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Well folks Some of you will remember the scene in saturday night. Live where chris. Farley is playing the journalist. Who is interviewing paul mccartney and he keeps Just absolutely making a fool of himself by asking questions of mccartney that our our elementary pedestrian. Because he's such a big fan. I remember that time you were in the beatles and he slaps himself on the head. Well i have joked over the years about once every few years. I have an interview with someone that i hold in that high esteem. And it's hard to get through it. So i did all my fan boy stuff before the interview started but it is a real real honor. I must say on air To be hosting angela. Angelo kotova Who's writing the ruling class. Absolutely influenced my thought process and reordered a lot of things that i thought i knew so to have him. Make time to be with us. Today is an incredible honor. It's a it's a piece that he's written in. American greatness is quite a prolific writer. And i try to read everything. I find of his the pieces entitled dismounting the covid tiger the oligarchy is chosen method of reopening after the pandemic shows that it intends to attempt to validate the harm. It did over the previous year. Will it work professor you you sort of lay out the case here by the way folks. We've posted this to michael berry. Show dot com. You lay out the case here that that the oligarchy as you call them Setup this trump didn't do enough. This is all trump's fault to get into power and now they're they're in the natural response is okay well. Why can't you fix it well. Yeah look Every literate person does that Once a an infectious disease communicable infectious disease enters a population and once it gets rooted in the population. It will run through the population no matter what anyone does That is what diseases dude. That's what they've always done. And this one is no different from any other now Throughout history people in have the masses the unlearn ones have clamored to the powerful. Do something about the disease and the powerful have Obliged or try to oblige in a way that that has their own nest. I get this is no different except at this time it really went overboard The proof of what. I'm saying is that the no sooner had Biden automated then. He spoke a bit of truth and he says that There's nothing anyone could do to To affect the spread of the disease. That's absolutely true. And he said it obviously to defer the question. Well why aren't you stopping. But fact is that for for almost a year the the oligarchy could joe biden foremost had said Trump is responsible for hundred thousand. Two hundred thousand three hundred thousand murderer murder You know i mean that's obviously false and They had to somehow get away from the responsibility number. One number two is the fact that the the measures they took which gave them great power. The lockdowns are of course extremely popular and um destructive their now in charge of an economy. Economy's fault to me. What are they gonna do about it. Well they have to open up the have to but they have to do it in a way. That preserves their the the the authority of the judgement that they pronounced in the first place. So we see this This kabuki dance around Numbers of cases and Half ass excuses for opening up in a half ass matter. The great winston churchill quotation which you borrow their others who've used it dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount getting hungry in. This case are the tigers the american people. Of course. well no no no no. The tiger are are the yeah. The tigers are getting hungry. I is in this case is. Is that the american public who want answers because it's certainly not the press. No yeah look. The tiger is the pretends that that they and the fact of the pretends engendered a whole bunch expectations and caused a great deal of pain. I mean You don't wanna take allergy too far. The tiger is the the impossible situation that they have created themselves On the one hand Oh yes there's this horrible disease out there and you've got to you got to shut down in order to fight it well. Of course that's false showing down. Don't fight it at all But now you have got to open up and but but opening up in the face of so-called rising case counts Just simply impeaches everything they had to say now in that piece i also pointed i wanted to stratagems that is now being used in order to justify this half opening and that is the the they are changing the way in which case The numbers are being figured right The that the concept of cases with regard to coronavirus was always plastic. it was always a convenient fiction Okay let's let's get to the basics here this particular disease because of it is what it is Hardly in hardly inconvenience. Most of the people that infects So something like sixty seventy percent of those infected never know they are infected or confused with not feeling all that well that day as so we have no i just today we have no idea whatsoever how many people have been affected or not that has always been the case from the very first but from at the very first the Wise one decided that they were going to use a different definition of case they took people who are very sick very sick. And who tested positive for the virus and this This is a case and then they said Well What happens to people have these cases. Well people fact is that people who are very sick offer get very much thicker and they often die and so they said well. How many of these are getting sicker and die a lot. Oh well if you then take that as a measure of the lethality of the covid then you get some really scary figures. You spread those figures around and you scare the living daylights out of the american people. That's exactly right but you also and now and now they're they're trying to run the process of reverse right and i think people need to know this. The reason the numbers were so high before are the very reason that those numbers appear to be coming down before you had everything being lumped in as as Go vetco and now you have to match all these. Could you speak a little bit to that. Because i think that's important for people to understand. Well okay we Little known is that The us government was various. Very mechanisms had been rewarding hospitals for the number of rewarding. That maybe they're all word has been compensating overcompensating hospitals for the Number of cova cases that they had so the incentive for hospitals doctors to say this is a cova case Whether or not the person tested positive for the cova And in the case of death No distinction was made between two resumed. Covert people who died with covert and people who died of covid and so the there is no reason to pay to pay any respect to any of these figures. These are all entirely plastic figures. Audits have been performed. We've seen some cases where a guy who Who had three bullets chest with classified as having died of cova. I mean you know. i mean clearly. The bullets something to do with So it goes so it's It is a shell game And totally dishonest. Shell game if we had a press. That did his job. the That only the falsehood of all of this corruption of of would be exposed but of course it is now being exposed professor kobe or someone who is known to be able to step back and see the bigger picture so wh when you look at your years of experience in the result the consequences of what we've seen a couple of things come to mind to me for instance if the public doesn't trust our public health officials That could be very bad in the future. And i'm a person that believes in a healthy level of skepticism cynicism. But where else what else do you see when the dust settles as to how our world will have changed as a result of what happened and it's negative. Well it isn't simply record. Mind you. I mean this is a barely sort of the you might say the cl- pretty close to the capstone of everything that the ruling class did ever since Has done since two thousand sixteen basically what happened in two thousand sixteen is that the ruling class orderly shocked by what happened republican primaries all of the team republicans Were got swept aside and the only people who survived what ted cruz and and donald trump and they survived only. Because they're willing to willing to eager. They spoke ill of the ruling class and they meant to take away. Privileges now Trump the won the nomination. Not only because he was the the most insulting to the ruling class But also because of a of the dynamics. The unpredictable dynamics of a multi multi multi-member field In those situations when our as usually as it was in this case determined by who drops out when and who doesn't drop out when But the point is that whoever whether it was going to be cruised or Or trump the ruling class was faced with a real honest to goodness challenge right And when the challenger this case trump won the roy class One but i the Oh during the campaign. Hillary clinton had used a throwaway line about not accepting the results of the election. But by god the moment that the election results were in the class decided I slowly and tentatively but then With with turbo charge to reject the outcome of the and to use all the institutions at its command. And they're all basically all those are gonna have to to overturn the the results which it direct astra to your question which is what what are the long term consequences with a long term consequences is that the ruling class burned all of those institutions. They are now they by using them to Overthrew the judgment of the voters and by doing so in a in a really south the stuff that way by doing it in a way that that insulted voters But i still think voters are very bad idea now democracy they they discredited the press discredited itself completely the the justice department the fbi The the Forget about the those of us know. It was discredited. Long ago But The american people again to ask not to get to the file point of your Of you question. The american people have become accustomed correctly. Believing that everything that here's a little above his ally and there's nothing more corrosive than that. I find it fascinating that a media that could accurately in many cases be accused of fake news a term. I never used before But turned out to be. True is so troubled that their level of trust is so low. Because you don't get that back and for walnut cronkite. Her edward r murrow to have not been trusted would have been. It would have destroyed them and right that that would have been trust is what they they traded in the last person talking about trust the last person i saw the media who sort of radiated trust What was where the other or not is. Another question was Bill o'reilly He looks like your grandfather talked. Like a grandfather was the most powerful thing on television when he was at his very moderate What every man thinks if you wanted to know what every man thought You know what everyone of the barbershop would not have. Had you would listen to to riley an incredibly good communicator. Better than i think people. That was such a skill professor. I wanna ask you about The the closing line of this piece says covering for that level of professional incompetence and corruption may be a bridge too far. You talking about pfau faucher. But i want to ask him for for a little more context. Here you say not. Only is the binding objective getting rid of trump no longer. There documents are surfacing the material complicity between faculty and the development of the virus. Yes yes yes yes yes. Oh yeah okay There has been over the past generation in the biowarfare virological community a debate on Regarding the uses of genetic engineering In research and everyone Responsible person involved in that debate beginning acknowledging that Is that you're playing with fire when you were Genetically engineering is the practice particular practice involved has to do with raising the potency of a virus a making it more communicable. Now why would anyone want to do that. Well The legitimate argument is is to understand what the the increased potency could actually do and Do i knowledge itself and perhaps the the The development of of countermeasures This debate has been going on for a long time. At a certain point. The obama administration decided upon advice of of some three hundred Members of the community decided that this kind of research would no longer be allowed in the united states of america. Why because of its inherent danger. The argument for the for the obama administration's decision was. Yeah you might get some benefits out of this. But it's not worth the danger involved so they said No more well it just so happened. That one provident kerala just by the name of anthony fauci disagreed and instead of just simply say well. Okay well you know. This is a decision of my peers and administration. So i will agree instead of agreeing. He used some U. s. funds. Which were i guess. More or less has discretion to fund precisely that research. Guess where at the wuhan laboratory that research on the on raising the potency. Communica ability of animal viruses. No we do not know exactly precisely which experiments so the three and a half some million dollars. The factory transferred from you from the united states to han were used but we know they were used precisely in general for raising the potency of animal. Virus like the bad virus like about coronavirus making a communicable to humans I mean that we. The documents on the subject are in the public domain and It is a far shame on the american media that they have not gone viral. Because this is this is both a A part of fox in support nation underhandedness perhaps corruption. Because he's friends But also you know a couple ability no less serious for being direct But the last line of my article was this kind of collusion by the media cannot remain universal forever. You know some guy willing to risk everything to gain is burst is gonna say hey. Wait a minute. He'll come some editor to run it. Something other than fox news right. So you know. I you know i. I sorta later the united states of america. There are no sequels. It's just if you care about the proper functioning of our institutions for the purpose of of education and information toward better health and you absolutely erode the credibility of the public health industry. It strikes me that the real loser is not the foul cheese. He'll retire to a good life. They don't lose it. American people the losers and particularly those who who needed vaccines in who needed better public health information look and the the the point is brought even brought that because it doesn't apply simply to to to to the health industry the health establishment. It applies to everything. i mean. They've done this with regard to to All institutions all to have been have discredited themselves for the the the narrow part of defeating donald trump. okay so they deceit that trump. Do they think for a moment. Did they have defeated the Call it populism if you wish The the the sense by on the part of the american people that they've been diddled ill-served. Heavens no have they have. These people made themselves more popular They yeah. They did with the elections And of course there's no way of knowing how many how many of those mail in votes were real and how many were not. There's just no way of knowing because the way the the way the system was adult it made it impossible to know but one thing is certain that the votes that went to donald trump who would basically not liked very well by a lot of people voted for on you know including yours truly. I voted for twice the The airwaves probably not friendly to buy oughta varnished opinion and i would vote time absolutely absolutely I did not but you see in order to themselves anymore. Love which which is why. They're trying to frighten everybody by saying if you don't knuckle under real fast. We're going to call you a racist white supremacist. And the anybody thinks that gonna make them even. Yeah that's gonna make them more loved more expected. No calling people names that they know that they deserve is not a winning tactic. It really isn't no but you know your book. The ruling class 'a have often said gave us a whole new structure within which a vernacular an a mindset. And i look at politics now instead of looking at it. Horizontally of the right and the left or democrats and republicans vertically of the ruling class and and the country clash with the peasants. And it's almost as if they're drawing the moat and withdrawing to the castle and saying as long as we can self deal and maintain our position in society will just trash the the peasants and hope. The french revolution doesn't happen. It's a very bad calculation. Look I one of my most. More recent articles called clarity explains all of that and the kind of position to put themselves in and basically what the what the rest of the country class can do about it The american people have a genius Which involves sorting themselves out into mutually congenial groups This has been going on since sixteen thirty. When roger williams led his band out of massachusetts the foreign providence colony The mormons who were disliked in new york and illinois want often found city And today there is a tremendous shift Of people away from ruling class institutions will class mores. It's physical and societal shift The the imposition. It just just look at one thing. The position of abortion on demand has willy nilly created a well nigh impassable bar two marriages between people on different sides of that issue and it makes sense. I mean why would someone who is pro abortion marry. someone who is who is pro-life russia Just so The the The moment that taylor gets back online you're going to see a mass abandonment of twitter and facebook The moment twitter why because twitter facebook label themselves as being of the left. Why would someone who is not of the last. Wanna stay there. I mean again A castle castle and banishing is a two edged sword. You vanish someone. You banish yourself at the same time right but you know professor. What concerns me about this when you when you look at when you look at societies as you you're a student of history and a deeper perspective than just a modern era and you see this sort of balkanisation in society. Social media used to be a place that people could interact a marketplace square. We have fewer and fewer of those things. How well that's yeah. Uh-huh alas That was a great promise of Of the internet and social media but The i guess the people who run them decided to break that promise was his broken is broken. I mean no nobody if you no matter who you are you leftist. Go for them as well as everybody else. When you go on twitter or facebook you now have to tell yourself. O- i gotta be careful what i say that. That's unfortunate because first of all. I think it makes less of a sort of sense of nation in amac's vaber way we have less and less in common but but secondly it seems that It's not as as enriching a life if you're not ever around or different of course. Of course look i ca. I was born and raised in a very very very homeless environment. And in the back of italy where the people who live of three miles away spoke recognizably. Different dialects came to new york. It was a it was a feast of diversity. There were people from all over the world. If i absolutely wonderful of far richer far more interesting place now. They done the The a little enclave which was raised I i'll never forget the joy of it but Yeah i mean we ever forced into enclaves. That's unfortunately it is. It's a less rich life however professor. Angela is cody via. You are a wonderful guest. I hope you'll come back and visit us again. We'll do thank you. Thank you sir.

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