The Day Gandhi Celebrated 2 Years


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Labor Day again, call one eight hundred B.. Y. D. E. L. L. to take advantage of unprecedented liberty tech deals. Portions of program prerecorded. Can I say something? You got to hear this. This is hilarious. Go to the show. Talk. Every morning I just laughed in. The morning show well that we survived all the way to Thursday. The question is, can we survivor Thursday? That's my question? I can Daniel. Gandhi how producers Salmon Zuma? She is signed on you high producers, Sam. Good Morning Okay we'll get to her high Scott scary this hello froggy. Hello there Duran. Daniel. Final hit my zoom room on I don't know WHO's here. I don't know who's in their seats and ready for class. Anyway, we're straight nate right here elvis all boil. This did anyway we have guests today. I. Do believe. and. If I'm not mistaken I, believe Max is going to be on with some new music. Later we love math yes I. Did you guys have a chance since I was running late to vote on a first song of the day? Scare. Pickdad just kind of. Guys you know better than that. Could happen here is an elementary. Oh No, of course. What is it? Twenty? Four Golden The song you finally got one right. Let me get together. While you always in mood. Try to play. Play by rules everything. View is in. Pool. Do. Tash, Song was feeling bad I am not. As Hudson. Part of it. Now We? Play Games. ovoid. Cash. We've been. Do. Play. Play. By your rules. Interview. Play. Very. Biggest Week. Buddy. Show Knew. Rules. Everything. Clare. Honey. Figured scary good song like that. Very good scary. Thank you. Hey. As we roll into the day we've got things to do. We've got caves to explore who wants to be a spelunker today anyone. Goes punking Yes froggy got a cave ready to spoke. Yeah I'm ready. Let's go I've never done it before, but I'll be a first timer. All right. No gynecologist jokes please thank you. Anyway as we get rolling into the day, we've got three things you need to know from gone the other way the horse ready to go I do have a first caller of the day Jack. Who might be Chris Chris Online bree okay. Maybe work for it hey. Chris. Hey, how you guys doing we're doing okay. Line three. You know what that tells me. You called us we didn't call you. Oh absolutely. I've been calling for over five years. I'm so happy to finally get through. Weird, you can ask as nate who's on the phone every day. There are so many mornings when the phones aren't even ringing. Yeah. Those could have been your days. Hey. So Chris tells your story. What's your headline? A I work at a plant producing beep across the country for all the Americans of. We've been going. We've been going strong since the pandemic started and It's nice to be able to American males every day Oh my mouth loves your meat. Yup I. Should ask Chris about the meat trailer I'll tell me Mike. What's the meat trader Chris. Wall it's not as exciting as it sounds. It's just pretty much a special way for the employees to get discounted prices on on be for our own families. Okay. Well. That's good. Name was. I just thought you might be interested in something called meet trailer. because. One of the the truth is if you and your and your co workers are working your butts off every day to bring meet to America the least they could do is give you a good price on your own for your family I. Get it. I get. It. It's definitely a good to have in the upper. Sure. An informal poll around the room froggy. Did you have meet last night? I did YEP. Okay, elaborate I did take him last night big old nice piece of chicken. We'll wait a minute. Do you guys do chicken or beef? We actually we do believe we actually we have plants that do like I told, Nate we we do salt for the road salt for the winters we do. TURKEYS DUPLEX I mean, we do a little bit of everything. Doing pigs scary. What did you have? Had Poor. Daniel did you meet less than I? Did I had chicken last night? Okay. Okay. What about these chicken meat though I'm I was told ME. Gandhi. Gandhi didn't have meat last night I. did not I had pioneer though I thought if you the whole time Oh, I love the earth. We should get someone from the pioneer trader to call up. Hey, what about you producers saying? Do you have meet last night? I did make chicken for William but no I did not use any myself. What about you? Straight I had fish Elvis. Am I the only one that had a big old chunk of meat beep I got to take. A fillet it was fabulous. We'll let Chris, we've devoted thirty minutes to meet in been a lot of fun. You our first caller of the day I'm glad you listened to us. We got to send you some Elvis Duran morning show scrubs from Hackensack Meridian. They're on their way and you'd be safe today. Okay. Thank you very much guys I'll. That'd be all. Love you more hold on hold on one second I. Love hearing from the meet people. meet. All right. Let's get into your horoscopes producers, Sam who doing them with. I'd love to do with Gandhi. All right. If you're celebrating today you celebrate with Flo Rida Happy Birthday Kaffir corn do not be so quick to point the finger at someone else for a particular problem the truth will always emerge your day is an eight Aquarius if you're unsure how to fix the problem seek out the answers. From those closest to you, your as a nine Pisces look too far into your past for the answers to a particular situation you're currently finding yourself in your day is an eight aries take pride in your current decision making and smile up you've been able to accomplish by yourself. You're days attend Torres did not be so quick to turn off potential opportunities that seem too good to be true they could be. Rewarding to you your days nine Gemini set some time aside to finish DIY project you've been putting off it'll be just the thing to stimulate your creativity. Your days in eight cancer life may feel stagnant. So start up a conversation with someone who you've lost contact with or freshen up your perspectives your days seven Leo indulge yourself in life's greatest pleasure is but be sure not to Overdo it. All good. Things come with a price your days a seven virgo someone close to you need your advice to let them know you have your. You have their best interest at heart your days nine libra research potential plans for a business venture or new career. Your mind is active and Anita Change your days eight Scorpio you're warm and loving nature is comforting to those around you. That's all you got today your days nine. Just know that you're comforting. Finally. Sagittarius let your imagination loose and go wild. Don't settle and conform to the rules set for you your ten and those who your Thursday morning scopes. All right. Let's roll into it. Let me add one of your three. As. You know, I love having peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast I actually read a report last night that people who eat peanut butter for breakfast are most likely to be passionate lovers. We are sexual magicians people and I'm telling you they did a poll they found out peanut butter eaters in the morning where the sexual magicians people who eat. Cereal are dependable in people who eat a banana are most likely to be stressed. Oh, I got beets bananas every day, and he'd probably is the most stressed person innocent player world. But you know what? I found a quarter of people skip breakfast every day, and they're most likely to be introverts. So each just. Butter lovers come on over. I'll give you my address online. So anyway, let's get into the three things we need to know Gandhi so much going on where do you stare is so much going on. All right. Let's start with this DHS DOJ inspectors general are investigating some disturbing allegations coming out of the ice detention centers. There's one allegation that guards assaulted detainees in areas where cameras could not capture what was happening other allegations that many women's went many women. have been forced to get hysterectomies in the middle of all of this they were instructed not to deport a key witness in the assault case, and then suddenly decided to allow the woman had been held in the facility for about a year and told lawyers about a pattern and practice of abuse that included guards systematically assaulting and others with one even telling her that if she cooperated and behaved, he would help her to get released lots going on over there. The border between the US and Canada is going to stay closed. See TV news in Toronto reports that the existing shutdown will be extended into. November. Restrictions are currently scheduled to end on Monday, but they're going to change that. Of course, the closure was put in place back in March as part of an effort to limit the spread of Corona virus and finally according to a recent report more and more millennial parents are looking to the stars for help parenting. So maybe these horoscopes are more important than we thought were raising children off of them. They want to specialize their behavior with children based on the astrological sign apparently, it's become so popular in. The last year that books are flying off the shelves that have to do with this one author notes that astrology really helps you to understand how to parent your kids individually and those are your three things. Thank you, Gandhi. As you know, a sally dumped a lot of rain they're saying months worth of rain in less than a week in Alabama and Florida and the panhandle Florida. If you want to help out, you know the easy way to do it is redcross dot Org they need our help. So please the top to it. All right All right. What do we do now? Oh, we take a break is that what we do? You know what I think. My brain is trying to tell me to mix it up and do things differently. Should we do things differently? You know tomorrow night, we kick it off two nights of the iheartradio music. Festival. This year not from Vegas, but we're from all over the world. It's going to be spectacular. I. Know that Danielle and gone deny We have our notes ready to host the radio special tomorrow night and Saturday night. So go to I heart radio dot com to find where you can hear it. All right. Let's take a break Let's get into it, which is called Thursday you guys ready for Thursday. mazing like family working with each other thing going on but it's more loved than anything. Rain in the morning show. Guys, we all know bedtime can be a battle for both you and your kids. For instance, my son used to struggle to fall asleep unfortunately, we discovered vicks peers, these kids Melatonin Gumy's to help them fall asleep naturally find peers these kids stores near you. Can You? Every single day. Elvis Duran and the morning show. You know what? I think. We really should stop down and celebrate the fact that Gandhi has been with our show for two years. Is Today the day do believe the Today How it was two years ago today Gandhi made the unwise decision. To join our our cracked ask family, and here you are talking about a Ghandi. So two years in I mean look at all we've been through. I. CanNot believe that it's been two years sometimes it feels like it's been thirty seconds and then sometimes I feel like I've been with you guys my entire life idol know of anything else that has ever fit better or felt better as far as a room that I've been in and I love you guys so much and it's just been I. Know You guys always worst decision ever been the best decision of my whole life? But this has been the best one and I. and. So thankful be here we all we all agree having you here as our sister and our co worker colleague is it's it's an honor to have you here. and. Just I stopped down to about everything that we have been through. Since you have arrived here I'm not saying that you brought it. Did you. Know. But I. Think what we all agree on what I agree on with myself. Anyway is your perspective in life and where you come from in life, your family situation, all the US cities you've lived in. The sports teams, you're a fan of, and you know everything that you bring in the world of Gandhi is it is the perfect fit it fits right in. Cry. I love you guys so much. It really is just great. This has been so awesome I pinch myself all the time like my really here is this really happening we're all doing this together. This is amazing. I met you We were talking to you about the possibility of coming on board. We're talking to a couple of people in the someone said. So what do you think of Gandhi Yesica? She's great. She's a little too enthusiastic. Remember I said that? I, know I'm trying. I'm finding figuring out not finally, but I have figured over these two years at your enthusiasm is really the the that's your spark. That's your. That's it. That's your spark plug. These sparkplugs does exist anymore. No idea. Real Hey froggy sparkplugs don't exist in cars anymore I don't even know of course they do they do. Just. Got Fire Fire cylinder houses. Silman. Cylinders in cars. I don't know. What The Tesla I mean, don't the forward thinking car manufacturers like Tesla and. Would dyson. Dave dyson. Put out a car. It would have a spark plug it wouldn't. It would not know. Electric Cars Dyson dyson guy that invi- invented those incredible vacuum cleaners. Yeah. and. Inherited I home I'm a big. Ole. Thank you. A bouquet of flowers today because I was up all night and all this morning sucking up dead yellow jackets with his incredible dyson suckers. And Oh my God that thing is a dream to I feel like I'm riding around like a witch on a broom. It's fantastic I saved my money to get myself a dyson because I wanted one so badly and I told my husband this might be the best thing I've ever bought in my entire life. It's so good I never thought a vacuum cleaner could change your life but anyway Gandhi. Get into vacuum. Gandhi It's so great having you here. We Love You I. Love You guys to thank you for having me every day and letting me stay because I know sometimes people WanNa, send me home. Here no one. No. All right. So producer, Sam. Is your microphone working we having issues Oh it is. We're back. Would you have for dinner last night again chickens and I made chicken for William but I had the Raoult's Pasta and egg bake that you showed how to make I added cheese. So I had to make it unhealthy but it was delicious. Cheeses good. It's full of protein stop that. Your feel-good. We need one. You have. Okay. I love this story from Fantino Puerta because it shows that there are so many people that just need one person to believe in them. One Act of kindness to change their entire life, and that is the story of the shed Anna Williams from Nashville. She has a learning disability so she's had trouble reading and writing. Her whole life and she had to overcome a drug addiction. So this poor woman was living in her car for about a year outside of a Kroger Grocery store she would just park their layer chair all the way down. So No, one could see her and just sleep there however the shed and has a wonderful positive spirit and she would go inside the Kroger. Every day to say, hi to as many employees as possible and one day worked up the courage to ask Jack Leeann Vandal. If she was hiring, she wanted a job. So Jacqueline Approach Lushenko. When there was an opening, sat with her for over an hour to help this woman fill out her application and as soon as the shed nine handed her application into. Jacqueline, she goes congratulations. You're hired the to just hug as a crowded out from gratitude and that one chance is all she needed to turn her entire life around after five months she was finally able to afford her own apartment. So she was no longer homeless and it was furnished by neighbors and strangers around her story and just want to lend a helping hand. The moral is if you have the chance to give someone a chance and you'll know what that is when it looks like it. Just, do it this woman deserved exactly what she got and thank goodness for Jack Means just beautiful soul to give her that shot. So thank you so much for this story fourteen. Oh and if you have a story that deserves to be featured, email me salmon Elvis Duran dot com subject minefield goods Sam. Have a great day. Youtube. Love you guys love you more more. Hey. Danielle your first shot at. Giving US information. That's. True maybe. Not True. GONYEA got suspended from twitter and we'll talk about Cardi B. and offset. They're still living together, but they're separated okay that and much more coming up after this. This is John Legend. What's up chain smokers? Elvis Duran threat. Elvis Duran in the morning show and you know what? We always have to remember that. Straight, nate in scary and Scotty be our in our master control facility in Tribeca. New York to make sure this show goes on everyday without the three of them. It wouldn't happen. And then we've our engineering team. Yeah exactly. Danielle coughing things. But Jeff and Josh and Rachel and everyone in engineering and it that keep us on the are thank you so much for doing what you do. It's so incredible. So they get hungry every once in a while and Nate got the MUNCHIES and you walk down to the vending machine. Yeah. Pile here is been depleted and we really haven't had a refresh. The great trail mix we had but so tell them what you got telling what you found out me. I didn't get it because it's like the saddest looking solitary. I've ever seen and it just getting there all. and. It's you can tell it's sweating. Honey Bun and you can just see the perspiration on its slide. Sweaty old honey buns are like sweaty old meet that you shouldn't. She wants your meat or chicken get slimy. You don't eat it in the same with honey buns do. Old Scotty beaches yelled he's GonNa run and get it so. It it doesn't look good. WHO'S GONNA eat? It scares me. Don't get me. I just wanted to tell you that that machine used to be a happier machine, it used to spunk Meyer cookies at Mrs Fresh Lease Brownies. Just a lonely sweaty honey bun. Yeah I don't know I don't want to eat anything with the name of. Meyer. I'm all. Yeah. What's the brand of this honey Bun to? We know remember? I was kind of focused on the sweating that I didn't really get name, but it's it's pretty sad. Like a term of endearment, all your mother sweaty honey by. You'll see it here in a second in zoom. Scotty gets back we'll. We'll eat it scary. It's everything. been scary picked up a pile of something. He didn't WanNA use it well. So I gotta eat it's the only thing in here. Eight something. The nasty trail mix not the good one which we got last week. Did you eat it? Why would you? The peanuts greasy. Elvis but I needed something for. Sustenance, I needed system in my mind. Eaten. Every ten minutes all morning before that I don't pick 'em Gandhi what we decided yesterday that scary would definitely off one of us on a desert island before the time was even necessary just because he'd be preparing to eat. Be stranded with him. Yeah. He'd eat us because not only what he does. He would take us out of the competition for food. From the fifteen minute morning show podcast you guys forced me while. Encouraging, me to drink that cutty Sark Shaw didn't. To spend in your own hand. Try that scary. You. You lie more than Daniel Entertainment reports. Set up on. The top of that and almost vomit from whatever he smelled and I'm pretty sure we were like you don't drink that somehow the three of you drank yeah. Is he back with a honeymoon are? Won't let him. By. Do not buy this. Protect him from like I don't know how does machine not that you buy something it sets said, make make another selection so. People have been trying to buy that honey bun for like ten years I have no. The it's looking out for you. Make another selection even the machine is you shouldn't eat that crap. You want us to get the engineer Josh had to get into the machine maybe. No he's got radio stations to. Take Him in there to get the. Whole honey by the. Work I got a honey bun for. Anyone Elvis now line twenty fours rob. As we celebrate Ghandi's second year on the air with our show. We're so excited to ever hear how you doing rob. Elvis doing. Okay. So what do you want to say what's on your mind? Well. First of all relations Gandhi Alter Union. Thank you. and. A man, my wife wanted to thank you for mentioning the my my. Teacher you watched it. Yes yeah we watched it last night and that was an awesome movie. I. We didn't. Get ruined it. Alone. He do. Yeah Okay. You just pulled a Danielle and ruined it for everyone. Sorry. No matter what you just said I'm still GonNa Watch and now that you said you and your wife liked it I'm GonNa Watch it even faster. Thank you for listening. You have a safety. Okay. Rob You guys we love you. All right. Love you more. Love you. Thanks. So there you go. I'M GONNA pretend I didn't hear the jury will disregard that. Your husband and I had a long conversation about how we would have done things where we in the octopus teacher but. Daniel you ready to go. All right. What do you have going on today? All right. So Carol Baskin was asked about the commercial that aired during dancing with stars. The one that said, please help us find. Missing Dad who happens to be done the husband that word missing that they think she killed. We haven't seen the commercial you can go that anyway she says it's good that they ran the commercials she said it helps bring him back. If a coup comes in as a side benefit of me being on the show then it's a good thing. She still says that she's innocent there you go. speaking of Tiger King and Joe Exotic and coolest cats and kittens. Halloween. Costumes are coming out and right now Yankee has the first sexy tiger king and Tiger Queen which they're calling the coolest cat costume looks nothing like either of them. You get a chance. Go check it out how person in that whole documentary yeah. Exactly. The hottest thing exactly Harry Styles seems to have changed his hair and everybody's talking about it all his fans. On social they'll all. His hair, his hair, his hair it's like the new phrase on social. They think he they. He made a darker for the movie that he's working on but no matter what it seems like everybody likes they're all in the they all think it looks good Cardi B. An offset still living together they are co-parenting I. Know yesterday we found out that they are getting a divorce at least it looks like it and Cardi. Still saying that her lawyer sent out a lot more than she really wanted when it came. To like paperwork and all kinds of stuff. So they're still together but supposedly, they're not going to be staying together. So tomorrow's the day Justin Bieber's holy is coming out with chance the rapper he did share a clip of the video I don't know if you saw it but if you get a chance, you can look that pink and Keith urban took the stage last night that the ACM awards one too many. That's the song that they did together. He just dropped it. Here's a little bit of what that sounds like. Artist. Gone. where? Way Who was that? Pink and Keith urban like that. Yeah. I wasn't paying attention as usual. Good Song on her stations. All right, and let's talk about the ACM awards from last night for the First Time in ACM award history. The award for entertainer of the year went to to Artists Carrie underwood and Thomas Rhett. So Keith urban was like a little flabbergasted. He was hosting the whole show and they basically summed it up, carry summed it up by went twenty twenty man I mean really what else can you say right? That's IT and will end up with this con-. Yeh has been suspended from twitter. So it was a whole bunch of things that went down first of all. He posted some personal information of a journalist on twitter, which obviously is considered bullying. You cannot do that. He did it a lot of other things politically he was saying that they took down or that he took down and then he went and peed on his Grammy Award and he posted the video themselves doing that so. He is just a dream. A dream come true. The best part is though he had friends get back on twitter and let everybody know that he was banned. The victim like Dude you release somebody's personal information. Punishment consequence exactly tonight big brother Love Island. The mass singer gives you a glimpse of all the cool costumes keeping up with the Kardashians. It's the series premiere. We're all be and Dr Pimple Popper is on as well and very soon on Disney plus you're gonNA. Get the man to Laurean. You're going to get new season of the simpsons you can watch the. emmys their Sunday. So if you don't have Disney plots, there's a lot of things coming to Disney plus so you gotTa make sure that you get it because it looks awesome and that's my Daniel report, thank you Daniel Techs. They WANNA to give a national shout out to all the old school drivers out there. That still rapidly flashed their headlights on the police officers ahead. They said that. He says so just saved me inexpensive ticket. All right legal to do. Well, you know I've heard rumored is but I don't know I don't why would that be illegal to do? I agree with you illegal but then ways being police officer ahead is not yeah. I don't know I think that flashing lights is. Someone should correct us if we're wrong but I think that's a wives tale. I don't think that that's. I don't think that that's the legal, but I don't know I. Don't know. But. Do you do that? I flashed my today to warn someone In here's what I justify it. I don't justify it. I think I'm going to save them from getting a ticket and getting busted I actually flashlights in it actually slowed them down. So they look at. I did well, that was. Elliot. Thank me later yeah frog. On the road that I live on just outside of our neighborhood, it is road that's like three lanes. Everybody drives really fast down the road much faster than the speed limit, and so the other day there were like five motorcycle cops hidden in the trees in between the two lanes what I went over that Hump where those motors I was flashing every lead that could. Come in they're all down I'm just I'm trying to save my fellow human from getting in trouble speed over here. I don't want him to insurance. It's GONNA go up they can't afford it. Slowed them down and it made everybody. I see my I see brake lights come on right as they see my lights, all slowdown nobody gets a ticket. We all win. Well, the other day I was driving down out here we have country roads in there was a car facing the opposite direction, but they were stopped in the middle of the road and I'm like Oh God, what are they doing? Do they want me to stop help them? They're not waving their hands or anything, but as they flash their lights and I kept going. God remember those rumors were if they flash your light and they flashed back, they pull you over and kill you. Oh. My God. Someone they're gonNA kill me. Tim Is Online twenty O tem. Hey, Tim. So you were the one who got flashed and you got saved from getting a ticket, right? Yes I did it was I. I would just I by the person of pizza or cold beer. They just saved me a wapping tickets because I was I'm running a little late for work and I've come flying down the highway after not getting my McDonald's because I'm running late for work, which is going to probably ruined my day. But I I was really in a hurry and I seen a couple of people just flashing their lights like mad and it I thought you know what? I just slow down I come over a hill and there's two cruisers side by side. Just a little spoon shot one hundred. A little. Perfect attendance at worked for like thirty years, I cannot be lay and. It Ain't gonNA happen. Ten I'm hoping you're driving safely now and slow you a little bit. We want you nice and safe, and hope you get your McDonald's Today. I could use some of those hashbrowns they have a love. She's all right. have a safe day. Thank you, Joel. Joe Got pulled over on line five for flashing his lights is true. Is What state do you live first of all Joel what state. I'm in I'm in Iowa because I've heard, it's it varies from state to state so they pulled you over but did they give you a ticket for flashing lights? He gave me a warning but they said that you can't flash your lights obviously in front of a police officer, his basically impersonating police officers, what they said. Persuing I'm telling you this. Right Has Your. Car. Driving a box car. So think about like the old police cars. Might Look. Like an undercover but. Their faulty design a car like that. All right I don't know I. I still think that if you can, if they should thank you if you flash your lights disown down, they should pull you over and say thank you for slowing them down I bet that's never going to happen. All Right Joe have a good day man thanks for listening to us. You guys love the show. Thank you. Thank you very much. I don't know. You know it's just trying to help out what's scary I remember up and my father was driving that big boat of a Cadillac and hard. Yeah and he had the fuzz buster now the. Radar detector and it started beeping and as the cops were the radar approach here. and start blinking crazy. They said that those were illegal now I still they are in some states and some states they were legal. Then how is ways not illegal? It could change I don't know. Does those radar detectors really work I think today's technology. Oh, they do work. Oh, they did back then back in the eighteen fifty S. But as far as ways go. I use my ways all the time, and if I see them ahead at I started slowing down again I think it's a good thing. Why not? Why not but but when I slow way down in, then I get up there and where it says the police officers located and he's not there or she's not there. How? So what needs to delete him? Guilty of pudding fake alerts like if you go on there, you can put like hazard in the roadway or. Even worse than doing it. You're admitting that you don't you'd be. because. There are funny options you can put like what's in the road and I put like something funny in the road being like a cop but like you know like a fake road hazard. That's not. What people ruin it for everyone go stand in the corner. froggy people are asking on the yellow. Jacket update. Yes. Yesterday was the worst day for the yellow jacket in my house. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them in two places in my house. A great guy came out from the exterminating company and he was here most of the day squirting all sorts of stuff in my walls and. I woke up this morning defeat live wins a lot of dead ones but I tell you it was the most traumatic thing. I've ever living in a house in my life. It was just awful. When you have I, mean hundred. In I'm saying in the thousands in my house, he pulled a hive out or a nest want to call it. There was fifteen pounds and he didn't even get the whole thing. Most of it a fifteen pound hive out on my wall and I dare God Tough scary movies are made of Franken was. Little. Hoping I'm hoping today as the Sun comes up we'll get the truth we'll find out if they are Outta here. Then then you know it's getting colder. So now it's time for the field mice to come in. So I've got them to host a party. You have the Party House for Real. Seriously they're all stopping by. All right. We gotta take a break We do have a ten dollar phone tap coming up in a few minutes. Hang on. Also Max has music. You'll be on a little bit too after this. Elvis to rain in the morning show. Hey, guys, we all know bedtime can be a battle for both you and your kids for instance, my son used to struggle to fall asleep unfortunately, we discovered vicks peers, these kids Melatonin Gumy's to help them fall asleep naturally peers these kids in stores near you. Elvis story in the morning show. Danielle I thought of you yesterday when my second Amazon delivery of the day arrived. Thank you. Down the stack of stuff and some of it was the most unnecessary well is necessary but I you know what? I'm saying you you order things sometimes when you get it you're like, oh, I didn't need that. So Sebastian Maniscalco our favorite comedian. He's actually going on every day on instagram. Yeah. His instagram and he's showing you what his wife orders from Amazon. He opens it up right there on camera. He called it what my wife orders on Amazon and. But I love it and I find it hysterical and I can't watch I can't watch it enough because I love it so much. But I'm so nervous that's Sheldon is going to do this to me that he's going to because Sebastian asks for it. He's like, Hey, you got any funny videos or you WANNA share with your wife opens on route one. From Amazon I'm like, no, do not do it. Do not do I. Don't think that that's nice. Because I don't WanNa share the stupid things I on Amazon. Stupid things. If it wasn't so far I I would. I would run and get my stack. It's still in a stack from yesterday. Yeah. Well, don't you if you go to your thing? Don't you just tell us what's Your orders. I mean, okay. Just a little pole of everyone in the room who had something delivered from Amazon yesterday. Gandhi froggy scary. froggy what you have delivered. Any good. I order things that could by the grocery store, but I don't know if the grocery store is going to have it when I want it. So yesterday I ordered I like propel, water gatorade like labored water. So I ordered. A five pack. There were fifty little packets of Kiwi Strawberry Berry Great some of the flavor and they're good. But then when I went to the grocery store last night, they had them and it would have been cheaper. The grocery store doesn't matter Amazon delivered it. I. Knew it was there and I got it right now what about you? Scary what you have delivered yesterday just like froggy I got a supply I get a monthly supply of Penta water. So my Pinta arrived yesterday as a case every every month have to have that specifically but I can't get it everywhere you know so. On order on auto order you I hate the Amazon has this new. They redid their APP on the iphone. I despise it. I'm still here to find the stuff you wanna find in the older APP, especially for your your account orders going to my orders and they're out here the. Okay. So delivered, what was yesterday's? Wednesday delivered yesterday oh I had the The. Feeding Ball for all, either slows them down. It has all the little wedges they. They've to eat the food out of the little little the compartments. Need that for my cats I think. God here's something undeliverable Oh you know it's unbelievable. These shot glasses it's actually a. Glass for Whiskey but has a real bullet in it. Oh. Yeah. Those cool on deliverable God bless America what came to me yesterday so with the crucible I play in four acts because fencers reading it in school and so he needed to crucible. Through order that for him this is good. I. Ordered the this is for the backyard. The baby trail upgraded dog Pooper, scooper? Look. Right there. It has a little little thing. Because we have a lot. So this all came yesterday. Oh Oh. This is nice. Most of the stuff is for the dogs. Here's these stewart freeze dried beef liver for training. Your dog got a freeze dried liver. They actually take a picture of all the stuff sitting out the gate look to prove that they were here. Exactly. My friend Oh the other day she got the picture and it wasn't a picture of her house. So she think she tried to get onto Amazon because guys. It's not my house when they delivered it. So I don't know whose houses but we gotta talk about it. So they they're really good. They re delivered it. So it was good. We're GonNa what did you get yesterday? I actually ordered a bunch of paints and some molding paste and canvases because I took all of it to my boyfriend's house when I left and I didn't have it here. So I needed to get. See that's important stuff that's essential stuff at Central I. Love Oh actually, it was on sale it's one of those tops that hovers because of its magnetic and you twist the top and it never ever stops ever. Oh How I don't know how it does that. have. You seen these before? Yeah. Those are really cool. Once you start. It will never ever stop ever in our lifetime. So I'm GonNa, live my life and see that ever stopped. You know what I'm getting tomorrow. I'm getting I'm starting to do the overnight oats again but I stupidly throughout all my jars. So I'm getting my jars of my overnight oats delivered the moral. Of So excited. Have lost our minds. A this whole thing made me realize like living with somebody verse living alone you are not responsible to anyone when you live by yourself. So when I was with my sister and my boyfriend, we get packages sent to us from work all the time or if I order something I always had to give an answer as to what it was. Yes. This why do you get so much stuff what's happening here? Now I'm at my apartment just hoarding boxes. Yeah. Yeah. You don't have to answer it anyway, and it's OK Amazon is your own your own beast Yes. Nate. I have the invention that everybody needs to get. especially if you like peanut butter they have this jar scraper you know how? There's. At the bottom of the peanut butter jar that never get the peanut butter they may a long spatula that shape just perfectly to go in that groove and get the last little bit of peanut butter where'd you get that? Amazon SPATULA. Sarah? A Jar scooper I'll send it to you. Please do I wanna Dr Scalper I'm GonNa show you guys something Zoom Room you can't read it out loud but this is one of the anniversary cards for Alex is running late, see if you're gonna read that. has something, so foul. I wish would give me a card like that. She'd have to feel it I. That's not nice. She's right. Small. That way not feel it's just feel now way. Okay. Okay. Okay. I'll do we have our ten dollars. Daniel pay the fifty dollars. Did I been mode the money to Scott yesterday for this week's ten dollar phone tap. All right. We have a ten dollar phone tap money phone tap coming up in just a few minutes. Let's get into the three months to need to know from Gandhi Gandhi. What is going on all right Alabama and Florida are beginning the massive cleanup after Hurricane Sally. She came on shore as A. Category, two hurricane and is now a tropical depression but continues to pour heavy rain over the southeast. The storm left a trail of devastation including flooded streets damaging debris trees that had been knocked over the video is are astounding if you haven't seen him yet more than half a million homes and businesses from Florida to Louisiana are without power sally is expected to dump about four to eight inches of rain today as she moves across Georgia into South Carolina. The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice are investigating some disturbing allegations coming from the ice detention centers that include guards assaulting detainees in areas where cameras could not capture what was happening and other allegations that many women have been forced to get hysterectomies in the middle of all this, they were instructed not to deport key witness in the assault cases and then suddenly allowed it to happen. So she was. Deported the woman who had been held in the facility for about a year told lawyers about a pattern and practice of abuse, and finally, if you need a little bit of motivation to lose quarantine wait if you had gained them a fitness website called time share announce that they're going to pay people to lose the weight that they gained during the quarantine and they're going to pay a lot of money from one. THOUSAND DOLLARS ON THE LINE Yeah thirteen thousand dollars they're going to pick four different people and try different diets. They want you to keep track of your progress on social media. Those people will get eight thousand dollars and then you'll get a five thousand dollar bonus if you hit different milestones. So if you're interested, you can apply on their website. You just have to have a B. M. I I don't think this applies you froggy of over thirty and those are three things. I'll be there soon. Don't worry. I'll be there soon. Today whole bag of something. On judge a full bag the fourteen ounce bag of Brock's mellow cream pumpkins. there. Anyway, nate ordered that thing to get the peanut butter out of the jar it's called the spat e-last drop spatula the handymans helper pro tool set with to set a six twelve inch gray reasonable flexible gift for DADS Shark Tank. A woman invented it. She did it for her makeup. It was called the spotty and the Spotty Daddy. There was a little one in a big one. It works for peanut butter too. Don't let it fool you. Someone sent a text. In Daniel, they said, they use it for them last of the mayonnaise and their manager. People are asking what top that I ordered it's called the. Gino Star high performance. Spinning top IT spins forever. Spent, here's a picture of it in the summer. It spends forever it'll never stop spending. Awesome ever a few. Few, you spend it on Monday and come back on Friday that bitch is still spending. That's what it says I. Don't know about that fascinating. I tell you what here's what I'm GonNa. Do I'm going to open it up and next spray or whenever I'm going to start it right here on my desk next to my equipment and stuff and I'm just GonNa let it go hold on why did you order this but like I know you have it but I wanna know for what reason did you click order I need I was stoned what he wants Potus Patty Daddy. Your husband hates you. Hate me. He dislikes me a little. Okay. So you know when I ordered the forever spending top I didn't look at the reviews terrific value for a spinning top. Simply put speaking as an avid collector of spin tops. This is a really great top for the money wow. Let me. Let me look at. Let me look at a bad review what with what would that be stopped? Oh here's a three star. Let's see what they said. It spins better than I can spin it included glasses very nice touch. What's three? Don't you hate when people give three stars but they actually the words they use, make it sound like they like it when starting out for. Yes Gary just look back at my search history for the first thing I ever order on Amazon and on May seven, two, thousand, eight, I bought the Trojan pleasure pack thirty, six pack of condoms my very first purchase even use them all by. With that. I would replace those. How can you do that? You go to my Might, orders in this, go all the way back to the earliest date right Oh, God. I'm so excited to first thing. I ever ordered on. This'll take forever anyway. Let's take a break your ten dollar free phone tap coming up right after this hour we're waiting free. Next conversation text your comments to fifty five, one, hundred standard data messaging rates may apply LV strain in the morning show. Elvis Duran and the morning show. It's funny. You can. You can go back on your Amazon Borders. List. I'm going back to nineteen ninety nine. Wow, there's a lot of stuff in back. Then they were only selling books and videos. That's all ahead. The Big Lebowski. Team was the first innings. The first thing I bought was a DVD. ZAGAT survey. Hawaii one, thousand, nine, hundred acres that we were going to. Hawaii that you're in a lot of Hawaii. Tour books the voters ninety, nine, Maui inland I edition. Tales of the city. How interesting? You can look back. Cinema Party so the soundtrack eleven you look back in in sort of look at your history. I tried to go back and look at mine and I was stunned because it was paint supplies I'm like how is that possible because it's only a year then I realized I was bootlegging shared account with other people for years and years. So I'd have to go into that one. Hey, get his tax today from people who are upset. They really WANNA buy playstation five, which I think is on pre-sale. The can't find it anywhere. This is they're saying, it's the hot one this year. Five. We were talking about that last night in my house and online. Yeah I said, if we want we need to preorder but now I guess you can't even do that. I'm sure they'll. You'll hear here and there you can order it. But yeah so playstation five, that's the hot one. Also there was one more thing to say I don't know. Oh. Max Max says music we love Max always been so great to us has new music. Now he's a dad we have to talk to him about baby on the way. Yeah. He'll be on an like an hour and a half something like that. Right at night. And also before we get into your ten dollar free money phone TAP we remind you that today is the second anniversary of Ghandi's joining our show. Thanks. Guys are so nice. Been Awesome two years. These two years have been probably the best two years of my life and you guys are the greatest family I never knew I was missing and the greatest co workers I didn't even could exist, and this environment is so different than anywhere I've ever been in the best way possible and I just love you guys so much and I will say it to the end of days best decision I ever made in my life was coming here. I don't know how I could have ever decided against it, but it's been the best ever. What I've heard is coming to work on our show. It's like buying a boat the. The best days of your life when you get here and when you leave so. Just in these last two years with you guys I feel like I have had more once in a lifetime experiences than any human being deserves or usually has in their lifetime. So I'm just sitting back and enjoying it as much as possible and it's crazy to think all of the thing about all the things that we've been through as a team together and how strong we come out on the other side from all of it and I love you guys. This has been amazing. At. least if we're keeping an eye on what we're learning, it's all good but we're so. That you. Gandhi. I've said it before in other incarnations of this show where I that time I thought that was the best family we've ever had together now I truly feel like this is the best family we've ever had I really do I'm so proud of his family. A great. It's a great way to end our run here. I think it's What was this? Gandhi. Quarantine ends today doesn't it? You came home now you're done it's my time. I can go breath the smoggy wildfire air scares excited. You can go paint the town with him tonight. Gary was like dinner dinner. No. My first stop out of here is Dena with pink hair because this mop on my head, this quarantine whatever I have done here is out of control I had a grey streak that I thought was just a streak and now I'm realizing it's a little more than streak and I know. I love that. Whatever color has happened here has morphed into something that's not natural. It's not endorsement. She's pushing your dinner invite side to go get her hair done. All right. Let's get into your ten dollars free money phone. Here, we got some money ten dollars. Hey. Yeah. River yes. Used to be the big thing a couple of years ago. Say now you say, yes when you want to sound retro. Anyway. here's how it works. We only have ten dollars today because we're out of pocket through, you're getting what we have. If you're caught on one hundred, now you win with the free money phone one, eight, hundred, two, four, two, zero, one hundredth. Who Does the phone TAP Garret was go. Always. Elvis durant phone i. what's your phone tap all about Jamie's going to play a phone tap on her boyfriend jared did this a few weeks ago before football season started and we just got permission to play this because jared was a little upset with us. So jared had his fantasy football draft all set right before the football season started. So I'm going to call to foil his plans with a little yoga session. Yoga. Against Fantasy football. Yes. Your problem. Hello Hi. Yes. My name is Jeffrey. I'm calling to confirm our GILDA classroom tomorrow. CA. Whatever your? We're not interested. No no no this solicitation. This is just a call of confirmation that we have a yoga class for ten participants. Tomorrow I'm looking for Jamie. She booked two weeks ago We're just calling day before to make sure everything was okay we don't have. For tomorrow. Yes and we're just wanted to call the confirm and make sure everything was fine and where there and if there was any issues that we could we could work around the. Campus I, we have something else going on I. Didn't know anything about this. I'll I'll have to talk about this. Just let her know that the cancellation with. Four hours notice is seven hundred and fifty dollars which we have on hold why I'm GonNa have to talk to Jamie about this. We have something else going on so I don't know how she could've. Okay. Well, just thought you know if you're a little guarded, it's OK after Yoga class and you open up those pores and and your heart and your mind. Enjoyable Thing. I I can't imagine that she would book this. At all first of all, and then secondly tomorrow we'll all night we have a we have something very important going out tomorrow. You back, Chi? Yes. She she has my number she carried me and again my name is Jeffrey and. Hopefully. He's so. They can hear his voice i. Think. Vegas night of the year is. So. Here's what we'll do. We'll call him back in a few minutes and you could just pushes buttons and act like you have no idea what's going on. Okay. What are you doing scheduling? And What What is the one year? No? No. Yeah tomorrow it's cool. Knows my girlfriend coming over. Gotten. Doing this to me whereas you play. Every year I look forward to it. It's GONNA calendar big NFL sticker on it. Only. This is from be when you've never understand is football you decided to. Begin. Signing. Free Right. Should I WANNA DO YOGA? From Elvis during in the morning show, you got phone taps. Were Only to our trouble. Out. Thank you so much for that phone tap from way back in the day hey. That was your ten dollar free money phone tap online fourteen is Lauren. And Lauren just one ten dollars. That's all we have. More Fridays. Is there do you WanNa thank God in your in your family and all the people who worked on the film you this is a big. Yeah it's. Everyone all the little people. Gandhi says, thank you. You. Are You doing today we love to hear what our listeners or up to Lauren. What's what's Your Dale about? Today. Today, I'm just heading to work I worked in told district in Burlington township router. Yes that's my day working with students tele therapy. I'm a speech language pathologist. So. That's my today. A coffee table later today that dying evernote. Wow Look you've got a busy day. Your your teacher educators are There are superstars yesterday was that big day on donors shoes where whatever you donated to the project and projects teachers rooms. They would add another fifty percent to I went shopping like a mother last night, I was all over it. I love donors choose you still not too late. You may not get the fifty percent thing bite. You can still help out a teacher in your area or your favorite school donors choose Dot Org, and thank you for listening Lauren. You have a great day Joe here ten dollars spend it wisely. Thank you to talk to you guys have been a listener for so long lived in New York, throughout New Jersey every single day call when you guys it's just a pleasure to talk to you guys to pleasure to hear from you. Lauren have a great day listen and we love it hold on one second and there you go your. Phone tap another one coming up tomorrow You know what coming up in like twenty minutes to go around the room why don't you give us a tease gives us a headline what's coming up in? Can you put her on hold Gary? What's coming up in your around the room? Danielle I make some kick ASS Fried Rice right? got fried rice. It's so easy and so good right Yep yep whatever you have in the fridge though it fried rice What about you? What do you have coming up? I have a wish for the world mostly for myself but I think it would be good for everyone to have this. So sweet thinking someone other than herself. Kinda. What about you scary. What do you have coming up the big letdown the Call in your girl. There's not even a big letdown little. Hey froggy what's coming up in your around the room? Danielle my call me Jackass and she might tell me to shut up but. Everything you say. You really love me and I'll prove that later to you off. Okay. All right. All Right Danielle let's get into it. What do you have going on today? All right. So let's talk about twitter suspending Kanye. are like. Oh my gosh. But here's what went down. So he posted some personal information of journalist which you don't do her phone number and stuff like that. He was getting very political. So they pulled a lot of things but they say it is bullying when you post personal information of somebody you can't do. also, he paid on his grammy. In video and he posted the video. How did he get his grandmother in the toilet? The grand goal. Is. Not the same thing anyway. A trust me I won't stop right now he has been stopped. He also asks them friends to take to twitter and just like let everyone know that he's not therefore now because they banned him what Jim Carey will be playing Joe Biden on snl he has the third person to play him. So he's excited about that billy eyelash says that the show the office is her favorite and it actually is her safe-space she has watched the entire show four teen tell you Every time she watches it. She learns something else something else makes her feel really good and It's just pretty cool. So that's nice. We all around here a lot of US love the office. So it's show ever. Yeah. We share that with our. That's Nice Yeah Demi Lovato and Max have been engaged since July you know that they can't decide whether they want to have a low key affair where they elope or they want to have a big crazy party like Elvis had they can't there. They'll figure it out Hashtag your voice your vote. If you've seen that on twitter, that's a lot of celebrities trying to get people to get out there and vote they're telling to vote dot org that it's very important for your voice to be heard duleep a head Aj from the backseat boys Howie factual boys, bunch of celebrities are doing that. This is exciting. News Warner Brothers is giving us a new role playing game from the visiting world of Harry. Potter. It's called hogwarts legacy. It's coming out in twenty twenty one you're going to get to play and on playstation and xbox and ps four and all of your favorite gaming places and this weekend. The Emmy Awards are taking place. You know it's going to be virtual and they're expecting. It's basically pooped the bed a lot of times they're like there's GonNa be mistakes. We're sending a hundred and thirty video kits to all the nominees. There's no way that things are not going to go. Wrong. So I'm GonNa Watch just for that don't know about you guys. Well, and off with this, this is not true but there's a rumor going around that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton because they quarantined. Well, they've living together because a lot went down during quarantine they felt suffocated and and they kinda were having some difficulties but their friends are telling US weekly that if anybody can get through this, it's them that they will move on. And they are such a strong couple. So hopefully, all is good. They're all wait. One more thing. You guys remember yesterday when Samuel L. Jackson said that twenty five hundred people promise to vote. He would teach them curse words and fifty which is yeah he did it. He posted the video he did Vietnamese. Swat healy all bunch of different languages teaching everybody how to curse. To Samuel Jackson for that, and that's my Danny. Are Daniel thank you taking a break. We're back after this. What's. Up Spas as Justin Timberlake. and. You're listening to Elvis durant over. The morning. Before you get your gaming on help keep those items. You've bought like weapons and skins safe get norton three sixty for Gamers, device security and more without the notifications. Save twenty percent on your first year by using Promo Code Elvis at Norton Dot com slash gamers. Hey. Can I say something? Hear. This. This is Larry. To the show that you. Guys every morning way I just laughed in A. Story in the morning show. All right I'm unwrapping my, unnecessary, Amazon, purchase. If the top that you start spinning, it never ever stops ever. So I mean I love this. What if I come down in it stops it means the end of the world or something I don't means. And you should return for refund. Of Probably, not. Know. How To return things we've established this to talk. To Return. Broken Oh. Let me see if it works. Training I'll let you know if stopped. Hey. How much did it cost he? As I'm looking at? Let's go around the room because you gave us some great teases. I will say Daniels. The least intriguing because he basically told us what she's going to say, but she didn't fill in the blanks and tell us how she made the Fried Rice. All right. All right. So so that's a surprise on the way and we'll start with you Danielle. What's on your mind today? So yesterday, I just bought a tub of brown rice right from the market. This place called the market and I said I'm going to make my own fried. Rice. So I took that and I put a little bit of butter on in the bottom of the Pan I put some garlic I sauteed it altogether then I threw in some of the rice and then I added like all kinds of little things from the refrigerator like you do Elvis and grilled chicken, and then I added a little soy sauce and a fried egg and I started altogether and it was amazing. It sounds awesome. Tasted so good. PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND FRIED RICE IS R- basically the easiest thing and it's so satisfying All you need is rise. Here's the thing if you make your own Reis, you don't WanNA use freshly made rice you WANNA. Put it in the refrigerator and let it get a little hard. Yes mine was hard. Guy You needed Like freshly steamed, Rice. WanNa put in there and you've got to put that little fried egg in there at the. Good. All right. So Okay. So a do gene Gio star form it's spinning top was. Fifty four dollars what? What. Time investment that's not bad. It's talked. Dad told you. It's crap. He gives it gets four and a half. Stars. FROGGY AL. Hallo. Says it never stops spinning and I said, so you could spend it on Monday and come back Friday. It's still spending every. Four minutes over as. Damn it to hell. All right. I'm GonNa read instructions maybe you do something wrong. What instructions do you need for a top? No. Dollars I must have been really fried when I. Bought a toy justice fried as Daniels Rice when I order just. Gandhi what's up with you today? Okay. So I know we all have animals and we all love our animals. My wish for the world is that animals would just be able to tell us what was on their mind because I was so concerned that my lizard was starting to hate me because I facetime him when I'm not there because I don't want him to forget what I look like when I come back. And he does this thing where every time brandon would turn the phone. So he could see me the lizard would get ticked. He was changing colors. He was doing all kinds of stuff in like opening his mouth and hissing and got really upset because I'm like Kush. Why do you hate me? I love you so much what is going on then we figured out, it's not me he hates phones he doesn't like them being around. Him He. Doesn't like I, don't know if it's some type of electromagnetic field that it's giving or what it is, but he cannot stand a phone whenever put phone near him he gets kicked off. So I just wish we could have been able to communicate about that. So I wasn't so hurt for so long but now that I have an answer, I'm feeling better maybe it's not the phone your chameleon hates it's the it's Bluetooth. And if he could talk, he would be able to tell me. So one of these days I'm really hoping we all get that I. Know look if we could. If our animals could actually talk to us that would be very helpful. Baby more helpful. If they understood what we were saying a fraud you what's up with you today? You Know Daniel tells me to shut up all the time and she calls me jackass but I want you guys to know that I know for a fact. Daniel loves me and I'll tell you why what is Danielle hate more than anything in this world man. Thanks. So I'm trying to get into something to get something done and I said to Danielle yesterday I said I know this is a really stupid question. But if you had to eat a jar of mayonnaise and that would get me in what I need to get done would you do it and she said Oh without a doubt she said I don't know if I can keep it down but I would absolutely do it without even why would do it Needs to know Danielle does love me. You know that. And she said she tried. I don't know you know what? Let's challenge I challenge this it's not going to get him in the WHO what are you challenging? Whole jar she said a whole big jar I won't try I would try. That's all that matters. Scary. What's up with? You got froggy cover your ears. I been drinking the Kool aid that apple is serving right because the all the new releases and the iphone twelve, which is coming out next month. So the IRS fourteen which is the operating system came out yesterday and then they they held me on string thing was going to be released at one o'clock. It shows up at four thirty. I've been doing the refresh for like three hours straight only to find out that the state is marginal at best with maybe the exception of the ability to pin your favorite people to the top of your your text message scream which is kinda cool. It's pretty much the same thing what about wizards the widgets on the home screen. Clutter. I was expecting a new a whole Reich rebrand like an entire like new screen new looks knew everything and I was just upset. Apple do this to me why did I. Let them do this to me. We you know why? Because you let them do it you well. Fourteen everyone's GonNa eventually beyond it just I waited all afternoon. I spent my whole day waiting for it download, and then it's I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry for laughing at. You was the big letdown. All right. Well thank you scary. Sorry about that I like I love apple stuff there's a lot of equipment that I have hooked up and you guys have hooked up to your studio that you're using it home and it's it's not apple it's stuff. And It seems like great equipment. I don't know anything about PC anymore. That was like thirty years ago right? Right maybe I don't know and so when I have to when I have to decide I always go for apple because it's what I use it's what I do. It's my phone it's my computer it's everything it's every do apple they boy they have us wrapped around the little pinkies no. Cheese I mean no, they own us. They really do own us. But everyone said you know what I think I'm GONNA. Go get a Samsung. I, think I'm GONNA do a different kind of phone and my burner is a Samsung. It's it's great I don't know how to use it that well, but I don't know, hey, do you have a fan on today Gandhi I? Would you like me to start it off? No I just WANNA make sure it wasn't a technical problem now that is definitely my fan. Back, to the fact, today marks, Ghandi's second anniversary with our show. We still thinking about like where you're coming from I'm I'm trying to walk in your shoes where you were where you are. Now what has happened in this world of our since you arrived here, which is really Really in my opinion, the big factor I mean, look at everything that's happened in the world but look how you've responded to it how we've worked together to get through it. We are even though separate physically we are stronger a show that we've ever been. I absolutely feel that way I feel like I can't imagine going through all of this and doing all of this with anybody. But the people that I'm looking at right now it's just been such a solid team everybody works together so well and genuinely cares for each other. Danielle. will eat mayonnaise for froggy. Important stuff. Going on over. Nothing, to sneeze at I'm very fortunate. I it takes me back to a memory at the very beginning of the pandemic I. Remember it was a Friday and we had it was a heavy heavy. Sad show. You gotTA remember back. Then people were dying left and right people in an emergency rooms. The everyone working in hospitals they were pushed beyond limits. They didn't have the supplies they needed I mean. Those were dark grim days. People were losing loved ones in hospitals they couldn't visit. They couldn't say goodbye and I remember signing off that Friday and it was it was a weekend I typically love my weekends I could not wait for that weekend to end. So I could come back at six am Monday be with you again. Remember that and I remember saying something about it. I missed being with you because I guess. We in doing this show, we forget that we actually nurture each other. We take care of each other we look out for each other and so I knew I had to go a lonely weekend without you and I couldn't wait to get back and and it was it was wasn't as Gandhi was everyone had a contribution that made me feel better and I'm hoping I had one that made you feel better as well. I. Think that. Moving to a new city as an adult is a scary thing just in general moving to New York City as an adult can be terrifying and if I didn't have all of you guys, I don't know how I would be able to do this. I can't imagine what it would be to go out there and search for friends that feel like family and I just. Got It in this package everybody together and I don't there are no words that are ever going to be able to sum up how happy I am to be here and how like I said blessed and fortunate I feel to have all of you and to have you guys through the hard times because there have been some hard times I. Love You guys so much. Well and I'm assuming there will be more challenging times. I wanted to be this challenging out but Yeah. It it's. It's so great having all of you to have each and every one of you as a part of this family just. Series I know we give each other crap but you know. But we're we're only allowed to give each. One else gives one of you crap. I'm not going to be happy about it. I can give you all trap because I. HAVE CAST. I remember a long time ago when I first started as e one hundred in New York Steve Kingston, the program director he walked into his office in everyday. He had words of advice and say, Hey, you're really not doing this. Well, you need to work on this and one I looked at him and said, I'm sorry I guess just not worthy of being here because I'm never making you happy and he looked at me said pull yourself together. He said you wouldn't be here if you didn't deserve to be here, I'm just trying to make you a better. And so I really think you know all of us have proven that we deserve to be with each other and so if one of drives off the rails, we're here to catch each other. You know we haven always had people on the staff that that lived that same philosophy, but they're no longer here. So I know that we're here to catch each other and take care of each other. Getting too mushy I'm sorry. No. It's the best feeling in the world having a safety net having people around you especially co workers who you know will catch you. If you fall who you know, have your best interest in mind who you know, want you to succeed and pushed you. It's just a completely different experience than a lot of the stuff that I was used to and it's amazing and I really wish that everybody can have somebody or something like that in their lives because it's so so fulfilling Oh, I'll take full credit for being here because. That, we have to have her thanks. Did we did all agree that if Daniel didn't didn't approve Gandhi, she wasn't common so. When Daniel? Daniels upset it makes everyone's life a living frigging hell. Very. Well, thank you. Your froggy. What's up? Gandhi I had the best perspective because we both worked on other shows like a lot of other people that are here donates worked on other shows as well. But I I worked with other people who were the most miserable human beings. I've ever been trying my wife and they made they made it didn't work very difficult like I would hate going to work and it wasn't a family atmosphere. This really is a family and it's a second family and it's a family that we've all chosen and we love each other and we all care about each other and that is not normal the other. Places I've worked. It was not like that. So I I know that this is a moment that it's. It's too often in life that we appreciate things when they're gone or when it's over will be like all those were the days. The fact is these are the days. This is the greatest that it's GonNa get. It's not going to get any better than this, and so it's nice to be able to appreciate it and understand it while it's happening and not look back on it and say, Oh, I wish I had appreciated more I like to text message is the show ending or something wiser? Eleven. Matter of fact, it's still on because we like each other. Scary. We gotta get rolling. Friday. took the words right out of my mouth I was just going to say I'm fortunate to be here because I see so many staffs not radio staffs but people in other. Industries that the team all they do is shutdown they stem next they WANNA get each other find ample in other lines of work and all I can say is thank God you guys. We we work with a team of people here who build each other up and not tear each other down and talk behind your back. It's. Wolf. Talk in front of each other's faces. Thanks Spirit we just say. In the Front will look the I and stab you in a heart. Yes. Twenty four we we'll get into the three things we need to know from Gandhi Hey Valerie what's going on? How you doing? We're doing very well we're having a moment. We're having a moment what's going on with you this great and all that I just want to say happy second anniversary to Gandhi She's so awesome in great in any of her friends that are around her truly blessed. Oh you're right. Of You thank you, we really are. Valerie thank you very much I agree with you more. That was the most honest call today. Have a great day Valerie. There she. Let's get into the three things we need to know from Gandhi. What's going on Gandhi? All right. Tropical Depression Sally is still drenching the southeast with heavy rain. The storm is expected to drop from four to eight inches today as she moves across Georgia into South Carolina she left a trail of destruction from Florida to Alabama where she made landfall yesterday as a category two hurricane over half a million homes and businesses are without power as we always say if you can donate to red. Cross. Dot Org is a great way to help. They have a massive cleanup project on their hands. With millions of acres already scorched by wildfires out west and nearly three dozen confirmed deaths. Fire crews are still on the front lines trying to contain the destruction happening in the Western states forecasters say that rain today could provide a little bit of relief in Oregon and Washington state residents have been forced to breathe air that is so toxic. It's being described as the worst on earth that's pretty serious and we're starting to see some smog over here as well, and they're saying that the clouds have already moved into Europe so that wildfire smog is common. And finally I don't know if you guys saw this yet or not we were talking about a little bit off the air yesterday with some people. Did you see the best pizza in the nation and who won now it was in new haven wasn't it? Yes it was not new. York New Jersey it was not Chicago. It was a chain that's in Massachusetts and Connecticut called Frank Pepe Pizzeria. Tana. No don't throw that out of band they got. Apparently. Best in the nation but the funniest part was the crap talking between the governors of all three states saw because you know Connecticut's look while we got and then New Jersey slid in like stay in your lane ned and then governor Cuomo slid in and said, you guys can fight it out for second place. We know who wins over here. There's a lot of great pizza in new haven. Hey here's the thing about pizza though you can love you can have a number one pizza one day and then go. Okay Tomorrow I. WanNa Different Pizza but it's my number one I have like six number ones and they're all great and they have they're all different. You know I don't think it's I think it's impossible to say this is the best in the world but that Frank Peppy Pizza let me tell you. Yeah. we have to take a break. We're back after this. Every morning. The morning. Show streamed hundreds of hit movies, thousands of episodes from NBC Universals News. Streaming Service Peacock Best of streaming. Best of TV you can watch for free and upgrade for more on your TV tablet or phone. GO TO PEACOCK TV DOT COM download start streaming right now everybody today's episode is sponsored by the new Mazda C X. Thirty. So lately, we've been trying to do our part to be cautious and do what we can for public health. 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Dot Com slash Labor Day again, call one eight hundred B U. Y. d. e. l. l. to take advantage of unprecedented liberty tech deals. Lou. In the morning show. I hate these conversations well, millennials are this way and generation Z. people are that's fine. Everyone's. Unique in the there's some things they do have in common but whatever you can't just say everyone in that generation is the same but we are seeing something very very, very positive coming of some research with millennials and generations ears. They're saving money at an earlier age. Not all of them but. A higher percentage than generations before them. In this may be a surprise to older generations who like to blame everything on. Don't. Keep in mind these millennials or the people who are going to be wiping the saliva off your lower lip when you lost all sense of whatever. That's right. Anyway. But I you know. You should stop accusing younger people as being nothing but TIKTOK addicted Weirdos no. Sure, this pandemic may have had something to do with it. They are saving money now at a younger age and I keep doing it. It's GonNa. Pay Off for you. It will pay off for you. They can call you lazy. They can call you entitled whatever you WanNa Call you and you may be lazy entitled doesn't Mean All millennials are but I'm lazy and entitled I Have No, Problem Wearing that badge? I like hearing that saving money at an early age. You know when we talk about go ahead, what scares a weird tick talker not money'll origins ear so it does just. As a just sitting back like Kermit, the FROG SIP T. watching the genetic watching the millennials the generation. Michael Jackson the Thrill is movie popcorn. Don't what? Those younger generations don't know anything what you're talking about. W. Thriller Thriller Video they don't know that. Michael. told his own story. Move On. You need to drink what is this? I made a note last night drink water even you're not thirsty. Oh, you should always start your day drinking water. You know how they tell us what they say you need to drink coffee one cup per day. They say you need to have a glass of red wine every day when they are saying, you should have water to start your day every day. You may not feel thirsty in the morning but drinking water can be a habit that will start your hydration going. All right. Done just. Didn't. Tell us once we should start with like water and lemon as well. Like he gets everything going, we talked to her house though he does these also you lead some Chia seeds. PUMPKIN seeds? He always says almonds in his pocket when bump into him, he offers me almonds. Impulsive nuts out. including. Today's Daily. STOIC what is today's date? It's September. Seventeenth. The stokes had told us dealing with haters God this chapter. Marcus Aurelius meditations thirteen. What if someone despises me let them see to it but I will see to it that I won't be found doing or saying anything contemptible. What they're saying is when someone has a strong opinion about something, it usually says more about them than whatever or whomever. The opinion happens to be about we all agree that if someone starts honking on us on the text messages we all. We automatically know they're they're having a bad day. Yeah. or They were a bad seed. Anyway, this is especially true. The daily story goes on to say when it comes to resentment and hatred of other people it's a sad irony that the prejudice often harbor secret attractions to those they publicly eight. That oh yeah. When I was growing up in someone called me the F. Word or hey, you gay guy whatever I would immediately turn around and see how good looking they were because I knew they were gay to. Giving me hell because of their their their their journey within. So for this reason, the STOIC does two things when encountering hatred or ill opinion and others they ask is this opinion inside my control if there's a chance for influence or change, they take it. But if there isn't the accept this person as they are never had a hater and our job is tough enough already, we don't have time to think about what other people are thinking even if it's about us. And so I think it was God was Charlemagne. The other day was posting something. Why would you let anyone give you advice when they obviously don't have their life in order absolutely is aren't used to say to people. You can come clean my house when your house is clean right. I love that. I love the I don't care about other people's opinions of me. It's none of my business. I. Yeah. It's very true of apples opinion of me none of my business. Do have certain people though that like you know if they like a certain thing, you need to change it like a couple like there's somebody I'm not gonNA say who they are but I know if they say to anyone in my family while your hair looks great, you need to go to their cut right away and change it 'cause. Yeah. There, you have it Let's get into sound with Garrett Garrett. What carbs did you cram into your kids before they ran for the bus? Oh, I'd change it up a little bit. So they had yogurt but they got to put their favorite cereal in the over L. I. What sound do you have to get it? All right. This is one of those things where you you you learn as a kid when you see something out in public and you're not supposed to touch it, this guy was by Lake Michigan, saw a bag and he found a brain don't even audit explain it didn't register as a human brain I was just like what is this came across the square package wrapped in aluminum foil and around it had had a pink rubber band. So curiosity got to me. So I popped it open it looked chicken breast kind of. Took a little bit for it to really what was going on. It was a brain in what happens if a kid would have found it. Kid wouldn't touch it. Yeah exactly. Opening up a random pack package that just floats up on a lake. No wrapped up and wrapped up to. SORTA like chicken. I've got walking around where's my brain? there. We Love Teachers and we talk about it all the time. This kindergarten teacher posted this on Tiktok. What it's like trying to teach her kindergarten class she has to over exaggerate words just to keep everyone's attention while she's virtual virtual teaching. Is e Brennan is holding up to and to not also make four. Four and zero dot is four. What pictures do we see over on our number four? Can you raise your hand? Let's picture that you see over here in our number four Grayson go ahead and turn your microphone on for me. Yeah. What's a picture that you see Grayson operation? It wasn't working. Oh, but you have it working now it sounds like I can hear you. So what is the picture that you see I see a classic kids? So that's What it's like to be a kindergarten teacher very enthusiastic he. Did any of you watch jeopardy last night. Now I have a dvr for later today. Okay. The contestant in the center she reminds me of her. You'll see it when you watch your reruns jeopardy not you'll see what I'm talking about. She was so enthusiastic. Scotty. Yeah, Scotties were even waving his hands. Yes. Whatever he's doing go ahead. During phone taps, Elvis you you call us out for this a lot where we were phone-tapping someone and we say, Hey, can we put you on hold one second when we talk crap about them and then they hear us and they get very pissed off right. This guy was calling to complain about something and the operator forgot to put him on hold in started complaining about this. Guy. Confirmation number whenever. You're that's fine. I'm still here. She. Hung Up. and. Then finally, this rumour fifteen minute morning show yesterday. So towards the end of the podcast scary nate and Scotty decided to have a drink of something Scotty bring. What was it? CUTTY SARK cut his. Own Nineteen Seventies in his garage and this was the reaction once they all took a sip. Go. Oh, we couldn't even finish it. Off. Made. Like you're doing other ones scaring TV seventy cutting. Worse than tougher or paint. Did. We look it up how long the shelf life is, for Cutty, Sark and it's supposed to be forever. Yeah. I don't think I believe that. Drive at the end was great. Yeah another reason why you need to be watching fifteen minute morning show podcasts. We'll do another one today and you can see it at Elvis show on instagram a little bit later in the morning, you're a good American Garret. Do. You have a great day. Loving you loving you look at that. So as you know with a scary and. and. Straight nate and Scott to be working in our downtown Manhattan studios to keep our show on while we're in our homes across America they have to find parking spaces in a metropolitan city. It can be a little bit a challenge so they don't. So nate every once in a while when as a moment, he'll go downstairs to either put money in a meter or to move a car. In so you actually went down to move scary card just then happen well, he was parked at a meter and we're we're going to stay late because we have to record something today after the show so you only get the meter for two hours so he would run out of time. So I said well, I'll move your car and I didn't realize when I got into his car I, was in the covert shack. I feel like I have to do one of those decontamination showers like in the show Chernobyl you where the the radiation? Yes. I'm like I don't Wash my hands, five times. I like coating my upper arms and you know. To scare his car, you may need a quarantine for two weeks. To cope and smell like the thing I can't. Cova. Covert I've been buying my own business. Minding your own business. Businesses small. Small. Group of friends out with fifty. Group. Where they've been hanging I if you have a different group every day, that's what makes us. Scary, you have no you by the way, you have no concern for our concern, none I you. Know you don't you don't every like. People who are clean? Rate here and I wear it proudly whenever I'm out in public. Okay and so so the natives degree go get into your Toyota Corona or whatever. Move down the street. You know he's Kinda glowing like Christmas tree. All Your facebook people don't count as close friends scary that you go out to eat. Thank. act. We'll tell you something going to happen and I I didn't WanNa say anything to anyone about it but. Yesterday I had some people here at my house. We had to shoot some video for a documentary that we're doing whatever and it was only two or three people four people. At outside separate whatever I was having a conversation with one. WHO said no no I'm fine. Non Hanging out with anyone. As he was speaking droplet of his went into my eyes. I was sitting there going Oh. Dear Guy It was it's the first. The first droplet I've had in half a year by the way loud that I know of some know a lot of droplets are much smaller but this one I felt, Oh, God in so today I'm sitting there going. Okay. So how long do I need to wait before I go take my test I. Mean how? How Long Five Day. Or if you have symptoms. Yeah. All right. Well, all right. Wow. Well, see, and that's the important of importance of the mask. Keep those droplets from flying is why do I need I need an eye mask? Yeah. Nobody's seeing you for a while then right. You. The first thing I thought was I got like I got to turn it off for a while. I. Got it like. Clear it out because I don't want to get anyone sick. Anyway and then he all he meant well but he's like scary scary things ono hanging out with people who not hanging out with people well, they are hanging out with people who? Droplet that just hit you. That would not if you said, Hey, scary. Let's go out to lunch today I would still go because I don't I don't. That's good I think Nicole. Scaring. You would go out with the lunch with someone who obviously just had someone spitting their I in us no problem with it. Just, keep in mind I'm not in crowded crazy or bars. It's Not. Close. In. Line. I mean you're hanging out with deejays shirtless by pool at a hotel and you know like I don't know. It looks outdoors though outdoors. Outdoors we The head I've heard of people who have been hiding under the bed for six months who got it so You never know you never know there are people who could be showered with scary spittle and never get it. You know what I'm saying you just don't know it's different for everyone and. I don't know. But when I got spit my I was like ooh. Yeah. Then always had like if you're at a say you're at the store and your grocery shopping, you have your mask on doing everything right and blah, Blah Blah, and then you get back in the car, you take your mask off and you at your nose. Knows what does the world is ending and then I have to go and I satisfies my has anyone ever sanitize their nose or their mouth. It tells you not to. Put. Enough hand sanitizer on my hands the other day that then I was eating something and I could taste the hand sanitizer. Maybe, it's a little too much. Yeah. Garrett has a good point if there's someone that wants to really you and you want an excuse to say, Hey, you know I just came into contact with someone who spent my I I really don't think. That's very that's a good excuse. You say that to me I would immediately go okay. No problem on your not scary. He'll say oh, I don't care here. WHAT TIME YOU WANNA Spit and you're I bring them to. I, hear take a bite of my pizza. Nice bitter with. Daniel. All Right? Danielle Her Daniel Report and fingers crossed hoping that the word con you won't be. I'm actually leaving kind out of this. Yes. Let's see. What can I. You Let's talk about Carol Baskin can I talk about her I think I can she is okay with that commercial that aired during dancing with the stars where her ex husband dawn her he disappeared member husband on disappeared and everybody thinks she killed him while his kids took out an ad during dancing with the stars and she's fine with that. She said look if it helps him if it helps find him if there's clues, it's a side. Benefit. So she's still saying basically that she's innocent murderer would say exactly nate and interested in dressing like the tiger king or the coolest cat for Halloween they have sexy costumes right now I know I, was looking at Yandi. Andy, has some sexy wants doesn't lug anything like either of them but if you would like, you can get your hands on those. Sure. There's stuff everywhere sold the newest James. Bond film, may be the next blockbuster to hit theaters. After unfortunately, the poor box office figures for movie that just came out recently. Disappointed people they're like, you know what we need something really good. We need something really big and so a looks like no time to die might be the next one. Would you go see it? Not Out of theatre scary would. All right and Taylor swift on thankfully one of her stalkers is now behind bars got thirty months behind bars this guy sent threatening letters and emails to the record label and they kept getting really really nasty and it got to the point where he would drive to Nashville to drop the letters often person. So it got really scary thankfully, he like I said is behind bars Kathy Hilton. Might be joining real housewives of Beverly Hills, just in case you were wondering and Floyd Mayweather has been approached for Logan Paul's boxing match. Now, if you remember Logan Paul he boxed KS I recently and then they've been looking and other people since then like Antonio Brown but that didn't happen. So who knows maybe Floyd Mayweather might happen. Tonight on television Big Brother you've got a little love island. The singer gives you a glimpse of all the cool costumes keeping up with the Kardashians. It is the season premiere of that a little doctor. Pimple Papa. For you as well and that is my Dale report. All right. Thank you, Daniel. We take a break and we come back right after this is. Now where You can go now. Corner. Morning. Show you know we're online doing stuff for shopping we're talking to our friends but what about Gamers gamers online? Let me tell you even playing your favorite game all night. You're about to secure that big prize and then. 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You get twenty percent of your first year. Norton Dot com slash gamers. Promo Code. Elvis? Guide you out of your mind. In the morning show. One of the many things we hit about this pandemic. It has separated us all in the people used to see every day we don't in there's so many people are so important to the show that we don't really talk to that much. Anymore but they're still working hard really hard including. Alley gold put alley on the phone. Hey ally. Anything everything that really pops on our social media alley gold is behind it every single time we just want to say thank you and we want to remind everyone that it's allie goals birthday. Have you. Thank you. Thank you. We Miss. You. I know I know. Now I just see it through Insa stories that I, read posts. We see each other but always social but anyway, everyone how much do I mean Yeah Gandhi. Seriously Alley I love you very much and I just want to say, I have seen the you are getting in crazy good shape during quarantine. Until is, but I've seen the pictures. So congratulations to you, what are you doing? so doing Khloe Ting. She's like this free youtuber that does workouts everyday. They're only ten minutes long and it's seriously saving like I dare they. took. Khloe Ching T. I n. g. and completely free. Two Week programs and she does things that like our pinpoint certain things parts of your body. So like if you WANNA get rid of. Your Lower Tommy fat like she does two week program for that or like inner cy for me is like a big thing So yeah. All right. Favor since you since you have the keys to the car anyway, can you post on our instagram? Durant show, it is my alley. We wanted to just stop everything and say, Happy Birthday, we love you in heavy on the show. It's a pleasure. We Love you have a beautiful day. Okay. Q by. Tomorrow night and Saturday night the twenty twenty iheartradio music festival. We are all around the world right here by Daniel Gandhi and me, of course, migos will be on bt S and Coldplay Kane Brown with Khalid and usher and Miley Cyrus and many many more. It's tomorrow night and Saturday night and it's all for you. It's going to be great. You can watch it on the CW APP as well. Take a break. We're back with Max, after this. AM. Interview Lounge. What is Kelly Clarkson snack of choice during the Corinthian I started working out. Okay. I have no excuse actually do this. As soon as I started working out, it gave me some kind of hall pass to eat my entire kitchen I. don't know it's. Do you suffer from lead foot goosebumps appear for no reason stop living with uninspired performance visit be USA dot com slash am. And find out if Mercedes am coupe sedan or SUV is right for you. Mercedes am g driving performance Elvis Duran in the morning. Rain in the morning show. One of the things we love about this job relationships. Max has been part of our show since God. When did you first come on your music Max? How long has it been? I think at least at least five or six years maybe six. It's wild. It's great and to keep an eye on you to watch you and Emily get ready for the family to get going and. Now a video with your new. Song Blueberry is is out in you're soaking in a tub of blueberries with your with emily did you did stain your skin? Are you? Okay did yeah, we ended up. We felt we. So we originally when we got all these movements, we literally just went to Costco and just got so many blueberries. But when we went and did this giant bathtub, we said we'll make pies out of them or something afterward men after we got out of the bathroom that's Kinda Gross, we won't make. We, died they died our skin. So we got the idea we made all of these like custom shirts out of the blueberries from bath of so they wouldn't put away such as full so. In my garage right now thank you for not doing a blueberry, pie. I don't need your in my pie. Has Not that hasn't happened before. The album. Danielle was very impressed at the video. You saw right Danielle yesterday on. She's about to put you on the spot yesterday on your program. You were doing the Korean rap part of the song and you and emily were amazing. So I said Elvis put him on the spot ask them to do a little bit. Can You do? Without and Jodi bed game on. Amazon Motor ever know now. What do? Not Oh monarchy negative dot gov. that's enough. And what did you say? it's it's really beautiful. rappers is very romantic. Basically says You know you were my like when I was blind. I. Was nothing without you I am nothing without you. You know it's it's really sweet. It's Amazon it was. Of course, blueberry is with Max and sugar from bts shoe. Sorry he so. We have bts on our iheartradio music festival. They're doing their songs live from Korea and It's going to be pretty well that's this weekend So how were you in the same studio area? Did you do this all overseas from each other? All remote we met back in January I. I went to Korea for the first time and and we both are just added basketball fans I'm a die hard knicks fan. Shout out to my New Yorkers it's hard life it's painful but he got that and and so yeah, brought him to this game in alleged never been to a basketball game we went to the Kobe Bryant Trivia game in in La and saw Lebron live and was really special game to bring him and then we made some music and it was a it was awesome to do it from a distance I did something on his project and eat something a mind simultaneously from different countries around the world it was Your project color vision. Let's talk about it. Color Vision. When you think of banks don't you think of vibrant color? Gray? That's the next album. I mean you your music to me if I was blind, I would be able to hear the color and I. I. Don't know if it's a conscious thing. You do talk about the importance of Color in relation to music and your Art Max because I think there's such a great story I'm hoping. What a Beautiful Common Albacete Invest I yeah I think. I've always been pretty I've always really found a lot of love and optimism and positivity I think that comes with color naturally. Just I'd always when I'm in my lowest places finding that that vision that color vision, which by the islands called that has has has brought me back to life and made me feel like I have a new lease on life and that's really why colored important to make and I love the painting out behind you those people can't hear it on the radio it's very, very colorful. I know you bought it just for this interview days. So nicely, heating solid in one of our favorite artists from Philadelphia he's he's very colorful. Are Watching this this will be online they're going to see you. So we're GONNA. Change in your. Blueberry. Color. Jagged. So. This is sort of a common question. We asked artists who put music out right now we're six months into the stupid-ass pandemic and a lot of artists are on the fence. I is this. The time is not the time to put art out or WHA-. What was your decision making process like with that? I think right now I'm sure everybody feels you just you just WanNa feel a little magic a little spark in a new favorite movie your new album and and and I was planning to release this aluminium it's. It's the greatest honor to be able to have people hopefully find that little bit of magic or does feel alive again, and you know it's it's been crazy 'cause we were Hurston live for this and I'm on this giant Rubik's cube and we're doing this live said at the Greek theater and and it's for nobody in Virgil and it's so weird. But at the same time, it's just that little piece, my soul the first time I sang these songs again with the band. I've felt like there was this part of myself that I forgot was alive and so just responding that with anybody by putting out this music and hopefully them hearing and feeling that Whiz the goal is. I got to play it. We got to play as do it blueberry is but look I know you have a busy day today. Please give emily our best. She's just so fabulous st looks fabulous pregnant by the way. He's amazing. He's sleeping pregnant right now very hard for her to move around. She was just saying how much she missed laying on her stomach. That's like the thing can't wait to meet this baby but the other thing is just laying on her stomach don't. Donna don't forget how special it is to lay. I'm. How long do we have four You know? So, so close yet December. Two months craze Max we love you we love having. We. Love your music and listens played. Blueberry is was shooting from bts. It's Max. So good. At them. Neighbors. owner. Bound. Are. Kissing. Own Andre. Auto? Game. Now now. Donate to. Up. Jack Donna. Melinda. Cook Pass China. M., Y., like sauteed bus. Discount. Stop. Sky. Sockets. Off. While you go Max shoe that is blueberry is I love that I love him. He's such. A Nice Guy says his family they're also sweet love also. Cool Hey. Can we talk about what you just said Garrett. So you know you've been following the story along here with US Garrett's sister donated a kidney. To a stranger right and therefore his mother who needed a kidney was moved up the line to get a kidney. Thanks to. The horizon of sister. So correct now find I found out today where your mother's kid he's coming from it's coming from a gentleman in Wisconsin who just like my sister is donating it to a strange a stranger that stranger being my mom and they just matched up with all the blood work and all that stuff. So I, believe a day or two before September thirtieth when he gets it removed and then it gets shipped to New York and. Put into my mom lets awesome. That's so cool. That's so exciting from. Wisconsin it someone taking a piss while we were talking about that I had to brody's microphones. Going on Brody's not using the bathroom. Was a pitcher of of liquid he poured Johnny. sounded. Like someone was peeing. I'm like what is what is on I? Thought Gary had muted me. Hey. So Brody. Brody and Garin. All of us are here in our zoom room, which you can't see as we're about to start our fifteen minute morning show podcast. So of course, you'll see it later in the day, it'll be on like you know in about an hour. Online Let's see. instagram Elvis. Duran show. So why don't we have a planning meeting? We never do that. Let's tell you what we're going to do in our raucous. Fifteen minute morning, show podcast they. I wasn't ready for this. I know we do not WanNa, talk about like bodily functions this time right who talk about Pu every day why is that? Because we have nothing else we have no creativity. It's just easy comes easy for this is. From foray into video so we should do something video focused like I do like the show intel, episodes follows the okay. We're GONNA do that so. Great, we need to accentuate the optics. Yes. We need to visuals. All right. Can you guys think of a show until we can get into? Yeah for sure. We're not going to are we on the air I can't remember now we're on the air getting ready for the fifty. Don't use foul language because this is. The F. Word Fly. You know what else I like butthurt when we played butthurt Yeah Mate House that I think it's so funny I love the. Usually. It takes the entire fifty minutes to do the show and tell. But if we have time left over, maybe have her bonus question ready to go straight names. Is Online twenty four she's teaching ninth grade up in the in the Bronx. Love Her Teachers Hey Mary how are you today? Elvis. What's going on? I was calling because I wanted to thank you for funding a product on my donors choose from my classroom. Yesterday was a big day donors choose they added fifty percent onto whatever you contributed, what? What exactly was your project that that we contributed toward? So you funded a touch touchscreen laptop for me, I'm currently working remotely teaching nine create Algebra's so I am so excited for this because I can now like handwriting and students can watch you know I can my screen with them and they're able to see my handwriting so it will be so much easier to do math by handwriting instead of typing are loving sauce. All right. Well, it's an honor to. Be Able to do that. You know we love our teachers and I encourage everyone to go donors choose dot org. You can actually put zip code in there where you live or maybe your old school you went to or find a teacher that you know or maybe you are teaching you to a project and you can get it funded like we funded a lot of teachers yesterday including including Mary Hey Mary. National Friendship, month September. What it means is we take care of her friends. So we're celebrating with a friend along and their best friend. Braun. Who gives great great appliances and all sorts of things for the kitchen. We WanNA give you. From them. Five hundred dollar cash gift card to add to whatever we donated yesterday. Oh my God that is so great. Thank you so much. I'm so excited I. don't even know what I'm. GonNa, do I have so many things I need to purchase for working at home? So this is great. You know you could just use some of that money for you for. I know that you WanNa you WanNa, outfit the House and get ready to teach from home but if you need something fun like a. I don't know I. got a Pooper Scooper for my backyard for when my dogs go poo that's. One of those but I actually never use it and my husband always reminds me of that. Yeah. Well I'll tell you why five hundred dollar cash gift card. It's you spend it just like cash whatever you want spend it on its for you because we love that you listen and we love our friends at donkey and Braun and you can go to Bron household dot com for all the different fun stuff that they. They have allison have a great day into all the teachers. We Love You Mary we love you. Thank you so much. I take a break and we'll be back right after this. How. Are you? May here, and if you're tired of tossing turning at night tries equal peer Z's all night. It helps you fall asleep naturally stay asleep longer through the night plus it's non habit forming and made with a blend of botanical lavender camomile finding in retailers everywhere took. Elvis Duran phone I Garrett. What's your phone Tap Alabama? Alright. Jamie's going gonNA play a phone tap on her boyfriend jared. Now I did this a few weeks ago before football season started and we just got permission to play this because jared was a little upset with us. So. Jared his fantasy football draft all set right before the football season started. So I'M GONNA call to foil his plans with a little yoga. Session? Yoga. against. Fantasy football yes. There you go through your problems. Hello Hi yes. My name is Jeffrey I'm calling to confirm Argh Yoga class for tomorrow. Whatever you're selling I we're not interested. No no no no. Not Solicitation. This is just a call of confirmation that we have a yoga class for ten participants tomorrow. I'm looking forward Jamie Noel wanted chipotle. She booked this two weeks ago We're just calling the day before to make sure everything was okay we don't have. Tomorrow. Yes and we just wanted to call the confirm and make sure everything was fine and where there and if there was any issues that we could we could work around. To cancel this I we have something else going on I. I didn't know anything I'll I'll have to talk for about this. Just let her know that the cancellation with under twenty four hours. Notice is seven hundred and fifty dollars which we have on hold why I'm going to have to talk to Jamie about this we have something else going on tomorrow so I don't know how she could've. Just thought you know if you're a little guarded, it's OK after Yoga class and you open up those pores and and your heart and your mind is enjoyable to. Your thing but sir. I. I can't imagine that she would pull this. At all first of all, and then secondly tomorrow we'll all nights we have A. Very important. Tomorrow I. Call you back guy yes she she has my number she gary, and again my name is Jeffrey and Hopefully. I know he he can hear it in his voice. Biggest night of the year is Dana. Here's what we'll do. We'll call him back in a few minutes and you could just push his buttons and act like you have no idea what's going on Okay Okay Oh. What are you doing? Riseborough what do you mean? We remind me what? What is What do you mean? No No. Yeah. Tomorrow it's cool and. We were talking about this. Why are you doing this to me where? Every year I look forward to it. It's mark on the calendar. NFL sticker. On it. Answering. You Jimmy was. This is from day one you've never understand is football you decided to. Go on I-. Exciting. Right. Should I WANNA do yoga. Jared. From Elvis in the morning show you discount phone taps. Her. No. Your troubled. Ever. Ever. Tried to take Yoga class when you should be doing Benesova Bosa. Recorded with permission granted by all participants female vs. Ran. In the morning show. CVS. Pharmacists have a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs come in or call today to get a free prescription savings review at CVs savings very not all patients eligible for savings ask pharmacist for details. The goal club with the top Strip club in Atlanta in the nineteen nineties with patrons like, Dennis Rodman Michael Jordan Madonna the king of Sweden. But in two thousand, one, the club was put on trial with charges, a prostitution extortion credit card fraud racketeering, and an affiliation with the MOM. I'm journalists Christina Lee and I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the Gold Club. Scandal. From the booty and bubbly to the Dec- and courtroom drama. Listen to racket inside the goal club on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. What if I told you that UFO's haunted houses and even inexplicable magic tricks are all caused by the same creature and what if I told you these powerful and ancient beings are meant to be feared the hidden Jin a new podcast from I heart radio and Aaron Manx Grim Mild Explores the legends of these ancient and terrifying creatures. Join me rub each other as we step into the world of the Hidden Jin. Listen to the Hidden Jin on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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