At the Podium: The Unfeel Good Win of the Season


Hey there podcast pals. I'm John Stolnis. The host of the PHILLIES pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball. Season is one hundred in sixty two games long. And there's no way you can watch all those games so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week for all the fills goodness. You could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcast including the award winning the dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin and Laze Rozier. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP and the Eagles are at the podium and we have it all for you right here powered by SP nation end bleeding green nation dot com. Your John stolnis coming up. We're going to hear from Doug Peterson in and Carson Wentz his post-game comments with grass. And then we'll hear Peterson's Monday afternoon update but I my three things from the eagles uncomfortable yet. All important twenty to to fourteen win over the Chicago bears in the second. Part of that is something. I don't want people to miss. This was an important win on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles beat a team that won twelve games last year and has one of the elite defenses in the NFL. Do I feel good about how the game went down. I do not but let's take stock of where this team is right. Now and how monstrously important. It was to win this game no matter how they had to win it if they had to win this game because of a two thousand nineteen version of Tuck rule then fine falling to four and five with the Patriots and seahawks up next presented a real danger of the eagles falling four and seven before they're easy stretch of games is to finish up the season. So that takes you very dark road that takes you down a nine and seven eight an eight type of road now with five and four record attendance. Six records seems pretty likely even eleven and five is in play if they split their two games against the Patriots and Seahawks and beat the cowboys in week. Sixteen and that cowboys game in week sixteen gene is likely going to determine whether or not this team goes to the playoffs because as of right now even with a five and four record the eagles are the nine seed in the NFC. If if the season ended today the eagles would not be in the playoffs. Dallas ahead of their game Monday night against the giants has the slight lead in the division Obviously if the cowboys lose in the eagles jump up into first place in the NFC east and all of a sudden they're standing is much brighter but if the cowboys beat the giants as expected the eagles still remain a half game behind the cowboys in the NFC east. The seahawks and Vikings are both six and three so they have the five and the six seed The last two wild card spots and the Vikings of course hold the Tiebreaker Acre over the eagles. So filthy finished with a better record than the Vikings and that's why the Seattle game of these two games coming up after the bye. That's why the Seattle game means more than the Patriots game. I know we would all be jacked up if the eagles went out and beat New England the Sunday after the bye. But if I have to if I have to choose which of these two games to win you want to choose Seattle because right now they are ahead of the. I mean if the Eagles and seahawks are are both battling for wild card spots and they finished with the same record the eagles I would hold the tiebreaker over them if they win and of course vice versa so you need to finish with a better record than Seattle if you end up losing that game and if you lose that game to the seahawks the odds did you finish with a better record than them are astronomically low so the rams and panthers are also both ahead of the eagles A HALF A game ahead at five and three and the eagles are half a game ahead of the lions who are three four and one. So you're looking at potential season in which the Eagles could win ten games James and don't make the playoffs. They have to win their division given the strength of the NFC at the moment they could be ten and six a better record than last year and missed. It's the playoffs. That's what happened in chip Kelly second season with the team. They went ten and six. Heck what was it. Back in. Nineteen ninety-one Eagles went eleven and five and miss the playoffs. It happens so this was a really good victory just in that it was victory moving forward thing number two. The reason most eagles fans do not feel great. Great after this game is that the offense is a problem specifically the wide receivers are a problem and I don't know that there is a solution out there. Take a look at these numbers hours from the last six games brandon. League tweeted these out on Monday morning. Nelson Aguilar over the last Six Games three hundred sixty four snaps. Just fourteen receptions one hundred fourteen yards no touchdowns in a fumble and he had a chance at another deep ball on Sunday afternoon and just does not want any part of contact cannot handle any part of contact. DOC with defensive back can't fight through contact can't go up and get the ball. Not only is he better at tracking them when he's open. He has absolutely no fight in him when he goes up for a pass. Todd Pinkston who eight hundred forty pounds soaking wet had more of an ability to go up and contestable amongst contact not a lot more but a little bit more. Alshon Jeffery. What has happened? alshon Jeffery three hundred fifty two snaps just twenty nine catches over the last six weeks. Three hundred four yards two touchdowns downs at ten point five average. He's there number one. This is not acceptable. Three huge drops on Sunday afternoon. He finally holding a huge third down pass on the final drive the game which was just a thing of beauty that the eagles put together. But Jeffery has to help out more with Sean Jackson on the sideline Mac Holland's of course as we know is a non factor. Now still one catch in his last six games. Jj are the whiteside. I think-i Eddie. I think he was on the field for thirteen percent of the snaps yesterday. which is the most of the field? He's seen seen in the last month and a half but still no catches no yards no touchdowns over the last. Six Games to Sean Jackson. Four snaps one catch five yards over the last six games. The Sean Jackson News. Not Great. And Sean Jeffrey looking dead. The extension to him was a brutal idea as has been discussed by by many many others folks. If you you start to hear yourself criticized Carson Wentz and he didn't have an aces game on Sunday he missed some throws but if you are pointing the finger at Carson Wentz as the reason this this offense is not moving the ball if you think nick foles was gonNA come in here and do any better than Carson Wentz is doing. You're delusional. You need to stop that thought DOC bubble before it forms and really the way. This team is going to have to move the balls the way they did in two thousand three tons of screens and running the ball. Which is what you've seen the last a couple of weeks? The screen game getting going has helped out tremendously that screen to got it in. The final drive was unbelievable. The swing pass to sanders was not a screen but throwing throwing the ball to sanders out of the backfield using the tight ends and running the ball. That's how the two thousand and three Eagles went twelve and four now understanding. It's more of a passing league than it was in two thousand and three Andy Reid and his west coast. Offense was always predicated on passing the ball. He always wanted a sixty five thirty five pass run ratio but that season he had James Thrash Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell all of whom massively underproduced thrash led the team with forty nine catches and five hundred fifty eight yards Pinkston. I had thirty six and five seventy five and Pinkston was at least a deep threat. The Eagles don't even have a Pinkston right now. Freddie Mitchell thirty five and four ninety eight they combined for five touchdowns downs on the season. But you had a three headed combination of Westbrook buckhalter induce daily in two thousand. Three all those guys more than four hundred sixty yards Westbrook had six hundred hundred thirteen yards on the ground but also had a bunch of yards receiving as well I think he claimed came close to a thousand yards in total total yardage. It's a different league now. But that's the formula Samuela at the moment with the wide receivers playing as terribly as the are so. Obviously the question is is there help available out there. Is there anything. The Eagles can do to improve things because because they didn't do anything at the trade deadline and Robbie Anderson for a second round pick would have been a bad idea but they didn't do anything the price type for Emmanuel Sanders was probably more than the eagles felt felt comfortable paying. But they didn't make a play for for Josh Gordon and I'm sure they had their reasons. But now you're looking at these potential free agents Michael Crabtree who is thirty two and was cut cut by the cardinals. After two games this season Dez Bryant. who hadn't present played in a year because of an Achilles injury with with New Orleans? Last year there's Kelvin. Benjamin who's just twenty eight but was terribly unproductive for Buffalo Kansas City last year Martavis Bryant is suspended indefinitely by the NFL for substance abuse issues so the Eagles didn't make a play for Josh Gordon. It's hard to see why they would want a guy like Bryant. Pierre Garcia is more. Wash Than Sean. Jeffrey is Mike. Wallace is that even an option is that really an option. Maybe maybe some more realistic options include guys like Jj Nelson who was a speed guy. who was cut by the raiders earlier this year? But why would the raiders of cut him yet four catches for thirty six yards and a touchdown on into games Jordan. Mathews out there. He was cut by the forty niners. Recently would require the least integration out of any of the receivers out on the street and is loved by whence I wouldn't be at all L. surprised if that happens then if somebody from the preseason mark and might mark and Michelle who was a food was affected. But there's a reason the eagles didn't bring him back and haven't had him on the roster oster and for those of you asking about Antonio Brown not a chance not worth it not happening. The guy that makes the most sense is is frankly Jordan. Mathews Athas at this point. Although I would be intrigued by Michael Crabtree I would be intrigued by Jj Nelson but you know. None of these guys are going to solve the problem. I don't think third thing. The Eagles secondary shutdown elite receiver. How about that after week after week? After Week of elite receivers torching the Eagles Defence Defense Alan Robinson caught just one ball for six yards remember. He caught ten balls for one hundred. Forty three yards and a touchdown in the wildcard round last year but with mills in Darby out as the starters of Auntie maddox back in the slot result. Douglas as the Fourth Corner Sidney Jones a healthy scratch. Clearly they don't need him with the way it's going right now and I don't know what the future of Sydney Joneses but it is not looking good for him. I just man. This feels like a second round pick. That's just going to get thrown away and yes. Mitchell trubisky is awful. They need to bench him. But with Alan Robinson we've seen bad quarterbacks tortured eagles with good wide receivers this year and yeah the eagles. The Eagles secondary gave up a couple of big. Plays late Tyler Gabriel had had a big play on the Eagles Secondary Malcolm Jenkins once again not covering his assignment in the deep middle of the field but the Eagles defense stifled a bears team. Basically all day long they held him to fourteen points. The defense is I think trending upward. They've played Josh Allen. And Mitch Trubisky. The last couple of weeks I get it but we've seen this team struggle to get off the field against mediocre offenses. What this team needs to do is get a little bit better in the red zone? Turn some of these touchdowns sounds into field goals. which is something that Jim that gym shorts defense is used to do? All the time used to pride themselves in they'd let you get inside the twenty five inside the twenty but they'd hold you to feel field goals lately. That hasn't been happening as much. Obviously things get much tougher after the bye for a couple of weeks anyway with Tom. Brady and Russell Wilson coming going to town. Well let's head down to the podium. We'll hear from Doug Peterson and Carson Wentz with their Sunday. News conferences after the game. And then we'll we'll hear from Doug Peterson and his Monday afternoon. News Conference as well baseball. Truly it is awful. I'm phillies writer. Justin clue join me every week. 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That coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP. We didn't like how we played in the The cowboy game just wasn't wasn't it a Hobie expected isn't and and just you know we need to look down the road to look past the next opponent. Obviously but but we knew we knew You know a tough road schedule right. There are three games in a row and and But we looked up to me said. Hey we whether that storm we got a couple of three games here on the at home and we just take it one time honestly and we get guys healthy get guys back offensively and defensively and and see we can give you still got a lot of trust. I still have a lot of faith and trust in the coaches and players and we were fortunate to get these last two. The coming out was at the plant. Also plan to Sean will. The plan was to play him. Obviously so we're GONNA. We'll have some more testing done in the morning. I've probably better update on him but the plan was to was to play them entire himself. I just precautionary right now. We'll get some more testing on find out tomorrow to tell us his own into the by. Aw I thing I told him. was you know this is really a a really good team win today. all three phases. We saw it on offense. We saw it on defense. Of course special. All teams are at the end and So a great great team win away to finish out of you know the first you know nine games versus in any way and into this by but more importantly I just challenged the team now with with some time off you know for everybody to really soul searched dig deep in a comeback back in a in a in a frame of mind. That's ready to to continue what we've what we SORTA started here in the last couple of weeks and Just a challenge in that way you know to think about how we want the second half the season to look to look But I was really proud of the guys for for battling today is. It's a good football team. Bears are good team. They're well coached at great players players in our guys on their team. Adam has been all throughout the season in your new. Are you know I I just What I see with this football team kind of what we've done what we've gone through some the adversity? We've been faced with with injury and all the all the nitpicking here there on the outside from the media. Whatever is this team? This team finds a way to stick together and to to battle and You saw it again today and and I know the type of guys that we have in this guys you know I can trust my offensive line. I can trust my quarterback. I can put it in their hands. I can trust you. Know the guys on the perimeter our defense or defensive line getting healthy and added some some talent there. I just things are starting to come for us. You know and We just gotTa continue to trust our process Then and continued to build grow. And you know just take a wanted to one game the time and and You know see what happens clever with players only Jason Licht miles coming through trust that process by while the Light Foundation. Natural is a knock on effect person. Chris guys well obviously you know. That's that's a great thing to accomplish in this league. You know as something that we can we can look back. Can we can sort of draw our strength sometimes from that journey and what we went through you know that year we were faced with adversity late in the season that year as well the last two years and and kind of kind of that. Same Way the beginning of the season but you you constantly for me. It's about you know speaking the same language in talking the same same language to the team in in being transparent with the guys and being honest with the guys and you know bring a new guys over there to free agents whether draft picks and then our culture just sorta surrounds those those guys in the nearby and they help us continue to grow and and win games like today and because it's not easy to win in this league and I think think sometimes people think it is just can line up and go play and is not It's not easy and it's not easy to coach in this league and it's it's hard but but just being able to buy into what. We're what we're all about Has Been Been attributing the credit to the players that we brought in and the ones that are that have been there. The offense at second reading physically able to drive away the games all that long. Basically I mean we talk about that all the time we talk about our four minute offense in you know. We really weren't informative mode. But we're in in that mode. Where off enough offensively we Kinda Kinda sputtered? There in the second. Half a little bit you. We have some opportunity and you know. We didn't capitalize but for them to kind of take it upon their shoulders to the the defense was was fighting a battle and in doing their part and The office needed to go and it was time for them to go in and Again it goes back to so you know trust in the players trust in the guise of front trust in our quarterback putting our guys in position to make plays and they did that. and IT'S A it's a credit will go down on. Obviously you know. Take that field goal and and then get the get the ball on a kick off but just a great for often raining on on us or held her age approach there. We didn't have to get real creative. Decided to find. Find the right play. And that's not easy. Either you know but Mike Mike Roma Coordinator did a great job. We agree communication during the game. So she late in the game off Augie me. Some ideas game is suggest some suggestions to get to and Obviously they were. They were pleased that we went to and worked. And so I give him a lot of credit in that situation To really help in helping me out and You know finding the right play in again guys guys made plays for us and we needed needed out at the end. All era. Well we felt like that obviously And there were chances you know. Obviously the rush in after Carson and all that and just take advantage of that and use a tight end screen in that situation relation and Gosh who disagreed. Play well block. I think you know we. We got one guy one guy off the off of Dallas there and he he was able eh take it make first down but again well executed play credit. The is a breakout Ambert. When it you in this match up what was what was Carson allowed to focus on in August? The Baltimore was actually big. Part of our offense is as we all know you know. I don't know if it's necessarily breakout game. But he definitely was targeted a little bit more in this game and and rightfully so. He's he's a guy that can woah. When you when you when you throw him the ball he can eat and catch it in and he did a great job today and I think it was just a credit to the obviously to Carson to find him He ran he. He ran really good routes today. Tough Physical made some contested catches. That's WHO's Acuras and good incorporate now gets new scouting sort of backwards of are there things still mystified a little bit about the way. The season's gone so far that you wanted to get into a little bit accurate yes was. Are you ready. Yeah I mean I mean obviously we we we do. We do our standard self Self Evaluation Self scouting and we will look at bullying at third downs. We'll look at red zone We'll look at how we start games. I gotTa look at all of that. I'll even look how practice than if that need to make any changes in practice in different things that way and it's more so about the situations and how we're using guys and then I am breaking all that down so we can not have a lot of tendencies moving forward wing. Hannah not not start over but at the same time Try not out to give our opponents in the advantage plan a lot of well Defense plays a lot of one high defense and You know that's that's part of gyms gyms background in his Mo You know we definitely wanted to. I felt like we get after. Get after him a little bit of pressure with our defensive line which which we did early in this game and play a little bit more man to man and and just just make things harder order when you can do that I think it's a carry over from from last week on the bills game. Our defense did that And and it is a credit to the D. line Putting putting pressure with our four and then some of the blitz packages being able to get home and disruption timing up tasker civilian urban a game. where you're ecotank yards? I don't think so. They played well today. They played welby minus a couple of explosive. Plays second half. They played really well when you swing acid blocker spilling eleven responsibilities. I want you guys seem to have hers. I mean they were playing phone coverage In Miles Chippenham helping chipped shipped the end in that had a flat route and I just saw them. Kinda give really deepen trying to play fast. Get it to him and he made a great play. Secondly enroll eight. It is huge. It's what we are recipe knows what we WANNA do and finish games like that Obviously there and you you know third quarter a little bit we kind of got a little stagnant stuff but You know we stayed with it. We stayed with grinded out picked up a bunch of key third downs and move the ball late in the game and that was used. I I yell at tested. Hardest Heart Zaman us out there a little bit but you know it was. It was a spark when he was you know regardless of what he was doing so You know hopefully he'll be fine in getting back out cynical attitude Ashley storm going right back come right back to you. Know it's it's part of it's part of the game making steaks and Nothing but confidence in him when when he does. I do that that I'm GONNA come right back to him much like we did on third down later in the game you made a great play on. The call has great. Obviously Oh you know obviously it worked out great and in Dallas to tremendous job of create separation as Kinda back. They're just trying to find the lane to get the ball and The first one was was huge for us. Listen came up Came up in that situation a hundred or so hard to say exactly why you know I think the action was actors is always really solid. Really strong you know some weeks. It just shows up out there more than others. But when he's there when he's when he's at called upon not the confidence in every single time and You know just kind of the way they were playing defensively kind of led us to him a little bit more and you know. He was the primary primarily oftentimes but You know it worked. It worked out really well for US and he Mitzvah. Replace Louis. Evaluate yourself after gaining this. How much weight do you put on on your performance in that final? Drive the fact that you guys were able to the ball when he did it. If you don't Mike Disney game you step back and say I did what I'm supposed to do when supposed to do it. I mean has a very deep question there. There's levels to that but You know coming out of the game you just WanNa just critique everything throws I left out there early in the game late in game plays we left out. There is an offense and so but but at the end of the day being able to sustain that drive. And that's that's what we have to do that so good. Football teams could often have to stay on the field convert grind the clock we did and and that was a big outflows. Now there's difference or slowly thought process as an Dow Horse again. It's kind of neither here nor there you know it's just based upon what the defense give me with what they're showing and also out of respect for the past pressures that they have normal not wanting to stand back there and hold ball day Get it out to our playmaker. So if it's miles in flat on third and thirteen. That's we're GonNa do you know he was able to make play and This is Kinda How this offense is we wanNA play bass on? Read fast guys are playing fast giving this a little bit. What was the message that Alaska to stay together? Stay together and just finish the game you know at the end of the day like you said we had a little dry spell there. We you know didn't capitalize on third downs in San Field and Put our defense in some spots a couple times and then they stepped up made some plays and But it was just a stay together. You know we. We had those long sustained drives early in the game We basically said hey we need one more of these one more of those good on score and we you know we didn't score but we got the field goal in kind of sealed to do we the big question. I just say this third downs. Obviously being able to stay on the field on whatever however we did Onto stanfield on this. They're downstairs force US now. Where do you think the team is? Apparently where you were a couple of weeks ago coming out of Dallas regards to say. Hey let's get to the break. Maybe when a couple of games has coca teams yes. We weren't feel where you are. Yeah I mean I think we all feel feel good about about where we're at Noah again. There's there's things the last two weeks we've left out there for sure but to be able to go against two good football teams Come Away with win. Defense defense playing great offensively sealing the deal late in the game on both these last. Two weeks I think gives us law confidence going into the bye week and You know whether the storm of you know those couple losses and everything going on and everyone stayed together and you know it's been I've really liked to have seen from everybody and you know we're confidence going for four in life often fever playoffs. Yeah I mean we just got a bill stanfield early in the game. A couple of third downs didn't execute late in the game. Third Quarter Um same thing. Yeah we got to be able to San the field convert you know WANNA be able to create some big plays again And I think we'll just keep getting better that miles of Not just the team. So how do you see yeah. I'm he's been great. I can't say enough. You know really good things about about him and really all the running backs as you know Jordan Howard him. You know it's nice to get back out there But just the way. He's coming as a rookie just willing to learn willing to learn. We've asked a lot of him from obviously running the ball catching backfield pickup protections Put a lot on his plate and he's really handled everything well and been able to make a lot of splash. Plays a lot of big replace for it for this offense and going a little bit of your offensive line in how they were able to contain Khalil. Mack especially some really pat rushers and how they were able to contain those hats off to our line. That's you know last week as well Being able to just establish the run game in today ah both in the passing game on the ground Those guys are moving guys. Know moving guys give me time and they play great. That's an impressive front that they had to go up against with a lot of playmakers. They handled it really well. Aware smell. Yeah I mean. I don't fully know why they're out. I just I see who's in the huddle with me you know and we don't have time to to think or worry we just we just play. Aw You guys are just kinda running their fill in. And we're making place you know and That's the tough part of football but does a good job stepping up you guys have. Are you better offense especially without you know without a doubt I mean I think every I think every team in the NFL would say they're they're better team and able to establish the ground game. You know I think that's just The recipe you know to to open up the passing play action the bootlegs all of that judge in like I said earlier. It's off to our big is a front for for getting that going on which just helped opened up some things about that from a bigger perspective. Thank you how do you feel like you're playing at this point seat. Yeah I mean like I said. There's there's always plays I want back. You know there's always stuff I'm GonNa go watch the taping and kick myself from making a missing missing. You know physically missing the throat All those things but it's Definitely keep cleaning up and just keep building the chemistry with all these guys know. We've got a Lotta guys change out in Just keep building chemistry in But I can definitely play better and I think has offense will just keep you in better until I. Yeah I mean there's there's obviously lots of good stuff on the tape too but like I said we just want to keep you know find ways to stay on the field and make big place And you know I think offensively we can just keep getting better for a little bit but has said after the game and and I think on the on Angela this morning he did feel some discomfort. You know when he was in there so we on for really precautionary cautionary measures. We decided to keep him out evaluate him. We are gathering still some more information on him and and You know obviously this is our by weeks. We're going to get all the information and NC We're at with him. What more information of undergone the US? Yeah just want to get you know. Second third opinions just just Make sure that we're doing right by by him. You know first first and foremost and making sure that everything is. Everything's covered do biking yesterday. You know I mean going into the game. I'm going into his Rehab. What he'd been doing he was really As I had mentioned he'd been busting his tail to back out on the field and He had a really good. Could we could practice you know we. We limited him even practice but when he could do he was feeling good and I have. I have no regrets. Put another. It's still it's still I mean it's it's it's still a little Until until till we gather this information that we're going to get You know I'm not gonNA knock him. You know speculate one way or the other that this conference something it might have to get used to. I think with this injury and with most injuries with players Yeah sometimes you gotta you know just play through it deal with it but at the same time we got to be smart in and do what's right by the players. Well I'm Jay when they've played when with Sean out whoever the third receivers been neither of them have catched since September Why is that well? I think I mentioned last last week. That case that when you're you know the six possibly seven th guy you know in the in the in progression or in the the scheme of things sometimes. It's hard to you know. Get the ball going in that direction. You know we we we go in thinking you know the alshon Shawn's l es in tight ends and backs and stuff like that and we ask a lot of those other other guys too you know in the run game and they do some great things there her. So you know the ball's GonNa find you know usually the open guy and and find the completion that way and we just gotta continue. We need to work case. Doesn't make the offense a little bit more difficult. That place for if one of the guys is maybe not so much of a factor. Not really you know I still think you run your offense in the end You know we start to put our best players on the field at the time. I'm in and You know it's just where we are you know the of That's not for me to answer Sean. Choices your medical staff is how you. You can't answer that question. Well I would say to Sean. You know if he wanted to like Corey for instance corey elected to mom have have stuff done players elect to have stuff done. You know I think ultimately Sean didn't WanNa have you know surgery. It would have happened Rehab and got himself in a position to play so I can't put words in in players mouths or doctors. Here's mouth so that's not my not my position to our looked into you. Were reluctant at all to not him yesterday with an extra week. Three more weeks to heal something. That wasn't a dresser. I mean sitting here today. You kinda go all right. Maybe maybe you should have your second guessing now and and you know we can't work in a business where we got you know we got to play and we got to play with the guys in uniform and again he he he busted his tailed to put himself in a position to help us yesterday again. He just felt discomfort. So we kept mountain where we got good place. Audrey Laundry Dillard. JP did these healthy is still his job. Yeah I think I think. Move Forward Something we'll evaluate this week guy. I've been real impressed with Andrei number. One Gosh yet another good game yesterday. you know with these to pass rushers with Khalil and Leonard Flaming played played. Well I I do think when Jason. JP is healthy and comes back. I still think it's JP's position GP's ready to go. Yes with thug with JJ. Artsy biking was emitting a good size and in the off season Seemed like he was progressing. Well making place at least in that setting. What kind of things do you look but for young player like that? So that tells you whether he's ready for the next step to be involved in the game. I mean I think number one is is the mental side of the offense. How much do they know? What do they what do they you know? How much can they take from the classroom to the to the practice field and then does it translate to the game and then and then what they do in practice You know in in in in young young players cases You know JJ being behind. Behind out Sean. For instance. He's kind of learning. You know from from Alshon you know. He's doing everything right. He's he's practicing hard sometimes. It's just hard to get on the field. Because of that and in one of the things that we like about Jason Versatility the fact that he can play really all all three spots and move them around and so being able to do that obviously allows us to find a position or at least find. You know some snaps for guys like that and I think you know moving forward does something in this. That's kind of what this week is for for us. As a staff on offense is to is to see how we can and we can maximize our our potential that way to Mississippi Jones. Right now at at what you have to get back feels I think. Sydney need Sydney's in great great spot honestly We just had to make a make a decision top decision yesterday. And and he's healthy and and and had to make a decision there but He's a really good spot. He continues to work. He practices well. He plays plays hard when he was in there. You know in the buffalo game and and You know you never Renault. Just sometimes it's to be dependent on game plan. How many how many corners safeties or do you need more receivers whatever it might be to get? You know the the forty six eggs up on game day and but you know he. He's playing with a lot of confidence. he's got that back in and he just needs a good spot. This is the second round draft pick is third season inactive. Also that you agree with that assessment. Let's listen you gotta understand that you know special teams becomes a factor too and right now you know right now. Special teams is probably the the difference. The deciding factor and It just it it just Just so happens that he's he's the Guy Right now. He's one kind of caught in that. Middle class has been more consistent last couple of weeks. Eddie noticed it was consistent with mile. I think he's just he's just each week just learning from the week before you know just just just learning and watching the tape and deuces done a great job of of coaching him up and seeing the things that he can benefit. You know moving forward with and we're just we're finding finding different ways to utilize him. You know Whether it's an empty package or in the backfield with Jordan or you know running routes so I think that consistency is coming from the more he plays in the more he seeing himself on film and making the making making the corrections at the top of the receiver because he goes down to highs and lows of team is algae. You finances you well. I think that's that's the challenge. This week has a staff You know to go back and just assess and reevaluate and and really break down these. I you know these nine games and and really look at it with open eyes. Honestly we're not game plan in this week so we we get a chance to to do that. And and I think I think out of this. We have to find consistency and are especially in our passing. We gotta find common thread there and we gotta to see what has been the breakdown right. Yeah the target an area and then and then okay. Here's our plan to fix it. So these next couple of days will be important unfrosted to make those decisions in and try to be a little more consistent with the cop the Ymca of that Chart Alshon and Nelson vested a lot any game plan for. How would you evaluate the way? They're applying so far. You know I think overall they. They've been they've been good but they have. I would say they haven't been great I think they would. They would echo so that you know. I think Alshon yesterday had some opportunity you know and and You know had had chances in in in a believe he would he would own up to that you how to make some of the catches that he missed yesterday so he he's a professional about it and Nellie the same way I think too that you yeah we just gotTa continue to to work with these guys. I mean you know every week's new week every week new set of challenges and as we put game plans together we we do think about. These guys hasn't been putting them in positions and an end. Look sometimes you get in a game and You know I'm the one calling plays and and sometimes a game kinda steers a different different direction than what you think during the week and and But I think overall these guys are these guys are really have been in a position to help and help help us win. And a lot of confidence in both those guys vote were to go back to look at the left side of your offensive line Andrei Isaac. It's kind of future. What have you seen as they grow together from them? Maybe in a behind the scenes on the field I think. Obviously there's there's you know communications big for for the offensive line Both those guys have really for the for for the three three and a half games. They've been together now really gelled and and and have have kind of been on the same page you know. And there's a lot of communication starts with Kelsey obviously and moves moves moves outward but you see them passing off games you see him you know blocking schemes in different things. Thank you know Combo blocks and all that stuff that it kind of takes some time to develop and you see chemistry with with those two win. And that's obviously as you mentioned you possibly the future there. You know what that left side and Andre is really He's been he's you've been a bright spot for us you know he's been thinking about going for the fourth down at the end of the game instead of taking a field goal and then also why did you. It was fourth in one and probably there. I really thought about going forward in that situation. Then the three points were big to go up eight so let defer again now. What did I mean you? You saw what happened. We had a chance at the end the half and we had the ball we didn't we didn't execute very well. But then we got the balls. Start the second half and scored so potentially really we could have. We could have at least ten points. Hopefully field goal at the end of the half. Didn't pan out that way again. It kind of works out to have extra possession for around on the Sean and not being exactly where we'd like it. Are you anticipating moves as we get at this point. Take something we'll take a look at we gotta take a look at it obviously It's real worth sort of the halfway point lead over a game over the halfway point of our season and we got time. You know this week to make these decisions We'll we'll take a look at it but you know nothing nothing right now. What city? Just why can't what does he whispers things. Most young backs quarters to play a lot of specialties. He he does play easy to more of a backup role on special teams right now and it's something that You know to when when times it comes out you know from college a lot of times starting. DB's even coming out of college. Sometimes they don't play a ton of special teams. You know so I like. Jj Yo jj out of college didn't play Thomas Special Teams. We're trying to get him. Also involved. You know with the special teams in units that way and we gotta continue to work with these guys. I mean it's We ask everybody to You know have a secondary role on the team. Unless of course you're an offensive lineman or you know a starting your corner running back or something like that but we just continue to work with them you know and and and find

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