Episode 57: Street Sharks


I'm Dani Shapiro. My new podcast family secrets just wrapped up its first season. And it's filled with stories about the secrets that are kept from us secrets to keep from others and the secrets we keep from ourselves. If you've been waiting for the right time to binge them. All now's your chance. Check out the episodes along with bonus interviews and stories and keep an ear out for the next season. In august. You can find out more at family secrets podcasts dot com, and you can listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. How's it going? Another episode of their deficit, and it's me your house. If you want to weigh in sitting across from me as always is Dani Fernandez. Yes. And today, we are joined by one of our good friends, very, esteemed guests. I'm always like the weird thing about, you know, working in this industry. Is you get to become friends with people who you thought were cool way before you even met them. And they're not. He set that up. Yes. Yeah. That voice you hear is another than Malcolm Barrett. How you doing? Hey, this is one of the most professional podcasts. And I've been on a number. Fuck cat. We somehow some way of it on seventy this week is is set up, and it really I like when we have people who've been on Crillon it come on this where it's like. Yeah. We we got next we got catered food by one some of these parmesan, Chris because I've been hall, but you were hard into I think three fridges, I even told Malcolm, hey, if you don't find the drink that you want in this fridge. We have one upstairs and has even more drinks, Malcolm. So people would know you from literally everything I feel like you've been on every show ever an actor a writer see said sometimes rapper now a play, right? Is this your you've done the play? Is this your first play that you've written? No full length play. Okay. Okay. I've written a couple of short plays. I had my own theatre company years ago in New York. And now I have a second one there too. Sick director of ammo theater were devoted to diversity. Women and people of color at the top making decisions. I think that's real diversity. When you just hire a guy. It's not really like, you know, just like one of the things that like crazy. It's like all these like, I'm going to talk about my own industry. But all these networks, they do these things where they have these like diversity initiatives, and the like we're going to get to the bottom of this, and you'll be able to speak to HR and this and that and Bo blah, and it's just like, hey, you know, it's the best diversity initiative higher person of color. Do the job that you're hiring white people to do. That's that's my diversity initiative. Anyway, Malcolm, what do you think that people because we were talking about what people come up to you the most amount? Do you feel like now it's timeless or does it shake his does? I your timeless family was like legit. Like, they are so hard core. Zanan for you guys. They're they're the lovely and scary. Which is how relationships should be there. Yeah. It's really, it's definitely. What's the name of the timeless timeless is because I think I'm one of those people where you probably like know it's weird to talk about my own career like this. But you've seen in random places and things and I've I've worked pretty regularly since like three or something like that in the TV game. And so I think until like I was telling iffy until both of you guys beforehand. It was like, okay like us. I can tell my sunny in Philadelphia crowd. I can tell like better better. There's better off too. I mostly better off Ted sunny in Philadelphia. The people's and timeless people's only black people know me from people's. Sodium. Philadelphia's usually jock white dudes. And if he. How that was row hyped. I love I love that. That was my my episode Charlie day who I met because I did a show called Louis. The first Louis not the not the bad Louis. Yeah. Yeah. Louis kazman. Yeah. So that's how we met. But. Yeah. Mostly now, it's now it's it's timeless because and because because it's family, it's a family show. Do you know what I mean, which I didn't really even realize in my head? But now it'll be like whole white families being like is it you Rufus, you know, what I mean? Yet minute that could go really wrong really is really awkward. Awkward. Luckily, I'm bringing Rufus back. I'm ringing rove is. Starting our podcast by asking people what they're geeking out about Malcolm. Can you tell us what your geeking out about? What am I giving out about? I'm really into watching TV guy. So I've been watching black summer and Barry. Bill hater, it's very funny and weird. My new my new nerd hobby. Is he's like collectible figures and things like that. And like one-sixth and all these things. So I got a couple like I got planet. Hulk ragnarok one and is pretty big and a have. Finnity gauntlet and red hood, and my boy made me some couple Cowles some Batman cow. So that's my new thing is like putting grown up toys in my office. Like, my office is just it's just like there's papers and a credential because I'm gonna dealt just wanted to own something that with that had that many syllables. And just really stuff like that. And in comics, just random comics there. Yeah. I it's funny. You said office because I had them in my room for a little bit. I'm like, why can't look at you? When I'm trying to do the deed. Yeah. Shirt is looking at me making eye contact. Now, you're thinking about what's his? Yeah. John Murtha kind of works. Maybe I shouldn't put that back. The thing that I'm geeking out about we just had the met gala. I love that some people didn't know what camp was because that was the theme as it was really. It was really weird to see people just dress really nicely. Like, I was like, well, that's you give me your ticket. You don't deserve to be there. It's funny too. Because I always like gauge different levels of career. I'm like, oh, yeah. I just want to be in like a movie, and I was or you just want to be in. And it's like I want to be invited to that. How do you get like? Wow. Those people are in a different level than those are different level. I realize I'm not a met gala, dude. Just wade. I mean, it might happen. I just I don't see it like I bought jeans the other day. Dow is a big deal. I'll look at these blue jeans or you could do that Chadwick flexible like thanks for the invite and blast. But I'm on set. Did that to show is working g? It'd be like I'm on saying, Michael b Jordan showed up, you know. He looked good. I always find it. Interesting. When guys find the best way to play it safe. Yeah. He's like he's like this something on here. Okay. Some on his tux. That's why like I know when when I'm gonna be ready when I'm ready. I'm a turnout. I know I'm not ready only because I would have showed up dressed as Yogi bear. I did not get what camp was about him. See what this has to do a little picnic. I would have been funny that like a camp. That is you would have had a little boy scout vest. Hells away from up like like, everyone would have been like, you know, he missed the Mark. But he he nailed it. I love it. If you went as a girl scout. Oh in just like handed out Samoa that would see see. That's why you too good at this. 'cause that would actually be on board. That would be that was. Yeah. Go with the kids call viral. So the camp is a drag Queen thing and. Okay. I just was going based off lean away. It is. It is heavy. I don't know. Who would you say create a camp? I feel like it's an ecstatic that definitely goes back to like inspired by drag queens for sure. Yeah. Yeah. And I think but it's just like over the top. This acceptance of like, I think they're trying to go against traditional art by like completely over the top. Yeah. So they said what is almost like making fun of yourself. Okay. There's a showed a great John waters. Somebody like included a quote about what it was. Yeah. There's a there's a Simpson's episode where John waters guest stars any like camp is like ridiculously ludicrous sort of loosely. Yeah. Ridiculous or or something to that effect? Okay. But it's always it's always like a sort of tongue in cheek, wink and extravagant sort of thing. Oh, and then I would have had to just show up naked like, I don't know how tongue in cheek that. Sheiks involved. So the hallmark of camp is the spirit of extravagance male. We will bleep you. Oh dope. Are in. You know, the thing that I was geeking out about was Spiderman far from home. I wanted to say homecoming, and it's so funny because it's such a good trailer. And you know, like, I'm just go out with the theory that I think isn't even that much of a theory is. Materials bamboozling everybody. Obviously, he's one of you. You're gonna show me a Spiderman trailer where one of his most prolific villains is an ally. And they're fighting this. No name elemental beasts like, you know, it mistero has bam boos him and Nick fury and into thinking. There's a multi verse in the post credits scene is going to be a real multi-diverse. Like, it's going to be like, oh, I guess it doesn't exist post credit. There's a multi could definitely see that. I think they're definitely setting up that like mysterious like his whole thing is he's an illusionist. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? So like he's clearly just like faking it he's he's done this. And then I'm to turn over and reveal himself as the villain. I think they said that that I think that fight is actually from cover of one of the Spiderman magazine really of mysterious versus the water monster or or water guy or something for back in a day. So it's like a direct callback which. Yeah. But yeah, I think it's gonna be a whole thing. And I just I I'm still young. Enough in watching these universes that I'm amazed that we've gotten to the point where seeing the sort of eight spider leg Spiderman suit, like the like that is a commonplace thing don't even think about they like, here's a couple of seconds that sue you. Remember it right, boom. And we're not new are when you see them in the old legs. Yeah. That's going to be Spidey porn. That's that's what it seems like they're just going over the top. They're like Mary. Jane already knows. Let's go into the fact that they're able to put that many suits into one movie. Like, you have three different Spiderman in one movie at least just from the trailer alone. You know what I mean? And it's the most advanced suits. They got you know, at least two out of three of them. And I think jumping off into the spider verse coming off of that. Where like you could literally see each one of those characters having a movie. Yeah. You know what I mean? I think that they are also it's like if you talk multi verse. Under Islam say, I think we might see miles. I think we might see sure. Sure. Yeah. We're talking to you versus already said said young totally. I think so I mean, you you got the prowler in the in the cartoon, plus you add Donald Glover as the prowler last one. So I mean, they're they're setting up for his identity to be on a cinema. Yeah. And especially with that multi verse from ventures like this the vendors in game set up a multi verse, you know, what? I mean in the fact when they when I heard it and spider, man. I was like, oh like we might really do. This might really start. Getting these newer versions of the comic like after new fifty two and stuff like that. Okay. I'm ready. Yeah. But today we're talking about street show. It's the second time I've done that transition. You know, I'm gonna just be straight up off rip street sharks? I liked better than ninja turtles sharks Rickett kidding. The syria. I'm I'm Attala -fornia kid. So you're talking about a blading group of you know, like because because. Like. They are I will say half Canadian. Canadian. But like ninja turtles was so New York heavy that like having the street sharks? And it had a lot of like, you know, L A aesthetics Carino, you had the blades. They liked burgers pizza. You're a rocket power kid. I remember he lived your. So I was I'm in it. I was like let's go ahead the street sharks. And then they brought in the killer whale, which was a black guy. And I was wondering this. Let's go you give making this form that has been your aesthetic now for the rest of your life. Just like a buffed out do. Telling you, exactly wow. Okay. So street sharks is an American Canadian animated series about the adventures of crimefighting half, man, half sharks. I would say that they're arguably most chart that are out of the water or you're actually just one more time before you read the rest of them. I have revisited it since I was a kid. And this is definitely a kid if he loved this and now to for lack of a better phrase and actually the best pun. This is a show that has jumped the shark the beginning waiting to say that. Stole wanted it so bad like from the beginning in a bit. Hold materials around this one joke can't do joke. Nomo now go when you when you said that you were up for street sharks? Why did this pop into your head because I love eighties and nineties cartoons. So I love battle cats. I love what is it? Battle toads. Or what was it was Boone cats, or whatever the hell those things were. I can't remember what it was like the mecca like the mechanistic cats. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was all those like weird things x-men, Arthur mouse Ramar, Mike. Yeah. Biker mice from Mars. I love that show. It was boys. Yeah. I just love these weird. I thought the animation was all weird and fun and like. I feel like those shows either went super dark or rewatching street sharks. Went super environmental of quick like, I think Free Willy all. Polluting the Phillies coming out. There's a whole thing about new planet. Yes, there's a whole nuclear weapons arc. Slowly trying to get that into the kids. Hey, talking about the Cold War. It's like really weird, but I love street sharks. Because I don't know I love eighties and nineties not one is from the nineties. I just love how preposterous these cartoons. Like, I just feel like I feel like SpongeBob is like relatively normal as a Khartoum, it's like undersea creatures. They were giving them names and faces like assist starfish, but like all of street sharks is about these super cool. Nineties ex game kids who turned on the shock show outlaw sharks. Like who keep getting framed? Which is apparently amazingly easy to frame a bunch of anthropomorphic sharks. Because I feel like once you see anthropomorphic, shark and something happens, you could just be like, the sharks didn't probably sharks. Probably did this. That's all I know. Oh my gosh. But I feel like it's also I've really wanted to revisit it because I feel like it's that joke that you have like everyone kind of knows street sharks. But like, I don't know that you could. And I think I can come close now. But I dare you to name all four street sharks? Well, cheated. We have our listeners might go off the top which are moving the phone away. Ripster? Ripster whose real name is now, I don't know. John, john. Okay. John Bolton was there. One called bite. No okay now. But there is a one word noun. Blade. Judge. This is this. Go ahead jab. Right. There's ripster. There's. Not soon. Nami not shampoo who you. Ooh. Just a move just think of where we're at in the show would they call. She was OG got damn. It was a hold on hold on. It's ripster. Ripster jabs streets, AK blades and in killer MU or something like that. What I name big big. What is it big slam who big slam mood? That's yes. Does not share slam move. Yeah. Oh, man. Yeah. No. That that was crazy. Yeah. Is is basically it follows the university professor named Dr Robert Bolton Baltic and his partner, Dr Luther paradigm, which it's funny in all these shows even in mega man, it always seems like every scientist has a counterpart who's just bad. You never on up until you try to do the big experiment. It's true. There's always like one good. Scientists wasn't bad scientists and their best friends for. Yeah. Yeah. You know, but they create a machine known as the gene slammer. Yeah. No. None of the scientists are. Yeah. So so this this show is an embodiment of that moment in the early on when everything had to be extreme you had extreme Doritos extreme clean deodorant. This is this is like the most ninety show. And that's why I said it really took all of the anthropomorphic animals shows in there like we're going to jump the shark literally. Yeah. But then. You know, he he it was hybrid as doing a hybrid experiment turning aquatic animals until like anthropomorphic hybrids combining their DNA with humans, and obviously Robert Bolton needed to stop at pair up. Yeah, he had to stop paradigm from using the machine for personal power. I don't know what other reason you'd use the machine. And then then Bolton is turned into a monster any escapes and paradigm gives Bolton's four sons, John Bobby and coop in Clint the likenesses afford, different sharks. And when Dr paradigm captures their friend bins, the resulting street sharks rescue him and combined paradigm with piranha dean. Yes, Dr piranha, Donna piranha a paranoid by other characters and it so doctor paradigm. It creates a variety of monsters to destroy the street sharks. While trying to persuade the inhabitants of their native metropolis of fission city to imprison them. And so then a few ended up becoming friends with the street sharks? Which we got our brother who hinted up becoming Moby lick. The greatest elsewhere DOE. Get the next year. Homered. Weirdo. Rocks and man-to-man. And then eventually as it got later insincere as we got the Dino ventures from that series. Let's say the extreme dinosaurs of man. And I remember that one because that one they're in a in. They're trying to prevent the other dinosaurs. From creating global warming, the re the sea message. Yeah. The raptors bad rap ran from nineteen ninety four to nineteen Ninety-seven and the craters were David Segal. And and Joe Galliani throws a female creator. And she wasn't credited. But yes, a what I guess what was your favorite? What was the shark that you gravitated towards the most my favorite shark, even though I can never remember his name was killer. Sh- I like blades. I like streams. Because just because he had rollerblades, and they would sometimes not be there. And then sometimes automatically be there. Which is like one of those weird cartoon conventions were suddenly like they would just skip out. Like someone didn't pay the money that day for like those couple of frames. But yeah, I liked him. Just because he was he was rollerblading. Those literally it. It was weird is they clearly got. So I was looking up the first season is like three episodes or something like that say the second season they like extend, but what's great is. They clearly got a memo because two big things change, which is that. The opening song change because the opening song used to sound like mister Sandman or some old sort of nineteen fifty four people had rates. Like it was like they fight. They bide. If I. Right and just sort of updated it till it was like more sort of like a California put you know, serve temple zone. And also Ripster suddenly had powers. Like he suddenly had like telecom night, Tele, Connecticut, aren't sort of psychic powers that only came into play for. I think literally one episode. I think they gave it to them. And then forgotten with like, how did he get that power? Why would we give that air power giant sharks? Yeah. They don't need to tell the future. Yeah. No. That was the fun thing about my favorites were both jab and Ripster in those because those were the darker Duckie darker, which by the way that definitely wasn't initiative thing. They definitely were like, let's create some dark ones because I've never seen sharks. If he color. That was a color scheme shots. It was like, oh if he and Steph curry. Those those were the two sharks? But I was here for it. And then they then they brought my man's Moby licking, I was happy. Well, and then they had the black chick scientists and ginning. Yeah. Lena, which was cool. Well, this is something I think of brother gets on drugs. I bet they were trying to get in one of those Saturday. Storyline hunters like the Haywood I found these in your bedroom. This one in one of those PSA's that they did that's one hundred percent her brother Maliki has taken like drug like Muslim dancing pills. Also if inspired and. And then. Yeah, I think they find out and then it's like a whole thing. But yeah, it's very weird day super fleshed out the personalities of each of these characters which I wanted to get into, but we have to take a quick break. No back into street sharks? Right after this short shocks. Do you sell stuff online? Then you knew what a pain shipping can be. It's time consuming. It's expensive. It's a hassle until now. 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So the first one up of the street sharks Ripster John Bolton, I love that. They have like regular regular. What's great is? They suddenly adapt. Their new names like whether Chilin like been suddenly he's like man, you really ripped at your bit of a Ripster. He's like. Yeah. Ripster like. I like. Interesting pink. Why would they change their? Purpose with the same person. Yeah. You're gonna call you have to get a new drivers license and all of that. Just show up as a shark named John Bolton. Let's talk about how bad that home. Life. Was this is a single father of Ford. And this is also a scientist. So he's not at home. No, no. Put it works reboot street shocks. Let me really get really get into the meat. Yeah. That somebody's trying somebody's trying to reboot all of these all I can think when I once I saw them going into space. All I could think of is like we literally have like a recruit in space over Kuhn. For the elites. He over Koon and a truck. A tree in space was like we could definitely have sharks and space. Yeah. Like why is it like now? That's not as weird as it. See the comic you seen that one like weird crocodile hurricane movie. That's coming out, and the crawl is what it's called the funny thing about it is that I like when I first started the trailer. I'm like, okay. This is dumb by the end of the trailer. Your boy was sold. I was like let's go let's crawl. So yeah, I think we can have shirts. There's like seven shark NATO's. Yeah. Oh my gosh. You know? And you know, what pretty great time. Just wanna get stoned and watch something funny with your friends. Look, it doesn't take too seriously. But it's always there's always that dip because there's always like. When a movie is like pretty bad because you know, they earnestly tried and it just didn't work out. Yes. I know. And there's a lot of moving parts in here. You know, we didn't. We're not trying to dog anyone. But sometimes you make something bad, and it's like genuinely funny, but then like when people lean into that where it's like, all right? We're going to be bad. Then it's never as good. Yeah. Because it's like you like there's something about like, honest earnest like, it's just like a fake fall and an actual fall. Like, if I see someone trip, and it's funny, you know, but if someone like tries to fake trip to make me laugh, it's you just see the you see the attempt to fall. Yeah. Street sharks? How do you? I wanna depth that I want that to be a thing. I was having with ninja turtles came out. I made that work. I'm better the original ninja turtles man, they're bringing. Yeah. But I think that might also be because we watch it with an era of nostalgia in a way that maybe the younger Jenner. I try to show my niece some videos when I was visiting with. Her and it was just like she just doesn't gravitate towards them the same way that she does. Her her newer like Moana. She'll relate to she doesn't like the older Disney movies as much I feel like if you go back to Eastman, and you show little boys that Eastman, low boys and little girls on women. Little girls like violence to. But like I was one of the creators of the two teenage mutant ninja trough, though, the comics when it was like straight when it was not as for kid. Yeah. Yeah. I loved it. I was like this is it, but I feel like it's very like edge Laurie in a and I like people would be still be into that. But like, I feel like the original TNT that we grew up on that we that was better, quote, unquote. I think yeah, we there's like an air of nostalgia for it. So we have Ripster who is the smartest the leader. In the oldest of the four brothers who enjoys creating inventions. He has taken up most of his knowledge and skills from his father. He's also they added this an avid pool player is a pull shark the, wow. Wow. And the first episode of the show John rides a motorbike when transformed into Ripster he becomes a great white shark able to bite through steel as well as having extrasensory abilities. Like you were saying, yeah, it's interesting that they wanted to flesh. I just imagine someone they came with. Okay. So he's a shark and they're like, yes. But like what is what is his motivation? What is his obstacles zoos scenes where he's playing pool? And I don't understand how it's moving the plot. And it's amazing because they clearly came up with a word play before they came up with the scene there. Like, he's a pull shook genius, right? The scene done. I wanna take one moment to correct myself at did a quick Google search there are if he colored sharks they're out there. I don't want to erase say of our brothers sharks are are shock. Someone has already tweeted to me because they tweeted before it got to this part of the podcast. No people people like will. They're like. So anytime the end of the tweet 'cause they're like, oh, never mind. You cleared. It. Never mind. I listen to twenty seconds later. You just gotta wait. We'll tons. I I like to Google what I say I like this because I've usually on podcast where they don't care about actual information. Not survive. And it you know, because we we're on now. Well, that was a piece of the parmesan crisp. I'm having a ball. You don't remember understand living your best life? But yeah. Now, you know stuff media now, I heart media has has been known for getting their fizzes act ship straight. So we help to the same. Standard, you know? I was going say there. Yeah. I was going to like call out specific podcast networks buying trance starting obeef. So no, no. I'm trying to say just Ziglar. I'm coming at ya neck. That's what I'm saying chopping you right in the neck Ziglar. Happy birthday, by the way, jab. Clint Bolton is the lace is the laziest of the street. You have to do them like, but enjoys boxing lazy split. Yeah. And he wanted to race at the beginning of the episode any appears to have some talent with mechanics, and when he's transformed in jab, he becomes a scalloped hammerhead shark and uses his head as a battering ram shocks. But then we have streets. Right. Does your boy is pronounce really weird because it's got to accept the drinks. It streak. Yeah. Next we have streaks, which is Robert Bobby Bolton junior is a level headed cool and self proclaimed, ladies, man, that is not something that you that is a that is a title that is given to you not to. I'm kind of a ladies, man. Yeah. I don't know what to tell you. He's always. But these things don't go hand in hand. He's well, actually, he's a self proclaimed, ladies man, and he's always shown wearing rollerblades. Yeah. It appears to enjoy parachuting and snowboarding in later plays drums, professionally while I know exactly who this person is transformed into streaks. He becomes a tiger shark named after the purple streaks on his body in the toy line. He was originally called blades for his skills as a rollerblade. So something that we talked about Malcolm in our teenage mutant ninja turtle episode. Was that they were largely the show was created to sell toys, and we brought that up about several other of these eighties and nineties series to me it helps ground everyone would there like not my teenage mutant ninja art. And I'm like, but my show, and I'm like, but your show was created to sell like, let's I still think it's great. And I still think it's funny and awesome. But like, let's take down and objects. No, it's always fun. When people don't realize like all of these cartoons for for toys. Yeah. I don't know what I mean. Yeah. They're they're marketability. They got to prove that. How are they going to sell ads? That was a conversation again that my man rod Serlin had talking about you know, how you have to kind of please. That even though you're creating art. It's like how are we going to please our ad sales. At the end of the day. That's how you make shows. And we all remember those really cool twilight zone toys. Next up big slam. Oh, all. Streets or street is streak, sir. Whatever he's played by two streets. Was it with the last letter X streaks? Yeah. Someone's going to correct us if he is it streets. I think it's streaks. Yeah. He's played by dude from book of Mormon real. Yeah. Yeah. Who's on that down Cheadle show now? Yeah. Like, Monday, Andrew rannells. Yes. Okay. I don't storied career. He's got he's been acting since he was like fifteen or something. Big slam move. And Dr Robert Bolton are both voiced by D. Kevin Williams, are I just want you to read that last sentence on streaks again in the Toyland. He was originally called blades. You me my money, y'all. I want to rewind when I was laughed away from the mic blade though. I think you said wheels. I said, no, I think I said. Made played. Because because I had the streaks totally and I had the lobster. So. So that's why I said blade instead of streaks because that was what my toys said. You wear laughed laughed away from the my life. But as felt good. So you know, you can laugh at me. Coop bolt is so big flam. Coop. Boulton is the strongest and youngest of the four. He's also a football player. Yes. In high school in the first episode. He uses a skateboard when transformed into big slam who he becomes a whale, shark and his most prominent maneuver is the seismic slam it, which he may shake or crack the ground with his fist zones kind of like hope but Jones a real cool a move, which by the way, this is a great point time to mention that. There was a lot of collateral damage within the street sharks. And what they did when they would dive into the asphalt and create these just Schrager we can have on these streets. Like, I don't know what they're doing to the public workers here. Like also, I want to say, you know, no offense to all my coops bobby's clint's and John's, but that's not a name. I think a scientist we're gonna go for like, this is someone who's about to have a legacy frat sons. They want him to be relatable. I was relate to Clint. Yeah. Yeah. Cope too. I mean coop. Oh, man. And then we have Dr Robert Bolton. I just love that Bolton was the last name. They went with. They didn't go deep with like paradigm. Was like, yeah. But Bolton you know, that you gotta you boof a university professor and the father of the Bolton broS who invented the gene manipulation device for peaceful uses once again, what is the peaceful use for that? I don't know. But it's the same thing. So I look at this as drastic park, which they ended up addressing that originally. It was like, oh, we want to create these creatures or recreate these creatures and then eventually it's like what happens when it's in the wrong hands, and they actually tried to turn them into weapons. So I was glad that they finally because at first it's like, oh, they're killing us. And then it's like, oh, we could use them to kill. So I'm glad that in the franchise. They finally address that. But anyways, I think that that is comparable is like, oh, I want to create I want to see what I can create what kind of. Creature can I create with this DNA? And then it's like oh. But of course, there's somebody that's gonna use it for bad area. It's your buddy who's evil. He's been doing science with fresh years. But who has science it up with? Yeah yet. And then I yes, pretty much so afterward. He is only ever represented by a shadow cast on the wall. I don't remember that. Yes. So what happens is in the very first episode. He tries to stop his best friend slash mad. Scientists buddy paradigm. And I think he gets hit with the stuff. He gets hit with like some genetic. He turns grew. Yeah. And then he just you just know he looks horrible. That's all you, really know. And then you see him in the shadows for like two and a half years. It sounds like a missed opportunity to talk about acceptance. It does right. That's yeah. You never see him these arrest. He's he's like the good version of doctor claw like you kind of him. And he never really do. He helps some people out. Oh, and it was great as he sends them helpful emails throughout the show. But it's the nineties. Yeah. So it's like the first time, they're depicting emails in a cartoon, and my favorite is like there's a giant. She's like, I have an Email, and it's like a giant on the screen, and she goes an Email at this time of night. Just like the like an Email at seven thirty. That's insane. That's my favorite part. Then we have Sir Thomas Bolton who's an ancestor of the protagonist who is encountered in the episode, sir shark lot accused of time time travel excursion to destroy the bulletin family. Let me go back in time. He which every cartoon anthropomorphic showed does they always have to go back in time. You definitely want to go back in time. I mean ninja turtles did that. What movie three? Yeah. Third one serious shark lot. I love there need to be relevant. I played with my brother. There's the trivia game that you can play on Amazon echo. It's like a music trivia, just like echo play or Alexa, play whatever like music trivia. And when you win around or when you win a question, she'll be like lit. And then she'll be like stay woke. I'm like why? Wrote. This not kidding you. Go play your music trivia game on Alexa, and she'll be like cool for something. Like that. Those are her words somebody totally hype heat. I can't believe the one that was like stay woke her in. Her robotic voice lose dip into you know, armand's Dr Luther paradigm, you know, divorce by j Michael Lee is the main antagonists he was also a professor he had metal. I patch kind of gives it away. Just these evil. Scientists just hanging out with you. Well, and then he wears anyone's wearing this like big metal outfit to like defend. Yeah. And I must say there is a plot hole in. Street sharks? Which which is that he's he's like he's like, I he's on the good side and bad and in like, but then he liked beats up a copper two or something like that. Like. Like. Croston this. He goes into hiding, and you'd think he'd be the bad guy from on. But he's not there like, you know, like he's got to come back. He's the only one knows how to stop the street sharks. Because all the episodes are connected like twenty four you know, what I mean? Like, you'd end the next job would be. So he the cop cops the cops. I guess they forgot what they weren't cops. They might have been military something which. Oh, so yeah. Now, we still need you. We look these these like roads have been shocked. We waited you could beat up more of a it was really of municipal show your show is about municipalities in. Yeah. And then yeah. Apparently, you know, Dr Paradyne even goes onto creates he he checks himself with iguana DNA, which was given to him by the raptors and in it was it wasn't. He thought it was going to be velociraptor DNA. And then he became Dr Hy Guana Zoidze, and he and he helped out the raptors. Anyway, hoping that they will actually give them the lots of rapid DNA. That's like the second to last episode. Yeah. And then by shark Pakalitha now was the finale series finale, Dr iguanas Zoya apprehended by the street sharks? Really heavy movie for kids show. That's a great reference. Yeah. A pocket. Clips now kids kids love apocalypse movie. They, you know, they really love movies about Vietnam later. They're just drinking them all in. And so your guy Moby lick jets. His aim was jets tailored. Wow. Which by the way, his first name was jets. That's amazing like not jet. But like his parents wanted him to be a football. Is a good friend of the bulletin brothers and Ben's under Dr paradigm mind, control jets is combined with a killer whale by Dr paradigm in order to make his latest CVS, which is a bad guy becoming Moby lick. I mean, I don't know if that's the best name for a kids, but sure because they already wasted big slim guy, who's not a killer one Asli movie, dick probably would have been worse. So he later broke free of of Dr paradigm, mind control and became an ally of the street sharks. Moby Dick has a long tongue which is the source of his name, great strength and the ability to inhale water and expel it through his blowhole at later demonstrated. The ability to communicate with other killer whales in shark hunt. It is revealed that Moby became an e co conservationists they love that in the Everglades national park. They needed to be like, how can we educate? These kids was I love it. We're deep blue. I mean something. Was going on. We're really pushing the conservationist movement happened. We stopped more. Now, we stopped after like fern gully to or whatever. Yeah. Stop cutting the trees. And then it was like, you know, what we're just not going to give this by some more toys, right? Good work street. Shucks yet. Yeah. They were doing these like TV shows about, you know, saving the environment and recycling in using them to sell plastic toys. We were playing the game online fell for the trap. We fell for the trap. We're going to go deep into some of the villains after this. And, you know, talk about some of our favorite episode seems like you had a short run as a kid. I remember it being much longer. But as but that's because you watch the same episode twenty times like, Yep. It's a new one forty episodes or going. Yeah. That is sure I'm gonna go back and watch them on now. But we'll get into that. After these messages. Hey, everyone. It's if he and Danny here, and we have a deal for y'all your. Yeah. Have you heard of the economist is a weekly magazine that offers insight in opinion on international and US news, politics, business, finance science technology arts and the environment. Yeah. It helps readers prepare for what is going on in the world right now. For example. There was this dope. Piece titled will your next berries to be a robot. And there's these dope ratio baristas that are these robot arms that can make your, you know, your law tastes. And what have you on? If he I actually don't know if I'm okay with that. I'm totally okay with no. But those are people's jot will I guess we could find out in the economist probably weigh the pros and cons of this. But if they spell if you right there they already. That's true. That's true. So you can actually pick up your free print copy of the economists text nerd to nine nine zero zero zero that's n e r d to nine nine zero zero zero why are you still listening when you could be texting and getting a free copy right now, a promise you're in for a good read. And we're back, and yeah, you were right. There were only forty episodes. There was only three seasons and this. It is pretty cool though, that it had such a big impact that like I feel everyone our age, and maybe the generation after an above no street sharks feel like everybody. I knew no street Chuck's like not as intensely as they know ninja turtles Ray, they like, no they're sharks that were in the street there as promotion. Cala Bunga sharks? And I guess there was there was also we didn't mention this a direct to video feature film. Have you seen that? Yes. As they do on VHS direct to video feature film of the street sharks with all Ono eight all season one episode shark bay shark bite and shark storm that were combined into one titled the gene slamming begins. It was then followed by two episode movies using episodes from season to one was shark quest with two episodes, shark quest and loan shark in the other was shark enroll with two episodes. This sounds like is this a movie direct to video feature film room. It sounds like I'm just combining the white repackage it. That's what it sounds like. Bronx by the way. I I love I love street sharks because they were all pretty cool about turning into sharks. Like, there was no dramatic there. Yeah. Yeah. Well, if you think about it if like think of like ninety s high school kids, you turn to assure you'd be like, yeah. Johnson. Joss said literally what happened near like they were like, all right? Like they didn't care and he was like around. They also were like hitting on women. Yeah. Episode which is like the women were really attracted to them. Like really weird when you think about how terrifying. This because even if you have to the head to body ratio on the street sharks? I don't wanna understand that anatomy. No, I completely get. It's white. Everybody was in love with the lost in space robot because they're like, oh, I just want something. That's not the men that I'm around. I'm not kidding. That's like the joke that I see all the time. Like, oh, what you're not like, you're not the human man that I have to deal with all the time. Sure. I'll take you. I mean, you're gonna get ghosted just by a man who's a shark. It's only going to be. That's only going to be can you? Imagine you wake you go to sleep with a shark, and you wake up in some regular man, you know, where was the or you wake up in short size? Didn't your bed is. Round. It's through the ground. Giant butthole without whole there's some there. I watched this of the toys I've watched this commercial VIN diesel. Yeah. Yeah. He's a dancing. He's pitching the St. CHAD'S. Yeah. That was also a period where we were comfortable with Essop Amore pick animals and people having sex like Howard deduct style. Oh, yeah. I was like where are we going? You know, I got what this new Lion King? That's all I see on my time. It's not all I see. But it's a lot of what I see on my time. I mean. Looking sexy. One thing I remember is Roosters boots these boots that he on my man like he looked like he was rare step. What's even scarier is people have done live action fan art of what they would look like in real life. And I see Gary arousing oh scare. I was gonna use a different day. Thanks looked like Thor. But with a shark head is very comfortable. Yes. Or as any would say sexy. Yeah. I I think the internet is also embraced that fully. I'm wearing a weird time. But what was interesting about the street sharks? Is they weren't shy about completely leaning into the fact that they were in direct opposition of the ninja turtles now. So that's why they were in the burgers because there's literally a scene where they're like pizza. Yeah. You burger? Says that person with tastebuds had chooses. One of those are like, apples and oranges. Literal gusted by pizza, but totally four burger. Yeah. You you like above? I'm sorry. What she and we're gonna find some weird nerd fan that are going to be like night. If he actually I hate pizza. Be like, I don't know what to do with you yet. They're a direct competition. Add like a fake bebop and rock steady. Yet a van it was it was so funny. And what's funny is I was on the streets. I was drinking it all hell, yeah. They don't need weapons. They they go under the asphalt. I love that. It's like a big pock thing. Tennessee mystery, Chuck, I know, but TA mutinous turtles still kicking street sharks wrested trail. But I bet it will come back. And I also probably in ten years. We'll have a live action version. I don't want to if it is. You will see my name credits some shape or form. I could see you as a me. That means I have to be a PA. My name is going to be a post as Moby lick. We can't forget about Roxie. You can't forget about rox who only female street shock, and you know, that because she has eyelashes and is pink. Every time that you have a female character. Eyelashes got on. She has the big lipstick. She's wearing a bikini top right here. All my gosh. I don't even know about Roxy is that near the end. I think so since when they really went into the street sharks MC you. 'cause Roxy is is like the big problem with a lot of especially nineties, just anything. Whereas like with you gotta give them breast and list. It it just looks bad. The the fact that they picture, and it's very uncomfortable. I don't understand feeling that Danny had what? I mean, I did have a crush. There are several cartoon characters. I had a crush on one of which is max from a goofy movie huge crush. I know there are people out there listening that also had a crush on him. And I weirdly also had a crush on Jack's kellington from a nightmare before Christmas twinkle he dressed well, right? And he has a deep low, like sexy voice voice. I think it's because a lot of these are animated. So I think it's the voice the voice of them. Max had a really cute voice. It was the voice of like somebody that I would date my age or whatever even though he was in high school, and I was in elementary school. I had a crush on every female cartoon character Lola bunny. How many? Lola bunny, Iraq, San from a goofy movie. I want to go back and really look into the fashion of each and every one of these street sharks? Because I think it's something that we glossed over that is truly unique. So like like I said for Ripster he had a belt buckle jeans and some like straight up on the booze. Like, I've which you know, if you're not letting next you just don't know, I'm sorry. If you don't know you you know, what I'm talking about. You know what I'm talking about? That's straight cool style. Anyway, that's the boots. He's kicking with and then you have Bunder. Yeah. Okay. All right. Look I grew up in Compton like in the flats neighborhood, which they really weren't mess with black people. But you know, we get along when we got along. From bed stuy. Okay. Because we're Puerto Ricans. Oh, well that was what's so interesting is night. Once again, another one of our because like growing up like, my my like lat next community was Salvadorians watermelons and Mexicans like, I I'm sure there would probably Puerto Ricans a definitely Cubans. But like like it's crazy to see like where the capitals are like the Nigerian capital is Houston. Like. Yeah. That's where all the Nigerians be at. And I'm surprised my dad didn't move there. So it's like interesting to see where people of color just kind of gravitate towards and they're like, yeah. This is our spot. Mine was my family's from San Diego, and such hula vista and San Antonio Mexican Mexican. This. Yeah, we just gravitated towards where people were which would let me get the name of them all streaks which one was streaks. That's is the rollerbladers. Yeah. My man is in rollerblades. I think that's something. We glossed over that. And every scene you look at streaks. He's in rollerblade. We don't talk about how this is just how he has specially made rollerblades for himself or his giant shirt how he's running with everyone in fighting any has blades on and he's got neon green shorts that are lights, and it's like unbuttoned actually buttons. Like what is going? I like that. They're like, well, he can't like it has to be unbutton. It would be unrealistic. If it was buttoned all the way, but he isn't blades all the time that that we will stick to at all times. Then we have big slam who who you know, just to remind us that he's a football player is always wearing though. Like the bottoms ways once again, another all of these pieces of clothing sharks. Like he's in spring training. Yes. Oh my gosh. But it was like, but that was like ninety cartoon whereas like your personality in status in high school. That's your costume who you are. Yeah. You're all you're the jock. So you're always going to be wearing. And then the hammerhead was wearing like wrestling pants. I don't know what those look like straight up wrestler born. Yeah, they they gave up by that point. Everyone had so much personalities and my man jab just had like Shawn Michaels walkout. Yeah. And so then they crossed over with Dino venture. Yes. Which ended up being their spin off series. That's when they feel like they were heavily trying to sell toys during that. It was like the nice started using flying machines. And all these things which I felt like there was a lot of toys for at that time. Like, you would just adding stuff to the street smart streak, shark toys. Yeah. You know? Yeah. Because there were those like, I don't even know not nerve. But there were like those thing. Schaffner's thing the spinners. No. Yeah. Exactly. We're seeing you would shoot it. And it wouldn't spin off. Yes. So diner. Dino vendors were a military unit. So they're veterans from planet inhabited by. China allied with the street sharks? Once or I thought they were at odds with them some odds with the raptors, basically, the raptors came down the guy bad rap. That's another guy that they named. I love the way they named people on this show. Like, literally bins comes in. He's like rap. That's a bad rep. And Repco's that rap. I like that literally half the characters atro- fed have the heritage that hate and love and never get old to me someone saying something like, yeah. Like, like, even if we go back to solo on you don't know your last name your buyers. So I love but I love that bad rap. Ideally would already have a name. Yeah. At an here's him calling. Yeah. Bad ram? This is so weird. Oh my God high. So the Dino vendors are T-Bone stags, which is a of stories and T-Bone is a source. Brex bullseye spelled with a z. So, you know, he's cool and spike, which was a triceratops. Yes. Yes. They all come down after I think man-to-man. We haven't talked about. Yeah. He's flying dinosaur like alien specimen. Yeah. So man-to-man combs with bad rap. And so he's like I'm going to show you where are you from? And then he realizes he's bad and in bad rap brings all these other raptors down, and so then it becomes the bad rap the raptors versus the what are they the Dino? The Dino cop years, I like this has more multi verse exploration. Then teenage mutant ninja turtles does like the last the last six episodes are like in-space. So that's what's so funny. Is like, yeah. Lake every in that era. You know, there was it was it was a big time for crossovers because let's not talk about. We can't talk about crossovers not talk about the biggest across over of our lifetime. The battle toads and double dragon like that happen yet. I was gonna say teenage mutant ninja turtles in Power Rangers. Oh that did happen. But no, I remember it was battle tells it was a video game battle toes. Double dragon and. Was so hard. Toads was the worst. I hated that game. Because I feel like we all died at that part where you're on that little hovercraft and you have to avoid the rocks. Whatever you got to move up and down, and you time that and you dot every time I hated that game. That's how it feels about lion. King. I got it rented from Hollywood video that jump that Simba had to make and I just kept Sega. Yeah. Yeah. Just nine and I had to give it back. Remember even used to like rent video game. I was the best. You know, what I Aladdin Aladdin love that fun. One didn't have problems with that one. But Lion King. I never got past that I jump. I did download the game the emulator as an adult and beat that part. Just for myself. We're proud of you know, I just had to go back and do it. But yeah, no. You had a lot of crossover. Totally did forget that. You did have the ninja tornado Power Rangers episode when you think about it that was a huge effort when you think of what Power Rangers were which was just action scenes imported from supercenter is shows. So they really did have to like commit to that to like break. Did they have live action ninja turtles? Yeah. Yeah. And they teamed up with the power so in that had to be like a venture, which I'm sure we can look in some future episode. We do about Power Rangers. Laura. I'm watching ninja turtles, but. Yeah. These so the way the Power Rangers work because they get all the action scenes from the cintas show in Japan, and then they shoot all the American scenes around that and they link up so for them to take an American property like ninja turtles means that. They had to like go out and independently she this. So they had to do a new thing. Yeah. This Malcolm experiencing what looks like for the first time. His mouth is agape. He's not speak like, eight minutes of silent. Yeah. It it. It was great. I don't remember. That was you. You know, what that did? That is going to be another movie. I don't know. I'm gonna have to look, right. Yeah. I'm as a matter of fact, I'm gonna just take the time to find out. Exactly. Because there's no way they would have had shell-shocked shell shocked is the fourth episode of Power Rangers in space. It is the crossover with ninja turtles the next mutation. So this was nine hundred ninety eight. So it was a crossover ninja turtles next mutation. So that was a show. So yeah, I guess we should talk about our favorite straight shark moments. We wrap this up. Yeah. I mean, I already said mine's a million times was Moby lick, and it is one of those like to be corny for two seconds. It is one of those like representation manners because. Yeah. Had the black sharks for you know, the self proclaimed blackshirts. But then you always knew that if that they were these four white kids who like turn. So like seeing this like black had show up and be Moby lick in. It's so funny. How like in the grand scheme of things, it's the silliest dumbest thing. But like for me was a big moment. Just seeing this. You know, they're like they added a black kid. So, you know. That's you know, just think about that. It seems dumb. I like, I'm sure like all my someone who is not black who watched street sharks? That was nothing. It was just this other new character. But for for little fees out there. They're like, yeah. I could be a street shark now. No. I dug that Doug that. What about you, you you you the one who seen at the most recently what since you jump back in? My favorite. Oh, my favorite moment. This is really weird because I like obscure stuff, my favorite moment is there's a scene where bins who's there sort of who drives her thing. He's they're sort of Kato kaylin slash friend. And he's literally driving, and there's just a scene where this woman gets surprised and scared by these sharks twice in like, ten seconds. Like, literally, she's like. And then like she walks along and the car's not so she looks at him. Walks away. It's really weird. Yeah. Really? Well, I I love that. They're that. I need episodes just to piggyback on you saying that they had to touch cultural issues and societal issues there's one called cave sharks that aired in nineteen ninety-five where Dr paradigm announces the wolverine peds essentially wolverines as the solution to the pollution problem. He's like Thanos up in here. And then there's another one where the called rebel sharks. And also in nineteen ninety five this is season three. So this was their final spinal season responding to a letter from a boy whose country has been taken over by dictator the street, sharks free, the boys dad and topple the evil. Dictator shrew shorts doing it. All. Not just social Justice warrior. Yes, they're not just petty little street sharks out there. They do they've ventures. They started working with the president with like Clarus. Like because that's how Donald the the the the the space ones came is that the president was like, hey, we're getting something in space. And they were like we'll handle it Mr President, which is amazing. They're like aliens are coming sin street sharks. You see the street sharks are one part to American history. And I got him say, this is with pleasure that I give this medal of honor do Ripster jab streaks and Moby, Dick. Ps two that's a really good Nixon. I appreciate it. If the one who has had their impressions, you love it on here. Actually, nobody's ever written me that they don't love my impressions. Which your best impression? No my joke impression is Jimmy Stewart. One just from. It's a wonderful life, obviously. Yeah. Let me see if I can do it. That's right. That's right. Juicers pedals pedal. Clam cleared. I wanna live players. Everybody loves it. Nobody hates it. Not a single person has anything to say great. I thought you do the. Your house. Miss miss Maria, and yours and yours Claremont Clarence please. I think we're good here. Yeah. Where can people find you, Malcolm? And why don't you? Go ahead. Now tell you that dope. Play you're about this mostly people will find me at home. But if I leave that place, they might find the PICO playhouse, they can go to ammo theater dot com. The players running. It's called brain problems wrote it a minute along with most of the with a lot of the company running until may nineteenth Friday through Sunday Fridays. Saturdays at eight seven PM on Sunday. It's fun. Yeah. Can you tell people a little bit about what it's about? So based on a friend of mine who was going through things that he was going through. It's a play about a sort of cynical, man. Who's diagnosed with life threatening ailment who coats by retreating into his imagination. So it's kind of a based on a buddy of mine who actually had a arterial Vigne of Venice malformation or two of them, which basically swelling in the brain. And so I wrote this sort of my best way to relate and understand to that. And it's sort of drama d-. And it's basically what it's. Like to be inside somebody's head for the course of an hour, basically use the idea of what it's like, you know, if you ever have a conversation with somebody, and there's like a million ideas that row through your head at any given time that aren't just that conversation. That's kind of the play toppled with the idea of you're sort of losing your head in a certain extent because of confusion or memory loss or dreams and things like that. And so it sort of combines with that means as a regular person what that means with someone who's suffering from life threatening illness and how they deal with it. And so I use that as an excuse to just sort of have fun and show every piece of weird thing in my own cranium and put that on stage. Yeah. If you send us a link to that we can include it in the show notes so Stephan booking go there and buy tickets. I'm at MS Dani Fernandez, check out our T public cited t public dot com slash nervous. Sent we have a ton of shirts up there. We have wrestling shirts. We have marveled shirts. We have our shirts of our faces. If you get w-. One sentence a picture of it because we love sharing it on our Instagram. Just make sure you tag us. And you know, me, it's if you want to wait, I f y in WMD, I w E ON Twitter and Instagram if on twitch few of you have been a hit me up to go ahead and. You y'all been coming through? And I gotta say thanks for coming through hit me with those twitch prime subs. Truly truly blessed to have all y'all in here. And don't forget to come on the discord eighties been real active. She's you know in game has really brought the suspicions from Danny? And she's been dropping her hot takes in there. So pull up nice discord dot g g slash salt squad and come hanging chat with us. And you know, if you play video games, there's lots of people with PS fours and Xboxes boxes, and what have you that are looking for people to game with so all that at non-combat on Twitter. And then at verbal be wrapping on Instagram and in at ammo theater for Twitter and Instagram and verbally nNcholas for. That script twelve which is my call. Those in the show notes, blah, blah. All right. Well, as always stay here any. Hi, I'm Chelsea handler. Welcome to life will be the death of me a production of iheartradio. And I'm gonna talk to all these different people. I b f f Mary McCormack, if I didn't have assistance managers cleaning, ladies or any staff at all how long do you think I would survive? Not you can't do a podcast without nothing. History. Life will be the death of me as a production of iheartradio for more podcast from iheartradio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shifts.

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