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True cash offer is not available in all areas. Everybody what's going on rob sister dino back here with you. Talk about all the week's most interesting news stories here on the first week of september twenty nineteen here on news a christopher movement whose makes it today. Is tom puss abuse of actual factual. Yes that's right right. The actual factual news is back september. It's storm area fifty one month and we're here to talk about. All the big stories stories here going on in the world of the internet news and here with me. A man who made quite the entrance at the rha royal rumble here is tyson apostol tyson how are you. I'm feeling good you know. I don't don't didn't feel like i was that limber but apparently i was was okay. I wasn't sure if you had what i was talking about. I have almost zero idea except for like yeah. What are you telling me all right. Here is a man not a dentist this danny bryson danny. How are you not a dentist. Nope not me wait. Did we think you were a dentist. Somebody else did and on a different podcast here on the arabas podcast network. There was a thirty person podcast astor royal rumble which took place over the weekend a relation and both danny bryson anti-sinn apostle appeared a in the royal rumble simulation k. good thing it was a simulation. I won't spoil it but tyson yours yours the second man in the royal rumble and you get quite the intro good like everybody else has to run into the ring whereas the first two people going in and they can really genuine put on a show cock yeah so i usually why if you don't watch the whole thing you should watch watch at least like the first five minutes the digital tyson come down and really soak in the moment who made this. This was on the the robin akiva anita podcast. It's the podcast where we spin a wheel of ideas <hes> every week and then do whatever comes up on the wheel. That's cool. I did this listener. Listener brent from canada is his name is really he was somebody that we did not know very well at all but he had to go and create everybody in this game and so definitely check check that out tyson comes in number two danny enters the ring much much later later on probably around like twentieth person the rumble truly peacock like tyson if anything tyson brilliant is spirit animal is a peacock yeah by very very very impressive work by both of you in the in the podcast or royal rumble all right tyson what's going on labor day played some pickle ball with two separate groups and then training got a little kiddy pool for our backyard for for the girls because we can put it in the shade of our home and put them out there and then we can just sit out there and chill. We don't have to drag them to the neighborhood pool. That's like a block away uh-huh yeah exactly but there's nobody i told you before. There's nobody told me filled with old people. They don't swim. They don't swim and also there's nobody here in the summer and over the weekend me and my brother-in-law signed up for our first pickle ball tournament went which is next week well. How many people are on a pickle ball team to two doubles like any way like we can chart your progress. I'm really the the pickle ball pickle ball progress charleena's start instagram storing. My pickle ball sleaze you because this is the highlight of my <hes> currently the highlight of my future. Life is watching you advance through the ranks underdog story of tyson in the pickle ball world. The goal is to be pro by january okay. That's reasonable foreheads. That's yeah that's totally reasonable it might be we have no idea there yeah i don't i don't know either. That's the thing that's gonna show up to this tournament we went to we've been playing quite a bit but my brother-in-law just barely got into it like a month ago and but he's good at ping pong. If you're good at ping pong good at tennis or if you're good at racquetball fall you'll be okay over great crossover yes so we just asked to do that was at the pickle ball court that was giving lessons instructor. We were like hey what should we send up. He's like just sign up for the beginner category so they rank it like tennis so three point though is like the beginner level three point five four point. Oh four point five and five point. Oh is the highest amateur ranking five point. Oh okay so we signed up for three point five because i was like i i feel like we're tall enough and athletic enough that bringing a smoke the three of us and so three five entering at three five because you can sell yourself rank yourself for your first tournaments until tell you actually like kind of figure out where you're at so if we go to we're gonna play the three fives and they're six teams in a double elimination in a bracket style and if we win then our plan is still in in play to become pro by january if we lose. We have to find a different sport. Probably i don't know what we're going to do but i i was like my brother-in-law's name is chad. I was like what i was like. Would you rather lose by just barely like take second place. Just just barely lose the beloved america yeah or win eleven two zero every single game we play he's like oh i'd rather win yeah <hes> and i was like but even the beginner category it's like if we go there and we just smoke show everybody and then they're just like and we've been watching like pros play on youtube doing some pro like rotational stuff that no beginners really good like know that we're they're gonna see it and be like what are you doing and then probably the organizers are going to be like that. Some pro level shit that those guys are pulling out and so the class scout and say you gotta get there yeah yeah no. I think we're going to get in trouble. I think they're going to be like really. You're envisioning a payphone spell scouts. Gotta see what's happening. Here is doing uh-huh and right now. No i'm left handed and he's right handed so you have to rotate to keep your hands in centre court so you have to four hands in the middle all the court instead of two backhands yeah <hes> that sounds like a lethal combination is yes really is tyson. G needs to be undefeated it to make it to the pro circuit. No i don't think so. I think it's so mountain biking you kind of rank yourself and you're just like i'm pro now and then breeze like and i think that this is a little bit more serious than that but i think like you can just rank yourself a five point. Oh if you wanted to just show up and play those but getting to the pro circuit. I think you have to qualify or something like that. I don't know exactly how it works. Sponsors well then i think i think the top pros probably make upwards of two four thousand dollars a year yeah yeah so you'll be in the money soon by january. At least i'm hoping <hes> okay all right well. We will follow tyson's emerging pickle ball career very closely over these next number. One says he manned poker and poker. I'm going to be the dion sanders anders bo jackson of sport pro. Yeah just don't mix the two and get caught up in like a pete rose type scandal where i'm gambling on myself to win all matches exactly and it's my only warning k thank you what poker is not sports betting poker to other things tyson is he gateway gateway all right well. Let's talk about our top stories. At this hour and danny famously a couple of years ago we podcast about the the great film the emoji movie and a lot of people most people think about is fondly some do not but now danny that there's a movie coming out. That looks like it's gonna be made for you. Flaming hot cheetos could could be in its own movie. You think it's being funded by that rapper who went to the hospital when he ate too many yes. I've been hospitalized flaming hot cheetos so so same level as that guy actually had something to say because i read the whole article and originally originally i was just like every single movie idea so dried up that they're doing the flaming hot cheetos something hot but something something spicy the movie is more of a rags to riches story about the guy who created the flaming hot cheetos yeah which makes more sense right yeah and he was he quit school at fourth grade or i don't know if he quit school fourth grade but he stopped going to school in fourth grade and then he would go home with cheetos and he was mexican man who would go home after working at the as a janitor cheetos place and mess around and with some mexican spices and some chili peppers and stuff and cheetos and then when he's perfected it he somehow got in front of the c._e._o. And dan eventually worked his way janitor he would probably like was cleaning out because like oh by the way while i was like wiping off that giant desk that people sit out <hes> like try these cheetos she does yeah which is really is an amazing story and then eventually worked as i think it is. I think it is to rob like imagine boring of no no. I'm not saying it's listen to this. I'm not saying that's movie. Material yeah listen to this rob. Would you watch this story about this upper for middle class white boy who quit college and then got on reality t._v. A bunch of times and eventually won a million dollars yes that you'd like the first like part of the movie and then then i wanna see that person go on to become a pickle ball pro. Yes that's true and that's that's why i'm my metamorphosis is so far incomplete yes so the story is i think they could package it to be a decent story dramatize dramatize but i do like this story i think and then he eventually became president of pepsico. The guy who invented flaming hot cheetos <hes> um so the flaming hot cheetos themed movie. I think would also be cool. It's like a <music> our movie where it's just chester cheeto spicy chester cheeto is the five time is fighting grouchy no but everything everything else is real and he's just the animation like the was the south or yes. I'd like a where the rabbit movie or the peak of two movie <hes> yeah yeah exactly see peter rabbit yeah yeah. It was hard pressed woman. What their cartoon i. I just roger rabbit roger rabbit. I just grab it you like her. That's all i remember is the red dress. They can't get it out of his head years young young and impressionable. If you don't know who jessica rabbit is you'll a lot of google. It is human. Please tell me at least it's humid jessica rabbit. Danny doesn't know who jessica rabbit is. All i remember is the cleavage. I'm i'm not kidding. That's all i remember. She's wife danny rabbit. I need to see in your last name. She okay well. I did want to be attracted to a large preston rabbit wife. Dan have you no decency. Let's see please tell me oh what would've happened. If she was a cartoon rabbe. She was a cartoon rabbit. I would actually start to you wonder about myself but what is attracted cartoon rabbit. I'm sorry still i am. I human danny. Thank goodness. That's way more acceptable travel so flaming hot cheetos movie. I feel like that in development. I feel like that. Somebody's gotta be the voice of reason and speak up about about that. No this is too boring this story. It's about what happens inside the vending machine tyson. Can't she see pixar. Aw that would be awesome life zoning machine. There's the flaming hot. Cheetos oreo bites next yeah. The snickers occurs bar. Isn't that wouldn't kid doesn't that movie right itself more than this movie well. I still think you'd need one writer. Do you think do you think of anybody that could rogaine progam movie. He did the one on hot dogs. Yeah what about what about. You don't think mr white could do that well. Maybe tarantino could do it. I doubt he could do it. Does he want to do it. That's really the question i think he does. He does he would be the <hes> great a great fit for it and so even longoria is directing this movie also data. Why would she want not too. I think she i don't think her directorial debut as it. She had a t._v. Show going for a while desperate housewives. I don't know different one about a hotel. Devious maid's could be that. It's just about a hotel. Obviously i've never seen it. I haven't been aware of evil ongeri as work accents desperate housewives your favorite show <hes> well whatever it could look. I think if they make it short enough rob could be good good. What did i thirty minutes. That's that's a good thirty minute movie right right to great thirty minute movie danny what about mountain dew movie oh mountain to do deserves a movie. Definitely taco bell deserves a movie. I feel like there. There are more than del taco. Yo yeah yeah taco bell had that very successful palm springs hotel which by the way sold out. I saw nature of people going. It looked exciting way. Taco bell had palm springs hotel for a for a pop-up hotel with lots of sweet taco bell merch and food it looked it looked like a great place to be and you had to be an amex platinum card holder too. I don't know it's sold out whatever whatever that means. I look at it the pitchers i'm probably too old to have gone <hes> but i definitely would have appreciated the taco. Bell experience in palm springs six yeah okay and did was that going on the same time as burning man. It's competing thing i'd much rather go to the taco bell then in their rainman burning earning mouth the go home with his burning burning probably burn leases. Yeah yeah burning halls okay yeah. That's a good name burning in halls all right so there is a story that has really been going viral today amount something that occurred occurred at a what a burger chain mo- yeah did danny utah last week about your experience at popeye's. Have you ever been to a what a burger burger. No never the media type and you go what a burger might have been water burger. It's what a burger. I think a a can't remember if i've seen them before driving pass yeah. They have like a dope like van halen looking w really yeah i know i've seen on facebook. Also i know some people that are really into what a burger but a public relations lasko for what we saw. This wonder woman logo to me a w with wings right. I didn't know this video by the way it was a water burger but i have seen the video and it is disturbing. Yes okay so there's been a lot of talk about the roading who leapt into the deep fryer at a what a burger and watch this video last night and have you seen the video version of this yeah the woman's in the counter frantically trying to it looks like i don't know if she's trying to kill it or capture it and then the thing does a run around yeah comes out of her to her left and leaps from the counter talk into the hot area. Yeah the vat of boiling oil right tyson french fry greece occurred at a time where the burger the restaurant was very crowded and all swing dude s. and it seemed like that everybody in the store was aware of what was going on when they talk about rodent like i thought it would be like a rat the size of you know that's what they said school said rap but it looked like it was a little all mouse but everybody had is on this thing and everybody was going nuts and had their phone and the people that were working there at what burger needed to try to like there was one the lady was like i'm going to give everybody their money back for the food and then there was another lady that was going to go try to catch it and try to like not be freaking out but but then everybody saw when the mouse day like in a la- olympic dive into the deep fryer always had dreams of being a french french fry yeah that's troublesome. I opened up. I actually saw a couple of mice. <hes> this past week opened up a generator at work okay and they had nested there and the thing i did notice that the mice seemed to be prone towards self destruction <hes> like i let them okay. Hey just run away. We're in the mountains. Go find somewhere else to live. I started up the generator. They seem to want to come back to the generator. Even though now it was hot spewing carbon monoxide and was definitely going to kill them and i thought you know maybe these mice just system. They need the thing we have take technology. Yeah it's like dude. This is now become. A deadly place for ume is to be like move on yeah and not into the deep fryer right yeah. Ah this evolution where the mice are too dumb to not know that generators and vats of boiling oil will kill them. I mean i i think that a lot of animals are built in with sensory systems that should warn them but you're not gonna know that that like it looked like that mouse took a jump from countertop to countertop not knowing because there was a gap in between where the boiling vats were and where the <hes> the counter where it was stirring around was at first so i think that's an honest mistake for a mouse. How and why would he know that. There's yeah boiling hot oil right there. Humans humans make similar mistakes when they jump off things with skis or parachutes or into the ocean by helicopters with wobble blades yeah they often often find themselves landing in places. They had not intended to land <hes> no. It's not just a mouse problem. They have down this water burger location location to be cleaned and be sanitized but danny at what point do you feel comfortable. Returning to this. What burger location in china used to needed a subway and then one day. I was eating a sandwich. I saw a rat crawl out from underneath the decking just outside yeah i never went back outside yeah but it obviously been in the restaurant area and that was the last time i visited the subway so for me never returning earnings by the way i'm sure every restaurant i go to has eroded or to write this just when it becomes apparent. We don't wanna see that on the surface we we don't want to see that type of activity. I think we all like it to be concealed. <hes> hein the counters and under the tables we can live with that right tyson. Is that something that's sort of like unsaid by these restaurants where it's like. We we know you guys got problems but if the problem is so bad that you can't even hide it anymore or that's where we perfect yeah well. I think the thing is is like listen to their statement. There like this was the only problem with the thing and you're like okay if you had said like there was a mouse family living under the counter of like forty mice and we got them all then maybe i'd be like okay okay but when they're like this was solitary incident it's crazy. It was a freak thing. Everything else was totally up to par here now. I'm not trusting them. You know what make me feel better if the c._e._o. Went down to this burger took the mouse out of the deep fryer and said look is perfectly safe to eat here and bit mouse and uh-huh danny should burger steer into this like should they make the new mouse burger a mouth but like what if like they like native part of the advertising campaign of the what a mouse and made him like cute and put him in cartoons and maybe gave them a sexy wife with <hes> cleveland would you would you would like that right <hes> yeah because the wife the with the cleavage. That's very distracting so you de the jessica mash like whoa dude. I'm not even looking at the rodent. I'm looking at the cartoon. Wife with hugh is or up there danny any yes classic. It's yeah me and my wife jessica her. I don't even think jessica rabbit loved roger rabbit. What was she just with him. When the first one she was playing around yeah. I don't remember that she was playing around with me yeah. I don't remember the film but i will watch it. We'll watch flirting with detective. They were fired remember issues in their marriage stephanie yeah so that was that was definitely a assault subplot jer are we were paying this plot danny. I wasn't young impressionable man or kid. I don't know what i was. Did you have to washes movie in secret when your parents were outta town his. I don't think my parents live allowed this movie in the house. I was actually watching some of the movies my my parents. Let me watch when i was younger and i whoa this i this is awkward with my kids. Now like labyrinth. David bowie is putting all of his goods out on display the entire hire time. You're watching labyrinth. You can see dick. No i mean he's definitely a showing it off just wearing those pants sir you call those pants. What is he wearing tights tights but you go to swimming. Pools and people are wearing speed but you don't know oh my parents. That's what i'm saying. I can't imagine my mom watching that. Google is different time. It was like the eighty s or ninety right and she did she she. Did you do exercise videos so maybe she was used to the whole cheers accustomed to it. Yeah the pictures of david bowie and labyrinth are from the waist up but get one from the waist down type in david bowie waist down labyrinth labyrinth okay all right. We'll save that for another time. Okay let's go from the deep fryer at what a burger to the case of a vegan vegan who is taking a neighbor to court for too much barbecuing tyson yeah a a i read that whole thing i read all the articles this time and i was just like <hes> i don't know. I don't know how i feel about it. Because part of me is like is she repulsed by those smells because i still feel like there's not tempted did yeah. There's a lot of vegans who are like. I love like i didn't go vegan because of the taste and the smell and everything i went vegan. It's more humane. I went vegan for health reasons. I'd those are the reasons people go vegan for but they're still trying to find that perfect vegan steak yeah you know so i feel like unless she's repulsed by it or tempted by it then. She has no argument here but if she's like it's revolting. It's offensive and they're doing it on purpose. Okay now. I can so basically. I don't even know if i told you we heard the whole story yeah. An australian william woman is suing her neighbors because they grilled meats and fish is all the time on their backyard b._b._q. <hes> right and i feel like if there's any nation that is the b._b._q. Leader other than the united states u._s._a. Number one yeah it's probably australia. I bet they can get down to some grill and right. I mean the whole thing thing from the eighties was put another shrimp on the barbie. Well not if this is your neighbor. Danny don't do it. No don't tempt you know if if you're being a jerk that's the only way i think she has a case. They just love barbecue and he's just tired of the smell. I mean that's just living in a neighborhood with other people but does she tired of the smell or cooking meats. We'll have to have some vegans weigh in on this. You don't allow me in your house you utah in hot meat. I allow me but we don't purchase meet very often and keep it in the house because we when we go out to you. Sometimes we get me it so once in a while we will l. or if we're going to grill so successful tyson no because i feel like if we keep meat in the house and also eat meat when we go out then that's consuming meat too much meat you're in a world of meat but if you save the meats for when you just go out once in a while yeah and it's vegetables and fruits at whatever people cook me around me. It makes you feel guilty because i feel like i should be kidding. I'm a man i barbecue and then my barbecue is sitting on the side of my house. Rusting dusty was probably a beehive incites several mice living in it yup just waiting for it to turn it on on right yeah and so that's my problem with barbecues always smells really good and it always makes you feel guilty. I should be doing okay so oh. She's vegan for barbecuing too much then. Let's add a second data point here to the equation and the woman in question. Her name is cilla card in she also is supposedly furious at cigarette cigarette smoke coming into their backyard and cigarette smoke. That's that's not great. Your secondhand smoke also on her list of things that are making. You're mad. The sound of children playing basketball's next door okay so she this yeah okay. This is now okay now. I'm i'm gonna question her credibility now. You're getting ridiculous. Cigarette had cigarette smoke should be the number one complaint if that's an issue and if it's every time but also it's like. Where do you draw the line there. She's a serial complaints with met you. You were making some points you had as i now you took it too far. I don't mind enjoying doing a cigar once in a while as a joke because they're hilarious but i don't think i'll ever smoke when in my backyard because of that my neighbors i'm an ironic smoker and i mean as are most people who smoke real fire these days except for marijuana. I think if you're smoking cigarettes or if you're smoking pipes were if you're smoking cigars it's only to be ironic and even though that may have ultimately that led to your addiction it was fueled by being hilarious it first day in the chat. Frost wants to know who is the worst neighbor the barbecuing everyday person or the woman cutting grass at ten pm. Would you rather current neighbor or the person who's got the barbecue hugo in smoking and also in a free. Throw shooting contests the bar that's through in the free throwing their yeah. The basketball thing would be infuriates infuriates. Someone was played basketball at ten thirty. That'd be as annoying as the lawn. Mowing marcel bam bam is just like the chinese water torture in <hes> sound form but if it's just barbecue and i take the barbecuing the lawn mowing because the blood pressure is his way high when that lady is mowing the lawn she hasn't done it though i wonder if she is a fan of the podcast since you've finally caught on because i have not heard the lawnmower get broken out at ten and a longtime okay all right well maybe she is she listening to you. Get a listener for us. I've never spoken with her her years. I've lived here danny bryson's brothers. If you're listening could you leave a note on danny's neighbor's porch that would encourage her to listen to news a news all right. Let's talk about one of the big trends hitting colorado all right now. Now is not the marijuana industry. That's that's old news. The new hottest thing <music> in colorado tyson forest bathing forest bathing yeah sounds hilarious japanese salt and then it's boring yeah now. I've been forgetting to put the <hes> the stories up i've got. I've got all this story. That's okay. That's the flaming hot cheetos. Let's just real quick yeah. We've talked about forget we. The radio shows rodent just so forest bathing is actually a japanese concept that i think is being adopted over here and and it said if you spend a certain amount of time in nature it has healing effects on your body and mind you explain what is far as the bathing and have you ever done it so so that's how it that's the direct translation from whatever the japanese term is. <hes> forced me. I've always thought it's a great term for forest bathing. It's just i've been nature not necessarily a forest although that's obviously optimal and not necessarily bathing naked in just walking through the tree's you're absorbing the nature putting your phone down yeah just like using all five cents is to try and explore nature yeah yeah all five-seater under rebranding 'cause forest bathing sounds <hes> pretty great your love yeah yeah i actually i love that term forest bathing the great i just <unk> spent the last hour doing some forest bathing and they're like what did you do. It's like well. I went out and walk and accidentally. I took a walk poked. My hand with a cactus smelled eld so i don't think forest bathing exists in the middle of summer in arizona. I think that's called uh torture torture bathing bathing in in hell fire bathing might be a good term for it. I think forest bathing is walking through a nice call. I don't think you can be calm and collected when you're you're walking through one hundred fifteen degree arizona desert and i think that <hes> behind even with us umbrella no because i think beneath it all you're desperate to get out of the heat and you also have the stress that you might die at any moment <hes> not pretty well yeah the dry heat thing right the dry heat me in general like i can go out with people whose faces turn bright red immediately but my face does not do that. I think forest bathing. I think you're walking under the shade of many trees smelling sal groomed trail your hands behind your back joaquin gene quietly and you know considering all the things that life in nature have to offer <hes> yeah well. The evening heard you to taste. It's nature to liquor trie to -lica- tree to like touch things but it's like this is what's going to happen. If if this article gets widespread wide spread somebody's gonna go out. They're going to touch a stinging nettle plant and then lick poison oak right and then scrub poison mud in their eyeballs so i have someone who goes out with me and he said that he didn't use to swear very much until he started hanging out with me. Which was it me no now but he said the reason is is that his experience with nature before was very low key but now his there's so much pain and suffering and tripping and you know also that asshole kristoff not a whole but yeah. He said that he was just like the he's taken it now from forest bathing to suffer fest yeah nature suffer fest well how come if he's is not nassau. Why doesn't he just go by chris. Why would you want to go by chris. There's a million chris's. That's not even a great name. I would much rather be known as kristof than crew will gio and and then they're like what european country are you from your. I'm not my parents just named me that and you're like get outta here. You asshole. I think he's got pretty close. Relatives from germany okay so i think christoph is actually the he has some tie to it. Okay well on your instagram. You're very upset about this. More upset. Kim broke down. I'm going to let them know that you your biggest desire in life is to go by chris or changes named christopher but the other thing too or christ. Why does he go by christ because he's not the anointed one. I'm listening to new on your instagram story. Get him to introduce himself as kristoff. Just be like hi. I'm chris daum and do it in some accent as well. No i mean i can encourage him to do that but i can't force him. Could you make a forest bathing video either with with you or kristof bathing videos every two weeks now known as because you're supposed to leave your camera and footage behind okay okay yeah. You're not god force bay without my digital. All that's as far as bathing now. He wasn't in control of it less thing and he didn't hear it or anything what he needs to do is set up some trail camps that are triggered by motion catch big and then go back later and just like let them poor space sometime because they don't always do pictures or video name the last time you were about asia come. I think people who forced to become what's the word they o._d. On forest bathing can they become all super spiritual about nature and they become mm-hmm these obnoxious too much yeah. It's too much like back up a kristof. One of these guys just iraq no no. He's not man you gotta get off of that. You got to get to christo hey. Why did you replace kristof <hes> y did you replace me with kristof. That's basically well for one you. You have a fear of heights which doesn't do well in the mountains. No it does find in the mountains unless you're like. Let's scale across this cliff with all these slippery gravel do that all the time. You guys idiots okay. Let's talk about another fad. I said trad. I'm combine nine trash trend in fad. So what a novice mistake from a professional podcast or trad tra- new here's another new trad ah or the trend or did you just invent a new podcasting word. A trad okay are deals bringing back back the mullet tysoe. This is not a trad or a fad or a trend at all people have ironically had mullets for a long time have had fashion and mullets for the last ten fifteen twenty years. I had a fashion mullet. <hes> about danny's had a mullet and it's not in the time of ironic mullets which is what they're doing now but trying to spice up against that girls hair looks baller but these millennials have seen the only thing is all mullets so it's never went away. They just found that they horner's of the u._s. Okay we're gonna pentagram yea well. This person that's on there and i don't know a lot about them. They go by on instagram the the mullet mama on instagram okay cool yeah i mean i'm not saying that they don't have some cool mullets these millennials but they didn't invent the more and they definitely didn't bring them all back. Does it never met way did go away for a second though it did not tell you if you go to the walmart instagram page or ask on walmart whatever it's it's endless mullets so it never went away you stop paying attention to it or you didn't hang out with the people who still had them yeah but i mean they're i think they're claiming is they're making it cool but we already made it cool by wearing mullets ironically because i had a shaved head with a mullet on the back that was pretty dope. I even french braided the mullet yeah so they've loved taking credit for these things because they are terrible at history yeah terrible history and they <music> only in they've only invented like boring unsuccessful stuff like uber facebook twitter. Doc instagram invented some cool stuff but let's let's just take a step back. You're not invention everything everything don't reinvent the wheel all right <hes> so all right speaking of mullets <hes> this is a great way to get into our sponsor for this episode of the podcast and knows our friends over at memela brothers shaped male scape. Look instead of messing around with a mullet to do something cool with of your hair. How 'bout manscaping number one in men's below the belt grooming offering precision engineered tools for your your family jewels. Check this out. Look a look what i have here this. Is that a manscaping checkpoints. Are you gonna do this on air on hair. Wasn't that thing on check this out this is they call this the lawnmower two point. Oh danny are you wearing pants. I am wearing pets danny that you could run this lawnmower our anytime day or night not by neighbors in the privacy. You've really flip that on. 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I think you're gonna line. I think you're gonna feel you be a <hes> great song. I debated on talking a debated about talking on this subject it because the kid who's involved in this story does i. It's not a happy ending right but the way he got to where he is now is kind of fascinating and it's a story about a kid who ate nothing for the past three years or four years but pringles french fries yup and white bread ham and sausage right now. This is a guy that's all he ate for. How many like three four five years so like that. He's dead now. No he's going blind uh-huh which i didn't know like i have a terrible diet right. It's slowly gotten better. Those things have beta carotene in them well ah i wonder so if you eat taco bell like every single day. You're probably getting some of the necessary. Vitamins and minerals like b twelve. Maybe some other maybe why are you saying twelve you talk about in the article like that he wasn't getting what are you getting b twelve from at taco bell that you wouldn't get from sausage awesome and white bread because your flower towards taco meat. There's no b twelve in taco. Meat is the same as sausage tyson. I oh i don't know anything about b twelve. That's what they say in the article. Maybe arguing that that is with twelve when you don't know you're not letting me finish finish k. Go okay this is this is what i'm wondering so he had just those four items over which if you've had kids what you realize is that kids fall into a trap of eating in the same exact things day after day. I guess your kids are probably like mine. My kids eat these little mini pizzas from costco and would sit there and which ones are they the little do they come in a box of either cheese or pepperoni dr so good okay so my kids one on those for breakfast. They like you. Should you should give them to them for breakfast. Put them in an air fryer for on three sixty for like six hours. They're interested recipe but what i didn't know is that you could go blind from eating junk food. Are we sure though that this is the case yes in the article. He visited with dr early on. He was like <hes> you know. You just need more stopwatch alba jessica rabbit video yeah. You need more vegetables and you you need more. You think he's going blind from watching. Jessica rabbit is hard on his palms. That's not possible because not growing is. I watched johny. What's your vision. My vision is better than twenty twenty. Okay all right so surgery which by the way is a testament to the fact acted. I eat junk food for at least a decade nothing but junk food yeah so skies well. There must be some nutritional value in nature bath all the pizza pizza in taco bell eight for ten years because i would have thought i'd be a prime candidate for going blind important attrition but you're getting like sixty sixty five trillion percent of your vitamin d daily yeah and and i don't know how much of a role that place but of the story the the thing that shocked me and what drew me to this story i didn't know i guess i could have assumed that if you didn't eat certain things bad things happen but no you go blind for eating junk food right. I think shocking junk food. There's a lot of health yeah. There's a lot of health risks boot going blind. I didn't think that was i thought yeah okay. You become obese. Maybe your muscles muscles atrophy make all random testing start stops leads but i didn't think going blind was something that would happen. I mean these guys is that were on ships for months. After month. Eating nothing but salted meat nervy line got they got scurvy right. Their teeth fell out but they've probably i'd heard well <unk> by didn't hear many pirates going to optometrist's yeah yeah but i mean you're not gonna make a great pirate. If you're blind yeah you did you jump onto the other start doing giving like these like cheese puff snacks to the pirates well. Maybe the eye patch yeah. Maybe the patch was to cover up that one that already gone blind because all you all to be. That's not why they were because they probably wanted to look cool. No that's wrong to do. You guys really not know why they were patches. No no okay here. You go and you can try this at night. When you have to get it up and go to the bathroom you they keep an eye patch over one eye and then at night they would have night vision because that i had bench sitting in the dark mall day-long so listen hear danny yes that is true it would improve their night vision and if you do you get up at night and go to the bathroom tyson this danny okay fine. Go get up and go to the bathroom at night of course and do you flip on the lights no case so here's what i want you to do. Next time you get up at night and go to the bathroom flip on the lights but keep one eye closed the whole time you're of got the lights john okay then when you turn off the lights and come out and open the i that you kept close you can still navigate around in your room because it has not been exposed. It's too bright light for a long time so what that's what i do so i if i have to go to the bathroom at night. I would like to see his operation. Do you have an eye patch on your nightstand. No i just keep one eye closed the whole time in the bathroom. You walk around. What about death perception now. You've been to the toilet still. Do i know you have a little depth the perception with one eye so that's risky i'm sleepy. I have one and i said i was interested in or whatever the thing is. Pirates were eyepatches. Hi patches to improve their night vision. I'm gonna look this up okay. This seems while why did the pirates needs such good night vision assigned to rake he can around yeah and buried treasure where no one else can. There's lots of reasons so i if you wear an eye patch for like half a day or something and flip your eye patch off in the brighter day. It is so overwhelmingly bright because you're is accustomed to darkness. There's adverse effects to keep an eye patch on all day. A switch. They swap is okay. I'll look i then they'd night vision the next day the next night and it's when they would get this information bro yeah experience well. How many will this is just one of your. This is a harebrained theory. You know i'm across google all right all right. Yes feedback if you have any thoughts on this in our facebook group. We'll we'll start. We'll start a threadbare. Why does the bulls that's my p._s._a. For the day okay is it that he didn't get the nutrients from the the doctor doctors at the process with that badge outside. You didn't hear that what it's a bit just just said my theory. I i asked google why do pirates where eyepatches and it says pirates frequently had to move above and below decks from daylight to near darkness s. and the smart ones wore a patch over one eye to keep it dark adapted outside okay okay. I guess i i'm not gonna argue with your google makes even more sense than but it's his night vision we apologize for what questioning him yup. No i will accept the truth once. I will not make very good colt member if you're not gonna just blindly believe everything is the cult leader says oh well. I'm thinking of starting to counter colt and yeah. I'll get my followers to wear eye patches because there is our noc so there is out to keep one eye dark adapted all right yeah okay. You don't need to tell me anymore. I'm gonna look it up. This is over well. I just looked at us yeah the same source. You're going to look it up fine. At least i'll see it with my own eyes. Okay then you're gonna wear an eye patch next week probably now when i go to bed eta my keeping an eye patch on the nightstand. Did we do the bolthole yet. We already did what was it about. Oh my god how did guys keep going blind line but junk food k. well then. I've got a review for you great. Oh all right all right good love. All of you news ice stars yep by dog mom to oh to. I'm not whittier funny. Well not with that attitude but i just wanted to say i love you and please never stop podcasting. Oh this podcast is legitimate legitimately the highlight of my week. Oh thank you that's very nice. Oh rob yes if survivor goes off the air. I guess we still gotta keep this thing going to do something. Yeah i mean all you'll have is time that point. We could probably make this into a morning. Show roger rabbit movie podcast and labyrinth redo all those liberal twenty things. You didn't know about pirates everything going to be its own podcast gas flaming hot cheetos movie. She does movie podcast. It's all it's all happening. Look look podcast of chris doffs yeah. No no wow. I deep dive tighten. The antichrist off. A fanatic tyson is he. Do you like him more than me. You guys are different in different ways. You know that doesn't that makes me feel worse stuck. You're hiding something from me from only me too far away ties in only like i'm only like six our helicopter drive away helicopter right. How long were they helicopter. Typically shaves things in half drive time. It's not as fast you think five six hours well. There's more helicopters that are faster than the crap on that matt. How ties is really going after all my real friends. Yeah yeah your friends in real life not just tyson with the connection. Yeah i went to dinner with you. When i was in town i didn't have to do is very pleasant pleasant and your stock went way up and they left the state and then plummeted like bitcoin crazy but are you coming out this winter. I'll <hes> all try so now. We're so far away noncommittal. No it's nine hours by helicopter. Well okay if i can convince matt to fly. It's a really really long drive like anything past about six to eight air. Provo airport flies down here for like forty five dollars each way okay all right. I'm not committing anything but yes. I'll try all right great job. Everybody once again follow at tyson apostle and at danny bryson check them out the royal rumble. Thanks so much scott saint-pierre behind the scenes thick everybody by we did it guys man trip twenty twenty arizona <music> podcasts weekend.

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