'm going to be drinking coffee I, want the benefits. If I'm going to decaff. It's usually decaffeinated tea like something. SORTA just the unwind whatever but other than that. No I'm always going gap. What about you can it? What about you? Oh, of course I'm not drinking and I'm the one who brought the question and. Hauling Beer. I, don't drink non alcoholic beer I. don't drink. I don't smoke unless they had a certain number of THC. Need to get a certain number. Allahu, nothing, then they will have the full benefits of doing it. I don't get it like I. Don't drink I. don't drink gatorade with half. The sugar leads gatorade zero. Whatever that is. If I'm GONNA do it. I'm GONNA do it. Now! You've never struck Mailsi as a man who likes to have his time wasted, or who put up with the idea this time being wasted and decaffeinated coffee that is wasted time ultimate like I like the taste of coffee, but ain't that good. AINTS Job, good. Now I mean it's. It's not so going. So, Max Kellerman is now integrating Roy Roy Jones Junior, who's supposed to be fight? Meyer Mike on September twelfth and Los Angeles. Oh, I'm so stoked I'm Sto rose you, stope? Baby come. On? I think Roger's actually trying to. He's trying to help track down bret. Boone, WE'RE GONNA be talking with them in a second former Mlb all star and somebody good perspective on what's going on right now. Dodgers and Astros and also just baseball man like I. don't care what they say I. Don't care what Walk Rob Manfred says publicly Z. They're nervous man. They have to be nervous at the idea that they are already dealing with this. They've gotta be nervous even if they were fooling themselves for they've got to be. I hope not. I hope he's not nervous. I hope he's not nervous. Is the first sign of trouble that you set yourself up to get I? Hope not I hope you weren't blindsided. It was outbreak and city. You did nothing to prevent it. I hope not because. You were doing a thoughts and prayers approach to baseball. As opposed to actually I'm. GonNa put a contingency plan. Put the exact same question to Bret Boone, our guest, former MLB, all-star Brett. How are you and if you had? If had to guess here. Do you. Just putting you on the spot right away if you had to guess, do you think Rob Manford in baseball do that? They're nervous that they. They're a little bit skirt right now in shook at the idea, not just that they'd have an outbreak in with what's going on with the Marlins, but that they couldn't even get through the opening weekend without it happening. When all this came together I think. When you talked about rob Manfred. You know I I think there's a lot of criticism that that he he asked bear for leading up to all this. The negotiations months ago. How it was presented publicly the PR side of it, I think he deserves a lot of critics when it comes to that. I don't know that it rests on him. I think going into the thing I've always. I've been a proponent for. Let's play. I think it's good for the country and get into the world. For for the people. To direct with with the rules that are in place and the in the testing so frequently I. I was worried that there was gonna be. Something like this crop up. It was a matter of time. And and how they're gonNA deal with this, you know everybody knew going in the rules that were in place I personally if I were to put myself back into, serve my thirty year old body in the heyday of my career. I would take this as serious as possible. First of all I have an allegiance to my organization to my family. This is what I do for a living. This is my livelihood so I would be all in on playing that being said with with it with the testing protocol with rules in place which everybody knew going going in. A man I would do. The best job can as a player to bubble myself to stay away from everybody because I know when I come to that Ballpark I gotta yesterday and whether I'm sick. I'm not sick. It doesn't matter the rules are the rules. And I have to wait that seventy two hours, and then in other tests, and then the twenty four hours I mean I I was thinking from from day one. It's like. Starting rotations for me. Is You know these guys hang together? Those five guys are really tight and they sit there with each other day can wipe out entire rotation. Therefore they put the sixty. The sixty player ruled that pool of sixty players, and I sent from the beginning. It's tough to really handicapped this season. The sixty games I know everybody's trying to do it. It, but with these rules, there's a great chance whoever we start with. You're not gonNA finish with, and and so as we get further into this. Everybody's going along with us at the same pace. It's like what are we going to end up with? You know and they were already talking about. It's not a legitimate seasonal I think they're doing the best they can. But more and more these you know, teams could be decimated. Next thing you know. You're playing with a AAA team out there, so I. I don't know I yesterday. Hills on the golf course all this went down, so it was the first day that I wasn't Kinda Kinda in their finding out. You know that all the things going on minute by minute, but I'm just kinda gathering it now, and it's GonNa be. It's GonNa be tough, and there's GonNa be a lot of can hoops to jump through a lot of landmines out there I don't know what they can do. The rules are the rules are in place. They gotta buy them. You gotTA. Sick Man Pool. And and I. Think you know we're all. We're all going forward together on. You know it's kind of a wait and see thing I don't know I could see six could be a nightmare for for for the major. League Baseball seasons. Were they were they revisited they being the players and the players association debate sparkle back to. Say! Would, you consider doing a bubble that we agreed upon a sixty game season as opposed to one hundred sixty gains. But there's a huge difference and I think a lot of people are empathize where. You know when he was a regular season in a bubble, but a sixty game season did seem nearly as bad to baseball, Kovacs players and say, would you do that? Well know what I don't know. What actually happened behind closed doors. Know I'm not privy to that right now I I did talk to. My brother read through the season started and I said how you gonNA address. These guys you know I 'cause I was trying to put myself in their shoes and I'm just thinking as a player if I'm a main part of an organization. First of all. We're all men. We're all GonNa do what we we're going to do. We're GONNA. Make our own choices. You can't sit there and and navigate. Big League ballplayers. But I just from my perspective if I'm a player, if I'm a manager, whoever an intricate part of an organization! I need to to be accountable to my teammates accountable to my organization, so I thought about it for sixty games. You know and I have a family and kids and I love them, and and I wanNA come home after a road trip and the first thing I wanna do is hug my kids, but for this sixty games because I signed on the dotted line, and I'm accountable. Maybe, I can't come home and stay in my house with my family. Maybe I need to really quarantine myself. Stay with teammates, because if I make a decision now you know what I'm home I just went on a seven day road trip. I'm going to go out to dinner tonight. Do well I'm putting whether I'm sick. I have symptoms. It doesn't matter. It's the fact is I know the protocol and the protocol is when I. Go to that. Ballpark I'm going to be tested, and if I'm positive. I don't know where I got. Maybe I got it from Uber Yubari. But the fact is I can't play. And now I gotTa look at my teammates and I can't play, and and there's teams gotta look at me, so I think as men. We have to make the decision the most the most comparable decision we can make. We got sixty games to make a run at this to make this successful campaign in in maybe the most trying sports of of our lifetime. Man It's just it, but we're all human beings, and we're all creatures of habit. We're not used to doing this, but I don't know. If I if I was a player, I just do the best job I could. Whatever the rules were I have an obligation to my teammates in my organization to do the best job, I can to just stay with myself and my peers, my teammates that net that close route, but we're human beings. You got nap any guys. You Got Eight hundred thousand Major League baseball players. There's GONNA be some changes in the armor and We're starting to see that right now. Com Bret Boone former major-league all-star. Alright tonight we got the two game series kicking off infused in dodgers, Astros obviously a lot of history with that a lot of animosity lot of controversy. How two part question for you? How much do you think that still carries over right now? With with everything that's happened. You know leading up to this point. You know like the real world stuff that's been happening. How much do you think that carries over? And what if anything are you expecting to see manifest from that carryover? Well I. I think it's a little bit more. We'd like to talk about it in the press, and and from a you know a Just a personal interest. Just Oh, what's going to happen tonight? Or are they going to get drilled and they're not gonNA get. My take is as a player. That's the last thing on my mind. Okay, whatever happened with the Astros thing that's fine and I have a completely different. Take on, it. I think this is a widespread thing. In baseball I, it came down the Astros because the top of the mountain. You know on paper the last two or three years. They've been up there with arguably the best team in baseball. So when you're on top people were gunning for you, so yes, they get caught up in this controversy I. Don't have all the facts. Behind the scenes what went down? You know all I know is pretty high profile managers. Step down and they didn't go kicking and screaming so much. From that there's some pretty. They had of dead to rights in certain capacities that being said how it affects a player. The last thing I think about is going into Houston. And and drilling guy and getting you know. Some, justice in that I can put in my mind. My first thought is to go in there and kick Houston's but and get. A three-game series I WANNA come out two to three wins. That's the last thing I'm thinking about as retribution. Who am I going to draw their to win a ball game? If I've got a personal vendetta with a player, or my team has a certain problem with a certain player of that team well that we'll take care of itself when the time is right, but first and foremost. Your job is to win the game. And that that exterior stuff. If there's a if there's a situation, and usually these players are going in. They're talking about. Are we going to drill somebody or are we not? That's usually kind of kind of really. Kept on the down low and pitchers usually handle those situations, so I don't expect there to be a big deal made of it. I mean you know what's different from the dodgers in in Houston you know. Why is it? The dodgers Houston such a big deal. If people got a problem with the Houston, Astros would that that should be widespread. It shouldn't be dodger thing because the dodgers got beat for him. As a player! I don't know I. Don't know I I just need more information before I. Really come down that hard on somebody I need the facts, and I need to see him in front of my. Giving effects. Cheated, there was an investigation. They they correct, but to what extent? You know they they call the altuve anything. Some under his Jersey do I know the some under his Jersey if I find out Altoona to some under his jersey, he's somebody's got an earpiece in I say throw the book at Him. Okay, but until I have those facts I can't just. Just. Jump to those conclusions and tell you what I think. The the consequences should be for their actions. In fact, they cheated back. There's a lot of teams cheat I know one thing as a player in when you're in that clubhouse and the only way you know. If you're in that clubhouse, a current player, you know what's going on throughout baseball and anytime there was a scandal or anything going on I. Know One thing it usually wasn't isolated. It was usually league wide. So until I know exactly what was going on in that, it wasn't widespread fifteen twenty teams. Houston's the best team they got caught. They should be punished for that I. Don't know exactly what was going on. Are they getting? Once again. Let me let me make it easy. If, they're relaying pitches. To a hitter and he's getting some sort of electronic signal. Throw the look at him. Strip him of everything I agree with that, but until I know the facts. I can't really say what I think. The correct punishment should be I i. really don't and and if we're talking about how to in that Jersey. That's a conspiracy theories until I have those facts, 'cause. 'cause I know what goes on in those clubhouses, and it's not just one. There's could be fifteen teams going I'm glad they're not there. I'm glad they're not investigating US right now. 'cause we doing this this and this. It's not spoken publicly, but those players know what's going on, and I'm not accusing anybody because I don't have the facts, but I just know usually. From my experience as a major league baseball, we're we're not isolated. Jesus cheating and his capacity. Will you change stealing to a certain degree and? You say I'll. Investigations done. No, no, no in my era I can tell you we tried to get every. We could possibly get, but it was the human edge if a coach if that catcher got lazy with his right leg. And that coach could see and if I was on I, peek in I could see a signal. I can pick up breaking ball on stealing the next bit. If. I'm at second base and I can decipher your size I'm giving that pitch to my hitter and vice versa by gay caught I know the consequences are I'm GonNa wear one in the ribs. That's an eye for an eye if I can't you I'm gonNA. Go over to the guy at second base inter stealing our signs in a fight if I find out that you are, you know what's coming. That's how we handle as players. It's an eye for an eye now. That was that that was that era word new age. We're in two thousand twenty. The technology that data is is overwhelming. You're not gonna be able to take away electronic and I've had this conversation with my dad who? Who played a generation before me and I said. What do you think about all this? He said you have to get more sophisticated on your signs. You've got it think that when you're coming out of the DUGOUT, every camera is on everything you do so as me as a defender I've gotta get a little more sophisticated how I interact with my teammates. That's the only way you gotta assume as a catcher. There's a camera on you. You're giving signals every day. You GotTa get a little more intricate and how you give this on. That's the only way going forward forty years from now twenty years from now you're going to have even greater technology the only way you defend against that. is to defend against it with getting more intimate, and how you give your side because people are GonNa. Cheat, people are gonNA. Try to get an edge and I don't care you know we can talk about all. That's not the right thing to do. That's not real life, and that's not how players think they can get edge. They're going to get one whether it's electronically or not. Once again you go electronics, you go earpiece, you go something on your person. It's not the human, element. In my opinion, throw the book at him. That crosses the line for me, but I need that you see what I'm saying. I just need that hardcore evidence in front of me. I got to be able to read it before. I can accuse people of what I I know. One thing. They created in some capacity and so did the red sox. And you know Beltran with the met. Something was going on there, but I need to know what it is before I. Really go hard core and start throwing out. Oh, yeah, he should do this the he should get this thrown at them. I don't know that is my opinion. Former be all-star. Pat, Boone, great slow reshape time. Thank you very much. Thank you sir. I wasn't happy with your answers but I respect. Three hundred man. That's good. There's a lot. There's a lot to unpack from that. We were going to that next denny. The fired outlet boom. We just had. Talking. To I'm fired up to. Because if you read between the lines, he insinuated. That is quite possible that the dodgers also cheat. If you really you're. Saying about how it's widespread about how it could, it could be as many as fifteen different teas. If you listened real carefully. I presented him a question that was clearly saying we were victimize, and he gave me an answer that says maybe you were all victims. That's why I said EXPEC- what you have to say, but I don't agree with it because my dodgers are, you're not. Only. They never even stolen a great out of a grocery store when they went shopping. Produce section. They paid for everything. They try to sneak a grapevine, my son. My son Jake one of his friends got caught at a party drinking, but my son was the only one who didn't have anything. Other than Soda did not not my little baby boy, the dodgers, not my little baby boy I mean absolutely not I'm not here for slander slander I say slander. Case how you the? With I can't tell you what the stinky's are doing I. Don't know what the Florida Marlins and doing whatever they do. Anita stopping. They got the wrong. I don't know the giants are doing but I can tell you about dodges. Rhythm so my maze. Is Pure as fresh driven snow. Falling from the heavens above Lenny upon mountain tops and the distant beach at a distance that we can still see, but we can't quite touch the typing today off the novel I tell you Andy Jane austen novel, the type of snow that once it melts, it becomes the freshest drinking like just unspoiled pure could nourish the entire planet that wonderful. Let mended. Is I'm just not all these teams have done. It's just the No. You. There the one innocent. Deleting. I'm not here for that. Max Months. He's not Chidi co-develop. Not Chidi look at that face on cody bellinger. Is that the face of a cheater I ask you? Look at those. Hernandez was not CD Kiki. Kiki's wife is pregnant. How does he look seedy and he's got a baby on the way they look right. Man. I mean look at every single one of those players including by the way you was the one red sock that we know for certain. Do any type of Shenanigans in two thousand eighteen mookie betts. He's the one is the only one I guarantee took part in nothing. That was not above board. You know why because he's part of our dodgers, right? Part of dodgers. I do not like the what you're insinuating with your tone. Representing this question. I'M GONNA. Need you back the Hilla? You're you're getting too close to align the I for one am not here for. Do you understand the word that coming out of my mouth Andy. Do you see the words I'm? Not Going to see me for a while, you're going to be seeing anyone for a while unfortunately quarantined. You're not going to be sending Marlins for a while because that's situation and getting any better, but. I'm not saying the dodgers don't have a right to revenge. Because what they're Astros did is agreed GIS. You know even if they're a little bit critical done mean, there are a lot of the critical and absolutely I think if they want to take some revenge tonight, it is owed to them and I. wholeheartedly encourage a cross dock. Coming up next will be joined by George Donald Emmy. Nominations are out handy. Emmy nominee out. And what is leading all emmy nominees watchmen twenty six nominations. Twin relays nomination really watchmen. How about that in your I? I, did not I did not see that coming. I thought they would get some nominations. It's critically acclaimed show. I thought they'd get some love. I didn't think they'd lead the whole thing. That's awesome. That's. Amazing, that is amazing. I had an opportunity to interview Regina Cain not too long ago and the way she talks about the process of putting that show together for those you who haven't seen it watchmen. There's an outstanding series shutout. You Raj for me up to to begin with, but I couldn't stop watching it Regina doesn't actually amazing. Amazing job. Entire cast does and is so. Is so good. She's always great like Regina King. For so long has been that access that every time she shows up in something. She makes it like ten to fifteen percent incrementally better just by virtue of her presence, and actually years ago Brian I interviewed her for our podcast and she was fantastic interview. She's an L.. A. Native Went Westchester high same. School as Trevor Reza and those guys. She was a track athlete. Yeah. She loves sports. She's a big Laker Fan and she is one hell of a talented actress. She's awesome. Anything she's. So good and that's really cool. Glad to hear that. The Sodano air glad that. Saddam I I actually I thought the leader was either going to be succession. Or Shits Creek. which both ended up getting some representation, but I did not picture was going to be watching, but again good for I. Mean especially when you know everything that Regina King did to get that show off the ground because he's really been a labor of love for her in a Labor of effort. That's fantastic. That's really cool. Donald there you are you. You're just talking about the watchman. Emmy nominations are out and they have twenty six nominations leading everybody. Did you see that series of watchmen? I did not? I did not see the series. The watchman so I apologize. I don't even know where it's on. What is it on Hulu Netflix? Oh My. Someone with multiple children. Yes, on HBO IT'S ON HBO. I WANNA. Start watching the Perry Mason reboot. Though I have seen that pop up on HBO, Bunch of Times says anything that no nice was talking about yesterday. He said it looks good. It looks good. Yeah, Mason said it was actually. He said it was a really good. Right now, so that's definitely some people should be watching for George expecting revenge tonight you expecting revenge down in Houston from the. Against the Astros, no, no Kenley Jansen was on with us a couple of weeks ago and said that he look. He thinks that they're the champs like as in the dodgers, but he's not gonNA. Throw it anybody. He literally said and the only guy that's made that. Felt that way that has said that he may do. It was Ross stripling, and he's not scheduled to pitch so. Commit a crimes committed beforehand, but here's the thing there's that and here's the thing. If you're one of the dodgers players and you actually do that, you're going to get suspended for longer. You'RE GONNA get worse punishment in the Astros did so. What's the point in it? Just feels good. Going to city gives him chicken wings. It's not a good idea, but it just feels good. Plus too, I mean look. George looking right now. You might as well throw caution in the wind. Who knows for action going to have a full season? So get it in now. You're you're. Messing Baseball George Bush with your state they take. The according to the Philadelphia Inquirer that the marlins acquired the Rona in Atlanta maybe they were at magic city. All. Georgia's new Williams Oh. They did they did practice games in Atlanta for a couple nights before they went to Philly? So. They're blaming Atlanta. Yeah. They hadn't been in Miami a couple of weeks in a week or so. Were they doing in Atlanta besides baseball I mean you know you've lived there. They were doing I was doing Atlanta. We've got a different story. Donald Show. Me Back Tomorrow seven ten ESPN.

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