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Great news. There's a quick way. You can save money. Switch to Geico. Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price. And it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. Can you guys help me with something here because I honestly don't know the rules on this. I'm watching the television, David Irving, if you're not familiar is a football player quit on Instagram yesterday. Pretty quick pro football saying I love football, but the NFL's not football, and he did so while smoking blunt or what appeared to be a blunt, but I just saw it on television. And it was pixelated the smoking of the blunt was pixellated which sort of defeats the purpose of playing the video a bit. I don't understand why we need to camouflage that whatever the audio. What are the rules though? I mean, you shouldn't show drugs and on daytime television. And oh, no you shouldn't. I mean, if it's news, it's not like drugs. It's not like a soap operas choosing to put it in a script. You shouldn't show. Somebody who is making news by smoking marijuana. Speaking into a camera and retiring from football, that's not something we should show is not clear that it's marijuana. What's I understand the payoff? What you want you voyeur you? It's an abundance of caution. And we saw the same thing. When when the dolphin assistant coach was in a video snorting something that everybody knew was cocaine and let her later proved to be cocaine, but initially everybody had to refer to it as a white substance is same thing. Here the world needs an influence her that can go to. ESPN and perhaps do so right now, I don't know if he can do it alone. He's going to need a mega Sar someone with a high Q rating that's internationally known to do a story on marijuana to break down some of these boundaries perhaps in a state where it's legal. Well, funny. You should say that because I have no idea. I haven't talked to anybody about this yet. We've got this other television show the art of conversation. The first one was on Pat Riley, the next one's on Mike Tyson. And I honestly don't know Mike, whether I'm going to be able to get away with how we started it. Which is we are driving to a cannabis music festival where he is the guy who is selling cannabis legally through a business venture. And he he is who he Mike Tyson. Actually, the thing that I was saying. Wow. Wow. Oriented should have spoke up on this sooner. Yeah. Am I going put on put it on the poll? I'd be curious am I going to be able to get the introduction of that television show to be Mike Tyson smoking marijuana on television as I introduced him? I going to be able to do that. Yes. Or no. There's obviously precedent. You can't as long as it's pixel every gun because that will ruin it late. The hell I wouldn't want to do it that way they made a decision. Look they made a decision on the Pat Reilly thing, Pat Riley. Did that interview in his socks? I wanted to leave that in there with him in his socks because it conveyed comfort. They didn't want the casualness of sock. Okay. Hold on update. I'm now seeing video. I'm seeing the video and there's the chance that they're just pixel leading the the Instagram users names right now because there was other social media stuff on there that wasn't pixellated the hearts and stuff. We're coming up because the J or the alleged Jay is towards the bottom of the screen, and when you watch Instagram live, that's where most of the comments, are it also should be noted that this isn't just some weird inspiration that struck David Irving, it might be, but we should mention he was spended indefinitely by the NFL, which might have pushed him towards this decision. I am asking you guys. The question though. I don't know what the rules are to smoking on television. You don't see people smoking anything on television. Do you only Shannon Sharpe? For whatever reason. Well, you can smoke black and mild with no problem. But I want you guys to explain this sending someone explained that to help me with all of this. Because I want to understand all of it. Stephen a Smith comes on the set of I take and he's got a victory cigar when the Cowboys looms. But he does not light it up. He will not like that cigar up. And if you guys remember the original incarnation of sports writers on television. It was Rick talent her and like six guys sitting around the table. And all they were doing was smoking. They were smoking these giant cigars, really. Yes. That's that was the advent of sports writers on television. It's not right. It was either bad or sports reporters. But I think this show was the first one with Rick talent. Right. Right. Well, the the millennials in the next room. Probably don't even remember when cigarette advertising was not only acceptable, but proliferated television. I mean that was like the main thing you saw cigarette ads the Winston man and all that. And now it's for boating. Bob Bowman Marlboro, man. But the Winston guy to right. Was there a Winston, man? I don't know it. He just do that was that is pivot. Was there? Winston win. Tastes good. Like a cigarette. Should that was the jingle in a big guy in a horse? In fact, I think the Winston man predated, the Marlboro man, I think Marlboro man was a rip off of the Winston raw say that. Yes. The Winston man, wait a minute. So the Winston man was first, but he is the less. He's not remembered there's Winston men more than one. Yeah. David Gorlitz is the most famous Winston, man. And then Alan Landers was also known as a Winston Jameis Winston came along. He wouldn't successful BOTAS. That is such a tire joke by you've been doing it for forty years. At one time. You heard that Kornheiser Korangi that does that all the time where the joke is just to name other people love Kornheiser sense of humor. He's one of my heroes in the business guys. I have as you know, ESPN does have journalistic arm, and I have heard from my boss' in Bristol that it is only pixelated because of the social media comments at the bottom of the screen were said alleged Jay is also place. It is not pixelated because it is indeed in the ledge. So yes, or no I'm going to be able to get Mike Tyson smoking marijuana at the start of this show. Yes, or no, make sure you don't have any social media comments at the bottom of the screen. My question was he smoking legally in a state that allows us then it should be loved. Arbitrary is. All is correct. That is correct. My grind we have been really stupid without drug policy in the NFL and the NHL for a really long time. Yes, it is remarkably stupid because there was he where was talking. Well, he was smoking in California. Oh, good. Because it's not in Miami. Because we all know that you can't do drugs in Miami. Because line was drawn on a map. I I don't understand. No, no money. Why can Shannon Sharpe smoke on another? Good question. Because no one's watching Ken Stephen Smith light the cigar on I take. Yes, or no. Is it allowed is the endorse? Is that the problem? I thought he was outdoors in Dallas and smoke indoors yet. That's New York law. You can't smoke just as Shannon Sharpe smoke. If no one can see it. Wait a minute. That's just a New York LARs at a law all all around the country. I just know as New York laws state law. It is so arbitrary you can smoke here, but you can't smoke there. You could have sex at this age here, but you can't have sex at this age there. We can have a brothel over here on this land. But not over here. What if you're smoking marijuana while literally straddling the state line where one foot is an estate where it's legal and one foot is in a state where it isn't what side of your mouth is marijuana on. It's right on the state line is right in the middle. Technology truth brought to you by Geico. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. Let's rats Janet's fangs did she lose up that with a weed whacker? Oh. Sint wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something go fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more liberty card who's the second most famous Frank Frankenstein. Stugatz. Pretty good. It's also not as name, right? In front do. Friends do. Frankie these live at our show with to God's on ESPN radio. How do we honor? What is it six time executive of the year? Bill Polian is his leaving ESPN. Now. How do we honor Bill Polian on a distinguished career? The rare post executive career that ends up in a successful television career. Do we have we empty the Bill in full there? Hey, so we're going to empty the Bill Polian folder here as an honor. Bill Polian is now leaving ESPN who's announced that Mike. So that I don't get anything wrong. SPN has credible source. Okay. I don't believe him. So Bill Polian is done with his gas bagging career. And you say that lovingly because we're all gas. Well, guess what you refer to everybody in the industry. I don't want this to be misconstrued. I need still explain that I refer to myself as chief gas bag. Okay. Everyone else can line up behind me. We think we're offending the immortal. Bill Polian by calling him a gas bag when he's a gas bag on the scouting combine like the other gas bags regardless. Let's empty the Bill Polian. File hear the sound that we have. Let's just empty the library. That's it at as our Bill Polian. Folder, isn't there? A longer isn't a attribute isn't there? A long. Isn't there a lot? Are you looking for context? Yes. I was I thought I didn't think that that would be. I self in the library thought that we listen. I. Yes, please. Give me some context. I didn't realize we're doing like the spelling bee where I need to hear it in a sentence. I built a dolphins have the most picks in the top one hundred. I'm sure you know, that and the fan base is not terribly confident and the guy in charge of making those picks. What advice would you give to Jeff Ireland? Sound of the day is brought to you by my computer career. He d you rain for a better life. All right. Hold on there. A number of funny things about that clip. Now, hashtag bills mafias coming at me in the single worst. Most pathetic rivalry week could have with what have you one? What have you one in Miami? So bills Bobby is coming up. But this is a question Stu gods acting like seven general managers ago, the one who has does Brian of his mother was browsed through this sound is super old. We went to Bill Polian for now. This is what we got. I bel- the dolphins have the most picks in the top one hundred. I'm sure you know, that and the fan base is not terribly confident and the guy in charge of making those aches, what advice would you give to Jeff Ireland? All right. This is the question. I have me. I wanna I wanna analyze the sound a little more. And I want to ask you guys this question, and Mike you are the best for end sky. We've got when it comes to is the hypothesis. I'm about to give you on sound, correct. Where you can hear it the beginning. Bill Polian sort of feeling a little scratchy and in the middle. You can hear him. Also in the middle pushing back and trying to muffle it all down and ends up making it worse. Can you? Indeed here in the ambient sound Bill Polian. Trying to muzzle that cough. I build the dolphins have the most picks in the top one hundred. I'm sure you know, that and the fan base is not terribly confident and the guy in charge of making those pigs. So what advice would you give to Jeff Ireland? He took a breath. He was finding it. And then he took another breath right after I feel like his chest was swelling with with air and flam, and whatever it is. That was going to come up there. I just want. So I'm right. I've got the rare time where I'm not hearing things incorrectly. And you you nailed it there. All right. Well, I think that is the best way for us to honor the career of Bill Polian here at ESPN bone voyage. Nobody better. Nobody cough better. Well, maybe you actually, Mike. Let's see we've got a library of Greg. Cody costs back there. Greg, cody. And we're a little alarmed by this as he has been co coughing around here for the better part of eight months. I if any of you have any suggestions on what we can do about that he has been seeing doctors I made a great a grave mistake. Apparently, there's another Bill Polian file here that I need to play. I misspelled it. When I when I labeled it, and I did some digging. So I found this other one unique to have fire in your belly. You need to have work ethic in your heart and your mind. I'm glad that you interrupted everything that we were doing to make sure that that particular portion of the library was cleaned up. Thanks. Fine. Billy sounds bed. It is abysmal helps. Yeah. Yeah. Fire in the belly. It put it on the poll. Please gear fire in the belly. Good thing or bad. Have you seen? What happens Pepito Bismah when touched with fire turns into metal. Wow. Oh my God. Is that right? Yeah. I think I don't think. That's right. No. I think so think it curdled into an aluminum of some sort. Oh and believe so can you get the Cody coughing file plays? Because if we can get him to laughing hill start coughing, more and more. If you have the Cody coughing file, Cody just gave the highest honor you can give a coffee by saying. That's as good as anyone can cause when it guest when when he mentioned Bill Polian because he really did just rusted into the telephone. He's one of the all-time great. So if you could just play for us a Greg Cody coughing fit. I would appreciate that. And I I am a little embarrassed that we continue to be paid for this. Brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking. Offering a cash you. I mean, there's four things here. Hang on. All right. That's fine. I'll wait for all of them. He's coughing while this coughing is going on because when he starts laughing. He starts coughing. Give me another one to get you the right suit at the right fit for the right occasion. So I guess I was a coughing fit during a live raid. Well, there was not my best. Well, there there is one where he says that he's fine. And he's clearly not fine after coughing for the better part of four segments across four segments. He's having a great deal of difficulty with this. Let me the third file. That's the one. That's what I enter into the contest. All right one. That's the hall of fame. I wanna hear that one. Go up against the Polian. And I defy anyone to pick a winner. This moves of Saleh's Silat is an active ingredient in pet though bismuth bismuth is a metal one eighth of that compound. I honestly didn't understand the I sixteen syllables. You said I thought you were doing a show in a totally different language. Wait till I play this back to you. There is no way that that sounded to anybody like English. There's just no it couldn't have their twenty syllabi thought he was butchering Pepco Bismah. That's what I thought that was at the beginning. It's science, Dan. What is the name of? What is the name of the ingredient biz move sub Saleh's Silje? He goes on tight donlevatar when I played little league baseball. There was that one game. I hit a grand slam. It was bad and clean up for Adler drugs. The wreck sauce saying the Holly. He would Santana or at the time. Had a headline the next day in the paper that said cody's, slam paces drugs. I five stugatz. You know, I've been there abandoned, the mountaintop, see, Dan, we've all been there. Everyone's been there in their own little way, we have grant slam Cody, slam pieces drugs headlines DC's Libertad show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Mike grind is excited. He is pumping a fist because the giants have traded Olivier Vernon to the Cleveland Browns. Not the trade that I was hoping for with the giants. But as a good trade that defensive line pretty good young and good, right? Thompson is with us. Now, every time this guy writes anything, it's something you should be reading. And so he decided to tackle for ESPN the magazine ESPN dot com. The combine right? Thank you. As always for making time for us. Why did you decide to do this? What was the impetus? Well, you know, you, and I are both friends with lots of people cover the NFL, and they always talk about the combat and just how ridiculous it is. And they always come back and telling hilarious stories. So I just was like I gotta go to this thing and follow you guys around. And see what this is about re literally a simple that. I mean, I went in all week people like what are you writing? And I was like, I don't know. 'cause prove just as like, I'm just going to go to this thing and see how. Well, the the thing. I always find interesting to tackle is sort of are these guys who are picking players are they actually able to be more scientific about this than we are are is it an ability going to the combine and those guys spending all that money to go to the combine does one guy sees something that the guy next to him is not seeing. No. And a lot of them aren't even watch it. I mean, it kind of ridiculous. I mean, the combine it is the bachelor for football. It is much closer to the bachelor than the Super Bowl. I mean, it's just. People like to watch it. And so they broadcasted and so these guys have to do it. But nobody is serious about player evaluation really thinks that they're learning anything really that seems stunning that like anything you're saying, it's all an exercise instability that it's just an expense an expense account party. I'm saying that the drills are they learn the medicals are invaluable. I think and they really do some teams do interviews better than others. But the interviews are, you know, when they start trying to make a list of what can we get here that we can't get somewhere else that we don't already know it's face to face interaction. And it's like the sort of the idea of WADA sixteen scouts go to say, Texas, ADM's pro day when those things are streamed on the internet seems like it'd be a lot better off sending scouts to hang out in college bars and talk to bartenders and go to the police station, and like run, names and social security. The numbers through databases than having stop watches. I mean, I just think you'd be a lot better off. If you went and found political op like APO research guys who were tired of that game and high them to be scouts right for anybody. Who hasn't read your article yet? What are the indications of debauchery the idea that to a lot of coaches and executives the combine is pretty much just a four or five day vacation the article the headline, incidentally, steak booze and a sense of dull dread. Here's what really happened at the NFL combine. It. I mean, it's an insurance convention in Las Vegas where some of the insurance salesman are on TV a lot. I mean, this is exciting. Yeah. No, really. I mean, that's what it is. It's like it's like a bunch of lawyers going to Kabo except that some of these lawyers are on TV. I mean, like, it's just you know, it's the regular amount of nuts. I mean, it's not like, you know, it's not a den avatar Friday night. I mean, it's like more like, you know, it's just it. It's everybody's real drunk and eating real big stakes and charging that that is my Friday night. What are you talking about Monday night? It's morning to. Yeah. What did you? What did you learn the or find interesting about it that you didn't know going in right that I mean things to make like an I am making fun of you know, this entire thing. But what the most interesting thing I've found out is that it's not like NFL teams are dumb. And that baseball teams are smart. It's not that at all. It's what they are trying to figure out is so much more complicated than what baseball teams are trying to figure out because baseball stops for a moment. And there is this dual hardwired into the game. I mean Clayton Kershaw with eight little leaguers could get them out against the New York Yankee, it's just the way the game. And what's amazing to me is that what the NFL has to figure out so much more complicated onto level one. You're all these guys move in concert with each other. So it's not like someone individual talent is is just is like a permanent thing. They're always a ninety seven. They are bad and some guys might be better or worse. Depending on who's around them. And why and what kind of moods all of those people are in. So it's a it's really complex human behavior stuff. They're trying to figure out and the answers they won't are inside of people. But they don't know how to get them. So they know they won't in every NFL team knows that they won't what is inside of Tom Brady. But when he was coming out of Michigan. None of those teams how to tell if he had it or not. And that's the fall of the draft. I mean team six in the first two rounds when teams are drafting quarterbacks according to that this really great book. I just read about Michael Barr with a bunch of different NFL teams. You guys probably gone. And like, they're there's they succeed forty percent of the time and hate to find success. As is a starter. Who wins games sort of wins more than he loses not play offs? Not anything like that. That's just a success in the first two rounds teams hit forty percent of the time. And the numbers go down after that. It'd be better off with me and you flipping coins. Like, they just are the whole process cannot reveal the one thing they most mostly to know. And instead of just letting them sitting room with indianap- in Indianapolis with all these guys and really talk to them and try to figure it out. They haven't them run for yard dashes when they already know if they're fast or not. I mean, the whole thing is not only stupid it is actively stopping them from potentially answering some of the questions they actually need to know. Just so dolphins fans or whoever can watch it on TV and act like they're in the process. It's actually nuts when you break down. What actually going on? You should read the article he has been dot com. ESPN the magazine. Right Thomson with us the author, right? Did you observe at the combine whether anybody was in particular taking extra series like wondering, whether a newcomer to the lead like Mike mayo transitioning from TV, and at his first combine as the raiders general managers is they're taking copious notes while everybody else is wearing a party yet. Well, what's really funny is? They don't let reporters we go to cover the. Combine, but you can't go into stadium. So maybe I've no idea. I mean, the only time you're getting any insight into what's happening teams have sweets like the luxury suites in the stadium team's get them. So they can sort of set up a war room there and then not watch. But the. So who knows I mean, that's the million dollar question. I mean, look, I think. You know, it used to be prom ground for free agency tamper. But then NCWA I mean, jeez. Freud the you know what? But then the NFL stopped that. And so like one guy was complaining like you can't even pamper anymore. Like, what are we doing here? Like like, you know, the combat used to be prom tampering ground zero. But it's not even that anymore. It sounds really stupid. Right. It the whole thing. Sounds stupid. It. It's just it's one of those things that like it's too big to fail. It's such a thing. Now that. I don't think it does. It's a mile wide and in state. You know what? I mean, there's not just the TV event. It's just a made for television event. That's exactly what it is. Okay. There we go. We could have saved the entire conversation. Just made it that. Right. Thank you. Also, like don't do that sixty three hundred words, you're interviewing skills got it down to nine. This is embarrassing day. And you guys should read everything this, dude. Right. So K because it's always interesting and eliminating. If you wanna learn about something that's pretty bogus in the NFL. You should read this article. Thank you, right anytime guys donlevatar, Greg Cody of the Miami Herald has announced that we are the biggest and best radio show in America on Tuesdays. Stugatz. You're welcome. These live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. Mike, I wanna know how your using the Stephen a Smith names, Stephen a Smith gave the internet a little gift yesterday. And maybe it wasn't a little gift. It was a wonderful gift. He he just did a bunch of things in front of a green screen that now people can do whatever they want with. No, Cody jealous that he didn't think of. Of the idea. I because this is very popular right now yet. Well, you did this you did this exact same thing or social media guy made? Sure. So we have all these clever swipe up Jeff's in gifts off our Instagram you soon in front of a green screen, and he did something similar. However, they made the decision to release the raw footage of CNA doing this. Which means you can superimpose almost anything into that background. Which is a bit of an oversight on our part. Probably right. Probably should have been considered by people when I mean, people are inherently evil I found that has been intentional by the way, Dan, the NBA on ESPN radio. Tune in Sunday is Embiid and the seventy Sixers host the pace was presented by indeed coverage begins at three PM eastern on most ESPN radio stations. Thank you. Billy just wanted to share with you. Okay. Well, we're very casually shared it. With a transition. Ronda Rousey is in the news because she says wrestling is fake. He's working. You all come on. Come on money marks AAC. They'll be a Mark you choose work in all of you. If you don't know the story, Ronda Rousey was the baddest woman in the world for a while. And then Holly home knocked her out and since then issue she's gone into fake fighting. And she is very charismatic. She is very good at what she does in both worlds. I have found her offensive self Mike to be super wrestling character just her offense itself. So she turns up the volume with I'm going to do this my way, there's a lot of he'll in it. And she's getting people interested in women's wrestling. She's naturally been a he'll even in UFC, she sort of made a he'll turn. But I think our personality true personality, probably ventures of low closer to the he'll line. I remember the first time I ever talked her to answer. Your question was good. Got it had to be seven years ago on highly questionable. I was being introduced to Hirsch they at that point. She wasn't any kind of popular. She was just coming up and was interesting and. She just told this great story of emptying a movie theater with their fists like somebody threw a shoe at her. She threw a shoe at somebody else like this girl. She she she went. I mean because she's got a a martial arts background. That's Olympic some would say, it's mixed. It's not terrible. And she goes from that to being a true marketing item in a sport making fighting making really pioneer making fighting popular four women among women and she made the transition on natural one. We've seen it done with other MMA fighters we've seen wrestlers go to 'em. May they share a lot of the same fan base? She went to WWE's she's been a success in the ring. She's certainly not embarrassing yourself by any measure. She's actually quite good in the is good in front of the camera to us. She has her moments where she gets flustered by a live crowd. But for a first year professional wrestler. She's doing quite well, she hasn't quite moved the needle. I think in the way that they would hope, but she's on track with this thing in working the internet. This is all part of an angle, I think she's on track to be the first woman to main event, the wrestlemainia, which is a big deal along with two other wrestlers, RIC flair's daughter, Charlotte and Becky Lynch wasn't. She the biggest UFC star for a couple of years. Yes. I mean bar. None star in the sport. It was after was actively fighting because John Boehner Jones just could fight after Dana white swore up and down that he would never have a woman fight. And then then a white became a puppy dog where everybody all the other fighters were noticing good God, you're only feeding this because it was the circus attraction men think about that for a second. Did you think you live long enough to for an arena full of men in Las Vegas to gather around a fight at as as the main event of a woman doing it? Like, that's that's legitimate. Pioneering that that she did that to me doesn't doesn't get a race. By the fact, that good God that sport has volved now where the woman the women are even better than her bite by a good amount because the champions that are coming after her are better than she was you're talking about Becky Lynch in Charlotte. I was talking about in mixed martial art. Okay. Well, this is all part of a pretty good storyline in which they're all working the internet a little bit. There reports there that random is set to leave WWE the day after wrestlemainia which may be designed to get additional heat honor their leaning into the natural hero heel persona of Ronda Rousey, over the course of our shows history. We have loved talking across generations about wrestling and professional wrestling as Mike Ryan was just at the seventieth birthday party surprise birthday party of RIC flair. I don't believe in my lifelong friendship with Greg Cody that I have ever had a conversation with him about one of my favorite subjects which is seventies. Eighties and nineties wrestlers one of whom by the way, a created Wayne the rock Johnson back from a time. When I was it was rocky Johnson and Tony atlas. That that's almost my first wrestling memory. I think of of those two great. Did you ever watch wrestling? Yeah. I used to watch haystack Calhoun on Saturday morning territory days. I loved it. Gordon was Gordon solely. Solely was NWEA. The the Florida territory wrestling alliance mean Jean took out Ordonez solely though, I think in terms of legacy reputation well yet because Vince McMahon took out the territories every region had their own version of Gordon solely. I loved so much and Gary Sinise is gonna join us here in ten minutes. But I just loved so much that in the wrestling days on those Saturday's with haystack. Calhoun, the wrestler in the other corner in the bay trunks out of OPEL, Locka Florida, and then be wild, Greg Cody, it would be someone who looks like Greg Cody in beige trunks. Did you have a favorite like did you go much to wrestling? No, not at all on a favorite bad guy. I don't even know where the haystack. School. Greg Cody on the ESPN radio.

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