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MW: MotoGP Schedule News, Silly Season, Comments!


From Moto Dot net. It's the motor week. Podcast with your host Wilson. While hello and welcome to Moto Week. My name is Wilson. Thank you so much for listening to the only mode. Gp Show on the Internet. That can't even be stopped by earthquake. No I'm not joking either is if there wasn't enough stuff going on where. I live here in southern California than we had to have earthquakes all weekend long. The strongest was four point nine. That's pretty big. I've been here about twelve years now and I was the second biggest earthquake I can remember but it will not stop us from doing this show. Hopefully you're safe in general wherever you are and there. Isn't anything extra crazy like that happening? I know that chip. Rc fifty-one isn't so cal. Hopefully didn't have everything rattling like. We did here And hopefully you guys are ready to talk some motor GP. Because I know I am. We could all certainly use a distraction right about now We're GONNA continue with our comments from the last episode. We've got even more comments to talk about as well plus the latest on the schedule situation to just another announcement today. That is actually kind of interesting when it comes to a postponement before we get to the full rundown doing invite you over to the website motor week dot net. All of the episodes are there. You can also follow along on twitter and Instagram at motor week. I'm sorry I forgot to post on Instagram last night. I'll do it as soon as the show is over Then you can also like the show and please leave your comments on facebook at facebook dot com slash motor week dot net and on read it at our slash mode week over. Read it please subscribe. And then they'll facebook give me a thumbs up so that way I know you like the show. You'll get all the latest updates but your comments are more valuable than ever right now because I'm running through them pretty quick in word. We're not GONNA have anything more to talk about. Actually you know what we will. I've got a couple of ideas for topics. I'M GONNA throw out there at the end of the show by all means jump in and participate on facebook and read it all right so let's get down to business the rundown just about everything. We're GONNA talk about on this episode of the show we're going to start with motor. Gp News which really means motor GP schedule news because not one but actually two more. Gp's have announced postponements since last episode of the program. So we'll talk about those then we'll get into the comments and I WANNA talk about the financial impact of all of these postponements really the uncertainty of the season. Because at this point. It's not a matter of you know. Are we going to get all the races in? Its when and if you know we could have a shortened schedule. We might not even have a schedule at all. We'll talk about that a little bit later on to as well then more of your thoughts on the virtual mode. Gp Ray says that format gains momentum in other series should it be gaining momentum odor GPA's while based on what we saw in that first race? we'll talk about the Andrea suspension will spend a little bit of time on silly season. Twenty twenty one and the fact that again this schedule uncertainty is having and could have on silly season from here on out and then that's where one of the topics I wanNA talk about in the next episode is GonNa come up Then we'll discuss more of your thoughts on mark to manufacturers and what that means for his legacy or the lack of to manufacturers for his legacy. Then we'll wrap up the episode by talking about your comments on the motor week bake in so far. I mean I'm crossing my fingers here but so far I'm feeling pretty good because nobody has come out and said directly you are nuts you should have never purchased that thing so I'm holding out. Hope that it's going to end up being a good thing as opposed to perpetual frustration for the rest of my life. all right so let's start by talking about the latest in Mo- GP Scheduling News. And when I say the latest I mean just a couple of hours ago. The latest announcement has been made. We'll start with the first one. Luma has now been postponed until further notice. And that's not the only one in fact the other one is so new that I still haven't my notes here that the French. Gp's going to become the latest round of the world championship to be postponed. But it's not. There's another one. We'll talk about here in a second but the French. Gp was originally scheduled for the weekend of May Seventeenth. So now the optimistic target the start. The season is essentially June because that's when Mugello and Catalunia had originally been scheduled Mugello for the weekend May thirty-first but I'll tell you what the situation in Italy being so critical right now? I'm pretty certain that Mugello is going to be pushed back as well unless things make a quick turnaround in Italy which I sincerely hope that it does but then just a couple of hours ago. Catalunia said that they will be postponing their race. Which would have been that first full week of June? And that can make for an odd situation. If and of course. That's a big huge. If mugello actually does go off his schedule because then you could have a situation where they race in Italy and then they don't race in Spain the after that you know at this point the chances of Mugello going off as scheduled. They're very very slim but who knows. I mean we can look on the optimistic here and maybe things are okay for Mugello and if that is the case then obviously things could change scheduling wise. The other way around things get better just as they're changing now while things aren't better what I mean by that. Is You know if in the next couple of weeks in over the next month or so if things look appreciably better to the point where you could run an event maybe not with people in the stands but you could run an event. Well then maybe Mugello gets the green light and if it does then maybe Catalonia can go back on its previous postponement and say all right. We'll let you race here too and we get. The season started along with the summer with fans. I don't know I'm we'll tackle that when we get close to it the right now. It looks as if the middle of June could be the earliest point where we get to start the season now. The troubling thing here is that unlike the March and April postponed races which were immediately given alternate dates. No reschedule weekends have been handed out yet for either or harass or Catalonia for that matter and I think that's mostly because now we're getting into this sewn where I think during originally was pretty certain we would've been out of the woods already and since we most certainly aren't then things are at this point where there are one or two has to choose from they either have to start canceling rounds outright. Or THEY'RE GONNA have to get creative on when and where these races are going to be made up now. The good thing here is that we are into the European rounds at this point and that's going to lend itself to a lot more room for flexibility and creativity win rescheduling those rounds because of the close proximity to the major teams and the riders. So especially when it comes to these most recent postponements. I don't think there's too much of a reason quite yet to worry about cancellations. Those decisions will likely be made definitively once we know racing his actually cleared to get back underway some ultimately. I think that rescheduling these rounds is all going to come down to two things number one obviously the ability to do it travel restrictions. Health concerns things like that but as far as the teams and the riders endure concerned. I think that it's really gonNA come down to motivation. Once they are able to race again I mean just. How much did the teams endure for that matter? Want to get in all of the rounds or as many of the rounds as possible. And what kind of schedule are they willing to endure to accomplish? Getting in all those rounds and I think there'll be a lot of motivation because there's a lot of money on the line all the way around which makes getting those races in as many of those races in much more important if it's at all possible and that's going to lead us into the first of your comments because Morton. I believe this was on facebook. He brought up the topic of financial impact the financial impact of not racing on the teams on the series on the tracks. And I would extend that all of the ancillary services as well track vendors hotels restaurants transportation services and all of their employees to you know living in area here in southern California where not just tourism major events major sporting events major entertainment events are the biggest source of income for businesses in the area. Where I live the trickle down effect is huge on all of those other companies. Now the best thing the best thing that Moto GP world superbike and Dorna can do is to run as many of those races as possible once. They are allowed to go racing. That'll give everybody involved the opportunity to try to make up what they would potentially be losing. But while making a Brown's later on will make up quite a bit of the revenue expected from each race weekend and everything that goes along with it. It certainly isn't helping teams right now and right now is everybody's major concern both health wise and financially now. The financial of that doesn't really apply as much to the factory teams because they're all attached to mid to large sized companies that offer a decent amount of financial security to make it through a situation like this but for the independent teams. They don't have a giant motorcycle sales or service or products business to fall back on. They depend on the money coming in from sponsors and results an actual races to keep on going you know. Gp or world superbike racing isn't something their business does it is their business and so without that you have no source of income and more. M- was wandering. What do you do what could be done here now? When he posed that question. That was a couple of days ago and I was planning suggesting that Dorner would certainly have to monitor those teams situations and step in to help if necessary knowing that a door and does have the money available if they need to use it at least a lot more than the independent teams themselves do and be dull eventually. Be Able to recover anything that they offer up to the teams once. They can go back racing and then of course the side. Note C. Because they've got all the money that they charged us for the same video pass. They're giving away for free right now a motor. Gp DOT COM. But that's a completely different topic of discussion because between you and me. I don't think we're seeing a single dollar or pound or euro or yen or whatever it is that you spend. I don't think we're seeing one of those back on all of our collective video pass subscriptions but that's a completely different topic of discussion. Although if this season doesn't happen I would certainly hope that Modo. Gps Dorner would say listen. We will just simply extend your subscription out until the end of two thousand twenty one since you did pay us for a year but again that's like different topic of discussion. I don't WanNa get off track here. Let's get back to what more was talking about because it was a very well timed inquiry suggestion by Morton because as if the folks Dorna were reading the facebook page. They then announced right after more comment that they were enacting a financial program for the independent motor. Gp teams to the tune of about two hundred and fifty thousand euros each month for the next three months The iot the International Road Racing Teams Association. Basically all of the teams together. They're making the payments. They're making basically advanced payments to the independent motor. Gp teams along with Modo and motive three teams to cover what they would have received racing in April May and June regardless of when those rounds actually happened were if they happen at all now the fact that they included June in that statement. Along with what we just heard about with Catalino. All that makes me a little bit nervous. They think that the postponements are going to go all the way until the end of June. But I'M GONNA say and I'm really GONNA hope more than say but I'm GonNa say that that timeframe was more likely given to the teams just so they would have a little bit more room and a little bit more confidence to plan out what their next moves might be now. Obviously that's the right. Move to make his part helping these teams not just to ensure that none of the teams have to close their doors but also so they don't have to be forced into a situation where they have to lay off people critical to their operation only to have to scramble to try to get those people back once. There is racing again and when you think about it could even turn into a very strange behind the scenes silly season where you know you're independent teams. Have to let go of people with the factory teams. That don't have the financial difficulties right now. Could hire those people away and there's nothing the independent teams can do about it. And then now. They've just poached all of the talent from the teams and they can't get them back so I. I think that this move is good in general for a lot of reasons and I also think that this move is going to help give Dorn a little bit more leverage when it comes to both rescheduling races getting in as many rounds as possible. Once we can go back racing and I'll tell you what I mean by that because there was an interview with Wilco Zeelenberg this week where he was supporting the idea of running doubleheaders to help. Get all the rounds him. Although just like we talked about on the last show this is side. Note he already. He already hinted that those doubleheaders would be run would be appointed contention between the teams and we talked about this last episode. Where you know you could. You could raise seven tracks and get in the mandatory thirteen races by doing double header rounds. Dan Everybody's GonNa get into an argument about where to go to run the races and wilco. Kinda back that idea But one of the reasons that will go was pushing those doubleheaders so much is because he feared what kind of schedule might be necessary to fulfil Dornan's idea of still running all of the planned rounds in their original locations over the remainder of the year because the more rounds postponed the more things get pushed back. We're going to start to run out of time in the calendar Year of twenty twenty. Where right now? We're facing about a six and a half month window to get everything in and what will go is worried about is the wear and tear on the teams in the riders. Having to go in a week to week to week place to place to place getting in all these races and I appreciate that obviously But if Dorner is handing out payments to independent teams including Wilko's with the idea that these are advances on the missed rounds not payment in lieu of the missed rounds. Then not only is the impetus there for door to run those rounds to get their money back. But also there's motivation there for the independent and the lower level teams to support whatever decision during a makes and the potential rigorous schedule that comes with it out of obligation because Dorna kept them afloat right now with funds. That were expected to come in later from those missed rounds so and that's not a bad thing. I don't think I mean if Dorner was footing the bill for this show which man I wish they would But if they were and because of that. They had particular expectations for me about how often they need to put out a show. Whether that's a mild inconvenience to me or not is kind of irrelevant right because I want the show to be sponsored. So I'll do it. I'll do it on their terms because they're the ones footing the bill for and since we're on that topic obviously the schedule is designed the way it is to allow for preparation and travel and the proper rest for teams and riders because a worldwide series is not an easy thing to run. But that being said I will feel too bad if the writers have to endure a little bit to get in as much racing is possible because let's face it. These guys are not working for minimum wage here and sometimes sometimes when circumstances have not dealt the most advantageous hand. You got to be willing to step up. You know you gotta be willing to put the fans in the sport before your own ideas of inconvenience when those fans in that sport are directly responsible for paying you a salary that somewhere between handsome and completely obscene. If your last name happens to be marquess now is that the nicest way ever to say. Suck it up and grow pair. Or what because with all due respect to Mr Zeelenberg? You guys have awesome jobs okay. And it's not the worst thing in the world to have to do that job a lot in a short amount of time especially since you're going to get paid the same amount as if you've done it all the way across the year now obviously rider safety becomes a factor there and. I'm not trying to discount that at all in any schedule has to take that into account. There is the matter of writer injuries because it would suck if someone had to set out three or four rounds due to something minor that may previously only kept them out for a race or no races at all. There's no magic solution to that. Unfortunately outside of my previous comment of suck it up and grow a pair All right so let's switch gears now because there were also some more comments about the stay at home. Gp that ran not this past Sunday but the Sunday before that and as expected you guys were not terribly impressed but on the upside. Most people said they did enjoy diversion. A Collins said he like seeing riders interact with one another in kind of a friendly atmosphere and Corey agreed saying that at least they were trying something and I still think that's the biggest takeaway you know. Seeing some of the writers come together and interact is good since I mean. Let's face it right now. It seems like the entire world is just kind of stopped and so it does at least give you the idea that Moto. Gp Still Exists Group of riders. That really would prefer to race. They want to be racing right now. Even if all they actually can do is play a video game. That's only a hint of the real thing Now Joe Chris Emerson. They all had a reaction similar to mix of last week. That no no. It's not GonNa work as a replacement. Thanks trying guys but it's definitely not the same James was somewhere in the Middle. On the event saying again it was a nice diversion. But that's about it and I like to Marcus. Had to say because Marcus said. Hey the whole thing was a bit of a snooze fest. Because he's pretty sure he could beat most if not all of those riders himself and he went on to say that the magic the magic of motor. Gp is the fact that those guys are out there. Doing something that US mere mortals could never accomplish so at that factor doesn't exist within the magic is gone if they're just playing a video game that we could likely better than that larger than life factor no longer exists and that's certainly true and actually think that mark is hit on something that is kind of important because it might be getting lost. His point might be getting lost in the racing community. And I'll tell you what I mean by that because we all want to go racing so badly we all wanna see racing so badly we are all looking for a substitute and let's face it especially when it comes to like I racing. The simulations are very realistic. It looks realistic on TV. It looks realistic for the competitors. And you know I was watching the INDYCAR RACE. The other day they didn't. I racing events Saturday. It was on TV. Looked very real They had the regular commentary. Crew and the guys on the commentary crew. We're talking about one of the drivers. That's going to be a rookie this year. When the season actually get started this guy was running in the top three at the time and I can't even remember who the driver was but he was running top three and one of the commentators said wow me. And he's doing so great. If this is any indication he's going to be a major player for rookie of the year this year and I immediately started laughing because I was wait. A minute guys. Think about this for a second. If running third in an eye racing event means that you could be a major player for rookie of the year. If that's the measuring stick then like some fourteen year old kids sitting in front of his computer in his parents. Basement in the middle of Iowa's can be a major player for the indycar rookie of the year two. Because I'm pretty sure that somebody who fits. That description is as good at a racing video game as the guy they were talking about was so yeah Marcus's right. Video Games are fun and it is something to entertain us and it might be very realistic in some instances but the skill level involved is not the same as real racing. The bravery involved is not the same as real racing in. So we've got to remember that the reality in the magic of real racing isn't quite there even though my look like it. It's it's definitely not corey seconded. That opinion he pointed out that hey in a video game. Motorcycle racing is not the same in fact. Simulations aren't the same for motorcycles. As it is for cars you know things like Nascar. Maybe car are at least closer in concept to the real thing the motor. Gp Games are world. Superbike Games are and he pointed out something else that we talked about on last week. Show you a big reason. Why the car racing games have gained quite a bit more traction with the fans and the media is because I racing has done a fantastic job not just reading really good simulation but being cognizant all along of how to present it in an entertaining way and that's something emoji p nineteen those guys have simply never had to consider because the focus of that game has always been on the playing experience. The person that's playing the game not somebody who might be watching the game and you know it's the fact that I racing is done that good of a job. That commentator could make a mistake like that and say. Hey the guy's recent third. He's going to be the rookie of the year. No He's the video game. It's a very very realistic video. Game and I- racing has done such a good job that not this week but the week before the NASCAR race was on a national broadcast network here in the United States. Have one point three million viewers. That's not bad at all. So and motor. Gp and less. They went back to the drawing board and designed it like that type of simulation that would be very difficult for them to reach that level of realism. As far as us as a viewer I think is concerned all right. So let's change gears again to the big news story on the last episode of the program that of course the Andrea you know nate suspension. And what your thoughts about r and more than things that if the suspension is upheld that it's pretty much the end of Andreas Motor. Gp career and it really would be if it is the full eighteen because the eighteen months is the kicker in this one being able to come back. In June twenty twenty one on paper is better than December of two thousand twenty one but in reality does it really make any difference. I mean it's not like appropriate is going to have his seat waiting for him in Catalonia next year and then just tell whoever's on the bike to go take a hike so an eighteen month suspension effectively turns into about a twenty three month suspension. Because he'll have no choice but to sit out two full seasons and you know by that time apparently like any other team. They'll have moved on so I'm surprised. They're even standing by as much as they currently are given both his results on the bike. And how the whole same low situation play it out. I mean he at least could race just not well and they dumped him early. It's not like Andrea was lightened up the world and he can't race and they are standing by my guess in hindsight it's actually good. It's a shows an improvement on the part of a pearly backing up the writer instead of abandoning in. So you know. And that's aimless situation like it was forever and a day ago now but it wasn't that long ago and it was a really big deal. The way they treated him was really really bad And then the other part of Morton's comment WSB K. definitely is definitely included in the length of that suspension. The only place that he could run would be a non F I M sanctioned series. There are very many of those and is Anthony. West found out even if you do go to one of those the FIMA. Still try to hold you accountable. He attempted to run for Kawasaki in the Brazilian superbike championship and the F. I am allegedly. If you listen to aunt put pressure on Kawasaki to terminate that deal so yeah he really would be forced to sit out or risk if he didn't even if you want to some non-sanctioned series he could risk having that suspension lengthened. So going back to the whole appeal thing. I really think that the best situation for proliant Andrea Right now would be the get. It knocked down to get that suspension reduced to one year and then he will be available for polio. Or anybody else for that matter to sign for the two thousand twenty one season or moral superbike and I really think that's where he would end up anyway especially if he sits out the twenty twenty season that he would be headed off to WSB K. One way or the other but I think that's the best that apparently can hope for. I mean without rehashing the whole thing you can go back and listen to the last episode. If you want to hear what I thought about it but I mean it doesn't matter how it gotten assistant. He tested positive for. There's GonNa be some sort of suspension no matter how much they stopped their feet and yelling. They are both Andrea in Max. Biaggi for that matter are stomping their feet and yelling right about now but their best hope all the way around would be the he would somehow be available for twenty twenty one. I'm in speaking of twenty twenty one. Let's move on now. The silly season am really when it comes to silly season. Two Thousand Twenty one. It's all about to Kati. And a couple of people asked about this on both red at and on facebook about the impact of the schedule delays the season delay on silly season and really I mean to. Kati is the main player there at the time at the time. Didn't it seem absolutely crazy when Yamaha locked up both of their seats for twenty one twenty two and Honda signed Marquez for an unprecedented four? More years like he was running for president of the US or something not not that I mind that actually But those moves turned out to be quite a stroke of genius because now that nothing is happening on track there technically is nothing preventing teams from talking to and signing riders. But it's certainly isn't anyone's top priority in for someone like Coty that just compounds the problem because they were looking to bring in something extra. They wanted something more to help. Put them over the top and now the key players the people. They really wanted to go after. They've all put pen to paper so not only can do copy not sign those guys. Because they're off the table but without a season it prevents them from having a really good look at anybody else including their own current riders to try and make a decision on what the best course of action is to take next so yama feeling pretty damn confident right about now in all of their moves. Despite the fact that it leaves Valentine or Aussie perpetual state of limbo and Honda. Certainly isn't sweating the details either. I mean they've got their guy and you know the writer who sits beside him whether it's Alex Marquez. Or someone else. That's of little consequence for the next four more years after this one Ktm doesn't figure to be much of a major player you know after the whole Zarko debacle. I think that everybody's pretty much assuming that they're going to keep things as in house as possible and senior well-funded anyway. They should be able to come up with the proper amount of money necessary to keep their current riders that they want to keep on board which I would imagine at. This point is all of them so that would leave. Suzuki and appropriate as minor players. I would think that's his rookie is very likely to want to keep the status quo and then for early out. You know the outcome of the Andrea you know a situation is really gonNA determine the value of Appalachia spargo in the teams is. And since I'm pretty convinced that Andrea is going to sit one way or the other then. The elder respond grow is going to be there guy and they probably won't be terribly picky if it's Bradley Smith or more likely a younger rider with a good amount of upside next to him. I think at this point they pretty much settled on the fact after trying to find other people to be the number one next to a SPA. Grow that Al. H their number one guy you lean on him for consistency and then they've got to start to go after young more talented writers they have to do. What's his Yuki that think about? What's his Yuki did? They go out and get maverick than y'all S. He does fantastic things for them and then of course they can't keep him around because they don't have the money. They don't get dejected. Then they go out and get Alex wrens. And then after that Joanne Mir and now they're starting to see those results on a more regular basis that they had those glimmers of when it came to Venezuela's that's the plan that appropriate needs to stick to instead of trying to you know swing for the fences and get that home which right now I mean. Who would that even be for them? Go without lash. Who you know can get as much as you possibly can out of that bike and then fine that young talented broader to build around. And Yeah. We'll take a couple of years but if you do it right you're going to be in the same position as zookeeper but that means that the major player in the market definitely do coty and I don't think the corona virus care really created their problem. Here it certainly compounded it but the preemptive moves by Yamaha and Honda have backed them into a bit of a corner. Because I'm pretty certain that they were looking to do one of two things either. Find a top level rider to go alongside Andrea Kozo or get a top level rider to replace him outright but either way I think their main plan was to go out there and get that you know a grade big money rider to come in and try to shake up things. That's their Mo. I mean they did it with Rossi. They did it with Lorenzo. Why wouldn't they do it again? And at this point I think they were going to do it at the expense of its. Yo so maybe I'm wrong. But no matter how inextricably linked his nickname is to the Pentagon. Why I think that the Duke Audi brass that was so resolute and their dedication desma dovy a couple of years ago is now a bit ambivalent. I don't think they really care if he stays or if he goes now. The problem is with mark mave and especially with Fabio off the board. What options do they really have? You know Gary was wondering if there's a chance that Scott reading could work his way back into good graces at the Mo- GP level based on his impressive career recovery and BSP and is encouraging. Start to the world superbike season before everything came to a grinding halt and that is an interesting option. And it's one that's not completely outside the realm of possibility for a couple of reasons. Number one reading is still just twenty seven years old and number two. I think all options are on the table for do coty when it comes to both of their seats but that second point could work against him as well because they are looking at all options for both seeds and there are a lot of options. I mean more pointed out that there are several other riders that could be on do Qadis radar for a factory seat. You've got of course. Check Miller at the top of that list. Petco back. Ni- even Jones Arco both those guys waiting in the wings. Now Miller is two years younger. He's still only twenty five years old. Believe it or not so. He's two years younger than reading and he's coming off a fantastic year the best of his career in all honesty. I think one of those two seats is really his to lose more than anything. Then things get interesting because we all know that back. Ni- has tons of raw talent but he desperately needed this season to mature to improve to stake his claim to a spot on factory bike. And not getting that at this point. We'll drastically hurt his chances of getting signed to a factory bike and I think that Zarco and someone like reading are in the same boat. You know we all know there is potential there. Zarko proved that on the M. Writing is done such an impressive job going back improving himself all over again and incredibly difficult task. Almost unheard of The top level of motorcycle racing but for both of those riders. The job is unfinished so alike. Bagai each of those guys desperately need this season to get back underway to finish what they started to try to get the attention of GM Paolo Chia Body and the rest of the Dakota management. Either for a factory ride or for one of those vacated spots at pray Mac if one or both of those guys move up now grayson things. They won't get that opportunity to prove themselves this year because we aren't going to go racing at all in that possibility is certainly on the table. I'm quite a bit more optimistic. And I'm hopeful that the summer will bring a change of fortune all around the world and will be able to get back racing again but hold that thought about the potential to not be able to run a season because I want to bring that back around at the end of our discussion now. Of course all of those options that we just talked about Miller reading you know Zarko. All of those are within do cod. And that's the trend for most of the manufacturers right now to look within Theresa who you got but that isn't the only choice because remember guys like Alex Marquez. Alex Rinse Alex. Rinse is unsigned. While I'm one hundred percent certain Zukis goal is to keep him right where he is Alex. Rains has to be the best non dovy option available and he's the only rider outside of Mark Matvey to win multiple races last season. That has to be attractive to do coty and I could absolutely see them trying to go after someone like grains by offering the only thing that's as Yuki can't an obscene amount of money and money does change a lot of things because while I would think that Rennes is far more motivated. Stayed put because things have been going very well for him. It Suzuki a scare like we're all in the middle of right now might make a motor. Gp Rider think more about their overall length of career. And how much money? They WanNa make during that career to set themselves in their families up for the future and that big paycheck may be awfully tempting. I mean it was for Rossi and Lorenzo and those guys had money to start with. Could IT BE FERENCZ? I'd certainly not discount the idea and you can throw Alex Marquez in that as well but Alex Marquez kind of goes back to the same situation as those other guys. He needs a season to be able to prove himself. He needs That racing time to be able to prove himself worthy of a big time contract like they'd be offering a going back to Rennes if he was interested in the money. I mean think about that for a minute. A lineup of rings a Miller that would leave them with a pair of riders that are twenty five and twenty six years old respectively at the start of their tenures is not a bad option right now. If you're trying to catch guys right before the prime of their career you could do a lot worse. Now ultimately I think the length of the moratorium on racing is GonNa be the deciding factor. Here you know the longer we go without racing the more likely I think to. Qadi will be to err on the side of caution and go with dove there number one rider either a one year contract or maybe even for two more years leaving that second right up in the air and I think that Miller would really have the inside track there because I think the Nilo patry who do coty really I think could care less about it. At this point I think Patricia would be a prime candidate for appropriate. Any great fit for early. If they want to go with a really young writer Asada Valley Shofar grow and then Zarko would fight it out with whatever motive to writer. Kati is hot on or with. Maybe someone like reading for a prima cried. And in that scenario I hope to. Kati would consider Scott reading because when it comes to Scott you know he could end up being a prisoner of his own success here because he is still on the younger side and Takada desperately they desperately want to oust Kawasaki for a world superbike title. They wanted the Throne Johnnie Ray and if reading starts to take off on that two. Cardi superbike I think that they would be tempted to simply leave him. There to try and stabilize their efforts with a writer they feel like they could develop into a johnny ray type of long term successful rider so he actually could do well enough for that world superbike team that he prevents himself from getting the Mo- GP. And I'll tell you that's not the worst fate in the motorcycle world. All Things considered getting everything you need to go on a run of wins and championships in world. Superbike I'd certainly take that but I'm not Scott writing so I don't know what exactly he would be happy with in the end all right so before we move onto the next topic. You guys wanted to talk about something. The throw out there right before I started recording. I was just glancing over an interview that Rosaline Rizzoli just did regarding the season and if Grayson's right if we don't get to run a twenty twenty season then what resuly was suggesting is that maybe everybody's contracts would go back to revert back to two thousand twenty and then we would do the whole thing again. During next season we would redo silly season in that respect. Now I'm not quite sure how that will work out because TUB. You'll quarrel maverick Vagnozzi already. Signed right so I don't know why Yamaha would want to push that back a year just because they run a twenty twenty season but if a season is not run. What do you think should happen? Do you think that the contracts that have been signed right now should just be honored or do you think that the twenty twenty one season should be the final contract year of the twenty twenty contracts because all these guys are getting paid right but they aren't racing and if they never get the race what happened to the rider salary you know what happens for the sponsor and the teams should they re do essentially twenty twenty and twenty twenty one or should they move forward in two thousand twenty one as if the two thousand twenty season had actually happened now? I'm pretty sure I know what I think on that. But I'd be very curious I to know what you think about it. So facebook dot com slash motor week dot net. Just right below the post for the show Or over on Reddit at our slash. Moto Week Amari. I don't want to Belabor the point with Marc Marquez thing but you guys have some interesting opinions on Marquez and whether he needs to compete with Wim four and get a championship with more than one manufacturer to solidify his legacy in the grand scheme of things when it comes to premier class racing inquiry. The six says hey. It's not a matter of needing the win for multiple manufacturers at all nowadays mostly because the bikes are so close. What difference does it really make now? You could absolutely argue that point. I'M GONNA make that argument in a minute. But in theory I get were Korea's coming from things are much closer now. I mean the difference today between the Honda and do Khadi Yamaha. Our even Suzuki for that matter is much smaller than the difference between the absolute best bikes and the also rans ten to twenty years ago. So inquiries estimation if mark went out on say an apprecia- and went won a championship that that would be a defining moment for his legacy. Nothing that would be a defining moment for anyone's legacy if they could do that on an but would it really be all that revolutionary from win a championship on a Yamaha or on a do coty like I said I get that theory point but in practice it's proven to be difficult? I mean I'll freely admit that the bikes nowadays are much much closer than they've ever been and far closer together the major manufacturers than you know the bikes have ten or twenty years ago but Rossi was unable to translate his career. Long success over to do cody and then Lorenzo couldn't salvage his Takada flop even by getting on the championship winning Honda right after that so now admittedly both of those riders were arguably past their prime at the time where mark is in the middle of his prime but I think the previous risk taken by both of the Amaha guys has really marking everyone else for that matter a little gun shy on moving as evidenced by the fact that both Fabio and Maverick. In addition the mark chose to stay put before silly season even had a chance to really get going. But I think that's why the debate will absolutely continue on because you know arguments. Corey's make logical sense. It's not like mark would be revolutionizing completely bike by going to do. Katayama Heim winning on but what's missing in terms of disparity in all out performance between all of the manufacturers has seemingly been replaced nowadays with an unusually high level of personalization of Writing Style. That seems to be the defining factor now between manufacturers and instead of looking for a rider that can revolutionize performance. You're now looking for a writer that perfectly matches your philosophy of what performance means and so. That's why I think that's why the challenge is still there even though the bikes are a lot closer than they were before so by mark or anyone else for that matter. Winning another bike are they proving superiority in terms of talent or they proving superiority in terms of adaptability. And how does that fit into the writers legacy as measured against others native? I'm being perfectly honest. I'm not sure what the answer that question is it. Just all kind of came to me in stream of thought right now so definitely think about that and Tell me what you think if you know if mark winning on another bike is proof of his talent. Or if it's proof of his adaptability and whether adaptability is more important now when it comes to going to another manufacturer was that. Rossi's problem was that Lorenzo's problem was Jones. Arcos PROBLEM AT KTM. Not Lack of talent lack of adaptability right. I mean it seems like that's really the key and so if you bring it all back around going winning for another manufacturer is that a sign that you're more talented than everyone else or is it a sign that you just know how to adapt better. I would leave. That open ended. And you can tell me on facebook or right at what you think because I honestly don't have an answer to that quite yet Okay so we've still got more comments in fact just before I started recording a couple of notifications of new stuff that I haven't even looked at yet so if you posted stuff and I haven't talked about yet don't worry I will because otherwise I'd be out of topics for the next show but don't let that keep you from continuing the post and discuss what we're talking about here. Facebook DOT com slash photo dot net or over bred it at our slash motor week? And we'll wrap up this episode by talking a little bit more about the motor week bike because you guys definitely had some comments on it and I was expecting I was expecting it to be a pretty rough ride but everybody was pretty encouraging and I thank you for that because I've been feeling very anxious about what's going to happen long-term with this bike But I know it'll be a fun project one way or the other Pub Amano hit the nail right on the head over. Read it when he posted a picture of what? I'm assuming his Honda Super Hawk and said. Hey here's the more reliable cousin to the S. T. four and man ain't that the case. I mean it really is too. It's related to another bike or related in people's minds to the much more popular and much more expensive are fifty one and don't get me wrong. If a nursing fifty one came along in good shape at the right price drop the Modique bike like a bad habit of America. Get Chip knows that I'm very jealous his But as the fifty one is to the decoding nine one six. The Super Hawk is to the S. T. Four you know. The lesser loved cousin with less focus on the sport aspect and more on the kind of all around aspect of course in the Hondas case. It's only a similar idea and engine configuration. The power plants different where the S. T. Four shares different tune of the nine one six but the important part of course the reliability because both of those aforementioned. Honda's far more reliable than the equivalent to counties and no belts to be changed on far too frequent basis either So pop out of that picture definitely made me laugh yours. Even read to Morton gotten older two Cardi of his own and a super cool one. Two Thousand Fourteen Hyper Strada. Twenty-one Pearl White with some excellent looking baggage sitting in the background the pictures on facebook if you WANNA check it out that one must be a blast to ride but more bought it sight unseen from Germany having it shipped Denmark and he ended up having to do some work on a bit himself over the winter to get everything sorted so he can certainly relate to my Dukakis story so far which is a long list of sorting that needs to be done. But I can relate right back. Morton with the sight unseen thing years ago when I got the BMW. I lived on the east coast of the United States and I bought that. Bmw FROM CALIFORNIA FROM SAN JOSE BMW. Sight unseen had it shipped across the country. I got lucky. Those guys in San Jose. Bmw assessed by really while there were no surprises. But in hindsight it's a little crazy you know when you think about it when you buy a bike and you don't get to see it or rider look at it or even you know check it out with some pictures can be a little bit harrowing especially if you're spending a lot of money on it Ach Moto otherwise known as Adrian posted. Pick OF HIS. Ninja four hundred and said. Hey what the hell do you mean? You can't Hoon around in a small displacement bike and I didn't know I was going to catch a little bit of help for that comment And don't worry I wasn't saying I didn't like small displacement bikes. I just totally fell into the displacement and horsepower trap for sure Especially since half my goal when I started was to have something under four hundred pounds filled up ready to roll I ended up with something that is closer to five hundred pounds filled up. I'm ready to roll. And that's without the bags on it. And what I got wasn't even attract bike not that I wouldn't take it to the track and have some fun if I got the opportunity. But I'm pretty sure that Adrian on his four hundred would leave me feeling quite stupid about saying you can't have fun on a lightweight bike especially if we were at a tight track. I mean I'd have fun on the Straits but that's small. Far More. Modern bike would eat me for lunch in the corners. I'm one hundred percent sure. And that's not even taking into account. I'm sure that drinking bribe me under the table on track I'll definitely breakdown and by a small bike eventually because I totally want in our C. Three nine four one right now but it totally want one. And I know we've had this discussion in the past but if anybody has one of those Small KTM thumpers would love to know if it's long term reliable or not because that was that's always my biggest concern. I mean you know you get an inch four hundred Ninja to fifty one of the small Hondas. The even in our three. You know there could be reliable as dirt but I've always been a little bit nervous about the three ninety but it appeals to most because I think it will be the most fun unattractive. Maybe I'm wrong about that Dj Purchase said his DAD HAD NESTEA. For which by the way does it make me feel old at all actually doesn't the because it's the BMW? Anybody who has a BMW boxer? That bike is going to be the bike. That makes you feel old not to do cod. Even though deejays dad owned one but his dad was on the Tibor when some hopped up Siddiq wanted to challenge him at a stop light that resulted in his dad dropping the clutch not expecting to. I light up the rear tire. Then pull a power wheel he wants. It hooked up and totally smoking. The civic surprising the kids that you know some old man on his touring bike beat them. So badly You know I can vouch for the tour of the nine one six catching you by surprise because I found out real quick that have to be a lot more cognizant of blaming the throttle on the S. T. Four then have try of triple where. I can kind of be a bit lazy. Neither one has a slipper but the power band of the triumph. You can kind of Bang it down gears if you need to and it usually can take it but man that s t four will chirp the rear wheel in a second. If you're not flipping because it's got so much torque I'm an also found out quick that you're right wrist can get the front wheel up. I just want to pass somebody in town. Must've been a couple of weeks back with the past somebody in town and we're just getting going from a traffic light pickup truck in front of me. I WANNA get around him so made a quick move From role next thing I know the front wheel is up off the ground and if anybody was coming the other way they probably would've wondered why again some old man on a touring bike was running around passing some pickup truck. So the Torque is really I think the most impressive part of the nine one six for sure and I know. It can't all be the tune in the exhaust. I'M GONNA have to go count the teeth on this because I would assume. It was probably geared down a tooth at some point in its past I haven't started filming anything with it yet but that is coming soon. I'm figuring out how to use. Adobe Premiere Right now. I was working with it over the weekend once. I get pretty good at it then. I'll start shooting stuff more seriously and we can start finding out just how expensive achieve do coty really is. I'm an format city. Modo in anybody else. In case you didn't hear my original description of the motor week bike. it it came with plenty of articles The DO COTY performance exhausted tune factory luggage with color match giveaway trunk. Calcutta would be happy with that In Orleans rear shock attended zero-gravity Windscreen and most importantly a fair amount of service. Docks not from new but from a good ten or eleven years or so from a legit dealer. The one that bought it from and that with any old do cod is always the most important part and still no guarantee as I found out that you won't have lots and lots of things that you end up having to work on Okay and so. I said we were going to wrap up with that. But we're not. We're GONNA wrap up with some pictures because there were some on both facebook and on Reddit this week On facebook of course more posted his aforementioned. Do Khadi Hyper Strada which is Awesome. I love it Desma valve one. Overarm read it posted do county from the same generation as mine. A two thousand and three monster eight hundred love that bike to great picture by the way I love how it fills up. The frame goes outside the frame. And then you've got the gloves sitting on the seat. Their picture Pulp Amano posted. Of course that Super Hawk that we were talking about a minute ago and I'm a huge fan of the fifty one but I really think the regular Super Hawk looks almost as good especially when it's red or in yellow and it's got the lower fairing in yours has the lower fairing. I like that when I'm assuming it's your bike by the way Track day seventeen. Just got back. Some very sexy by two bows that were just rebuilt for his jetzer. If anybody by the way has a good place now is a good place in so cal that rebuilds all in let me know because I'm pretty sure the BMW needs to be serviced. The on that one down the road I should probably have that one on the body looked at and set up for me as well And wimpy seventy nine. Oh man if you haven't been ready go to read it. Wimpy seventy-nine posted a killer video of the new fire blade or CB are one thousand are for us here in the United States. Doing Dino run a man that thing sounds great adjust. Wales and Anti noted one hundred ninety at the rear wheel if that's yours. I'm very jealous and Wimpy seventy-nine said there was an sap there that lay down two hundred at the wheel on the dino and nuts man in superbike field crowded with one thousand hours and panic allies and our ones. Sometimes Honda doesn't get a whole lot of credit for their CBER's but they always churn out fast great handling light bikes. That are great for going to the tracker. Just having fun with but of course just to make me Mad Honda put winglets on the Sp. And if you're on instagram you could see that when I was at the dealership that was from back when I went about the body I was walking around and for some reason. I should've taken pictures of all the bikes there. But I was just Kinda mesmerized by all the coolness that they had And I took a picture of an RSP for our and they already have the winglets as well. So I posted at night. I am going to go back to that dealership because I just went and looked at their website the other day. My can't wait until it's opened again. Because they had not just not just a twelve ninety nine. Pentagon lightweight the Super Leisure and an eleven ninety nine Super Lazara but does Mosa. Dt are are. I'm going to try anything I can to get them to start that bike for me so I can video up for you guys on if they're going to do it or not. I'm GonNa have to talk real nice to him and remind them that I purchased something from them All right so that's all we got for this episode next up. Keep those comments coming. We'll start the next episode with some of the ones that we left off with here We'll talk more about a silly season will extend that conversation from do. Coty to Suzuki and where they may be able to get a satellite team in the coming years. And if they'll get a satellite team a plus. What do you think should happen if we don't run in two thousand? Twenty Heaven Forbid Do you think that the contracts should revert to what they are now for? Twenty twenty one or do you think that those signing should go through and Fabio should move over to the factory Yamaha team and Valentino can do whatever it is that he wants to do in twenty twenty one Plus any more of your comments. We'll talk about so. Make sure you leave him. I'll give you the places to leave him in a second here. And we'll hopefully know if we're doing a motor. Gp Nineteen Challenge Online course anymo- GP News. It comes up including any updates on the schedule or the Andre. A situation will cover those as well. So if you're having subscribed to the show yet that's one thing you can do. You can subscribe on Speaker Stitcher. I tunes player Dot FM. Google play music iheartradio spotify. You can ask Alexa. Play the show. She'll do for you as well. Of course if you don't want to subscribe that's fine. You can always find all the latest episodes on the website at Mojo Week. Dot Net follow along on twitter and instagram. Remember I'm trying to post everyday on instagram right now. At Motor Week is where you'll find the show and most importantly Gimme a thumbs up. Subscribe and leave your comments on facebook at facebook. It's facebook dot com slash moto week dot net then over on bright it at our slash motor week on facebook. Try and leave your comments below the post for the show. That won't mess him then. I'm read it wherever you want to subscribe number one in the dive in the conversation and it doesn't have to be about motor. Gp You can post videos your bikes. I WanNa see where you guys are riding to what you're doing right now since we really can't do a whole lot. I'm and if you WanNa talk about anything else. Hey that's fine too. They're only two rules. There are only two roles on the red it sub No spoilers without the spoilers in the titles and be nice. That's it. I really like seeing be cooled one another because you know bill. And Ted's seen I'm sorry old again so until we talk again just a couple of days from now. I want to thank you so much for listening. Leave those comments. Stay healthy and stay far away from one another and cover your face preferably with a motorcycle helmet Ride safe and I'll talk to you soon.

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