Mason and Ireland (Hr 3)


All right. It is time for fast track. We do this every day at this time. I've got questions for Ben. He's got him for me. They don't necessarily have to be about sports can be about anything you want it. Sponsored by Rex thinking of selling your home. Try wrecks the lowest fee full service agency, saving home sellers, twenty five grand on average. If Rex doesn't sell your home in sixty days, they'll introduce you to your next agent to get started. Visit Rex homes dot com. We always start with a ceremonial coin flip, Ben we're gonna make it easy tonight. This short handed Lakers. Find a way to beat the Knicks anyway, or you're young upstart New York Knicks pull off a rare road victory. Call it near I'm going with a Knicks loss in a close one for the ages because that isn't win as we're vying for Zion. Sorry, I gotta go to Lakers, man. Well, that's what you. I'm gonna go to defer because with that comes home advantage. A British company is working on a new generation of smart chips that imbed artificial intelligence inside devices. One of these chips is being targeted to smell. It's going to be able to smell the chip the ideas that the chips will be small and cheap enough to be built into clothing allowing a I to keep tabs on your body odor throughout the day. The. The e knows as they're calling. It is part of a project called plastic armpit in which small chips will be made from sheets of plastic each chip will have eight different sensors and a built in machine learning circuit. Now will this be a hit or miss chips that measure your body odor? Do you think people will want a chip to determine whether or not they smell fun? They won't person doesn't. And that's my wife. Wearable, tack is terrifying. In our household more EMF's more connection to robots less connection from nature. Not good for us. Why we don't sleep? Why we don't I why we manifest disease? So there will be people out there who start putting robots on their bodies to determine if they stink or not. And they'll be other people out there say, you know, what I should probably just take a shower. Need a robot to tell me, I smell gross. I feel gross. Yeah. I lied to be more in tune with their own bodies not have reliant machines to tell them how they're feeling that they're sick. And is this a real problem? I mean. I put iota and on after I take shower, and I think I'm fine. I mean, isn't doesn't that the promote into Europe to the morning show? The annual time John for my favorite game on this show with the Coachella lineup just announce punches play great compla- Coachella band or strain of weed. Here we go band, or is this type I type of weed red headed stranger are they playing Coachella or they gonna be playing the crowd at Coachella. Greg red headed stranger. I'm going with a strain of weed. Funchess sounds like a ban Sinaga break the tie. I'm with Greg. I think it's a strain of weed funches. You are incorrect that is a type of sativa or so I am told. One for one Bergman what's dusky is dusky aband- or fun. We'd stream sounds like a weed strain. Now to me that sounds like a man, I'll go banned. Yeah. It sounds like a band keeps playing on Sunday. For to ski guy over here. Still Rusi kind of marijuana. Or is that a band that's playing coach Showa, right? It's my turn woozy that's got to be a strain of marijuana, Greg. That's a band strain of weed if you driving up to the Coachella valley, you wanna get there early on Friday to see still refers. Jack Herrera has Jack Herrera artist or see a strain of marijuana Jack Herrera Greg that sounds like an artist. Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna go with artists. Artists. I'm with him. I think it's an artist. Jack, rare is inspired a lot of artists. Jack career is a marijuana super organism the super organism type of weed or ban. This playing Coachella guys find I believe that's a ban. I think it's a we strain of weed. I think it's a band there playing Saturday on. Last one here. I mean, I could do this all day 'cause I don't know any of these bands. And I know some of these traits Rico nasty, it's going on with Rico nasty. I think that's a strain elite. He's playing Coachella. That's a that's a strain playing Coachella on God. Funchess guy, Rico, nasty Coachella. Get your tickets this morning. All right. We talked about this. Well, let's see this one Patrick Mahomes has a love of ketchup. It went viral this month on ESPN story that noted he likes to catch up on everything he eats, including steak, he puts on MAC and cheese pretty much everything. So last week Mahomes signed an endorsement deal with hunt's ketchup. He's going to start doing commercials for huts. Now, let's say I'm going to pay you Ben lines to endorse any product, you get to pick what you want to endorse, but you have to pick something what endorsement deal fits you the best. What do you use? It would be a good thing for you to do commercials that the saying he loves catch up. So he probably wouldn't love that. I would want to refer back to my first fasttrack question. So let me go the different product place. I, you know, me golf balls. I lose enough of them. Have let me have an endorsement deal with a golf ball that is affordable to lose. And that is a formal the by and can get the casual player hooked on the game. Because you know, I'm always the guy the group is they got an extra ball the day. Like a Quinlan everybody our team lost a lot in Hawaii. I'll tell you that much. Yeah. Golfer streak, all falls or something in the Gulf space. I would love to have a partnership with. I know I was conning LeBron for walking into the arena with wine, but I'm starting to get more into it as I'm getting older. And I love finding out about local vineyards here in California. So if there's something up in Santa Barbara that needed a boost, I would I got married at vineyard tree unfo- creek. So I'd love to do an endorsement deal with the tree unfo- wine the start hosting some wine clubs at our house that could do that for me. It's easy chops say meat pork chop said. And I'm szeswith pork chops. Nobody else I know is obsessed with for chops. If you have a good I'm going to Minnesota Tamar. That's like pork chop. Stop. And but here's the decision. I need to make which is a very interesting one the NFL playoffs are going on. And I think it's a really good game. I think it Seahawks. Cowboys going tomorrow night, do I bale Cowboys and go to JD Hoyts the pork chop. Shop TV at Hoyts chop in watch the game. That's the ultimate John Ireland. I'm on the road kind of having going outside in Minnesota as. But it is picture and this attractive heard you guys talk about that pork chop ad nauseam. I'll take a picture of if I would go with the poor. But here's a true story about about JD Hoyts located directly next to I've never been in it. But there's always a first look like Hoyts here the next door over strip joint. So there's some alliteration see players out there if you know what I mean. All right. So your better half, John she's making the trip to Sundance my favorite place on earth. I've been there fourteen years in a row. This is her. This is your first time at Sundance. Now. I know lease is not the Sinophile that I am. But it's important to me when people do come to Sunday into they actually see a movie. So I went to morning they opened up the tickets for press, and I was able to secure a bunch of tickets. Okay. I wanna go through the synopsis of the films, and you tell me if Lisa will be interested in taking the slope. Okay. Time away from partying with diplo to actually go and see some indicate got it once called Honey boy it stars Shiloh buff and Lucas hedges to stunning collaboration between Shiloh buff. Who wrote the film and director named alma paints, a powerful, and painful, and inspirational story of growing up the son of a clown which Shaya did in northern California. Well, I know that you have a good relationship with Shaya. So you could probably give Lisa some info inside info at that movie. But I think clowns creeper out, so I guess he'll stay like this one. It's called late night. It stars Emma Thompson and Mindy Cailing and Mattamy is a pioneer and legendary late night talk show hosts on the circuit. She's of cues of being a woman who hates other women. So she hires Mindy Cailing to be the lead woman in her writer's room done. She's ended likes both those people. She'll do it for sure. All in for Lisa. Ireland tickets for Saturday morning nine AM depends. How big she does say. That's the key to Sunday's got Vernon of both ends Lisa. All right. The sunlit route sunlit nights the sunlit night summer is off to a terrible start for Francis. Played by Jenny slate her art project fails her boyfriend, kicks Arauz or younger sisters, getting engaged. So she signs up to go by yourself to art program in Norway would lease. I wanna see that movie. I that's v. Fifty fifty the second one for sure. No, I think she'd go to go to the movie before she go to the Jenny slate movie. So I'll say, no, Jon Hamm. Adam drivers starting out matter. Go ahead about nine eleven and the CIA those guys are, okay. There you go and halston documentary about the fashion designer very famous in New York seventies and eighties kind of nightlife scene and halston. Okay. She goes. Yeah. Gonna last one here velvet buzzsaw starring Jake. John hall. It's written by Dan Gilroy. He did June all in night crawler to be tough and weird. And yeah, I like tonight Carletto fleece aside. I I would say probably on that. Because Jake Jilin also goes we'll Lisa actually see a movie at Sundance. I'll get her a ticket. We'll get her the times. Yeah. Depends. If you can get all over nutjob friends in there, you know, it's like the Ireland plus eight plays. Headache for the we the girl she's going with are all solid. I just don't know who she's going to meet when she gets there. So. But isn't a wild trip? Cheers in the crowd kind of collective, oh, it's I mean from the Wu Tang clan to just yet Chastain two girls. She's going with really fun. Could be an interesting thing. All right, which one do I wanna do here. All right. Patrick and Kyle Flynn are two brothers. Who are both New York giant football fans. They filed a first amendment lawsuit last week against the city of Santa Clara, the Santa Clara Clara stadium authority and a bunch of other entities. Plus the cops who yanked out of the first row Levi stadium during a twenty seventeen giants forty Niners game at the center of the lawsuit is the claim that the browser should be allowed to tell giants players that they quote effing suck in quote and middle finger, the plants plaintiffs are informed, and this is part of the lawsuit. Plaintiffs are informed believe in. And they're on a ledge that it was not and is not a crime to stand up flip off the players on the field. I e flip the bird, and outwardly yell you f ING suck. And if you were on the jury in this case, Ben lines, would you find four or against the Flynn, brother? These surprise, man. I actually think these dudes are crossing the real fan lifeline going too far. You gotta keep it PG. I know football games are collection of people being the worst version of themselves. But, you know, this is bills mafia culture jets culture seeping into giants culture lets you know, how bad the very prestigious and the New York Giants brand my dad's been a lifelong giants fan. It's like the Lakers or like the Yankees. It's kind of older fan base in a more well to do fan base in the city has had so much success with the giants were the bills and the jets and New York state. It's kind of rougher fan base. This is part of their culture outside with the team on this. When you can't have guys. Stadium. Cursing and cursing off the players look. Everybody's not calling on to be creative. When I yell. Ricky Rubio and say, hey, you look like you're at Hogwarts reunion, and he laughs that okay? Because he looks like a grownup Harry Potter kid, but if your car seeing dome the view people bring their kids much because they're going to go in the stands, and they're going to say something back to you. And no fan wants that. I'm with you. I find favour of the team. Sorry, Flynn brothers. If you wanna go yell and scream and stay home and watch the game on your seventy inch TV. I I'm with you. You can't let it won't. Once you start using the F word liberally, you lose. All right. John on Christmas day, the New York. Knicks started a lineup of Emmanuel moody. Kevin Knox, Trey Burke, Mitchell Robinson, and I believe Noah von lay or Tim Hardaway junior one of those five that's the five would they win in a game against the team that the Knicks started in the movie. Eddie coached by Whoopi Goldberg. Fox's on that team. Jon south Wayne Schnitzer, slain senses, Mark Jackson, recipes Maliki Sealy and Greg Oeser tag with the team from Eddie coached by Whoopi Goldberg beat the team that the Knicks put on the floor on national television to kick off the NBA's Christmas day covering laws. You know, Ben have been with the Lakers for more than twenty years. And one thing I've learned you can never go wrong going on the side of Rick Fox. If you stay with Rick, Fox good things will happen to you. So I say yes, now, honest answer. What do you think? I honestly think that even Eddie's really solid. The silly was a great pro at Minnesota Timberwolves. And we lost them way too soon in a car crash was great at Saint John. Mark jackson. I don't know if he is a hall of Famer he's no little short by one of the all-time great point guards and top assist leader. That's better than anybody. The Knicks rolled out and point guard and folly fifteen years John Sally towards the end of his career, and Eddie, but give you energy off the bench. And like you said Rick Fox that guy just wins at life and Eddie Franklin Gela. He wrote a horse. He was the owner of the Nixon that movie. James Dolan is a part of a horse. I want to go with the team in Eddie over the team on Christmas day. All right. Ben, French explorer, John Jacques crank Neil Akina. No, I wish John jocks Evine is trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean in orange barrel. Savino took off from Spain's Canary islands this week for a month long trip. He hopes will take him all the way to the Caribbean. Propelled only by ocean currents the barrel is made from resin coated plywood and is designed to protect him not only from the elements, but also possible attacks by orca whales. It has about sixty five square feet of living space enough room to sleep cook and store Savino goods which include wine. It also includes a small window from which he can watch the fish below him. Savini a former paratrooper in park ranger is documenting his trip. On facebook. Which one of these phrases best describes what Savino is doing. Fascinating cool and exciting or be ridiculous stupid and incredibly boring air advocating, cool and exciting. These types of adventurers are almost thing of the past. These explores these people push the human condition and human achievement not in a barrel. But someone who actually just did that sale is former NBA champion Boris Diaw. While I tweeted it out over the holidays Boris Diaw now that he's retired has been exploring his passion for wildlife photography. So he did a transcontinental sale from the Canary Islands and documented his journey on YouTube, and it's beautiful now voice the made sixty million dollars in the NBA. So his boat is rather nice. And there's a crew, and he went scuba diving with the whales, and it's very I think this is inspiring, man. I gotta be honest. There's a guy named John Fairfax who in nineteen sixty nine was the first person to row solo across an ocean. Right. He awry. He arrived in Florida. And that day he that day. He hosted a beauty pageant in Florida after being on the seaman for six months. We have a moment of honesty here. Out in your mind who wants to go across the Atlantic Ocean. And in orange with this guy. On the shore rooting them on. I think it's incredible. The guy in free solo doesn't have this documentary climbs El capitain without dumbest, right? You you want to go in and orange barrel for six months across the Atlantic Ocean. No, no chance whatsoever. Scooping. Here's something I'm really I haven't talked about publicly, but it's something I'm working on that doesn't involve barrel. Does it? Well, it might involve an orange boat. I want to kayak from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I want to do with my brother-in-law. I wanna find a sponsor. I've been starting to chart the route. And I wanna ride with the current from San Francisco in a kayak to Santa Monica. I will literally fly you first class on United to not do that you find the up to San Francisco. I have no San Francisco, and then I want. Well, I wanted to exactly the same. A when you I went to play in the Klay Thompson charity golf tournament. I want you to travel exactly the same way dead on a plane fly up and fly back that is the dumbest knocking around. About it. I'm going to brands about sponsorship. We're gonna document calling wise guy the mineral this show is over. She's a mound girl adventure. Good. John. Is you've ever had. Let's see got one more for you here. Over the holiday, John. I was sad to hear the news that a distant cousin of mine passed away. Name was Bob Einstein. Bob, sleep a minute you'll related to to super day. Yeah. I didn't know him. But my dad tells me I was a distant cousin somehow. Luckily, little little weird. You just hit on it. But little weird thing Albert Brooks, the actor his his given name was Albert Einstein. Right. So we're somehow connected to the family. Clearly, it is not. Rubbed off on me in any way, this cousin of mine sorry to see him pass away. But I love his story in that he was able to reinvent himself and to have homeless the second career as Marty Funkhouser. And he was of course, super Dave Osborne. Who is this character in the late eighties nineties? I was making fun of evil knievel. He would pop a Nike ads, and he was the super Dave character who's the stunt. And who is a system Yoshi that goes crazy. So John, I'm always fascinated with people who have a career doing one thing and are able to switch gears and have another career doing something else. Still an actor. But he was always super Dave right off to a whole generation. He's mardi funchiess Funkhouser who are the people in life or pop culture who have been successful doing one thing. And then been able to be very successful doing something else that you've always said, wow, I really want to give that person a tip of the cap. That's a good question. I suppose somebody that is but Ronald Reagan was very accomplished actor sports cast. And then it was a sportscaster. Then became president. I think that's really cool. I work with a guy like that right now. We're tells Bennett playing the NFL for ten plus years. Now, he creates animation in art and children's books, and he's created an artist people have second careers bright in. It's interesting to see you. Remember, John tash wrote the nineties and actually was a was a classical musician ROY Firestone. The sports caster actually does a one man traveling show. That's not about sports that he was a classically trained musician. But then also hosted entertainment tonight. So people are able to do one thing. And then do something that's totally different. Yeah. It John Brody the old forty Niner quarterback ended up playing on the pro golf tour. Straight say like I'd like to be good at one thing to do that. Well, enough good at being John Ireland. Yeah, that's our Jack of all tray. Master of California. Yeah. The best example of that would be somebody that like always reminded life is short. Appreciate every moment. But then you think about it life is long, and you can do a lot of different things. Sam Jackson wasn't in movies until later in his life. How many now he's moving? Everybody just shot three by the time. We started this radio show. So I love the idea of reinvention, and I want to say a big shot on some. I guess distant cousin Marty Funkhouser. All right. Let's wrap up check with a game. Greg. You could play funchess. You can play. Ben. We just got done with the college football bowl season. I have a list of ten bowl games. Some of these are actual bowls that were played at some point in the past not necessarily this year. But they were actually played others on this list. I completely made up. So you guys tell me real or fake bowl game? All right bowl game. Number one. The Aloha airlines pineapple bowl. Ben is that real or fake? I gotta get that on the. The assignments sheet for next year that sounds like a real one, Greg. Good time dealer fake the Aloha bowl was real. But I'm gonna say it's fake. Okay. Fun. I'm gonna say rue the only person who got that. Right. Was Greg Burke completely made it up. All right, number two, the famous Idaho potato bowl, the famous Idaho potato bowl fund, real or fake. That's definitely -able. You'd think that is. Definitely -able. All right. Gregg, was it. It's the actually the famous I will read it again, the famous Idaho potato bowl you made that up. Greg. I'm sorry famous Idaho potato that is a bowl this. How? The famous part. You're y'all have one correct? All right. Who went first at ten fund. She went I Greg the salad bowl. Really? Fake fake. All right. Fudge definitely van. That's fake. Come on. Cares role wrong. The salad bowl existed for nineteen forty seven to nineteen fifty five played in Phoenix. That's what I wanna see you all on the history of the salad. All remain tied at one. All right. The John Deere tractor ball. Absolutely. Okay. Greg going. Yes. Yes. Completely made it up. Oh way. The judge. Go and Google it. It may be John Deere sponsor, two different fault. There's no such thing as tractor vol. I completely made up. All right, next one the perky. Big jerky bull the perky big jerky. Bullpen that's not going. Fake or keeping jerky. Great. There was a jerky bowl. So I'm gonna say yes time and be real can be real saying fake fake. Greg. I made it up. There was wasn't jerky. Bullet one point. Okay. The go. Daddy dot com. Bowl. Funchess the go. Daddy dot com. Definitely -able. Okay. You're going daddy football sponsorship thing. Yeah. I'm are Greg. You're into on that because they're all correct. That was bowl from twenty eleven twenty thirteen. All right. The jelly belly candy cane bowl then the jelly belly candy cane bowl. Now, you're going. No, I'm going grass valley. So silly. I'm it is yours is fun. I'm gonna say a bowl. Did somebody say no I did. Yeah. No, Ben your career. I completely made up. Jelly belly penny bowl right now. Then as four funchess has three and Greg has to Noma both their links Burke jerky new those jerky. Bill was no perking. All right three more the Tyson vacuum cheetah bowl Greg Tyson vacuum cheetah bowl. I'm so bad at this. I'm going with that. It's not a real not a real bull of fun. Not a real not a real bend Tyson was turkeys. I'm saying no-ball that's fake Tyson's turkeys. Dyson is is e is the thing. But you guys are. All right. I made up the cheetah ble. Did anybody say that was real now? All right. So you guys all got that. Right. All right. Greg S three lingual. Then has five are two left the bat. Bo. The bad boy mowers Gasparilla bowl, Greg. The vad voi- mowers gas for relevant. We didn't have the track there. So we have to have the mower say, yes, you're going. Yes. Futch I'll say, yes. Definitely -able fired up to being the gas goes there bowl, or whatever that thing. John ironed say that's a bowl. You guys are all Karan's actual, Laura. All right. As always the last one is worth two which gives anyone at chance Greg s for fun chess five Ben has six for all the marbles. The Benny HANA teriyaki bowl, Ben true or false their few things John I enjoy in life as much as a night out at Beni HANA. I know you gotta burn your clothes after they smell. But I love any Ana this is not a bowl. There's never been any Hannibal Abedi Hannah teriyaki bowl Greg to have a chance to win. Yes. Of course. It's a ball. I'm gonna say, no, not -able, ladies and gentlemen, your winter. Then it's not a bowl. I want buckle for so long. I've often had the banana Ana teriyaki bowl. But no that is not a Rockies choice. That's that's the best. You get the lobster, shrimp and the state extra mustard. Yeah. Can't get enough of it. All right that wraps up fasttrack been lines in for Mason and Ireland ESPN LA, speaking of prints. We just told the Carlos boozer print story. What a special data's tonight. We'll be finals preview my like Klay ever, add some little you're gonna tell the grandkids. You were the night. You saw manual moody. It's can you imagine. When is it going to happen? The New York LA finals again last time that happened was set was that sixty seventy early seventies the seventies, right or just three. I think they maybe twice. I can remember you you were warned you to happen against foreign. You're correct. No, Michael, the seventy two Lakers with Gail Goodrich and Jerry West didn't they beat the Nixon? The finally did the Knicks beat them twice after that. Yeah. The Knicks are up to one against the Lakers in the final storied rivalry. So many great memories over the years like Chris Childs punching Koby remember that that was the last time. I think the Lakers went on that run in the playoffs when they ripped off four zero. I mean every. The Knicks on April twenty just about every year in the eighties. The Knicks were relevant or in the late eighties and early nice Jordan was around, but they just couldn't be Jordan. But they were relevant when they had Patrick Ewing. What's happened to your franchise? It's been a snowball effect of dark energy. Vortex that is surrounding thirty four th and that has sucked all hope and life. It's like going to a planet that has certain Ellen joins walk the dolans own the Knicks forever. They were Goodman that Charles. And Jim were there such a different one? So it's a big loss. NBA Knicks aren't title contender. Mike, I was trying to explain it the audience. Why is it that we still you? And I get so excited to do a game in Madison Square Garden when the Knicks stink when they stink. That's a great question because they sell out even though they have been horrible the last decade. It's a sold out arena. Obviously New Yorkers love basketball out shopping time. I asked a New Yorker, I says as New York Giants town or is it a Yankee town, and they told me this New York Knicks town the city, it's a Knicks town city down because unlike Los Angeles, which is so spread out and has beautiful baseball field longer fields and football fields. Your real estate is at a premium. All you got us basketball clear. So the city you can't walk more and five strong in any direction without finding a hoop somewhere. So it's the city a-. And a lot of businesses are a giant flush is in the middle of downtown right down and middle of Manhattan. People come from work like. Stop it into the game before they go home. So the energy that energy got tickets every player every player. No matter how bad Knicks all can wait to play their. It's New York City's a whole vibe in the city Ireland, even the bad defense that love their basketball. And if the Knicks, which they are there to see they're still wanna see the opposition, especially in the big team show up. Yeah. It is a very unique building. And it's it's really fun. So Mike licet earlier. Couple of things I wanted to ask you about if you're just tuning in Ben lines, filming for Mace, Michael. And I have laid we know. Day exciting day for the city. John, Michael, we've got Eric Garcetti naming this Knicks Lakers day gave a key to Emmanuel Mooney. People are outside just celebrating this phenomenal NBA finals preview. We're going tonight. You're eighty no of von lay on the courts. It's going to be amazing. New York transplants are gonna beat is a thousands of Knicks fans will be in the building today curious to see who shows up Jerry Ferrara. Bryan, Greenberg might not show up tonight. Why not? I just feel this, gene. Win. There's no Brown. It's been such a terrible terrible, lashing places pack with sure. Ben lines will be a night. Michael baker's, first of all, I assuming you watch that unbelievable game last night hard. I was your son was right on top of heart and writing dream on with on the other has heartened gun into the Kobe zone where the defense really doesn't matter. He's just gonna make Schatz anywhere. Seems like he has a lot of I took twenty three threes last night. So he's got to make so. Mike. Okay. Think about this Michael didn't take twenty three threes in his career. That's the second most threes in the history of attempt by play took the most Klay twenty four. Fourteen of twenty four and harmless ten twenty three if anybody's going to break Claes fourteen may three is going to be because he's gonna take he's going to have thirty three's one game top three point shooters back in the nineties wouldn't take twenty three in a week to week area or in a week. Reggie Miller didn't take in a week maybe four game so five or six and again that was a lie, but heart last night. Yeah. What he's doing is legendary what he's doing. And he's right up there as far as scoring you can put him up there with Michael Jordan Kobe any of the great scores ever played the game. I posted that tweet last night. Michael if the NBA had a one on one tournament who would win it. Yeah. You think Durant out why I said Katie easy because he so long he so athletic. He crosses you over. He stems he has all the tools and basketball. He scores easier than any player of ever seen play this game. And it's his shot is so pure inside outside post up. He's got the most versatile of all those one on one place. Now, one of those guys can win who who you guys named because it all depends on a day, this how great these players are from Damian limits. Kyrie Irving to staff K D, James harden, anybody could beat you on any given day LeBron and it's going to happen. Anybody's played basketball against your boys. One on one you've lost it and they've beaten that's just not a game is in one on one. But I think the favored going in if you had him seated Katie would be seeded number one. All right. So our buddy Dave Smith who we've all done radio shows with and who's done radio in L A and elsewhere just texted me, he said a few months ago. I did a who would win an NBA one on one. Tournament topic on my show and had an NBA GM and coach on is a guest. He said, no question. Lou Williams would win lose the contention. Yes, Luca score. Man. He is professional score that I wouldn't take. I wouldn't take them lightly. I like anyone else. Beijing mentioned depending on the day any of them could get hot that day and beat you. That's all Steph. He's the best combination of dribbling passing and shooting. We've ever seen. What's his name? I guess you right shooting. He has the edge of a kyri. Kyrie's the best one on one player. Passer if not a better pastor than kyri I'd say, but you don't need passing on that comedy. What's passing? Passing. But for recombination for Durant. Best combination of height lengthened scanner skill you shooting touch in length put that under skin I than scale. I wouldn't take you picked Janas honest. Can't shoot relentless. All you. Gotta do is. Sure. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. You back off. Well, I guess he could bowl rush the small guys to the basket. But guys all the key. He takes one dribble back to half court and gets four. Four. Okay. So Michael the all-star ballots came out today. And this is just the first ballot in all change. But right now they played the game tomorrow, the two captains would be LeBron and Jaanus I pick you take into K D. You can't lose either way. I mean, all once you, well, I would go. Yeah. But if you took Davis, I wouldn't call you crazy. That's fine. Ben, I'm gonna Derrick rose grows. Wind nine mix it up because again, the teams are going to wash out have amazing guys. Look was in the mix right has been amazing. He would be a starter at their heart. About that. Luke hate every time. I listen, I can't help it every time. I see the Sacramento Kings. They got to be kicking themselves. They have to be been they had this kid number two pick and look team in the league to foreigners rang at patient and foreign odor. I like by. We don't get me wrong. He's gonna be a nice player. But Donncha is going to be special is is fascinating. Because he looks like me, but he plays like you like how is that possible? He says player like he's a world-class player. He's like looks like he hanging out me and my buddies. Yeah, I'm a Catholic drinking beers. Video games. Right. Look at his body. Look at a soft and puffy boy. So man. Beat Georgia that smitty the special man, I I don't understand how to kings past him of. I just don't get it. The hawks fine on the stand. What what are you guys watching when you watch these guys play? And here's the thing the hawks deep take him traded the pick trae young as nice, but he Steph curry Lucas, Lucas special bag. One year Portland. And Chicago did us at the top of the draft. Chicago originally drafted the Marcus Aldridge, and I think Portland tyrus Thomas. And then they swapped and Thomas is out of the league in four years. All thought it just like, but I think Jerry Krause did that deal. Right. I think it was if I might be mistaken, but give Krause credit because he drafted Poland's and traded him for Scotty Pippin old in Ponti shout out. My dad listening my dad's favorite all time player pollen dad's videos that guy. All right, Michael's hanging out with this Ben lines in for me. A reminder legalzoom can help you with any legal entanglement that you're in. I've use legalzoom to help start a corporation years ago. Easy money. Legalzoom is saving. I think. When I tried to start a company without legalzoom it cost me upwards of five thousand dollars legalzoom did it for less than a thousand bucks. That's why they're so valuable. They have a network of independent attorneys licensed in all fifty states from wills to trust to LLC's trademarks contract reviews and more legalzoom has helped more than four million people and the best part is legal terms. Not a law firm. So you won't get charged by the hour. Make this a year, you do the right thing. Call legalzoom go to the web, check them out. They're there to help. So you can focus from what you do best. Visit legalzoom dot com now and for special savings be sure to enter the code Ireland in the referral box at checkout. My last name Ireland for special savings only at legalzoom dot com. Legals more life meets legal. We have a Rick Pitino update. When we come back ESPN LA now been in what you to listen to the words carefully this song. This is a cover of the Stevie one. Her hit. Don't you worry about a thing? And that would be my attitude if you see a my own the mater went out and hired Rick Pitino. This is the Mason in Ireland show. I'm John Ireland. Michael Thompson hanging out with this. Ben Lyons is here. But these in Greece he is right now. I know read to you from Forbes magazine a story posted today by Adam zoo, Goria, I will just read it word for word. He's one of those Greek bath houses, Rick Pitino is a top target of influential boosters to be the next head men's basketball coach at UCLA an industry source told me Casey Wasserman, and John Branka a graduate of the UCLA law school in an entertainment lawyer who is the co executor of the Michael Jackson state. Both want Patino the source said, quote, they're going after Patino, that's their number one choice who the source said Casey Wasserman is the most powerful person at UCLA the source added. He runs everything. Meantime, a source close to Patino said quote, he is very interested in the job. Ben what? That's me who's running UCLA UCLA the boosters right run every square, gene. I had a great quote for about college last Disney. Every university has multiple boosters at university of Texas. They just have one hundred. So these boosters are the ones who are calling the shot and running the program, and they're the same ones who wanted out for it or they wanna see offered same ones who wanted Ben Howland or the same ones who wanted this the next big name. Okay. Okay. We're up on Sesame Street. You wanna everything speaking both that you guys? Yeah. Real world learning you as UCLA disappointed you as a father of professional who had to sit in the living room coaches and guys come in. And right sell their program. You. What made Klay decide to go to Washington a big bag of money because Tino was the only Pac twelve school at one of them. You think when these coaches walked, and you think I was looking at them as Billy Graham, come on. You gotta be realistic, man. These guys all I says give my kid of chess plate and keep them out of trouble. That's all I care travel, and he can't do that. But Tito candidates exactly my point. Thank you, keep abandoned. Trouble fan was brought in the university campus on what he leaned keep them out of their brothels on every campus note, I mean, yes, then between that brothel and one that you frequent her at Michigan. Michigan. Michigan anything like that? No way. What like that? There was no around that. There was. Michigan with every every school thrill. They have when you go into recruiting trip. If you're a star athlete you gonna recruiting trip. You have came. I get the. Unquote, lovely. There's always a name. But it's always a girl to show you around campus and nine times out of ten they end up being friends with that girl. But if you know what I mean. Okay, John, and you guys are just going to sit back in two thousand nine hundred and be like, yeah. That's all good. Let's get more of that going on our university. If that means we here's a serious question for that's why we are having all these. Okay. Let's assume for the sake that this guy Andre McGee who set up the brothel at Louisville, and I give you that Patino hired him, and he's work. But that Rick didn't know and Andrea MaGee did this now Rick should have known. I grant you that. But why does he get punished for that rather than celebrated for all the kids? He graduated and led to different schools. He's the only coach in the country ever to lead two different schools to national championship Kentucky and Louis is not an alibi. Okay. Just because you didn't know when you should know that doesn't mean you're off the hook. He should've known. It should be involved in the lives of his players, and his coaches and what's going on with his team. That's what any sensible coach would do. I don't buy this urban Meyer. Well, my wife didn't tell me about my assistant coach beating his wife. I didn't know you have to know. That's your job. That's why you're paid millions of dollars to help raise young men. Like, this is so dumb to me that. But I think Tino has raised some young men that did right? They were other ones. Like Andrea McGee. It went south. I if he didn't know this this shouldn't be the way his career ends. If he really didn't know the the the fact that UCLA one of the premier jobs, and all the sport is it should be if highway. Who went there? I would hold it that way that's how I hold the university of Michigan football job. Right. Him Harbaugh is a great fit for that. Now. Sure. Does he do? Shady stuff behind the scenes that I don't know about probably and is ignorance and alibi for me. No. But when I do know about it, and it's something on the level of the things, I know about Rick Pitino. I don't want that versity my school turn back the clock. You had three boys who went on to play professional sports. If Rick Pitino came into your house right now new, and you knew everything that Ben knows about Rick Pitino and said Michael have made some mistakes in the pasture. But I'm a great coach. I'm gonna turn your sons in NBA players. Would you have a problem them playing Rick Pitino if they want to go there? No because I don't Rick Latinas not their father. He doesn't they don't have heat. They don't have to look to him for for to be a role model. I would hope I would be that for my boys. I hope I have already taught and right from wrong. And now they're eighteen nineteen year old adults. They gotta make their own decisions. He'll make the right ones. And Ben Kip. Kelly was hired to great fanfare even. So he has a show cons penalty for what stuffy cheated at Oregon. Tell me more about this Pacific's of this show recruiting base paying players stuff like that. Okay. Well, the recruiting system is totally out of whack a system wide across the board. So you'll look the other way on that. That's yes. I will look the other way on that. Because you just can't get over the sex part. I can't everyone about prostitution rings being run by my coaching staff. That's wrong. No question about it. That is wrong. If I were running that type of a savage here at ESPN, we're happy a problem. How what I get a job? Wait a minute doing sports radio. What I'm doing what he was doing? I didn't know a very good friend was he wanting I should have known about it. But then again, if people are doing something secret and keep it under way from you. How you find out because you should the mouth high toward, you know, you know, my calls word about gossip gets around these young you hear things here. Things players come into this. A little more tired. Then come on then going to give you an example. Okay. No give you an example drugs were rampant in the NBA in the seventies. The it almost ruined the league you can read during a number of books. All right, Michael will look you in the eye on a light detector Intel, you he was completely unaware that any of his teammates were doing dry. Never saw never knew Michael grew up in a book was a coconut. Around the it's not completely implausible Tino. Just didn't pay attention and didn't know. Yeah. Be Michael Dino. He's on drugs or not. I don't think that is the same as ignorance out to you. What's? So you get this guy no chance because of a sex scandal. But yet you love Bill Clinton. You would wish she'd be president forever? I don't wish. Bill Clinton would be played good prison. I did. And I'm a Republican. I do think he was a good president, even though he was messing around even though he's doing things in the Oval Office thing that what about the stuff voters of president are far, greater and more employees. And then the property was doing the Oval Office head coach of a college bass. The proves our point if you're okay with Bill Clinton president you gotta be okay with the ball college in spite of all the extra staff meetings. He was having any Oval Office to do conveniently, Greg. The producers in my ear saying typically working today. You are looking for someone we doing working toward are we going to three thirty? We say goodbye, you're going to three thirty. Then you guys hang around ESPN LA if you are looking for someone to do a job like fill some time until three thirty or to coach UCLA or be present United States. Have you just need someone to work for your business? Then you need ZipRecruiter. Because they learn what you're looking for that identify people with the right experience and the invite them to apply to your job. In fact, eighty percent of poise who post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one day. Maybe UCLA should do this and get a quality head basketball coach instead of listening to all their need it. We got Rick petita candidate is out. There ZipRecruiter is how you find them right now. My listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free. That's right for zero American dollars. No shady agents, paying handfuls a cashier. Just go to ZipRecruiter dot com slash LA. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash LA. Ziprecruiter dot com slash LA. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Ben lines hanging out for Steve Mason, John island. Of course, the. Michael Thompson, who's going to own me about a wine because the thunder are going to win more games. The Lakers on ESPN LA Mason Ireland show. This is normally the time we do purgatory. But I think that taking another day off. He's rivaling Mason for most days a year. He's working for ESPN TV tonight eastern, the Celtics game tonight for lost and Michael for us for the Lakers wealth Lakers. Knicks for you pre-game starting at six for us know, LeBron no Rondo potentially. No Kusa that back and for the Knicks Luc cornet will play Noah von, they will play a moody. We'll be on the team. So it kind of even things now we'll porzingas be back hopefully next year next year next year. Why play this share Michael trying to provide for the Knicks? What do you do my draft pick? What do you do in the summer when he wants us five years? One fifty come on. Ben, I insist on is he? I would if I was him. I think he's going to give them a little haircut because of this uncertainty. Ancient building is into be the Manetti injured because of the injury timing of the injury severity of the I think he's going to give them a little bit of a haircut. I don't think. So maybe the injury Embiid in Philadelphia if he stays healthy over certain amount of games as Philly guaranteed. I love porzingas shit. Everybody. Does my socks right now? Ever heard. His name mentioned was for Michael Tom first time, I ever had the name Christmas porzingas was empty was the first I believed, you you are so ahead of the curve on that, Mike. And obviously nobody believe me about new. It's who's next tie Jones. Who's not shows me, you know, who knows no one believed you about you've been head of the curve and a few guys. No one with this in a Michael about Lamar Jackson who's going to play in the playoffs this weekend. Although I think the chargers Joan Watson might win that game. We'll the Shawn Watson at least went with wealth. But the accent. I think went like thirty seconds trade up together. Bill polian. Right. I really now that one should be a wide receiver. Julio Jill is probably the best quarterback in the league. According to Bill Polian. Do you think any of the road teams win this weekend? I think of bunch of the road teams. All right. So you also in this week. So you've got no better. Get ahead. I you got you get Indy at Houston who wins that. I think Houston wins. But if Indy wins watch out for the next few weeks, they could go on a run. But I think Houston. Are you like to Houston? Okay. So then tomorrow night. I think this'll be a close game Seattle at Dallas rooting for Seattle, obviously, unless you're a cab boys fan. There's no reason to ever love Jerry Jones. You would like Jerry Jones is great for the game. Then I think Dallas finds a way to win. Seattle's not as good as as we think they are. They're not they're not a special team. I don't think Alice wins San Diego at Baltimore. I got my boy Lamar they get that one game going unless the charges can stuff them. I don't see them rosters so much talent. They can score so many different ways. I don't think the ravens offense can get him thirty five forty points to keep up. Rainbows defense so good because they have to pay that much. They sit on the sidelines while the ravens go through twelve minute drives and come in fresh every every quarter of boats have too many weapons in rivers is in the MVP conversation. And I think bolts are really came here to LA bolts. What are you talking about? I like San Diego. All right LA sandy mass game eagles at the bears. Now, this one has me nervous with my family being having some Chicago roots full it set up for a bears letdown. I like the idea of the eagles going in there. Rooting for them doing because if some reason they love playing with Nick foles what apple TV leads to another Super Bowl. What do you do about Carson Wentz? Or even if he gets them to a Super Bowl. What do you do out wins? Well, four full of I would falls at the end of his career choice. What twenty eight twenty nine think? Trainer. Shake it up. You can get so much for Winston. I know my because obviously they play with foale's being injured availability is a skill especially in. That's what would you do our own at foles these to another Super Bowl again. Would you do next year? Carson Wentz is really good a lot for him. He's Greg foles twenty nine go who sits just coming into his prime ten more years of quarterback easily. I would keep went to. And what the problem is you can't treat full because he's a free agent, right? Hall for went get a hall for what look the top six highest paid quarterback this year. None of their teams made the playoffs vomit GM and the NFL on less. My guy really is the truth. Like, we all know, it's Andrew luck. He's if he's really why are you paying all this money for these guys who are just handicapping your franchise because you've gotta have a Matt staff with you know, you gotta have Matt Ryan you don't they don't make the playoffs. Michael Matthew, Stafford doesn't win because all the money's you know wins. Pat, Mahomes, rookie list comes up, but he's a stud though, he unless he's the guy. You can't just pay to have a guy. It's Kirk cousins gonna kill Minnesota for the next three years in that division. Hey want to ask you about something JJ? Why? Tweeted today, he was talking about Aaron Donald and how Aaron Donald has twenty and a half sacks play second base. What? I walked right into that. Who's on first his argument is that that JJ watt and he had twenty and a half sacks a few years ago. JJ argument is that Aaron Donald disrupts every play every single play. Why isn't he being considered for MVP and not should they change it to MVP QB because what else somebody is JJ watt? Have a point is the Rams MVP. No question about it. Because he sets the whole tone defensively. Rams aren't good on defense. They're really bad against the run. And they give up a lot of points. This a quarterback who wins MVP? If your team doesn't have a good offense. Well, Mahomes has he's he's clearly my point is Donald should be considered to Mahomes lost all of his biggest games. What was it his fault? He put a forty seven points. I agree. We as you know. It's funny when we have a guy that we'd defined what his biggest games are in the NFL. Every game is a big game. Every week is the biggest game. So we are the ones in the sports media who define the glamour matchup Lamour match that doesn't really matter in the NFL. And imagine the NFL is that the chiefs have a by the best deal. They've been amazing from start of it. I think it's hard to give it a ward for MVP defensive player on when your team gives up fifty points. Like the Rams have given up a lot of points this year. They don't have a nickname for the defense. The defense isn't something. That's one them games consistently. If it were Khalil Mack, and Chicago, and what they're doing kind of makes sense. It's hard as individually great as Aaron Donald has been now, what's even more terrifying. What would that even be without them? They might just be giving up sixty points. Right. But hard to give an MVP to a defensive player on a team that doesn't have a great defense. I for that reason for what you just described. I would actually vote for Khalil Mack ahead of Aaron Donald because I think Khalil Mack New Orleans form the bears. I mean as soon as he got there, they'd be. Unbelievable. He became the plaque Butkus. And and Michael that's why I'm so mad at the raiders for trading. I don't care how many number one picks. You get you want them to one four games. Without would you have one with max seven, but going here argument about Mohali wasn't his full. How many players in the league are worth three wins greater the patriots lost the Super Bowl with glut one this rollout? Gronk. But now if if good and can draft smartly, he's got like seven draft picks right up from a picked from the trade like that. So maybe you can rebuild his history indicates. He's not a very good talion evaluator. Like he didn't have good drafts. In Tampa thing about how many position players are worth three or four wins like that there aren't many. And that's why players like Aaron Donald and Cleo MAC are in the MVP conversation. But I don't think you can give it to Donald with with the year that should be unanimous, Mahomes, even close concern changing subjects Michael the warriors have lost three. Home games in a row. How do you about them? I think they'll be okay. Go through the mid seasons. Dull jobs right now. I think DeMarcus cousins gets back that's gonna make them even more forbid -able. But clay Senate best last night. The reason why they keep giving up these big leads when he get they get to isos Centric. I so ball, and they stopped moving ball stopped doing that gave him the big lead in the first place. And that's what happened to him last night. And I meant James harden just couldn't miss by the way. I don't know. If you Michael I'm sure you did that play with one second at the end of the game. They forgot to guard Klay. He was wide open. I saw that too. But it was going to be able to the top. And he would add to catch shoes right away. He's going to be fine. They play the Knicks on Tuesday up at oracle the end of the homeless, but they've been up and down all year was a bad patterns. But I think they'll be okay. I didn't turn around after all star break. I like him. He's a little more. Look good last night. Looked like a young cappella last night. Yeah. I really like him. He tries each works little heart, these big ISIS. What you're saying last night that there are some people that think that when boogie comes in and loonie goes out that it's going to mess up their defense. Do you by that? I mean, look he doesn't move his feet on a primitive when it comes to switching all big men have to do now to guard these guards there, but that's something you just have to live with and he just gonna he's he's up to tell him back off these little guards and make them shoot jump shots. Only. You can do you can't go up the impression. Anyway, it'll be very interesting to see who is the assuming the warriors make it back to the Western Conference final. We'll my cultures as you. Who's the other team Lakers was also healthy? What do you look at? What do you rolling your eyes for their over there? Mr. New York. Wanna making the Western Conference? Why not got an LeBron's? The town those tough guy Varma Giza champion, what is wrong with you. Is he not two time champ? And he's he's playing like like a pair of the year. What is wrong with you? Why? We why don't you believe in McGee? I'm not talking about Willie McGee baseball. I'm talking about. I must say this banish available. Didn't get hurt. You know? Miss those eight games. I be right. So much about body McGee roots at me every defense for why? The Lakers are good has aquatic quiet. Everybody's gotta be healthy. Yes. They say they have not been. Says who I would think by by the end of this month guys going to be back in back at full strength. Then I actually will say this to agree with Michael, I don't know the timing's important like the Lakers s today for joining us that LeBron is out for this road trip. He's not even going to travel and they're going to reevaluate them too week. So Michael that means lebrons out for the next four tonight. Minnesota Dallas in Detroit right now. They're about a half game up for the eight seed. Well, that's my point if but to so, that's that's what you would tonight verse the Knicks. It's a must win for stop it. But you would be if you're a Laker fan. You would be a little bit nervous about the timing. They can't afford low Brian to be out much longer. But but to Michael's point if they get healthy. I don't think there's a team in the west. They can't give. Okay. So Michael's things. I different he saying they're going to the west I believe that's different than giving someone a series. If we're gonna town with celebrates people a serious round liquors versus first round Lakers vs clip was with. Healthy. Lebron who wins who wins answer the question? Yes. Or no question clippers zoo. Oh my God. What are you talking about Toby and bovi is the greatest show in Los Angeles. Even let's say, let's say upset the clippers. Let's say second or third round and face the rockets they played the thunder with a healthy. Lebron who in the funder better front court? More wins the regular season betta court. Yeah. With who with Paul George? That homes in L guys. Absolutely. You'd rather have that front court LeBron McGee and coups MMA. Yeah. Yeah. And I thought you basketball, I love Oklahoma's Goodman. I know that good in for a rude. Wake-up call come this spring. I think it's so unfair to these young Lakers to be put in Western Conference finals on. I got him. Kids are all nineteen you saw. The warriors Christmas day that was one game on Christmas. Yeah. Happened since then LeBron got hurt greatness is not about moments greatness about consistency. And they're having consistently good. What we'll keep this argument. Go and ESPN LA. All right Mason in Ireland. Ben lines information. Michael Thompson hanging out Michael the Laker game for you tonight. Seven thirty tip six o'clock, pre-game the Lakers and Ben's favorite team. The New York Knicks against my better judgment. I have acquired tickets for Ben to attend the game and yell. Except for a couple years at Staples Derrick rose showdown the Knicks were like fourteen eleven and they beat the Lakers. Oh, a magical night and not Knicks gear. Just like we would be on the New York. Knicks sweat shot. He's got on shoes single assurance porzingas locks and a Knicks hat and you come into Staples. And got a Knicks shirt on the hill. Heckle, and you're gonna have gonna heckle lak- play you gotta hack Alonzo on that, lavar here you who's gonna get it tonight. Well, are we going to are we gonna see you tonight? Yeah. He's he's he's playing. Well, what can you say to a two time champ? I can't say nothing Val. I've each in the Klay Thompson golf tournament. The nineteenth. Twentieth. Handicap and he admitted up front he had no skills whatsoever. But foundation. Does one of my favorite tournament days of the year? We got a. Stuff around the holidays, doing some great stuff up in Oakland and trying to do some stuff in the Bahamas now to given out food drives giving toy drive to the kids pay a lot of educational stuff for the kids Thompson foundation's doing a lot. And we got a bunch of great sponsors. Spongy gates companies wanna come on board and help us apart is doing great. Hey, so let me ask you help the house. Give back. Yes. That's one thing. I commend NBA players for man, you they may not publicize will we know a bunch of guys in this league who give back to their communities in LeBron's at the definite. Lebron does a much different given back by writing checks sommes ING giving giving back by providing your just your time. Right. I'm is our arthritis luxury. Right. Exactly are most valium source. So giving your time and your presence. That's just inspired Lakers. You found Asians Laker players go out in the community and give a lot back to so young. I'm very proud of MBA for that. Okay. So the three of us have something in common that I think everybody else that this radio station disagrees with we all like, Carmelo Anthony player love Kamilo and the guy. He's a great guy in his career. It appears is going to end badly actually think been with the Knicks come into town tonight. And I'm wondering if you agree that the Knicks should. Throw Carmelo Abon. No, no, not at that ship and sailed. No that was built heading. I love it, John. I do. But no he needs to go to a container. So how to rewrite right at the end of his career. What should he signs with Portland? Somebody like that. Somebody like that to be a third option. Right. And he's able to realize okay. I'm no longer one of the top scores of my generation. I can contribute by still making an open jump shot. If I can have a playoff game where I go for twenty and help them beat or something great, but Portland going back to Denver. Maybe a team like Milwaukee know, who's got a minimum walk. You know, got an open roster spot and hang they were holding. If a Pat McCaw of war is the war should take a look at him warrior should have should take a look at him for sure smart guy like that on the end of the bench, and Nick Nick young last year, and bigshot let's Claes won a couple of metal gold medals with carbon what's Klay think of loves everybody loves. Mel did I tell you? I got the smoke cigars with mellow and rate and Rio that was one of the coolest on on the on the on the on the players cruise ship just in a cigar bar, just me and mellow and clay was there for a while. And all the Mello's guys sitting there talking about basketball talking about things and society talking about what he hopes to do. He's just a great guy. Five guys in the history of this league have dropped twenty nine. It for fourteen. Somebody really could he just was a bad mixed down here in Houston because it is so ball. But I think fourteen moves the ball where he can just catch and shoot he could still help. But it just wants to replay that hardened thought that was ridiculous. I was in dream on. We're right funny is right on top of Mike. Oh, isn't it? Strange though, the banana boat crew Chris Paul out with injuries not the same player, James. Dwayne Wade haven't his last dance. Good. Bye. Right. Mellow out of the league LeBron power. What are you trying to say? So they hanging out in the Bahamas bad for you powers. Streak could wine on a two hundred foot. Yacht is bad for you career is in that picture three of them into the basketball conversation as we Chris thirty six thirty six I'm self who else weight is thirty eight. Thirty four Braun. He'll be right. He'll be back. Like, Michael before we get out of here me handed off who's doing the show downstairs, Freddie. Prinz cabinets, Freddie, and Andy FPJ Michael last night at the end of that game, a really bad call it had two feet out of bounds on the why save the ball. They didn't think he'd get it. If you look at the replay referees looking at the ball, he wasn't looking at Durant's feet Tokay Durant's. Just Nick physique. He's all. Here's my question. We review everything they could have. So here's what happened was tied. Game durant. Save the ball. It turns out he had two feet out about it should have been rockets ball. He saved the ball the Klay through to Steph Steph hit a basket and the worries by two in the closing seconds. Now Hardin bailed everybody out from the officiating crew by winning the game for the rocket. So the call didn't matter, but what would have been wrong with. There was a time out after Steph hit the bucket. Could you not go back and say, hey, we missed it. Katie was out of bounds. We're going to take the hoop off the board and give the ball to the rockets and reset you can't go back because let's say we do it. Greg Bill that we do it on on. What about what about if javale McGee makes a great block and refugee afoul could impact the game in the last twenty seconds? No. So you know, let's go back. Block a CV really many body contact. Now, you can't do that. I stay hit the backboard should have been a goal tending. Steve Steve Mason get review except for flagrant the check on flagrant fouls and a last second shot second review. Being not for inbound amounts. Not the out of bounds. Even that stuff. Just make the call STAN with it just like just like Bensaid human element is part of the game too. I missed that part. Yeah. Great calls from that everybody at home. Would know they missed why have referees there? Why not have it? All. New Jersey exactly why why have three men and women because somebody didn't even have to have anybody hand the ball to the plan for free throw. Parts. Right. You want to review everything you want? What four hour games? Yeah. That's a good point. I can't decide it just seems like had the warriors won that game. Man. Did Houston have gripe all the lion twenty-first-century. Philosophers said it best. Okay. So we got a minute left. Michael. What happens tonight Lakers? Wow. I think it'll be a spirit of game because Lakers shorthanded listening guys. But I think the Knicks being LA bright spotlight. They wanna put on a show. I wanna get embarrassed. It'll be a competitive game. But still win by nine Lakers went oh nine Knicks. Eighty-two whatnot goes for everyone. Wow. In your team this team is so bad. I love fizzle. I love the kids. They got three guys players got some young for the first time. They got all their draft picks. They got money. It is a full culture change bottom out there. Terrible. So let's enjoy the Lakers on a Friday night at Staples swin some. Some say his must wins that bad is a guaranteed. They're gonna get on sold because they will get the first pick. And they'll they'll Marvin Bagley. Parents tight Joe. They will go to Brooklyn destroy them for the next few. Now, they say the other kid are good better. Zion. Ziya? He he's a nice player. But knows ion Williamson puts people in the seats Zion have a better and be career than Larry Johnson. Yeah. I think so he's a better. I think he's got more skills. And he's man I've never seen a physique specimen like him. This is freaky to see. What he does. All right. So definitely won't get. All right. Then thank you for coming in. Year. Appreciate the time. And like I said must win at St. Sofit energy could feel one of the building today. It's different viruses man of fun swaying. If they don't win this just make it up on the brand comes back coming up next, and he came in. It's pretty prints junior from the patio at LA live ESPN LA.

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