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The Paul Finebaum show podcast has been brought to you by the capital one sabre card earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent of grocery stores and one percent on all all other purchases now when you go out you cash in what's in your wallet terms apply the cried passion than pattern tree of of college football leaves here the Paul Finebaum show our one podcast and we say hello to you from the beautiful wonderful campus of the University of Kentucky. We're back here again. We were here last November and today. The temperature is only seventy eight degrees. He's warmer than it was last time around and he for the College football season is pretty high as well as we are delighted to welcome you to campus cat. The fans are excited about footfall because the big one is tomorrow night. The University of Florida coming to town Kentucky's had a rough season in terms of injuries but they're not concerned about that. They're itching to shut everyone up. Even spot ten wins spy day win over Penn state best best season in forty years catchers got no respect in the off season and they're still not getting any with Florida more than a touchdown favourite here tomorrow. Florida looking at this game was just another stepping-stone along the way to try to compete with Georgia in the SEC. It is not a revenge game last year the cats one for the first time in four hundred seventy seven years. Florida worried about that. They had a big time season double digit win. Dan Mullen has them in the top ten. That's what they are focused on. Even though they have some injuries and attrition of their own speaking of injuries will muschamp says Brad Johnson and and Randy Darius Davis are doubtful for Saturday. If things weren't bad enough in Colombia two more players unlikely to play against the number two team in the country the Alabama Emma Crimson tide not many faithful believe they can do it. Meanwhile what South Carolina up to to South Carolina lawmakers will file a proposal to pay college athletes following California's lead. Now we'll tell you I'm not a student of the South Carolina state legislature but I'm willing to bet you. It has a much more difficult time in passing in conservative South Carolina then left leaning California Tim. Tebow had a lot to say about the California subject today on ESPN. I feel like I have a little credibility and knowledge about this. When I was at the University of Florida I think my Jersey was one one of the top selling jerseys around the world. I always like Kobe Lebron and then I was right behind them and I didn't make a dollar from it but nor did I want to because I knew going into college. What what it was all about. I knew going to Florida my dream school where I wanted to go the passion for and if I could support my team support my college support my university. That's what it's all about but now we're changing it from us from we from my university from being an alumni where I care what makes college football and college sports special to then okay. It's not about us. It's not about we. It's just about me and yes I know we live in a selfish culture where it's all about us but we're just adding tiling onto that we're changes what's special about college football here and we turned it into the NFL where who has the most money. That's where you go. That's why people are more passionate about college sports than they are about. NFL that's why the the the stadiums are bigger in college than the are in the NFL because it's about your team. It's about your university. It's about where my family wanted to go. It's about where my grandfather had a dream of seeing award-winning. Sec Championship and you're taking that away so that young kids can earn a dollar and that's just not where I feel like college football needs to go opportunity in the NFL Ashton College Football Tim Tebow earlier today some comments that certainly have gone viral and I rather spirited debate has ensued among Tivo followers and those who vehemently disagree big big make show on tap here today we start with Andre Woodson former Kentucky Great. He'll be here in a minute and Kevin Richardson from from the backstreet boys. He grew up around the corner. He's a UK fan. You'RE GONNA WANNA meet a member one of the lead vocalist of one of the most iconic Connor Group of the nineties and quite frankly they're still on tour. They're playing concert in Louisville tonight. Allison Williams will join us from ESPN. She's covering Mississippi State Elissa. Lang in Knoxville. Tim Couch remember him played by twenty years ago the number one pick in the NFL draft mark mark stoops to cut the head coach here Jordan Rogers the NFL the SEC network Alice will he will join a Steve Levy. WHO's doing the game here tomorrow night and Matt Berry we have a pretty extensive and a long list and Marcus Spears. Marty Smith will drop by as well well. It'll take we want to show you the difference. That was me here here. Last year. It was a it was about eighteen or nineteen degrees there. We had sleet and snow. It was one of the coldest days I've ever encountered honored today. It's I think it just hit ninety six but when I sent Danny mark that shot it was only ninety five. I I've never been in Lexington Sing Tin when it wasn't cold cover a lot of basketball here and football mostly in late in the year but this is the warmest day. This feels like feels Alabama. Nick Sabin would not like temperature to play an early game. He would be complaining what he would probably postpone the show. It's unfair because Lsu we'll get to do it at night. Tony Starts US off in San Diego. How are you Tony Good afternoon. Good afternoon Paul how you doing today Sir. We're doing real well. Thank thank you thank you for taking my call. Hey I I'm glad you played. t-boz little rant on get up. I don't have kind of a hectic schedule this week with physical therapy and everything but that's what I was calling about because my wife and I in San Diego man first of all my first eleven and years old I eleven years as a kid growth in Athens Georgia then my next ten years down in Dothan Alabama and it took me literally ten years before I flip lipped tied but anyhow here in California man we are just prisoners in this democratic state and you get out here enough. You know exactly what I'm talking about and I'm not trying to get two weeks ago. I know what you're talking about yeah and main Paul. It is so bad. We don't even watch the local news anymore. I don't care about the politics of California. I do care about this issue though yeah so yeah so I I'm on Kibo side. I mean I feel the same way because you know I ah I know. Everybody's got a different angle on it but like you said man. That's the passion there you get an education there. You know I if it keeps going any of the goods any further they didn't I mean what's going to be like for the junior high school kids and they'll. I mean three kids. I mean we're we're going to stop. You know what I'm saying. Well make sure people understand that. This is this is is not a direct pay for play Bill This is a likeness bill. We're we're players. Can can profit like Tim set off the Jersey off of a other things and the the NCWA clearly is against it they have said it's unconstitutional. I'm not sure I trust the NC Double A.'s legal acumen but it is becoming a huge debate and now the Tim who is one of the most prominent faces in the history of college football has has chimed in it will become even more politicized. Well thank you very much. John is up next in Orlando. John Nice executed join us Paul how you doing buddy. We are doing great thank you I'm looking on. TV and I see the number of cats. She got there hell. I got more stray. Cats my backyard coming to get a meal in the afternoon. There are there. I want what I want to talk about the John. You're you're welcome to come out here and stand in one hundred ten degrees heat index. If you WANNA complain Gainesville what I want but I tell you hey hey hold on a second. these kids behind me are sitting out there in a rather insufferable situation you. I'm sure the the A C is running. At what about sixty five in your house right now no I I can't I can't afford it buddy. It's it's about seventy seven. Okay what I want to talk about. It's all fools out. There think they're all excited. You Know Paul all you can look it up. They can google search if they know how to work that phone. I'M GONNA try to be like I'm in here a little bit and these guys from Alabama that always talking smack there were nine. University of Florida players suspended last year for that game in Gainesville nine good including guy by the name of Richard Ever hear him. Hey Hey let me ask you a question Mr Bits and how how many players were suspended with Missouri made made you guys cry last year in Gainesville. We're not we're not talking about that. Kentucky Pay Y. You know you go down the feminine undeniable and they have a product called pay why that's what they need to grab a Tuba okay. That's what they're going to need for tomorrow night. Okay that's fair great to always always great to hear from an objective gator fan. We'll take a break. People think if we're coming by the way I don't get to some guy at Disneyworld. The world is is it has to say right now. Eight five five two four to seven to eight five is the number we are here in Kentucky where it it is hot. Just like it is in Florida. They were happy to be here and more of your phone calls. After this listening to the Paul Finebaum Show podcast gassed we welcome you back we are live at Kentucky and Andre Woodson about to enter the hall of fame understandably so he was was a great player here at UK and he is on the set with this Andre It's been what fifteen years since you started your career you still you still pretty young and of course everyone looks young to me absolutely great to have you on. Thank you pleasure. Let's go back to that time you you played for what I think. is one of the great coaches at never gets a an ounce of credit rich brooks he was at Oregon he was in the NFL. He came here and we ran a really nice program and people don't ever mentioned him. Why it's a great question. I don't know I thought rich. Brooks did a phenomenal job sort of resurrecting this program really getting us to heights you you know historically we never seen and did a tremendous job really recruiting and you know seat in this concept that we essentially revamped the program and you know he he had some historical run so yeah he did a I. I've gotten to know him a little bit and you know a lot better but he's just he's a he's. He just serious old school football coach that that has been taken for granted but they start that campaign to get them a little more respect under you're going into the hall of fame. I I know sometimes when when you've accomplished a lot you you go okay. this is another event but that's still quite an honor. Yeah it is. I'm I'm humbled. Certainly flattered really honored to give opportunity to be inducted two thousand eighteen eighteen Kentucky Hall of fame so it's an exciting time my family's here with me. I have a lot of friends that are traveling for this event today and tomorrow and so excited just to showcase my son and you you know my family and my wife and you know this is where I play. This is university attended and circle things here. I've talked to people who've gone into hall of fame and and sometimes to them personally they. They're okay with it but it seems like it means more. Maybe to your family I mean I'm looking at your son over there. I have I have a feeling he's going to be a starter for the cats one of these days he what is his knowledge of your prowess. It's limited. I think come you know just to see the sheer scale like on the platform that we played at the magnitude like the overall fan base. I think they give that perspective. You know we'll be enlightening and I think it's going to be really excited for him tomorrow because he's going to be here with me for the honorary coin toss and on the field as well when we do the recognition so it's really cool. I think he'll appreciate it a little bit more towards the tail end appreciate it. Your Dad was a great player okay. Let's talk about that time because you're you're right. I mean Kentucky had had been through a lot probably more famous for games that they had blown and then they had one. We've seen too many highlights of that so take us through a getting to Kentucky brought you here and the Odyssey that turned up to successfully yeah. I was actually elite eleven quarterback it was. I guess it was relatively new so I was introduced to allow different programs. Kentucky was one of the first institutions that was recruiting me at the time and offering scholarship. I think my ninth grade my here yeah and so they were really on me hard. I know that there was a lot of different programs. That had a lot of interests. I was highly highly touted but you know something about Kentucky stood out. They were very persistent. Stay on me for the majority of my my high school run and I love the fan base. I love the culture I love the coaches and ultimately we brought a stellar group in a lot of exciting very talented audited athletes on the perimeter Keenan Burton Tammy Jo Jacobs. We arrive your little and several other players and they did phenomenal job shop for and we were able to revitalize this program and really get it to heights again like we never seen before recall isn't that that's something that I'm always struck by. I I grew upcoming here. I went to school at Tennessee and this was always the mid to late November game that was usually so critical and it was always found it so interesting to get here because Chris. Everyone obsesses over basketball. That's okay I mean this is the epicenter of college basketball in this country but the football passion is incredible. Yeah it's still deeply rooted here. I mean I think there's this notion that this basketball program or institution and obviously the state only bleeds basketball. That's not the fact I mean. The Fan base is extremely strong here. They travel extremely well and obviously they're very zealous to see the the program do well and so I think those couple of seasons that we had and obviously coach Brooks's tenure spoke volumes so in terms of the overall support that we had the culture we had ad and obviously really getting us in the right direction to potentially content in this dominant conference people forget any headquartered run that bear Brian Coach here and and he did well here too at the same time as eight all up which has we've elicited a million funny stories out of all that but there are some really good coaches forty years ago. I was talking to someone earlier or yesterday I think and you know Fran Kersee had this program winning ten games and coach Brooks did it and now which brings me today we're coming up at ten win season at the University of Kentucky a win over Penn State Downing Orlando and as a as a as a law the now about to be a hall of fame member. What would that mean to you. I think it's remarkable to see coach. Stoops's dine in terms of just the overall program transformation. I mean he's done a marvelous job really recruiting players traditionally we weren't able to really tap into those states and now he's going in there air with again a very vigorous young staff that's hungry and they're able to pull out a talented historically we weren't able to really capture and now these guys are they're recruiting and the development their pipeline into potential prospects in the NFL and that's just GonNa continue to keep that culture going sustaining a lot of these relations that we have in those states and getting any of those guys here and ultimately that's GonNa Create wins so you know the fact that we're able to cultivate a different type of environment now and obviously fan base is able to support it. They're back in. They see hey petition or excuse me. The overall sort of development of this now is inevitable and I think we're gonNA continue really great things in the future for about ten years ago. It seemed like the the game that the cats couldn't get over with Tennessee. They finally be Tennessee for the first time and maybe twenty five or thirty years uh-huh to years ago it looked like that moment had arrived here and the game slips away and everyone is just distraught but last year in the wildcats exorcise those demons in Gainsville how how important was that to you as a as somebody who has been part of that straight what's really important. I mean it's it's been a barrier so huge hurdle that we've tried to overcome for decades and you know rightfully those prestigious universities they've historically had great talent talent and right now. I think it really gives us an opportunity to compete you know considering like the Plainfield is pretty level and so I think you know hopefully we'll continue to showcase that we have the skill set we have athletes we have the the coaching and really put put ourselves in a position to be successful but you know as we continue need to compete and and show that you know we can play on the same field as those guys hopefully the future will start coming away with more of those winds. Let me let me wrap up with the quarterback position because we all we all expected so much from Terry Wilson in really unfortunately he gets hurt and we have a transfer in here who played at a different different level and he's playing against an elite defense tomorrow night as as someone who wants in that position as you're an elite player Sawyer good but certainly not the same level you were. What does he face tomorrow. It's not an ideal situation thirty or freshman quarterback certainly but I think you know I think a lot of dictates on how the coaches sat strategizes and tries to put them in the best position to be successful. Whether that's intermediate routes you know how vertical package screens I think a lot of it's dependent on how well he's GonNa perform ultimately. I think there needs to be a realization that hey this guy's first starting game. You know he's going to have to go in there air and really take a lot of high percentage passes and as long as he's really careful and cautious and protects the football. I think he puts us in a good place to hopefully rely heavily. Liane our defense and come away with a win at the end. Well thank you for coming on. I know tomorrow night is going to be something special. I guess you've had a lot of big moments in your life your career but it's one of those. I'm sure you just want to just freeze frame and can remember. I know you will remember well. Thank you Andre about what a pleasure congratulations relationship that we are live here in Kentucky. What an afternoon this is shaping up to be a number of guests to come including mark stoops the head coach at the University of Kentucky lucky many more as well and quitting a member of the fame group the backstreet boys coming up soon. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. We welcome back to Lexington Xingtong here on the campus of the University of Kentucky and there are so many moments in your life when you say I wish they could see me now. What I mean by that is people. I went to school with people I grew up with because I'm with one of the coolest was guys in the entertainment is right out. Kevin Richardson Backstreet boys back home so great to see you welcome to Kentucky. Thank you you you. You were telling me you you were born around the corner right down the street and Central Baptist Hospital and it all began here. We have so much talk about it. I I think it's pretty obvious you're you're talking about the talk about growing up Kevin. Everyone grows up with I did a be someone some of I do a little better than others in terms of becoming an international star but when you when you were growing up what were you thinking about when I was growing up here in Kentucky the my whole family music was always a part of our our lives. Monaco Popol was in a barbershop quartet. My Grandmother was was in a Gospel Quartet with her sisters. So music was always a part of my life. I love doing it. I didn't know some day I would eventually be able to make a living doing it but but as I got older and the positive feedback kept coming my way from music that I was doing then I just stuck with it and here we are twenty six years years later as as the backstreet boys and we're having a little renaissance. Pat Things are going pretty well. Documentary wasn't enough no apparently not in the SEC basketball term in Eddie Montgomery. was there and you know that's what you expect the guy here his brother country music stars. BLUEGRASS so many great stars of Country and I were inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of fame together you know he's a great guy and you know the UK fan but I mean I'm interested in. Maybe it was the time that you were growing up that you moved into something that boy bands that we still talk about and still watch now twenty years later. I mean growing up here in Kentucky. We listened to Everything Gospel Country Rock rb and so I- growing growing up like people WANNA call us a boy and whatever but I mean we listened to the brothers and the Oak Ridge boys those country vocal groups and you got the temptation Tation Loretta Lynn Country Shy lights up but we listened to a little bit everything grown up here in Kentucky and and that's Kinda everybody that's in my group. We all are from the southeast. We Got Florida represented Georgia and Kentucky in this group that I'm in so we're influenced by a lot of things and fortunately we were able to we've been able to have an incredible career making music. That's kind of a hybrid of all of our clients is which is why our last album was called DNA because it's the DNA the NASD of each of us all our genres of music that we have passionate we love that's in this album on the Kentucky so i WanNa talk about the solution of of the battery boys because we didn't hit I mean there are there are a lot of magical musical stories but this was one of the greater ones that generation ration- what what was it like to to suddenly be famous all across the world well. It's something that you dream for you dream of and you hope for but then when it happens. It's a little scary you know. It's like for a long time. You want people to know who you are and then finally everybody knows your you experienced that I mean you can't walk around these missile pile so I I just WanNa. Hold on let me I want a luxury in this moment that you have compared the success of the backstreet boys to hosting a college but but I will recognize poke recognize the moment has passed and now let's get back to reality but but it was a dream come true for us but then when it hit and suddenly everybody knows who you are and then it's like you can't leave your house without people recognizing ignition you either wanting a picture and autograph which is a blessing but at times it can be a little heavy on you and it's good the friends around me that grounded me two older brothers and friends here that I stay in contact with in Kentucky that grounded me. But what were you going to sell Jerry so well. I mean I've seen the pictures I mean what's the scariest moment you guys had you you walkout and there are zillion people in probably Rio Rio de Janeiro around believe it was two thousand when we launched our black and blue album we flew there to do. We're flying around the world in one hundred hours hitting all these different cities to do a massive promotional tour and there were forty thousand people in the street surrounding our bus. It was like one of these campus buses that go around here on and they were rock in the bus. People were falling down in the street getting trampled on and that was a frightening moment. It was pretty amazing and awesome that it was happening but I was scared for some of those people well and also the bus the bus might turn but we had a few of those moments forty thousand people street yeah. It was crazy that is just this is is Michael Jackson or prince or the Beatles out here somewhere. I didn't know what was going to close to say the same row at the time. Let me ask you so it's the cliche question because when you grow up and Kentucky's pretty obvious you've you've followed the catch your sir. What's your first memory of being a cat fan. My First Memories of Kentucky Papa had season tickets in the east southeast endzone when it was just bleachers back then before they closed the bowl in the nineteen in seventy s he took me to my first game. That was a friend Kersee era through. I remember names like Felix Wilson and Derek Ramsay and Fran Incursion Meyer Earliest Memories Kentucky going ten in one and then I think the season after that we got on suspension and weren't allowed to go to a bowl game but those of my earliest memories my pal taking me two games here at Commonwealth Stadium and it's pretty cool because my father put up the Steel in Commonwealth stadium father was an iron worker he he helped build Kirwin in blanding right back there iron up there so I got deep roots here and finally right now. We're having a resurgence. We love mark stoops around here. He's doing a great job. Rome wasn't built in a day. We got a good foundation. I and these boys will fight and we got high character talented young men that will fight tooth and nail until the last whistle blows and we're proud of what's happening now you live in. La But you still keep up with everything here Paul I get up and I'll have my morning coffee and hit a a little little throw out later and then I turn on your show as I'm answering the day when I am not on the road and I'm a big fan of your show. It's a pleasure to be here with you and hope you enjoy your time here and go cats. No I can't thank you enough. What a thrill and more than anything I. I'm getting my picture made. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA RUB IT in every person's face that never thought I could meet someone like you. It is a great pleasure thinking so we will take a break. We are live in Kentucky and I don't know if we can top that but we are going to try but I'm not sure we can live from the campus of the University Kentucky. We will be right back listening to Paul Finebaum. Show podcast gassed welcome back so glad you're here and how co was Talk To. Kevin appreciate him dropping by we're live in Lexington and we'll get to your phone calls in a minute. If you want to call us at eight five five two four to seven to eight five big game tomorrow in Starkville K. State last year state they went out to Kansas and I had a nice victory. What about this time. Things are a little bit more delicate. wildcats look a lot better allison. Didn't we joining us Thank you so much alison great to have you here and I know This is a big game for Joe Moorhead. Didn't everyone else gives us. your take gone what you've been able to Garner so far and the outlook for tomorrow. Hey there Paul pleasure to be with you yeah. I think this is a good measuring stick game for really both teams are both to oh coming into this which is their first game against another power five teams so I think both teams will learn a lot about themselves for Joe Joe Moorehead's team. I think defensively they're still some question question marks for them. They were the number one defense in the country last year. They have to replace several stars from that defense. Who will those guys that can step up and this is a big challenge for them going against Kansas State team. That's very effective. Running the ball of a trio running backs they like to use and especially upfront for Mississippi state going against Kansas State's offensive line. That's all seniors. They start start five seniors on their own line. They don't make a lot of mistakes or some depth issues there for Mississippi state so a big test for both teams but I think one area really learn a lot about Mississippi. State is up there on that defensive line or noon game any complaints about that from the Mississippi State officials this week. No complaints about the eleven local kick. The variety is good conversation in SEC right has been a big one. I'm interested in Kansas state because we all know the departure. Bill Snyder wider. He's one of the hall of fame coaches and one of the great coaches of all time but toward the end. It felt like the program was going in a couple of different directions. Give us the skinny on on this program is right now because it seems like from a distance you're there. I'm there has been a resurgence yeah. I think that's a good way to put it a lot of the players I talk. They just felt reinvigorated Schuyler Thompson. Their quarterback told me he was on a pretty dark place. At the end of last season he had to share duties at quarterback and really was thinking about transferring from Kansas State. When Chris Climate was hired. He decided to go all in with the wildcats. He's really just ignited not just the fan base but inside that locker room a new sense of excitement eight-minute sense of passionate sense of accountability players much more involved. It seems like in the day to day. Operations of the team and climate is a proven winner. He has won twenty three three straight games going back to his time. North Dakota state he won four national championships and five years. There is a head coach so they know he is a winner. They know he is a proven winner and I think you're absolutely right. There is a new sense of energy around the Kansas State program and what better way to start the year than going to an owned building some confidence and really some big time by for what they're trying to. They do their alison. There wasn't much more he could do out there. I mean he he had pretty much owned division so This is a fascinating move. Let's let's talk about the quarterback situation. Shen with Tommy Stephen Singer's. We're we're hearing a million things and I'm in Kentucky. What are you hearing. in Starkville word here in Starkville is that he is a game time decision region. He did practice this week but he was limited following what they're just calling an upper body injury from last week so they will remain to hold on that line that he is a game time decision. We'll have to keep an eye on him. During warm ups I would say they're optimistic that he can play but they're not ready to say for sure that he'll be able to go there still kind of monitoring his status. It's a lot of controversy in the in the preseason about that position I if if he is able to go what is the plan so Garrett trader would get an at quarterback we saw the freshman play last week and he was very very good in his relief so it will be interesting to see even if even if Stevens Ken Clay. Will we see the freshman a little bit because coaches here are very high. They said he has complete control of the playback. There's nothing they're going to be dialing back if he is in there at quarterback now. Thomson is an option as well. He will be dressed for for this game. Kitano Thomson of course entered the transfer portal after he wasn't able to win the job at quarterback but he has backed with a team. He is an option but straightaway either first choice if Stevens can't quarterback gray tabby on thank you very very much we'll be watching Tamar. Thanks you bet great stuff from Starkville. Let's say we we're going to try to work some calls in. We are finally slowing down a little bit. We've had a just a nonstop guest list but we are not going to forget you at home at eight five five five to four to seven to eight five. Let's check in with Dale who is in South Carolina. Hello Dale. Hey Paul how you doing but I I'm doing well. Thank you very much. I enjoy your show immensely. a avid clemson tigers fan but brought I want your opinion the you think that and I know this is a southern conference. I I won't say I think Jimbo Fisher is one of the nicest his coaches and has more class than any more coach. I've ever saw interview after game. Secondly I would like to ask view. Do you think there's a snowball's chance in Haiti's that Carolina will beat Alabama the more or they Clinton will go up and beat Syracuse accuse. That's my question following. This may sound crazy. I think there's a better chance of Syracuse beating Clemson. Listen then South Carolina beating Alabama because I just don't see it I don't see the South Carolina team in a position at home. I I don't really see the other game either. The only thing I will say Dino abors has been able to do some things with with with venables defense and nobody else has an and part of it. Is You just speed I read. I read an interesting article today about that about. He's he's just. He surprises people and he is. He's really had his way the last two years even though we lost last year's game thank thank you very very much. Appreciate the call from South Carolina. Larry is up next. Larry go right ahead Tambov. We're doing great Larry Man. I feel bad for you. Jack and I'm an air conditioning POPPIN BUD LA up. Hey check it out. Your Rob Powell South Carolina polecat daddy hugest. I looked at his. Here's kids you. Don't get no better I mean I don't. I see five offices but I did one buying something about the what Tibo says absolute go on and how the they voted seventy two to nothing to pass that bill now known the governor's Chiba over so I can you know. Tiba doesn't have to accept the money I mean. Don't you think that that college athletes should be able to do the same thing that anyone else can do. Why why. Why are they penalized my question back to you yeah? I'm agreeing with that part of it. I think there it should be some control over if they do it right and I agree with you. I I think there has to be an accommodation but but but you know nobody you mean if tim didn't want money and it was a it was there then he can. He can turn it down. It wasn't like he was destitute. At the time yeah man you got plays out there like backman whatever junior players as well but so many players have nothing Larry. The young men in all circumstances aren't the same anyway. We'll talk about that later. More phone calls coming up here next.

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