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11-13-18 NASCAR America


We have all four drivers in the championship for joining us over the next hour on NASCAR America Kyle Busch. Joey Logano Kevin Harvick and Martin senior are in New York City for the day and they set down with art champion Dale Jarrett for a candid conversation with the last race of the season only days away. For for me. Having won the first championship. I feel like we have a good game plan on how to deal with the weekend. How to deal with with everything that's going on? So let's go down there and race. I'd rather be ended the not death. I'd rather be sitting here doing the work today. The not even though I heard. I like my job. I just don't like work. The weekend like weekend. To come and have to have to sit down with you, actually. Okay. Kevin Harvick ready to get behind the wheel right now. He doesn't mind sitting with hall of Famer in Dale Jarrett. The mood is pretty light, which I guess can't be a bad didn't heading into the weekend. I think we were really smart on separating Martin tricks junior Gano via Kevin Harvick there between. But you know, it kind of struck me they all had their similar personalities. We see throughout the season. Kevin looked will reserve in serious. Martin was very nice. And then Joey seemed a little bit more jovial and Kabul was jokes are in the crowd. So we kinda Saul a little bit of each of their personalities that we see throughout the season. But I did like the placement amongst us to separate them have been a little strategic on our tired. We do have more from the championship. For ahead, of course, over the next hour, but we are going to begin the show by remembering one of nascar's legends three time Cup champion and hall of Famer David Pearson passed away last night at the age of eighty three and with more on the conic career of NASCAR, silver, FOX, man. That was so loved here's hall of fame broadcaster, Kim squire. Nineteen sixty one MasterCard builder Ray FOX confided to counterpart, bud Moore. He suddenly needed a replacement driver for the big race, Charlotte. Six hundred you wanna give a look at that Pearson. Boy said but more never heard much about him said FOX, you will should but more you will show David Pearson and car he'd never seen before faster than anything ever Gribben before finished first on three wheels mind, you defeating fireball Roberts and. Checker. Three of them. My little medial may, you know, go to show and win a world. Thanks. It was a Mill Hill boy Whitney for seven years. He gone to night school with the classroom of fifth or a half mile oval later with fellow Mill Hill car owner knowns they won the NASCAR national championship. And for time to come the major opposition, the petty client, Richard that palm just parse Kaixi was Pearson and hit was to become the greatest Waibel ry in the history of this the petty Plymouth, forty three versus the home and moody Ford seventeen with David Pearson aboard nineteen sixty eight soft petty and Pearson each warring sixteen major winds, but they've it took the title champion. David Berson spot. I South Carolina at the wheel mid us on a rule Jhansi we wanted plus. Poem of would heard national chided Pearson changed his perspective missed home and some said, he was fading. So when the wood brothers of Patrick county Virginia place to phone call enquiring, if David would be interested in racing limited annual schedule, the FOX had found a new layer the wood brothers masters of pitstops in Motors and suspensions and Pearson providing the master's touch as to when and how far to push a race car it worked to perfection out. Give him what boys better job? And so we were just lucky enough that come out just right? If there ever was a track that was personal to David. It was darling. Two time instead of him by the time it try to time it all in all he won their ten times. No at one more razor guarding than David L, FOX than it again. But there was one race. However were David Pearson had not succeeded. The great American race in seventy six the Charlotte observer's Bob Moore wrote. It was to be a classic confrontation. It lived up to the hype. Flooding swimming. All these combing downpour the finish line at that moment. Fierce maintain focus and could be heard on the radio saying where is he where is he shifted into neutral feathered the throttle. The keep the car running here soms terribly crippled clar slowly over around the petty wreckage and to the checkered flag twenty miles per hour. Econo- five hundred at the end of their racing careers petty had two hundred wings here sin. Second one hundred five Richard petty said David Pearson was the best everyone. David said, he would never aren't would anything his friend Richardson. Ken squire the perfect man for that job. He called so many David Pearson's wins. What comes to your mind when you think about a legend like that first laws incredible piece. Give me chills a little bit there. You know, David Pearson to me from what I've watched and old races and read about him, really embodied. What you think stock car driver is? He was cool. You know, he wasn't getting all worked up all the time. He had a unique driving style had a cool nickname, silver, FOX. I just love all that about him. And I think when you look at his record. I mean, that's what's incredible as well. In half the races base apparently of of Richard petty. He had a hundred and five wins you'd have to win. That was incredible. What he was able to -ccomplish. But I think from that era when you look at the the right stuff. It's the book in the movie out there about the guys became astronauts to me, he was that sort of embodiment. He was that kind of era. He really embodies the air. So well, so I think that was he's just an incredible character. And obviously someone who really set the groundwork for the sport go to. Where it is now. Yeah. The king just the perfect foil for their story. You know, they go head to head and you take out half to titans battle the monks. All these awesome racetracks era. That was so dangerous. They were dare-devils and yet so cool about this who also. Yeah, they didn't have to try to work. That's right. Some some drivers could take a lesson from that school. That's about Pearson's passing of imploring in on social media from last night and beyond Jeff Gordon, posting he was legend. I one of the all time best to ever drive stockcar. Dale Earnhardt, jR, weighed in as well anybody who raised him, we'll tell you. He was the best silver fought flipped up SIS persona on enough to track and Clint Boyer also added one of my favorite things to do is find an old timer that's been in the garage, a long time and listen to their stories, and I guarantee you Pearson will be the top five stories that they will tell you hashtag legend. We're going to continue to remember Pearson throughout the show as we get back to today. Nascar champion Dale Jarrett. Joined this year's championship four contenders. They offered their thoughts on how Pearson impacted their careers as well. Welcome to NBC and thanks for taking a couple of minutes. On Monday of sport. Whilst one of the greatest drivers to ever come through in David Pearson hall of Famer in two thousand eleven one hundred and five races. Never only four times Verana full season than one championship three different times. So I'm sure you all have heard stories out got I was fortunate to grow up watching rice with my dad, and Richard fed in oughta people just unbelievable to raise with him a few times in the Bush series, but pretty special to do that. Memories of things you've heard about David Pearson that you might get share obviously just for me growing up and watching the highlights of those races and seeing the old time films and things like that has been a a cool aspect to see of the results that he had and the success that he had and the champion that he was. And I also got to meet him times down at Darlington since doing the throwback weekends and things like that the last two years he's been there and been really cool to just kind of sit there and talk to him. Whether it's been for ten or fifteen minutes, kind of share some stories share some last. And so that was my my relationship with him wasn't much. But cool cat. That's for. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. I think you know, you look at his stats and what he was able to do. And like you said it didn't raise for a championship very often. But when he did you won three quarters of the time, which is very impressive. I I never had the opportunity to really get to know him as well as I would like to. But man, what a an amazing career, you know. And I think it's he's almost under the radar a little bit too much compared to what he should have been for about. Races. He's one in the way you handle is racing career under the radars. Is a great way to put it just because you know, I think as as you talk about how we race and not racing all the time other than those four years. You know, you look at the results that he had the amount of races that he won how much would that have changed if he would have been in the seat all the time against Richard petty, and kale Yarbrough and all those guys that were winning so many of the races that we look at those record books. Now, I think you know, you go back and you look at the way that he race always taking care of his car and there at the end of the races. He was just, you know, a true winner, you know, because of the fact that that he was always there at the end and won a bunch of races. How was he not a first ballot hall of Famer? Notoriety. You see think, you know, you think the solar FOX fierce in the things he's done. What all these guys mentioned just a legend a report. And you know, we're lucky that he was there before because he's one of the guys who truly paved the way for all of us. Yeah. Yeah. As I said growing up around been watching a new and as a key in the sixties and early seventies that he was a coolest baddest man walking around all the pit road. And he never had to tell anybody never told him by that everybody just knew client business. Others drivers have such respect for the history of the sport. And we're also going to hear from the king what he has to say about Pearson just a little bit. But coming up we are going to go back to New York Dale Jarrett. Talks to your championship were about Sunday's title fight in Miami, everything online. We'll be back with that. As NASCAR America continues. After this. Caller America is brought to you by Mobil, one annual protection proven protection for twenty thousand miles. Four hundred miles a history in Miami for the four title contenders onto based show nascar's opened prize on the line in the Mazar energy Cup series championship race with us on Sunday at three eastern over on NBC for that. Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch. Marchetti cheater Joey Gano are making the media rounds before weekend that will likely find one of their career. Let's go back to their conversation with nine hundred ninety nine NASCAR champ failed. Jerry. Jomon thanks for taking the time out of your what's a busy week for you. I'm sure it's a good busy week only four with a chance to win this championship. So we'll start there this sport. I think is changed a lot over the years. And one thing this changes, we talk about the odds of winning, and who the people in Las Vegas think is is going to be the favourite to win racist championships and things so they've come out what their things have changed a little bit since we did this on Sunday. Kevin and Kabua's are two to one favorites. Martin. You're basically at three two one and Joey four and a half as what they've got four and a half to one. I think you probably all feel like you should be the favorite one of you said that you were the favorite. Well at the time, I was only one. But I do think that you know, I think all of us probably have to have that feeling inside unless just don't even show up down there. Right. You gotta internally feel that you have the confidence in your team that you could make the happens straight up. Just said that's how I feel at the time. You know, what I'm sure each one of them most likely, I can't speak for you guys. But I'm assuming thinking the same thing. When you see and hear things like that. Does it change anything about your perception of what you have to know, it doesn't mean you can look at odds all day long and look at how many times your favorite or not favored it in the races that you've won or haven't won in those scenario? So it just comes down to the whole aspect of the race day. And what happens in that day? What happens in that race? And in what you're able to accomplish in and do as as a racecar driver on the racetrack. Do you think can make this the closest as far as the odds of been over the years when you look at the the other three competitors you're against well? I think as you look at it from last year. I mean, it's the same for organizations that are that are racing against each other. So I never even looked at the odds over the last four years, and what they were at championship time. But there's reason that all four cars were here. It's their teams and organizations in in there just to get to this point is not that easy. You know, it's gotta survive a lot of things throughout the year in but yourself. Position. And you know, we've we've all raced against each other at some point for the exact same thing in in. That's the championship. So this is the hardest part is over in my opinion. You know, getting here is is is the hardest part. Obviously you wanna cap it off and win a championship. And do everything you can to the cap the year off. But the hardest part is getting to the final four. And and you know, in my opinion, Martin should there be a case that the defending champion should come into the this the next year as the favourite odds on favor. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I think are difficult to predict pick. I mean, even Vegas gets it wrong. Once you know that that is a big beautiful place. They lose money too. Sometimes. You know, I think it's hard to it's hard for day. And it's even harder for dicta. If you look throughout the regular season. You know, I think you look throughout the season guys have been fast, and you say, well, this guy's these type tracks. It's still a race. A lot can happen. You never know we dominated the mall has last year. And honestly eighteen had the better car in that race. And it just the way the race flight out played into our strengths that could happen at any point in time this weekend for for any any of us for I think, you just have to go down there with the mindset of what do we have to do to put ourselves -sition? And that's really the main thing and doing all the little things. Right. And hopefully have haven't speed to put it all together. Yeah. I'm sure you all will take. Anybody whether it's family, friends or anybody out there saying that you're going to be the one that they choose to to win anything that you can have that. But as you well know, especially with the three of you that we're here last year and has happened over the last few years, the zoo, Miami has an animal chooses this. Most of my. I guess is here we are today. This is. Toilet to Monday. So he's in the possum family. Do you think is going to go towards he doesn't look very smart? But he's going. He's. Boy. Yeah, I'm feeling that. But you said he hasn't been right yet hasn't been right yet. More. Hi, I'm I'm looking to change that. Yup. I ever street has to come. Yeah. Even Kevin's at Phoenix. Which was a pretty tough a lot of things to happen. Yeah. I guess you know in that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So we'll get onto the real stuff. Although this is all been real to this point at anything up as an analyst in looking at this from the outside this year these first nine races competed in looked to me like that even judging by the years. No, you have to perform at a high level each and every time it looked to me like it was the most difficult whether to navigate through between the level of competition, and some changes that were made as are where you were racing and win the racist fail that a true statement. I would I would agree with that many through the wroval in the first round that through a lot of people every round kind of had a wild card race. Exactly that that added the wild card to the first round. And then of course, in the second round, and it wasn't the elimination racist time so kind of change the I thought for everybody the way they looked at that round. I think the level of competition you add some drivers that you didn't really in years past maybe had to compete against that kind of stepped up and yet Kevin you had a team making teammate and Eric role that that one you had a couple of others that were capable of winning at every time Brad is always in the mix and Ron blinded there. So you get some young names. Chase started started winning. I look at Phoenix. I look at all the different scenarios that happened in that one race you had chase lead into point Kurt Leonida point. Brad was leading at a point on Kevin was out when Brad was leading and Kurt was in front of them. I mean, there was just so many different things. Right. So I think that can always happen to homestead when you have these groups of four guys where any one of us can be any which position throughout the day. And it's just a matter who's going to be in what spot when it comes down to the checkered flag at Kevin after you looked at Sunday. Did you look back inside? Okay. The body of work that we did in the regular season really paid off. And that's kind of the way the the whole system was set up. And and that you had that kind of in your back pocket. Well, I don't know that you I think you look at every week is what you did last week. You'd better have gotten everything out of last week in order to to be satisfied with yourself to move onto the next week. And I feel like as we went through the year. We definitely did a did a good job at that. And I think as as you go through different seasons, you have different things that come out of different seasons that you can take away as as inspiration for you know, your confidence in your team. And the things that you do in Sunday at Phoenix was obviously, you know, one of those moments with decreased, even your car chief gone in fill ins and all the pressure and talk and chatter and all the things that had happened. You know, those are the moments that you want to be successful in and our team did a did a great job to to overcome a lot of different things. And I really think it was more about overcoming all the adversity from the previous week and from you know, the race itself with the flat tire going. Down all the things that happened. Everybody just kept pushing forward, and that's really how we've approached the whole season push forward. Take everything that you can get from point standpoint. And see where it falls in the end. Yeah. You know, we love odds and polls stats and all that stuff. Joe Lugano forced to defend the comments that he made before Phoenix that he in fact was the favourite although he was the only locked into the championship at the time. He noted, but in reality, how close is this battle between these four drivers that made it this far sound like he walked back. Those comments a little centered around all three others title yet. You know, I think in orbi this is probably the most competitive championship four we've ever had in this format right now when you look at the stats among for drivers. They lead wins leaned top five laps led. These are the four fastest cars. And so I think when you're talking odds favorites you're splitting hairs amongst four. And really for me I've had throughout this and throughout the season thought the four cars, the fastest. Kevin Harvick is in. My is the favourite if you wanna say, but close behind him would be Kabushiki next to him would be Joa Gano because he's in a four which I think I'm very competitive amount of house as of late, and then would come at your defending champ Martin shook junior. But when I look at that, I'm talking. Splitting hairs by putting those different odds up there saying that those are my favorites. And that's the underdog Martin Shrek. So I think when you when I listen to them, though, they know that because you hear them talk about how they're not planning this weekend out. They're not planning this race out there focusing on what they can control. That's what you have to do in this situation when you're amongst three other competitors were so closely to you you can't control what they're going to do. So these all them are going into this race of the mindset of I'm going to focus on my team. Mike what we do in the race. And then they all get to the point of saying that last part of the race. That's what matters we have to do everything to put ourselves position that last part of the race. And that's all you can do as a competitor in this format because you you would you would go insane. Trying to think about all the different scenarios of all of how your competitors are trying to get to you, basically. So I think really what we heard there is that they are all focused on themselves. They're gonna be able to achieve success. Let's see what everybody at home thinks pull up quite questions all week long, by the way as sports out com slash NASCAR. Who's going to be the champion at Miami? Pretty evenly split except Joola Ghana fan. So they grow to the party. We're all we all agree Kevin harvick's up their favorite. But I I would actually put Jila gotta believe above March. It's changing pretty rapidly. Danish. Love a couple more days to vote online by the we're not close in this all the way up until gametime. So makes you log on EMI sports dot com slash NASCAR. And let your voice speaker. If you're into that sort of thing. Meantime, back to David Pearson who is forever going to be linked to Richard petty. Their rivalry took NASCAR to new heights and coming up next. We are going to get the king's reaction to the passing of his longtime friend and rival when NASCAR America returns. Been really finish. Hundred there. Compared with. Richard pay to he. He's probably the one that made me winners minutes idea, you know, run hard because he might be ruined hard. You know? And sometimes even make mistake pice, you know, and that it never made no mistakes. He always. Oh, excuse them. Having big engine when he buys me. Nascar lots legend this week in David Pearson who passed away last night at the age of eighty three the hall of Famer left a lasting Mark on the sport three championships and one hundred and five wins Pearson, finish one to the king, which your petty sixty three times and his Parker mentioned earlier he won thirty three of those battles. So who better to reflect than the king himself was joined by his son Kyle petty. Right. So when you when you heard the news about David's passing. What's the first thing that up into your head? You know that when he been around people all your life. You hate to see, and I know leave hadn't years they went to the triple months ago, and he had a good day. And we've got good about being able to go see, and you know, I guess oh history of me and him running together him racing. Just comes you, man. Non anyone particular deal? More than just, you know being there follows year, but the better he was the better I had to be to compete with. And so I think it was just one of those deals that came through. Two personalities were lucky enough to have win and cars, and you know, driving driving with him he'd be running along. And have a caution flag. He look he smoked a cigarette. So I'm an animal. You're sweating. Liping drinking water smoking, cigarette. I mean, he didn't get excited about nothing. I talked to Leonard would last night. And the one thing I remember about all those years with him at the wood brothers driving that Twenty-one car with Landon Eddie, and Glenn Leonard in that group, and you and Dale Inman, and wait Dohrn Burg and MAURICE painting out. There was never a harsh word ever uttered between the teams are between the drivers. Even if we go back to seventy six Daytona. There was never a harsh word. I think we respected each other so much, and we probably be and it was family business would boys in pay. I think we respected the families deal and was looked at their family. We're family we gotta get a family together because we're in this race in business together. Yeah, we're gonna try to beat each other. But the big deal is when Rice's over the rice overlook baller next from fewer drive and ability, and the end relaxed and just doing just without getting the most about it. He was the best. I was no doubt about it. Pearson and the king two of the all time greats and as you remember Pearson look at these career highlights three time champion one Daytona five hundred seventeen consecutive seasons with at least one win anyone three times. The Coca Cola six hundred southern five hundred quite a career. David Pearson is the winningest driver would brother sister. He had forty three wins with the organization and joining us now is NASCAR hall of Famer Leonard wood who has David Pearson's crew chief from nineteen seventy two to nineteen seventy nine and Leonard in his twenty seven hall of fame speech, David Pearson, called you the smartest man in the world. Can you describe for us the impact that he made on your life? Well, you know, we always complimented each other. We had so much trust in each one. We we we had a lot of confidence in each other. And and we picked it each other all time, and and course, the ATM e huge compliments which come into ma'am as the great dried, Ana, you know. And and I say enough good things about him. I mean, he was just greatest drive worked with this. Kate say about how much he knew how to an accident. Call on this. Unbelievable. He had the perfect line. And then sent the car, and it wasn't wasn't correct. Eight knew how to find a line that did work the mass for that. But take. Just, you know, very sad that he's not one of doubt. Leonard David was known for having very unique driving style. You know, he was reserved until it was time to strike to win the race at the end is that something that you noticed early on his career did that evolve in your time together on allies Monette way, a used to go when a job a whole when Mody he'd be running laps out that was really know about the nobody else to speak but the last year laps Iran what you do it or not card while he would flip off too hot labs and a lot of people didn't get then than one clock in because he wasn't running great earlier. Right. And and some ice. I did you get Pearson. Always quick laugh that he would run right before he finished track of the, you know, just to show you could do it. And then he had so much talent of how son guy up for the last lap on you know, that this good figure out exactly what he was gonna do. And he's all your full some surprised on your, you know, and he'd always tell us a lot of times that he could do all I can do, you know, and like eight couldn't one going be able to on no way. No onsite. Good. Onto do more than the city. You know, you ran a such a dominant team despite running on a partial schedule when you look back at everything how are you able to maintain that level of success while it? Is on them things. You get your car loan. Very hail. Get your cars. Good as the next guy. You you. You certainly had a good shot to win in a Ryan. And I don't think it we have a what rice with him. We didn't feel like we had shot of winning. We know it's difficult day for you and your family we so appreciate you being with us and sharing your memories. Well, yeah, I appreciate you all won't be on to express my pinion. And it's like I said I say now good things about having fares. This greatest drive have a great for him. David Pearson called the wood family, the nicest family that anybody could ever dry for thanks once again to lender for sharing his memories before he had to break just on another note, we do wanna take a minute to think of those dealing with the devastating wildfires in California and remind you quickly of how you can help those affected. You can text see wildfires to nine zero nine nine to donate. Ten dollars to American Red Cross California wildfires relief NASCAR America back, right? After this. And whose championship? Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch Martin checks or Joey Gano, hire you think. Harba Cohen wisely. Gonna win. Yes. Extra speed. I think you're right. Where's the speed come from? The spoiler or just because he's fast. Yeah. I think so too. Expert analysis five overheard. It should be. More from my job door. I know and by the way, the Larson's we into the folks in Vegas, very highly. Kyle's chances to win the race on Sunday. It's actually a great bet. Also looking at chase Elliott. They're twenty two one considering how fast he was a Kansas. I take one of those that get what a sweet video coming up. We are just five days away from crowning a champion. We're gonna head back to New York for more Jarrett's conversation with a championship for we return. Stay with us. Welcome back in case. You haven't heard as a complement to NBC's. Primary broadcast the championship race at Miami. Nascar hot pass is going to offer bide coverage dedicated to each of the championship for drivers. It's Li fi Dale Jarrett bringing that this Sunday at three pm eastern that one's right here on NBC. It's really really good Dale Jarrett. A very busy man this week as we hear more of his conversation with this championship four in New York. So we have three champions and driver this trying to get his first championship. You're all in different ways somewhat trying to change your part in history of the sport. Because for three of you. There's only fifteen drivers that have won multiple championships through the seventy years of this fort pretty incredible. And Joe you're trying to join that group of people that have that by their name as a champion, do you view that and think about that any at all and not you don't need anymore motivation? But just what this weekend. End could mean to each of you. I think obviously you think about it right up. Here. Do all this media thinking about championship? That's that's the goal when we get to Daytona has to win the championship. And there's only four of us are still have the opportunity to make that happen. And you try to put that in the back side of your mind. But it's there you can't hide from driver. Ryan show is going to be in your face. You know, there's gonna be media around you all day all week in something that you've got a, you know, wrap your hands around and like it and enjoy it. And and it's an amazing opportunity to to be sitting here. Three of the best stockcar races are ever been. And I got a shot at the trophy from them. So I think that's a great opportunity something I'm proud of. And I'm gonna enjoy it to the end Martin. Nobody's won back to back in this format. The way that way we have things. Now, does that show the level of competition and just how difficult this is? Is it's hard to put into words. I mean how I think about it. You know, as Joe mentioned such great talent here, not only these guys behind the wheel, but their teams and being this physician again, I just feel so lucky, you know, I feel like it's a bonus to be here. I feel like last year. I went in there, thanking you know. Yeah, we're we may be the favourite. This is still going to be difficult. And it was it was it was a challenge. It was really hard to get it done. I look at this way the same way. I think we definitely have less pressure on us this year to get it done. But to win a second championship. Just be. It'd be amazing. I mean, I'm still I'm still kind of not sure what to think about the first one. And so, you know, be able to get that second one and to be in the record book with some of those names that are there with more than one is mazing. I never in a million years dreamed. I'd be in this position just five years ago. And so just trying to enjoy it all and have some fun this weekend and see if we can get it done. Kevin you've been there four out of five years in trying to and. That one championship to go on like that putting yourself there is kind of like winning races. And what percentage you put on? That is the number of times you get there. Well, you have to be in it to win it, right rats. What Richard Childress used to always tell us. You gotta be in it to win it. And you know, I think as as you put yourself in position to to show up and win the championship. Hopefully, it increases your obviously increases your odds, you know, being there and doing that in two thousand fourteen with similar situation to what Martin has I didn't feel like we had the best particular car on that that particular night. But we had you know, the circumstances and things kind of fall our way we're able to capitalize on. And you know, you look back at hearing what Martin said when when he won is championship. You look back at Jimmy Johnson. The you know, the other the other cars all wrecked. And you know, he was the worst car on that particular night. And I I take that back for us from a team standpoint. And you look at last week. You just gotta keep yourself in the game. You gotta keep yourself in the game. Run the race to the end. See what the circumstances are. Because you just never know when you're gonna show up on week in your car is going to be super fast or it's going to be off a little bit. Or you're gonna have challenges or flat tires, or whatever the case may be you just never know what you're going to have to deal with. And so for me, I don't even think about it. You just you know, that this week is going to be different. You know, you're gonna have to deal with a lot more things you're going to have more people there, more sponsors, more cameras, more everything, and you just go down there. And and and enjoy that. And I know for me having won the first championship. I feel like we have a good game plan on how to deal with the weekend. How to deal with with everything that's going on? So let's go down there and rice. I'd rather be ended the not I'd rather be sitting here doing the work today. Even. I like my job. I just don't like the work. Weekend. Have to sit down with us, actually. Okay. Yeah. Appreciate that. Appreciate that. This is four years in a row for you. And putting yourself there. I think top Bob's all the time when you're there. But this is a weak that just saying, I know you all go to win every single week. But realizing that in this format you've had to win to to be the champion. Does that adult pressure change your strategy away looking at things or is it businesses normal? It's business as normal. I mean, we go into every single week trying to think that we can go out there and win the race. Barring different circumstances are difficult circumstances. Sometimes it doesn't always come to fruition. But you know, it does seem as though the champion is being able to win the race at homestead and his crazy as that seems. That's just what's been happening. And that's fact, and so you definitely have to prepare yourself for that. And think that that's what that's what it's gonna take to be able to get down there and become the champion. Kevin. We've seen you get out take a selfie just recently after a win and give the flag to get in. Any chance that if you win Sunday night that it might be Rodney children's you pick out of the. Well, you never know. I don't think ticket. I don't really know the rules. So yeah. Yeah. That would be that would be interesting. Right. Yeah. Out of the saints. Yeah. Yeah. I know I know that made that kid's day at Texas. What is that was that was pretty cool, and that was not planned I should have put him in the driver's seat and take let him take a picture in the car. That would be the only thing that I that I would have done different. But. Awesome. I don't I mean, I was just in that little camera hole right there and the kid was kind of in the scrum right there. And and I was I was able to speak him out. But that's really our sport. Does that better than than any other sports that I've ever won, you know, they're better with the fans they do a great job with charities? They do great job helping each other. And you know, as bad, you know, being able to make that kids day was was pretty neat. Because you know, that he's going to remember that for a long time. So, you know, fortunately, it just worked out that he had a great experience. And it was a lot of fun. Yeah. Okay. So I'm gonna ask a question that you're gonna get asked on Thursday at media day. So I'll go and get it out of the white for you, though with reset things at the end of a rice, obviously Martin and Joey U2. had something as far as little bump and run at New Hampshire. This year is any of that changed. How you look at your competitor's right here and said I'm going to raise them differently this weekend. If that opportunity is there, I know it's a mile and half track versus short tracks space different. But your mindset different. Because the things that happened not for me. I mean, I wanna raise him and I want to raise him, and I want to raise him I wanna raise some as as hard as as I can. And I want them to raise me as hard as they can because I feel like, you know, as as you sit in the garage and you'd look at their crew chief and you look at their team you look at their driver's. I mean, you're racing. The the best of the best and sometimes you're on the good side of that. And sometimes on a bad side of that. And and you know, that that stuff that stuff happens. And so I just wanna raise hard, and and you know, come out beating the best. Yeah. Martin were there to win. All I can say. All right. He says here to win. We all know it's on the line. I think it's it's pretty apparent. I mean, we're we're here to rayson try to get a trophy. You know, it's no different than any other week to take a little higher. That's all. No, I think you do the best. You can. I mean, obviously last year we kinda saw between Martin and myself. You know, I got hung up a little bit and traffic couldn't quite get free. As soon as I wanted to ran Martin down from a long ways back and got there. But just couldn't quite I didn't have enough. I just couldn't quite do anything with them and besides flat out driving through the guy in crashing the guy. You know? So I think there's a matter of being able to think a little bit and not necessarily just do. But that's just everybody's Braga one. Last question in looking you're still going to have stages. But that means nothing to you guys. As far as points, plow points, anything like that. So does that change your approach because the rice starts late in the afternoon? It's going to transition into an evening thing. Do you purchase any differently that way? I don't I don't approach it any differently. I mean, I think you just have stages you just know in the cautions are going to fall. Obviously those are the predicted cautions. You don't know what else is going to happen outside that scope, but that's just kind of the way that that all the races have always been and we've kind of been used to that for the last couple of years. So I think it's. Pretty good. I think really the biggest changes that you're racing points at those stages. So if I caution was out with five ago at the end of the state, you may have a different strategy, even though Miami's pretty much a pretty self explanatory race for a crew chief put tires on. How that works kind of like in Atlanta's or something like that. But, you know, the the stages don't don't mean a whole bunch like that's just the place that we know that it will be caution. And and they'll be a restart at that point. It's just managing your sets tires. Yeah. That's that's gonna put four on. Yeah. It's just a matter of not using them all to fast, we got in that situation last year. I mean, you know, some of the guys started med pack. We had an early cautioned some of the guys pitted night. Drove by all of us. I mean, we were leading the race and stayed out because we want to make sure we didn't run out of tires and. Yeah. To car in a couple of guys just boot mode through the field leaving it took it to you. It took quite a while for cycle back around where the guys that were leading early got back up front. So yeah, there's opportunity for that for that to happen. But not to be really patient. Then don't see. I try to forget about everything. Last year. That you gotta be patient mistakes points don't count. So it's totally different deal than we're used to or so trained in the last couple of years to stage points stays moist eight points. How do you get them? How do you get bonus points? We're now like we're going back three years. How do you just put yourself in position at the end of the day Pearson race? So we'll see how it goes. Thank you guys have won eight out of ten mile and a half and this another mile and half to if you're you're one. Yeah. Completely different now. And that's that's important to realize what you have to do. And and the changes that you'll make drivers throughout the night absolately fun, though place. Well, congratulations and thanks for taking the time to talk with a little. Thank you. Straightforward strategy. Fastest car wins. All fans could be dreaming about heading into this weekend. One last out, by the way for the championship for behead. That's tonight's group. Going to be on Jimmy Fallon. Jealous. Very jealous. I just want tickets anyone who can get tickets. I can I can make you call. Okay. We'll find that. All right. When we come back. We are going to punctuate the show of find out. What you learn by like did we Gingrich? I'm not sure we'll be right. Nascar America is brought to you by Mobil, one annual protection proven protection for twenty thousand miles. As we prepare for championship weekend. Nascar America the place to be tomorrow hall of Famer rate ever hand is our special guests, plus a pair of legends the king and Gail. Amen. Get a discuss the end of the Johnson. Chad now era Thursday, we are going to full hours five to seven eastern full coverage from media bay Miami. We're going to hear from the championship or again, we'll bring you everything for media day down in Miami towards the end of the week. Meantime, what do you think we learned today from the championship for drivers? While we learned that they're all not planning they're focusing on the race in what they can control those pretty evident. But I think when we look at these four, you know, what is a championship winning this weekend gonna meet each one of them. And I think you know, what I look at cow Bush this second ship could be the start of an ascent to being one of the greatest drivers time right at thirty three years old. He has a lot more time left of rack up more championships. More winds, we might think of him as one of the best. Kevin Harvick already going to be a hall of fame career. But adding a second championship really adds his total makes him one of. Those top drivers as well. And then I look at Martin tricks junior. I mean, this is a guy five years ago was authorized are maybe even almost done in the sport. And now is facing a second championship. I mean, I think that's been an incredible story and for Joa Gano when you think back just about decade ago. Mark Martin cities give me the greatest one of the greatest ever. We've turned him slice bread. What a championship validate all that. I think that's a big thing for him. And because the show comes out of Stanford, Connecticut, he would also be the first ever Cup champion from Connecticut. So you can bring back. Thank you very much. Appreciate about when you look at this group of drivers who are in unprecedented territory. Like, you said so many of them on their way to becoming hall of famers. It's only fitting that they were able to speak to David Pearson's legacy. You know, the day after NASCAR last one of the all time greats. I think modern Senate best right? The piece this race is come down to sort of David Pearson Esq race. You gotta be in it at the end. And that's when you strike really fitting that Hobie on the minds of the championship drivers in everybody else's weekend. That is going to do it for us. We are back again tomorrow at five PM eastern with Reverend hand as I mentioned as we leave tonight a few more images of David Pearson. One of nascar's all time greats who passed away last night at the age of eighty three. He'll certainly be missed. But also, remember.

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