Phinsider Radio: Diagnosing the Dolphins after a week 1 loss to the Patriots


Every Wednesday on fish drive join me Eric goes for a full report on the Miami Marlins singly affiliate the Clinton Lumber Kings on eight ball with Eric owes we sit down each week with the different prospect. That is part of the violence rebuild and discussed the development of players, trends and performances of Miami's Midwest League affiliate. LISTEN TO ABE law with Eric goes every Wednesday on fish rights. Week. One is officially in the books as the Miami Dolphins fell to the New England Patriots Twenty one to eleven on. Sunday. We will get into the good the bad and the ugly from the divisional match up in a little. But I, let me welcome you to another episode of inside a radio. This is the Jake Josh Oh I'm Josh. So you can follow me on twitter at Haus H. O. U. T. Z.. I'm joined by Robinson my Batman, the A to my fitzpatrick, the President Williams to the my Devante Parker, the one, the only Jake Mendel follow him on twitter since he doesn't even know his own at at j Mendel j. m. e. n., D. L. Ninety four how you doing today, Jake? You know monitor those those such a great intro. I will happily leave the robin the to whatever you would like me to be. It's great to be here. You know it's interesting because every Sunday morning, you wake up and Sunday's kind of the quote Unquote Lazy Day. But of course, yesterday the start of football season I had some errands to run around. So that was interesting but but you know once I got to sit down and watch some football. It was exciting. I, had a lot of fun I mean you could tell there was a bunch of fan noise pumped in but I mean it didn't change the day to too much for me overall I think. I would've probably been the same acted the same exact way if there was if everything was right with the world so I think that's kind of first and foremost what works. Yeah before we get going any further, we just got to remind you guys if you're listening to this podcast whether it's on apple spotify Stitcher, whatever it is, please subscribe please make sure you follow us if you have any questions, reach out to us on twitter but most importantly subscribe to the podcast leave us those five star ratings because without you there is no else but I get into the football game and just the whole atmosphere I mean we read home so we weren't like the players you know we didn't have. The feed off that crowd noise. So it didn't really change too much because I mean to be honest it looked and felt to us like a normal football game. We'll get into the result of this football game, but it was kind of what we expected. But at the end of the day, you know for a stressful dolphins were there for you know for three hours for stressful as your fancy teams may have been it was just nice to finally have football back in your life and you know to kind of get away. From. Everything else that was going on the world. It was nice to have once again, dolphins football on the Sunday and like I don't want to get preachy about this. But I mean I mean he's been working on a story here for what am I the publication I worked for a New England newspapers I'm kind of getting together putting together a magazine story about the excessive the success of its here in Berkshire County Excuse me summer sports here in Berkshire, county just with everything going on I mean the one. Thing that I've heard time and time again I mean having headaches over sports is like a preferred headache I. Mean if you're GonNa if you're gonNA have stress in life if you're gonNA have headaches, I'd rather be talking about sports. I'd rather have it be talking about the Miami Dolphins. So it's good to see and Josh I. Think you know the you know we do previews of the game and everything and I don't WanNa talk too much about Buffo but I sure that will be brought up once or twice a show but. I think we were doomed the moment Cam Newton showed up looking like he was you know in the in the movie, the mask or something like that with just a straight up yellow outfit I mean we should have known. We are in trouble right then and there because I can't see him doing a a losing press conference wearing that. I'm one hundred percent with the two sides of the whole Cam Newton. Thing those that thought he was done he was never gonNA. Regain that MVP type form that we saw. You Know How many years ago Cam Newton might not have been quite like an MVP. But as soon as he showed up looking like the mass, like you said, you knew we were doing from the start and I mean, it was just a little bit baffling and I talked about during the game I threw out on twitter. But for us I mean, we know what Cam Newton is as a player and I good as he has a passer is even better as a runner you know he kind of transformed the way we view. QUARTERBACKS NFL. The way you know they bring in these guys that have those threats and can do a little bit of everything Cam Newton was kind of at the forefront of that whole thing. The guy's a playmaker and I it showed off on paper. The Dolphin just had no answer and you know this was the result that you're going to expect when you can't stop the run game and the dolphins give two hundred, seventeen yards on the ground. It was a dismal performance and makes you wonder if they if it would have been any different if recall McMillan was still in town. You know that kind of the height of the game or the main talking point is that run defense and you know to that and to the Patriots Credit I, mean we kind of had an idea what they would do. The receiving core is rough. It's not you know a good group and I think the thing that was most stressful about playing New England is that how they ran the ball right? I mean the longest run was twenty three yards and yes, that's a long run. But when you look at these averages here, Jj Taylor seven yards Rexburg had four point six, Sony Michelle's point seven and then cam newton the five yards per carry fifteen carries a seventy five yards overall. You know they weren't getting gashed. It was literally the Bill Belichick Josh mcdaniels these guys who are we know our incredible coaches and you know I eight to kind of you know suck up to them and a Miami Dolphins podcast because there's nothing I'd like to do more than kick kick the mother down. But you know the dolphins I think kind of had an idea. What the Patriots were going to do, but this is what the Patriots have been planning for this whole year is this type of being the safest possible offense ever you'll get Ryan Fitzpatrick he had three interceptions finished with a Qbr of seventy two point seven. Cam. Newton was fifteen for nineteen. His QBR was was a few points higher at seventy nine. What the Patriots did is. Really, just kind of want to pull your hair out because it go first and ten it goes second and six, it go third and three, and they're not getting stopped on that third and three thousand three over and over. It's just so hard early in the game, the New England Patriots didn't score in that first quarter we had drone Baker get a sack we. Had people make that you know one play early drive, but there weren't a lot of penalties in this game they the new England Patriots wanted to gather this game as fast as possible. They wanted to give the dolphins no opportunity, and we can look at that run defense and we're going to continue to talk about it but I mean it's just so hard when you know. You can't get that one stop. It's frustrating as all hell because it's this is what a coaching staff can do. They can set it up where it doesn't matter what kind of town we have. It's third in three and we're going to get it and to kind of put that on the other side that Kinda shows the dolphins are that I drive of the game I think it started with Jordan Howard longest rush the game it went for four yards you're feeling good i. you know we talked in preview I mean I've been preaching about and we'll talk about more in a little while but. They're going to get Jordan Howard, involved you know they they got to a second seven and one of the things I really thought the dolphins did well is get three to four yards on that second and seven all throughout the day, and then get into a third and three, and that's where they struggled. You know they punted on their first drive on a fourth one and that's The difference between the Patriots and the dolphins it's just that little little bit which if the dolphins get that I down if the dolphins get that stop on a third-down, that's the difference between eleven and five team and seven nineteen. That is that is it i? Mean? You can get a be way more specific. Yes. If we had required. McMillan but it's there's that little bit of. The dolphins blown out New England was in control this entire game. That's for sure. That's how the game plan did that scripted but I think that's the most frustrating thing and you know I'm not ripping my hair out over over here anything but just those little exert in three years ago to play fourth and one whereas to play and I think a lot of that had to do I mean Jordan. Howard it seemed like was a weekend at Bernie's type thing. It seemed like you know you said it Kaelin Balaj with a visor on after that I run he did not look like himself. It looks like there is no vision it looked like the first guy would always tackle them and then you have devante Parker go down and you know he started day with four receptions, forty seven yards and he was going. Early you was active early but then he only played thirty seven percent of the snaps. Then there goes your entire game plan after catching all four of his targets that came his way. That's just kind of goes to show what the game plan the dolphins wanted to do. They wanted to run Howard the offensive line look pretty good but there was just no fallback plan and with the way the Patriots are set. Up I mean, it's just so you clean up those four yards per carry called a day, and that's that's kind of a I know those kind of long winded answer for what you're looking for. But that's just kind of my opening thoughts on how we have to really look at the game. Now I gotta sit here and try and touch on every aspect of the game right behind that I mean just go. Here, just to kind of make that we didn't do a rundown for this, we thought something like this. It's easier to talk it all out again this isn't some sort of sad depressing thing but I think in a situation like this when you we have all this information front of us, what happened what didn't happen it only being week one just a point let's talk about it for a little bit and we'll go from there would just flow. Okay. Yeah and I think the first thing we really got to talk about and just kind of clarify again this was you know an unprecedented season We know everything leading up to this. This was essentially a preseason game. So these guys were getting out there. You know we saw a snap counts and we saw you know miles gaskins lean that running back group. There's different things that we can take away from we won but at the end of the day, this was their first chance of getting out there seeing all these new rookies, all these veterans come together and seeing what happens out there. So I expect you know week to to look a lot different but we say here we talk about how explosive cam looked on the ground and. Just, how good they were running the football, the dolphins figure something out quick because they're getting ready to play Josh Allen and we know what he just did. So you know it's not going to get easier and we've seen these mobile quarterbacks, Gash Dolphins, before I don't think Raycatena would help that and we can say every and talk about how the officiating could've changed the aspect of this game because let's be honest. I mean I sat there and I was capturing his videos yesterday and I kind of felt like I was wanting a little bit. The dolphins weren't beating the Patriots you know the. Patriots came out there Cam. Newton was ready to play. They came out there and they smashed off into the mouth. A couple of plays could one you know differently here and there that could have changed the aspect of that. But I think the outcome at the end of the day still would have been the Patriots winning and and and that's fine but the officiating was just you know it was bad there was at defensive pass interference in the end zone they think it called onto sticky there at the end of the game there was one earlier I believe again on just Saiki so. It's frustrating because he was a fan. You know you know when you play the Patriots for as long as Tom, Brady, he's been up there. You know the officiating always seems to go their way Tom Brady's gone. He wasn't getting those calls in Tampa Bay but Cam, Newton was definitely getting some of those calls that he wasn't getting Carolina. So I think the wrong needs to improve I think for as bad as the run defense you know two hundred, seventeen yards on the ground, but I tweet it out as of today you know right now they're still four teams have yet to play the dolphins pass defense is number one in the league and yes, they weren't they weren't. They didn't throw the football against them a lot but you look at what Brandon Jones did. You saw what he did in the nickel spot and you you love the production at you're getting out of this rookie. In his first appearance. Then then you've got Byron Jones you getting saving Howard he was on the snap count so things are gonna come together and I think the dolphins defense will definitely get better you need to hope the offense does because I took pictures on my daughter's they you know they were down there dolphins gear they were both sleeping. Offense shaved put you to sleep. You wonder if there was a snap counter, you know something that was going on at the beginning of the Game Y. Jordan Howard was in there while he didn't give miles gaskins carries no patrick layered do there's so much to unfold and I, mean I feel like we're just spitballing here but you gotta live with the offensive line I mean there's some good. There's some bad in their smugly Andy you know this was to be expected. It's week one calmed down and just let things play out because you know the the some of the things. Going into this year that we were concerned about the offensive line some other things you know maybe secondary coming together you know those things are starting to look decent. So just just give it some time. Let's the way this all unfolds and not put too much stock into week one as crazy as hard as that might be I don't I, I don't WanNa get into a position where I can you know be be quoted on this or anything like this but but I really don't want to judge these patriots until there's like three weeks of film because I mean you can. Zeki? Elliot. Good running back. We know they're like we know good running backs exist and just because you know they're good and you scheme to stop them doesn't mean you're GonNa Stop Them I. Mean the Patriots had this whole you know preseason quote unquote to game plan exactly this Cam Newton running the balls much as he did and it's not you know. Everybody knows when someone's a good running back I mean, and that's there's no surprises there and they're so good is because everybody knows they're good and he's still can't stop them and what happened against the the dolphin stay is something I'd like to see again after a couple weeks are you know of film are out there and maybe you know this offense is one that can stop I. Don't know if this is something sustainable for the Patriots whatsoever and it seemed like the dolphins defense they did enough to kind of keep the team in the game. I kind of tweeted this out you can't score three points half and expect to win the game. The PATS had the ball for ten. More minutes than the dolphins which I thought it was even going to be even longer than that but I mean I frustrated with the rush defense it was frustrating to watch don't get me wrong but I mean there are so many unknowns. There are so many different directions. This coaching staff I mean they brought Josh, mcdaniels, brought Tim, Tebow to the playoffs, right? So I'm not going to really get too frustrated on that justice yet the running game though that that really bothered me because you know come I think it was like in the second quarter before we saw Matt Brita to sitting there he only played twenty percent of snaps. That's where I start to have some sort of concerns right? My concern start with the dolphins offense because I don't like the people who are whining Oh. We knew we should've taken a wide receiver. Bleh. Matthew. On you're talking about the dolphins, a wide receiver in the first round, and then I didn't say I was into that I didn't like that and hindsight's twenty twenty it's always twenty twenty. Alan hearns, Wilson it out nothing against them put. It hurts you receiving core you respect what they did. It's just the type of season's going to be then Devante Parker. The reason he's making ten million dollars a year is because he has injury issues. But what we saw is a glaring hole of offensive towns somebody who can just make a play I mean I swear to God I am incredibly concerned about having crested Williams be a main piece of this offense. We had the play where he he? Fell Down I think there was another one even before that that I I was a little concerned about two receptions on seven targets that ain't it chief and then you the other thing that Kinda concerns me as Chan Gailey Abilities Schempp people open now you gotta spins on this and say well, we're not gonNA see more compared week one it was so fun to get excited about them in the preseason but I've been saying for so so long and I started the by into some of the stuff. It's going to be a little bit for we see him out in the field. It's going to be a little bit before the team trust him to go get those steps because one wrong wrong turn one slip and all of a sudden. That's an interception. We saw that with Preston Williams we saw for and fitzpatrick trying to force them throws which you know if I could have rented Patrick forcing throws to forcing throws I think you know where I would go there and that's kind of the issue I saw I love trying to Jordan Howard. Going early after that four yard run, he had seven runs for three era seven Russia's for for three yards. Altogether, that is concerning that is concerning his hell you wonder, did he enter the week with an injury? was that hamstring bothering him before because it was weird they said he was questionable and then he came back out to score that touchdown. So that's another concern I have there and you just have to wonder. Will this offense be able to kind of anything moving forward I? Think the defense is going to be fine but you have to wonder can the? Had the playmakers, the offensive line look great and I used to. Win The dolphins were struggling with the tank world going through the tank I? Guess I kind of made an idea of we should be allowed to sign one player the fans vote I wanted them to keep Kenyan drake that's not kind of where I'm going here. But this year I want the dolphins to be able to make. Use One play that we create. All right and hear me out on this I. Want Ryan Fitzpatrick to be at the line of the scrimmage at I wanna hear him audible. You know going through everything and then we just hear cheeks cheeks, and then the play instantly hikes the ball he runs right into. Salman Kinley. Bought and gets three yards. I think that be the most unstoppable play it worked out when they finally went with it on fourth and one sign me up I thought that was the best play that often bit all day. If run this cheeks plays that's something we'll get an update madden for because I mean this cheeks plays definitely. It it sounds really intriguing but I I know we talked to again we're talking about so many different things here. First thing we gotta bring up is the fact that you know bill belichick is a defensive minded coach probably one of the best defensive mines in the history of the game, and this was one of the best secondary's if not the best sector and it probably is the best second in. All football. So we meant you mentioned pressing Williams, and you would love to see and be able to create separation, but he was going at Stefan Gilmore from a second because they were doubling up parker or once he went down, they didn't even have to really worry about anybody else. So you talked about it off season heading in you know when we first started doing this podcast the I liked dolphins. Receivers I think it's a pretty good unit. You're slowly starting to see the way these chips fall and even before the Alan Hers and our Wilson opt-outs, you set yourself devante Parker goes down you know I, it could get ugly I will say this and I don't pretend to have sources but someone sent me a picture from instagram and they they responded to Devante pork instagram. Hope you. Okay chief and. He just responded with Gucci. So I'm sure it'll come out in a few few hours. No. Once they had practice later today I'm sure we'll find out devante Parker is fine so that that's a good thing to hear but disaffected respond to a fan on on instagram they sent it to me on twitter I. Thought that was awesome. But overall I think to me and we joke about Kayla Balaj but. And we all expect from Jordan Howard. But this dude average less than a yard per carry point nine. Yeah I mean and then you look at what breed four point four yards per carry five five carries twenty yards but miles gaskin I mean we kept hearing all season. You know this guy looks different. This guy can go out there and make some big plays. We talk about production at Washington he didn't really get a chance last season you had to feel pretty good about that the fact that Solomon Kinley and Also, Jackson, you know started all one hundred snaps on the offensive line. You gotTa that Ted Caress. We love the story about this is but towel but I mean to me this looks like you know yeah, this looks like you know the the Spiderman were Daniel or Kilgore's just pointing himself. You know they're. Just point and it's like you know you pretty much got the same player easily younger has some potential. So I I see weaknesses on the offensive line, but we talked about all season you at some point, there were thirty second ranked they had to get better and you love to see that from again. A bunch of young talented offensive I'm going against a bill belichick defense. So there's definitely some good some bad and you talked about Ryan Fitzpatrick I mean it is what it is I just WanNa. Know at what point do you continue to see this and then you realize you know maybe it isn't the team and it's not this whole. These other factors that played into this maybe there's Ryan. Fitzpatrick. was just doing the Fitch tragic thing and it's just what he does drought. His creed can't fault them for that. But sooner than later, we know they gotta turn the keys over to to I. Think they'll have some patients here with them having the two games at home but. You know it's week one. Don't get. Don't overreact too much. You know don't get too over hyped about something because it's one week. Let it play out that's all I got to save. With Parker I mean low you could truly tell when he's on the field that you have a number one wide receiver and all the years past and last year it emerged and and even you know for most of the season last year, you could still save the dolphins didn't have a number one wide receiver. The offense certainly could move with Pratt or park on the field and I was just so impressed with the way he played I mean. It was Gilmore on them. I, think they actually didn't shadow him You do hope he's okay because if he has another healthy season, he might start asking for more money he might start becoming the Guy But when he goes out like that, you see the the weaknesses of a roster that does not flash again. I. I mentioned some doubts about Preston Williams, but I do think you know coming back from injury it's going to take a little time. And that's just kind of what it is. At this point talking about miles gaskin. I did a threat this morning of just a bunch of thoughts I had for the game. And a lot of people responded with I. Kind of what is what kind of dirt does miles gas can have on the coaching staff where he's getting you know nine carries he was in there before Brita and everyone who responded with Gaskins fine and that. He was what a seven hundred pick gaskins he's of fine running back. But in order to have a good offense, you need something a little better than fine and and that's where you start to wonder how healthy someone like Jordan Howard is I was wondering if Brita was even in the dog house or something like that was going on but I the the big concern about week one. has to just still be the unknowns. We still don't know too much about this team generally speaking Josh let let's switch over to the defensive side. I JUST WANNA ask one more time. If there's anything you have to say about the offense because Kinley looked good Austin Jackson looked awesome the pants don't really have any big studs, their defense anywhere anymore which we highlighted well, I mean they're secondary's amazing. I mean that was. Pretty obvious. As we saw but but in terms of I'm the lied and the linebacker core. There's nobody amazing on the on that crew. But the dolphins they stayed Pat I think that's Patrick once on the day and that was on a play where he actually kind of ran into the rush there and suffered the sack. But I mean, I have to be pretty happy with offensive line and seemed like they had time I think Jordan Howard. Some of those stuffs I think somewhere actually on him because when gaskin average, no, four, point four which. Isn't great either. But you see that there's those holes are there. There's opportunity there's chances are you have to kind of wonder? Where are the dolphins going to get their chunk plays from? We saw the twenty one yard gain from Preston Williams. I. Think he had a long of eighteen but I mean you you need someone who can help get. You into the red zone and the dolphins were able to accomplish that once yesterday talk about running backs quick, and then we'll shift focus the defense but CK pair Chris Kaufman said the dolphins eleven personnel sixty one percent of the snaps you know that was when they used exclusively gaskins Breda he said most Jordan Howard's run place where exclusively behind. fullback Chandler. Cox and or a double tight end. We saw the touchdown I don't know if anyone else knows this. I went back and looked at the tape. Chandler Cox makes a beautiful cut block but it looks like Robert Hotlines, up as an eligible receiver there you know the tight end spot only line. So they had a lot of extra meet. There you know worked out they got that touchdown but love to see more from from Jordan Howard specifically. Again, I don't know if maybe Brita was like you said in the Doghouse or maybe they saw him and gaskin as a very similar skill set and they thought that Gasping, Oh, the way he worked and we continue to hear it all off season. He was great. You know he just did everything you needed to do to get better this year maybe they decided reward that that's why he got those touches and again he made the most of it. So I think running backs fine. I think the offensive line's good. Obviously, we can see here nitpick if we want. Create, let's let's sorry I. Want to get your thoughts on Chan Gailey 'cause that's that's probably the second question I received is is behind How would you think of Gaskin? What was how do we feel about Chan Gillian? The first game some people can chalked it up to well, you know here's a sixty, a old offensive coordinator he's up in the box does he really have a feel for it and everything going on Ed? Overall? No. But if we want to get nit picky and you talk about Jordan Howard always running behind, you know gaskin the dolphins I don't know if they have that. Talent level, the Patriots where you can kind of set up these four running backs or Cam Newton three running backs and just kind of we're GONNA, make it work no we're going to run the ball and we're GonNa do it because through two seasons I know they're different offensive coordinators a game, a season and one game I mean sorry I'm. Over action, the dolphins haven't been able to be in a position where other team knows what they're going to do and can't stop them in terms of the running game, and so you have to wonder gaskin his success I believe came when they were really spread out across the field. When you have, you know a grant in a Ford in but once you get into that I four once you get Chandler Cox in there. It. Seems like it was pretty obvious. They were going to run to them. They could tee that up and Howard wasn't getting anywhere to another thing we can think about is this is all week when Gainesville teams are going to have to be using this for the next three to four weeks. You know does this if we don't WanNA get -TUNI- Jerky does this all of a sudden torrent turned into Chandler Cox getting sections out of the Backfield we mentioned Tony Romo talking about less yesterday when when we saw Jillian Eshelman kind. Of makes them catches over the middle option plays. It was Tony Romo's saying how as the game goes on it turns into this cat and mouse of hey, you think we're GonNa do this actually I can go to Jillian, and over the middle I can do these different things. We can kind of build on top of our offense you have to wonder when that next step of the offense is GonNa come for the Jordan Howard and maybe Chandler Cox package where it is maybe next week maybe in two weeks will see Chandler Catch some balls at outfield. We'll see these plaques and plays. Put in week one, it certainly looks scripted and it certainly looked basic and there could be a method to the madness of that. Especially when you see how offense is developed throughout the season we saw Parker really turn it on after week ten. Yes. That had to do with the Preston Williams not being on the field is soaking up seven targets like he had last week but at the same time to its offenses need. Time to develop I mean miles gaskin. He's the second year seven for UNPICK. You said it best. He didn't have a lot of time to play last year. This could only be like the I. Hope it is the building block of what this offense is. GonNa be because it looked pretty basic I heard some whispers of as they're going to potentially be a certain package that has to on the field now they could go. Two ways. You don't use that week one or the dolphins weren't in a position to do that, and the dolphins didn't have a lot of opportunities on offense. They couldn't get anything go and there was a point midway through the fourth quarter where I think the only had six snaps in that second half and you can kind of go both ways of. Yes the dolphins couldn't stop the run, but the dolphins offense couldn't get anything going to and the defense had to be on the field the whole game. So it Kinda goes both ways when you think about it and you have to hope in terms of Chan Gailey in the offense, there's going to be a lot more creative creativity established as the. Season goes on and as they incorporate all these brand new pieces not so biggest thing. I, mean this was week one and I think a lot of this was scripted but to me I mean delays offense was kind of what a lot of people joked about and they were like, why are we bringing in a sixty year? Old Offense Coordinator has been. Out of the game. Bid. House. Fence. GonNa look and you know kind of look a little dated you know and you don't know how much of that again was scripted. How much I mean. We sat here and we told you that the key to this game was to use Jordan Howard and try to pound that football. So with the dolphins do those first. Fifteen to twenty plays. As you would think, a script would be you know they went out there and they tried the pound that ball. So it didn't work out I. Think it's going to be nice seaways progress. One thing I took notice to there was a package at early on Patrick layered end miles gasket in there. So they were emotion those guys out both those guys are you know good receivers? So that's something to keep an eye on I. do think it's GonNa be interesting to stay way Malcolm. Perry. Younger guys limb bowed, and how they work their way into this into this you know get some snaps because again, the wide receivers need to improve there's a lot to build on here but at the end of the day, you know it's week one hopefully hopefully, we do see him too I mean I I love seeing on the sideline there someone said maybe I think it was you right you said that his representations probably like you know how that helmet on dopey on the sidelines looking like you're not. Prepared be ready to go into the game. I'm going to throw this out there before we transition defense because Ryan Smith a pro football focus tweeted out you know the top five highest grade at dolphins offensive players from Rick One minimum twenty snaps devante Parker was at the top of the list with an eighty seven point six Solomon Kinley with seventy one point three Mike just sick with a seventy point five and miles gaskins with a seven point five. So those were the top greeted pro football focus you know? performance on offense I'm going. Back I'm. GonNa keep holding us back I I. We keep going on the offense but I like where the way this is going because there were soapbox and it's it's it was a loss. It was we didn't have any preseason to talk I mean let's just talk through this. Kids are. and. That's kind of thing like it's week one you know we're not. We don't have anyone on the chopping block. There's no guillotine here but you also kind of wonder to You know we heard the same thing in Breda and Howard as their one, a and one B I wonder how much reporting really into looking into that because obviously, these guys can't talk about the chart or anything like that. But just the way everything kind of played out. Yes, you know Jordan. Howard might have been hurt but you have to wonder if that is truly what the dolphins thaw about their current running back group as if they're truly one eight, one because it didn't look like that out there whatever the reasons were you have to wonder if there's a bigger story about Miami's running backs than the reporters, baby didn't get to see because they have limited time there or simply saw them trade for Gaskin as trade for Brita, they signed Howard and you think. Wipe it off A. Howard had success met breed is one of the fastest running backs You maybe tweet you talk to one source and say, Hey, these guys, are there one a one B right and you're like up sure let's go with that. That's it, and that's kind of went into it because that's kind of what it looked like there and to a man Oh my God. I could not believe he's just sitting there just ready to go with his helmet under head to have been some sort of PR people saying you don't WanNa look. Did you see what Josh Rosen looked like at the saints? Bucks. Game you sitting in the crowd looked miserable he looked huge and I'll just like Oh my God. How can anybody see him sitting out? There I mean again, you know you have to be upset your cut your former first round pick. You've had all these struggles but he looked for good miserable out there and I don't think any coacher GM would see him sitting out in the field slouch like that and think, let's take a shot with him. But when you see to a sitting there with his Helmet someone tweeted that the entire dolphins offensive line was sitting with their their entire offense actually did their entire. They were sitting there helmets off just kind of waiting to get back on the field to sing there with the helmet on. Now these are little things could honestly be nothing but I just thought it'd be interesting worth pointing out that he legitimately seems like. Whatever play you on me and let me go into. Let me go in there and he's not gonNA stop pushing for that and that's kind of the exciting thing as move forward. Especially when you have fitzpatrick their gums kind of hanging out of his mouth, just doing his thing especially, it was frustrating seeing him. Time and time again, go after Preston Williams and Mike two seconds to psyches target per to reception ratio. He caught three five targets that came his way I thought that was going to be a lot worse because it seemed like the second half fitzpatrick was just kind of play Madden for the first time stopping the X. or whatever and over and over and whoever was there whatever their double covered. You just kinda prayed they made a play and that's no way to run an offense. You don't know again pretty basic but those are those are kind of the thoughts. You have the offense opening day When you only score eleven points, I mean, if your defense gives averages twenty, one points a game for the entire season, you better win twelve gains I mean that the I think you know you could say the granted the game to haul but I think the patriots reached their limit of in terms of scoring the dolphins had stops. It's just tough when you know three and out your back out the three and out, you're back out there and you can't really find any time to adjust on the sidelines or anything like that. espy nation presents the SP nation. NFL show five weekday episodes to get you through the grind of the NFL season. With your favorite espy nation community leaders you'll get reactions to what happened on Sunday film breakdowns fearless takes local expert analysis fantasy football advice, and so much more. There's a little something for everyone on the SP nation NFL show be sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts. So your favorite podcast APP to be sure you don't miss a single episode. Completely. Agree. I, mean and you're right Ryan Fitzpatrick definitely me early on play Matt rolling out just throwing these random past prayer. Be. Yeah. Before before we finally transitioned onto the defense. I'm going to say you know throughout these press conferences that we hear we've heard. Howard and we heard map say no, the depth chart doesn't really matter. They're gonNA use all these guys and when you look at one New England does I mean is it really surprised at the way they're using these guys maybe not I do think Dolphin Fans I. I don't know about you but I'm sure there's a lot of them are going to go out there and try to put a waiver it for miles gaskin because you know we heard the hype you know a lot of us like to have that dolphins running back and fantasy why not go out there and put a waiver claim especially at a P P but you wanna see the way these running backs. How snow this? Progresses throughout the year and you hope that continues. To see more out of this offense I mean looked anemic. It had my kids sleep and it just wasn't what we had hoped to see after you know being hyped up throughout preseason. No you couldn't see a lot of earth route couldn't see a lot of things but you were getting excited. You heard about these explosive explosive plays I just WANNA know if this was the dolphins home. Opener, normal year all the fans were there at what point you know is that the second reception of Third Really Start Stanford to it because I've been there. I've been there a week two game. You know really play the titans and they got blown out and in Ryan Tannehill was in there and they were there we want matt more chance I, mean if you can sit there and. You can transfer. We Want Matt. Moore. You should damn sure be cheering for. You know to to a because at. Second Reception I think hard Rock Stadium would have been pretty loud and and they would have wanted to see something happened. Well, it wouldn't have happened because again, this was essentially preseason week one but I mean, we just went a good half hour on offense we need to shift focus to the defense and I mentioned Ryan Smith Pro Football Focus. You mentioned the highest great players. For offense minimum snaps years the highest grade play minimum twenty snaps on defense I guy Chris. Wilkins had a monster game an eighty overall safety bobby McCain Seventy six point eight Colvin had a sixty nine safety Brandon Jones at sixty five, point three and Eric grow sixty four, point four again these are pro football focuses numbers you know they do a lot of great work but this isn't the be all tell all you know. So you can see some of these players we. Can. All sit here and say Christian welcomes had a great game. You know we saw that we saw brand Jones play well in the nickel being thrown in there as rookie. So I'm going to take a step back I'm GonNa let you tell me what you saw the defense and then I'm GonNa Bring Back give you my thoughts and we'll try to we'll try eventually wrap this off I. Mean we might be talking about Matt Hawkins and Jason Sanders for another good fifty minutes and. Then it's the football season I. think that's why I did that throw this morning is because I think at the end of the day like football's back at and I did have some people. The first tweet I said was while this is fifty nine to ten. We must feel better about that and I do I i. didn't think yesterday was awful and you know some people said Oh classic Dolphin fans you're settling it's like dude, it's week one. This is still a rebuild lately. I wish we could have been Gardner Shoe and the the Jaguars blowing era stealing from the colts but. It's the New England patriots like. You're playing in doing that it's tough to do it just because the dolphins have had success and this isn't something you still snap your fingers I mean we saw with the dolphins did winning games last season and as of right now, I mean you have to go till at least week eight before you start looking at sort of things and who knows they could start owing and I would not be surprised if this team won eight straight games and the season, it's literally about coming together and it's the progress at you know you kind of started with Christian Wilkins, their men talk about some progress. Six total tackles two tackles for loss, and this is like the issue with the running game like everyone's saying that the dolphins run defense was awful. Do they seven tackles for a loss like there's only so much you can do where you're just they. The Patriots have so many opportunities where it's GonNa work out we must we had one mistake pint hopefully, they don't take advantage of that I. mean this defense did Great. They didn't give up any points on any of the. Three turnovers I. Still GotTa Finish Christian Wilkins had two passes the fan he defended two passes. That's so beautiful a quarterback hit. He had the sack a drum baker actually had the first sack of the game and in our show last week, we did our lists of I who would have the I X Y and Z for the Dolphins Ob so far I on two or three Jordan Howard had the first touchdown Preston Williams at the first twenty plus yards. I. said that Aqua would have the first sack that wasn't true because Baker was out there early and you could tell the dolphins had some sort of plan that worked perfection that game they schemed up that Hey, will stop Newton we'll get to him early we let them pass the ball and they did that. But once you have those seven tackles for loss, you need the offense to make some sort of play i. have to admit I mean I the my biggest. Memory of Calvin that game was him dropping the loudest bomb I've ever heard and when the dolphins signed van Noy I didn't expect him to be like this all pro or anything like that. But you expected him to be the guy that can kind of keep the quarterback from scurrying away running all alone for five to seven yards before anybody's close to him and we didn't see that I think he might have been the biggest disappointment and then Jamal Perry played a lot brandon. Excuse me. Excuse me Brandon Jones played so much you at ten total tackles. Exhibit. Our and actually had ten tackles and his first game as a Miami Dolphin. Too I thought that was interesting but I mean That's kind of the issue there. You have all these guys in the secondary plant where they probably should've had five defensive lineman. It seemed like the adjustments came they came late and by the time they came the Patriots were able to do different things. So the offense the defense kind of seen like a bit of a concern in the sense of. Way Didn't can you expect them to stop the bleeding? How are these or middle of the game adjustments going to go and I thought that was my first initial reaction of a drone. Baker. Penalties were a bit frustrating. I gotTa say you got to be smarter than that in your second year but that that kind of summed it up I mean there are a bunch of guys where I'm sorry to say I had to go. Who is that you know I even after seeing some of these guys is number I still had to look it up because I was just like who is that I don't know this team is so different. So fresh and these are all things that could change week to week. This team's got a lot of work to do but I mean Christian Wilkins is looking like a Stud Brandon Jones I don't know of tackles necessarily the best. View of success but I mean, as a rookie in his first game, you love to see it and that's where I'll start my diagnosis of this defense. Josh what how did you feel? You saw early on the way Cam Newton was running the football, the way, the the way, the Patriots, running the football generally the dolphins just had no answer for that, and then at some point that drive, they just seem to started to to get a little more aggressively started a blitz and that's Jerome Baker came in on touching and got that second I just wonder and the all twenty two hasn't come out yet at least if I'm not mistaken but I need to go back and watch it because I. I want to know what they differently because there were times when you know it just seemed like the Patriots could have their way just march downfield. But then there were times when they mix something in there and you know you just saw this, it look different Dolphin's defense. You saw some pressure you know you didn't they they got to. They got him what two times at believe it looks like Christian Wilkins had a sack drone. Baker had one drug at Monster Day at thirteen tackles we saw at sixteen total tackles. Three, Solo Solo. Yeah. Sorry. Hold on the drone. Baker. At sixteen total tackles thirteen so low he had the sack We saw that it looked like he stopped at least in my opinion looks like you stop Kim Newman at the goal line we all know he probably was going to pound it in either way I look like save that touchdown, and then you know that incredible I mean he he did he did it real hard on that on the you know the rpo there in Kamrul to the to the right side and he just knocked up ball out at went into the goal line. So you know. Went into the end zone touchback. So drone Baker, he was all over the field, but I don't know how many of those tackles were were like you said, it was after the bleeding going to stop overall like the way the secondary looked like Brennan Jones. He looked like he played a lot of nickel and again yet success there he's got he got snaps over nickname implies single defensive snap. He was all in special teams but for me just the fact that the run. The run defense look so poor when you brought in those guys and offices go out there and get that splashy pass rusher but they did go out there and get these guys who were known for setting the edge and it just didn't seem like it. Kind of all went out the window you mentioned Calvin annoys some. What's it look like he was kind of you know he had meant US wearing men around his legs so he didn't impress but again. It's the first game. These guys are in a new place. You know they're getting to know these guys out there on the field you know in the live game action let's see what happens this week but I don't see it getting any easier against buffalo and Berra's success was New England was against run. If they don't fix at in buffalo can do the same thing because Josh challenged just as explosive with not more than Cam Newton they that dynamic tenement at. Single -Tarian Zach Moss. So the dolphins gotta get together quick, but there was some good at in the in the run game. You know there's some very in the passing game from what we got to see but again, they just got gashed and you hope they can you hope that they can improve because this is the dolphins. This is what the Dolphins are defensive team. You know that's Brian Floors Mo. you WANNA see more out of this unit. Yeah for sure. And you have to wonder I, mean I thought to myself. You Know Shack Lawson Manual eibar two guys who are gonNA come in and not be amazing. I didn't. You know nobody expected these to come in and be world beaters and they weren't paid look world leaders quite frankly they're paid like guys who can come in and and just supply level consistency and you know at first I was like, where are these guys doing but then when you look at how? They spoke about the defense, the coaches that is all off season about how we WANNA keep ask fresh how we WANNA give every opportunity to be healthy and make some plays. But then you see right here Shack Lawson played ninety four percent of snaps manual Agua played eighty six percent snaps. I. Mean. This team is still lacking depth where the Patriots can go on some runs while these. Guys are kind of catching their breath. I mean I expected more out of them. I wanted more of them quite frankly but you kind of understand where it's coming from I mean the dolphins have everything invested into their secondary and what did the Patriots do? They didn't throw the ball I mean if they did it was over the middle, it was a dump off because that's secondary is. Truly going to be special and you know if you look at it in a sense, the dolphins tried to come in here with a game play at same game plan as the New England Patriots and the Patriots sustained better in terms running the ball the dolphins couldn't do that and all of a sudden the game has slipped out of their hands you have to kind of think about. This the the weaknesses on this defense we know where they are. We know that they exist and that that pass rush those outside linebackers and that was on display the Patriots attacker weakness, and truthfully had no problems which is going to happen. It's going to be fine but you start to play that cat and mouse game more as the season goes on you just kind of have to. Wait I'd say I mean I think I think this game is crazy. It's going to sound it's create, and this has nothing to do with how he played yesterday. If Tom Brady was the quarterback, I think the dolphins would have fared much better just for the sake of they have film on Him they understand his style play you have a secondary that can stop a team from throwing the ball but this new type of New England patriots I don't. I truthfully don't know how sustainable it is with. Cam. Newton running the ball that much and making it look as easy as he did But as more films on the as he takes more hits, I, mean things very much change after week one, they certainly do and that's kind of just the expectations we gotta have I mean they had the turnover the Josh I know you just said I should know this who who forced the fumble at Avante. was. that. That was drone Baker. But I I actually misspoke said that was WANNA cam. Newton scramble it was actually on an Akil Harry Nicole Harry is the one that fumble that into the end zone. So it was a good hustle Baker but if you go back and look at the play, it looked like he you know bid in a little bit. But I mean. It is what it is to and and you mentioned that things aren't going to get easier against before I'd I'd agree that but they're certainly not going to get harder. I, think we kind of know what Josh is going to do Josh Allens going to actually take some shots John fumbled the ball or turn the ball over. I don't know if you fold it more at least twice yesterday and we'll say that for a preview coming later this week but I been this is about is hard as a test. The dolphins are GonNa get for the run defense I don't think it's going to I. Don't think you can prepare or. Challenge than an offense that features five foot six JJ Taylor and a Cam Newton who hasn't played in a year I don't think you can prepare for that Especially, the coaching staff the Patriots have is what it is. I. Think there are concerns, hundred percent concerns but I do like the defense I do like what they had. I thought the lack of penalties was. Awesome, except I do think Christian Wilkins I wonder if he still has a little bit of a an attitude thing because we hear about him being so goofy, you know the food no no, you're not going to block that type of stuff but that's what we're allowed to here. I do have a concern of him getting penalties, concern of him, kind of you know. For. The freaky is not thinking enough and I guess that's I mean Chris. Wilkins was awesome. I tweeted that wisn ninety nine in Madden. But there is some sort of concern there. You mentioned gate or Al mentioned after the game scuffle regarding Cam Newton, Cam Newton. Someone who can get under people's skins? It's part of what makes him such a great player great competitor but that's something I. Think will contest become smarter and I kind of hoped a little more would be seen at of those Ed rushers but overall i. Mean it is. What it is. I think were the dolphins weren't favored. They were six and a half point underdogs. I think the struggle struggles I definitely going to be there I think even on the defensive side of the ball, you're not going to present to many of your special or flashy plays early on because I mean this the the whole seasons, a cat and mouse game, and it's all about when you can be the cat and and generally speaking sometimes you're gonNA have to be the mouse just is what it is. Think about how much team show in the third preseason game? Yeah. That's kind of what? I mean for a lack of a better word. That's kind of what we saw here. There was lots of good to talk about on both sides. The football lots to improve on overawe ethic. The Christian Wolfenstein I mean I think you're onto something there, but I also think it has something to with Cam Newton I mean he's always has address. You know that that way about him and you know there's some trash talking going on we don't know what was going on with that whole necklace. We saw it looked like they ripped it off his neck and then You know he went to Instagram I saw earlier today and said something about they couldn't take the W. or the chain off my neck and shack loss and Emery Kwan Davis. Responded with for shackle also, we don't want that weak ass chain and then required. Davis. Responded man ain't nobody want your guests changed was week anyway. So apparently, there's something there and you know I jokingly say you know the heat's real but you know it doesn't matter. It's Tom. Brady I definitely think Cam Newton up kind of upgraded what we saw at least from New England last year I mean it looks like a different offense like you said, you don't know how sustainable it is. How. Sustainable it is, but I mean, we saw Tom Brady Tom Brady looks like he has a noodle armies Chad Pennington with with Super Bowl rings at this point I mean, it is what it is. So I, I like the new look Patriots I wish they weren't You know the Patriots because I I'd love to for Cam Newton, but there's something going on here. But again at the end of the day, they need to find A. Way To to stop that run because they got a lot of mobile quarterbacks on that schedule and if they continue to get gas on the ground, you know sure the secondary stats are gonNA look no one's throwing the football against them because they don't have to. But it's early there's a lot of takeaways but but I think overall I, think we touched a little bit of everything and kind of gave us a good overall view of swindling. Ugly, this was kind of like Cam Newton's though the wildcat game that obviously, we'll never stop talking about but but it was just something that no matter how much you try whether it's Ricky Williams for three yards Ronnie Brown throwing it over you. There's just no way to stop it especially when you haven't seen it before and I think everybody in New England said that about the wildcats game in the sense of we just haven't seen it before we didn't know what to do I think this is it's a tough opponent to play during the week when I mean we can go back for years. Yeah. They struggle early on but I wonder if you again. I. Not. Going to predict the future The fact that we could predict the Miami offense of wanting to run with Howard predict these couple of I. Concerning and we shouldn't be able to kind of predict these things. We kind of get people on twitter all the time who go out with these instinct feelings and and they deserve all the props because these are the smartest people in terms of football in the world on the football field creating these plays in terms of like bill check in terms of a lot of coaches you've seen that felt. So for the fact that the dolphins were able to keep this close keeping it a ten point game, I mean you mentioned the penalty interest sake and I'm never gonNA use penalties next as an excuse, my simple answer play well. Enough so the roughing doesn't matter again that's you know but sometimes, yes, there are always sometimes but you don't you can't really settle games like that. You can't say the rats took one away from us because there's a lot the dolphins could have done here but it is just a tough situation week one and I'm not gonNA freak out because come buffalo, and again, we'll talk about this previous show. There's no secret what they do there is no secret that type offense they run. Right? We didn't know the Patriots were going to do. It's something we haven't seen before and you just Kinda gotTa Chalk that up for what it is. Before we get going I want to throw three three quick things out there no eggnog and he became the youngest player dolphins history to play an NFL game yesterday when he was twenty years old and two, hundred, ninety one days Ryan Fitzpatrick with that two yard run became only the second dolphins quarterback and history and score two point conversion. The other was George Wilson Junior back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, six. And last but not least Safety Brandon Jones the rookie safety from Texas Joins Avian Howard. Fred. Warner. Devin. Bush and Shaquille Griffin has one of only five players since two thousand sixteen to record double digit tackles in their NFL debut. So pretty big days for some dolphins again, don't put too much stock into this week two's coming up and you know hopefully they improve. Yeah and if you enjoyed the show, be sure to hit that subscribe button wherever listen to your podcast, leave a rate leave review leave us your questions. Again I do try to Monday morning Ted talks the threat of my thoughts because I used to be someone who? Live tweeting through the game and obviously you're going to get a lot of interaction there. But I I reached the point where I don't why I'm not taking anything away of people who do I like kind of taken that little time to reflect and I do want to apologize to everyone how we're sitting here and you'd love to kind of put your flag in the sand somewhere. About this is how it should be. This is how it's going to happen but I mean with no preseason even if there was a preseason week, one is so frustrating bear played the dolphins are going to try to get more involved. It's you know it's a kind of eye-popping when you see guys like no monogamy and Brandon Jones place so much even miles gaskin place so much. These young guys they're going to get more people. The Malcolm Perry's involved as the season goes wrong along there's going to be more wessels, more bells and whistles incorporated into this team and I guess what we're preaching here is to Kinda just wait it out. There were some things to see this team obviously played it safe where they didn't want to get blown out fifty nine hundred. Ten but they did get themselves at opportunity to win I. Think on both sides of the ball there's room for improvement. I think the defense played well enough to walk away with that W. But again, I apologize that we're not really saying you know this guy stinks herbs are if that was too loud but this guy is so bad. This guy is so great rising getting more snaps. Early. these averages are going to all start to kind of even out we're gonNA, get a better idea this team and I think. The one thing if we're going to walk into next week excited as we have not worse offensive line in the NFL I, we should celebrate that you should take that as your advice for this week. The Miami Dolphins aren't the worst offensive line in the NFL put that feather in your cap and that's march into Buffalo. Buffalo's on the horizon again, you know it's a long season you the dolphins got their feet wet I think we can all confidently say you know what? When they visit when New England comes down here you know later in the season, it's GonNa be much different game in there'll be some chain snatching. That's for sure definitely some chain snatching going on. Absolutely absolutely and again, thank you so much for room listening to finsider radio. We're looking forward to seeing you guys. Are Preview show will likely drop either Wednesday or Thursday probably didn't close Thursday by subscribe and you'll get that notification the second it goes live and you'll be up to date on the news you need again. Thank you so much are listening everyone. The regular season is here and we can't wait to celebrate the entire year with you and most importantly. Up. Up Baby? Center radio FIT CIDER DOT COM and the SP they should. Adopt. Think the ball from goal to goal I know. Where in the on the ground we're always in control and when you think Miami Your Tall Learn. Miami has. The Greatest Thing. From. The ground. You're talking. Term. MIAMI. Alabama. MIAMI. Number. Need. Every Wednesday on fish right join me Eric goes for a full report on the Miami Marlins singly affiliate. The Clinton lumber kings on April with Eric does we sit down each week with the different prospect. 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