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Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You PODCASTS Steve. To show is brought to you free today by our friends. At Bet online the casinos may be closed but the bet online casino never closes let them bring Vegas to you get into mixed bet online dot ag and use the Promo Code podcast one for your fifty percent welcome bonus bet online your online sportsbook expert at exclusive partner of podcast sports net. Podcast one presents. The Steve Austin show classics stopped a lot of mud holes. Dr Walter talked a lot of mud holes in this town and welcome dry and I'm sitting here. Where my guest today? One of the toughest guys on planet Earth. His name is brock listener and about six days. He's face undertaker and ahead on sale match and we'll talk about that later because it's a big ass bad ass match but dude First of all appreciate you being on the show? I know you got limited dates. You're busy man in demand stopping by to hang out and see me because we known each other for a long time. We've always gotten along. How are you doing? I'm doing good? Thanks for having me on the show. It's this is what I think is number six and we don't kick ass. It might be the last week so if I get along grab a headlock and Kalaheo spot forced to get out of that all right. I'll be suplex later. Don't take medicine dude. I want to start to sing off with I I want to have a little bit of fun tonight. Because here's the deal I've known you since about two thousand to forget when you first walk through the doors. I told the story a million times when I saw said we'll get this dude. He got something. If you got anything you gotTA LOOK. And then a new. You had the national background at the All American National Championship Division. One and Minnesota's under us a bad ass And here you are. You're but you're guy that very intimidating Do you try to be intimidating Do you get along with people. No I don't play well with others but no I wouldn't say that I guess I carry myself an ambiance or a manner that People may find a cocky or arrogant or But I don't do it on purpose. I guess I guess it's just the way I am a hollow was built. It's my chemistry behind of who I am and what I do as a young kid. I've always I was a kid that got a that was beaten up the other kids on the playground. I was always the one I always. I always had a chip on my shoulder and I still do. I don't know why but that's just my attitude. Big Kid growing up because I mean I've watched videos do you to death. I saw US big gang. Looney always had that frame you got picked on as a youngster. No I never got picked on. I was GONNA pick. I was doing the picking so but yeah. I had to work for this. You know. And it's it's it's the thing that I just had this discussion with it with another fellow earlier today like if if I wasn't a professional wrestler what would it be I have no idea I think But my passion for the sport of wrestling in general made me thrive in the weight room to become lion today so it was Many hours upon hours of pumping iron. I wouldn't look this way if I didn't if I didn't pump iron no kidding and so I mean it's taken a it's taken a long. It's been a long road yet. Is Tough Guy Persona which is a shooting going back grown up on a farm. How did that help mould you into what you are today? Because I read in sports illustrated you said you knew if you could cut it on the farm you could cut it anywhere. Yeah I think life on the farm especially where grew up in rural South Dakota like A. We didn't have. We didn't have a hell of a lot to you. Know there wasn't extra money leftover for us Whatever our our income was based upon how well are are cows produce melt how well our fields produced grain and so when you live like that and some years are better than others. You just get used to live in like You know like you're broke and we were broke. And so you just you just get a way of life but that day farmers. That's a Lotta Damn work. Yeah you're married to it. The cows got to get milk every morning and every night. There's no there's no way around it and so when you're when five a quarter to five or morning rolls around. It doesn't matter if if it's raining snow and sleet and hail and you get your ass out of bed and go to the bar and milk the cows I was. Just that's how I grew up. And that's been my mentality as an amateur wrestler. I wanted to do. I thought to myself if I always put the hard work in that it would always pay off you know and I always strive for that and I always had in the back of my head that that that would and by. Golly I want to get to that I want to get to the work ethic because you work your ass off everything you've got but there's a lot of some people who works part-time. Know that your deal to come in on selected dates. I WanNa ask you something like right now. You see the shirt. I'm wearing camouflage shirt this what I wear when I'm hunting. So just to digress. Where we're just talking about. We've been talking about this for years. Winning the hell. Are you going to go hunt? You've been talking to his trash detects that you've been talking this trash you've been talking because I got all the big deer up north and South Texas as well now here. Here's what's what's your schedule like because I'm GonNa get finished with with this thing. I'M GONNA head down to South Ryan for years being this happened and I sent you a text message about a month ago so we gotta quit talking about it and just do it. So we'll work that out we'll get we'll make it happen. You promise you shooting with me. It's a huge okay. Well speaking of shooting Let's go into some questions and I figured to get people to be able to know a little bit about brock listener I gotTA GO truck guy. I know you drive a truck. You're an outdoor guy. You're an avid hunter Fisher. Just like myself Ford Chevy Dodge. What you got. I'm Dodge Guy I always have been in. I always will be. I'm a MO- power fan. I've got mold Pars Myself. I've got sixty eight. roadrunner My Dad's got a nineteen sixty nine super. Be Driving a twenty fourteen dodge. Ram Three quarter ton But it's not enough. I don't have it all geeked up. Tell me about this guy right here. I left that one for last yet. Brock similar on a text message and he never brag about what he's got but but I'm I got a doubt DRAM SHARP. Tada shared with him and tell me about this. Some it's right here. There's a bad ass. That's that is my million dollar project that I rescued that truck out of South Dakota. It made it all the way to Minnesota. I had a guy work on it and get it. I had this vision in mind of what I wanted to look like when it was done. I converted that truck. It was a three sixty gas and I put a cummins five nine liter. Cummins in it and I won't bore you with the rest of it. But it's a nineteen seventy eight dodge power wagon and it's got a brand new to you and that's that's my baby girl. That's bad as that looks like Brockley. Here's a question for you. You're like I. Am you hunting a lot of big game across North America? What is your go to caliber for hunting North America right now I got. I got introduced to a gun. A three hundred remington ultra mag yet and I just love. The gun was made by. I was gifted to me by Christianson arms and I love the gun. Use It. It's my Go-to Gun. Whenever I'm heading out You know big game hunting. That's all I use right now. I think she's hot. She's flat in hits hard. Yeah it's a big shooting. One hundred eighty five grain bullet. It's big it's a big gun. Okay what you go to optic goodbye scope off the rack. What your brand. I won't buy anything. Like oh on scopes organizing. Glad everything got but scopes to everything. You're happy with that. I dig it like I mean you like a makes glass. They make glass for while filming. What we're doing now and even orthoscopic surgery surgeons prefer like a glass who. I have friends that are surgeons and they prefer that so I mean it's it's barn onto me top of the line. I always tell people if I was going to have my last meal. I'm a big fan of Mexican food. I'm a big Fan of food. In general what is your favorite food steak and I grill my own steak and I love. I love the grill. I spend a Lotta time on my deck patios. I've got lots of land. I like seeing my. I don't like I don't like seeing my neighbors. I like to see my land and grill steak and have a cold beer or a cold Ryan Coke whiskey and grill me a Ridi- medium. Well Okay now man. I'm a little bit short attention span. I'm always in a hurry. I'm gas grill guy. You Gas hold charcoal charcoal. Yeah it's gotta be. Try The big green egg dude. I was just dogged area bishop date he was selling me on and get one. I got four of them. Hot Dollar Love them and put them over big day. We're good awesome. You can do anything. I'd cook everything from Turkey to to you name. I've smoked stuff in it. I've done it all of it. You mentioned you to drink. Risky Whiskey Rye whisky brand. What is that while you know? I'm I've been going to Canada for a Lotta years now and and now I'm finally settled up there kind of full pretty much full time so I got introduced to Rye whiskey up in Canada. And so that's my drink of choice right now which has been for about ten years that and coors light if you hadn't heard a little bit of coors light I. WanNa tell you a a little bit of Chitchat going here. I want the people to be able to get inside the mind. Have you and for you to disarm them and say hey managers? Pretty Shield guy actually if you can get within a few feet of him and he doesn't you know put John F. Five and hurt you music. My music choice music. It's yours I'm a I'm Hardcore Country Guy. I mean I go all the way back to probably my all time. Favorite is David Alan Cohen and Willie Waylon and all the boys Cash but And then on the other side of things. I'm hardcore METALLICA. Acdc Motley crue. I grew up with all that I was. I was the youngest of three boys and then I have a younger sister and so my brothers were all long hair. You know my two older brothers were long hair. You know rocker kind of you know big grew up in the eighties and they're older and I was. I thought was cool. They had the leather jacket. And you know the Jean Jacket underneath and all that and the chains and whatever so when everything was cool like that back then so I thought I grew up listening to that kind of stuff and started working out with it and but I guess right now I like I like hearing young guys coming up in the country world to and I came across his kid out of Saskatchewan. He's out of swift current schedule. Kidby Coulter Wall and I think I sent you a plug on him and this kid is he to me. He's just. He grabbed me from the very first time that I listened to his record. And I haven't let go of it since I've been I've been listening to it every single day. You may have kind of like a kind of like a little johnny cash. Hangs all coulter will but it stripped down. Yeah yeah he's A. I really like stuff and I wish him all the best though he's a I'm a big fan of that right now. That's what's playing in my. I'm David Right now. I'm glad you turned me onto it. 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Everybody comes out of high school wanting to make a living. And that's how that's the American way the American dream of of doing what you love and get paid for and then it's not work I that's how I feel about what I do. I just took a whole different path. I thank God every day. I'm very fortunate that I've been able to do the things I've done and make a pretty damn good living at it. I gotta ask you a question because growing up you were necessarily a fan of the business. I never watched any wrestling at all. Steve. I never watched liberal. You watching what probably yeah. I watched a little house for the three. Pack no guest. I don't believe that we're on seven. Second Delay No. But here's the thing I watch little house on the prairie to. Hey you give it up all right but you weren't a fan of the business you never watch pro exposed to it. We didn't have. I had two channels in the house and they only worked part time right so you come when when you were in sports. Did you play football? I played football in high school. Got What position. I was all over the place on that field. They had me playing defense offense. I went from nose guard to running back to everything but quarterback. Okay but did you excel at football as well but because I know was good at it gets good? I had I had more scholarship opportunities as a football player. I had zero opportunities as a wrestler coming out of high school. I don't understand that because you were down. Thirty one. In two or whatever's an insane number but okay. So here's the thing you were more into the single aspect and not the team aspect of playing. No I I was good team player. I guess what maybe I thought I was with. Maybe ask my teammates. Maybe I was ball hogging all the time I don't know but I was going after the ball but no I guess at the end of the day you know when I when I made the leap of faith when I left the company here and went to try my hand in the NFL. I was only there for two days and I realized that I was a fish out of water so I mean it was. I knew early that these guys have been doing this. This is not my path of what I should be doing but I laugh at eight weeks. I toughed it out. I WANNA be a quitter and so I made it through. I was the last guy cut from the Minnesota Vikings. That's just how I do things you know. My mom always told me we start something. You gotTA finish it while shoot eight weeks of training camp for the Minnesota Vikings. That's a long time. I WANNA I WANNA jump back to your Juku wrestling days in your scholarship offers because you went to two different junior. But let's stick to Minnesota real quick because you played high school football. You didn't play in college and Man. There's a four year gap where you're specializing in wrestling. Solve sudden. You know you say hey man. I'm GonNa try football and then you go into something. Which is technique oriented and your big bad ass dude but when you're dealing with a bunch of big bad ass dudes the person would technique and repetition is GonNa win those battles. How how humbling or how was it defeating? What what are your thoughts on? I don't look at it as a failure but it didn't work. Well here's the thing you can't go through life. You're not going to be good at everything I mean I've been I've been good at wrestling and fighting and they kind of go hand in hand but if you can't get humbled I get humbled every day and that's that's just the way life whether it's what humbles you well if it ain't my kids it's something that. I'm doing the work with my hands. I like to do a white. He'll ear might humble my ass in a hurry. I hunt a lot and so I get humbled you know. At a young age I learned growing up on the farm. You get humbled every single day so you have to respect that but the thing is the most important thing is not to not to quit so I didn't. I didn't WANNA quit. I didn't I thought you know what I'm going to give it to give this a try on the second day of camp. I knew man. This is going to be really difficult for me to do and I knew that going in. But when you're out there enduring the physicality of everything It's a grueling sport. I take my hat off of those guys. I did not. I went to University of Minnesota as Golden Gopher and used to make fun of the football players as a wrestler. Didn't think that they were very tough. And because they all you'd see him in the training room all the time and this this thing but when I when I endured an NFL training camp. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I've done in my entire life. Going back to your wrestling Deja. Why were you not widely recruited because I was kind of in between Canada? Guy Wrestled a hundred and eighty nine pounds as a junior and my senior bumped up the heavyweight. Because I was a team player. Wanted to fill the team up. We had another guy that was going to fill in for at one hundred eighty nine pounds and so we were short heavyweights so I bumped up the heavyweight and certain competing as a heavyweight. I was kind of I. Wasn't I wasn't a true heavyweight so I wasn't recruited and I was kind of people maybe unsure if I was going to be a one nine hundred pounder in College. I don't know but I got beat up. Beat twice my senior year and those guys. Both went onto full scholarships to division. One School Division to school. And and then I fought my way up through the junior college. Ranks one allergy to. I went to junior college. I went to Bismarck state college as a as a freshman and a sophomore and junior college national title. They're off more than my sophomore year. Recruited University of Minnesota that summer I went moved. Minneapolis and they were going to start. I was doing workouts open workouts with the team getting ready for the season upcoming season. Then then they'd the the enrolled in school while I had taken classes only two year term classes at Bismarck. State that will only didn't qualify me to go to the school of the University of Minnesota Summer. School already started so then I had to. They called me into the office. Said well you can't come to school here and I'm like what talking about your twenty four credits shy of going to school here. Well what should I do while there's one there's a school that we'd like you to go to and it's out in? California it the only school in the world right now that hasn't started class to you know and so I got in my car and drove out to Lassen Community College. How did you? How did you like that coming from too? I lived I lived in the basement wrestling coach's house and this guy literally alsi eight was noodles in red wine. I had four hundred dollars to my name. I- my aunt lived in Baker's Bakersfield CA California. I think at the time and I used her address as a so. I could get in state tuition right and I was paying twelve bucks a credit so I went to. I went to California four hundred dollars my name. My car broke down twice getting there. I left on a Thursday night and made it out there by five. Am Monday morning. Class started at eight thirty. I call the wrestling coach up and say hey. I made it here alright. Meet me at the school. I'll get you enroll. I enrolled in class at eight thirty that morning. Did you ever did you end up getting a degree from University of Minnesota? I did not graduate now but ANYWAY YOU GO TO MINNESOTA. You have a hell issues career you finish number two in the nation your junior year and then on your senior you win a national championship now and from there like what were you thinking. Okay here I am. I'm out. I'm out of college about ass wrestler. What should I do? How did you fall into pro wrestling? Because you weren't fan. I fell into a Rut. Actually when I won the NCAA title. I quit school and spent almost two months in the basement that I was living in a house that we're renting and I fell into probably some depression where I fell into a Rut where I didn't know what I WANNA do with myself. The W. had pursued and some interest in me and I had a few opportunities to trial for a few NFL teams. I got to meet Tony Dungy. Because he's University of Minnesota Guy. He was coaching down at Tampa Bay. And so I had an invite down there I was just kind of I had nothing to my name. I had no money. I had nothing and I was just I. The only thing I did every day I'd get up. I'd work out because that made me feel good. And I just. I just hibernated for two months and didn't know what I was going to do with myself and then finally my buddy. My Roommate Chad craft who wrestled one fifty seven for the gophers. Kick me out of the basement. So let's go. We're going to get out and go do something. And so we got out of the House and he was in the same boat that kid fought he was a four time all American. He didn't know what the heck he wanted to do. Either one fifty seven one fifty world. You Know He. He started pursuing a career in in in avionics and then always a pilot he's flying for Delta and so he told me to get out and let's go see what's going on. I heard Kinda visiting with the coaches again and said you know Sir. Put A game plan together. Struck something what do you WanNa do? You WanNa train for the Olympics do you WanNa be a pro wrestler. You WanNa try for the NFL. What do you want to do because I was or you can be a coach here in the state but you could also stay dairy farmer? You ready to get off at farm and go out and strike your own. I guess you just how bad I wanted to get off the farm when I was seventeen years. Old Junior in high school The Army National Guard recruiter came to school and I was seventeen. A junior had he came during a study hall period. And I'm sitting next to my buddy and this guy is telling us you know you can come and train next summer and you can pay for school and the other thing and I looked at him and Mike and I'm out of here I'm going. Are you going to go with me? And he's like I'll do it if you do it. I didn't think he'd he'd probably looked like. Yeah but we I sign. I called my mom. She had to cosign for me. I said mom this well on and off. I went to boot camp was. He does what I was wondering when I read. Okay join the National Guard. That was edis behind that. So how did you end up down in Lovie? W Some W W said hey man we got something for you if you want a job. Yeah well I I had met. The university want to protect me so the coach from amateur wrestling to pro L. Like sleep like these guys that are coming out of school. Let's say you on the football team and they're getting you're going to enter the draft. Well we need to surround you a team of people that are going to protect you know so you need to be protected in this. You'll get you so anyway. You lovie. W and you got Randy Orton. Batista Guy Johnson Data. Often you come into that mix you come into that structure. You come into that. Learning tree look in that young bucks. Talat rat dare got day. We've got a hall of fame. What were your thoughts when you first got exposed these guys these what we thought. Dude Fan my Russell. When I got down to Louisville Kentucky I drove I pack everything it was thirteen hours from. Minneapolis MINNESOTA DOWN TO LOUISVILLE and I had somebody down there that I knew. Shelton Benjamin. Who's not up there. You'll ruin college roommate in college and I moved in with him. But then we went to the training center and I was like I was kind of blown away by the training facility because it was just barbarric barbaric and blown away in a good way because it reminded me of it kind of took me back to where where I came from like growing up in South Dakota's kind of barbaric the weight room that I grew up in barbaric the wrestling room barbaric. So I mean this I loved it. I love the facility. You spent some time down there. you learn chops off sudden you get called up to the main roster give take around but before before. I moved down there a very important piece of the puzzle here I had to finish up some wrestling camps and when I signed the dotted line with With the company the first time Jim Ross was The guy that I was I was working with time and and I. I had some prior commitment some wrestling camp so I said I need. I need advertised for these shows and I think it showed them a little bit of my commitment to listen. If I'm booked I'm going to show up at these places right so I can't move down there when you want me to move down there and so maybe maybe it showed something in me that that they liked or didn't like I don't know but at the time but your your word a man of my word and I wanted to go back and do this and and make sure that I would get to these wrestling camps but so while I while I was there in still living in Minnesota. I decided that I was going to get connected with a guy by the name Brad rings so Jr agreed that. I would start working with Brad and and I did. I went two brads every day and Brad acquired a group of guys for for me to learn the business Curt Henning Wehn Bloom You know a few other guys that I put on the list Dan Jasser Who a guy that took a gazillion bumps from me so these guys kind of took me under their wing. I was I was a Minnesota Guy. I was a national champion. I was the hometown hero of Minneapolis Minnesota and and the Tri State area. I mean it was just. It was a big thing if I went to school in the other. Where any other place in Minnesota? I don't think I would have gotten notoriety that I had gotten by going to school there. It seemed like all the pieces fell into place for you. But when you've got caught up to the big roster it was interesting because I was I was still on fire but I was gonNA fade off in about a year year and a half and when you first came in and like. I said when I saw isn't manuscripts gotta look. We've got some talent. He's going to be something you caught on a business put you up. You know what Kurt Angle's Olympic gold medalist as far as catching on our business. I've never seen any gravitate toward like. Unm Did but when you came and it was so interesting because Kurt haning took an immediate liking to you and soda the big boss. Man Ray love you to death. He would just go on about you. How did those guys help you? Well I of course I met Kurt in Minnesota through Brad Ring and it's very good very good friends and then I met Raith through through hurt when I got up here with a company you know so. I started traveling with these guys I wanted to. I wanted to to learn and learn from these guys and you spend a Lotta time going down the road. The best time learns in the car. Just that's what you know. Curtain Brad told me. Just ask these guys. I would ask King and take her. Can I jump in the back and ride the back seat? I'll pump gas. I'll do whatever they let me ride with him a few times and then I started riding with Kurt and boss man and you know like we talked this morning. You know you called me. I was on the way to the airport. I was on my way to the airport this morning. And we had a conversation about you. Know breaking down this business a little bit and understanding for these guys. What what I what I could credit these guys to Kinda. Give me some psychology in the wrestling business. You know and some open some doors to how to put a match together as we all know this. You know it's pure entertainment and but not always entertainment. But I'll tell you what goes into that everything so I mean but just having those guys in my ear and Kinda groom and me to to an smarten me up to things and having the opportunity because those guys they had they put on a lot of miles and and and a lot of bumps in the ring. Bearers thing you you run down the road with these veterans. You're you're swapping out cars. You probably gas. You're paying your dues and you're learning you're asking questions and all of a sudden man. Oh within short time all of a sudden you're in the ring with the rock the most electrifying entertainment and Bam First Match. was They took me to Australian. I'm in the ring. I'm in a triple threat match with with the Duane in Paul triple h and I was just having this conversation with with triple h Few last last time I was at TV about him and Dewayne Canada. Just leaving me out loop on purpose because to get out there and to. That's the only way you learn is out there and so it's secrets you you better. You better swim or or you know you're gone so it was a great opportunity for me and Dwayne did a lot of dwayne. That was really really awesome. Dwayne was leaving and people can say what they want about Duane in the business but I tell you what the guy was. He taught me to be selfish. He taught me to be to to watch my back. And if you'RE GONNA if you're going to thrive in this business you know you got to be selfish and the night that he was not selfish to me he. I WANNA I WANNA W W championship from and it's a give and take but there are certain times you take you and you got the time forgiving. You WanNa tell right off. The you know very quickly and did all of a sudden you think. Hey Man. This is going to be an easy ride. I'm a champion. No no my I guess to me. The business was so new. And so intriguing. When I first got on the road I was going up and down. The Road Drinking Beers Staying in different hotels staying indifferent. Different Environments Gimmicks. Yeah and so it was. It was all very intriguing and stimulating In the beginning so yeah. So so the stimulation factor of everything and then the reality of everything you start living you start living your life everything you portray this person on TV and you portray all these things and then people start. We don't really change. I never. I've never really changed. I've gotten a little rougher around the edges but the people around you chain and they treat you differently so that you have to also people's perception of you from seeing you be this gown. Tv feed into it and they wanted to find who and what. You are not necessarily. That's the case we'll really. I'm no different on TV than I really am. I I really don't like people. I'm sorry I don't that's just told me about that. What do you mean you? Just don't like being around a bunch of people and it's kind of ironic because I can go out and in a in an arena full of twenty thousand people in be all right with it only because I think I feel like I've got I'm shell I feel like I'm in this dome and I'm protected. You know but you get me out in public and or anywhere around a bunch of people and I I just. I don't do antisocial or is it a mental illness have phobia as just a phobia. No I just don't I don't mix well with others for I. Don't play with trying to be who you are just who I am. That's why I live out in the middle of nowhere. That's why I got eight foot fence around my property. That's why I shut the gate when I come and go. That's just who I am. Joe Listening to another classic episode of the Steve Austin. Show only on podcast one aim and Yona Rich. Your home sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. 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I was not being selfish there. I was I was talking to do that. I wasn't comfortable with doing it. And I'm not GonNa say who talked me into it but because you're so athletic I I'd done it before and I was young and stupid at the time. Could I do it absolutely should I have done it? No But was the person that was telling me that I should do this. It would be wrestlemainia moment. Boy Why not have a wrestlemainia moment and I shoo. Did I guess I was mad at you? I was concerned about you but I was mad at you for doing that because you didn't need to do that. All I did had done sense. And now you gauge yourself. Accordingly your big physical brute brutal guy in a ring you have a stall. That is you can't see through all your stuff. Looks bad assets a shoot? So you're you're in a great place but I want. I want to take you back again to Russell main twenty man. We're in Madison Square Garden. I'm a damn referee wearing zebra shirt. You weren't going against Bill Goldberg and in South. These numbers out to me You remember Wrestlemainia numbers as soon as you. I don't I don't there's no correlation between me and Wrestlemainia when but if you now you name Bill Goldberg. See that's to me. That's the difference for me like I look at this purely as a business. You know what I mean this. This is what I put on on a table by guys can name certain matches that they have guys can go back. And I can't do that well. I forgot stuff. Yeah whatever but go back to this match and you guys were both GonNa end up leaving this match. It was a little bit of a cluster. Well neither one of US wanted to be there. Why did you want to be there? Because it's Wrestlemainia twenty. Because I didn't give I know but it's rolling stone. Cold is revenue high profile match. But you're leaving. Why why did you leave? That was to Vince right there. That wasn't to the fans. Everybody took that the wrong way but why was at the vet. No that was just me. I I had had enough of the business I like. I said it was man. We're we're only two years in. I know I the road the road it was the people everything you know. I it was. It was becoming this person that that that I never thought I would be. I was I was. I felt entrapped. I felt like a trapped animal. I can remember times being on an airplane and wanting to punch the door open and jump out of the plane. I'm glad you didn't do that but I mean that's what I felt like. Just tell Vince to this to this day. I'm I was built to be in the ring. I wasn't built to be to get from ring during that process. Put you today if I can put you in a time machine and get you there. You're good to go so so you left a void. Because that's when you're going to say well into the football thing would cover that but but what were your thoughts when you left because I didn't have I never had a plan Steve. The NFL was an escape goat for me right. It wasn't it wasn't that I wanted to pursue a passion to be a football player. It was I was just pointed strings. I didn't know what I wanted to do. And if I was ever going to be after that was a dairy farmer and South Dakota I was going to be all right with it but there was something deep inside me that I decided that you know what this isn't it for me. It's it's not it but then let me jump too far forward. Because was that when you were started going to Japan because the wwe or the wwe who you know man. I don't know we got the wrong guy in here. Maybe I don did you pull the trigger. I does it really matter. I left the to know. And we we. That's water under the bridge for me. It's okay the water under the bridge. You come back and what we're GONNA go to the maker. In a second but has in your comings and goings ever been any dissension in the locker room or someone grudge against. Well HE COMES. He goes he leaves. He comes back you know. What's the deal with brock? No I go out of your way to hang out with boys. I mean 'cause you're independent. You don't know the boys different. No I I when I came back. I don't know anybody here came back. There's a handful a guy debt. But no not really. I shouldn't say I guess I look at this I clock in and clock out. What's wrong with that? All right is there. You know I know people that do it. Every day they clock in clock out I come I do. I do my work. I don't bother anybody if I piss you off along the way too bad. I'm job it's a job. I can respect that. It's a job. It's no different than me. Putting on my singlet at the University of Minnesota. Hey we need you to go out there and win tonight. But unfortunately they weren't putting any money in my bank account got apart from the world of all of a sudden you up and go to the world of information you have legit wrestling background your bad dude you're salty. How did this relationship go? Did you just call up Dana Blues? It hey dude. I'm coming in wall so when I left the company and I didn't make the team for the NFL The Minnesota Vikings at that time and your coaches all said that you won their respect. They wanted to send me over to grow up but I said I had enough pissed more milk. I don't need any more of that so I want to stay. Home is called data so I went to new Japan wrestling over there. They discovered at the time that there was some fighting going on and Japanese wanted me to fight and I. I was really unsure about at the time that I my my agreement with the new Japan pro wrestling time expired. And then I decided I was going to pursue a career as a fighter and so the very first I had some Ja- Japan connections and I signed with a k. One A company that promoted the mix martial arts and fought dailies Elliott Coliseum. Did my first fight there and it was a one fight contract and at that time. I was trying to reach out to Dana. White because I wanted to fight for the you have not taking. You seriously wasn't taking my calls. He wasn't doing so. I told my manager at the time. I said there was a fight coming up that I want to go to. It was randy couture. Gabriel Gonzaga for the heavyweight championship. Randy had the belt. And Gabriel Gonzaga was upcoming guy. Who's on his own far back. It was hot and he was tough. I mean and so I I WANNA buy. I'm going to buy my own seats. I went and sat as a spectator down at the Mandalay Bay. And after the fights I jumped to security railing ran into the octagon grabbed Dana. Butter shoulder spun around introduce myself. That's what I did I did. That's exactly what I did. And he pulled me back and we had a meeting and he took me seriously and we talked about everything but money at the time because at the time I didn't care I just want I want to prove myself getting knocked the gun. I said you signed me. You won't go wrong Simon for one fight deal and let me prove you if I can't sell pay per view buys for you then then you don't have me back but your money where your mouth is. That's exactly what you did. You're listening to another classic episode of the Steve Austin. Show only odd podcast. One you WANNA spend less time working on your lawn and more time sitting on your lawn with an ice cold one. Well here you go. Scotts Turf Miller triple action kills. Weeds prevents crabgrass and feeds to build. Thick Green launch was Scotts turf builder triple action. You can finally get the lawn. You've always dreamt of when you feed Scotts turf. Biller TRIPLE ACTION. Multiple Times throughout the year. Your grass will be greener stronger and more resilient scotts turf builder triple action will give your yard the nourishment. It needs to help you a week. Annalong recover also. Scott no-quibble money-back guarantee states. If you're not satisfied you get your money back. Simple Azad slammed down bag today. This is the yard. Let's go that first. Match Sprang mere submission expert and he won the best heavyweights mission guys of all time. And you go in there man dame can fight and then just at one point. It's almost like you left. Your foot dangling like alluring. The water like a big Mount Bassey. Grab at thing other like ankle. Lock Out Bar. Whatever do when he grab and hold on you. Was it unlike anything you've ever been put in before because you didn't really notice submission ropes and how was it because when you started tapping him as like dude? I don't WanNa do this but I'm doing it. I was disgusted with myself because I I had. I had trained to get out of that exact Hold the whole entire training camp and I couldn't for some reason I don't know if it was I can't explain it. I put my foot except maybe it was doing repetitions wrong in practice. So many like so you'd get up and start over and then you put your foot in and it was like. I was told him. You gotta be kidding me and I just did that. And so at that point when when it was over. There's a there's a picture of me hold. My hands are on my waist and I just saw my entire life. Just fall off the cliff because I thought well Dane is not going to re-sign me I lost and I know I'm smart enough to know that the only way that I'm getting getting paid by winning and staying on top and so I went back. I went back to the dressing room and Dana came back and he was just bouncing off. The walls really happy. He's like dude. That was awesome. Yeah just couldn't couldn't believe it and then I I looked up at him. I said is it Overman. He said no no not at all and I was like God and so we went back to the drawing board and I ended up signing. I don't know like three to six fight contract with him and end up fighting. My next fight was against the kid out of Texas here Texas so he hearing dude you let him when you when you charge a cross octagon just tackle that do because you was putting a pretty good him. A big right hand left hand either war but he kind of rolled and then all of a sudden you just spirited outta mind football player and I'm sure that that guy I mean his like what the emphasis got made. I was your mentality there. Because do they never been the same? I know he's never fought again. I don't even know what I'd like to talk. Automated in any disrespect. I hope he's doing well and everything I don't I he never fought again. I never heard it jumped off my couch when I saw that. It was the greatest thing I've ever seen. I I gotta hand it to him. The Guy took fifteen minutes of tough. Yeah he had a reputation be able to take advantage of sudden reineck. Mature the mentality. When you get when you get into the octagon for me in a funny thing about this fight here too. We shared a locker room him and me and heath herring. His locker room was across the hall and as as a competitor your whole life. You don't want to fight off aggression you don't WanNa wrestle off of aggression. You don't want to wrestle competition that's entered. You WanNa go out and cool. Calm collective calm before the storm and so everything was fine until his entrance music hit and on their way past my locker room. He said I'm going to show this that. This shit's off and that that lit a fire in your ass. Lit A fire on my ass and so I went out and I said well all right here. We go and so. That's why between round one or two. I gave him the fist. Pump and Canada winked at him said Yep and I told them that out there when I was riding his ass out there. I said you know this is this Israel Buddy Israel. Talk about alone dead when you when you stepped into the ring consumer the octagon and you caught him with the shot. You're the AFC champion. What's going through your mind? Well I was just thankful for that. Gave me that opportunity. Dana was no dummy and Lorenzo for TITA brothers. Were they seen this opportunity? I was selling pave. You've and Randy. They were trying to get randy back because he had left with the with the bell and so we need to put. We need to get this belt on on on a new champion and really at the time that I have to say. The the heavyweight division was was a little weak you had but then me and said let's talk about your weakness which was imposed by diverticulitis. Yeah how was that? That was really unfair for me I to this day I probably wouldn't. I don't know if I'd be a pro wrestler. If I hadn't gotten sick I may not be here. I'm probably I'd still be banging heads. I what percent do you think you competed at and the UFC with that? Because I mean did we ever see you at one hundred percent you saw me fight against Randy and you know but it got worse. It started when I got halfway through a training camp and I just Sign new someone's wrong. I thought Gosh I got I got. There's something physically wrong with so I need to figure it out but stubborn me. I didn't get a cat scan of my stomach. And I decided to pull the fight and drive up the candidate and sitting my deer stand but I heard you fell out. You'll most died. Yeah I did. Where was that at? And what was that come to Jesus at that was in Canada? And then you come back down to stay. I come to the states and then I fought it off and and I. My doctor came into into my room when I got the states and said listen son. You've got diverticulitis. We've either this if your fever doesn't go down. I'm giving antibiotics right now. A lot of antibiotics. I'm GonNa give you eight hours. I'm going to try to save your career. He knew who I was new. My my history. I'm going to try to save your career but if I can't and I got I got to save Your Life. I'm saving your life before I'm saving your career son. You gotTA appreciate that. And I appreciated that so when I went to. He gave me eight hours. They're wheeling me into the emergency into the operating room and my fever was still one hundred. Four point three some and I remember the lights. Remember them. Prepping me for surgery and then I remember waking up I was in my room and I had thought you know what he saved my life and not my career. I woke up and and and I said what what what what's going on. And he said we were just about ready to cut you open and you broke your fever. I said boy I ended up having. Yeah so I looked down and my wasn't busted open or anything so I thank them and I wasn't sure if that maybe that wasn't the right decision. He was trying for me. But if I if I would have to have the surgery at that time it would have been done so so then it turns out end up coming back after seven eight years gone from. Wwe When you decided you know finding to hang up the gloves and come back what were you thinking? I mean because all the bad blood you said water under the bridge earlier I mean all that bad. But how do you mend that fence? That was so broken with Vince. Because that broken those yeah. Didn't you walk one time? Okay you were talking about the okay. Let's talk about what I want to know what you thought about that because you check it out. Here's what happened. They called me up. I'll tell you bet I I didn't care I wasn't I didn't feel not at all. You know you always been ruled but I never got your take on it. No I trust. Listen here's the deal man. I mean you've got this big bad summits coming enough smell money so you walked in the door. No sudden guys like me. Hang up both. You didn't want to do job pay cut Yo. Hey kinda hard to come by. So why why we main event you know down the road when you're ready to explain it to me I didn't. It didn't advertise. It didn't make listen. I handle it in the worst possible way. I've always admitted that well. And maybe maybe you handle it in a wrong way but maybe somebody on the other side could handle it better to get the two way street here. And that's when I came back to this company Couple years ago It's a two way street For me I had to be able to do what I want to do. And it's a give and take thing and that's talking about a two way street in comparison to talking with two world-class promoters and Vincent Man and Dana White. What's what's the differences between those guys. They're both very smart. Great Big Egos. You've been with both of them. Well I mean how can't you have a big ego? You got a big a big bank account and I don't know if you would. I got a big bank count. Nothing on on a no standards but I think I got an ego problem. But but it's wait. And Vince McMahon. I got thank them both for putting a lot of money in my bank account If I was going to sit here and hard earned money. Let me add absolutely. I fought for every every penny of it and but I think Dana Dana was really good to me in for Tita. Brothers were very. They're very good guys. I could sit down and have a conversation. We worked all our deals out across the table and it was. It was a done deal. There was no posturing there was no leverage. There was a business it was straight up business. And that's not fair make it fair and and we'll we'll we'll sign okay but was it straight up business when when you came back and recently resigned with. Wwe are were you really considering going back to the AFC won the second time. It wasn't a bluff. No I I really felt robbed. I felt robbed. The WHO by diverticulitis. Okay Gotcha I felt robbed by by being sick. I wasn't you whole again. That was good. It took me a couple years to kick out. I mean it took me a couple of years to start feeling good. I mean I'm at home. I'm working out. My life is great. Everything's in tune my contracts come to an end with dolby. Hey It's been a great time but something's something's missing so up front and totally honest with the company and told them listen. I'm really thinking of pursuing. Getting back in the Octagon and I started training camp. I started I. I wanted to test myself and see where I was not more physical but mentally. I WanNa see the mental challenges that it was gonNA take. Because if you're heading on and your and your your head's not in the game. The last place you want to get into is is in the octagon speaking on different thing. But we're told my draw money your promos and I love them because that was brock brock. And so your promos here. You don't speak as much you start laughing about the PROVO. I gotTA feed the Jews. He's so do you not like talking here were you. Were you more able to go out on a limb gifts. E of Paul Heyman. His par excellence as far as the man is a good friend of mine. What's your views on promotion? I'll I guess I'm I'm I guess I'm not good at them. I don't know the beanpole were just to fit in when Paul when they decided to bring me back. I probably wouldn't be who I am today without. Paul Heyman speaking for me because along the way Paul Paul can put in the words and build me I. I don't need I don't need to talk. I don't think I'd do my actions. Speak Loud I with you loud so I think it's a great combination and I first came back. I was minus Paul. Heyman and they they they. I think they threw me out there just to see you know where I was. You know I mean cutting a promo after a fight with the JOE Rogan. Hey asking a question is not the same as cutting a promo getting in the ring Promoting a fight or a match with with with such and such so I spoke from the heart after my fights because that's just there's so much emotion involved there's so much pent up emotion inside fight. People don't appreciate what really goes into it. Man When you go into an octagon or coming from an octagon back to the dressing room just like tonight. I got a chance to go out in front of a live. Crowd haven't been around forever. Jazz me of is shopping. Philodendron was wonderful. Does a fight crowd effect? You like that because you said you've got to be calm cool collected so my question is crowd. Does it connect? Do you hear them. While you're fighting can I help you? Sometimes you can absolutely when you can't but I've when I was in that arena of in in the fight arena in the in a competition arena. I. I wouldn't have known if there was ten people out there. Ten thousand quite honestly in the wrestling business. I hear I feel him right probably be. I don't know why the difference is it's entertainment and that was. That was real so hats that I put on when I put my my competition hat on you go. I'm going to hold other place. You know so competition when you think here in. Wwe The landscape right here. When you look around at the roster do you call these guys your friends? Your Co workers. The boys there's that inner circle What's your relationship with you or your relationship with them and how competitive business environment here? Some bits back you know in my days today. But what's your views on where you're at today? I I me here this time. I don't. I'm not involved with the people so much I'm more. I'm more hands on with with Vince. I want to know my role from the beginning. I WanNa know you know kind of I want to know where his what his thoughts are where he wants me to be so. I don't really I don't have to kind of do the politicking or do the you know the make friends with people to you know. I just want to come and go come and go and and tell me what I'm doing if I don't like it. Can I dispute it? Can I put an honest effort into trying to put a different spin on something you know? Is this how it's going to be you know? And if if he's adamant about it than fine at the end of the day I work for the man and that's what I'll do. I remember watching a resume and thirty in your wrestling. Undertaker broke the streak production drunk at two beers. Each hand unmanaged saw what happened and all of a sudden. You break the streak. What did breaking streak mean to you as a man or a competitor businessman walk businessman? I knew it was big for for me. I knew I. I knew that This this streak had been been protected for so long that it was special it was almost it was almost bigger than me. Win Win W. W. Championship. If you want if you say that and I and I understood that I get a lot of criticism for maybe but quite honestly people who who in the wrestling industry has enough credentials to actually break the streak. Is there another man out there with with enough With enough believability enough credibility credibility? Is it really honestly? Is there somebody else out there? No I don't think so. I could agree with that do you. What do you think is the biggest misconception about the man named Brock Lester and people's minds I don't really care I don't if they're misconcep- that's I don't I really don't ski? I never? I've never been a person that really got offended by what somebody thought of my actions or what somebody thought of of how I carry myself at the other day. I try to be nice to people unless you you really step over across the line or or whatever then what at the end of the day? I JUST. I just like to do my own thing. Steve Okay which since high school you'd go on the record Juku national champion from wrestling. Ncaa PRO football field gun gas. You got left in the tank. Where in your head are you right now? Are you enjoying this ride so much? You can do it forever. Do you see where this is knowing. Yeah I got a pretty good idea where it's GonNa go. Yeah you got a pretty good idea where it's going. Yeah yeah do I wanNA share it with you or anybody. No I don't but you're having fun I'm having a good time and you're doing business. I'm doing business and It's one of those things where I think people people fight to get into this business and I've got I. I left the business whether or not whether or not Vincent I saw Ida I when I left but I think him and I both realize that It's probably made us both more money that I did leave. I could be wrong but I know but because of the circumstances when I left and went out and made a name for myself and became the AFC heavyweight champion piggyback the WB label on my back can get back to that. When I fought heath herring. He was going to show me that. This is for real and this isn't wwe. So I transferred. I transferred a lot of a lot of stuff back to the company and we were able to make a deal and and here I am. You know for a few more years before. Bring us to the bottom line. What advice would the brought legitimate today? Give the brock listener of when you first started. Dare say some Rookie Kid. A lot of potential. If I was to look at some rookie kid and to tell them you know. Make sure that this is what you WANNA do. Make sure you understand all the circumstances. Make sure that you know that that this is the path that you want to live. But you don't WanNa hold anybody back from their dream. I mean I think it's a great opportunity for for people I think people nowadays they think the kids nowadays expect things are just handed over. And I'm GonNa get an allowance but I ain't GonNa do nothing for it. I think this generation people are always They don't WanNa work for something. I think if if if you sit back and you're not gonNa work for something in your life you're GonNa have absolutely nothing. That's what you're GONNA get appreciate. I agree with you one hundred percent of say that that being said working for something. I gotTA bring it back. Let's get down to some serious business. You got undertaker and Helena sell this coming Sunday. What are your thoughts on that destruction devastation to the undertaker? This is one of the scariest matches did you can be in. It's going to take a physical toll. You've done it before your thoughts on this. It's going to be the last time on a wwe network. Well I'm I'm prepared for. It's no different when you step inside the cage. That cage isn't very forgiving. And and I'll guarantee this There's GonNa be a lot of there's GonNa be a lot of uh there's going to be a lot of a lot of carnage. I believe you know I'm coming to and The undertaker quite frankly. I'm Kinda your -tated with him. I'm over it and When this opportunity came to me When Vince brought this opportunity to me and said I don't feel the way that our last match went of. You know there's a I got a chip on my shoulder and and I'm I'm Gonna I'm GonNa. I'm coming to hurt this man. Come up with the mainstream as Helena Sale. I man good talking to you. Got To go hunting. Go home you. Don't get to rate with us. 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