The Blonde Bomber is Back in the Saddle


Boomer and GIO on the fan and the CBS sports network. For the investors Bank studio over assize in Greg G, Audi boomer and geo the fan silo gas across the country on CBS sports network. Good Tuesday morning. The Yankees game ended just a couple of hours ago by the win Fe victory in extra innings. A nother won four in a row for them the Mets and Stephen Matt's of Ben's that terrible laws from a couple of days ago against the Phillies last night at city field after a lengthy rain delay we are just a couple of days away from the NFL draft. Odell Beckham junior's still can't let go of getting traded as he went berserk on Twitter last night talking to a bunch of fans about his time with the giants. What happened? It was something. We'll get into a little bit later because it was something else but stomach flu boy is back. Good morning, boomer. How you feeling you're doing a little bit better? Thank you. Joe? Sorry didn't make yesterday but thing hit me on Saturday afternoon, and I've been fighting off the last three days. And so I would say that I'm about eighty five percent. But you're done with the vomiting on all I've done with the fever, and the chills and all that. But what about the contagious element of that's passed than gone to where? I think I know where I got it. I got it in the bathroom here on Thursday, really tell now what isn't there in the one of the stalls had exploded? I didn't know it that they had the door open at walked in there. And I was like oh, man. And then I walked out of there. And then I gotta believe that's where I got sick. I don't know. But it was ugly. I thought the fluid been gone and then I see yesterday. I was reading an article that the flu is back in some ways and the stomach flu is back. So anybody who dealt with it? You know, you know, what I've dealt with. I know what you've dealt with a hopeful, you're through it. I knew like I'm like I said eighty five percent. I don't have all my g back, but I'm here, and quite frankly, all you do is lay around, and you watch TV, and you watch sporting events. And there are a lot of great things that happened this weekend. A lot of bad things that happen this weekend. The biggest one being the judge thing. The fact that you know, he pulled an oblique and what this means for the team in the the ability to go out and win games without him. Now, this is two games and row that they've won without him, essentially, two and a half games. I guess it really speaks to the testament of what the Yankee. Culture's all about even if Chapman blows to save. Like he did last night the Yankee culture, and I think this is what keeps talking to over the last couple of days is about look we still expect a win. I mean as the next man up not on how long this next man up thing is going to be able to sustain itself. Yeah. But I think now it's about treading water until you get starting get some of your pieces back and they'll start coming back relatively soon. But in the meantime, all these guys have what they all want. And that's a chance, and there's nobody I think taking more opportunity with his chance than Clint Frazier. I mean, he has been unbelievable really since he's gotten here, and he's been like a little spark plug in Luke void. It's a home run last night. And they did make more Matt Harvey look like a Cy Young award, which he has not been up until this point. But I will say that I give them credit because this team and they were saying all weekend long. I just every time you turn on the TV, Michael k was telling you how many guys are on the injured list. What an injured list it is. It's an all star team. It's crazy. Is crazy but between him and Meredith and the guys in a booth just kept telling you incessantly with the mamas. And we all know what the problem is is. It's like, okay, we get it. Now, we should focus our attention on what the guys on the field to try to do and this kid. Urszula like he's come out of nowhere, or shall I mean? Yeah, he defensively. Do I mean the guy is an incredible third baseman. He's been clutch for them at the plate. He kind of looks like John Carlos Stanton's out of shape younger brother with the way that he he looks in the box. And he's just a guy who is who plugged in and making the most out of his opportunity, and there's so many of these guys right now with its talk men or Ford or roll mine or shelhah or obviously Voight, and then you think about Torres how he's going to be needing to carry this team up at times as a million of these guys. But there's something endearing about a group like this going out and winning. Well, this is two years ago. When nobody knew who they were nobody knew who. And hor was. You know, you knew a judge was going to be you kinda Saul what Gary Sanchez was the year before. And then all of a sudden glare towards comes up here before he was supposedly ready to come up here. And by the way, say whatever you want gleyber towards is a natural shortstop. He plays shortstop as good as anybody in baseball. I don't care what anybody says. Now when d comes back, they'll probably move him over there. But, you know, this whole addition of LeMay, Hugh, his worked out well to sure so right now, I would think that you train water. You're just holding your breath that they don't get into an extended losing streak. They get a good performance by j hop last night. They could have good performance impacts on Saturday. Even though they're almost blow bolt of those performances with the bullpen relatively healthy with the exception del Matanzas, but I was reading it was Joel Sherman wrote about it. You know, there are bullpens that are collapsing all over the every everybody's tears seems. But with the Yankees, you think about all these names at the back end of the bullpen. He got back to back games. One. On Sunday where able to survive after being up five nothing you get green out of Edo terrible. Then last night all Chapman ends up blowing the save for the Yankees. But they come back both times and they win. So now, you look at the schedule and we've done too much of the looking at the schedule stuff because you think you're supposed to beat everybody. However on this west coast road trip yoga up with a couple of bad teams teams have not played all that. Well, with the angels jive this point, and it's all about hanging around five hundred and maybe catch a little lightning in the bottle like they have and and just to say that Aaron and tough spot here. But I like what he's saying. I do I do like we still expect a win. We still expect to put the Yankee uniform on we still have expectations here. All that stuff is a good messaging. It's all good messaging. And by the way, he is really going to be under the microscope now because he's gotta help us team win games. Assyrians are going to have to be. I don't know whether you want to call them aggressive or you want to call them, just if you just want to say just be smart about what you're doing because you can. Games with a team. That is fragile as this. But I don't necessarily know that they think they're fragile. I don't think that Clint Frazier. No, no. Well, I mean, he's got that Luke Voight thinks does dozing. So there's guys that are on the field for them and labor towards would be one of those guys when I think Austin role mine after the weekend that he had probably feels good about getting an opportunity to play and contribute offensively as well as defensively. Yeah. And there's some to be said about multiple guys who have not gotten a chance to play every day. Now getting that chance. Clint Frazier is the perfect example how many times would he have played if he didn't have a concussion or whatever injury was cropping up for him because of the injuries last year the Yankees the deal with and now he's playing every day. So we'll see how long they can sustain it and one guy has to start coming back. And then you feel like the rest of them. Eventually you'll see him in the first one will be Gary Sanchez. We think still on Wednesday. Then after that, you wanna see Giancarlo Stanton at some point. I mean, it seems like that injury. That wasn't supposed to be a long time has been a long gated every time we look at a time timetable because he hasn't been. Hitting on the field has been doing this doing that. That's the guy you really need to see get back when judges out because someone has to be presence in the middle of that lineup other than what they've been throwing out. I wonder if we see judge before June. I I don't think so no I don't sound like in the way that he reacted after he's swung the bat, and the way grabbed aside, you could tell that that that thing was it popped on him. He felt it. So yeah, it just it's opera -tunities abound for everybody that is in the Yankee uniform now two and then for the Anky fan. There's always like go get this guy. Go get that guy. You have to remember you have to protect your forty man roster. That's the most important thing, and you know, ellsberg's out of the picture completely. They don't want him back here at all. They'd rather play with guys that you know, that they have here that they wanna give young guys opportunities. You know, Brian Cashman will figure out ways to get this thing done, but they just have they have to hang around five hundred. That's that's what they have to do because everybody else's kind of middling and struggling as well. And I think. If they're able to do that. And then when judge comes back, and then maybe into harkens back with Stanton. And and and and Sanchez then all of a sudden, you got something. So I know each guys different with the injuries. But for example, Todd Frazier's first game back was last night. He had that left oblique. He injured it February twenty sixth, and we were talking to full months that he was gone. So that and Todd Frazier Aaron judge different physical specimens for sure I would say the oblique is a little bit bigger for Aaron Joe. Yes. Right. So I mean, that's that's two full months for Frazier. They're gonna want judge back Quaker? The Mets had the luxury of taking time with Frazier because they didn't really need him because of everybody that was stepping up. So I don't know if it's going to be two full months that we see Erin judge from late April to late June. But it's a real possibility with that injury. It really is. Well, it is. And so for the look it's your Yankee fan. You just wanna take the winning? And they have to just cut a Batten down the hatches and just try to stay relevant. And I think they will. I think Aaron Boone's mindset and everything else that goes along with dealing with injuries and adversity and all that stuff. You hear Bella check talk about it all the time. And that's exactly what Aaron Boone is saying so good for him and good that the team is actually responding to them in plan. Well and making the most of their chances is speed of chances. You know, Stephen Matt's second chance how great at to see for a guy who's been a little bit fragile around his career aheads. The worst outing of his life against the Phillies last week comes back seeing team, of course, different building at city field. And he was great last night. He was able to shut them down. Now wasn't a full game of Bryce Harper in there as he gets thrown out and he screams, and he has to be held back when Gabe Kappler's holding back Bryce Harper. That's just that's a lot of testosterone right there that we all feel like though at the beginning of the year when he signed there that there would be multiple instances like this. Well, I know these aren't instances between. The two of them. Right. But it is. It's kind of interesting that it happened here in New York, though. Right. Yeah. I guess it was fun to watch it the fact that you know, we're watching the game because it's the Mets. And you're seeing these guys go nuts and Bryce Harper. He was he knew he was pissed when he left the box every was called out on strike three. And then just kept getting worse and worse and worse. He's he's barking from the dugout. He gets thrown out. And then he went crazy. I don't love the pyre throwing a guy out in the fourth inning. I mean, he really has to be out of control. Especially for words. You're telling me throwing something out of the dugout if you costs are you say something that is disrespectful. The empire has every right to throw. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. Get thrown out. What's I haven't done gets over the weekend could read his lips yet? But I'm but Aaron Boone doesn't make a difference. Bryce Harper is the best bull air. As far as I'm concerned about right? Get it. It was great. It helped. Games that IBM pro now get him out of here. I guess I'm just thinking globally. They shouldn't Pires. Just get hurt auto care man that matter over officious, Chuck and guys out. I don't wanna see that app. At the one of my guys fourth-inning romantic games here defending Bryce Harper. I hate the the players. Ira below what they do complain about it. They throw them out. The buyers are side. I look at it. Well, hey for one night. But then what if it's can Ford a world or whatever our guys are so much more behaved Elvia, we're not like Joel Embiid in Bryce Harper. And you know, Cluj ruin all his lunatics down here in Philadelphia. I mean, come on where the Mets Scott Hartnell, right? Yeah. No longer. But that guy was a real pain in the ass back. Dave Schultz pain in the ass. Clark pain in the ass. Right. Right. I mean chase Ali pain in the ass. I don't know why they all end up in Philadelphia. But they all end up in Philadelphia. Sure. I thought of he's a pain in the ass now. Yeah. He was making waves yesterday. Did you see some ISO some of his stuff, and he goes with Zach Gelb, actually, the Bob Gelb, son? Donovan McNabb on shine made like national news. Because big nab said that the eagles are going to need to draft another quarterback because once can't get it done. It was interesting. Stay healthy talk. All these Philadelphia guys. The classic take of if they were your guys you'd love him, but their Nazi a hate him. But it is true. They have an overabundance of chip on their shoulder jerks that play in that city, but it's perfect for them. It's absolutely perfect. Now. What did I tell you after Joel Embiid did that stupid thing that he did in Philadelphia and game too? Right. I told you that the the Brooklyn nets would be ticked off. And I know internally that there would be upset, and they would just waiting for a moment. And drove MB did exactly what he did Jared Allen he had a flagrant one. Again. If you if you know the history the recent history between these teams, and what happened that flagrant wants should have been called a flagrant two because of what happened in the game. Previous and what happened after the game and the stupid press conference. You know, Sean marks Kenny Atkinson Dudley, you know, all those guys were talking about it. We're going to react to it. And I'm actually I'm actually glad they reacted to it. I I don't expect them the win the series. But I the way that that whole thing went down. MB is just like I'd love to have him on my team. But I also hate him. Yeah. I know but act he's used for makes them so bags. He is just one mockery out of them. That's why the nets are reacting. But it's Jared Dudley who's reacting which makes it which makes it even worse because then MB just makes fun of him. I mean, we were playing cut yesterday. I know you were sick replaying the cut yesterday, he goes first of all, he's a nobody, you know. So he's like a WWE guy where he's body slam guys. And then he's insulting them. And then he's laughing at you in the press conference and the only way that you can combat that if you come back and win the series, and you're not going to do that all somedays somewhere. He'll get is. I don't know where and when but he'll get his you watch. I mean, he he's messing with fire. I don't think he's best fired in terms that they're gonna lose a series. I just think that you know, he's doing things that obviously either leave lever disrespectful to the other team. I agree. I mean, you can't elbow a guy in the. Face is part as he did laugh at that whole thing was on purpose. The fact that he didn't get thrown out of the game for that is tells me that you know, the referee didn't do their job. I I thought he was totally out of bounds for that. And then the actions after the game at the press conference even worse, and I knew that Atkinson and marks and those guys they're trying to build something over there. They're trying to build a culture in Brooklyn. And I can really appreciate what they're trying to do. And how they're trying to do it. And the first thing you have to do is you have to react to crap. Like that. Now may take you out of the game. But the, but for them to be who they wanna be they have to react. Yeah. I think that it's who's reacting though is important. He has to I know. But I know the nets don't have that one personality that stands out because their group of guys who work, well, collectively, I think Daniel Russell is the the biggest star that they have. But the fact that it's the general manager that's going to the officials room the fact that it's Jared Dudley who is. A bit piece on this team. It's just you're not going to stand up to guys like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, and these guys that are superstars and basketball that are pushing your around, by the way, the officials in this series. I even even talk about it. But they have become a part of the series from the nets perspective. I don't care what anybody says. If you watch the games the fouls are there on even they're not they're not being called evenly. And I don't know what the reason is for that. I don't think it's on purpose. Just think maybe it's where the chips fall. But there is no question that they have every right to be frustrated. They have a right to be frustrated with Embiid has basically taking them out of their game. And because they can't hit their threes and two because the officiating has been somewhat inconsistent. I'll leave it at that at that. Well, yes. And that's fine. If you say it, it's just the nets may get an excuse. Then that's a problem.

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