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Today is January second twenty twenty happy New Year only two days into the new decade. How's it going? I know I'm having a good time celebrating the holidays. It's another throwback Thursday and we'll come back to you next week with a brand new guest and brand new content. In the meantime I bring you today the brand for Noor Mr Nick Nelson enjoy. Hey we all this is culture soup. Where Tech Culture and business collide? It's a podcast spoons up. Everything hot from social media. I'm your host El Michelle Smith and each episode. We bring you some of the most notable and not yet notable thought leaders in Tech Business and culture culture. You know. I know you've heard the term instagram famous for those of you. That don't know those. Are Those people that show up on. Instagram have tons of followers. Ars In tons of engagement. And they're the ones that get brain deals well I circulate in another realm. In fact someone called me the B. Two B. Creator and I'd never really considered that before. But you know he was right. Some of US are B- to be influencers. My next guest is just there. He is what you'd call linked in famous. Let's just as I met Natasha. Bowman in my Lincoln feed I met Nick Nelson. The brand preneurs not not even connected to him yet to people removed in my second layer network. His face continue to pop up in my feed with his videos where he's branding people in their personal brand managers general managers Eh corporations people who are trying to stand out and be found on social media. He calls a brand day. Well Nick just kept showing up my feet over and over and over again. I didn't reach out to connect just yet but I did like his. This content fast forward to two thousand eighteen. Remember the story of Dr Eric. Winston Winston Walton of lead three sixty. Yeah a lot of roads and with him remember how he. We asked me to join the Faculty of lead three sixty well as it turns out Nick Nelson is also faculty at we three sixty. He's the brand procure. He's all about personal brands and he is another one of my frat brothers from Alpha Phi Alpha Eta. My doctor Walton without further ADO. I want you to meet my friend. The Brain Nelson. Hey my brother was. Hey everybody I'm so excited to have Nick Nelson with me. He is the franc per noor. I gotTa Tell Tell You the first time I saw him. I'm scrolling through Lincoln and we weren't even connected but this man's content is so strong and his followership is so active that it's been my fee and it was taking pictures of people but it wasn't as pictures. He was actually crafting their brand nick. How're he doing good? Thank you so much for coming on the Culture Safak brand pn Oor me tell everybody oh you. did I tell everybody that you need to have a brand new purpose statement supper statement is I hope. Remarkable people OH products in organizations get noticed very simple because get noticed is important because nowadays What I've learned served that everybody is eighty deal steroids? And that's because a foams have made us that way in our habits that made us that way. Also just don't have time to be very intentional. In terms of which presenting out in the atmosphere it has to be different and it has to be presented in such a way that allows you then stops by taking the habit of scrolls rose rose will have to. They have something that will get somebody to do this. One simple thing data index finger at the center of the phone for staples was aw right. So what I noticed that there is a collective of people that are late millennials and above and beyond that were taught a few different things we saw. That is all about a you. Show up in person is how it's which which you say Richie Communicate networking events Who you're connected to enroll life so all of those things very important but in the society that we live in nowadays where most people are active online all throughout the day? And you're looking at. I has feature bolt screens. How much time you've been on your phone on the average the average hers at least police five or six hours? You know Right or work and so there's a lot of activity that happens in terms of people being being on some are made aware of things but many of us especially in people of Color We just haven't acclimated over to that zone comfortable whether it's I don't though second I don't know what to say Understand the value of social back or private wind on what I've tried to do and when I do. My company is to dispel some of those behaviors myths and change a new behavior the aid. You're as crazy as it is. It's fun I is fine. I because nowadays Tom People want to be voyeuristic. They want to look inside of your life and social media platforms are free because beyond their reward. That behavior they won't they won't sue things they want your data and then what you're content. That's the whole reason. Why Social Medias is free right now however if you let rich social media to your advantage you can actually be known for thing or we know for one thing you can? If you're consistent you're hyperfocused community you can be engaged for so you can be known for another thing very quickly right. That's my story elaborate. This leads me to our culture soup moment. How about we have when you're ready okay? So my calls received moment. It really surrounds the idea of personal branding. which seems like it's pretty new because we talked about this phone access says voyeuristic society where this individual Mog on and see things and scroll through the air newspeak but it also is something something that's been around for a long time? We haven't seen it manifests in our faces in this digital world. The way it does today so you capitalize it's and actually help people to leverage their personal brand. What are you seeing when it comes to trends that is working mark so online terms train? That's working it's very engaging authentic concept that is done in a very block ish style way and then not right yellow and let me tell you what being used to be aware you were individuals. INC's felt they needed to have very pristine video video. That is lit very well. Color corrected has the Music in the background. Hello my name is right. This is this specific company. And this is what I said Eh. What I'm seeing nowadays? That never won by the time. Give your name. People have scrolled. Oh so no. Introduction action is needed. Start talking to other thing is as you're talking you have to talk like You are engaged excitement in. You had to get as much as you can end it within those first few seconds because you're trying to get the people to stop the behavior scrolling following it. You don't have a certain low energy about it. Then people would just move on people equal light authenticity. They might feel like you're talking to them not the manufactured you is almost like for my foes It's it's very is the real you and then there's the representative right now a days. Nobody wants to to see the representative now. Actually they ain't got time representatives. Let's see real you right. And so that's what what people WANNA see. Nowadays they want get an understanding of what is the what am I. I'll have time for names. Just give it to me straight. And they like the content in their video and now they're used to consuming it in that way where the pre deals don't the likes shares in the engagement. I all right very much. So authentic videos do okay. So let's talk about imagery and how compelling imagery can and stop the scroll is what you do so tell us more about the brand preneurs and what you're doing with these individuals to tell a very authentic story Laurie with images so there's two things when it comes so brand is what he want to be known for in how you WanNa make people feel that out of everything is not. My definition is the definition of brand. If you look at any brand in this world they are known. I'm for a single thing. And they make you feel a certain way That's the first thing that I get my hyper achievers. To and that's Hawk is very hard because they have to narrow with what what I call it. I call it being Pacific Pacific Atlantic. You gotta you gotTa be Pacific Right. It's not You can't be too vague. You have to be very specific in terms of who you're trying to understand how they want to see things and so it you go beyond. Imagery is important imagery support because imagery is important because It is very strategic people like attractive. Thanks and what I learned. Here is the only reason why imagery is part of what I do. In the reason why you specifically the weather should. I'm not the natural light person. I'm not even Put Our secret anybody. I learned audience though watching Youtube. allegedy cats right but took the time learning perfected in perfect it a certain way leveraging. Light the thing about people of Color on here if you're light skin or if you blinky black black black y'all need might give right it and it helps highlight and helps to accentuate us. That's the first thing the next thing. We need to feel comfortable when I noticed that many people try to Stick a camera in front of face is that they're either a bit corny. They have no personality or they're not real. Yeah I'm I'm not any of those things that I'm not afraid of the CEO. Free of the anybody the way in which you can receive. It's very it's very respectful but it's very okay. What's the way Oy survey because at the end of the day before you see you but only better asked what else in? That's all I strive for. And the other thing that I learned shows was that far too often people in my industry you know we got we got we got words and we got workbooks MHM people more than were in a workbook they actually more actual strategies and solutions that are tailored customs dinner. 'cause everybody's different and they want they want something tangible that even beyond the time that we spent together. I have something that memorialize the occasion. That's called perceived value Allard about preceding value at the essence music festival with one simple brain McDonalds McDonalds hand. These they couldn't have been the show more than two cents a piece to create these bags than had African American women on them with specific artwork. These black women will wait for the doors of essence to open yes in flip flops tissues or whatever they have matter run run and fight over these toussaint bay because the perceived value was Muslim representation of me in. No one else is doing it. I right it just blows my mind because that floor that convention or Conference Center floor is massive and you'll see lines and lines lines and lines of my sisters waiting for some Chaki. Okay okay the drop in a beat you got great music going on but they will stay in there longer than you would at Disney with you know not fast past it came from business. Let me take you WANNA ask fans I gene. It's it's it's about what's valuable answer who you're dealing with a a audience of us. We see. Aw Town them is unique experience. I'm so glad you brought that up. That's the whole thing about what teach people in terms of their brain. You gotta treat yourself as an experience. There's the in person experiences experience on the online experience and the to have to be semi. They had similar if if I see something online that I'm attracted to but but I'm meet with you and falls flat. It doesn't work and you actually tell me all the wig all the best compliment ever get shows that the first of all look like you look online and you liked that online. I'm mess all the way around. I I you know I'll give you four warning right. This is why like I've missed this brilliant Holler at Sup- brother if you need somebody that's buttoned up and a lot of what you do all that that's not me and everyone you're off line experiences. I think literally build the case and the story for what you want to shear cheer online so that your online experience is a part of that straight line and I got to tell you that I met you I online but the the second I met you offline in. We're in Atlanta at the lead. Three safety combine death right. I was sitting in the lounge. My introverted self had come up to the surface and I was just dining by myself and you eased up beside me and the park and you look like you really enjoy it so disturbing your ethnic. No you're so good to meet you. But yes my off Kwan. Experience Aligned with my online experience and it was a pleasure to meet you nick in the Flesh Your Mobile Paul. Nope you have not make the FEC about periods like. I'm an introvert also. Introvert Vert extrovert. I am I I enjoy because I'm in front of people so much better from people who all sign and then even you know from social persona and I say persona. It's not a negative word. Is I get I get a lot I give ah in terms of energy right is so in those downtown and then I have a white in child in the energy is will right. Signed by the time I hit time alone I I cherish Kogas government. I cherish it because uh-huh I don't get it off and I I can appreciate you eating Alone thank you for allowing me to join you and innovating innovating. Now it was the mic Nelson and we were calling their faculty members for League. Three Sixty Angle. Thank you actually work the workshop right. They started by next door to talk about what you covered. You talked about being a corporate influence. So the thing about Brand is that oftentimes yet many people that think well. I have to be an entrepreneur. But I don't want to you know I'm not a world four organization. I'm not looking for the next job. Will branding more than about looking for the next job again again. If you if you recall it's what you want to be known for it. How do you WanNa make people feel and so anybody that tells me well you know? got a brand. I challenged them and I said well. Let's pull up Google and is put in your name and the city live it. Take a look if something comes up we say. Okay what comes up and woody rank frank if nothing comes up that says something also that says that you are ghost an equal. Just don't do this search for you. Yeah which is very externally exactly because again people are nosy. Right people are nosy their judgment so in their arm because that's a true right and so is all about perceived value. We learn what that is. Now where are you putting out there in the atmosphere to craft a narrative for yourself because by crafting narratives also becomes embiid's opportunity if you are wrapping yourself in a narrative of yourself as insightful as popular as connected as whatever the thing about it is you out the create your own narrative or give your give that power to someone else and it created story this not necessarily story of you accidentally and so Neck speak to the importance of knowing your value value. Because if you don't know your value in communicated someone else my they may or may not get it right grew creek creek. And so that's why it's important to understand one of the most important things in terms of branding release boundaries. It's it's understanding your value system and what you stand for and what should won't stand for and ah you know again because we follow each other I follow you. I think you do an excellent job of talking about what you stand for and which you will not stand name for and It it it needs to be very clear so people know how to engage appropriately right and a engagement is something in which And then also the right person. Engaged the thing about being a brand that People actually the what you're doing they need you and being a brand is not about you but it's how to help others. Yes and that's the thing that I try to tell people that it's a selfish activities actually Less activity because which you're doing is as you're making yourself available to those people who need your notes access access to you. I'm not saying you have to give them your cell phone number so I'm not even saying that you'd have to give them your email address rack. That's why we have social networks that they have a question they engage with. You engaged back. That's what that's even what creating friends is. It's not it's not the definition of As we know it because that's only about five. What less people English Circle Having Friends of mine here is? You'd like to engage with me. I like incumbent engage with you. Let's be friends right. And how can I support you. You bring up a very good point you know people get excited about the vanity likes and measures that Oh that content content went out there. It only got three likes the business happens in the DMC agree and actually got a lot more engaged and when I started telling default. Dm Me let me tell you something. People people want to but they feel like I'm being being intrusive or it's taboo but if you give them permission why I'm cure. What Post you see the? It's hey and topped unreal talk. To matter of fact you want to schedule The author knew if you want to schedule a time me go ahead. I can't home. who like clock because it's about own on accessible permission to a bjork voyeuristic so and even so if you want salts without anybody knowing your business usually and you know what you run into that linked in that's that's one of the hesitancy in you probably found this too because people are present Arlington? And they're very aware that their colleagues maybe freeman their bosses or even their supervisors are there. So they're very aware of what they share. What they live with it but if you are able aw to have access to somebody in their? DM's you can have a conversation. That's GONNA be accessible to those people that you feel are judging correct. Correct an S. S. Y. direct message appropriately businesses done. Em You know It done appropriately ineffectively. And let me say I say this. Not Not era get lead not not radicals Asli. I've I built my business offer too late to indirect message like literally you know. It's as people engage. The key here is though. If you're going to make this upper accessible you have to respond and you have to be able to keep up with it and so we're businesses fail. Is that when you invite I people but they show up and then there's no follow. That's that's where I see a lot of people that into gain pain when they failed actually more haunting because follow to sucks right so we have to have to follow and treat this this his somebody asked me and this is this is where I realized that I won't let me email any like people will send me. Emails does a lot slower because I've become in my happiness social first and Best S. because that's where the predominance of my activity in my engagement in my pisses and about multiple platforms Lake Dennis. Great you but you also eight I g I alone and let me tell you some of these subsequent black whoops be buzz. They allied at take. Tell you different stories instagram. I love the stories feature more than anything else. It gives you like reality. TV It is is the equivalent of reality. TV and you can create your own reality TV show each and every day back and it went show ends in a disappears. Another show up and you'll find really good point point about that in detail in what the stories about you have to be intentional about it. Sometimes people get an IT stories and ages have a random thing showing up. Don't understand why people exit but you gotTa keep them on the hook. I did something just yesterday day when I posted the trademark registration that I had gotten in the mail story behind the trademark and it was a story my friend. They passed away so so after. I posted the great picture of me. You know with with the drug war advocate. I actually posted a picture of him and said go to my. It stories and I literally unfolded that whole story of Canada. And my my podcast and people are just like we boohooing and my. DM's right because the thing about these home is all up story. People love stories and stories stories. Connect to humanity within people. That's why people say I wouldn't listen to you. Know X number of minutes of content. I said well yes. You will matter of fact you'll listen you'll you'll institue behind the three hours with movie adventures in Game Okay. But what they've done here. Is they established. Abolition affinity they introduce you to them and then now they just now at the whatever they put out they have audience to treat your. You have to to treat your social media like you haven't thank you have safer networks. Do Networks field audience around specific shows it can be it. Networks networks showed the same thing every day then they will lead out a whole truckload of people. That's why they have to have different. Different audience members a different programming. Because by doing that they attract different people in different people's attention at different times so content and you're saying anymore time same way the same way as trainers like okay. You know what today we do a legs tomorrow. We asked him all right to kind of the body up so all ran guessing. That's how you wrote. Well you know this is what I encourage my clients and the brands that I work with to the to really understand the value proposition because that value proposition is going to drive the kinds of content. That you share. It's going to be very mary but it's going to be tied to your stupid thing about it here. You say dying proposition. That that's a big old or let me let me tell right. which is what problem? Are us a the problem who needs me. The most ranked problem solving that problem solving. Oh you saw before four Nisan thing down you got all the way down. You got to eat Pacific Pacific go to take Pacific. I love it. I love it so nick. Tell me a little bit about yourself. We know your family means he's looked at it and you told me that you've been in branding and marketing for years. To twenty was right a store. Can I call myself a promise of sick I paid. Ah then you know figuring it out and what I say Earth Punch I astrid out of Grad School. Who Does what I got my field? They only wanted to pay me fifty thousand dollars a year. I answered so a in the. It did it. When I feel because they wanted to teach me how to Code? I was accentuated Anderson Consulting and I didn't know anything about that kicked off my first project but aw figured out that you know what I'm with people with managing this all became a project manager a program manager and did that for years my last stint was with ups where I was mobile program manager doing very well on my traffic. It'll go watch but then I said you know what this is not what I'm here for started my company liquids solve with a fraternity brother. And we got you know engagement with major rations and then what specifically within entertainment and because we have other thirty brothers more specifically will paddles takeover Hollywood and others that were just starting their career. Such timing having with everything so we piggyback Nad in started entertainment marketing firm which Iran for about twenty years until I just got pushed in another direction direction and then I said well you know what I'm starting as low branding. And so I came with ramp renewal started hallowed my shingle in November in seventeen verse twelve months. Burn money like literally burning through savings. Because it's kind of just trying to figure out what it is doing so But it's you know I tried that. I feel that ultimately our favorite out. That is the entrepreneur's journey right. I've got to stop and say this to listeners. That is a signature message. Did you see the way. He developed that in organize it so it was very easy easy to understand. You talk about the three fs three times and on the student as students or those people have to be perfect. All the time perfection entrepreneurship. Jewish is let me let me try damaging were or them. Okay this event I gotta get these people that are. Oh my God ain't nobody signed up anybody signing off. They finally show or jackets. Or you hit it. It's I mean me. He's like literally your cost in the about it here. It many times you doing this by himself for no words is is so is the loveliest history. But it's the most exhilarating thing figure absolute right so I just tell people don't don't don't think is this. You know wonderful I Uh-huh you got you know what I'm up at. Three o'clock in the morning Edmund. For those in as sexy right. Yeah this is why I I show up on the PODCASTS. Sometimes on my little tidbits that I'll put out there video maker but this is real than others. Don't let me tell you some visiting is named. Especially when I'm so glad you sit especially in my view survey Amar make. Let me taste taste of it your insights and giving people information. They accused Green. They don't thankfully you looked like Bryant. Uh exactly but in Q.. Superficial saying nothing. Yes next What you think I think the importance of authenticity now that the context of it everything around us is fate? We are in Age Searching For wets real real. And when we say we're GONNA stop scrolling. We will start like okay in this world of fakeness I I mean we swim in it especially online we turn on the television shoot. You turn the corner. Things just aren't real new so we're in a dire your physician define what's real. And when we discovery we OUGHTA WE DO over we're endeared so important important but the thing about it is authenticity is important because there's something people out there that claim they do certain things right and The inherent nature people is as we are driven by emotion senior. Right and we'd look for people things that make us feel certain way or solve a problem that we have we feel do it or you present yourself in let me tell you the value of authenticity the value of authenticity and showing yourself to do a certain thing consistently back in the day. The way referrals worked here is hey anita mechanic. Joe Has worked on my car for years. Go See Joe. He's artist and Dan. He will give you a fair price. You referrals came by actually having relationship and actual experience experience with that person. Now let me tell you how referrals come online. You know what. Hey I follow. uh-huh somebody and I think that they might be able to assist you now with them before but they looked like everybody everybody. Everybody says that seems to have experienced and I think they might be great for you. Why don't you go ahead? It reach out. That's the way referrals right now. Amazon changed the whole game with the whole concept of reviews. I you know that's what people look for. Nowadays they'll even DM your clients and said Hey what what was your experience right. And so he furrows are different nowadays where it had to be You had to have engagement with the person directly not necessarily hitting many for referral. Just come from people saying well you we know what someone so soya line Out looked at your profile. Right and business. This comes from their argument to be found searchable. Yes you have a presence because people people can do and they want they want the same way that Michelle. You not want to go a shop for car on from Carlisle to Carla. It's not even more you want to search on. You'll have an idea of this hype according but you're going to search online and see what it looks like the interior light reviews how Michelle eating paid for. All of this stuff is done privacy Z.. Of Your own home. And that's what people do with people that they Jackson. They won't be able to tested. Try now now see it in action and then they feel so good fit then they will engage in. You want that also because if not do it Ryan is not wishing you selling himself. You've already soldier self. Your mind presence has sold you. All you're doing. The is negotiating price. You know you raise a very good point. In an also underscored the reason why vanity metrics should not try you you because all of that activity that you just described was not a light wasn't even comment that means that and I'm life the way linked in actually shows you've us because there's more action going on behind the scenes. They even aware era and one day they show up in your DM's or you could call right after all that homework and groundwork and all of that stuff has has been done Roy Tell people all the time just because you don't think that content has performed. You shouldn't take it down. It's okay if you didn't get X.. Amount Life for the first ten minutes taken down now. Lebron up. People always Watchi- she they're not only a few few people who actually live in common. Just most people ristic and they just look they watch and then make perceptions options and they judged then it's an advertising they call it in a Russian the thing about people events. Then what's the period. Is that mature your your rate at which you do your great she do. But you are absolutely forgettable. And I don't mean that in any negative one saying said you always have to consistently be top of modern because that's the movies nowadays. If I need something who who are going to go up the person's top of mind right everything's leading. Libya's is you have to remind them consistently simply in the agency business. Always tell people you start a business you are always winning the business and a okay every minute. You're pitching the business. You Hugh embry a second stop selling and the thing about it years many people just. I just don't like something. They don't like selling themselves. They feel like they're not being humble as they say black church humble humble humble but we know what you're thinking of selling doing right anyway curry relationship you own doing is is. I'm giving you what you want. I'm allowing you to see what it is and I'm doing it in a way and I'm an inviting you to connect with me. If you feel that I'm good fit. That's it out. It's called call to Action Action. That's where most people feel is that they have a call to action and they wonder why we know what he's hoping to do this up reaching out to did you invite them to another alert. Will Black shirt black shirt at the very end ask. The Pastor has preached well. Won't you come so the doors at the Church of the Church Open. Yes I want to come is good enough. Passan is absolutely three points in donahue in. Won't Y'all reiterated install. Yeah there's a lot you can learn about life and relationships right near the church. But I'll start preachy. The they got a hold of the same thing learned about marketing alert church. I'll tell you about that later. Yeah I like a Ah Mike that is that content online just keeps bro. Everybody online nick. All things of I built a big big is still working actually say the home backyard active. I saw starting to get more engagement passing. Not Be People Adele so here in August are marching next of big things and brings the rain social your brand from zero to ninety days and that's without providing to be opposed and just limited so good work really coming on the listeners. Were thrilled that rich information from you. John Thank you. What an amazing conversation with Nick Nelson the brand Puna work? Hey I'm pretty busy right now. I can't wait to see you. The Matt Three Career Services One gay drive in the park has deserve reduction of no size communication Gatien. The culture soup podcast is a registered trademark mark of no silos communications L L C.

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