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Welcome into the ESPN FC studios this Monday edition of the show longtime here in studio on the Mona no, Steve Nichol Sebastian sell us, are we will be joined throughout the show as well by our good friend, wrath Han Eckstein someone of I should say high class tape. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Oklahoma meals in Russia with, with Ravitz fitting that we have in for today's show because it was the richest match in all of football. The promotion playoff, Aston Villa, a beating Darby county, AMRO Ghazi John McGinn the goal spores for villa Martin. Waghorn gets one that late for Darby county. Even see outmuscle fill up shot, villa. But in the end, it's Aston Villa that earns promotion the last spot in next year's from your leap. All right. C villa. Pretty prohibitive, favourite going into this one close matches at a fair just result for you. I think she'll I think the best team overall, Darby Darby really for me didn't come alive until the clothing stays the wait till the to know again. They did it against Leeds and one of the playoff games, and the came from you can't expect to keep doing and for me. Yes, I villa more stable site. I think not just an appeal, but June course of the season, they've been better overall Allah, what I saw from both teams is the nerves of what the moment was all about. Because we didn't really see the best of either of our Darby for that matter, villa, there were moments in which perhaps, they could have been cleaner with the ball and made it a lot more comfortable for them towards the end. And you found that they're recounting simply because of the desperation of having to do something, the last twenty twenty five minutes or so they're pushing forward disorganized. They just trying to get something into the bugs see what happens they get a goal out of that. And from then on, was hanging on and I mean, barely hanging on to the point to where you're saying kind of gets a goal here and they go into extra-time this is this is a whole different story, but did enough and that's all they care about they'll the Premier League next year. We'll see you guys later, our last image villain. The Premier Li is quite pathetic. So years. They were relegated mid April this huge fan base. Rich ownership. You think they can stay up next season. If they don't add to this, starting live, never mind, the squad then they were sway back. Don't listen, the truth is, as they have pretty much championship players playing in the championship who are going to go into the Premier League. And if they stick with that it's not going to be enough, people keep throwing wolves around wolves had Premier League players playing in the championship. That's the best way for me to describe it. So they have to go out and spend, and if these spend spend wisely so they have to get those two things to into this site. Otherwise, they will come straight, by the thing that I think was important here from us Avila's perspective was the momentum that they generated late in the season to get into this playoff position. And then carrying on that momentum onto here, there were moments in which villa essentially had to win or ELLs, and they did that for a couple of months straight, and they haven't loss against. We're, we're talking since March. And so it gives you an idea of how good they have been when they needed to be good today. Not great, but good enough. Manager who's untested the primarily benefit task job coming in halfway through the season. But has noise speeding along the big boys. Yeah. Speaking managers, the other side of this is Frank Lampard, the kind of common thought is that if Darby didn't get promotion, he might end up taking over the job at Chelsea raff. We bring you in here now that we know Darby isn't going up. Is this more likely? Well, he in self said, it's no more or no less likely. He was saying, look into sit down with my chairman, discuss. What's happening season? Avid contract here. And of course, the subtext is that sorry still there. I mean, the joke might not be available. What is true? I think is that Chelsea if contingency needs to be made if Sarah gets an offer from even inventors say okay, here's the money for the release close, then think he would be very much in the conversation as it is, I think, and other managers have shown this he benefits from the fact that there is at least interest on the other side, and that will help him think to have that conversation with the chairman to see, you know, how much money is available for next year where we going, so he's in a great position, but I think Chelsea, don't necessarily want to point him because it would mean leaving Lee losing sorry at this point. Let's speculate a little bit. Oh, hey, that's something, we hypothetically, sorry leaves Lampert, the right choice for Chelsea. No. What of show? Sure. So sky to green, green. Yeah, absolutely to green, you know. It's definitely see, yes. Get going. Get front Lampe. I've been here saying that why he's all socio getting the money at aged job. He has no seavy to do that and Chelsea's in the same bracket, Chelsea team that have to be in the toll for have to play. The tape will have to be competed, very highest level, and the truth of the mar Franks, Franks just, just completely green, as far as consent. So I, I saw lovely fear story, but a thing, that's just what is really no Rica, Megan argument, that Franklin has less of a CV, then only gonna skyer does at this point or did even before he took over my saying that. And so if we're going through that reason in, they doesn't quite make sense, just yet it doesn't mean that it can happen in the future. But not just yet and by the way, I don't if you continue to do job. The Frank has done with Rb county and he continues down that path. Then I think the opportunities will be there not only Chelsea but everywhere else. Of the name that he cares. And the tune is that that name is gonna open over himself. But those opportunities only come when you have results out on the field. And if you're doing it Darby county, then obviously, people are gonna say, well, they can do it there. Maybe he can do it in other places to that end though. Is that to replicate success in the championship like a lot of what happened with Darby seemed to be lightning in a bottle? His stock may be at its high point right now. Jew would be the hardest thing for because because it was lack of expedience as if Chelsea will go through the type of period that salary went through Chelsea. Again, it expedience we'll we'll we'll too busy looking at the field and looking at the way, the play in the tactics and an old ill. Experience brings. Mentality when things are going great. You realize that you keep a level head, but when things are going bodily is even more important to keep a level head front. I don't think Frank has had any sort of experience that yet and he wouldn't be able to handle it. Basically, the other thing that you can maybe argument for is the fact that if he looked in the mirror of all source car, he would learn that the honeymoon last about I would say six weeks, and then that's it. It's over. And it doesn't matter what history you've had with, with the club and it doesn't matter how many things you were with the club, if the team is not playing out on the field, then you're not Frankie Frankie Lampert anymore. You're like, what are you doing? And why are you making decisions? And why are you blamed your genome? You've gotta think that they'd cut out sort of because he is Frank Lampard. You don't you don't think if things he would be a very good buffer, but he wouldn't step in thinking he's going to be a buffer. Yeah. Yeah. He's gonna step in thinking he's going to be the guy, and if the guy steps in and then after six weeks, or losing games, left and right. Then that's it doesn't matter what you did for the club Marino can lose. Some of these shine going back this when Frank. Yeah, absolutely. All this is because money, so sorry has been linked to Venice Schettino, has also been linked to events. Don't worry Spurs fans. He said today that he was two hundred percent committed burst. That's double one hundred percent. He also spoke about hurricanes fitness during the Champions, League media day this morning. I think cutting kidneys. In the last week Friday, Saturday and start to be both with a group. As positive the situation of him. Can not. Tell you is win to be faith. One hundred percent is going to be available to play from the beginning or being the bench or maybe out out. But we are so so positive and copy in the progression. Stevie? Give us the manager's perspective, what should do here? Completely different thing from being injured to be. No, I didn't like up until up until. No, I've been saying if how canes injured you just plan from the start plan from the start. And if we blew gasket after fairly minutes, forty minutes, wherever as you take them off. But listen to him, they're not doesn't if he's only just joined the rest of the players on the field. He's gonna be so far away. So no, my thinking as well. You know, maybe just keep this guy for desperation for the last fifteen twenty minutes if you need hasn't played since April nine Champions League final, like how could he possibly be ready? Well clearly he's not gonna be one hundred percent that, that then we have to make the assessment of. Well, it's eighty percent of Harry came better than the attorney that you have. And in making that assessment, you also have to look at experiences from the past and learn from things that other managers and other decisions that other managers have made in the case of the coast, and they will see my own in, in decide into. Play in the Champions League final when there was an injury place and then ten minutes into the match you have to take him off because he can't go. You don't want that to happen either. Now, the difference there is that was self tissue injury. This is not. So if he's fully recover from this injury and he's ready to go. I put him out there, but it's difficult to trust. When you hear the managers will he just join and that I agree with Stephen. That's when you say, well, that there hasn't been contact. There hasn't been when he says he does join he's not. He's getting the full training session than the other guys are. Because the progression usually is. All right, he'll go through some of the drills but he won't be one hundred percent. And then eventually as you go, you, you continue to involve him into the training session, and eventually, he's full-on. But that apparently hasn't happened yet. And if that's the case. And how do you put them out in champ to final? That's, that's, that's a tough decision. So maybe one of those where you just wait until. Look, we need them out there. We'll put him out there in the last twenty five minutes of the game and see what happens talking Champions League now our coverage from the drid years underway in earnest tomorrow. We got Dan, Stewart and gather and Stevie joined the boys day ready. No. Possibly go wrong. If you're looking for a reason to work with a local gyco agent, I have all of them because I'm the voice of reason reason, one gyco agents could help you save on more than car. Insurance reason to they can help. Tell your policy to fit your needs reason, three their local and for their local. Yes, I already said that. But still, good reason. And if you're looking for more ways to save your local gyco agent could help with more than just your auto insurance. Stop by give them a call today. They're here to help. Niko first year with fire Munich ends with a domestic double the clubs first since two thousand sixteen their seventh straight wounds league title and yet that round of sixteen Champions League exit at the hands of Liverpool looms large over year, one of the Niko Kovac era in Bavaria raff. What is your sense right now? How safe is Niko Kovac as we had to the summer. Pretty safe on the back of winning to double Collins Romany gays been very critical of him even though he's dressed it up. Nicely. Diplomatically analysts the president. So the two most powerful people at Byron have said he will be the coach next year. Softening is going to be very difficult to go back from that he's done enough. Think to convince the board that in the absence of a viable superstar candidate, he should be entrusted with that rebuilding job. But it is at least half of on behalf of Romany done slightly begrudgingly because he's been listening, very closely to what the players have to say. And a lot of them have said, they're not really sure that he's got what it takes to the steam forward. So he's going into next season not one hundred percent secure and you only have to wait till the first couple of bad results in September October and the debate and the discussion comeback. What about LeRoy sonnet heavily linked to buy Munich yet there are some reports today out of England at Manchester City making a last ditch effort to keep him right now. What does your gut tell you how likely is it the sonnet will end up with Munich? What it don't have to make a Lhasa Jeff because he still got two years to run. The problem is that binding city quite far away in terms of allegation. That's between the lines of what is said on yesterday saying that, yes. Of course we interested in the player, but it's difficult. So city, ultimately have to make a choice. You know how far wanna push it ought to go into the season thinking that maybe they can change Louis on his mind or maybe that Sunday himself with improved to the point, and he'll be a regular star two again, or caching now what is stock is very high and violent bind to have a really powerful suitable Ceuta who can put a lot of money on the table. I'm still my hunch will tells me that is still more likely to happen, the not. But of course, they have to agree, and ultimately the money talks. There are anandas Benjamin Vardi coming into by Munich clubs spent overall hundred million euros on that pair, French fullbacks, of course, plenty more though, to this by Munich rebuild is expected if they are going to be getting back to Champions League competitive level. What else does this by Munich team have to wrap? To add a bit more upfront. I think it's no secret that with Rubery, and Robin, leaving that they need to really strengthen those areas king's command and set it cannot be done. Well, but they're not quite at the same level, so you need at least one out and our top star in those positions Sunday could be the one team Vanna with I think be more of a squad player player who can play an IVA these positions or also be a backup for dos skin. And they're still talk of a of a midfielder. I think hearts is too expensive for this year trying to get him for next, but a chance that they might go for somebody like Rodrigo who sort of Boll playing the player to maybe give a bit of an upgrade or refreshment to the heavy Martinez position because he's getting on a little bit. So if you ask me again, I think we've come down to the manager, I think the biggest improvement would come if one of the best clubs in the world also would have one of the best managers in the world. I think with all the best will in the world, neca. College isn't. There yet. Of course, the other side of the Bundesliga title race is Borussia Dortmund. They've made some big signings Nico Scholtz brought in Dorgan hazard, Julian brands spent about seventy five million euros reminder, they also got sixty five million euros for Christian pulisic, raff. Is there a sense that this is enough for Dortmund to compete with Munich for for next year's title, or is it still more coming from Dortmund? I don't think that'd be so much more coming because those three positions where the, the need to strengthen still thinking about adding a center forward because I Kasa has a lot of injury problems. He has scored goals but physically, not always able to play a lot of games. So that is the one big question, Mark. They showed this they can't compete with buying but of course, bind will strengthen bind. We'll get better with the players that are adding, so for dope and just to keep pace and make it as ties it was this season, I think is probably the extent of their, their emission, and then have to hope almost at buying showed up bitter fragility showed the weakness that we've seen this year with open very nearly and Papp's should have taken full advantage. Wrath quick, reminder if you ever miss an episode of the show, you can always check out the podcast available on the website, ESPN dot com. Also available on I tunes. All right. We're looking at Christiano Renaldo output in his first year in, in the least amount of goals that he's scored since his final year with Manchester United. Of course, on the league didn't win the Cup and the champions frustration at the hands of I x probably highlighter role light, if you want to say, you've meant this season. I'll start with you. How do we assess what Rinaldo did given the massive expectations when he joined the club? And it's because Cristiano Renaldo comes to this club that then they expectations became I think, on realistic, because we says Juventus based upon the fact that okay there were knocking on the door of winning Champions League. And then we're now that would be the guy to put them over the top. But we forgot to assess was the fact that this team in many other areas was getting older. There players here that took a step back. And I think the name that comes to mind right away, probably who at one point couple of years ago, you might have thought men this, there's something here and the upward trajectory for him would be one that would suggest he's going to be a top class player that hasn't been the case, and then so then they became very Cristiano Renaldo dependent. And, and no better example, than that, then the second leg against the movie and Champions League where we saw Ronaldo, caring team, but he couldn't do that over the course of the whole year the whole season and overall, I just think for Juventus it was an underachieving season even if winning their their, their league just they came up short on many other things. And one of those things what the expectations they never came close to meeting those Steve feels harsh to call it a failure. I mean range one because it ended the day he was brought in for the Champions League. And he did these Jomon Champions League school. Trek to get past the Madrid this golden both goals both games against against axe Champions League. He did his job the rest of them didn't. Trying to pick a little hole in them, I would say that considering these to team who before the balls kicked, you know, we're going to win the league, I think you would expect them to, to win the, the golden bird, you'd expect more goals in the league so are not Sade. Not one in the, the golden book for me would be a failure for them. But in the Champions, League I thought he did exactly what it was asked to what's your sense on this wrath. How should we grade Rinaldo first year in Syria? Finish the Saronic welcome to leeann messes world. You know you do your job team. Nets. You down. Still everybody. Blames you for some hundred doing it? I think that's exactly what happened. I could agree with Stevie. I think he had a wonderful Champions League campaign. You really could not blame him for anything that befell on Yuga. The fact that Legua had to go was kinda verdict in itself, that the team was not coached properly enough or not well enough to the liking of, of the club. But there is something over decline in numbers, it is lowest output in ten years. His shot volume still high about the positioning of the shots not as good, which suggests that he's funding a little bit difficult more difficult to get into these really good positions that it used to get to all the time and east probably just off his his very peak a little bit. Now that still makes him one of the best players in the world makes them best player in Italy by mile. But I think you've enters maybe. A beginning to wonder wherever they have made that big move, maybe one or two years, too late because I'm not sure it's realistic to expect him by himself to push you've enters that much further all of the stats would suggest that there's some logic to what Rafeh saying. He may be statistically anyway pass this peak. You agree with that. It's only natural. He's not getting any younger. And, and he has defied that logic already because there were times in which he had slow starts to the season. And you think well this ad say you know what they couldn't possibly score the same amount of goals. ES Gordon the past, and then he would somehow revive himself in the middle of the season and end up with a ridiculous number of goals, but that didn't happen this year. And there were enough of those explosive gains from Christiane where you see a hat trick here. Follow by other two goals, and another had drinking there weren't those moments in which Renaldo takes over. Now, some of that has to do with your into which just address that and the rest of the team. But then someone that is that there is a natural tendency that look he's getting older. He is. And we're not saying that he's not a top class player. We're not saying he's not he lied, but eventually, this things do catch up and eventually, that extra yard that little half a something that allowed you to get in front of defender. You're no longer able. To do that consistently. And so therefore, you're not able to score the goals that you did before. And so if this number continues to go on this direction, then yeah, the trend seems to be more like what recipe that, it's, it's natural that by getting older. We're looking at a player that his diminishing returns are also slowing down. Plenty more on Cristiano Renaldo. Over on our website, ESPN, c dot com in written form. James one castle with the article check it out. If you ever want your voice heard on the show extra time, the place to take your questions off. Can always find it on our YouTube channel as well. We've sifted through a few questions we've got one here to help us wrap up the show. Marco we'll show no guys what game in you're playing careers where you most nervous before and why all I'll start with you. First one really wasn't there. It was against what was at that time, Dallas burn with the LA galaxy. Yeah. It's, it's the first opportunity to be out there at the professional level. So there's obviously nurse and inside. But then after that you grow out of those nurse and then you run into different types of nerves that there is this sort of negative connotation to nurse. But I do think that players that are really into it and care wanna do well, you feel a little something, and it makes you feel alive and in matters to you so national team games big games and welcome qualifiers. Copa Manica semifinal Medica doing something that your country's never done before. And you're out there, representing millions and millions of people that'll get your attention Stevie played some big games. They were making nervous. I see. I'm gonna go with Alli my first game for Liverpool was a whip but meal. And you know you play for the European champions. And so you're thinking, well, do I belong here and all the other one was Scotland, Debbie? I five settings of the game, the opposition attack, Yougoslavia a clear, one of goal line ticket wrote dribble, the ball and try and make a pass kicked. It straight. There buddy. Hey, welcome into the ESPN FC very for today's edition of extra Todd or they're excited to be back back in the hotseat with Stevie route rap on the weekend with this as well. I was working but off of this show, they gave everybody a break. Makes the heart grow. Well, it's healthy. Anyway. No, no, no. There are exceptions to that rule years. We're all here today. Frank wants to know any of the panel ever snapped their laces when trying to tie their shoes. I'm not sure what Frank means you guys know what that means napped you snap them in half. Now, trying time, very tightly I can tell you that I would time my shoes, and if I didn't feel comfortable the way I won't and then do it again this, I think you'd be cleats, you. But yeah. All are you. Bhalla change in Lacy's, and it's not me. Right. When I got out that would be June again. Never now. Good equipment man, there, livable. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yoursel yourself, get the kids to the kids to show Cole, the cleaner verge the apprentices. He's. Frenzies. Next question. Oliver Ryan, the Steve believe in Bigfoot. Punctual do. Seen. Get. Question. I don't know you believe in it. There's no real evidence exists. Fit will just dismiss. It. Never know if I'm just getting my leg hold here. So tell you let me put it this way. I am limit fitness way. Right. So the now discovering that there are all different types of secret, just because the every year, they seem to be able to go deeper and deeper. Right. And the show and things that you like if somebody should you picture of you be like? Yeah. Right window. Mrs. So what was to see a ruse to see the deep in the woods in the jungles never wear else around, different animals who may be of a larger size than what we can't really beat that argument, who's to sell the still the still discovering. Different tribes in Brazil. Yes. In nineteen. So why not? But I do have a question pertains, the Bigfoot, what is the difference between bickford and the yeti? Ooh. Like the Domino's was a snow land. Bigfoot. It's a yeti like a snowman. Yes. Joe kaffee. Yeah. All right. Maybe different locations, he'll graphical. I think so Vic goes on vacation to the Al, then he becomes a yet. Yeah. That's definitely how that's how it is for a little bit more expertise opinion. On this topic we go to wrap thoughts on Bigfoot. Is there? Show. We asked that question every day round. Don't worry about easel teric corner. I don't believe in Bigfoot. I'd like to think that all these extraterrestrial phenomenon and all these things they seem to convey quiet ever since people actually have mobile phones to make proper footage. Where's the footage so not? Go. Rough was planning Ilva. I tell you, what rabbit believes in deep, the V necks. In that releasing that me. So fresh, look. Yeah. So. Doesn't believe in Bigfoot, alabam, Dini didn't believe in Atlanta. No man Stevie. They got. No. No immagination open mind up. Endurance picture of open minded. Next question. Also, Stephen for you. Who was the best player that you ever played with? Oh that's, that's the tough one on list. With her again, count really says it says with, so let's stick to that. If you don't wanna teammates. Let's go against them. Let's change the question. I think we can do that, right. Sure. Did it? What do I lean Mahad wanted to know? But I play against you. So I mean. No question in the top five. I think I'm going to go with Johann cry. That's a strong on. You got some strong writing that down. Because it helps me remember what have you never comes up again. So you're gonna give up. Because I've written it down. It somehow. Best players ever played with against you wanna share again at said many times that their very best ceiling now. Messy. List goes on name either got guy. Let me just say that we'd be calm on the winning end many times, you know, we were not see they had Mazzi and Brazilian or now the. Who have up this guy? Quite quite about how yourself. Been touched the ball much. That's game. Final question here again obviously Champions League final week Liverpool involve we're getting a lot of Stevie questions. How long Stevie go on the lash for Liverpool when the champions, they got told my what not to expect to see me for a week, what is on the lab party. What is on the last guy, I would, I would suggest I was gonna see dependent on what time before it leaves on Sunday. Then why stole? On the flight. Plus, you'll be turning I assume other land. Other know to. It's important for. A ticket. Somebody else takes whatever that's your ticket. He's called a pilot. We can tell whether we want as long as you gets me old. Everything organized for your trip. Feel pretty calm about it, very confident that, yeah, I've been just a small detail. I've no idea, you nobody's children, which element. But. About Madrid, although somebody will surely take you in. I don't want always we've seen in Scotland on the last you'll always find the peace if someone never pieces, Assam weekly. But that doesn't help you for sleet, veasley wanted means as some people always end up being alright. And you're one of those and I'll, I'll be alright. I'll end up getting a walk. Vega. Hey, that, okay. You don't take out at all. Many people wouldn't think like, yeah, he say. You're a man of the world. Yeah. You got it was going to be going to four thousand Scousers there to blend. They may get there on what Friday Saturday. You're getting Lert. Listen. Nobody. Will be so busy snow. Get wall. Let's get a prediction out of you. Guess? Okay. Well, I'm gonna see to one liberal blog so dramatic tents, all definitely live to Nello. Ten minutes go. How do you came come over the last ten minutes? And that will be biting the nails hanging on. To what you are. You're a romantic, you get narrative. Storyline. These journeys. Reminding open mind world, mad man of the world. Bigfoot yeti, everything. And to stay, we will miss you on tomorrow's show that we'll check in with the door the guys in Madrid or they're already, Dan steward gas. Oh, we're getting ready. Hey final week.

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